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June 2, 1961     The Observer
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June 2, 1961

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]Attend St. Mary 1 ICollege Institute ~]i:i [ N()TRE DAME, IND. -- Par- !ii:ii:ii~ |ticipants from t h e Rockford ]diocese who have made regis- . i!i::::::: /trations through the national "~lJTr~^x7 -- ~ ]office for the 3-day leadership Jul,z, luol THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 ~ /training institute June 4-6 at -" "Hours iI O ~ I a the face of great changes |St. Mary college include Mrs. Pro,td H me Sweet Home I A s t l m /Ambrose Hermes, NCCW rural = I-/,I I/ kHtlqUC llOW ~ /life committee chairman, and 1 Mrs. Gordon McKee, both of Baby Photo. [Not fo In E E lt cs 1I q.ll At [ / ~ ) i lls Mrs E d w a r d Rock Fa ; -I [ I I~' ~ /Hoyle of Harmon, president of AURORA--The Auxiliar3 of} By Nellie Hughes soakin~ uo knowledze like aJJIT g'~l i ~ lthe Sterling deanery, DCCW; St. Joseph Mercy hospital has a[ Are you timid? Lack self-con- sponge~ - "I ewman ~i land Mrs Tim S~Ii:~anDOfoSt?a~ new project--providing a pho-Ifidence? Failing to get ahead in When you awaken, all thosel ~ |nng, preslaent o. t e s tography service for newborn]the world~ Not living uD to your painfully irregular v e r b s ef~ DeKALB--The second annum IB [Council of Cathonc women. " " " t' infants. In the first few hours]potential? People laugh when Spanish are nicely in p 1 a c e ~Antique Show to be held at the Im,Also regzstered for the ms P of a baby's life he ha~ his first[you stand up to speak? Take thank, you. While you sleep you[Catholic Student center will be ~ ]!u te are .Mrs. Francis .E. portrait taken and the pictures/heart may also learn thin,~s like ac I ! /rdcKey, cnmrman oi t e gl e- .- ~' I " . ~' "/sponsorea oy ~ourt lmmacumte ~! [Arts Guild of the Catholic Wo- are men mane avanaom to at-I Allergic to books~ Too busy counting, nistory ~,ngtisn etc./ / .~ "~1 ~ C'1,~ ndin h " i . " . ~ ': ' uonceptlon Ol l.)el~.alo, DatnollC man s ma~u,a,u ,o - te g p L ysm ans and parent;~.[for s e1 famprovement vm the Just about anything y o u put]Daughters of America on June ST. BERNADETTE COOK BOOK--The women of St. Bernadette parish have collaborated tO/meat Gallagher, woman's edi- xne pnot.o, ser.vzce ~s me omy[classroom? Too old? Too broke? your m 1. n a to Your suocon-[9.10 ll" produce a cookbook composed of favorite recipes of parishioners, and orders are new being|tor of The Observer, both of one oIo]ts kma m AurOra. Far- (Or too f a t for those lecture sclous mind, .that is [ The Court. i~ ~r~n~orin~ # h,taken for the hook. Committee members are (l to r) Mrs. Edward Van Barriger, chairman; [Rockford and Lena Merle or- eats. m ten express .apprec!ation[chairs?) Take heart a course driers aU]affair in re'~ponse-'io-B'is l~ o p Mrs. Mile Willsoa, president of Ladies of St. Bernadette society; Mrs. Richard O'Brien and]ganization a n d development &or ~t out pernaps ~ts most val-I Someone seems to have in- ~mas o~ possmmues. ~o me/. ~, ~,o uo.~o ~ m,~o ,m.^ k Rockford ~orain" S'-~ / . . . ~ ~ble aspect is its use in thelvented something almost as kids,won't do their homework?.l~anes appea, mr ne,p to 2no ts ,~, [cna,rman ~rom am~y lit& "f " Le m 1 rn " &~ewman ~ o u n fl a t i o n lne " The R e v wi~iam r~reigs- blaebnhmatmn record of each]Pmtles:landa~efl~lct~ve as. the t eNo:t: ~lh~eath:y sleep. [Diocesan Council of Catholic ~ t~ ~ 4"~ el [mann pastor of St. Andrew, The Auxillar introduced the ~ished a 1: tfr:~ theaTrnelCe~ t ~ gg . : IWomen, as well as the other y po pp ,-- Husband shiftless. Lacking :in dmcesan courts of Cathohc FurDose el l cumenlcai {5ouncll I :c:o Fma~o~era~:r as~istt~nt diio : service and, arranged for its oP-lKno,x,vledge wi!h no 'Hands off, ambition? Wallowing in t h elDaughters, have pledged their 1 [cesan Council, will also attend. oration xne ~UXlllary a I s o ~ e signs eltner same old rut~ "'' [ ' Don't nag him. lsupport in this annual pro-I'I'~,1,"I~, ! I~ i/~" ~ lThe Rt. Roy. Msgr. Louis 3". SrP~ns ::ti~: f:;~11Awl~m~eg:n] Slumber Student s~UrpsOnNaex~et~;dgWyhil:nohwelgram. ' ~wxmalnefl at Vaaln ueanerv ~neet [Franey, viCaroge:~t~le ~cd~- Ffe ~" * ~ ~ I This wonderful rockless road " '1 A "Country Store is planned] r ~ ~] [eesan moder t ~ ~ It? learning was announced in ne~usr~:;~ ~s~:~v VamteP~eS~:;ntto]Snh:w n~:tmi~nr:ith :hh: Anot~rUtl ELGIN--The coming Ecumenical council to be held in Rome,deanery DCCW members will[~::r:~e W~a~nenngf~ matt::d sa~ . the ~unflay newspaper recently ,~ " k i c k u~ his heels and strav[~,~ ~'~t.; ~, ~ .^ ~ ~;will have nothing of the pageantry of Hollywood, the Rev. Wil- continue to co-operate with new[~ ,~ ~ ~v ,~nlv orty I For someone ~ i~ e me, wnose from the old corral~ Does heI='~ ,~oK.-s, ~ y ~;: ilium D Ryan pastor of St Alexis church BensenviUe, stated I officers, Mrs. Joseph A. Smith, l "'.'~ "~'.-.'~-~ "~7~"-~;. o Iconflicting personality elements . I~ewman mrougnout tne mocese~ . ~. ' " . ' i ~ '1 Mrs ~awar~ t.r ~nney o~ St Mary, Byron Second/ dislike baby-sitting~ Pinch pen It :t. ~ : la~ me -~lgin open aeanery meeting ~onaay. ireurmg presment, man~eo nerl " " - U UUIJbI'IUULt~ LU L tl t :S proJuCt t~1 Inalrector oI me ~alcago -- OI extreme mziness ann a mirst ' " " " ' " " i h chairmen and those who a sisted g ' Sunday after Pentecost I. : nies~ Growl at breakfast~ Drink] I Father Ryan s talk followed a short business meeting wh c [ s tl Sacred Heart Sterlin'~ S,~," IlOr Knowmage cancel each oth- too 'much9 Just "et the ri"ht[*"ey ai-e ~eer~mg home. carmen]closed the current year of the Elgin deanery Diocesan Council]on committees, l Provmce oI )~t.~w, w,~ serv~ ,e,---=,--i=r o~ + h ; o ~,-h,~.~;~ ~,~ * ~ ~ l goons nomemaae candles, pot-I.~ I /as a niscusslon leaner ior one end Sunday after Pentecost.]brou ,ht' h~oD'e resur;i::3""~ record and brainwash him while/ted plants, prizes and f a n c y'Of t.athohc Women s act~vit,es. I Cite Report ]of the workshops as will Mrs. $:tdaAn:~t'e?l~::tn "- Sec ndllonger, thanl~s to that~iit~le ad, he sleeps, lgoods' I F,rst In 100 Years I I Verbal citations went to St.]Gallagher" y tecost. [am I doomed to be a dumb- Wonderful PossibilitiesI Anyone interested in makingl The first such assembly in 100lc uncn ann me x~tn, me uounculThomas More oarish for thel~ I~t~tPI/l~l~l~ Ibunny ] See the possibilities in thisla contribution may send oriyears is being called because of of Trent. . . Imost complete "report of theisT gJigg: I~|lllk RP||I~IJ I This advertisement said olain-while-you-sleep stuff9 No more|write to Mrs Henry Kensicki, lmankind's absorption in materi-I He said approximately 55 bish-[year and to Mrs C Zeta whol ~;:llllt3 UIIIUUI-~ ~**~ [lv: ':Learn while you sleep " letters to Ann Lander~ No]238 Augusta Ave DeKalb. [alism and collectivism, he said. ops from the United States will,raised the most money as an in-] | I[l~ot "learn while you earn " or more sage advice from F'ather[~ [While the agenda is not known, attend. Preparations are being[dividua1 contribution to New.lAnd Umwmen [ DIAMONDS WATCHES I] s~x easy lessons, or 'y o u, Thomas. No more sleepy priests] ~ it= [~t ~s probable that some empha-[made to streamhne the council]man Center, DeKalb. "l"he Rev.| SILVER CHINA CRYSTAL too can be ucc s l" lanswerin rector doorbells[~v[elv J[-~[8~or~" [sis will be given to an expan [so that those in attendance wilNAndrew Plesa moderator en-I Ll~s:---Newiy emctea omcers s es fu, but g y ./ - - . - Establishe 1896 []learn while you sleep." Imagine rung by problem-ridden people. [ [si~n~fthelayapost~late~hen~tbeawayfr~mthe~rd~eeses~c~uragedparish`rep~rtsan`dI~theAltarandROsarysOcmty d,|/it! [No more saving for junior's col-[{.~t Altar And [stated. Also, morality, disciplinelmore than a month or two. [stressed diligence in preparin;[ ! St. James parish h~re.are:: BOLENDER S Soak Up Knowledge lege education (Much cheaper land liturgical uses are possible Official Langua"e Ithem /w~rs. trene t~arr, presment; [ ,~, [I According to the ad, M1 you to let Junior sleep in his owntRosarv Society [~tems to be deal! w,~.The, ser!:[ Latin wiU be the off~:ial fan-[ /MrSs'ideRnt-naldMrsSChnjfatn VH~eCre I ~ ~,^ ~ I~have to do is let a recorder Ibed, instead of in class') I J ,I ious purpose ot me uouncn wmlaua,e For the second time inIT . ]~ E-~,e* / ' " - -- [ ~ est ~tate|[~ismo nlav while "~o ,~o~[ Just play the right "record [ ELGIN -- The history of the l prohibit any fanfare that may be [ ~i ~or~, St Peter Baoilica wmllnsIall tJIIlcers lmann; secreyary; ann ~v~rs. [ {~ Rockford, Ill. |In r o u nd "through ~IJr'eam"l'an~t'. and all these things will be tak-[Altar and Rosary society of St. [expected by the outside world. [bethelocaiion for the assembl:'[ ]bms rllcKey, ~reasurer. . I -~-~ l] 'Ion cake of while you sleep I Laurence parish was presented l He mentioned that there have l ~'l SPRING GROv~:--New o~fi-] uommlttee chairmen w n o . . sala tamer rtyan. ~, gallery wm "" " n t e a r ,~ ~ I]~=~[ Just be mighty sure ,ou canlat the May meeting in a discus- J been 20 Ecumemcal councils] [cers for the Chmstmn Mothers]will serve for the ex y I I Ill Ilol o ,u ^ ~ .~ ~] [sion led by Mrs Percy Marten- [since the founding of the Church" [ ~e-pr vme~ mr v!s~t rs' ~. n'[sodality of St. Peter parish]are gmes. Ronald Schmidt, [ ~ ~t~,~,~ Ill tm~| Ct~l~ itrecor~ls,~r~ixe~,up~V-~ s [sen The'first president Mrs [ the most noteworthy of these be-l .Uato~ ncs wm nave an mwtau n~were installed at the May meet-[Harold Cox, Joe Craig, Ed, vin I " '-~ Ill ~ff"s=q~IIn-lul~gI'~It~ IRobert Bartholomew, and eigl~ling the first one, the Niceneit Dse re !ir . They are: Mrs. Willard]Herrmann, George DeWitte, ~~m~'z/I ROOFING ---- [charter members added to their[ t~ommunzcauons wm[B ;howski, president and Mrs.IKit Hart, Art Thorson, Joe [I,[[~,lt~i~",I[~-ls'~s:l~l,ro~,ressre,~ort ,re,ared b,[ '~st~lt'm ~'~ii~"me"~"alPr mptrep rtst auparts fthe|L' Dam, recording secretary.[Fitzsimmons, Theodore Etz- II ~U/~YAI~T, Inf. VIIIL.~L~II~ IL;rY " world, he remarked. A most[E :ht new members were on-]bach, Veronma Hart, Harry . II II ALGONQUIN--St. Margaret["+The"';oc~ety""was started 29]~ 1"~./1~ It ~[grave pronouncement against[r,ed and the program wasI0'Donell and Miss Loretta I II ~mce 100tl IlAltar and Rosary society held], ear- a / ,~ I/I/-.J.J2.---, ~[t;ommumsm Will .De ecaoea Wig en by the Boy Scouts. /Herrmann. ~T~'I~PR~ II ilannual el,~ction ,f f~; ,[y ~ go with tne OUl~ ung o~[ ~ I/~' 4,K4. F~(4~ "~[every corner of me earm;, no~ ' ' '~ the church and before the (I ,~ ~ man will be able to misconstrue [I : I[~:hr~# wr~:eteihnogsenM;rSesi::n~d[members started giving annual] meaning, he pointed out. [i ATAVIA . . . ' card parties b a k e and rum- I ~~~ I1 ;~ II ~. ::',::,'.i:. I[Mr~ Orval.Wagner, wee presi-lmage sales the women used to[ AUnOn~--M;ss Judith Ann auhrm'.l Summing Up ]I I IiIIBIl['llRm~; I, . Ill II "'"'"'"'", ,",-",= ilaent; lwrs. ~loert neizert treas-/ /and R chard F. Waddell in :St. Rind church,I Sum'-" "he "~oa~ of th*/I .-~ -,r-,--,-,-,r-,',r ",r'.~ f-~,-,n~r~ I Im~-~4~lLIIllfl I" r~l:,;J II nuaM wa x t,~at II . ~ ' . /serve pamsn alnners With most/~ay 27. I -u-S uV ~ s /I ' U Ib' Ib'l I II I' I " I " I IIIIlllll l, 2Pl II "'~"~ ilurer, anQ Mrs. ~nomas LunQ,[of the food being prepared in[ Miss Judith, Reed and Thomas Glovcr[forthcoming council, Father Ryql ~t.~.llo l' l~l.~lJU ILJ. I |~ji]~ ~ [. '*~[~ [, ~ secretary. ]their own h o m e s After the I in s-t' RIt~ church, May .27 . [an noted that Pope John has]] I ~~ll/~ ~ [= tm~"1 [| I]church hall was equipped it was against undue pessi.]l ~'ELD, HAI~DWAKE, LAWI~ I~UIYM~I~/ I [ t" fl M D V 'it n i, i, t- v n e I/not uncommon to find a dinner[ tails cer01 n J ' Podsche,t and' ame [mism in the face of the w0rld-]l M-M. FARM" MACHINERY I ~Bl~~ I: ~ ]l ,v 11 LS~I I1~ IrA rein I/committeee preparing for a ben-/P. Me~'mer Yln St. Mery church,JMe~[Wide menace of materialism in]i "'W" ~'rvice What We Sell" I ~~ "~11 LAkI~ /"ADII~J/' lkJI/~L" 'll ~qo I/efit dinner at 2 a m l~" tall its forms and the great mor-/I ~ "~ I ~11 --~,~ - ~.-~ -~ ~ ~ ~. .TL,~ I/ " ' i ELGIN--Miss Marianne Egler andJ~1 ~ A~bA lh.;~ ;./I . I " II 3327 N Main St Rockford I/ Mrs. Sterling E. BlackweLl |James Belshan in St. ~cry church, MCy]~' ~.~ ~ ~-~.v .~ "%:"[I Tired Payments I " II " ", I; "',i,~. la remuveiy peacezut era o~ tnetl 845 E Wileon St ~ttt 'J,~;00~ I represenung tJUllQ 1, reportea McHENRY--~iss Sendrc M. Fleming r " v ' " " ' . DIAL TR 6 ]8],Chu ch Th~s con ocatmn ~s not BATAVIA D,al WO 3 5409 II " I/that the guild members had/",na wilf.recl B)a~e, Jr ,n St. ~erYl. " /I I I~ I/ /cnurcn, may 2o. line resu~ o~ any measure o~ Qes-/~ - I ~ ~/cnosen as tnmr pmmary goal| Miss Susan Sayler and John ~. Mr-[aeration It is the ret, rounin~ of/:" --~ the promotion of Cathohc read clory m St ~ary church May 20 ~" o t~ o I . -/ ST. CHARLES--Miss Judith Ell;n w~-]its ideas and its organization in[I - I I IIUI IINN m g . I~U~rSickancdurRci~ha~dayN~0 Frieders in St,I - 11 FOLT0$ BAI(BER & BI AUTY,HUP ! Iilll~ IiIII t II~lmllll Mrs. ~eien lvlilier, vomnteerl ' " I Ex"ressin"~ a wish that El-in;I I mVI~II v ~ ~ e Fta e urtana ~--1~1~ ~ supervisor of St. Joseph hospi-I I 11 Barbers: ]o ol,- ] f, I ( - ~ BLUE STAR tal, will speak at the J unel ! ~ II Beautician: LuciIe Lohman I ,rora-e i.o. Inl u.p meeting, explaining the duties[ IChan-e Name II we, wi,o, s ",hn TR 8o,a o I I ~. of volunteers. [ ~ II I: I ERIE--The Altar and Rosary[ ~ " 330 S. Wyman ,f Pk-. I society of St. Ambrose parish[ "'--'" Say YOU SaW It |. [ has changed its name to St ~ MORRIS L LARSON Rockford, III. THE OBSERVER I Ambrose Ca~olic Women's semi O -. ] ciety. The officers elected in'~ JEWELER April were installed at the May Diamonds Elgin Watches Jewelry Repairing meeting. They are Mrs. Charles 235 W. WILSON ST. BATAVIA Mead, president; Mrs. Julian Phones Off. TR 9.1234 Res. TR. 9.3547 DePauw, vice president; Mrs. Purchase Program For Everyone! "k Pagel's Rental Purchase Plan Pagel's FHA New Home Plan Pagel's Trade In Plan Pagel's 10% Down Plan Pagel's Work Credit Plan Almost Anyone Can Buy a Home New Homes and Apartments Now Available Dare to Compare! Construction Co 536 Windsor Rd. Rockford, III. Call TR 7-7804 Today THE MONEY YO0 SAVE BY THE 15TH EARNS FROM THE 1ST OF THE MONTH Savings Insured to $10,000 by Federol Sovings and Loon Ins. Corp. All Withdrawals Paid promptly Face to Foce Teller Servic Open 8 A.M. Doily Open Mon. & Fri. Till 7 p.m. Postage Poid Both Ways Can '61! Make this your gebahead slogan for the rest of this year. Can you bre ak all your previous records for saving? Try it -- for your future --- with a First National Savings Passbook. FIRST NATIONAL BANK 114 N. CHURCH ST.---ROCKFORD~WO 8.2477 Gene Chamberlain, secretary; and M r s. Thomas Enright, ' treasurer. THE Rexall STORE RACHIELLES PHARMACY 12 E. WILSON ST. BATAVIA Rockford's finest restaurant now PHONE TR. 9-1400 offers the finest in imported cheese sausages--meots for holiday af- fairs at home or office. Select from our choice line of imported Lm U,S Party platters ]or all occasions4 W. WILSON,BATAVIA PHONE TR 9-$343 FLAMINGO 312 E. * State DELICATESSEN ROCKmRD (Dora Gandolfi) and TRUST COMPANY 401 EAST STATE ST ROCKFORD MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. "Rockford's Oldest Bank" FREE PARKING SPACE Brick & Fuel Co. SO0 S. INDEPENDENCE AVE. ROCKFORD, ILL, WOodland 4-4607 COLLINS Y. SUNDBER~ Winnebago County Coroner THE SUNDBERG Conveniently Located to Serve Catholic Fomfllos in All Parishes 215 Rail St. WO 2.??43 A 0RDION- GUITAR BAND & O HESTRA INSTRUMENTS Our Trial Plan-w, Allows you to try your child ond { instrument before you invest, INSTRUMENT LOANED ] DIAL WO 5.8648 I GUZZARDO SCHOOL of MUSIC AND STOR~ 128 Albert Avenue i Block No. of W. State at 1900 BELVIDEREL~'~IO;2~ N. $'rA'rE your BB 811 an up to the minute DIAL WO Come te Artbar Mm~my's now 8rod be all set for the next big daaee: Arthur Murray lnvltos you to accept a PRII Hour Trkd Lesson. 310 Mulberry ~mw eed ~mr nem~, ~