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June 2, 1961     The Observer
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June 2, 1961

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FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1961 WASHINGTON BACKGROUND THE OBSERVER In Ill ence By Norma Krause Herzfeld . the CIA, which engages in intelligence collection, and also THE ALMOST DESPERATE "need to know" which preoe-lin clandestine operations arouhd the world. cupies every decision-making government offical this day of The Congress gets the information it needs to appropriate elaborately complicated problems is one of the major issueslfunds and pass laws through much the same department and involved in the current reappraisal of the Central Intelligencelagency setup. It continually holds hearings with every govern- Agency after its widely publicized role in the Cuban invasion, ment official except the President at its beck and call, as well Faulty intelligence estimates, as much as inept operations, az any public figure or available expert. Congressional leaders seem to have been responsible for the incredible adventure receive presidential briefings, too. Each congressional committee BAD DECISIONS CAN be made on the basis of correct in-!has its own staff to obtain information. tormation, but rarely, if ever, can good decisions be made on the basis of faulty in[ormation. The President stands at the top of a complicat- ed appartus designed to give all the information available to make crucial decisions in every area ranging Irom the Use of food surpluses to the invasion of Cuba by U.S.-armed refugees. Up through all the agencies and departments comes information on every conceivable subject the government has a hand in. BESIDES THE REGULAR government agen- cies which "report" to the President, one secret agency involved in national security and foreign affairs works directly for the President. This is ALSO AVAILABLE IS the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress, made up top research people who pre- pare background reports and basic data at congressional re- quest. There is one source Congress does not have at its beck and call: the CIA. For obvious security reasons the CIA's large and un- scrutinized budget is buried in the overall budget, to Congress does not go over its appropriations. Four congressional subcom- mittees are concerned with CIA activities and are briefed by CIA officials, but not on any regular or statutory basis. CONGRESS HAS NEVER, BEEN very happy about this situa- tion. After the Hoover Cornmission recommended in 1955 that 'Congress establish a joint committee, something like the Joint OUR TREASURER esslas Rev. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. others of our Saviour, the Son in the city. So I followed in ing religious life. (University of Notre Dame of God, and of the C h u r c h Philip's footsteps. "During all this time Eliot "~ 1 "The teachers are excellent Harold. a schoolmate, was a Do you want to share your' which He has established, unce . " ' 'and thew example as well as great source of help and on- Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy, to oversee CIA op- erations, a strong move in the Senate to get such a setup was voted down. The President and'the CIA Director have always been adamant against "opening up" the CIA to such Congressional scrutiny for fear that its ultra-secret nature will be destroyed and its operations impaired. The Cuban invasion has given a new im- petus to such efforts, but even before that affair a number of bills had been introduced in the House to bring CIA under con- gressional control. CIA INTELLIGENCE COLLECTING and evaluation have been strongly criticized for situations that obviously caught the U.S. by am'prise: the bloody coup that took Iraq out of the Baghdad Pact, the British-French-Israeli invasion of Egypt, the Hungar- ian rebellion against Russia, developments in Korea from 1950 to the present turmoil CIA seems to have flagrantly misjudged the Laos situation, as well as the Cuban invasion. Its failures become common news- paper fare more and more. Its successes are more likely to re- main secret. Consequently, it maks a handy public scapegoat, regardldss of its degree of culpability. The fact that it has be- come such a popular subject in the public media is in itself a faihwe of its primary task of remaining secret. No other coun- try's secret intelligence service is so public. THE MOST TELLING CRITICISM of the agency is that it has become policymaking in its own right, whereas it was set up to inform the President and his advisors so that they can make policy. It may even be carrying out its own policy in some cases without knowledge by the President. The report of General Maxwell Taylor, who was appointed by the President to appraise the CIA, is due in another month or so. The agency may be shorn of its "operational" activities, such as training refugee armies, and c6nfined to gathering information. holy Faith with a non-Catholic they learn that Jesus is the Sonlthat of the students made a friend? This is something that of God and the Founder of theldeep impression on me. I tel- Christ wants all His followers Catholic Church, they are al-lowed the regular courses in to do. You shall be wltnes es read5, well on their way into religion and t h e s e naturally unto me,' He said. You bear the fold. " gave me a vivid close-up of witness to our Lord by livingT Jesus, His life and His teach- . Ills lS lllUstratecl in me con- an upright life and by telling! ings. The more I read a n d ' V~/~IUII OI %lien lVl. nermann i o f N e w O r- studied, the more clearly did I SAVANNA leans "My Fa-see that He is the Messias, ro,ato whoso om,o wa oreto a , A 1 le n "is a the Jewish prophets. non- practicing,Proved Divinity ~~.~ Christian an d, 'FurthermoreJesus declar- i~.~,~l~ ~~!my mother is ed Himself to be theSon of ~a member of God and proved His divinity ~t h e J e w i s h!by His life, works and especial- ~t~b -"~,e'~ ~ faith, in which ly His miracles. The most stag- ~ '~.",- ~"~ ~I was reared, gering of all these w a s His ~tlb ~J/ ~My broth-er Resurrection from the dead. Philip went to He thus fulfilled His own pro- the Jesuit high school and liked m i s e: 'Destroy this temple F//IfiTT IIcWF/PV ffl it very much. It is benerally (My Body) and in three days I ,v.considened to be one of the best will raise itup' (John 2:19). ~Established 1889--- ~- --- "Not onl) did Jesus prove SAVANNA ILLINOIS qAVAM~A [ His divinity to the hilt, but He also revealed certain great re- ~n~n.m.~n ligious truths. These constitute the Christian religion. To see The NATIONAL BANK of SAVANNA "Your Bank For Every Financial Service" Member F.D.I.C. 2~9 Main St. Savanna, Ill. Fuller Memorial Chapel Phone 5555 Savanna, Illinois 309 Chicago Avenue i ,n,i, ,I, Savanna Cleaners & Dyers "Featuring Sanitone Service" 228 Chicogo Ave. Diol 6625 that these truths are proclaim- ed to all nations and to all gen- erations, C h r i s t founded a Church. He appointed Peter the chief of .the Apostles to be the head of the Church on earth. 'Thou art Peter,' said Jesus, 'and upon this rock I will build my Chur~h '(Matt. 16:1.8). "The implications of t h i s double - barreled truth -- t h:e divinity of Jesus and His es{ab- lishment of a Church with au- thority to teach all men--grad- ually began to sink home to me. History shows that the Church presided over by St. Peter and his succesors down to the present day is the Cath- olic Church. Obviously t h e n this is the true C h u r c h, to which Christ wants all to be- long: "Through the grace of God these convictions c a m e to a head one afternoon' and I told a priest at school of my intense desire to become a Catholic. He told me to tell my parents about it before taking any ac- tion. I did so and waited for a year. Then after completing in-i " structions I was baptized atI St. James church and madeI my f i r s t Holy Communion. I Great indeed was my joy. I en-i tared upon a new and inspir-! couragement, and w a s the These paramilitary activities may be transfered to the Pentagon, sponsor at my Baptism. I grad- where a shapeup of the intelligence units of the armed forces is uated from Loyola university, also under way. and married a lovely Catholic coed, Mary Carolyn McGehee. THE SOLUTION IS DEBATABLE, because much feeling I secured a teaching fellowshiPihas developed here on second thought that the Chiefs of Staff, in physics at Notre Dame, who reportedly gave a high recommendation to the Cuban ad- where'I'm studying for my doe-venture are as much to blame as the CIA, if not more so, for I torate. In June we expect to be,the tragic outcome. parents of twins. Every dayt The President took upon himself the full blame for the Cuban my holy Faith means more to.i failure but not very many observers were inclined to blame me. Never can I thank God him. They felt he was badly informed and advised. Many were enough for His precious gift.]much more solicitious over the Preisdent's reaction to the fail- Would that I could share it with ure, in fact, than they were over the U.S. position or the slain all men!" ]invaders :Fdther O'Brien will be olad to have c(~nverts send (heir THE PUBLIC, TOO, blamed somebody else and the President names and addresses to him a~ reached new heights in the popularity polls. A carefully calculat- ~ed effort was made by the admm~stratmn to hush up cretinism of Notre Dame University, NotreI,;: ;~; Dame, Indiana so l~e,~my,the affair by everybody ranging from uenerm ~ytacArmur to I~et- " I son Rockefeller Only Senator William Fulbright escaped this wrote up their conversmn stories, rally-around-the-flag embrace and spoke out frankly. Once reforms are made in CIA organization, it will h ve to cease to be a scapegoat for every Ioreign policy disaster, at el least for a while, and the full force of public reaction will descend upon the Chief Executive, who is not supposed to pass the buck however indirectl~ (Copyright 1961, Th~ Catholic Reporter) | AURORA I June 24--Dance at Holy An-, gels school hall at 8:15 p.m.-- Sponsored by Knights of Co- lumbus, Cardinal Bellarmine council for the benefit of KC Youth programs. DE KALB June 9, I0 and, II --- Antique show and "Country Store" at Catholic Student center, North- ern Illinois university ~-- Spon- s o r ed by Court Immaculate Conception, Catholic Daughters of America. DURAND June 4--Spring festival from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. in St. Mary church hall--Sponsored by St. Mary parishioners. Seminary Open House Success ST. PAUL, Minn. -- More than 2,000 men, women gad children, mostly in family groups, turned out for the first open" house at r i,ii I I I III im II ii ii I II i i i FREEPORT June ll---Festival from I p.m. to 9 p.m. on church grounds --! Sponsored by S t. T h o m a s Aquinas parishioners. McHENRY June 9, 10 and II --. Home Show at Just - for - Fun roller rink -- sponsored by McHenry Knights of Columbus. ' OREGON June 8, 9, 10 and 11---Summer festival at St. Mary school -- Sponsored by St. Mary parish. Fish fry, June' 9---chicken din- ner, June 11. Star!s Evening Seminary Classe , BRUSSELS, - Jozef Cardi- nal van Racy, Archbishop of Malines, has started evening 'St. Paul's seminary here. Com- mented Msgr. Louis McCarthy, rector: "It was a howling suc- cess. We'll have another nex rear." SMITH MOTOR CO. See -- Drive -- Compare Ford --For -- 1961 Now -- On -- Display Downtown Polo (Hwy. 26) III. in lU ~ ill Tin. I "- MUENCH'S 0 In previous weeks we have considered the first two requirements for a success- ful International Mission Program: PRAY- ER AND GENEROSITY. It is the re- sponsibility, as outlined by Pope Plus XII, of all Christians to offer spiritual and ma- terial assistance for the work of the Pro- pagation of the Faith in mission areas at home and abroad. Today we consider the third missionary need of our Church and that is this THE GIFT OF SELF. The Missions need missionaries who must be found without delay, but who has the obligation to go to the Missions? His Holiness, Plus XII, in his Mission Encycli- cal: FIDEI DONUM, asked the Bishops of the world to create an atmosphere favor- PAGE 8 able to the flowering of mission vocations. He asked them to direct priestly aspirants toward the Missions and to deprive them- selves of one or other of their own priests and to loan them to the Missions. No one, how'ever, is individually obliged in strict duty to go to the Missions andthe reason is clear. The priesthood supposes the ob- servation of the Evangelical Counsels and no one can be obliged to follow "counsels.". Never has any Pope made so press- ing an appeal as did Pope Plus XII in FIDEI DONUM: There is an im- mense task to perform and priests are very few. Twenty priests today might save a region which will be closed to the Gospel tomorrow. The funds col- lected for the Missions are far from sufficient for the growing need of the apostolate. Colleges, social works and the press must be developed. It is ab- solutely necessary that t h e entire |seminary classes to permit Church, under the impulse of th e " I L n young men with vocations to SHOES end HOSIERY [J ll-~n'l-~'l-~T "l'~7"~Ea ' Jlstart their training for the [| [qJl~J[1~,J~ ! "~1) Jlpriesthood without at once giv- Polo Illlnois,Apostolic See, give a fraternal re You can bank on the Illinois National tJ j[iIlg up their easier careers. sponse to all these needs. Butto direc t in more ways than one? [J Our Name On Your Prescription I, It q T I: D I I M and staff this growing mission de. i Like 'Sterling' on Silver UIw-mi'm'a~z" "~" " " velopment, above all other urgen Have Your Prescriptions Filled At J | Build security for EBERLEY,S in Sterling, Illinois [ needs, the GIFT OF SELF in the pert- ESTABLISHED 1890 your future with ~o : 8 A.M. 10 P.M Men. Sat. I MAin S-1910 son of the missionary is imperative. 8:30 A.M. 12:30 P.M. Sun. J Service for the love of God and Souls Avimu I Gehring'$ COt NZt LOCUST ann .must be the motivating cause for every :'~::" ' " CY THIRD $tt. When you deposit money ', religious vocation, whether this service is regularly, even small amounts, you more' R performed in a large city hospital in one and your family are secure. SCHICK'S OpenaSaviagsAceounttoday. Paint &'Wallpaper Store OU JEWELER Sterling, Illinoisof our great centers.of America, or in a I" ' PHONE MA 5.3252 - :-, bush clinic somewhere in Nigeria. It is a ,'1 =, w. 2nd St.- Rock Fall; I ,|1 serious, although a very happy, business. '. ' Get the Best . . . II CONTRACT WORK. IN - vllr Ill ce, ,e Best 11 It sets upa strong challenge to every l K Ask for II Commercial & Residential II ,no III ,~ for,II young man and woman who thinks about' II Interiors & Exterior, - II REAL McCOYSiil I4AMPM NI: II the future and its ultimate goals. Many II Ill =" "7 IIII ,tn mn I1among us may give much of ourselves for I I rlninfol~t Io.tysm.m ill ill II i lln Gr mps heeds m houso-l[I V$1 I/I;I II the love of God and the salvation of souls-- II ltlhold of 3 ener tions -- IllJ w 'LI bm II II " If| all with ideas of their Ill II but the Missionary gives ALL OF SELF. II iff. l-lE'INTNTl171[ I M i DT.d'Wqa Ill nnsn stars. Ill TWIN CITY In I &UUUI R I R l~l.dEd ~.~ IYJL/~LItlEI~ JL ~, p II /I o In . R06UCi :b :g .u t ,a . . II GIVE WHAT YOU CAN AT THE II nil Ill '" II [ "Quality Meat Always" I[ l I1 MOMENT. HELP YOURSELF AND THE MISSIONS AT HOME AND ~'~: Dial MA 6-0008 m~d "o$ Water Seeta. Oa kava, .ilke,| ~:~:: Plumbing a"d Hasting' *tri ABROAD. ~ ' Eclipse Power Mowers Gel-Conversion Ilurnett " " 114 East 3rd Sterling C A R L 'J. S:T U T Z K E & S 0 N S 407 LOCUST STREET. STERLING, ILL -- PHONE MA $-1034 TheSociety for the Propagation of the Faith ILLINOIS NATIONAL ,v.ou Sterling, Illinois ~' BANK& TRUST CO. Want That New Home!! I am enclosing my personal gift of $ z South Main at Chestnut ' YOU CAN -- THE MILES WAY GRENNAN Nationab . for the,support of Catholic Missions throughout ' THE. BEST BUILb-IT-Y()URSELF DEAL and OF STERLING the world. 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