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June 2, 1961     The Observer
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June 2, 1961

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FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 r------'-- MILr tUNIC Cat'h l c i i ParentsDwry$ III I ntoBe IP1 ' " t ' I arts of Son s Ft W L, +::ii!!iiii + I Workers In I, El, Ill [ B, FAT.ER o.N L T,OMAS, S.J. if The " II [ Assistant Professor of Sociology at The V,ne ard Commu.+, I CHICAGO -- The Rev. JohnI St ][~)uis University i]il' Y,I Chest AgencyllAnth n": Xret win be one. of O.r 22-.ear o,a so. ,ho stm ha. ov+r a year to go " m.-'i ill I ,~ ' ' ' t ' ' ===================== ", [.even ~ugusumans wno wm De itary service ,rites that he wants to get married the last of ~::ili):: ~ ] .~ ~3. L~sa r.e.rr~s . [reno.erea oy ua.tnolic t~narmeSlordained to the holy priesthoodinext month.' We know his girl is putting the vressure on. She ~'~i~iiii!iiii!::~ uamonc tmarmes Smtt to the commumt5 have made A droner fm close relatives' ] ularREPUBLIC M+n,nCooney 76 St Maw .~ar'sh Cor oratmn A,*,~p~,~6$3 MAINSTREET [ . " . I Wednesday, June 7 by the Most isays she's against long engagements and has a good job. We ~:::::::i::i::i::~ ] May 24 the monthly Rockford[the agency an integral part of[,~, ~=~, ~ ; ' %TiH;no'm~. ]say that marriage normally means babies, our son will have to ~iiii!:i!~ ] r ~ e in w s h ld 'n h s o c i a I work and a working ""~" ~"- -'=-, i" " . :~*~:~:~:~:+ boa d -me t g a. ~ 1 t e " look for ob when he gets out of sermee; and besides she : ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: agency staff rooms. Those inlmember of the CommunitylAuxlhary Bls.hop of Chicago. yhe]wantsa bi~ wedding that will use up all their savings, because ~i;ii:iii:i:iii~i!:~i:i::::iiii! ] Chest ceremony wm take pJace a~ lu,~ attendance were: the Rev. M1-] ' l a m in Bi s " St h ]her folks don t have that kind of money. What can we do. ~i::ii::i }}!::::iiii::ii:.!i . es eo ep en tSelleslnl chael J. Shanahan, dlreetor ofI Guest speaker, Sister Annelcha,el at Mendel Catholic highI From the general tone of your letter I gather that you feel Cathohc Chamtm L o u t s J.lKaren told of the work of herlsoh,q ,h;oh + ,~ ~A k, +h~ you p'etty well know the answer to that last question. The Shannon, supervisor: Mauricelagency. Sister Anne Karen has]k~,~,","~ ~"~ m~%';~" ;situation looks homeless, since your best arguments have made CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE--Parish board members of the CCD at St, O'~ens, chairman. WllhaFll &]been In Honolulu for the past 15] !no impression. I'mratherinchned to agree. Most young peoplelMary parish In Sterhng gather around the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane during the recent CCD a nlS rlrs~ ~olemn Mass WllI De,r. "~ O ertlfi Fmnan Donald Keenan Stanlex years and durra th~s nod has '1 ' o ' pe ,I elebrated 'nSt "r''~ " " ~ ]raised in nur affluent society arent disposed to ~orry about] graduation exercises at St. Mary in which o0 lay teachers received elementa./ sch ol c "'- Roche, Andrew Doyle. Edward]worked with peoples nf manY lC ~ ~ ruder cnurcn, lthe future. They want what they want--and they want it right[ cates and ]2 secondary school certificates. At the graduation exercises were: (seated, 1, to r.) J. Zmner. Mrs. C. N. Tulley andI backgrounds. Not only does her[ [now! Th'e idea of postponing present satisfactions for future] the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas S. Green, pastor of St. Mary; Bishop Lane; and the X'ery .Rev. Ray- Miss Mary Mimwaca. Speciallagency deal with Americans on] ~ Igains is ]'oreign to their way of thinking. Proceeding with naive[ mond J. Wahl, diocesan director of the CCD. Board members are: (1. to r standmg) M~. guests were: Sister Anne Karenlthe island but it is a common/ ~ Iconfidence that everything will somehow work out all right,] Wilfred Kenny, Mrs. Robert McDonnell, Donald lVleGinn, Mrs. Joseph W. Clark. Mrs. John r. i~rom the Catholic Social Serv-]thing to work with Philippines,I ]they thoughtlessly incur responsibilities and obligations that/ Thomas, the Rev, Emil L. Falcone, Mrs. Gerald M. Gavin and Mrs. Anthony D. Pizarro. e~ agenc~ Honolulu Hawan Japanese Koreans and peoples * ~ the~ hv s Ex m]ence +' ' ""! ~ . [ ~!~:~ ]will dictate the entire mture course of r ' e P "" l . and Mrs. Edward Ziener. Other~ of many races. [ ~~~!~ l is a good teacher, but in this case the lessons that it teaches willi i~ guests were: Miss Barbara Bay-] Re-elect Officers [ ~l~~ii~ ]be of benefit only to others. l . [ i:.iiii .L :: er, Mrs. Mareella Murphy, Mrs.] An important part of the meet l ~~4~ [ NEVERTHELESS, AS PARENTS YOU WANT to do whatI ~ I ~::~! T MAY INkY RI:M IN PI:AU: T } ~erna Bro~,n:,Mrs. Beatricelin~ was re-election of officers[ ~~-~ {you can. Perhaps the situation is not as hopeless as it now[ ~ [ ~i!: !i: l ewmana n o IVI1SS ,~lice Mc- " Lean l for the coming ,'ear lappea s. least you'd ]ke to ,eet that you have u ed every [ P a. It t a t tl n t I ~ means in our ower to save your son from making a poor de s~ ~ ~ s ~ ~ ~ ~ st s hi position as chairman will~~":.:~.~ I . ' Y P ~ + ' -i tll / Th- followino clero-- of +h, Diocese ol Rockford massed on to Review Statement be Maunc Owen e w ~' e~smn What can you do9 In the first place b ou should make u ravers are re . ~ "'e " s; vic-cha'-[ ~~~ [ "' . . " " ' s, ~ : [ -- I [their"eternal rewardS" on the dates listed. Yo r p .: + - ,' .' s man Mr N r h " ~.z~" it very dear to the couple that neither you nor net parents ' ' s The monthl5 fmaneml ,rate-,s. o man Shee e. ~~*~*'~~~ [ h [,Iquested for the repose of thmr ~ouls. men was reviewed. Mr. Zienerlseeretary, Mrs Tulle v; and ~11~~)~ l are in an5' posmon to Jend men nnanem~ support. It t ey / told nf the raise iven to the treasurer Lob Baehrodi' '~::::~:* ]marry, they're on their own and it doesn t take a finaneial l ,uRo~-~s. Jan, ~a~5~a" Stumm, June 3, 1956---The Bey. Paul W. Klaphecke. professor at St, Chmr~fi~,- 1 th" r, ;+ 1 I ~~ ~ I~enms to figure out that h~s army pay, or ~s beg r~ -1 LaVere ClotfeHer, g0, Holy Angela par- .-. ' ~, .: .~.' P g ' ' ' ~ "" " ' ' h" inne's earn 70, Holy AngeSs parish, M,~y 27. Charles college Catonsville Md. is buried in St. ;~ ~'-2 '"2 ~" '~ '~'~'j u~.~.~[ jn a mrewea s~ecn:, ~,omsI .:} links immediately afterwards won't cover many expenses. [ish~ taa~ ~ + ~ ~en ~ st m*~ ar ] t.nanes cemetery, t.atonsvh~e. ~m. ~,esu a~ a reeen~ meeting, x.e ~nannon supervisor of t~atnolie ~ ! " ", . ,rs. ~a e ne ,o, . ~ -, ,~,~ Chest members felt the services[ Charities }or seven years toldl ~ [ BUT SHE HAS A GOOD JOB, and their pooled income will iS~r~a~2r~ara Helms, 80, '$L Joseph par- JUne ;1, 1~43---I1~e l-icy, ls.~iarq ~anagan:,iransngul'auon ,pariSh, ~]the board members he was'leav[ ~ |more than meet their needs? You must be realistic here andl+s~ ~ay 23. I ~auconoa, ~s vurmo in hi. wtary cemetery, ~er~mo. " " h i" 8ELVIDERE--g"~ary E. Kirane, 73, St, .~ " ~ r f t h AIIDf~I~ lin~ the a.~,ncv to do f,rfh~r[ ~ Ito]erate no nonsense. As you have already told them. at t e~ [James ~arish, ~aV ~ June II, 19ao--The Joseph W. Rojemann. pasto o S. Jo~ep , Ibl~~Ibl~ I ".1.",- ,~.:-,~:.~"a ~2%,'2,'~[ [ lake, marriage normally means babies Few young couples arel DE. K.A.LS-2George Lock, 74 St. Mary[ Elgin is buried in Nativity of the Blessed Virgin I To.^ ~,~ ~,u u~ ~ u be - I lne Key. aonn A. ~re~, u.a.~. I " ~ . . = I par=sn, ~ay 2~. I + ' . -- I-uenev I |capame oI ooservmg perloale eonn~enee irom lne oeglnnlng DiXON--Timothy L. Reedy, 3, St. Anne Nlary cemetery, lvlenomlnee. "I " ' " r p~'rish AAay 24 FREE PARKING I ~ P rk Ill Sunda . June of their marrmge -,~;thout serious strata and the r;sk of de- =.:4' N """ 'r Wa-h 47 St M~r,] , [ [~ove. a . y. [ ' ' ~ ~ uram we oeseecn ~nee u ~oro mat me xoms ot th~ set- DRIVE-IN SERVICE [ 111, at 12:30 p.m. Assisting andjstroymg their sense of umtyas a cocple. The ;?;YsaJte:inftlle]~sjP~oh;g~" ~ehn, 7, St. Mary parish,[rants. Thy priests whom in this life Thou didst honor with the --- Inreaching at the Mass will be[to use eon~raeepuves, wmen mey ~ ow as se ~ -~Y - May 2~ - -;, ~ A,[ ~ I I ~== ,- ~ " ' ~ "' " ' ; n" ~ G'AL~;NA Ered P 5cbuller 66 St rsacreo office may rejome m me glory oi neaven mrevermore. l /former teachers of the newlv-ttran~ with them nn tnis pont. ~nis is no rime to De sue t.I .7- " ' ' ',':' ' . . . . . . ~ary p~r~Sn, iway ~. Amen ~&~1%llh~P~l~l~[]~ Iordainea Irom St Thomas highlSome young couples indulge in a subtle bit. of ratlonallzahonl GENOA--Oscar F. Mu,lv+in, 1~, StI ' c~ Catherine parish /V~ay 27 llll;~4~/l/ O U UOUII UU !school, Rockford." /in this matter. They ,enter marriage without thinking throu~,hLFNA--Tbo~a5 Lolling," 13, St Joseph[ .m .' ; : the obligations they necessarily incur. Once they are married Jparish, May 27. I ~ I Ir11~n . I p ' ltheyms,stthatltlslmposslbletoobserveGods laws lnthetrlstM~rypar,sh, M~y25. . I~ILI~U~&I~ it Reee ho. ,~.d Bl~,~mg " ,~ . .' ~cHENRY--Mrs. Eleanor Ruemelin, 73, '" ''* ' [ I~[~ InIr~ I ' ' " " ' /part'e situation, so they feel justified in using eontraeep-lMav ~ 1. i ~1 I.II I.III. land relatives and friends nf the|tires while artfully arguing that "God will understand." I Theod'ore Garrelts, 70, St. Mary ~ar-]l -- - -- I ~V ~/1 lV ' =' ' ish, May 22. I Downer & Rwer Sts famdv will be held immediate,r S 0 TAMP CO Frank E Co ins 89 St " I I -1 BE FIRM IN POINTING OUT TO THEM that thee J. n t - . I Ted Sharnenter i [ [ly following the Mass. A recep-|mystery about the normal implications of married life. They/~ary parish, May 22. . II .r I r~'=2,'Y,~" .= X~.'~.~= =" = ] I |~Dlr~l$|llr~ ]tion to which all are invited willlhave no right to marry unless they are reasonably prepared to[ . ,I UIStrlDUtOr I +',?","" "'7':*,'.~' I llllJl';ll/t;I t~onow later in the afternoon in[accept its obligatiens according to God's laws The Iaet that]D],r~, ][~H~,~ II " TW "'744 ~h~.J,~%'~/.z~J | ~em~er or r.u t ] vm~.~'~.== =lu~m ]the .parish hall. at this timelother couples, even other Catholic couples, may casually ignore!J] [/ULI[~ llLl[~L4bl lbU| I| umt .w IUo;8~AOrlLL ,-a [~l~l~.] | Father Kret will give his first . . . ./--/ . . . '[the divine mo~al law In, no way lessens their responslblhtles. I . ,-. .~. II . I~IIIIEIH I ,|!| ][priestly blessing to relahves,]Marriage is Ior adults. They know the facts of life and the laws ]Z~f 11~t C~(~r~ . [[ " ~I~ ] I fl fi III KAIVr C I[friends and parishioners. |of God. Why should they try to fool themselves? But she saysl~-l-lp ~ " a/ II Lorden I 1, A second Solemn Mass will be she as o osed to a long engagement ~ Perhaps she ~s wormed I ~ I~1 / 111~K O. I/ ' ' ~. ' pp ~ s . ". " [ SINSINAWA, Wis. -- St, Clara '| ~t '~l~'~ I I Ill l/held the following Sunday inlabout being able to hold her man vet their engagement is not academy Alumnae ' association !l Ul l'rlDUl['lnn g#O.b~ .~C[al I I ~lol]~ff I[I AEVEDC ItSaint Andrew church Delavan,[a normal one under the present conditions of necessary separa-[will hol i its 32nd biennial reun-I -- ~ 1~'.~'~[~-~1[ ] ~,gtt41,1b tlJLlt I /VIK/r-IXO where his parents now reside, tion, and if the couple are really in love, further delay will not ion June 2 "3 and 4 at the acade-I Diol WO 3-5409 ,4 ,0rr.arlP(; III VLUM~INb |[A will preach the sermon at[ PERHAPS, LIKE MANY COUPLES IN LOVE, they find it[Rosary college, River Forest,]! I "=,'.:, ,=,~Z,=, Y- Itl And [i this Mass and the ministers willI difficult to observe premarital chastity. Remind them that this ]will be guest speaker at the ban-[, .v,v ~.urs,tr~ltr~. t "-" ' " lass of I ,",'-,',m --o^-- |!l llb~ from the ordmatmn c .!]is no excuse for an ill-timed marriage for in their eircum-]quet. I "'AURORA'S FRIENDLY 'BANK" .v ~ v ~ u v ' A ch n I ] ]]| 1-11"~/I[N~ [] the newly-ordained, dun eo t]stanees' it will be easier to observe premarital chastity than l A program by and for alumnae I ,o Itigh and kiber~y S t.ree.t$ . . |]| |lwill follow the Mass. " /chastity in marriage. This truth comes as a surprise to many]will be resented Saturday eve-![ ~o. t.intom AVe. aria ~larK ~rreet Z/O ~I~A~ M a/Kite/ i h h ervanee " P . ' I I .LC,HO S TW,-77, I11 o.o. II The newly-ordained prevlous-lyoung couples because they fad to real ze t at t e obs [rang ,n the auditor,urn, and a I ~!~i!il I Ill lilY attended. St. Veronica grade ]of Christian standards of chastity in marriage requires a great]reading will be given by Mrs. [[ I~ I ~.c, s,v,c, [ I ~HONt ~w ~.~4+ IIschool in Milwaukee, Wis. beforeldeal of self-control and self-deniM under the difficult situation]Eric Pritz of ~ockford. Mrs. II Member Federal ~tttttam'm~2~l~f~ ~~]movlng to Rockford when he]of marital lnt,macy. Surely, by tak!ng proper precaut ons and[Thomas Starshak of A'urora is i[ ~ .~.'~ [completed his primary educa-lprofiting from experience, the normal intelligent unmarried[national president. ]] Dep0dt Insurance "ir Aurora ~a.ona~ T, l~/tion at Saint James grade school.l couple can control their impulses and drives while dating if|------------- tl ! - , f xor,* ~[His high school training, was]they really desire to do so. J~Jz-2"-- I~.- --- 1L~.- L [[ P " ~ #~ /~ BaI~K ! A Comi31et, Line of Prayer Book, (]conducted under the care of theI FINALLY THERE IS THE MATTER of an expensive wed-/ ''111 l /Cep ritltll I ' [ Sunday & Daily Missals '~1 Augustinian Fathers at Saint]ding. Of course every girl looks forward to her wedding as the[ MANILA -- (NC) -- A young[I Assorted Colored Rosaries for Children ~/Th mas high school, Rockford. t major event inher life, but if the display is out of proportion~American missioner was bless-I| " [ and Men and Women ~/He continued his studies at[to her well known Status and income, it becomes absurd and]ink new rosaries for prisoners at I| Phone TW 7.8494 Broadway at Man Samt Augustme semmary Hol m ~ ulou~ h m z e ) Stame~~ains, Catholic Books ([ " " ' ' 1 "d'c W o a'e p ople trying to fool when they engage/Manila Citb Jail when two of J[ [ }[land, Mich. for a year before]in such conspicuous consumption? Obviously not their relatives]the inmates asked for speeialJl~ I~ ) VISIT THE (jentering the novitiate o] the Au-[and Iriends, for these all know better! With a husband in theJblessings -- and turned theirJl~~lly [][]-rr. II'1~l'lr'141"Ikllil I II J ustmmn Fathers at Oconomo a n b s o the f 1 S m o [ ][g " ' . -[ rmy a d oth .ides f + am'ly ~truggl' g t make ends|backs-on him. II/1Enioymentt II[llllt/llllIIll lll 1 I/I ) ~ ~'~Ps~[~Pxr R~]~ ~h~r~r~ []woc, Wis. He became a member]meet, isn't it silly for a working girl to use all her savings to[ Father Jude McGeough, S.-[ll~lllll~ Jill I IiflUI I IUIllflLL I ] L ~,u v .l~ ~ Lzv~J }]of the Augustinian Order in 1954[impress people who will not be impressed? 'Is C saw a tatto of the head of [l~ 7"~.M;' ]][[ Tllr rlilrOT [ 57 Main St. " Phone: TW 7.4152 ([and went to Villanova univer-[ With such lack of common sense, one wonders whether she's]Chri'st on one back and a tattooJl~ " ]]11 I i11: tll l: )l I sky Pa from whmh he wasl j ', . ", tready lot marriage. |of the Blessed Virgin on thell~ WR[I-ff IIII "" I graDuateDin ~uo~.blncethen " ~" h~s ""en stud" in" theolo'~'' (Father Thomas wilt be ,nab.le to a,swer any perso,al letters.)[other. IlliW i t . . IIII . I i ot ug;= ,an college, Wa:h~- (~lnt ,O II . .l" 10 1 l/gi'e:!" ~ilde~:tin~n~ : ?:tt~,"lJ:aU~d "7;;" IIII I IR';" Ii " I - .J r-J II I from tJoes Dye-Dye in nlgn cnoOl/Father McGeough, 'who comes|l "~ Illl W~,ll Gr~d[g~te NEW YORK' -- Steps. have was pointed out that. the prom. gave them a blessin~ g ans'way." v~ been taken to deemphasme sen- usually was held m a fashmn ~ ~~'~ I [ ll - - II STURTEVANT Wis.--John J.]ior high school proms in the able hotel, was a,formal affair[Al|D~D~ Ill Illl [ . IIGoral, Jr.', son of Mr. and Mrs.[New York archdiocese, and sometimes was followed by]~l[~l~Pli lib IIII ~ ~r I --~L~'~II I/John J. Goral Sr. of Rockford,[ Msgr. John Paul Haverty. a tour of nightclubs and ar-I, IIII Ir D'istrtbutors ot I ~ m,t,b o,o+ |/will be in the graduating class/archdiocesan superintendent of ties. ~IIII I tYO, l/o 29 seniors at St. Bonaventurelschools, said it was estimated A directive 'sent to all high ~ "Iron "l-~'l"~+l'~lT"?"ll'~k'r + ,~'~+"~,-' ~/lll minor semmarv and high school that "prom night' cost a stu- schools em ha iz d' - " . p s +e . st u de nt UKe t~UWl ~ J. ~Wl~ BOCKMAN I COLUMBIA OFFICE SUPPLY CO. ][here Sunday, June 4. [dent between $50 and $75. It s oei~il activities, such as i I+lll ~l~?f~ OFRCE---INDUSTRIAL=--INSTITUTIONAL dances or parties should be t ',nPTnM1;'.TI:tl~;T (III -';',;,;7.;:'- I ,o w ,o.o I/A ~onoa h+,d semi-formally in the]~ lll]J .t I ~jlt='l~'O ~' ~I0~B'~ school or at nearby church pre- { ,- ,- ( Ill ^ None FonDus for Quo]ity I " I~~1.~ raises; reasonable c u r f e w s]~ ryes ~xom,neo-- ~msses rgteo IIIII Diomonds ~'nce 1892 " I r^, III Johns.Manville Products III MEMORIALS should be fixed by school au-I! Contoct Lenses " !IIII I ltl ' III t or'ties afte co su tht'on 'hi{ 1111 I U I / hAIN Roofln C m o. . JEWELERS I J. . RKTRI I/I Roofing MALCOR Compony ]] .s+ 1906 pervision should be provided : ]l +111 JEWELERS"s+ ,90+ parents; adequate parental su- ,G,le oB d I Itl Roofi~ ~w~dWa~r Prooli. III II!~~'~I~ expenses should be kept to all Aumre Hotel BIdg, TWineokl ,-ou, Iqll - I ~cA Whirlpool Ill lil lii~L m in i m ,um and the word[t Ill!l " ! wr . ,-, It Ill ,~,dlJl~-ll~.llm 'prom' ShOUlD De avomeo. '~ -: = M "' ' I w asners--Ltrvers I I ~~ t I ~ll~[l~l~l~'~l~l~" - ~ ~l~ [ ltefri~erators Stove- l]-qllllllllllll~llllllll~lllllllllllllllll~Illllllllllllllllllllllllll~llllllllllllll~ I I +' -- I1= =11 I Dishwashers I- -II A u r 0 r e t t e S h o p I Let Us Wire Your IVew Home II- I W ll/irl/ ;/ll " - I Y-- . WHERE YOU SAVE Ladies ReadytoWear Meta Gei,e Own er 594 5th A~IF~RoRJW 2.9613 II- i l liillg l - Y/l =--!l 7< :;i!= ,o~+ ~KE .~ D,FFERENC~t $.tOntCell'efi.BolExe|u,i. FallF hion. t~D ttSp.rl~ts 11-- - " " Tw =.09s0 S. WATr. ST. AURORA, LL. --= = I I / I/- -I Am your I KANE COUNTY IMPORT CAll CO Lid. E. J. FARRELLI/- -I 727-S:L[n o]n;Au;.e ~~ . / = ," " = I == e=rn,ncsl RENAULT * PEUGEOT TRIUMPH -. -. I[- Droperles I:obrics Bedspreods" $1ip ove, Hordwore -I Pho TW ; 727"o ! ~ I// -.:'1 It~ ~ o,o, r.i.o+, "1~ L ~ 1 "/ ' / 229 Goleno Blvd. "I'W 7-1168 A.ror -+oo, ]'+ //20 ' /'- +o lil GAS HEAT,o+e, II HIGH STREET PHARMACY ::!idh;:t:Sryin I A GOOD Heating I! Complete Prescription ServiceII -sff ,2ds/s-- -, insured 1 START! 81 S. LA SALLE Iii . . . Our Specialty . . . ! I ++ / sa:ety and / Your diploma ,s your .i, '1 VALLF( HEAIINO I / fri "1 . 1 possport tO the career AURORA Ill CONVALESCENT SUPPLIES + III ""'"' "'"'"" t ~"" ~ l .~no y serv,~I o~our e~o o,ood RENTAL AND SALES stort on the rood to |[] ]Jl Ask Jor Bill Perez J,; TEL. TW 2-0625 I!1 CANE. CRUTCHES, WHEEL CHAIRS,ETC. Ill + " L . s e ,ss. Iii ' I/I220 So. River TW' 2-4090 ~ -- A sovlngs occount |oes Ill666 High Street Phone TW 6-9631 Auroro Itl AURORA Join today with your friends and nei-hbors who we. with diploma.* III " ' |1~ . : ' ~ ~ Stort cpne now. ~1 tt have learned that it pays to save a portion of their ' your earnings earn The largest dividends in our history . . . PLUS insured safety and friendly service. f NOON LUNCHEONS AND DINNER DAILY FROM OUR NEW KITCHEN " "t Jrom a cocktail to a beer, Jriendly service always . . . lZSOS0. BROADWAY I AURORA : earnings eack rnonth at Improvement. Fully pro- We current- ALL HOME APPLIANCES teeted to $10,000 by the F.S.L.1.C. I, ,ey i,- retest t Soles ond Service--TV--Records--Stereo--Wiring the rete of Your savings insured to $10,000 by an agency ot U. 5. Government. Cosh Terms Loy-Awoy--AII Repoiring--Ports 61 Fox St. -- Auroro TW7.9171 IAVlIlI$ t s t, OAII ASS0 IAIIOII Itl IAtiMI IO|JlVIII IVIIM 0lULl |.llll Aurora d