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May 26, 1961     The Observer
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May 26, 1961

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THE OBSERVER FAMILY CLINIC 1 Neglect BY FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S. J. Assistant Professor of Sociology At St. Louis University Why don't more parents tell their teenage children about the facts of life? I'll be 16 next week and my folks still haven't told Tea for Sisters At St. Laurence ELGIN--A Sisters' Apprecia- tion D a y tea, sponso, red by St. Laurence Parents" association, was held in the school hail Sun- day afternoon Direct Program Under the direction of Mrs. Charles Theft and Mrs. Robert McKiel, a portraiture was pre- sented by the school children. Narrated by Mrs. McKiel, the First Friday Evening Masses ALBANY St. Patrick 6:00 AMBOY St. Patrick 6:00 AURORA Our Lady of Good Counsel 8:00 St Peter 7:30 BATAVIA Holy Cross 6:15 CARPENTERSVILLE St. Monica 8:00 ROCK FALLS St. Andrew 8:00 ROCKFORD St. James Pro-Cathedral 5:30 St. Anthony of Padua 6:00 St. Bernadette 5:30 St. Edward 5:30 St. Mary 5:10 St, Patrick 6:00 St. Peter 5:15 SS. Peter and Paul 6:00 SANDWICH CARY St. Paul 5:00 me a thing. All I know is what I found out for myself ~ that theme ol the program explained SS Peter and Paul 6:45 CAVAX, r, TA b{ ::~i!h::!!!: i(n " ' ~N~!r ~v' rR!t:i eid:i :S~ti: Is~t?~:~ " k ; a:::: st ;;:d:hn ;de t ~afil c ~ t ~ era:: y ! ~:~ ; " : ;i "f' D rei ~:~ spS~I ~oGhnG~(~rE. 5.45 g " g t y teenage kids. ~ ' . ' t. t "ck : . Stephanie and Patricia Sterrmk- St. Peter 8.00 You're so right, Phyllis'. Many religious leaders and teachers er were the schuol students who ELBURN - STERLING have expressedslmhar views, but ! fee! your !etter is especial- represented the Sister-. St. Gall 8:00 Sacred Heart 5:00 ly.imp rtan~ vcause you speak ior me victims ol parental Dl,'n~, w,~s ~^rv''~ ~,*" ~*h^~: Sis.- ELGIN,~St. Mary. 6'00 negmct ---.the. many boys and girls .wbo.need to know, and ters b: Mrs. John McNerney, St. Laurence 5:00]STOCKTON have a basra right to know. the Christmn vww of sex. yet must Mrs Paul Hogan and Mrs. Ed- ELIZABETH Holy Cross 8:00 try to find out tar themselves. As you say, they don't find out war~t Sliney. Those who poured St. Mary 8:00ISYCAMORE very much; and I might add. wha! they do learn is ei}her false, represented officers and chair- IERIE I. St:. Mary 5:15 pitlZUlly inadequate, or distorted oecause not presemea within m e nof the women'~ organiza- I St Ambrose 4"15lwattr~r~'~ a larger framework of Christian values, tions of St Laurence "arish t St. Anne 8:00 I USED TO THINK that modern ~-arents wer, startin-" to do They were Mines Albert G. HOSPITAL AUXILIARY OFFICERS--St Joseph Mercy Hospital auxiliary Aurora, recently IFREEroPOR: '5 30IWONDER- LAKE v, s . ' . ~. ou~ev I Christ the ixing 8"00 OnlY" "1 ] ruIl[~t UIgKIUI~~ "v Bertrand partCharlesm the Beckmanbeautiful t i[t' ~:~.':~ ~ /[[ ll[[|l "Ii|l[ t'rmters ec t~ttnograpncrs, a better job in this regard. There has been so much writing On ", elected the following new officers: (1. to r.FMrs. Andrew Wtison, treasurer; Mrs. James HaDeg. t,- ~ . LoresYehch Albert A Droz ~ r~N~ this subject and popular opinion has become so oazan that "' ' ger of Geneva, third vice president; Mrs. Vernon L. Evans, president; Mrs. Jacque Thomas, / I ~m one would think CatHolic parents, in particular, simpYy could Wflham A Summers, Edward first vice president; and Mrs. Herman Dickes, second vice president. (Park Place Studio JUA~.;Vl:l~RE ~.oo! 1 . not continue their neglect. Wide experience in dealing with :~irt~rd"wardel~ :l~toerA" wnlung photo). ["S~C~aa;les Borromeo 8001 ' family problems has taught me that this is.not the case. Why - " I [HARTLAND do parents, who work so hard to provide for their children's Committee Members ~ -i "1 ~ I I~ . needs fail them here9 I Mrs Slinev and Mrs Me- IA ' ~11 i ~11 '1~ I St PatricZ ~:001 I~lltlllllllCl~llllt' ' " " " . lIl~ V I lit ~ t Ill II l ]Nerney were co-chairmen of the HARVARD I! ' ' w, at[lOllCS lilt UOII 0 IN HIS EXCELLENT BOOK, 'And God Made Man and i committee whoplanned the tea. r~I~MIM~ ] g St. Joseph 5:10 I Woman," Father Lucius Cervantes, S. J calls it "parental ta- ]The:/ were assisted by Mines. ~|,| '~W [ LEE boo," that is, parents seem to regard discussion of the factslJohn Swensek, Raymond Con- 11"~ g'8 1 "~/Ir I st. ,lames 8:00I of life wRh their children' as something' forbidden or under net,3, ,lames Martin,' Angel LI"- ' LOVES~ PARK ourAURORALady of ~oodMrSc'ounsetHtlenoar'sh,K ble~eYkY 20: ~ sacred interdiction. People or at least, good people, just don't ma George Anzeli Clarence I:VI:NTK ll3elend IVllSSlOners I St. Bridget 530 suz E. Linden, 6, Sacred Hear, ' ~ . ' ' ' ~" ' Illll~lill ~i III~' parish, May 20 discuss such thln~,swith thelrchildren and this attitude is Leetzow James Roath Merle MAYTOWN Mrs He an SEa 70 St. Mary parish maintained in spite of the fact that the normal development ofJChilds, "Paul Hight, Kenneth ]. ROME--(NC)--Where were the Christians at me t.ongo when/ St. Patrick 8:00 M~Ya~2kbraham Sr 63 S~ Nichola-par- boss and lrls as well as rachcallv ever thin the r ~ their mmxtonerx ~ere being a~saulteo ano aouseo .' g ~, P " ~ y ' g y see o Youn~,s. Peter Kneipper, Ed " MENOMINEE ish, ~ay ~0. ' hear on TV and radio or in ma azines and newsnaners raises ward Weidner William Bulman AURORA [ rides the international mission news service here, has given[ Nativity of the B V M 8.001 Louis PodPba, 7S, St. George parish, g ~ -, ' ' ' May 16. questions that demand answers. Raymond Soucie Arvel Gordon, June 24th -- Dance at Holy~tan answer. [OREGON ~t~on~,~. wegman, ~, Holy Angels ,[Robert Zeier, Sam Henderson Angels school hall at 8:15 p.m.[ In general, rides reports,] J St. Mary 6:00/~o~;~s B'arbara'Herbert, 73. Our Lady of MANY I~RITERS CALL THIS ATTITUDE of parents purl-land O-,m C'olh ~--Sponsored by Knights of Co-IChristians who went to the de-!i~ ~h~mselves in re,~aration for[PECATONICA ]Good. Cour~sekpar}s~, Ma~ 17: . , tanical," concluding that it is a cultural residue or earry-overl Ilumbus, Cardinal Bellarminelfense o[ the missions at t.he];h=~,r'Aor ;f the ~r~o~t FatherJ St Mary 6.00[is~O~aer~}cK, ~ne ~ par- " " ~ "~'~' ~ e Oar ch from the last century when custom dictated an exaggerated ~-~ 3t . council for the benefit of KC[hrst moment of attack w e r e Rene De Vos W F POLO,C~Y~rAo~sA~~ ~oqven~0 L. s , avoidance of all reference to sex in polite conversation. Th~s, ~i]P[i/g'~|lg'l/t|g-~lql I Youth programs. |I e w The Chmst ans seemed l ~ ] St Mary 7 301 OaKALB -- Mrs. Frank Brkmh, 88, $1. ~s an over-~]mp 1fed conclusmn for ]n sac etles never affected I |stunned bv the sudden force of ~ . /ROCHELLE OIXON Albert T Eckerl 67 St Pat- . . ' " I UI~ ~/~LD ' tO tue mission ol bt francis I ri ri ~, a 16 ' ' ' " by the Puritan reaction parent~ are equally neglectful while ~kTP ~ * 1/ I |the attacks and were reducodl. ': " ,~. " I ~ Pa~riok 6"30. ck pa s,M y . --' -- " . . " [ I~/ ~'1~'!'11~ -i-.r~. /~.l.',l June 9, ut an(t 11 -- Antlquel . "' " - [.X avier on l'aarcn t the unrist-I "~'" -- ~ "~ J ELGIN -- William F. Tennant, 72, St. ~merlcan somely nas ctroppea all mmmtlons about discussing i I IU;IL&/ /q3/ ~.Jr /i~-~ -,~ . ~ to ~n inert mass nere ,:,ere . . .' l--lkaurence parish May 21. -' ~ - -" l "--'lsnow ano wounwy ~tore a~l . . " liens came m promise trlelr prrl-i ] Ovid a Gagnon 70 St Mare par sh, ~ex certainlysince me "roaring twenties " " some nermcexceptions. . May 15 ' ' ' " ' " CathoimStudent center North- " . tectmn From then on the re- . - ~ .it "/1/1" "~ "1 . . ',J Form Mlnule Men I / ~~~~1 FREEPORT--Mrs. E,zabeth Rend~k- THE REAL REASON that many fathers mothers--and others[./~l.b l}'llitO OOlt fernIllinois university -- ~pon-I ~,+ . ~ ',~ . I solve of the Christians to pro-I ~ ^ . ."~lier, 87, St. Mary parish, May 22 cannot teach the facts of life to young people is that they havel . . -" - J sored by Court Immaculate ~ ~ ~ ! t tect their missioners zrew firm.] ~ ~// I L ~, ishDa~yVl.?F=ergo 77, St. Josepn par ~aren HOnl land t n e ponce and mlnrarv never faced these *acts ~quarelv in themselves and in their ownl [Conception, Catholic Daughters, ~ [Easter was celebrated thrnzgh-{ ~ ULle,-ldh,n, @[. J'oh. Leo; y,S Mary perish, M,y " - - i All 120 s^ni^r +,a ~,^ a ~ . . ~were spreao too tnln lor I=,ro-I - . / ~ "~" --I,/. lives. Uwlng partly to faulty training in vouth and t~artlv to/ = u owu=,t ma.c,u- OI America ,~ . ~ ,~ out northern r~tvu wltn lervor/ Stt~ " ~ ~ Mrs Esther Burns 71 St. Catherine ' ~ " ed a picnic' ' at AppleRiver' Can .tecL1on kAIF1SLIans iormeu uIctr . . -e- ~ parish" May 20 ' failure to think through the meaning and im lication~ of hu' -: '. " and in open dehance of t h e ' .' P ~ " on ark r .: DIXON ownminutemen to keep watch . . ,~I~~1~1~1~ ~rs. Cather,e Franz, Z, S Joseph man sexuahtv as adults most people maintain completely neza-Y. P Thusday, May25: In .lnne 1 Card nartv at St th,~ ,~i~ ;~.~ ]Lumumblst youths who contln-] Ipa/ sh ~0 - ~ ' ~. " ~" 'OD ' " i ~ -- -- .-.- ~ v ~ ~.~ . . P~KVAKU--JOnn U. Howaro, bY, hi. JO* tlv attitudes toward sex. Sex is not regarded as a n~sitive value a/--serv,ance of mmr ~en~or o a3.1 Mary h=]l ~ ~1 h, R ,w.~ .~ ~ ~.~ ~ ued to terrorize the area. FpRqRA MrS5 Rosemary Schuliz and seph parish May 18. ,; f ',The gins met at scnooi oeIorel;:,--- u.:, .~ n~, j 1 . . I R,c.nara Pachter m Holy Angels church,| JOHNSBURG -- Adam Przybyfzewski, xu&lllctt .tII|}JLI~.~E UI. UllVt~ LUVVa/(1 me .tux~.x**ment OI me nlgnes~,h . !l-'atrlcK Altar anct t~osal'y SO- the missions h a s been Kivu (2111"lstlan Force Apt, 8,64, St. John parish, May 8. creative act of which man i capable in the naturalorder Rather I and, chartered a bus to thel.~; r ~ ~,~ ~ ~, a~= I . I I EAST OUaUOUE -- Miss Connie Hi,~ LOVES PARK -- Emi, N. Rodin, ,~, St. ,u t. m,l- ~ ." '[part< ano spent the entire day l~'~.r .v. o~ =.v ,~ ,=-~ pru~'mCe In me east. r~ven [.qCit- Jn tile ' Dusn OU[SIOe DUKa-]and Terrence Allendorf in St. Mary[Bridget parish, May t6. . ~*~uu~ ~ cd~tt*u~ly e~auuratea social I1Cl~lon, 1T~ IS lOOKed upon as ,- - 1 ' Ischool nersecutionhas boon roctriP:od r-~,~ o - -,;.7,- -I /church, April 28. / MAPLE PARK--Bernard F. Mtlnem0w, eating expiorln~ ano engaglng " *- ~ vt*, L-<~U*U~L.~ U*~cu**&~t ~ i~'; I n an 80 St Mary parsh May 16 a kind of ske!eto,n re.the closet---ev.el~ybody knows that Its there]in a multitude of activities I DURAND i to certain areas such as the "Christian force" for the de-/K~t~~ R--C~;ierS~'~% ~rr~s Mora~|aOCKF?RO--!M%~n,g~ C. Kenerson, --yeL preLenos tnat it does not exist "" I ' " ' arish ' " ~, ~ ~'e,er par,sn, ~a cities of Bukavu and Kmdu and fense of he 1 1 P ' " I Bi~han M, dA f,rl~n~ ] June 4---SDrin~ festival from i [ . t m ss unarms almost] Mrs Maroaret R. D0y e, 63, St. James F - "~ ~" . . . LOVE5 PARK -- Miss Mary Ann Haines arish' May~ 20 I ~ ~2 m to 9 m in St Mary the ~oufh of the re~,ion known as soon as tile anhmlsslon at and Robert E Ra,ney m St Bridget p A I O r h F ne 7 WHY IS THIS FICTION MAINTAINED. St. Thomas Aquinas diligently studyin, for final ex-[ P. ' " P' " " " :; ' [ ", "/ "- " . " [ T MP --'M S. Jo n . Coo y, 3, suggested that because sex lS a powerful human drive, it fre-lams, administered May 22, 231church hal!-TSponsored by St.]~ostl:~momut~e:nn~i%uemVraces[ttac:s $::a;.eZ?nYedan:n n~v~htii[cn~arc~E~'~, ~ Miss Sh Kai d/$t~v~TO~ar~Shjo~h~Yclfl'Fietding, 6b, St, quenuy challenges the control of right reason and"conse uentl and 24 The tests consisted of the Mary parlsmoncrs. ' ' ~ Richard Wohlert in St. Mary church, Mary p~rtsh, May 13. humiliates us. Hence people like to act as if sex did no{ exisL work covered in second semes- ELGIN J ,~, Held .Back by. Pohee Iw)th drums ready to sound tne]A~gc~i=oRO Miss Mary Martini and[l~h4~lllP~l~l~ at least, not. among ."g d". people, and since such pretense gen- !ter. Seniors have been excused May 27 ~ Rumma~,e sale in horror~n usands' of Christians were alarm. |Geraldral AprdH gan22 in St. James Pro-Cathed- KU~IIRrU~L~ stricken onlookers at the In the southern Man]ema Tn]s M,ss Prlsctlla Johnson and N~cholas A crates anxiety, tension is released through jokes and humor [from fourth quarter examina-St Thomas Moe school hall t -" ~, ' 1 '- - : [ murderof 1 ~ Fontechla in St Anthony church May AnIERI~IRE~ENT mans way.of deahng w,th facts and feelings he does not wishltions to be given June1 and 2, tSponsored by St. Thomas Morel,- ~ a ~hlte Father n]sioners were evacuated through[20. ' ' [ "~' to face rationally, because of their many activities ICatholic Women's club and the burn-[the United Nations after dozens Miss Patrlcia M. Hoene and Robert] - " " " 'n m ~ " Schopf in St. Patrick church, May 20. - [ Honors Night I Il g of the mlssmn house. ~he3 [of them w e r e maltreated by[ STERLING -- Miss Margaret M d/One hun&ed years I"~KI~,NI'~ I"KI~JI~UI~NTLY TRY TO EXCUSE their neglect inl I ~,a~, ~.--~,a^e ~,e ,~ ~*u ~./outnumbered the attacker~ at/soldiers and nolice in th,~ ,~id [William R. Elwood in St. Mary church,/ .It lt"~.-,~ h~ ~t Ine t~accalaul'eate Mass Wlll ", " " ~ "~ "'" "~'" May 2~. v~- .L~.~t~ ][V~ ~*, giving adequate instruction by saying that they do not know be offered b- th- R [Chicago St. -- Sponsored bY[least 10 to one Some of them]dle of February WOODSTOCK -- Miss Wilma Winkel ] the a.pproprlate te!-ms. In reality they are so inhibited by theirlHart O S Ay to; ti~:'in(;an~i;ce]Cath hc Daughters of Amer-]wanted to intervene but the:/] Despite mistrust of th~ mis-]~aa~ ~a John Nman in St. Mary church,[your ~ervleeo negauve ~eeungs that they do not even make the at em t A I ma, t.ourt ~.lgln liua ~ere 1 T " t p. de-, ~, ~," ~t. a ~: L SI " I ' he d back by police sentlsioners fomented by ~overnmentl HAW'HORNE, CaliL'-- Miss Fraoces| " +. . . ~ or ~LHUH~el~ e*nu D~bl~UIJ " ~" Goodman and Donald E. Kiltz of Harvard Are ou lannin an ad ro- quate mstruc,mn does not require a course in physiology or ana-tMuldoon t~rad-at n~ 'q=s~os =El FREEPORT ]by the government to see that[agents, the people begged the[in st ~oseph church Feb ~,Y P g P tomy It deals primarily with the deve]o merit of balanced the attack went unhindered, miss[ n r ram booklet a membershi di '" " P St James nr, C~o~h,~,4-=l q " June .ll -- Festival from 1],J '. 'o e s to stay. ~|g,P " Ch i ""- " rstmn attitudes, the apphcatlon of pertinent moral prmci-ldav Ma~ 28 The exeroises will]P.m. to 9 p.m. on churchl However, when the priest; of[ After the departure of the mis- ] J ~-- I[rectory for your organizati~i ples, and some knowledge of the sources of sexual excitation]beg~n with a',~rocessional of theigr unds Sponsored bv St [that mission left their burnt-out[sioners, a delegation of Catho-lJ ~lt I II-UI4E/ lien anniversary souvenir boo~I1~ and the means of self-control. Parents have experienced puberty !,~.o,~ ~,~o ~, ~ .~ ~." .~^n^. ^a ~ 'Thomas Aaulnas narishioners.[dwelling, the Catholics began a/lies from the Maniema went to I -It"- ~, -~ ll " " adolescence, and marriage. What further knowledge do they i~'~ v ~| .- ~. ~.' [novena for their return. T h e]Bukavu to ask Archibisho,~II - ~ I]let, an annual report, a freaK- q n z Catholics also urged Church au Louis Van Steene W F for real report, a house alga,a THE FACT OF THE MATTER is that most parents refuse will b: ~e~ghd t~ : :ch~ ~te::c~: S:::ea~ ~0ustndolrl-Fu? r or~te; ~h;;itadeSfontthet;e;tel~ikn m~y lhe 2~s!oners' return: This was cookbook, a new pubhcatlon? torium Monda- Ma- 29 at 8 t g I'mpo "me oecause o~ continu-II ~ '~ ~x /All I I, We offer editin~ service, ar to think about or face up to the meanin~ and imnlications nf ~, y !rink -- snonsoreo by mlcnenry .~ . ?', .~ ,a ~ ~ v ~ ~ ,~ o " . "~ ~- - --,- . ~ . ; " mission, lnev wanted to rCDUlla eo. violence in the region sex in their own lives Such refusal has serious consenuenee, Ip'm" Barbara Helm, NatmnallKnlghts of Columbus. I II " ~-~ ~ [ I]usts service, ideas and exper- for their own marriage, as well as for paventho0d since sexuaf" Honor society president, will] ROCKFORD [ il~f~f~ I1" it=f h ~11 .All ~ I1 ience. Why not check your Let- /conduct the program which will 1 ~tv that is not subjected to reason readily b c1 . . e omes expoitation I May-- Bake sale St . . . II I, terheads. nvelopes. State- open wlrn me saJutatorx actQreqs I lrlmarrlage and a source ofembarras m n I s e tin instructing chiN] . "," -~ ./ T, Stanislaus church -- Sponsored ,I Jlments and Invoice supply"~ gllen Dy LOlleen l--le a t n /~,11 dren. If readers feel that Ihave exaggerated the extent of this ' " -- by Junior sodality for i~nefit,Rockford Illinols I I ~~lrlI~A'~ll II " - ~ awarns merite~ ov me girl~ wiU ' " ~ ' IIl~~J~'~ We 11 gladly quote you; what- refusal to think rationally about sex let them explain how " " ~ of the new church ' " 1 parents can tolerate and even promote current datingPatterns[Rbe p,e~ented~. .t them by the " tl !1 J ever your printin'g requ're- ev t~larence mart 0 S A The ST CHARLES among their teenage or re teena e chfldr n Su 1 "" P - g ",re y, only par-I .' ',I . 11,I I Ilments, let us serve you; lettcr- ents who pretend that sex does not exist could accept such pat- vam mctor~an, amaress, given py[. May z~^-.7 b pagnett, %nnerI . - - e~',*: ~ ' II t,t,e II ,o ~ o terns, t~aroara nmm, wm close me tram ~z:6u to a:au p.m. at ~t.iI /E4f, II t.a,rn II ~'~-' ,[program. [Joseph Minor Servite seminary il|l I Ill .rlrt~ 1 it tr'[T] IrTTlll Itl l/ll~lM, gK II Call Berg.Sundberg (Father Thomas will be ~tnable to answer a~y personal lettersJ I Torch and Rose I--Sponsored by Parents' club. ~l - '' ,AXt ~, I ' I Ill II ' ] The annual Torch and Rose]- ~ I| : III ttl~lONi IAItUK~ I .^ A IRecei ]ceremony will be held in the]f~ . 0 . ;I II sh0 t,-s;; Six - 47 I 1819--9th St RockJord, Illinois, KI|[ Kl~lli~ll I Ve$ ue~'ree Ischool auditorium Thursday i ets CllOlarslllD ' ' Rock~'oo~d " I~0 54628 - - - ,- - ,I I I .;a,o,'g II [ RACINE.Wis. -- Sister Mary June 1. The juniors and seniors[ WINONA Minn The finan-'J ~~'~" |1~'' " - I The Very Best I/Gerald, O.P daughter of Mr. lc~re ' ,i [cial aid sc'holarship committee I PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY I I I m0ny aullng wnlcn tney I P, ! It' " t,~ I/and Mrs. Alex W. MadOle, St.I : ' jof St. Mary college has releas-|l N~esi-"O'Kilburn Ave. II ~ ~ I t parish, Rockford, will re-. . ed the names of students who Only ~ . Every ~umor girl will hand a. -- - I; lrlln try degree at Domlni- . . Ihave been granted full or part- - :-zi ;2,' I [ =ye se:7:rParrT~;e2Y=~-lt~lemSCih l~shi~c~% y:2der a~vi :g [11 g ~ ~ It,[]} I Friday S:30 p.m. ta9 I'will be "iven b- Dr A~'a ~ ] Y he four school years at . ,'; : "[1[[ . [ I I Businessmen'~ Lunc~ Doily It Hill executixe secretar "~n B~hop Muldoon after which1 ',III I 's r Jo B-. i member " g tl A CU a y r tea. i ,--i.a I/ I schooln.x,ear ,I IIII g. . " . IIII Fr,endly.Person,lService I ANDERSON nve/ts! ;,Long Klontz Funeral Home I i1" I II :l ll [llllMARIAS ITALIAN CAFE III! 428ParkAve Rockford Mode el' Repelred " " ".~.: : : "" :-:!:!:i:i:!:i:!:!::'.~::~::: ~:::}:::ii::i:::~:?:::'-" ' I I :": ' :'=: II rUIK;IUtl. lgr lUl I! ,N ORDER TO StoVE YOU BetteR I . III I I.I n. roorm owner ii a--V ,t I VI / J II1 1 C I -' ~:2 ',';''' ' "'"" '""" II .IS EXP ,AN DING.' I "~-~ ;: ~ Presents IIII "o YOUYOU MONEYMONEYo I ~ ~'~'~ ~;" ~r"""* "'~:* ''"~r,~.~;~:~-~"! "~"~.~-". ::.'.'.e*'.'r~','~! Wit Ha Just Leosod thit Bui di.g Across the Street from Our 'I" ~~:'' ";" " -- n ~ n ~l a K e or M ,= w =, o, w I Man IIIII o. Any Make or M .o, lel I Wo,ith,us, had,g) I III11 /" T "i,- ' I : ,: ",-, '>~<~ ' -'= - - t I ~.~i:lI- O1- 1 I-tltl~l~ I " "'"""" I Bob J. ,~ It Can Be Done . --,I Our Che# Are Experts in the Art ef Preparing The Ill/ ill T 1 Ii1"/I YES, 100 NEW [HEVS & CORVAIRS I Finest and Most Choice Menus to Please Our Patrons III] Lynch .~w -n/! I VII/I co ~,o o A.o o~ ,o. I III/ I -- )::: Ill U.l.* ~' IMM[DIAT[ DELIV[RY. Yas, Wa H*ve Monzn's I "I~T/-~g"X'~T I-~I~7,~ g~, " III i .I ") II --2 ,rid 4 Odors---'700' orv*ir~---2 and 4-DoOt~ J.~UUJ.~ IJ23kl ' / if]~)* 11111 ~~ "1 ~ ---Corvair wagon~$00 series orv~ir$ with .3,% ~"~7 ~ III I ~i~~~NI I ::{ -" and 4 Speed Powerglide. ~-" ili Make thi, your get-ahead ,logan : I LUNCHES ' ill l I :i:i for the re,t of this vear Can you break OK - USED CAR. ! I IIIrl I :!: .n ; a. 3 H UGE LOCATIONS . I - Businessmen', / i 111/.I I National Savings Passbook. wo " I N'PAY"'NT I ' 7 .Jllll ' I ~: INU IJUW M~ "1 ~:::;: ::"~: I I 11:30 to z . ;: 74 OK USED CARS I '56 AND OLDER MODELS I ~ III )}: - SUPERMARKET NO. 2, ' ",i i~ii:'?i::~'!~:~i~r': FIRST NATIONAL BANK st. n rz o.o. ~i: WO 5 8681 i ~ "~'~" ~ titll I ":? : " i " ~ i[ i~ !! and TRUST COMPANY ' 25 8~;O'~IU~E~ECA~LSETS [ From 5 P.M. to 11 P.M: Ill l T/IU ' A I ITt q A Ire I ::! 401 EAST STATE ST ROCKFORD 8'1960 DEMONSTRATORS I III/I I l'iJ giU I t/ J LKJ I MEMBER FEDERAI DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP,' , ::,',L0U |ACIIRODT CHE tR )LET I D b D IIitl - -R kf07d's 6r;,l 0m0b;e I ,Roek/ord, Oldest Bank ll I lll lli l 1 [ ' / ' I 7 IIII E. s,o s I REE P RKING SP. CE, 4201 Chatle St. |Xport 9 8729 Rotkfotd i;: " " " Where You Can ALWAYS Be Sure I " IIII We Have Our Own Service Dept. I