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May 26, 1961     The Observer
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May 26, 1961

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?AGE 6 an ou "Be present everywhere for the .faith,'.for Christ, in every way and to the utmost possible limit whenever vital interests are at stake Be there on guard and in action." Plus Xll. THE OBSERVER St. Mary College z4 Host to NCCW Region Institute Im NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- St. Mary college at Notre Dame will welcome women from I]li- noi3, Indiana, Kentucky and FRIDAY, MAY 26, 1961 F lAr rr Missouri at .a-regional leader- rum cnenrv ship trainin~ institute sponsored t~lecuons m lvlay or June Ior " - v " " all affiliates have been urged by t b~ the NaUonal Council of ~ 1[~ .1 .~ b Catholic Women June 4-6. the DCCW in order to encourage Dan ages 1, 1 1 1 l Special arrangements may be unity. So at this time of year "" made for one day ,registrants when new officers and chairmen by calling or writing to the NC- are taking over it is well to con- A ~ 11~ . [ CW. 1312 Massachusetts Ave sider a closer following of DCCW Are i asv It'],! V [ N.W Washington, D.C. The in- programs and projects also. ] ~ ~u!e is e.specially designed for One affiliate which has slowly McHEN.RY--The missions of of the Mass and hymns forlarie.s and hospitals of Eas U t~Lw omcers an.a com m,ttee narrowed, the gap. between East Africa have benefited Benediction. ]Af~m;. affiliate interested in cn;l:m~np nits~eldeme~e?a:n;ewa~ll DCCAWt:b3aenCdi'~RSo~:nd ist:c e~y 1o~ greatly in the past three years Bricks Made by Hand ]+hi ~,~o~ ~o ~oL-,~.~ + ,;+o be helpful to women assuming Holy Cross naris h of Stockton from a pet project of Christian Many weep for joy as theyl[o Othe'"Salvatorian Fathers at new .~.sltlons of leadership m Freeport deanery I Mothers sodality of St. Mary receive the Sacraments for theIthe Lupaso Mission mentioned the fall. Had Littl~ to ~ffPr " S parish. Other DCCW affiliates first time The Africans are es-Iab Ve for further details ] Twelve workgroup sea.ions - i~1 ~. v ~" ~n''n f r *~'e *'r * niter memoers nag avaueu might also wish to participate sentially a lighthearted people { ~,a e =en p ~;,= o ~ ~] st themselves of all the opportuni- OFFICERS AT STOCKTON--The Altar and Rosary society of Holy Cross parish at Stockton, ' ,:i~:! ~:::=:::: =.:t:::.:~ ::;~.?.'.:~:- ~wo Gays oI me lns1,1tute anti in this simple but vital under- ~ t~~i-'~:~:~:~:~*~:~P2,i~[ ~ ties offered to become ao~uaint- Freeport deanery, has improved itself by cooperating fully with DCCW pohcles and sugges- DU~ mey ieel aeeply the won,~ tae tnlrc1 any Will oe oevoied to "~ taking which is supplying the "~~~i~i~ ' " ,~.~ ,~, r~c,c, uz ,~ ,~ ~, ~, tions Pictured are the officers" (l to r) Mrs Robert Bonnett, vice president, who also served missions with bandages, ders worked m their souls by[ ~~ ]an orgamzatjon l a b o rato r y sounded splendid but they felt as program chairman and was largely responsible for the year book; Mrs. Eugene Borsdorf,~ What inspired the Christian the reception of Baptism, Pen-I ~~~ I stressmgme worz oi,or~amzlng somehow that it didn't fit in president, who is automatically succeeded by the vice president next year; and Mrs. Charles ,anti flevelopment ann oI DUDI1C Mothers to undertake t h i s.ance and Holy Eucharist.I~~ii~ ]rela runs with their small group's needs Sughroe secretary, who also handles all publicity Not present for the picture was Mrs. Francis worthy project? Where do they] The missionary often must] ~~l t . i Never;heless a committee Recs, treasurer , send thebandages? (Strips O!lcare for the physical as well[ ~~~ ]~ g, . 1"~ was established to prepare a wrote ClOm, SUCh as usea ~ealas the spiritual needs of thee ~{'~" ].~ qll'IPlI'~lf ~|||I~ constitution and set of by-laws |mont.)his~ast~eofrelativeago,inchesstubswhichsheetsa.a"In"It letter the Sal.atota letter" missions when all Tanganyika ~m,ov Alrica. they Christian wide and and of ' describinghis started r follow Brother f Mrs. roll and pillow prepare n ~ome of ~ Bote neatly. three Mothers, Bernard r "a t caJes, Tanganyil~a'!for Paul h h few aetails e for r feet on '"" r life. a d Bauer'lD nald e Bauer]The pencil[t wrotelbv n years[ "ion" three[natives' ship']bruises, are] flished intth~e g astructi n ' I,~ore I Itention. I completed, will are . In the the which hospital have scarce, bricks Lupaso, than 164 brothers missions assisted in Hospitals ' 55 of a 000 Brother 37 were need Often the is beds Brothers 000 b now small r An with made of little in n-tients i But natives Paul c in and medical addition k t - progress,I cuts last Paul s h hos,~ital by " hospital[ has e clinics] Whenl come ~" werel hand] year con-] and] and] fin- at- tol ]Itory 1 ' I l ~ out sands boys PILE ~~ ~ ~~ ~i]i ~~i ~~~ ~ ~~' ~~/ . . by at UP of piling Lupaso hand-made BRICKS . up Mission i===!i!:=!=i~ii!ili:=i:ii::.~ - the Witness, I African bricks thou- help !=i:!=iii:?! ] [rules ] I Isa~ety [mat [That |Ola I ] ]l~Or ]11-~ [ [~il~'~'ested ~ he school ~ Bicycle "Train should ne . the saying ~'~ teach is years WUl auring t~me u IMCVClln n, and P g not .7 o children . a makes pedestrian and child aepart to teach " ~'~'~'*"~ - the "/ ' when 1 elementary m "it at l* irom the obvious an ~raHic safety he * wa ira- m C:~ . is Ywasasocial, . . brl constitution for the their structlve young had operating a mum. lacking their work, for The great the present the little friends g ~ ~rou, the new women first r any . deal o women group, activities ~ only u to constitution Y constitutional p took with officers toward ear nd offer of was group on ; after discovered office under the Through DCCW tradition, loosely the at integratingl with the parish, operating, achieved] the the a new " meet basis, Whcnl mini Y knit, con-] new that this de rl It Itl a " "I[ ] I [ I and !i~!~!~:iii~~!i~i:i~~~!~~=~~~i!!~=/=~i!~~=~~~i~~=!ii=~~~~~~~!~~~~ii~~=~~=~!i!~==~i ~i~a,~~~~~~ ~~~ ~l~~'~i~ ~ ~ ~ ~ bottom ~~ :iiiii:::!iii:ii=i::ii ~~~ ~ff :wit~U:s ~::y:r[ tj~er~w;y: -.L--L ~ ~-, ~ ' . ~~ := about ll/~ million Catholics out treated there. The tremendous whmh will go. into the b~lld- I presslonable age how to avoid cided on two policies. of 9 million total "-o'mlaqon [volume of medicines and medi-I mg of an aumuon to the nos- /accidents and prepare them forn ~r k^ ] ~,~,~,~,~ ~ ~, ;~ ~ ~ -:'lcal supplies needed is obvious.I pital they now have. Salva-Idriver training in high school *-'.~ ?~,;,o~ I =. ?~-~,sy,s ,~:-~=- torlan Brothers serving there I First they woum mnction on! - " r un a DiKe your neaa counts ' ' :: :: ::::: : ~!:~ 1o care ~or these Cath ncs. [ Became t~ager Lislene s [make the bricks," assisted" hy ]more than -'our' feet" R.]^" the e ecutlve" ' committee" plan,[ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: n e r e are ovv missionaryI Once a native is helped, once l the natives. [ : . '. Y~Y~ whereby the board of officers l priests 254 missionary Sisters Ih' a =.o ~],~n ~ i~ [WhiCh snouia o- uneterstooa oy ~nd ocwnvnitl ,o ohslrrnpn ~nov, fl lo o ~ he h~ .~ . ~ : =:==::====:=:=================:=:= [00 miss!unary b r o th e r s, 83 an eager listener to the truths Iall bmycle riders are these: each month before the regular l ~ ~rican orothers and 700 Afri-lof Christ B, hel,~in,to ,~rovide/ L:ii~i~: : ~::il]~ ! 1 Obey all traffic signs and meetin,~ t'- -o over the a~endal " J 1~ ;~ ~ .$i:i$:::$: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ' b w ~ ~ '":::::::::::::: : i: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ":$::::::::: :::" can Sisters. [medical supplies for these mis- ]regulations. and streamline the business to[ ~i~ The harvest is ripe in Africalsionaries, we assist them in] ~i(~ii!~i::!i~iiii~iii::iiiii::iiiiiiiiii~ i~] [ 2. Keep to the right side of[be considered They have found] for conversmn to Christ In the brln in Christ to thenatives ~.;~ the road whmh ~s the side for 1 ~ / DISCUSS PROGRAM Mrs Jack Conway (left) and Mrs Wesley Krause, chairman of the " ' ' ] " g' g ' " [ ~~!~iii~iiiii~:.~i!iii~i~],' ' ' it 'nvaluable in exped'ting their -- " " mission station of Masasi, 85/of Africa I~~ :'~i::!ii!::~i!::~ Islow moving vehicles. ]meetings and in creating a spiritI Home aud School committee of Holy Cross parish, Stockton, discuss the program presented by ersons w e r e Instructed and ~ ~al 3 Hide single file at a safe f r r I the Conwa3 family on using the hturgy m family hfe, player decoratmn and festwltles The P ' t For t h is reason, Christianl ~~ii~{i~ ] " ' ',o co-ope ation among boa d ' " "," "'" baptized; in Lupaso. 40 were[Mothers sodality undertook the] ~~i~i~i~ ]distancebehind the vehicle[members. I C onways, St. Mary parish, Sterling, have presented their popular program throughout the received into the Church ro oct of s 1 nd ~,e ~ ahead diocese " . [p j uppying ba a~, s. ~~ I 4 S'0' o see tha~ si'ewalk I Second, they decided to have " " Father Alan built a ?ittle[About every two months, they] .==:=~ [ . t p t t .o "s!all programs for the year ar-} t . or streets are clear before rid ~ [ catechism center of mud and collect a supply of white ma-I ~~ I " "lran~,ed in advance and have a d-~'l 9 I ~ I ] ~ I1~ -.~ ][~1 wattle in Masasi, where helterial and meet at the home of] ~~'~ ling out ?f alleYs or drivewayslyearbook compiled which wouldli ,/[ [rl /(l $ JOD ]l Cguf e$ it tet ~+vaatttb or from nehmd parked cars gives a complete review of es- Mrs. Bauer or at the churchl ~(~ [ ' Ibe issued to each member upon] ]n~ ~ ~ sential Catholic doctrine to hall to make and pack them i ~ : -~ I 5. Dismount and walk bike payment of her annualdues ,ill nt r ~ r . ~ Ir, tannea ounaav those who have already been[The bandages are then sent toI [across heavily traveled streets The inexpensive mimeograph- /'lt~ .~-tt~,ses o~- oatet~" l,~ow iT. studying for one or more yearsdLupaso Mission, P. O. Box g3,l ~~~ I ~" ~ignat your intention tO!ed booklet has ~,roven to be aI IJeanerv He teaches them to pray andlMasasi via Lindi Tanganyika, I ~ "= Iturn . conversation pmce.e ~r mcmoes, Promoting. safety is .an impor- the. fish, but, disturb the J J sin~ in unison the morning and[East Africa From Lunaso they[ ~::~:~ " ] 7. Carry parcels and books in .~.tant duty lor all of us if we ever [fishermen. I FREEPORT-- Freeport dean- -- ~ ~ - . ~me prayer to uur ],any oi t~t,uul i evening prayers the responses are distributed to the mission-[ ~ /a basket or luggage carrier. Counsel wi~h which mee~in,s'h pe to curb accidents. Teaching] In traffic safety, give courtesy.cry is planning the observance I- ~ I 8. Never ride two on a hike;l : ~ ~: n ,~ ~:~, / ~7; children good safety habits is a and kindness and receive in re-t f ,r f4';,~ ~,~+. ~ ~, ~,~ +~, ROCKFORD I,x,o CLAY - Natives of ]passengers interfere with Talono n h~; ]vital part of this promotion slncelturn ~eace of mind Caution andl r " ~ ~ -- -- -- secono year. t'arisnes through- I East Africa hard at work land control. I ,they are the adults of tomorrow, lcarefulness can make the differ I I " . ,l mixing clay'for bricks, dcm-I 9. Never hitch on to otherlga~emns~arit~'lis~e:~m~nan~oPr : The golden rule, "Do unto oth- '. ence. t:t~hoeopeaant:Yt~?:es?e~aySK~y onstrate the hard work and vehicles ]era as you would have them do - ,~lP~r~ |~Jr~|| *r~|~ |m, I~ I . . . c]al committee for each month Safety chairmen are also re-lhaving blessing of the cars and ,II~N~lIl-~|Ill~ llli/U$/~lg=~/ lille difficulties missionaries face [ lu. uo not fiG stunts on streets lconstitution and by-laws, and unto you, ~s as nasm to saIetYtminded of the need for a spirit-lby distributing the "Motorist'~ ; - and hi,~hwa s " ,as it is to au activities ,~, |i when they plan construction ] :- Y, . Istandmg committees. I - !ual first aid program, so that]Prayer 11 At nl htnave a wrote ~,v joy u~ ~vv ~rumt= ~aic , of a building. g " ",everyone may learn what to do Re r f 1 r's ob erv I [~11 [ [li~,ht on front of bike, red light Three P sTo Prachce ty chairmen was enlarged at the l } po tso ast yea s - I ~ J I' . . ~splrimaliy in case oi accloenr ," " II,lor reflector on rear and wear[ A featu-e which the -rout, last dmcesan board meeting to lance estimated that 4600 cars ] HEATING AND PLUMBING ]Report Census ]white or light colored clothing, feels has assisted in bols~rin;iinclude all types of safety- in!~me~o~Cl~:' ;egvren~r ::a~:n~nlhad been .b!essed in the 18 par- ,the home farm water traffic, lanes partmlpatmg I . . I, I 12 Keep your bike in good ~interest and response to meet-i ' i~nd s~ve livo~ hv w~rl*in~ tn I " ' ,Air ~ondntlonln~ Wirln$,DUBUQUE Iowa--There are condition ings in the parish is that they'and industry The committee is l I Deanery safety chairman, ~ " ~ ' ' tgemer Gnu ne~pl]3g omers to i Automatic Sprnnklers Power Machinery I 177,667 Catholics in the Arch- 13 P~rk your bike in a safe have shared programs of mutual known simply as the safety rum- learn that C.nd'~ l~w~ m,~f h~"Mrs. Bill Yeager, has sent let- ,M~tor Rewinding Sheet Meto[ Work i diocese of Dubuque according and proper place, standing up- interest with the men of the par- mlttee, obe,ed ters to all affiliates and has sent I ' . J . I i 602-18 S Moln DiG] WO 3-4557 [to the new Archdiocesan direr right ]lsh by featuring them as open Adults Set Example j copies of the prayer to be includ- Roekfordt |l[|no|$ published by the -- -- Ime'~erigs" r I Parents, as well as other al~!~d ;;~enUou?~l~owinght~en~as~s~. ,|1~ ~ ~; ,w l.~~ ~h~]~]r~ I T president, M s. E. S adults are the first educators thy ways are beautiful, and all[ " r . . ,~ ~ ~, o ,'-~, "i"ioi cnnaren ano must set a gooo tny patna are peace. . -------m---~~!rcctory lists 425 priests an dt Diocesan: Mrs. Joseph Zoda, portance of the three P s in example by obeying all safetyt~ I The purpose of Traffic Safety ,/ ~llll~| V I~l~i~l~ f~li~ql= i! 1,937 teaching bisters in t h e St Charles. ikeeping the purpose of the or- regulations It i~ time they real- .~i~i~;~~~!~!~:~.~ Sunday is to call attention to the I I' la L V L! ~Irl archdiocese. Aurora: Mrs. Joseph Kramer, ~,anization constantly before the;ize, as Pope Plus said, theirl ]grave obligation which Catholics I with each purchaseo] a /'~?k li ~ "- Aurora ]mfmbers:, 1. Prayer, before andi,m0raI responsibilities beforeI :~a.rYu~ ~un~aw~r:n ]have in this. regard and to ask I, ,- . t'~['~iFi'~ "I ~lllllllli~/llfl/ Freenort" Mrs Bill Yea~er lafter all voaro committ~ ann society and God Himself " I vu~un.~n it od's oiessmg on earn one s t, onltrmarton or t, ommumon ~:~ k~ ' ~Wln~qJ'lJ~/qdt~N]k, . ~ , ! r, i-,- J~ ~' ~ II Freeport I regular meetin~,s' 2. Personal t Some ideas to begin with In [ ~;~!;~r~;:~:~=~;~;~:~.~: driving Mrs. Yea~,er said. I uuqtr--ooys .t, trts K'~! V, I1 " ' " " -1(7~ L~, d in McHenry: Mrs. Ester Piner,:contact, to encourage good at-]home safety, keep stairs clear of l ~A P' #~ ~A I~, ~ ~ee our new complete nne oz ~prm~ I -- Ill Algonquin. tendance and new members, andlarticles at all times. There]~[~l ~[ J~I~EJ ~,lomea---lnan Gale items ,~ 3 Pubhclt before the meetln i ~-. ~ .~ ~l ~,s~w Y /~x'~ ~ ~x If I'1~|| ~ ~k~ Rockford" Mrs Paul Loner- "" Y, " g should be handrails on all stairs[ I II I I II I I it I I~11~ I]1 gun, Rockford. ' to promPt members to come and and light switches at both the top II ,Sterling: Mrs. ,John Sullivan, " - ' ,' " I FlU }IlUF I! Dixon. ing to give credit for a job well In farm safety, never wear First Coliilliltl lOlt and I INFANTS TO PRE-TEENS ~J~ l/-',! I:1 I ~ ~ done and to .inform the com.m,~- loose, floppy clothing around ~.-****t ~ ~ DL.~t.~ I CHUBBIES -- HUSKIES ~ U I l:ll[J| J~J[Y~ 1~ :-- ~. I -- nlty Ol wnat is oemg accompnsn- machinery. This can't be empha. ~.~Ul~l&lli61A~i~l~l[JII, J[li, U~lJ~,~ IIIJIALl$1Ill .L.~Ui~II d sized enou h R ~kford Pl za EX 9-1714 I~ ,I /llli i #" 'g' B Open Evenings Till 9 ~ If y I " 11 ~ ~ WASHINGTON -- (NC) -- A 7 ~ = Courtesy is Keynote -- -- ii ~ ~ Federal loan of $500,000 to La- In tile l nture In water safety, boating has Van ~ 1 ~= 1" FEde,I $ 015| Salle College, Philadelphia, to its "rules of the road" just as uyKe ~[UO10 help build housing for 151 stu- May 28 -- Traffic Safety Sun- driving has. Courtesy to others ,ur ~Woo'Ss'oc'-, III. dent, has bee, approved ~y the day to be observed throughout is the keynote. The fisherman,~ Our 31st Yeor of Creoting Portroits of Community Facilities Admini- Freeport deanery, with blessing for instance, wants solitude.Elegant Simplicity---Weddings-- stration of the U, S. Housing and of cars after Masses. '--Ou.!~dm o torsdon't disturb Fomily Portraits. Home Agency. June 4-6--DCCW Leadership Training Institute at Notre In CRYSTAL LAKE 309 N. Church Street Rockford WO 3-25t3 Open to the public--22 chairs--no waiting-- Only' A Bank Can ~~~ Dame, Ind. Sessions in St. Modern Equipment--Air Conditioned--State Serve Your Full Patronize Mary's College. Accredited--Union affiliated Financial Needs June ~. 10, ll--Antique l.f You Don't Know Call or write ]or'inJormation Our Advertisers Hobby Show at DeKalb, for 114 N. Madisbn Street Rockford THE STATE BANK benefit of Newman Center, D I A O N D S OF WO 3-5939 WOODSTOCK MOUNT CARROLL NATIONAL BANK Fo, A Know Your Jeweler! Continuous Banking "Complete Banking Services" Quolity ond Low Cost Since 1889 PHONE 4141 Diaper Service Member Federal ~ Call Rockford "Collect" )) ANNUAL ' Depo,lt In, u'rsnee Corporlffon Member FD.I.C. WOodland 5-2625 ~" C A R L E. L I N D Q U I S T ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Jeweler BEDDING )C (FO . . . --------,o , LA.TSIi II I[i Petunies--Asters ED REYNOLDS' L+J KNABE--LESTER--$01fHER PHOTO ENGRAVING S.apl---M.r|go|d l i FOREST CITY d WURI.I/ZEI! PItN0$ II fill ii!i': HALFTONES Alyssum, Etc. A l lllAi lIP"e I!1 WURUTZER 0RGAN : i ZINC ETCHINGS iiiii!iiiiii . I I I I{I o" (Musie's aie .s, Ca ) I]1 Fert,l,zers To o,o-- lil SERVICE II Used Piano, and Organs I;I :: George C. Howley Mod.lawnMad'l wn Cobb e-- Iii Roekf.rd WO $-,101--W0 $-90', ~~ IJ Co.* ' Terms Ill ~~ .::ii Repre,entin, Supr,me Pepper '|outs ! 24 Hr. Service "i~: = ' ~i e-oo'lw|n 'Uen, ,o,oo Rich Piano & Organ Co. " inc. ThriveSPeclal Shady Mix 'OTTEI ) |;| ' ExDerieneed, C0,sider,te |1| ~30 $. MAIN ST. W. ST. |][ 120 $. Wyman $ Lewn Supreme ROSES II 1!ll Attendants Rock,oR. . ,po.T iiI Rockford WO 4-4618 G&F 10-6-4 30 VARIETIES We Have A Complete Selecfionof Lawn& GOIN AST SUNDAY 6:30 CUMMING'S Your Regular Shoes to GOLF SHOES BUD KNOTT & SONS ' Equipment We completely convert your shoes to No Men. - Thurs. - Frk 8:30 A,M. - 9:00 P.M. comfortable Golf Shoes More Tues. - Wed. - Sot. 8:30 A.M. o |:30 P.M. tit JAMES DIAL Moil Orders--We mail bock . GARNER WO promptly---All Work Guaranteed "Everything in the Growing ~/orld" 'k JACK 4-8621 PALACE SHOE SERVICE 114 W. STATE ST. ROCKFORD WO 2-7797 13 204 N. Main St. WO 2-6514 Rockford FREE ESTIMATES John Antinucci ' Lou Giamolvo ~s,a CHA.US ST, ~ocz,oRo, ,~. WREX-TV 225 !. Stete Ro kford