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May 18, 1961     The Observer
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May 18, 1961

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FRIDAY, MAY 19, 1961 . THE OBSERVER PAGE 5 WASHINGTON BACKGROUND Impac! of So i < pace riump Russians, By Norma Krause Herzfeld stresses and strains in the Soviet Union would crack that em- earth -- all these achievements, besides their great significance THE POST-MORTEMS now going on here in the wake of!pire wide open if we but sit and wait a few years, in many other ways, serve to strengthen communism m Russia. the new Soviet space triumph of orbiting the first man in space ]Despite the tight control of .Soviet propaganda over rtusslan have given little attention to the impact of Major Gargarin on OTHER VIEWS DERIVING FROM T H I S .~----.----- --, minds and the heavy secrecy regarding the details o!. Gagarin's Soviet society itself. This is especially remarkable in view of wishful but unrealistic policy, with which this ~~ Ispace flight, there can be little doubt that the exul~auon anct U S policies in the past decade reflected in rather generallobserver has pointedly disagreed include a ~~B .joy of the Russian people in "their" feat is genmne, spon~an- public-apathy, which emphasized the pious hope that internal belief that Russia will be li!erally force, d to ~~ I'eous and unprecedented. n~ nd Home Fmanc ]]c ns der~ disarmament~~lserious,y oecause rater- ~-i:l : "'~:~--'eL[ Let UsY wD:S~:o:~il;i~' Home[,'l " Inal pressures from Soviet citizens for consumer W~III: ~ I MAJOR GAGARIN IS NHRIJSItCItEV'$ Numb:r?2; e::::itt l:iA[{~3 llIlJU~llftl {AL, AI~Irl~AtlI~I~ ,~ood3 will make the government cut a r m s ~::)::::!:!:-i~ [of the success o~ communism, me ~ovmt cosmon t p ,i I~,~,~,q;,~* o,a . ~,~u~e ~h~ Chairman Khrush- ~:7~::~:ii:i~ [origin who gives new solidarity and pride to the Russian mass- ]r .1" ~ . i~ I~"'*F'~- ~=~::~-~b':ut~i~n a"ver-" unstable do ~T:~::i::i:ii~i::~ ~es the superman who has taken the first step in what commu- cnev Is woumm~, a u .y o ~i~:~:~::~.::~:: -, ~ . . cosmo~ I{ is ironic Leemn or uecencv favors [mestic --ower situation and is not in firm con- ~3~ [nists believe will be thmr control of the ,z [t-"l of ~he em"ire ' ~[~ [indeed, that the Russians, who have degraded man to a cog l: ntr n .Roloet;nn 17 ntrnl I" " ~" ' ~~ [in a machine, recognized the imoact of putting a man into ~,v x ~,~,~,u,~. [ A VERY COGENT ARGUMENT has .lust ~[~~ [space. We m the West who beheve m the pmmacy missed ta ~ ~, ~ ,q ~,~-I,-o+~ f f~l,~ i ,~,-t hv the!been made by Prof. Phillip Mosely. an ex- [this symbolism completely and took the e~rly demsmns which ,vw o ~ .~ ha" of the ' ' " r movi todd ~ I. ~ ~r u n it elf [pert on Sowet aUa~rs who ~s c roman [led to machines dmng our exploring. conrrm ove . . es h ~" ]m~ust~y .13o s . . i'i [Society of Scientific Research and director of research for the/ ~ . Wha~ Wpe oj eo~ztrots s ou a zne mgmn oeneves mass ~ ca- ,~ ~ ~ :^ ,~, Ru~ / RUSSIAN SPACE TRIUMPHS CONFIRM the ~ovieL m f'~l~"t'~ ~o9 " ~tlt'~. ,~,1.'4 ].~*a ~1~ {nfn~m~ianJ %ouncll on Foreign l~elaLlons, suppur~lng the vzevx~ ~i~ .~-| "'~ZLY~'" era I ""2 n~" uT~e*"a[Sia daily becomes stronger and Khrushehev more powerful. J their dogmatm behef that eommumsm ,s the wave of the *uture; /,ottov3zng are solue answ/service ior pare ts, co u [~ -" * " ' '- -' *'~-':':-s" "~'~-~i~, ~ff=ir~ IThey ado make an incalcmame impression upon omer worm ?', F a.U F2ro-lApril 1 6]) Mosely argues that every increase in the standardlleaders and' intellectuals, part mularly m the .new natmU, whol oagect quesrtons avocet :i ~ma[some acluit ilims wouitt ue p -] ' ~ ~:--~- *-~* i,h ,th,~ n.tsi,~Itake such sDectacmar accompdsnmengs as evidence oI r~usslan 4,+I, -'~-cutive .~ecretar, o~/a a na would forestall un ok living 11"1 ectucatlUll, even in s**gn~ ~:ou~au~ .v.~ ~ ! - - " r~m ~7,e ~.~% . ~; ,-, " "/~ueeu,a ~ . "]world" only serves to consolidate ideological conformity theisuperiority and Western decline. They impress the masses[ the marionat J~egzon o.l zaeceney./desirame acnon ay me states. " " " " ~ "~ - " -- " "t f Russian iead /everywhere as great and obvious fact The u ~ Keeps pointing .' i " ~e sta~es grasp on me, citizen, and me popmarl y o hm-| " .[ BY MSGR THOMAS F Legion's Policy ] ~,= '" ['out that its space research program with instrumented satellites[ ~ y ! ~ In I1'% I/~ ~ lIP' LI;rTLE I For some ,~eonle motion pic-[ ]has long since left the Russians behind, but our celebrated[,~/~!- |J|J ~VL|.~ ~N C W C News Service) [ e-- ~:~m~ ~--* one WHAT THIS AMOUNTS TO IS an increasingly "voluntary" ]firsts ~uch as "first detection of the Van Allen radiation belts[,| |~| r~L~J|~ There are good films a n d~thing political censorship on[and genuine conhdence on the part of Russmns m commumsmfand measurement of the dlstmbutlon and hme vanahon of[ . L.~J. II L. f / I I a- I I ederal t 1 n energelc parhcles m the belts' and hrst measurement of the there are bad fitms. Yet the the munici al, state or F and in their leaders Doubt, s they may have had in Sat 's[ " [ . . .~. ~i, ,~,~,m ~ ,I~, , f he l . P " . . density and temperature of electrons and runs m the lono- " *" warranted, tfilrn inctustry. There is no oth-lly' "if an anlysis Of the evolution, recent and prospective of|" " I Speaking recently to a Lay Mission Auxiliary While the pubhc was dee Y-!er way Ithe Soviet system could lead us to a conhdent conclusmn that[ ~T HE'1" SOVIET EXHIBITION m" New York in 1959 where] A ^* a * +~.^ ,~,+~,-;,~1 oL,u.~ ~ " ~,~+h'~ o '~]r;~ ing Hollywood's so-called pre-[ At the o t he r extreme arelit contains the seeds of inevitable and desirable changes, and lthe s utnik theme was rominent one of the more sobering[ re oecu atmn w~th ' sex and ~m ~those who re ect not only polm ha we have onl to Io~d our hands lower taxes buy a thnde ~ ' h o P " "1 J . ''- t t y -,"" /sights was a great black white and gray mural of triumphant[ ,sions, Our Holy Fat er, P pe John XXIII had lence," a "Sundowners" w a S'cal censorship but every mrmIear and Wait for this development to occur in the fullness of[soviet s~ace men astride the solar system The Russians carryI +1.~. + ' weak at the obx office, a "Sun-'of. film control, even that. of the. ] God's time. Unfortunately such is. not the prospect. During the [thmr symb.ohsm'- ' of the ~mmacD " v of Sowet' man far beyond the.J ~,o. ~u ~aj. , rose at Cam bello was dying mdustr s own Productmn Code n r ec be 1 po " - " y' [decade of the 1960s we shall, under prese t p osp ts, dea "Iidea of man subduing nature. The Soviet book prepared to[ "v NIMI~ II~I~AVl~R ~l~Irl ~TII~I~lfi'I~IM ~- /'11~ 1 rious"Anne Frank" ' v o, ' " " "'n a 'i l "n ~conomic . " Juv.~, ~.~z~--*~ ~,~*-, ~ ~ ~, ~**x,u ,~- ~nd a go IAuthomt [:no wtth a Sowet system that ~s grow~ g r p d y 1 ,/g]orifv Gagarm s feat made no secret of the fact that the Rus-[ was 10ng since buried by the What is our position at t helscientific and military strength and which will have Iewerlsians~think themselves ~ods FERED FOR THE MISSIONS HAVE A American theater-goer. [National Legion of Decency? [rather than more dtficulties in preserving political stability[ | And there are bad films I Simply stated, the legion's and an ade uat~ measure of ideological uniformity These "NOT LONG AGO WERE FINISHED the first days of crea- GREATER VALUE THAN FINANCIAL ~ome are bad in the senseOfipoliey holds ford minimum Of!growing strengths not offset by equivalent new weaknesses, willItion when men who were able to challenge the ~.odo m de th -J lln " -" ~ ' ca ~ ; ~ "a em ' '~ ' ' ' " '~ ~ ' " " e ' aPJut al.~, being trash as entertainment--|legal restraint and a maxlmumlenable its leaders to devote greater rather than smaller re-/selves a new sohd ereatmn, a small independent c lestml body,I such as the rash of "spear and;of individtal responsibility. Jsourcesand political det~rminalion to achieving the worldwidelthe artificial sputnik of the earth; It was provided with plantsI .~. ~ ~ ~' ~ " 1 x m 1 and bi and at last ~ur nm ~amer was stressln the importance randal" epics with whmh weI Those who would ,lke to seelpurposes that have been proclaimed in an evolving pa:tern of/and animals, pnm~hve and comp e,s a 1 g, I Y g have been recently deluged more restrmhve laws curtailing rater retatmn b Lento and Stahn and now by Khrushchev " came the greatest of all mowmng the day of meaaon the " " " tion I P," / ' t]* Uo 'e rea ] ~an ':--Thus/ of an abiding love for the work of the Propaga- Sadly Successful Ithe freedom of the mo P -1 RRE T on can see the tremendous|sixth day -- and on ~the ar " ic" 1 dy pp i Others are bad in a m u c h ture industry should b e a r in IF THIS THESIS IS CO C ,e [they are rewriting Genesis. [ tion of the Faith in distinction to the isolated more serious vein--they a r e mind that this principle of mini- implications of the Russian "firsts' in space acnievemems.! " ~ . bad socially. They are the so-Imal restraint serves to s a f e-lWhe first sputnik, the first creatures in orbit, the first hit on[ THESE ARE SOME of the disturbing consequences, aside[ contribution made occasionally in response to ~ " ick" films the so-call- guard the heritage of all our vi- the moon the first photographs of the other side of the moon,}from possibly, crucial military and technological ones, of let-[ c~,-~,~ ,~ ~;,~,~ -,-,1 t-T;o 1-I 1; * 1 ,~.^' c lied s l O',JIIIE, III.LL~*DIUII ~Ll flpU~l.l, ~ l.J.~ .L.LUIIIII:::~ Dblt::~(::~U~ bllI~ c,d adult dramas which h a v eltal freedGms. [the first solar orbit and now the first man in orbit around the~tmg the i~ussmns wm a race we prezerrea to ~gnore. I - o . -~. keen conceived !by juveniles Ticket Is Vote " ] ' ' J sqpernatural aspect o, me VXlSSlOn program o~ and heavily sold to'~dolescents. I y. there must be some/SHARING OUR TRI~ASURF,our Holy Faith. pointing out that . . . THE Or they are the cycle of films e~, . . . n" alll uts de control of t h e motmnI ~ j = [ MISSIONS ARE NOT TO BE CONSIDERED -' uccessful at the " " ",-I " " . ' " " " " " -I Our Holy Father s thoughts may well be di- ~il;r ;i~h it~ood; ~;1: ~ ii ~ii~i '~/~ ~apfli~i I ~ ~::ki/hi Ifiiii?ii)i ! 1 ~ it fiic-m~tr :n~i I ii :'il~ ii)~ ie~ ri::il/il;ii:: I ?ns~:/a ~i'~aSih !n i/:?i;;/~::(I ]~ i :::::::::::::::::::::: that, for every reasonable per- . ' ~ theldenominations agreeing, nor/ters f m p " " . V- 2 on our swee-'in" o 'inion Our Hob" Father son will encourage the moticnl iv, ature and imeuigen~ semc-lmanas granmae m.x.?ras it" [even of the members within[ed that. He spoke with auth-[ ffering Charlene McDamel[ la 8 ~ ". J ~thU%;tndu:t~t~$hri~:~d:du~ ii!ir' ~rhee~IpSs:i;:?ti::~t~m~f !i~i ~ pN~ae~::shmtahgna! tolTfe:r aanlyjtclh:a:at: demn~mhnoU::er~t ~hast/ rl'IGradually I came to per-l~!!k bi'~::;~ar sUh~l~tlddertP:gdl h2 Liakexg:elt.d:!t TtiT " .entertainment. ' 1 . r . . ~ ~:elChrist could no~ anction the/ceive that it was the authority| : ~ : . :[ NUT /-~ I~I~YY k,l-ll~l~ I ~ IFIUI I~ IIll5 ) WhatS3wiL?e ~ugC;en~ti nlg how ~:et:;trigni~eL:~gc~ni ~ ;e:tn:: ~fUahm$:r ~ aW:r/iemk!iisfft l~:a2himgm::h ~:::li::~nl~ td;~l~hhm~hCh:hSt:~:h W::ablp ~tl~na% ~ w''sne m0 a cmvom[ ERRONEOUS IDEA THAT MISSIONARY over is moro Z :2i;F:, ;s :srt : e;:J232y,2t :,iter [[ ]riendlyservice always [J seven hundred Mission Areas of the world. Proteetvaluabledocument~' ~ ]],~. ~t / ~-~r^e^ ~n^.m I |i[ I~A~V hi l~r ~T][I~l~' [ This past year's average for every Catholic in I || ! . . 4t, I| I o,| [ |[| FIIN],our Country was ao0roximatelv $0.31 for the and personal ~tems from fire theft F I:R[! I 3U 3U, DKUAVIIA| ~t~ " " " " ~ "" "ARKING I {OH~ I lit /nitil /inln IlgJ~r i~ / ~z --~. ~, ,aSs m our modern nreprom .ggll~ -,| r,AURORA ' ' "Y ~auit~ for pennies a month. |]! ! ! |,1,year. This amounts to a great deal of mission COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE J " l[,J support; but it is, so little when we realize that COMMERCIAL PORTRAIT WEDDIN, I II ' "-- J the per capita spent on cigarettes is $36.00 Z i Ray Gasper, Photographer 1 and on alcohol, $56.00! ' " t IIS~ SHURTLEFF and CO MILLWORK 4~s Xo. Vo,k S ~ o,o, Im.o~, ' """ " phone TW 2 2569 ' Last week a young ooy wrote us mat ne react ,~lturtletl Service HEADQUARTERS - . ' Satisties" our mission column on .nr, ~ +:.: }~.-,~ . For 94 Years CHURCH VISIBLE. He sent a dollar from ! . Lumoer 6, nu.amg " - h he Material . ' paper route earnings and regretted t at :. i!!iiiii: i " " did not have the $50 00 on hand to enroll as a ":.~jJii::ili!ii:' [~::::::i: SERVING Itr~.t z'~ ~r-t ~- ' }~~)~{{/ |L6|N MARENGO ' MON. ', Perpetual Member in the Society. The sacri- HARTLAND RIM ALL AT N, GROVE - -- -. In"=l l l u N' rices of our young people for the missions are .~ i::::~: gg / CARPENTERSVlLL| ' 11:30 F.M. " . tARRINGTON ELGIN WgFI TV and SON most gratifying to the heart of the Vmar of . Christ " ~ Channol A Cathohe owned and ", . . 11 managed Funeral Home Help the Missions most effechvel y through, ~~a~ -- MATT 6P, I=NNAN, Owner PERPETUAL MEMBERSHIP IN THE [ J ~ ~:: ~:: JIM GRENNAN, Assistant PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH O~ ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TI UST CO. South Main at Chestnut Complete bank|n services: Ssvings Accounts Checkin~ Accounts * Christmas Club * Vacation Club * Trust Services Safe Deposit Boxes * Home & Property Iml~rovement Loans Personal Loans * Auto Loans *'Installment Loans for any purpose Bank by Mail, postage paid both ways * Free parking while you bank * Drive-in Facilities * Phone WO $-343t 202 FOURTH AVE. 'i STERLING MA 6-0122 [ I --- ----- . Dear Monsignor Green:,I II 1-101e I InII. I Enclosed is my offering, for the ollowing:-- Ii II II II II Individual Perpetua* Membership ---$ 50.00 I 18 So. Spring St. E g', I i oil ' ] Family Perpetual Membership $100.00] i ' I (One,immediate family) . li J ' II VI:LVI:I H,terlin,Leadin$]l,Name , "1 II Ill Fa, hion Center & III Address 2 := ' ] I Bros. Mtg. CO.!1 c, Y I*/ Department Store" II I ' i m [I PRODUCE CO. Iil " II All Members, living and deceased, share I . I *, o il s III /4 THIRD II ] in 15,000 Masses a year. i