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May 12, 1961     The Observer
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May 12, 1961

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PAGE 10 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, MAY 12. 1961 May Crowning, Communion Mother Till: C THE REV. JOSEPH D. HIGHLAND was born at Pecatonica, Set May 30 at St. Monica The ear art Mar. 12 1927, the son of the late Ear] Highland and CARPENTERSVILLE -- More I municants, who will receive Margaret Kortendick. He at- than 300 children are scheduled I Communion with their parents tended Pecatonica commmumty to receive First Holy Corn- will be held in the new parish I A ~T ~ .1 high school graduating in 1945. ~neUrniO2 atoStMaMO;:C~? p;~iaSvh" hrall~ unde: the supervision of the IJ[S .[ ~ ~.~W~ His college, philosophy and e t tI ss- u ~d i gl up's c-ordinators and super- [ theological Studies were made May 30. n the afternoon the 'L vsors. [ WASHINGTON -- fNC) -- A at St. Francis seminary in MiD fir s t communicants will beI May Crowning ]mother with a knack for help- waukee, Wis. He was ordained invested in the scapular at theI Since the groups are so large, ling engaged couples click in on May 22. 1954 in St. James outdoor procession and May rehearsal for seating and move: I marriage has been named Na- pro-Cathedral,Rockford. by crowning of Our Blessed Mother. linent to the Communion rail will [tional Catholic Mother of the ~ : the Most Rev. Raymond P. The t~,o Masses for the corn- be held Saturday May 27 The ]Year. i:iiiiiii~iii~!i!i!:ii: ~ :i ~ Hillinger. Until 1957 he was as- children will receive-t'he Sacra- [ The honor went to Mrs. Mar-ii!!!ii~ ~ sistant pastor at St. Patrick ment of Penance one week be- [garet McPartland, mother of ~ ~ church, Rochelle. On June 12, fore, on Saturday, May 20. /five girls, who is a member of ~ ~ 1957 he was assigned to St. ~,k,~ [ This vear'~ May crowning at ]St. Helena parish, the Bronx. ~ ~ Patrick church, Ambo.v. and re- t~ ~,|'~k I 14 ~'m~ will l~e~in'with a -races IN. Y. The 42-year-old mother, ~ ~ mained there until ,June 12. "I~ ~'- - at n .v[sio~n irom the~new hal p" *hi [who became a Catholic in 1941 ~ ~ 1959 He was then assigned to ltu~ . ' ~ .~ " Iout~ide altar in front of th" re" land has been marmed 20 years, ~ ~ St. John theBapUst church, " ~ ~'" was chosen bv the National Savanna ~here he is presently stationed I"~ Ir KIT C ]tory. All parish organizations BICYCLE SAFETY PROGRAM--Nearly 600 bicycles, brought to Our Lady of Good Counsel [ . . s o "1 ' ' " ~ " V ~,'~ |~ participating in the procession parish school grounds in Aurora by pupils were blessed by the Rev Robert Jackson recently /Cath hc Conference on Fam~ y will pray the Rosary as they as part of a program on bicycle safety arranged by the Traffic hod Safety committee of the ]L~e 8:15 p,m will open w~th reh-[ The Sound of Musm. roceed to the outdoor altar ~ne ano ner nusoano are me , [P Sanctuary sodality of the parish. Before the ceremony Father Jackson gave a brief explana- ] :" ~ r~lgious selections such as 'Avel A short operetta will also be copresloents oi the r~ew xo AURORA Crowning Ceremonies- tion of the meaning of the blessing and an exhortation to be thoughtful in the use of bicycles. [ Chri iian Famil M o ~ e ment Maria Adoramus Te Christe"lpresented in the second half of May 1516 Rummage Sale Kathy Sebesta ,-resident ofArrangements for the event were handled by Mrs. LeRoy Schramer and Mrs. Ralph LaCure. [. s Y ', 1 ~. : ~ nd!the program. " -- / ~ ' ./reoeration. and is a IJ1F[ ~coutiana ~eglna %Oell. llle seco ] . J ,1 a: . May 15 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. and the Little Flower sodality will --," ]leader in St Helena oafish aih~lf nf th art will featurel. ~ne ChOir ~S under um mre.c May 16 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at/crown Our Blessed Mother with rights for the education of theirttt ~,T~"~-'~[rr t . a. . |,~,ho~ ~r the .q~l~lit'v ,~i' ~,rl:':: Y~7 ,- . ' juan at r an uarmer, c rgani~ s na u i -" mm songs, spirstum, a pOp - and chow director of St. Parr Locust St. hall--Sponsored by,an honor guard of officers tram children. ] ~'-~l~ldl t~t ,t ,W lnStllUte ~Ladv and is active in the ram-] ~" "" [ "rh The cdncert ix o'-,nl~o R rv oclet of o .I. JL~t.1 ~ .t. "~ ~ ~L A V lar numoers sucn asDe~,ln me cnu c t~ Altar and ash s ' y the Junior sodality in atten- The NCCM urged parents tel |ilv retreat movement Desn tel " ~ * " ; " .: - Holy Angels church, dance. Cheryl Malin, winner of "reevaluate their p rim e re-I /th'~ H-~itio~ Mr " Mci~art-IBeguine''' "Johnny One Note,' the pubnc ann ucxets wm De s " w ' " ' and selections from the mu~icat I available at the door May 25 -- "Friend~of Ne -:this year's sodality scholarship sponsibility for giving in the ~,~'~n "tlk~ g-~,|land manages to get to daily[ ' " , man" dinner at 7 p.m at Mar-!tol St Edward high school will home a Cl~ristian education ,A[ ~[,- *,-.- ----1t'1 II1PV v ---- fillOffO a c I mien Butterfield campus--Span- lead the participants in an "Act No school can supplant, the J ~ /to attend days of recollection I Bored by Aurora KC and Aurora of Dedication to Mary." example and instruction in re-,-- -- / Her chief -contribution in thel! ,tl |J ~ ,~,~, I deanery of DCCW [ Th io~ in -a.-s ~. lioion that takes nlace in the! NOTRE DAME. Ind. -- The importance of being a Ca~hohc~ r~,-,;~, ~;,~,~ ~o ; qn~ [ /i l-lgrGILfX~ llll~mltLIlt I I'h " r r " a home " iwoman and the preparatmn for the demands of thL vocatmn m| l! . I uttIaiet~, b~t~n5 c e senm s g aau tlng xrom me -- ;+ +~'~" ~o- +~,~.~s e~.- +~,- N-tP, n-~ C'o n"il/"kn w-n w" m young coupms/I 1/~ Ifl It I May 1"/' -- Card party at 8[high school of religion present- ~ ~;2o2:aeh],""~;t]~,%2"i:~m ;~' "~2"~ ~3,~[preparing for mgrriage. In thisll r vervone: I p.m. in all-purpose room of St. ing a spiritual bouquet and the V~-'~ ,~ ~/~ ~$:~ ~ 1'~'. ,~']",~ "';'~;" '~ ;v=2~,'n ,~;~" ~,~-~=',~'e" [connection, she has played all ," I Thomas school- Sponsored by]first communicants receiving the ]1. ~A/-~. 1~lL3tlll~m j,]~::,~'::~2 ,']: "~'; ~'o~s:~:~.~ 2U2 lkey role in organizing and de-II a ^ ~,~, ~,~ p~,~, I Women'~ Catholic Order of For- [ scapular t~ ' /. " '":"'.' --'~'/' T'I,'~".'-'~.':.~"~lhave been planned for the firstlveloping the system under!] ~ ru~ ~ ,x=,~, r~,~ ~ I lnvlteo to atteno tne resumed, i f "n i n he] " i esters. St. Thomas the Apostle[ Last year's May crowning was ~" ~/tt~Ptf~l h. ~ has been -eared for'tw days o the~ st tute. O t iwhmh CFM couples are the;| 3k" Pagel s FHA New Home Plan [ ourt x i~, ~jt ~ut~. x.~lUtlklPI mn g third day of the msUtute the and cou les m the many p~e I 0 C DEKALB [saot~ndedbym rethanl'a00per" ROCKFORD Young Cath INCC.W' officers and committee women will attend an organiza-~ana con~Je;nces held n the[ ~ P page!rS Tro2e In Plan, J ~cnmrmen on me mocesan, dean- . - " ' I / I~OWn I-'lOn June 9 10 and 11- Antique olic adults who'are single are! a ~r;~. P'wls it,on laboratory stressing thelNew York archdmcese. Atdedil W ~age s .u 7o [ - ', l'~v~"~'~r ~ ~ invited to a,l, for member I~'y o,u v twork of organizing and develop-lby her husband she has helped[I ~ Panel's Work Credit Plan n snow ano ~,ountry ~tor=~ ~'" J - r r ho s ' " ' ~ ~ ~ In four concur ent we ks p s Catholic Student center North-l'~q ~lYl A~]I~ ship in the Young Catholiel,~, 2 ;n'~;s""s~'~'~ ~or imentandofpu.blicrelation Itrain over100 couples in thisi| Almost Anvone Can Buy a Home I - -- ' ~ I 'Adults at a bu inees me,tino.i~,= o.~.-, ~ u -, ~peclm evening sessmns navelwork II " I ern m{nolsumvers,~y- o,~n-I t JSundav M~'" 14~ at ~8 ~'m~ at{san to Person Apostolate thelbeen scheduled on group rela-[ ' ~ . [| New Homes and Apartments I Bored oy t~ o u r ~ ~mmactuate e ' ' : ' P " Famil A ostolate the Corn : ----- . Conception Catholic DaughterstJU$[lCe In Ithe Verdi c ub. The summer munitYAp:~t'olate a'ndtheWorl~iti ns and on a d~.scussmn of the!Snrllt Concert II Now Ave ob e I of America a a~endax~fll b," d~ cussed andl ~ ' r 1~ ,". ' Apostolate. The- will then co-:School office I , Federal Aid e . " Irelatethesewitt~individualc m[ Registratio'n~arecurrentlvbe-!Of St. Patruk 11 II I FREEPORT refreshments will b served I ELGIN The Rev Philip Kennedv ~s mlttees II.~ILI, I/ ~, IPLF ~ ~l~e~, t~,et, a Pt'r,r~ntt~c' t-t ,~r, ~-~ : " - * :' . ling accepted )or the St. 1VIaryl II P I . ***,-,-,~,-,*- --t,-~-- *,~ e r t o h ou nd i ~ M~y 2"/ Rummage sale m St m de a or f r t e grp a I -- - " N i^ 1 e - e l-l~ ~,;~.l ',Mrs Arthur L Zeof Toledo institute and further information I~-~ ]~sr,~t "1 ~ II . I r~ M,-ro s,'hool hall--S,~n u, ,~,~ ~-iRavmond DeNeve i~ ~residentI " " ~- " ~ ,;I i wst.~'~,s ~,xts.? x~, fl ~limH~lWlll&llm~l ml~[" I ~" - Me" h"- w -1 *h"* +" ^ I ~ " " '/Ohio NCCW president wiu,may ne nan oy contacting tne~ "~ /I ~,UllllIUI, IIUll ~,U I sored by St. Thomas More Cath- c~ud'e "c'hur;~l*:'related~ ;;'hoo~s Other officers are: ,ice presi-lopen the three day conferencelNational Council of Catholic] ROCKFORD-- A combinationlI | olic Women's club I dentJessiea Bruseato; secre-iw;+h loomin~' address on Women 1312 M~s~achusett~ !choir of men and boys from St I $:16 Windsor Rd. I lrom general reaeral ala to . . ~ ~ ~"- '- ~ : i . . ' " ' t May 27 Bake sale at 216 E taryKathy Dolan and treas I N W Washm n S Patrmk ansh willresent thmr, Rockford, III .~ 7 ; ," education would meanpenaliz-I"' . . ' .'-ISundaymorning(June 4). i " g~l,o 5, D.C. pc- P ~ P - ' ,I " I t2nlcago St 5ponsorefl ov urer James Anrzaek a o n n ,f clal arrangements mav be made ~sp~lna concertof sacredand ' " 7-7 . . . ~ ing citizens for exercising reli-[ '. ' ? ' : " - I "The What and the How' o '. ','1 |" I . ~ I ' - iI .11 TD "/ "/riga I k.atnollC uaugnters ot ,~merlca ~ . L lvlorrlssev is in charge ol ar- ~ -~ ~for one dav reoistranls popularm lsicSaturday eve- ~11 ql~lll III1 I'IVV--~ | " 1"5 'glous noerty. : n e en" - r 11 tin the conlercnce WUl De exp~alneu: - . '~" "",~" -I I court ~lgm ~ u ,~ ra g m ~s toau mee gs. ~. ~ ~ ~ ~ r,~rv'ur .aminis i The StMary institute will in- ning. May 13, at the ,xoc~mrcl,T J . | FREEPORT *he councn, a moeranon rep- u,y [J - I' ] "~1 :~1- i {I /Oilily I ' -- t at" -' . ' CIuoe women lrom illinois in- mea er. I r ~ve assistant She will be fol ' 1 r r t 8 m resenting some n ] n e mflhon " " - ' ' ' " I Ma~ 9--Ca d pa ty a P. ~. ,:~,:~::~,~,~. 4 r.v *h'- Very Re',' Ms~'r dmna Kentucky and M~ssoun. J The program begmmng at '1 in St Mary hall----Sponsored by v.amone men, sam m a resom: Clarence ;~ Whi'te who w~fli' ," . " tionaaopteaat itsbiennial ~ ' , Women s Cathohc Order of For- ~--a I'ea of Voca esters convention: rGHUllI~U speak on Ine o - June 11--Festival from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on church grounds-- Sponsored by St. T h o m a s Aquinas parishioners. RICHMOND May 13 -- Rummage s a 1 e from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in St. Joseph church hall--Sponsored by Home and School associa- tion. ROCKFORD May 18 -- Card party in St. Bernadette school gym at 8 p.m. -- Sponsored by Ladies of St. Bernadette. May 21 -- Benefit party with refreshments starting at 4 p.m. in St. Anthony church hall -- Sponsored b y St. Elizabeth Woman's club. INCLUDES 3 BEDROOMS FULL BASEMENT With "lk Hardwood Floors Matching Trim Throughout Matching Custom Cabinets ")r Excelon Tile Kitchen and 8oth "1~ 30 Inch Overhang "~ Picture Windows TR 7-2549 "Any Federal aid to educa- tion legislation which denies OUr Advertisers constitutionally permissible aid to parents of children who at- ~ tend nonpublic schools places a] price on the exercise of reli- gious liberty. "If Federal aid is deemed necessary for the maximum de- velopment of every y o u n g American's capacity, the Na- itional Council of Catholic Men calls upon Congress to give comparable constitutional aid to students in private schools," the resolution said. Another resolution concerned parents' rights in education. The council said "parents and parents alone have the primary responsibility and p r i m a r y Large 12'x 36' Recreation Room Finished in A Maple Home Basement Completely Finished--Tile Floor. Th WeekOnh, AT AN EXTRA COST OF ONLY alan." Monsignor White is the assistant general secretary of the National Catholic Welfare conference, Washington, D.C. Twelv# workgroup sessions QUALITY BUILT HOMES 3 bedrooms, 20 x 12 driftwood paneled family room, 2 car garage, built in caloric kitchen. Plas- tered walls -- Hardwood floors --- full basement. We will finance. SENKEL BROS. 3515 AUBURN OFF. W 4-7885 ROCKFORD MODEL TR 7-2046 OPEN HOUSE DAILY 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. THI LOT INCLUDES Everything Included Nothing To Buy! FULL PRICE Plus Painting THIS IS NOT A PRE-FAB YES--This Price Includes Fully Improved Lot With The Following Improvements: "k City Sewer "~r City Water "~ City Gas City Electricity "~" A3 Blacktop Streets Curb and Gutter Public and Private i'k Sidewalks Crushed Stone Drive The Completely Finished Rec Room in Our Open House Remember, It Costs You Only $99 Extra. The Price Of Includes All Improved Lot DIRECTIONS: North on Alpine--Cross Highway 173 to Maple Ave. Follow~igns. (St. Bridget's Parish) EX. 9-2045 rs c r ,mes, sites in a St. Patrick's 2 Bedroom 2 Extra Lots, make this an ideal Good Invest- ment Buy. Call Edsil Horrolle. Office we 8-9805. Home, Rock- ton 2- 6115. Call ANGEL Realtors WO 8-9805 Mabel Haynes Evenings we 4-5413 St. Bernadette's Seeing is believing and you must see this one! Completely mod- ernized -- new kitchen --- new bath -- 100 amp. wiring ~ and in tip top condition. Big rooms and how! 27' living room, 12 x 15 dining room and three s p a c i o u s bed- rooms. Don't wait, this is one of the best of- ferings at $15,500.! 'RALPH M. PICKEN REALTOR Dial we 3-4828 725 Bianca Court- Older brick 4 or 5 bedroom, gas heat, 1-car garage. Vacant. Move right in. Only $14,900 Beautiful Wood Lot --- On GuilfordRd. 100'x290'. See this. Dari Freeze Business--All equipment including ice cream machine; good go- ing business. Rent only $75.00 per month. Only $4500. ms. St. Edward's- 3 Bedroom home, breezeway, garage. $1000 down. $1'1,000 Full Price. RICHARDSON we 5-0964 1238 Broadway Mentie Smith WO 3-5626 Dale Burton WO 8-66S0 Jim Word TR 7-6927 Jim Rtcbordson WO 4-3497 Helene Burd WO 8-7089 % IVatch /or this seal. It is proudly displayed by Realtors as our assur. II ( l;tl ance o] competent and dependable real estate service, t JACKSON-KEYE AGENCY, INC. MORTGAGES --- LOANS r LOAN CORRESPONDENT FOR METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. MODERATE INTEREST RATES LONG TERM WOodland 3-9646 325 EAST STATE STREET ROCKFORD LOTS CAMPUS HILLS Subdivision . . . Lo- cated west of North Main street entering Campus Dr to new Parian high school. All lots fully im- proved to inch, de sewer, water, gas, street curbs, gutters. Call us now. Downtown Rockford Rental Excellent busi- ness corner 90% location--Approx. 3000 Ft. Incl. basement. 1mined. Occupancy, Large Window Dis- play. ZIENER AGENCY Rockford ]',',st Bldg. we 5-8781 Eve~. WO 2-3313 MOVING TO OR FROM ROCKFORD AREA Inter-City Real Estate Referral Service is set up to help the man on the move. Relocating doesn't have to be ex- pensive and time-consuming. If you're on the move . . . let us help you both ways. It's o servR:e that con mean so much to you and your family. Why not call today. BOB REALTY REALTORS we 8-5791 i23 7TH ST. in 8J! These Rock/ord Real. tors Are Pledged To Protect Your Best In. terests. They Are Fully Qualified and Bound by a Strict Code o] Ethics. Call on Them. (On Owen Center Road one mile North of Hoisted) ST. BERNADETTE'S PARISH A well baranced community' Of homes valued from $25,000 fa $50,000. Halt acre or larger Homesites priced from $2,750 and up, many wooded. Club plan with swimming pool, club house, 10 acres at parks among oak and hickorys. St. Berno- c~+te's school car oooi. I a W L US, Ittl Inc NEWS TOWER ,11 I I WO 4-7~29 St. Patrick's 208 Miriam All the space of an older well built home p 1 u s N E W kitchen, N E W wiring, N E W heating, NEW plumb- ing. 11/2 baths. T w o car g o r a g e. $1,000 down. Call Carl Ander- son (Eves. or Sun. TR 7-5845). 1012 N. SUNSET Three b e d r o o m rancher with porch, garage, carpeting -- ~- and only $13,200. Call Doug Keyes (Eves. or, Sun. we 3-3237). WE DON'T SELL THE MOST HOUSES IN TOWN, BUT OUR CLIENTS WHO HAVE PURCHASED OR S O L D THROUGH OUR OFFICE HAVE " B E E N PLEASED, COME BACK AGAIN AND SEND THEIR FRIENDS TO US. WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO PLEASE YOU. 821 Tamarack--3 bedroom brick; 1 full, 2 half baths Family room, gas heat, 2- car garage. Large lot. 704 Woadlane---3 bedroom brick & frame, 11/2 baths, gas heat, air conditioning, 2-car garage. 3 Lots Near Boylan High-- Can be bought with $1,000 down. Over 200 foot river frontage with tiny house. $7700.00. Contract purchase. Donn Anderson WO S-191| Howard Johnson EX 9-3771 Ruls Brown WO 1-0408 Now please call we 8-0408 RUSSELL F. BROWN & ASSOCIATES 618 Rockford Trust Bldg. we 8-0408