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May 12, 1961     The Observer
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May 12, 1961

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PAGE 8 HELP SELVES, SEMINARIAN--The fifth grade pupils at St. James Pro-Cathedral grade school culminated their study of the Holy Mass recently with an re-enactment of the Holy Sacrifice in the classroom under the watchful and approving eye of the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Herman Meilinger, V. F,pastor The vestments, altar, chalice and paper host are "just pretend" but the prayers, hymns and devotion are genuine. The priest is potential but the collection contributed by each class "congregation" will be used to help a seminarian become a true priest of God. (Herzog Photos) JOHN SON MOTORS MFG--Thompson-- Aluma Craft Boats Skin Diving Equipment Everything ]or Above and Below the Water HARDWARE for Hard Water ED THORNE'S HARDWARE AND MARINE CENTER 7928 N. Second St. Rockford 0t n Man .and Frl. 8 to 8 -- Saturdays 8 to 6 -- EAS BANK BY MAIL Park State Bank now offers this new eom'enience. Save steps and time. Fill out a special mailing form, enclose deposit and mail. Banking Hours: Man,Tues Thurs Fri, day 9:30 to 2:30 Friday Eves 4:30 to 7:30 5817 N. Second Street Loves Park Marian Sports Banquet Features Tribune Writer WOODSTOCK--Dave Condon, popular sports writer for the Chic'ago Tribune, will be the principal speaker at the second annual Marian Central Catholic High School Athletic banquet to be held Sunday, May 21, in the high school cMeteria. Another highlight in the eve- ning's program will be the raf- fling off of a brand new regula- tion basketball autographed by the famous 1960-61 Ohio State basketball team. Main purpose of the event, the )resentatiton of awards to the THE OBSERVER ",'W-dDA,iViAY 12, 1961 fAMILY CLINIC First Communion Class Crowns -" 't "- . I L' II We i,t,o ,ourII Blessed Vwgln [ I,OP;NC ('(HA--RGE H ][ PEOPHETSTOWN ' Twelve I| lill MONTTI LY PLAN I/ [[ere 8 u [ i hfld;en rl ed ~he FirSt I s Illl F~ RMEI~'S PLAN/t c comp's," " ilFloor and Wall line iiil We Errv Our Accounts II RY FATHER JOaN L THOMAS, S Comm,on I . " . . Ijll I/ Assistant Professor of Sociology At St. Louis University Catherine chu c /I Alum,nun Combmatmn II/I ]/ " " " o de rolled in the Scapular. This was Windows 8, Doors I ' How much freedom should children be permitted In order t II Ill /'~| 1UII~IIIN /I velop as, normal, happy children" who will" retam" pleasant me.or- the first~ time. that the iwst cam-t. I FORe'teA Ill/|-J' ITllF.JC) ]// ies of childhood? Our friends have four little boys ranging from municant and his parents recelv- '" four to ten and insist on giving them complete freedom at home ed Holv eommunion together intl k, rr 'Ml:MO ,ARUMIrrg Ill " " INXON / l/ and abroad The neighbors have tagged them "the little man- St Catherine parish [I Iq/ / in sters " Our friends claim kids need freedom or they'll grow up ~, - " nl 414 First Dixon |i| ~ II " " ~ " "1 lne first Communion class~~l~ nltger ann repressea, we Know "nays Will ne Days, nut aren't . 7 ~ .~ ~--~ - " o anQ me.nets OI their iamllleSi~i~d tnere limits. landalso last year's first Cam- Opinions about raising children have shllted so frequenthr in I II , I . or . v ~ '. -imunlon class na(1 DFCaKlaS~ lnll J nil r~ tne .stmty years tnat i suppose we snoulon t oe too surprised 1" r "" ~h S~ |l . . . 1]| I - " i h Ime cnurcn na 1 se yea oy t e t. if some parents remain utterly confused. At present, the we g t c.~,~.~.; ~ x~, ~t, /I v.: .~,Z "~ ~I I GET TOP PR,Ct I of opinion is swinging back from the irrational interpretation of"~ ,~ ~ r 1 .II Ill FOR YOUR GRAIN. | "permissiveness" in vogue fifteen or twenty years ago t~ whatI .t~ mmlttee. iLc~arge.l~ClU e~/I nnll ,o I . IMmes. iVlelvln iVloore cnalrman; I ~ v -- ts called the dexelopment approach. This attempts to gear %. .~. i1 fell BEFORE YOU SELL. U training practices to the assumed changing needs of children aslnelen ~li,en' ~nulp~auer: r~l-ilI B II I o mer I:~UCK IVI.} ran ~.ox henry they grow through various s(ages of development. The training .-. i 'R l'ih Koehn "Ra il KI'N MAI I Ill I received at each stage is supposed to prepare the child for the ueW tte, a p . .Y- 1 mlti, i tt. Btr~lm~ l!l Inquiries eordioUy Invited I noYt ]to,-~--~. o~-ooll nt th~.nrx norhans if only wo L-new moreIm na lvlaes. Glellan lvlorrls, tie . ~ma. ~lm ie I Contact: I ~ Y, ~ ~ '-"" ~ c~ ]^,~.a Dq^ 6*-m" [ A i:LIIr V m!l Start Wossenaar, Owner & Mgr. I about the various stages and the training practices appropriate oames o,ac~,~ "il /'ILCt=lll I Ell Phone' AT 4-1291 or 4-1201 In th,~m' ann ~yle wirtn. III " l- YOUR LETTER REMINDS ME OF THE CARTOON depict- Children who received first ,I PHONES oK. AT 2;~.174Itl DIXON HIR$, INC. n ing the troubled mother who has taken her little "monsler" to Holy Communion are: Barbarall . t(L . ~ l Ifl I the psvchiatz:ist. He has evidently just explained to her that the Allen, Michael Dohogne, Kent ]~l~ child is insecure, and she replies "I don't know whether he feels ,I insecure, but I can assure you the rest of us do. Permissive- ness carried too far spells chaos in the family --"spoiled.] children and frustrated parents WHAT YOUR, o. FRIEl~DS SEEMoTO HAVE FIXED on in their child raising practices is the tag end of a theory, current a generation ago, that children would develop best if left to their own devises. All parents should do was to remove the conven- tional restraints--and stand around to pick up the pieces. Every child would know, or would discover through experience, what was most suitable to his peculiar needs SOME TRACES OF THIS THEORY still remain in our educa- tional system. Not so long ago, I attended a teacher's conference during which a student representative read a report insisting that the classes in introductory sociology should decide what topics they were to study during the course. Most of the teach- ers present found this report very "interesting.' until someone suggested that since the introductory students knew nothing about sociology, their choices could represent nothing more than loo].ed ignorance. THIS CULT OF PERMISSIVENESS in child training appeared Castelein, Cindy Hoogerwerf, l~ll - I Pam McKenna. Dolores Michal-]l I:nut M UITTB[tt tU/III I11 I owski Curt Summers Allenll [una ,vr I11 It I VanDeVelde, Steve: ~;anckr}r I~ I VAILE I Chet Wildemuth, Jul'e Witm ye tl I,n m and Don Wolf " ' II "Dixon's Fashion Ifl CLO'IHIISR I May CrOwning was held at 3 I lil I o'clock. Linda Chamberlain, I Cen er- II I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde I I/I Men's &Boys' Wear I Chamberlain, and David ryrich, II 124 Galena Avenue Itl " I son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleon Ey- I H &T "~ 6~1~ I rich, crowned the statue of Our I Dixon, Illinois III I Blessed Mother. The procession II * nil I of the children of the catecheti-ll AT 4 8341 lil 112 First St DixonI cal classes was led by the first I RUBY R. NATT~ESS. Owner III I Communion class. Eighth grade'l ' |[L~u~] students of the parish formed the court of honor. Diocesan, Pair ts a reaction to what was perhaps a somewhat too-narrowly To Attend YCS conceived parent-centered approach. Children were to be seen and not heard, while not too much attention was paid to their Meeting in Iowa changing, developmental needs BUT THE CONTRARY SHIFT to a child-centered approach ROCKFORD -- Two students was equally unbalanced. Why should respect for the child and his needs imply rejection of" discipline, training in self-control,[fr m the diocese are scheduled or awareness of the rights of others? Of course, the resultant little monsters don't develop into big monsters--they just don't grow up, for they never learn to control their emotions or over- come their childish self-centeredness. Fortunately. with the ex- ception of a relatively few couples like your lriends, the major- ity of modern parents recognize that some controls and discipline are necessary, at least for their own peace of mind. JUDGING FROM THE CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE in the field, the current ideal held up to parents is to raise their children as comfortable, understood, satisfied individuals Par- ents are-urged to "enjoy" their children, to be consistent yet reasonably flexible in disciplinel and to grant them considerable freedom in choosing their life-goals and standards. This sounds reasonable, considering that modern children should be raised to live in a complex, changing, highly organized society in which they must learn how to get along with a great variety of persons and pressures. BUT A SECOND LOOK AT THIS IDEAL reveals that it stresses technique rather than content, the "how" rather than the "what." To raise a child as a comfortable, understood, satis- fied i.ndividual is not. in itself, an adequate preparation for life, even in our affluent society. What life-goals does the child have? What values does he cherish? What basic principles and norms has he acquired to guide him in his adult activities? MEN ARE NOT MICE--or contended cows, either. The utter to attend the Young Christian Students Midwestern Regional Study Week at St. Ambrose col- lege, Davenport, Ia August 14 through 18: They are D a n Hermes of Rockford and Jamesi Fahey of Carpentersville. The YCS program for begin- ning students, held in conjunc- tic, with programs of the Young Christian Nurses, the Papal Volunteers of Latin America ~nd the Extension Volunteers and the Adult Apostolic Forma- tion group, will consist of work- shops on basic formation li- turgy, scripture, and social in- quiry. The national program for the academic school year will be the basis for the workshops for the experienced members :and will cover the parish, the neighborhood, and the school In addition, there will be pro- grams on Communism, art, literature, the Mystical Body, and ~ther topics. Applications for the study week can be obtained by writ- permissiveness practiced by your friends may produce little monsters; the goal-less, frustration-free, comfort-nurturing meth- od so popular today may turn out a generation of satisfied, shal- low little moral eunuchs; but if training is to prepare children for life. they need to be given worthwhile goals to aim at and a set of principles enabling them to "make sense" out of their ing to Office of the Lay Aposto- school soutstandingathletes ' ' . ',;,widening experience. It's not techniques but content that really late, Cosgrove building, 410 will be under the oirection ot~ Brady st Davenport, Ia. , UOUllb. Marlans athletic director, " W----O~i~ Thomas Parsley. and his coach-l (Father Thomas will be ira able to a~swer any personal letters.) ing staff, Joseph Gubbins, Ed-I warld Osada JontTyson and * school me 1 ,g'l,K el'gible fo .join the J hn K~rchber x.~ta~x,u,'x.~sxua~ X.~LULr o " g. [ club which includes members The banquet is sponsored byjttnas "3nnuat" T~ from Aurora and the surround- Hall Eckert the Marian Fathers club under .ay ing area. the chairmanship of Robert committee C nway of the club's athletic Of Recollection Golden Wedding @ AURORA --- Members of the Catho-Chori club will hold their annual day of recollection Sun- day, May 21, beginning with 11:15 Mass at St. Nicholas. Fol- lowing brunch in the parish hall the first of three conferences will start at 1:30 p.m. AURORA--Mr, and Mrs. N. J. Schmit will observe their 50th wedding anniversary at a Mass at St. Nicholas church Sunday, May 14. An open house will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. in Luxem- berger hall. The Schmits are parents of five children: Mrs. William Wrought. Ralph and Joseph, Frank. deceased, and Mrs. El- mer Bearden. There are 17 grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Woodstock, III. Complete Banking and Trust Service The Rev. Francis W. Zim- merman, assistant at St. Mary parish, Aurora, will be retreat master, and the Rev. Robert C. Williams, assistant at St. Nicho- las and moderator of fhe club, will have Benediction .of the Patronize Our Advertisers ST. JOSEPH'S HEALTH RESORT WEDRON, ILL. Eighty-flve miles from Chicago on the Fox River FAMOUS MINERAL SPRING : Modern Buildings in Beautiful Surroundings Combines the comforts and conveniences of a modern hotel/ the worm ona friendly atmosphere of a family home, the facilities of o hospitol and well equil~ped physical therapy department For guests desirous of a quiet vacation, rest. physical chec"k-up or convalescence. OPEN THE WHOLE YEAR ROUND. Conducted by the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. 'rite lot llternrttre end rot~s or P~otte Ottn*ra RJ~ .t-27~0 BRENNAN CATTLE 'CO. Stacker & Feeder Cattle available at all times. We Specialize In Northwestern Cattle YARDS AT LANARK, ILL. Bob Brennon, MBr. Hy. 3-2300 KIRKLAND, ILL. 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Hwy. 2) Fulton "You Can Do.It.Yours l] or We Will Do It For Yout. Phs."(Ofc.) 2316 (Res.) 3618 201 W. Market St.~Morrison # t# Llewellyn Fay Call Rockford 'Collect Illinois 3ohn O. Seesser WOodland 5-2625 Authorized to Do Work on Sacred Vessels GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129 SO. HANCOCK AVENUE I REYNOLDS Funeral Home Established 70 Years Abe Renkes -- Owner Phone : Morrison 2322 SNYDER NURSING HOME "Always A Home.Like Atmosphera" Licensed by State of Ill. Supervised Diet Care Phone 6211 719 12th Ave. Fulton GARAGE General Auto Service Towing Service Motorola Radio & TV 8eats ond Motors DIAL 2461---FULTON, ILL. HOURS OF SERVING Daily 1Z :30 A.M to 8:00 P.M. (Closed Mondays) SMORGASBORD SERVED WED. '& THURS. For Banquet Party or Meeting Reservations Phone: ORegon 2.6761 -- John Maxon, Owner -- MEMBER AAA AND DUNCAN HINES -- SACRED HEART Military Academy Boys, grades 5-8. Conducted by the Brotheraof Holy Cross. Trains boys to become t r 1] ChrisUan gentlemen Well - balanced program ~olid foundalion in the fun- damPntal~kills. Individual attention ~mall e l a t t guidant:e, creativ~ IkiIIs en- couraged. 8pot't~, football, basketball, baseball, hiking, tobogganing. Dormitories. 40 miles from Milwaukee. Write for fllustrated folder. Brother Dominic Elder, C.S.C. Headmaster, Box 1095 , 745 W, Muln St. Wutertown, Wiscensln FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADAMS 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 N. MAIN STREET ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-6451 Write or Phone Us [or Details and Estimates Patronize Our Advertisers