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May 12, 1961     The Observer
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May 12, 1961

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FRIDAY, LMAY 12, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 7 - hi Winner =// VIerit Scholars " " ' i, ~II', ,'' John Paul Rowe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Rowe, Elgin,i l ' ~] i!!~ i,i i Jll] $111|M~ I i~i ~ a senior at St. Edward Catholic ' G,o * Mor woo, ,oo .OF DECENCY '.o, ." =. =. Mo,viesm roll UII,Fi " 1 n "" S / ]ClassI Daye urogramg .-there"Thursday~ y- |W "ayne Ka~ ras, president; life thatJUdy/ardson,"l ell Daniel Shomler,m Arm rout Ca'ro" 1 homel:" (52 :t'o wn. For" sheer enthu-/llm aII 'be baCksource of zrea st e h home. -'- "" I iil,If I~ W ~ $ ~ MULDOON lFreshmenT, thirty-nine Sopho- Kathy Foran, recording secre- ~ ~ high school and a.m.embe a /,I~ r llil "1 " ar az l~aurence parlsn, ls one or I }I# Ibil 1!i l' ,ll'llll,ll) l IMll~l ~I$|HI li [] By Karen nonl Imores. and thlrty-seven Junlors t y. ~ ~ " . I" !If|alL I ! co ,o od ''''' ''' r" 1,A Mass will be offered for the : ship wmners from Illmms He i,i~l"":Ill[' '!Ii intentions of the senior class by Freshman Hlghest ROCKFORD-- ,El ghty-!wo will attend the University of I ill]~i ]1 I]IIWI]I] IlillIl~l ml~]ll~l~i!.l mlH the Bishop Muldoon faculty Cadet Mark A. Coyle Our smaems won nonor~ a~ ~uyta. :~:~ Notre ame where he will ma- I ll?il[ll!i i 'll lllit!It ,~ lli?i Im|lliit [] ~ Wednesday May 17 when facul-lLady of Good Counsel parish Central .Cathonc n~gh school ~ jar in D~emistry with plans for !ill i,till,'~ ~' ty members an(i senior girls at- Aurora outdid all the other during me new scnooCs ~mra ~: a career as a research chemist ] itliti~iiil"i~iil ,' ")1] i'.ii~ ~II;i[ I~ ~ tend Mass in the school chapel]classes' to obtain the highest quarter with Rosemarie Doric ~U .~t present he is president of [ *~!!l!*~!i!Jii~l!!!li!ii!!tl!lil[![litl/,lli!. Iil!!~!llitli ~ii!!~ iii ]i!Ii'*1 ,l~lli The Bishop Muldoon chapterI academic average over the six- topping .fellow classmates~ wire :ii:: ~ the Tri-Beta Science club, vice- " ' " of the National Honor Society[week period in all classes with a straight A average. ~i~ ore ident of t h e mathematics Of the ~ omers receiving ~'i~ :::::::::%::::: ~. s . held electrons Thursday, May 963 Second highest among i--" honors " !~ L~~: club Mu Alpha Theta pres,dent As a result new officers for thel~he cadets was Senior Cadet honors a caromed ~ r~,~ ,~::'.:~ " ' ' I ~ I i I 11961-62 year are: Susan Weeg--/Joseph A. Zocher with a 95.8. 20, second honors, and 57, third A:::!I ~ t/anth:t:h:Ptse~:f : ~ngmbC::toSf W~I ! ! [president; Irene Logli vice-iThird was the Freshman run- n . n rs' I --:'~~ h,~or=f,~,n ]=fi~n gndthaNu. l " Ba see th r P De rue Iour rece~vmg llrSt non- ~ .:~ . ~ *, :'- residentElizabeth le - her-up Cadet Ar u - : " e xs so i:: :!::::.~. i!::!il P ' -- ' [ " " n tmnal Honor somety. H al :i:::i:i retary;and Jacqueline Buter-Pauw St Patrick parish St.I rs were Wigwam Aje:sho:: /. an aidtothe school coaching ~ ~i R :~ i ib~::shd~e:~t~:r~inE:::~:c~eoW:Sf[Charles' with a 95.5LA aSuOphaO-[~:r; :n~n~a~ricia Dolan.*" - ~ staff as a tramere ~o::so~i~latb~ ~~::ii ~ ~R [] :iii!] [] IP /mor, Cadet donn 5 Guz s ~ P~ii sponsored oy m ":!i! ::!:::!i:: :~::i~ officers, who will prove capable Nicholas arish aurora ~econa, 'lnlra t~onor~ . . wo, ~, Pcmaor Co BIB! II I . Ist. p . . I o =-- ill ~ ~ '~i! ~ li~ ~ lof carrymg out the many andlgrabbed fourth positron with aJto to ia'O re]n Micha'e~'Me: -- -- --- -- : ] I 11 ] [] [] Ivaried N.H.S. programs. 194,83 just ahead of a fellow R i" and Paul zardo and Diane Moore. ,David Huett, Annett asp~sa, ~ ~ I i Junior Senior Prom [Sophomore, C:adet Paul T.J~la,Th mas a~a~l ndi Aus Third honors also wereIJodeen Lunnon, Cheryl Minne- ,i~ii~i~!: ::i:i: Frida Ma 5 w n Seam Batavia whose average ~nates, acmes ~e a ,~ . y y,as a event-/ '. ~, ,' tin Des Lauriers Patrie'ia Ha awarded to Manual Amato,[gan. Barbara Marden, Janice ~Bf~!i~ i ~ I Ifulnight in the lives of juniorsJcamemau~'t~' verstuhl, Kathleen HarezlakMaureen Burke-' patric!laIM rla.n'.~.Barbara P-r .vaAsnln - - ---| ~ I~)i~ [] [] [] t=,~,~ ,~i ha ~ffond~d the| Fifth place was a tie with l ++~ Clark James Correnti, mcnarason, ~ols ~::::::i~i::~::! . . and unarms vowaer, ~ ' " " t h :iii:::i!i:i::i::i~~ i R i JJunior-Seni r pr m, held at F r']an that 94.8 gomg to a Jumor, Fiorella Sheila Dahm, Gall lean Czosnek, John Elhs, JohnlRlgolo, Carl Scandroh, Ru '.:::::::~.i est Hills Country club One sen- Clint E Vagus Holy Angels ~ '~ ~ Go~vl ~rath Guzzardo Joan Hartnett Ju-lThompson and Kathleen Ve- .~i::~::i::ii!?:~!!ii::~! . ' . . ~,~U~v ~, *- " ' il~l,o girl was particularly sur-[l::mrlsh, Aurora. Ano~herJumor,'leen Mroz Suzanne Nicholas dlthHelneman, DennlsHoover, ronl. gi I I prised and happy when junior/ Richard' D ' Weirich, Sacred. JMarie Paravala, Mary A n n E ~* g i,[class president, Suzanne Collins,lHeart pariih, Aurora, n. el dlodd James Phelps Colleen " l!vt~a ie~:tn9h493;la!woc~!~no?i R~s~e:1 a;:noCr~r wl:nZ~n Cj~aryl ST, VINCENT'S JOTTINGS II i I I r o = 2 it i I I ! rr :"an m:::trt: t;a~S:~atthee'tf r eighth ,plac'e:P They were Ga;d lh~iGda:YALa:la~ohD t~n~. Monday was the ~ng-awa!tedl~:~;:} ~na:hceo~a:li:t~lSv c::~t~. ms [] [] i J Nancy walked down the dancelCadet Rooert L ~.ansen, lviont-lg e r Thomas Boyle, Samuel day of return, ior .~amer,mji ~- ~"le ~ith ~!iII [] [] ~ |floor and was crowned by Su-/gomery, and w !z~i. am .tl.ICern~glia, RoYce rt Churchill, bre. And wha~ a ctay zt was.l~? Isn il;;aan~i~eTl~Pn.s, all [] [] ii ]zanne Collins while the arches-/Schwartz, St. NiChOlas parish, Gerald Cox Zeffery K r o g h There never was a nomecom-j g . s~ ,'~ ~ :::: ~:::::" ~: ~ r Aurora ' " e k in on ~ny campus to compare anxious to sna~e his nana ~uu i:: : i: : i i~ ~--~U !~ [] .~ J tra played. The after-prom pa ty[ " . J Charlene Gross, Wflham H c,g I brace ~::: :: MAKIAIN wl his Youn s~ers oy me mspec~ ms oaca ,:: : ::':: ' ::' ~ E [] / at the Sherwood Lodge was the] ]Michael Johnson, Francis Mo- "th t " . g .] . " :::i:. ):::: :i:- ~ m lib ii::i::::: [destination of the prom-goers fol-] WOODSTOCK--Student coun-]reau, Gerald Russo and Bever-dozens seemed to, come ou~ oII Tuesday afternoon a surp~se [lowing the dance. All the cou-[cil elections were held this pastlly Perrone the woodwork as masses pour-[ program was staged zor ra- SCIENCE FAIR--The Ray. Eugene Baumhofer, superintendent of Marian Central Catholic high |plea enjoyed the party, sp0nsor-]week and the new members t Others Honored ed rata the corridors to Tel-I~er, complete with Drum :rntd" science fair chairman, and Sister M. Elizabeth Ann, /ed by the Muldoon Educ ational]were sworn in by Father Bantu-I Others who receivedstthird co me our convamsc.~g super~n:l~ugm f;:mP~in~:rg~;~:n ~J~igh" Association particulany c-haler Marian's superintendent honors were Susa g, ' Marian prmclpal, examine the prize-waning exhibit on Spectroscopy at the recent scmnce fair '," . lords played by. Paul Wierman,tAll the members of this year's/Heidi Baisch Jennifer Bed form-fitting back brace, and/school expressed its welcome- held m the SChOOl s auaitormm, wain mere is thomas "lappan, creator ot me exnlDl[. IW J R L disc-iockev ;, ~ ;-+r~ ~JRonal,~ Gee'ser R i c h a r d left wrist in cast, for a mo-Jhome in song and verse. No / "' i Senior Class~])ay Jt o F"a ; eVt' e mem'ber's'who~w~'l'i~Hammes, James' Kaney, Albert ment resembled the fabled war/ priest, pastor or chaplain could Mat a Ha The senior class of Bishoo/take their place next year ThelKiegel, Constrance Mentzer, hero in his triumphant march[be more genuinely received by I (:Jllssufacation of i Muldoon will nresent the Senio'r|new members are as follows:JDennis Pravidica, James Rich-down the Main street of his|his flock or more delightedto rst Annual 18 "*I 0 me b rs eo wa' vice Sa d* slad pa**ic* s* sm u reh a*s d "u*h' -- I Y " '. ,- ' In-, .~ ~-,~n-e Warner and Jful rejoicing this reception ri-[ Last week winners of each-----~1 will take art in the ro ~ aras, treasurer; ~ue t ,au= ~ =~, ' . class p p alved an thin shown our as classroom m the recent spell I U o, noo i r.m which will recall exper.Ic rresp nding secretary, and/Daniel Whalen, Mary Jo Guz-lv Y g "]in- ,-cutest were treated t~ m The KOCKTOrO uiocese prepared under the airecnon or rne INatuonol II kJ~,JJL'L~.KI~L~J JL MJUL / ~ ' "! ~ ~ " I Legion of Decency, 453 Madison Ave. New York 22 N.Y. with II /fences of the past four years atl ~lhour of free bowling, compli- I co-operation of the Motion Picture Deportment of the Internahonal II WOO STOCK -- Thomas Tap-Ischool. The girls will act outll Ilments of the Star Bowl Bowl- . ~ederation of Catholic Alumnae. il]pan, v,*ith a display on spectro-lthe many happy, sad, excitingl] ~ " "[ T~ i" Tg]r~]]r [ling Alleys in Freeport. Cathy ,A-I~MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR GENERAL llscoov won the erand prize atland unusual events. The facultyl]. ~ Jl,r-~ 1~ ~ /1 ~ ~'~1 dFq4~J ]FOd~ ]l/ ~/ ~ ilDickey, our ultimate Spelling I J Ab*en '*ln'~=" Pr~*ts ?AIR?tNAGE *-nf- cl-os lithe recent science fair held intand student body are looking for-]J .L~([.~H ~(L~ .Z-'J. ~1.~ ~ /~[~ ~ .E. qJ IL.J .B B.JL I]Champ, was reclpmnt of two I ~.' ~;~h"i;'ha' ~' "~;re;-,~, sha,t Not m, It ,t ward to a final display oz seniortl I1 separate savings a c c o u n r I 7' "?Y I Was a Parish Priest ~even~' Wonaers o, the i[~vmrmn uentrm t~amonc mgnltalent |' Doris Revere Peters Isteady with a boy for almost allost interest m all boys. ~ow ~]awards for her winning efforts A ~ Hanos on UeCK Last Dawn World " . I' " school aud~tormm here Hm d~s want to become a nun but m i Amazinn Transparent Left, Right Ind Center Silent Ca, |t . . . " "i Patricia Stafford, student lDearDoris" ]vear then they broke up. Now] i -- J Ben./~uan, The LLI~Iee A~g~hler l of King- 5WlSr~ Faan~:YetrhweR::~nra~nnst U play 6:Ssc~U:::::xh~i~e;: ~s~Ore [council. president, conducted anl Almost every day I get into/he has asked me out. I like him [~l~ ~:%~fat~h:~o~:~o vieasel Repairs and improvements Bernadette of Lourdes dora Comu= 5word ot S . v y- ' " a sroo M ' " . he ~,rocle assembly in the school auditor trouble m the cl s m y o o- keep movmg along at St Vm ! Beyond the rim, Barrier Master of the World feather anclt " Ued bv Mari~n -~tudents J "1 : tas a friend and would enj y g i ~s ~ ". J Cimaron " Mighty Crusaders Ten Commandments II ~ lium, Monday, May 8 The candi-Ilessons aren' [oo I~ a (1 Due 1/ - I .t ~.uu~ /cent's The ta~esz was lnstana- Cinderfell~ Misty Ten Who uared Jud es at the fair, the first an " ing wire him nu~ my girt ~rieno . " , s a Crooked Man g t S for the offices of treasur know I could do better I try Don t g~ve up your skates or tlon of a new fire escape on the ] Days of Thrils and Modern Tlmes ,here w, II,"ida e -I,] . . - I '] - J Laughter - . ale Rex Three Worlds at Gu war 11rlual one at Marian, were Kath-I n ,~ i~ t ,~',h. ~tu I tn control myself but I can t Istill tikes him ~o I m sure sae] ~,i,~ ~uif K~,on usin~ them /~f -*ida of 'the buildin~ I Desert Atta :k One Hundred and Onl Tomboy and the Champ iI/leen Slavin nr John ~ er and ~" ='"~ -v -~ - - ",~ ~ -- " u ' ~-" I Oondi Dalmatians Tdwn Like Alice R|,u ~v~ay I dent council were introduced by ' Troublesome I would get mad. As we are very MANY S O U N D REASONSl I Fabulous World of Jules On the Double Trouble in the Sky mtKenneth Becker, Morton Chemi t .-. ~i ",' i n m I T Fa ,I The thezr cam al n mana ers ~acn the Q e v 1 1 nnas w o r K mr ri d I would hate to I verne OPerato Ca e rapp re'y, . ~I 7. "I " P "g g " I ]good f en s and much guidance is needed[ A happy surprise greeted all I Five Guns to Tombstone PassporttoChna Wackiest Ship n m* I/cat t.orp,; -ffaul lvlanCtll, lVlC rlen-]a; 1 ~-~+~d the work shelidle hands" keen busy That's| | " " J Flaming Sfar Pepe Army i/r, Communit, high school" Wal I~ . . ! r . . ,/stop going arouna wire ne~'. i Delore, a g~n emers me con-~ oi us, especza~y me J~rum ana Flute and The ArrowPolice Dog Story, The Watch Your Sterne a J b '" intends to accomptish in me of- the oes~way to stay ou~ oz . A" B vent Talk to a priest or a Sis- Bugle Corps, when Sergeant I Frontier UprisingQueshon / Wings of Chanc |/tar Mack and Stuart Keller,I [. -, [ " " I " "1 i Glenn Miller Story Romanoff and Juliet Wizard of Baghdad// tlice nex~ year. lne canolctacesl[roume. I Don't be too sure -,our girllter you know. They will havelShoemaker, our former Corps ,Gorgo Sand Castle . WoUld-be Gentlemeni/WOOOSrOCK ~ommumcy n ~ g n| ~ + S]ls~n Bonzi I YOU SAY YOUR LESSONS/ ~ " I . i 1. . I lr -- . ~. ? |~--~: ~. .c~o ~. ~ " '~ '| 1.-:----.3 ;]l ,-e~+ m~d She or the/me rlgn~ gumance ior you. /Director smppeQ J.or a SllUYl~ ,A-I]---MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS |[~cnoo~.ana ur.'nenry ~oliman]Kath]een Provasi and Rue Ann/could be better. Well--make|.~'~"U. mn~i~ta~es more than] A VOCATION IS PRECIOUS]visit The boys were practicing I AND ADOLESCENTS i[zromme~merican t~an ~.o. iYalden" vice-president--Mary~them better. Qnly you can do/ Y',x find ou -lace inJand must be safeguarded Ii]when "Surge' came along, so I all the Young Men Hannibal Prlsoner or. tile Volga Winners in their sections at] T=~n ~'/[=at4 ('~thl~t.n Reynolds]it S i n c e you're intelligent]a s~eaay m y r p,] " ~J~,^ #~1+ - ; ~h+ ~ ha.-,~,~ ~nd in i ~ngry Red Planet Hell Bent for Leather Raisin !n Lne ~un, A I "~'~'"."" . ~" I - - - ~the world to neap you nave iumyou reauy nave a vocauon youl ~Jl.~s the Sea Rages .~ Romme!'s ~reasure //me lair were wailer bowman and Kathleen van,~usciall enougl~ tO recogmze your o w 12[,~ ' . ~ ,1- ~-- ~ dnn't hnvo tn livP thP life nf ~1 fact did lend a hand with the ilantis, The LostContinenlt~lgn rowerea ,< = ScenT ot NWsTery i/with his exhibit "Soft Conserva-I If~,11t~ u ~ e th=t /ana unoersmnu um ~ v~uv. i -I Bomlc Submarine .Home Is 411e- Here School for Scounare=s l/,' 4 MAKMlUlN ' - "" -- -'" : "~ -'-"^ -'--u'nun at 13 You can stilt en-a-etPra~,-~. I I ~owever it ~L wuuzu l.a,~ jv ~ ~l~abette Goes to War Hoodlum PrieSt Secret of the. PurPe Ree /|tion 'Linda Welter and Paula . /intelligence to ~1 ' ~.~.~1 +1. ~'ol ~'-qvitie~ of ~irl~1 Ballad of A Soldier Homicidal . . Secret Partners /1Sue Simonini withtheir exhibifl At the final scholastm convo-/ ~, ~2~ 1 ;~ ~i:teel oetter, ~eu her ne as,~=./, a o, Bat House at Seven HAWKS Secret Ways - . s~ o~ u~o.d - r Dominie Battle Of the Sexes -House.of Usher Sergeant RufledgeU"Stud of Crystals'" Jim Ken-I cat'on of the present schoo]It e r .~ t e d i lllyou out. Watch for her reaction./ and boys your age. You can alsol. Some. time ago ou - Because They're Young I Aim At the Stars Seven Ways from Sundown// Y "* ~ '15 I ~1 I ~,+ +h,a T~L-,~ qCre=t~--:-- ;-- f ;n = ---~-=: Ilt'~ mv guess she wont' be as/pray, jbavlo ~IUD vo~ect ~o oiler a Bells Are Ringing Ice Palace Sniper's Ridge /| clrlga~ wire nls eXnlDl1:, "~r~lIl j~=. ~t~,u ,~ ~,~ ,~,~, / S C n o o i WOrK . -,~l -- ,~- - --- . Bell BOy J ilbreakers Song W,thou, En~Ucial Or~ans " and Robert Pob tcampus of Marmion Military|~h ,im~ -~o;; lupset as you anticipate. I In the meantime Z'd acceptlSplrztual Bouquet for Premdent ~eware or c.nnaren Journey Io ma LOSt ~,Ty S O S Pac f c ~ ' " ' ~ ~. nnea J~ me De inn~g o[ Black Sun0a~ Konga -: : "r I1 " " Illocki with his exhibit "The Un-]academy, 191 cadets were hat-|, ; ~ ~ ~11- n ;~. Jthe mvltatlon to the next party.I e y. Y .g . ~ BluePrint for Robbery Long Rope, The ~taee~tlC~w limited Li uid Glass " ed on the honor roll at the end* ~ ,=. March they had olIerea qmre 0rlcles of Dr.cul.Ma0nificent Seven * It -- e I /drifting in class ~] Im 13 and In the eighth/ Doris Revere Peters r~ver~ and sacrifices Cago of Evll Man In a Cocked Hat Sunrise" at Cam obello OI ~ne III[D Six-weeK graGmg r o ! ltad = "~7 v --~ Man who Died Twice P. I[ /make an extra ~lgrade. A few yea s ag Jtetters through her coZumn htro ~n th~v .~nt them with Lanaatans, The r" Octobre Tarzan the MagniTicent perioG. Ine convocation, nela - - ---- Counter lot Ma te f rm Countr effort to c o m e mtentmns of becommg a nun I b mad Please do not ask ]or , ~, 'UCYO Dance lWednesday afternoon, May 3,1 oo wnn't ~lh,~tl . hnv friend who alwaYS],y =.~ ~o*~h, V d {a St. Patrick,s Day card. They Don Quixote . Tormented The 1 5 a " - - . '- were qul1~e tnrmea when t ey M dnlght Lace ' pubhmzed the names of 0 c - " sw - ' " " Enemy Generll Mountain Road Trapped in Tanglers :]be easy but itDoris R e rslasked me to go skatmg, Ire'Jars ar~ ,nvtted to write to ~'I,o,~,~ ~, o ~, ow~. LOVE PAR ' . P te t folLw,ackn ,-.Ferr y to H~ Kon0 Nature Girl and the Two Way Stret ~ II S. K ---: St. Br,dget.~ /dets WhO a~alnea me ran~ o~]can be do n e. - /mint, etc. He left recently tolin care ol The Observer. J:-~'.~ ~.T. n't fro,~ "the White r?e.r 's' r~e~r~t Slaver umorgwen II pamsn is sponsormga uxu]Frolicienr, oi ~a Tim me ranKl z n] '- al -- i~ -** pPuyin~ P pn nes Night FIIihters Valley Of the Redwoods I1~ ~ 1- 1- / :~, .1- 1&no you u ilrs~ nave to marn a t[go go a seminary tu u cu,u~ L[ J House" our-D Nlin O~eratlon Bottleneck Village 0f the uamned IluanCu IU[" ill,I! 3CFtOOI SCuQenLsJOI flonor, anQ oi ~,~ W[Ln LHUI ~ + ,+ 1 +1~ 1=~,~ ,~=vl " ~ T a,~, P n e= li~fi~ iMfln~lir'l/rllnl~ I " ~:~:l'r: D*, Rovere ~ '~ O* ~a~iT~e WSh~l~tP'"~etr only Saturday, May 13, from 8 rank of Distin uished cadets, n.por~a .~ r,es . --- . , g to control oneself ~s "by h a r d, ePurte because the most popular ~llr~ Thank you for your kind O nt of Mor,thon Place mtho Sun Walk Ltk e A .Drag0n U to 11 p,m. m St. Brldget hall. La-[ Percentage-wme, the Semorsl r /I ol Jthought of me. The knowledge Gold of the Seven Samts Please Don't Eat the Walking larger persevering ut~ur~ a~u u=~= - pay in SCJ[i~I aL~l~u tit u,u 15 " Soliath and the Dragon Dases Whte Warror UFontame and h~s combo wfllhed all the other classes wlthl "[ . 11 Ilthat I am bemg remembered 6reat Imposter, "[he ' -leasure of His. Company. W0rld of Apu IIplay for the semi-formal dance / almost fifty per cent of their] n~o~ tO. me u nris~mas par~y ~u~ aI I t,~ s~ II in spiritual bouquets and in the Hand, The Posse tram Hell Young ~avages II " ,] '~L'HJ~ ~t~ur~mot muzxva-tretusea t pan Know wna~ nap-tl d' J~l m~'ni~Jri II . -- , IIIlCKe~s may De Dougnt at me/number m one or the o~ner Oll,~iON should be a d~sire to ful/ - :" ~ " e ever sincelI -~r- ~ "mr ilino2vlo.uaL prayers o] me peopm A-1 il~MORALL UNOBJI:r;llUNAUL~ rUK AUUn,i~, oar t the thre cate pries Sixtnine " - penen to me eecaus All InA Night's Work the Bar 9p:raa~io~ Ep~hm oa~. |1d Jfill your state in O, althe b0yin the seminary left I'Vell ~ Jlan~t satisfaction toLmer ngta AI/atnhnebF/ne ~ounlll Gr ans~s s Greener ~)uPr Mtnn .!n HaVana II~l~l~V~ll~i~J~ J student. When you pay attentmnI |1 ~ JJ strength that I shall lean upon Angel "Wore Red Heller in Pink Tl~lhtl Pillow .a,x 'qf q6/qb, I r'qk,/l%lf,/ /in class you aonk nave to spenall~a~4=lmlllJ~l~i~ /I 1~ ~ W'x~ I ! I1"o" and "n the future as the Angry Silence, The Hell Is a City Please Turn Over |1 ' J-- --uch "ime cn homework/WI I|lKIkl Ilfll /I ~ X P~ / 4B I ! I1~ ~ay z -- Anna's Sin Heroes Die YoungPlunderers, The II,dl~ n~ ~, 'll~V~lllt/Vltl~ ll V .~B=J i I[citizens of our Nation join with Apartment, The Home From the Hill Portrait In Black Ill IIAnd as a last consideration, re-I . .11 - V ~ I i[ ~ L uoek to.lhe warn House of Intrlgue Purple Gang III ~ ~-. I - -. ~ ~- -. II - .u ,i l~"- (tl i I1/ I~ llme m me mrmerance ut nu- Best at. EverythingHypnot c Eye Return to Peyton Place III I&A ' II ,~ i l member you are now o llQ rig, l/ A (11 ~ ~IB ~i II ~. - Big BanKroll . d ot Ring of Fire Ill H3i,I|,1% IP,I ~ I ] I I1~ tions the kind of al ~ at~ ~11 ~ ! " II man rlgnts ior aa manKmct. Big ulal on. J~JOO~rlJ Ikiru (Jap.) Rue de Parla UI .=-~. v -~ ~- --~ J. v-=.~.u Ii"a J -I #' ~.~.'~Lkl"a til ~BI II *'~ff,*. "I~A,~,~,~A.~ ;.~;.c .-,~ i,~ Street I'm All Right Jack Savage Innocents III llreference you will receive whenl~ |~ "=-'-~ ~11 ~ 1 II -o. -- ~,~a J Black Orpheus Inherit the Wind Senechal, The Magnifi. III 11~ nl"~T~n a"tf~T 1" "II~X"~I"~ II . . -~ 1~ I'~ ~1 $11 AB'BIB 1 ilextending greetings to you 8last of Silence - "cent you graQua~e. ~,mpioyer~ aru ,I Passed For White . . ~. ,~ Captalns Table It St ed In N.ole=. So.yen m, ve, JlJ Jl~AJ[~l~]l~][t ~ULLJI~tbrJ~ Jtas interested zn your attitude;t} ~"~1~. ~.~ ill ~ JJ John F. Kennedy ~ar~er Jayhawkers :~ms 0t Kacnel ~aae ' ' nd "- "-=-- ---- II -" Ill ' -- College Confidential e.ague of Gent .en Subterraneans Ui Open t o the .p u b!i c--22 waiting~- J t. y are generally not mteres Chance Meetm= L lea Stery on Page One O en to the u])hc~22 c]lalrs~no wa]tmg "" SUITsCUSTOM'TAILOyou select fromED250 We celebrate t h e solemn Cover Girl Killer ket NO Man wrtm My Thrd Voice " Ill lvlo(~ern ~qu~~onOl[lOne(t--o[ato II J ~. +~ /~*/t%'KI[T. |-- "'" I/' " ,- " ceremonies of the Mass we Cranes are Flying Epitaph Threat -- - =u ~,= ~oo ~u . Patterns " . "" ' Crimson Kimono t~a,iclan Tiger III A "~nion affiliated II So, don't be S h O r t s,ghtea.[ .~I" ~'--~,"~-'-~'-~ III . []Hnmomte to God the most saco Crowded Sky Make M,ne MinkTouch of Lareeny Ill I III II' o. Dark at the ToI9 (If /~urderalaga nc . Tunes of Glory Call or wrtte" orr min/ormatio" ormatt'on Use your. will power and be de- d < ] WALLER r d Bo y an precl u Blood of the Stalrs 1 ' " ' Unfilithfuls, The J / termined you won't be conquer- our Lamb by Whom we have End of Innocence NXus c Box Kid Upstairs and Downstairs r 9 / b r fro si ' o North ,o 114 NT ockfor(l ed. The result. Better lesson CUSTOM TAILORS ~t P.a~s ef Llfe Nude In a White Car Virgm Sprin~ (Swedl=h) Ill -= ~ ~,~=u=~u~= ,~t,~ = =~.v ~, il~ ~ ~n;,; ~ otr~,-*~ of wflllt r s I I xr "" -/ (11 lithe attainment of o u r salva, t-a,e or a Man (Fr.) Web of Evidence II| WO 3-5939 II %=: ? "I) I~ %~( )~ "~-.~ ~'~ Sll 5130 E. State--lcX Y-~1441 II,~^ Flst and Sexy ' Ocean's Eleven Why Must I Die III W U O-O:~O:~ li for now--ana later, tn,~/ j "-.j / ~.~-~-~. / ),n ~n-'"s"a n~-u-. Fever in the Blood, A On the Beach Wind Cannot Read II .II .//t ~W" T" 7/ - I HI II St Bede the Venerable Five Golden Hour= Odds Against Tomerrow Wolf Larsen I1~ IU~ur uur~: . /( J~ fi~" l v~ I (ll - !1 "-" " Four Fast Guns Once More With Feeling Wonderful Country II ii nO wOU think a ~,ir! whol$ ~-*"~ " 8' (I ' '/ 400 Blows One-Eyed Jacks Young Have No TimeIII . II =" "7 - - ~' - -Vl) ~ /" -- M /I I French Mistress One Foot in HellYoung One I tJ - " ~~~1~ ~1 II~lP II smokes shouht smoke on a lla[e]~,~. ~J J I I ~>;'~ rnviv K; lR/ y11 4.1 ' . " ommunion B--MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE IN PART FOR ALL III T Uw,th a boy who doesnt smoke?l[ Ftrst c /I u~ 1 A~ndeQ%et;Iows the Don #o Nak~nn|~th~ World Porlralt of a Sinner Ill ADVERTI$1NEi AK1 II Bi||/~ Photos /L==. ,I ~ /I ; Jllli|111 I I g P~Y. T~ Y ,Prlvate C,v, = ,o.m Ill HALFTONES II F rom a strictly femininel~ ~I ~T"~.t~J~,J~l~'-- | Bekween Tlmo Iit n~=]o or el yrll~l 8nd Eve ' .:.:.: ' ' ".'.: ':':':':': l~-I~lm Vl ~l~l~P',Jl~ I Eternty d Hell to EterniTy - ill II oint of view I think she wouldl~ Y '11 t~ii~l]l~~,~ /i i wroper lime : :::: ::::::'::::::::::: ~ ,X~* "Z Bim Her Bridal Nfght (was" ~ . ~ J.ll~l,~I~/I~rlIIN~,ID "< bo the Great r"e M"'h T--'" PsYchO UI " i~,nIN~ Jibe w~se not to. However, ff youl~ ~[T -r~ ~ II ll~.J~l~~ II '(t~"~" ~A i u u~. ~,u [ :: : ::::. :::::.:::::~ - . --~ q Beautiful) Fr, Rat Race I1 don't smoke and fad yourselfl van uvKe IIEIIfql lli . Io I Breath ef Scandi| Hercules Unchained Right Ap,reilch,Thll UI George(] Howley llon a date with a ~irl who doesl J lii llli I." "'IR II I I. ~ : :'.::.::-~ -- Bufferfleld II Herod, The Great Roslmiry ~ " : :.:'::"~ " -" " Can-Can Hirosh|ma Man amour II be courteous and offer to hghtl~ 11 =5 . U lgLl i= # A I Carry On, Nut. It Takes a Thlof September ,o iIl ' ;, .' II ImUml n I . ' ~ ~ ~ ( ::iii ' ' her ci arette ~.~LUILIlIdt I ~ h ~ ~u.= .o co llr E ill-Allen. Inc. JlDear Doris: I$ Our 31st Yeor of Creating ]I lIEIBll[Irll1~n I, ,~IH II ~ i Circus of Horrors . Last Sunset College lli ~~-.:.- " - II A girl friend of mine wentg Portraits of Elegant Simplicity ;11 I~illllll~== I, ,=iLI/I I Crack in the Mirror Legions of the Nile Shakedown Ill lZU . Wym=. II ~ [~ Weddings--Family Portraits ~[ I" ""H I/I NtW oots .Ul wi,h I Cry for Happy Let's Make Love Sons "ov ~ Rockford WO 4-4618 II~Arun-~nn n 309 N. Church Street Rockford $1 IBl~-IIIEIUllgillr In != I--I/I olo,ful, woatkot.tlght I I c=s, of * w wo, LIsette Squad C,r " Ill . "" II u ruRM . . . wo 3-251: ' ]1 ,m HI-GRADE asphalt shlngles. 1 J Desire in the Dult Look In Any Window Surprise Package ll~'l 7 - - '~- ~1 -- - - iI . - I J Elmer G=ntry. Love and the Frenchweman Take a G ant Ste,o I1= ' 11 - il II FREE INSPECTION I I E~tertamer, The Love in a Goldflth I~ewl Terror of the Tong, Ill . |11 h/~/'l/r/'~rbh Illll~lllP'lPhlrlP I.- II -- A ~ P,^~ /I REASONABLE ESTIMATES 1 ~,v. ;= zo::y~:%,Ui Your Regular Shoes to GOLF SHOES itJ nu~,nruKu muu=nn,r=, unc. II u,a, wu ~-~,v.- /I Convenient Bank I Marrlege.Go-Round ram the Terrace III " Two Loves ~ " " . M Iona~ress Fmancmg lug'hve Kmd Minotaur Underworld U.S.A. III We ompletely convert your shoes to ~J~ No ill ~t II /! I wGangster Story Misfits, The " U1 . ~ ~ -r'!,III II '~un[ru~'~ur'~aUlalan'~[~ [I II ,I Ill I Lll 11 OU AVlOn~r/,s [o rGy I O r, ,n Vl o IIIcomtortoo,e =0- .oes More i11 II ll ll l IlPBI II I Pharaoh s W m n Where the Boys Are J G.? Blues- P rtrait't o. a i Ili Moi, Order= We mQiJ back I,I HEATING AND PLUMBING JJ J=VI~I~I,II II wo I I ~,oaaess OT Love o o a MoDlner ~worla m buzy wong lib -- -- III ' II " - II I I C--CONDEMNED II1 promptlyl All Work Guoranteed I11 Air Conditioning Wiring II ~. i II lip I!/I I 1 ~ I I.@ r c.utur,* Lov. (French) Oscer W,0. III o " ill " Automatic Sprinkle. Power Maehi~ry II :norafle t.o, inc. II =:l~l.UPlla I (Prencn) Love I rofe ion Passtonate Summer v I ,~ oo~ created wom,n . s My P ss" (Fr-ltal) Ill PA[ALI' %HUI' %I'KVlLI" ill Moter Rewinding Sheet Metal Work II II IlOOFIM~.- ~lnlkl~ I i (French) Lovers The(Fr) " ' .Ill Billla~ll~lllm~i~.~mm= ~B'mm~ll ~',~ III ~rm~ ,ram m. ~ ~,~, I t~eA e i~le~lt II ~e~A ~.u ~m II vv --v ------=--.-.== " Pleese! Mr Balzac (Fr) O1.1~-II1"~t ~o,n u,o, ~,u =-~o~- .~U man Baby Doll Lover's Return (French) p r ot " " " " ' ~e Wy I o, o '111204 N. Ma,n St. WO 2.6514 Rockford III r II II 5t5 Toner Ave. I M.~mo,~ ~o=,-. " " Rockford Illinois I Bed of Grls| (Greek) (French) Pot Boudle {Lover, el III John Ant,nucct Lou G,amalva , I Bed, The (French) t Pans) ill II Rockford, III.II ROCKFORD I Maaemouselle ~Trtp cani t " ' / I Breathless 'French' Pr va e Prop rTy II I " I I " " A Question of Aclulter" " 3| /I ---- ' i--- 1 Come Dance With Me Ma-dalena " II ," 1 ~ 1 I =i , I (French) -- Mai'd in Paris (Fr.] S%Ut~u~rrd'~y Night and il I/I,"11 - --I I ED:~pr:rs:t e B w:sen' Tne ~a;~e dl~r~Ort (French} ~a}:ll~:(YEYeMe ::;ngas UI ',UI Eb REYNOLDS' : III ~, KII~E--LESTER--SOHMER I J GreenI Ca;nattsOnr IW"S Mill~rls Beautiful Wife (French) 0 Ill ,~--~ I/I - -- -~ n~u n I Traso O,nnerWilde) Mi(sa~l)ulla (Swedish| Smil;s of a SummerIll BUD KNOTT & :iON UI I~/~Dl~e'lP Pi'rv 111 and WUR[ITZER NNOS: I J Heroes and S" $ MitsoU (Fr) Nlght (Swedish) III ~11 r%/l~,i;~/ ~li/ ~~ III ~BI I I Husband for Anna, A Morn and "Dad Snow Was Black UI Ili ~<::~.~,1:i~ ill "'HI= 1 mllnl|v~ n nnr im i I I Am a Camera Moon i, Blue, Tl~eSte a (Greek) ttl I11 niAkno WUlILIILBI UIII~AIG I Naked NI h, The Third Sex ' . ii:!ii:::}!}i:i.!i:ii: l,d, Interlude (Swedish) (Swllds~,t Trlso~SedOfL?vSC:ra~nn~Id~he III ~ j~ .eL III ~muun.~r~,: III '" !~7" ~.=~, ~~=, vo~.S I Karamoia Nana {Ft.) m !:{::.! i :i: ::: :::: ~::~ I~,o, Chatterle~s Lover ~ Y W-m-n-f R-m- UI /~~Ja~~-- UI SERVICE III U,ed Piano, Or .= I I Never on Sund8 B rth$ of Twins : :'. : ::"::':':':':' * I II] II R kf0: :9!:H~:e~0ne|rT':~r:P: 9673 III Rich Pi:no"'&'O ga. c0 i. |S,or Center -. . ' trownlmI.Experlence /tl "* "" "" """ ,v. Ill Experienced Con$idere, te " Ill SS0S. MAINSl". I trc of D ~ on ~,r, ot the Ntgnt Never TaKe Can~lY Prom 1 I ' I ~': 'e e eptl " " " M rder A lltren-or n ILl . III Attendants IIJ ROCKFORD FR|EIN)R'r,J L~,m,i~v, ,na,omv e~ u ' ' --II I- " i JI I