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May 12, 1961     The Observer
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May 12, 1961

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THE OBSERVER ' PAGE FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1961 WASHINGTON BACKGROUND BY NORMA KRAUSE HERZFELD DRASTIC REFORMS are being proposed in U. S. foreign aid programs to make them more effective and to move more than half the people of the underdeveloped world into genuine self- sustaining economic growth within the next decade. This is a very large order, but administration experts believe it can be done by the close cooperation of all the industrialized nations in the "northern half of the world" who will provide the finan- ' ' " O real and techmcal assistance for the underdeveloped s uthern half of the world." These geographical terms are relative but they are being used to dramatize the new program. FIRST OF ALL, the programs will be un- ified, having suffered too much in the past from different agencies going off on t~eir own unrelated projects in the receiving countries. A single agency in the State department will contain the International Cooperation Admin- istration which now handles the major foreign aid program, the Development Loan Fund, the Food-for-Peace and other surplus programs, the new Peace Corps, certain activities of the ~ort Bank and all related programs. State department will coordinate this with roads, more food, longer life, better health, new skills to people in the underdeveloped areas. But the major share of the annual foreign aid" appropriations has gone year after year to arm nations around the world because of the cold war or actual communist aggression. WHAT WE HAYE BROUGHT to these peoples has been most- ly military training, jet planes, naval equipment, communica- tions systems, missiles, rifles, tanks, ordnance, radios, oils and lubricants, trucks, and all the equipment of war. We have maintaine~l astring of nations around the communist land mass which would collapse unless we paid the bills: Viet-Nam, Ko- rea, Thailand. Jordan. Cambodia, LaDs, the Chinese government on Formosa. We have heavily subsidized Turkey. Greece. Iran, Libya and many other countries providing allies or military bases. THIS MILITARY AID is not helping underdeveloped nations attain self-sustaining economic growth. It is not genuine eco- nomic aid. If it is put into the U. S. military budget where it belongs, the U. S. public will get a better idea of what the U. S. economic aid program amounts to. Taxpayers may realize that it really hasn't been so much. It certainly hasn't been enough to do the real job of world development. [ AFTER ALL THESE PROPOSED REFONMS are made, the real test will come when an increase in economic assistance is proposed. Without more financial aid, the ambitious new 10- ~year program will certainly tail. The U. S. is already moving to get its allies, all the "northern" industrialized nations, to com- mit 1 per cent of their annual Gross National Products to the new development fund. This would mean more money from Germany, Japan and probably all the other countries involved. THIS AID WAS UNDOUBTEDLY necessary, but it was spent CURRENTLY. the U. S. BUDGET calls for approximately' $2 . , for U. S. defense, not for "formgn rod, mid many of the scan- billion for foreign economic aid. One per cent of our GNP would dals that have been found in our foreign aid programs have be $5 billion. Here is where public understanding and public l appeared in this military sector of.the budget where the heavi- support will make or break a new program. lest spending is done ~ . . (Copyright, 1961 The Catholic Reporter) ISHARING OUR TREASURE military aid and multilateral aid agencies. EQUALLY IMPORTANT, all U. S. projects in receiving countries will be coordmated' under the U. S 1- -r e,~ ,~ " ambassador's there. The V. S. will now insist On "country plans |'il~ I .IF , with each government working out a careful economic plan for l tall 1 ~l.JLq[:; qLIPlL ! over-all development which will provide measurable targetsI and be aimed at layirig the foundation for increased capital ab- Ray. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. tically nothing about the Cath- sorption. Countries will be expected to put heavy'emphasis onI (University of Notre Dame) Iolic religion and the black som- internal reforms of land, tax systems, basic education, health The honor which Catholics bar garb of priests and nuns and housing. ]pay to the Blessed Virgin irri-lfmghtened me. r ' tateR many non-Catholics and Interest Kindled IN THE PAST, U S. OFFICIALS have urged such refo ms I " - ' " ~ - 1 lianas tO Keep mem Item mvest-I 'lCOUlCLn't unaerstanaWRy on re celwng counmes, D u.t no one has DeeR unaer any ,compu,-[igating the Faith. They usually]they we u 1 dvow never to sion ~o carry mem out lne new program wm De musher anu~ on " n r tl "o "e "or Imarr "" " - " " - " " "c" c swue ve e a "on t O act -I y. My interest in the CaSh- much more ctemanc~ng It may even rose some u ~. nen~ . . ~auon ann hence an mlrln'~eoiOllC religionwas Klnfllecl wren states, PUt It ShOUlD pay on in me long run in countries wnlcni -n" n "he w r hi ; ' . 1, me tupo t o s p snell met a young marine. ~ooert are serious anout economic cteveloprnent ~peelal attention wl i ~. ~ .-, . ~ ~ -- I.~ . . ; - : . amy tO t.~Oct. 13UI wren meybza, ~nompson stationer at San De given to those countries, SUCh as lnctla wRieR aweaay nave, h-, . ' ' come ~olearn tna~ t atnoncslrranclsco--just across me Day detailect, long-range plans ann a suostructure ot eauea~l nl -n" n " "" . . .v~ . . u lyve erase uur,~aay a n ct]irom uaKtanct, we oegan to civil service, tax systems ann SUCh necessities 1or acniewng seli- adore God alonetheir antago Idate and I soon discovered that sustained growth. Boi~ , A MAJOR REFORM HIN(3ES on congressional cooperation Notre of Oakland, California. "I Rose E,mmanuella at Oakl~d attended P r o- and Mother Mary Margaret at tartanS' church- the Dominican convent in San: e s occasional- Rafael. After I bec~ime ac- ly," r e 1 a t ed :quainted with those Sisters, my M a r y b e Ue, fears and prejudices against "b u t w a s a Religious in general speedily m e m b e r of vanished. none, as I had Church is Kind n e v e r b e en "They radiated kindness and to put the programs on a long-term basis rather than on the present one-year starts and stops which drag the aid program over congressional hurdles annually. Five-year authorizations are being asked, but Congress would continue its scrutiny of "on-going" programs. No economic development worthy of the name can be done on a one-year basis, and the sooner Congress recognizes this, the more Congress will be doing to end the waste and inefficiency it is always deploring in foreign aid programs. SEVERAL OTHER FEATURES should appeal to the Congress however. Emphasis will not only~ be on loans, but on loans re- paid in d~llars rather than in foreign currency. This is harder on the borrowing nations, but much better, of course, for easing the gold outflow from the U. S. The administration is also promising that 80 per cent of the economic aid money will be spent directly "for goods and services benefitting the Ameri- can economy." It is not calling this a "buy America" program, b a p Sized. My love, and one felt better for but that is exactly what it amounts to. parents w e r e having been in their presence. [divorced when f waJ ten, and My brother Harold married a IN THE LONG RUN, the reform which will turn out to belI saw my father but a few Catholic and he and his wife the most crucial, in this observer's opinion, is the separation of times afterward. I knew prac- kept having babies one after African Bishop-Elect Dies Agagianian, Prefect of the mis- sion congregation, had visited him the day before and brought him the special blessing of Pope John: Bishop-elect Many~arane, who was born in Muliera, Ruanda-- part of the' Belgian trust terri- tory of Ruanda - Urundi, just east of the Congo--was stricken by kidney trauble while in Lou- vain, Belgium, several months ago. He stopped in~ Rome en route home to Ruanda, and was forced by a new attack to enter the hospital military aid from economic aid. Most "foreign aid" since World War II has been military aid directly tied to the defense of the U. S. Americans have had the impression that U. S. largesse was pouring out in the greatest abundance to bring schools, e, CONERY TREE" EXPERTS LANDSCAPING SINCE 1923 3327 hi. Main St Rockford DIAL TR 6-1811 Sure Visit urnng a in ROME---Bishop-elect Bernard Manyurane, 48 year old African priest who was recently named first Bishop'of Ruherrgeri. Ru- anda, by His Holiness P o p e John XXIII, died here (May 8) of a kidney ailment. He had not yet been conse- crated a bishop. He d i e d at Rome's Salvator Mundi Hospi- tal with Archbishop Pietro Sig- ismondi, Secretary of the Sa- cred Congregation for the Prop- agation of the Faith, at his bed- side. Gregorio Pierre XV Cardinal Can Done '61! .oun ,arnlYci O Make this your get-ahead slogan for the rest of this year. Can you break all your previous reeords for saving? Try it -- for your future with a First a i i another. I raged against theI "That was the turning point. Catholic Church's s t and on/I arose with a great yearning birth control. Bob remainedlto become a Catholic. I took calm and uietl ex lathed that[the complete instructions from q Y P r n" " "e bir'h - /Father Charles F. Ward at Cor- pa e ts may regular t s OYl /pus tmrxsu church m lvnamL natural--no~ aruncial- means/All doubt vanished when I in accordance with their health[learned of the establishment of and t h e i r pocketbook. The the Church by Christ, who pro- Church is a kind and loving miRed to be with it always. mother, he pointed out, and When Jesus. came to me in doesn't impose impossible btlr- Holy Communion my heart was dens. flooded with joy. Thus did "I began going to Mass with Mary lead me to the feet of her Bob. But in spite of his expla- nation of what it was all about, I found it difficult to fdllow. In the Protestant churches which I attended, the people stood up and sang, the minister preach- ed, and they prayed together aloud. But the priest turned his back to the congregation, read for the most part in silence and, when he prayed aloud, he did so in a ,language I couldn't understand. It left me bewil- dered. Turning Point "I took the marriage instruc- tions from Father Daniel Cos- grove and we were married In the Sacred Heart church in Oakland. Bob's mother gave me a copy of "Three to Get Married" and it opened my eyes to the C h u r c h' s high ideals concerning matrimony. Sister M a r y Emmanuella's wedding present was a beauti- ful rosary, which I cherished for its beauty. One day I knelt down by my bed and said the rosary slowly and devoutly, meditating on each of the mys- teries. divine Son." Father O'Brien will be glad to have converts send t h e i r names a~d addresses to him at Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Indiana, so he may write up their conversion stories. Patronize Our Advertisers Top Family Enjoymenfi~ THURS. 7 P,M. Channel 13 John F.'"Jack~ Long ' David L Klont~ Friendly.Personal Service Conveniently Located Our many years o/ experience TO MAKE TH CHURCH . "VISIBLE" During the first few days of May in the City of Rome, the National Directors of the Propagation of the Faith, from around the world, will gather to report on and dis- cuss the work of the past year. Among those to be present undoubtedly will be the National Director of the Society in the United States, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. It wilI be a pleasant task of the Bishop to re- port that Catholics in the United States during the year of 1960 have contributed very generously to the Pontifical Society for the Progagation of the Faith. The con- tributions of the Church in the U nit e d States to the Propagation of the Faith rep- resents more than half Of the total Propa- gation income throughout the world. After this International Meeting of the heads of the Propagation of the Faith, pre- sided over by the Cardinal Prefect, Car- dinal Peter Agagianian, will be received in audience by His Holiness, Pope John XXIII. This reception by Our Holy Father will have special significance for the Di- rectors of the Pontifical Society, because" the Holy Father worked with the Church's Missionary Organizations during the earli- er days of his priesthood. In 1921 he was appointed by the Holy See to recognize in Rome, the activities of the three Pontifical Missionary Societies. It was then, as Mon- signor Roncalli that he worked to estab- lish the headquarters of the Societies in Rome and to bring them under the direct, guidance of the Holy See. The Pope is in a position then ~o realize t h e apostolic work of the Pontifical Mission Societies, Directors and Benefactors throughout the world. Pope John has made an extraordi. nary gesture of recognition for the accom- plishments of the Propagation of the Faith and the wise generosity of all the faithful who support this work "There can be no greater satisfaction and joy," the Pope National Savings Passbook. enables us to serve you said, "when the time of death arrives, than e/ticiently andwithin your means ~ that derived from what one has done for for - FIRST NATIONAL BANK Long-Klontz Funeral Home" the Propagation of the Faith." "To Make " - ," s,""" and TR'+ T "-'''" Park Ave. Rockford the Church Visible" throughout the Mis- tOtalling 113(I I.A / IU-'ak-LldI * we 8-2255 sion world, is the program carried on to- "We Service 1Fhat 1Fe Sell" ' 401 EAST STATE ST ROCKFORD day by more than 125,000 Missionaries in MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. - - 700 well-defined Mission a r e a s of the J BACHRODT CHEVR0 Oldest Bank" i 'tIIUU Church. The Society for the Propagation Rockford FREE PARKING SPACE ~I~ I ~ anmLmnv; " of the Faith has the great responsibility of . [,LOW HADES? ",providing material support to this World ll lI I] MissionProgram. " :::= Poor Reading Habits Ht Folks, I m Back NI',: . i May Be Your Trouble/ To meet the growing needs of the Mis- I In Rocktord at ~ IIII1~ " " '-"v II!!1 !}~ si0ns, the Society for the Propagation of I ir0M' AUT - P P[esents "N'OLLNOWmOU'" [I the Faithmustworktoincreaseitsefforts. OSALE$ lilil~, es/~:o~llll NIt :ov N.OOU Tosustaintheadvancingprogramsof Ir o /I e," READING I (Tempo rary Location at) II Ill l II our Missionary Bishops to make the "3737 E. STATE ST. II1,| Th;, is an exclus;vo, proven program, employ;rig the lefes~ aL "3?3? E. STATE ST. ' Our Chefs Are Experts in the Art o] Preparin, The Illil n II Church more visible on the fringes of the ,[ " ~ Finest and Most Choice Menus to Please Our Patrons IIII YOU, foe, II earth, the Society for the Propagation of ~%~'~ " KTCIIK' 'RkT n.xr,; ili!l LEARN NEW STUDY METHODS II the Faith must supply greater financial as- 1~ kg~LYI~ U/-~ ]L 1 f III1 .DEVELOP "ETTER.COMPREHEN$ION |]" sistance. ' ~- *-*~ 1" I"T'I~T4"~II"'E~. ~ ~l~-'~ IIl~l IMPROVE YOUR 8PELLING AND VOCABULARY ' IIIII L'EARN HOW TO CONCENTRAT. li ~~ " Our Special sd~gNf <~.~lllll DEVELOP READING SPEED I/ Businessmen's n~'~.~ ~',ll, lI o LEARN NEW READING METH,?OB IL i The So::y f2 the ;r;aga:2of the Every Da~ /ram "~l~'~-"~'"~f['/'- ~)11111 I r-OR JUNIOR l SENIOR HIgH SCHOOLSTUDENTS I II I 507 Avenue B, " I 11.30 to 2 | mill NEXT CLASS BEGINS JUNE 12 II ! Sterling, Illinois I Except Saturday Ill ii ' l " ' I I I '" II ' I I I am enclosing my personal gift of I Come Out To Our Showing Of " n 'l II[]l la tot Co.pta,II I . urlg&l& IILUUII[ U I~l& U~,I,$ I s. " II leA1 CU/'IIAID/~/~U D CM ('ADC $; Y ~ Ii]',l Programs for Achiovement in Reading II I $ for the support of Catholic ! I/ISlE ~II%#IIIIVVlII [lIL~ll %,l~l~iJ III From 5 P.M. to 11 P.M. I1,I!," ' II i Missions throughout the world. [ AllAnd MakesOiderPlUS.HandpickedlS0 Fine Used1960"S9"SScars lull I[ I Name : ] o. 1. o III11 Rockford School of Bus,hess II BOB LYNCH rink runy Illtl O,iee O nD,lI, Inol. S.t I['! ddress : I TOM'S AUTO;ALES 4201 Charles St. EXport 9-$729 -Rockford Illll w. ff o.s i wo II I City : |e|. : I~. ,-,~.{~, 'llll ' 11 L -,