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May 5, 1961     The Observer
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May 5, 1961

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FRIDAY MAY 5, 1961 THEOLOGY FOR EVERY MAN THE OBSERVER PAGE 11 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i : ' O Classified Advertising ~;~.~!~:i.~.~.~.~i.~:~.~i~.!~i~;~.i~!~i:!~!~.~i~i~!~!:;.~.~.~.~ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::.::.::. ::.::~ ::.: : :::.i: : : :::~:~ LOVES PARK MARKERS --M~INUMENTS a RO3ERT TRIGG $, SON S Interracial b~stiee fs a predomiua~t ~ote in foreign a~d do- man being, each man has a rlgl~t to his life, and to the exercise ~rraCeno r color, should not be a factor which will. determine whethe n~ $. --~EDf=irst St C. OLSON--we" t.2741 ~estic ~wws reports. To eo~,~idcr some of the worm implied- of freedom as a member of human society. Each man has a ~ t he will be admitted to a given neighborhood, or be al- ~s rhtrd Ave. we. ~-~-~ tfo~s in th:sc stories, the [oll, owi~q romnle~tary wa.~ preparedlright to l~is good name and to the honor and respect which FUNERAL HOh~l~ at St. JeLly's Seminary Br~'ghtmb Mass. It is repri~ted from the correspond to his human dignity. Each man has the right to per- lowed to purchase or rent a house therein. Point for point, in Bostm~, Pilot. sonal possession of the material resources necessary for con-I every other way, people of different races and colors, may be sire- FUNERAL DIRECTORS i;rmed existence as a human being and for nursuit of the ad-Iiia~ to one another, and thus capable of entering into pleasant WiLl'OR CHRISTENSON I Q. ARE NEGROES BIOLOGICALLY INFERIOR TO WHITE vantages for which human nature is objectively destined, and mutually hel.pful relationships h~ORTUARY 1002 2rid Ave we. 3-tS21 PEOPLE? A. The belief that hurnanity has been divided into races sorne l FROM ALL THESE POINTS of view all human beings are! ON THeE OTHER HAND, it is quite possible that objections of which are inherently superior to others, has aiwa~;s been in equal. " raised against the entering of colored persons into a given OVER 100 New and Used evidence. On the other hand this belief has always been called On the other hand, the differences which exist, among indi- neighborhood may arise in considerations which would be equal- Pianos and Orgens to Choose From JACKSON PIANO STORE into question. In modern times especially serious students have vidual human beings arise not only in the manner in which their I ly applicable to people of any other race or color. It would be 330 N. AAain St. Rockford, W0. 3-~23t found reasons tor concluding that any apparent differences in human powers are developed, but also in native capacities them-Iimp ssib]e to deny that similarity of neighborhood background human psychological characteristics are not biological, but are selves. ' t is a factor contributing to human happiness and to the fulfill-Used Cmthin~, AVHOUC~urniture,S~LVA~is~es, Lem~," due to culture and social environment. Certain theories of racial In other words, individual differences are due not only to the ment of parental and other domestic responsibilities. It is not an~ e, household articles, to ~he Roc~- ford store, we have a new deoartment superiority that have been proved to be without scientific founda- inf}uence of environment and to the expenditure of personal of- unreasonable, therefore, for people to seek out neighborhoods dedicated to Religious articles. Prices 1o tion are revivcd for political, economic and social movements I fort,n~ but to f~ctors, which are hereditary.' and which are found whiChto excludeare oeeupiedfrom thebYneighborhood.Pe ple similarintOwhichthemseh, eS,they settleand tOpeopleSeek ford.ti'*hrnwse~ar und'Y Urln immedlateAurora,1019CaThollcbUdget.west StatesalvsgeC mest inlsROck.andk~. and policies. Thus the claim has been made that the white orI co ~equently m each human being from the first moment of h~s wbose degree if dissimilarity, in matters relating to the points cared at ~ North Lake St. Caucasoid, race, is superior to all other races, and that Aryans, l existence. especially those of Teutonic orioin are superior to all other white [ which we have mentioned, is so great as to create serious diffi- NURSING HO~E g. ,', [ HENCE WHII E 1T IS TRUE that all human beings are ere= people. ~nose wno support m~s meory mmm mat wrote people re" ~ l ~ '~ ~ ~ s " ' 1 "" " culty of continuing happy adjustment, byEXCellentstate nursingDe~ertmenthOmeof care.PubllcA~roveaHealth " v ' " ' r a o eqt a 'n t el" posses ion m wnat we may ca 1 human na- When problems of this kind arise, it is not morally wrong to Bellevue Place, Watarman, III. Phone 3 are the true budders ot czmhzatmn b reason of Chew superm "" " lure, i~ is not true ti~at every numan neing, consinered in the seek a solution thai will be agreeable to the majority of rest- I~wers of intelligence and their devotion to the ideals which in- ligence enables them to discover and formulate. The Negro sum total of his individual aptitudes and capacities, ~s equal to dents in a well established neighborhood. If colored people are ~i~i~:~i:~:i~i~i~i~!~isi~;}i::i~i~i~i:i~!~i~i~i~i~i~i;~;~i~i~;~i;i~i~!~i;i;!;~::~i:i~i~i~i~Z~i~:~}}~;~; every other human being. The equality of men with one another not, welcome in a given neighborhood, however, it should be for open ~at~-~ . wora--~.t~ her ~ch must be recognized in the sense thai no man, as a man. is by reasons that are completely distinct from the fact that they Cnntracts, V~-Inch, la consecutive w~ks nature subject ;o any other man, and in the sense that all men, are colored and that would apply with equal validity to peP- . s ~t we,k~y f~ s tote, ~ $~S.tL a~ members of human society, ~nust be accorded the rights which ple of other races. Discrimination against people who desire Centraos, ~ Inch. ~ consecutive w~. flow immediately from their possessmn of human nature, to enter a neighborhood for no other reason than the fact that SZTt weolOy tOT I corot e~ $49.14. ~t is claimed, is relatively superior in the development of vers of sensation, but Negroes are deficient in the exercise of the higher mental powers. Beyond this fundamental equality of all men, individual dif- they are colored is not only against statute law, but against the It =aye to advertisel ferences must likewise be recognized and the implications of natural law and the law of supernatural charity as well. these differences, as men come into relation with one another, :~i~!~g;~~~ and with society as,a whole, must be followed out in the estima- Q. IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH INTERRACIAL ~ " lion of theft" rights and obligations. The application of these MARRIAGE? gLt lrt . . . flmdamental principles is no different in the case of the Negro A. No law of God forbids marriage among people of different than it is in the case of any other group of human beings. No- racial groups. To forbid marriage between two persons merely | groes are on the one hand human beings, and on the other hand on the ground of~their racial disparity would be reasonable only individuals who differ from other ir~dividuals. As human beings on the assumption that race itself determines biological superior. W iI-Rm.AIl n I they are equal to all other men; as individuals their rights and it> FUNERAL SERVICE CO. I On the other hand, it is quite evident that a man and a woman 51-59 Center Street I obligations must be estimated according to the same principles should not enter the contract of marriage unless each is agree- ~hich determine the extent to which other individuals differ able and acceptable to the other. Whether two people wish to ELGIN ALGONQUIN I fl'om one another, take each other as husband and wife is a matter for them and Q. WHY IS IT WRONG TO KEEP NEGROES OUT OF WHITE them alone to decide, provided there are no impediments to NEIGHBORHOODS? DON'T PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO their umon established by the laws of God and the Church. CHOOSE THEIR OWN NEIGHBORS? WHEN PRIESTS HAVE REASON to fear that racial disparity A. The starting point for any diseussmn of this problem must would lead to harmful effects in a given case. they are bound in that we do not know the gnswer to the question that has been be the fact ot indvldua] differences among men. as noted above, conscmnce to counsel against the marriage. If nevertheless the pro--osed Because of these differences individuals who are similar to one "-arties insist on bein" married the "riest has no choice but to ]9 . ~ . " " ' " . t) ~ ~ lJ anotherm areas of attainment and capacity subordinate to . - t~ ~UAT ic THE ~EANING OF THE PHRASE "ALL MEN "" " s" " ymld to the//" wishes. The d}ff]cultms whmh arzse m th~s matter ~. ~*n o ~,t [new posses, ran m a common numan nature, tend naturmly to . ~. r r^lated *o the "articular circumstances of men's ARE CREATED EQUAL," IN THE CASE OF THE NEGRO? [associate with one another. Community of interest, community ~:/%'s'2Zc~t; no?arise ;n any ~iological factors ;,hich would re; A. The phrase "all men are created equal" has reference pri- cf culture and social background community of economic sta-! ~ : ~ ~ ~ ,;;,n. ~.;~ ; ~.~ .marfly to the quahtms whmh enter rote the essential const]tutmn ~tus community of intelligence and temperment--these are fac- -- of human nature. On the one hand, there are obwous and un-lters which enter naturally into the formation of groups of hu-[ I I I " ~ /i mistakable differences among the individual beings who are man beings and into the development of companionships and per-/ I IF",II called men On the other hand the fact that re ardless of m sonal relations It ]s to b h ~ f c or fll ",~ '- " " e expected t at the. e a t s w' also[] I I J I I dividual differences, a multitude of beings are called men, and'enter into the development of neighborhoods Wherever we look BIB I i BBI ~m clearly distinguished from.other living beings, called animals, we shall find in each neighborhood groupings of people who BI ml in IP I~ - with whom they have certain superficial resemblances, indicates more or less closely resemble one another from one or other or i~ P 1' ~ '~ conclusively that there must be something in every human being all o'f the points of view suggested above. ~ -- SERIOUS AND COMPETENT PSYCHOLOGISTS and anthro- pologists have questioned the evidence brought to the support of theories el this kind. They conclude on the other hand that dif- terences ot psychological qualities are not related essentially to racial origin, but must be ascribed to environmental factors. The number and variety of theories which assume the hypothesis of racial superiority is perhaps sufficient reason for calling their validity imo question, It would be equally unscientific, however, to claim, in the absence o~ compelling evidence, that all races are equal. The position of contemporary specialists in the fields of psychology and anthropology is simply that there is no evi- dence to support the claim that there are fundamental differ- ences in psychological characteristics among the various races of man. In other words, we canno~ say that there are differences among men which vary consistently with biological racial varia- tions It scorns m conformity with present scientitic knowledge, therefore to question any theory which would find their ex- planation m purely biological factors, On the basis of what we know at 1he present time. all that can be said with certainty is which represents the essence of human nature. I IN THE POSSESSION OF THE QUALITIES that constituteI human nature essentially, therefore, all men are equal. As de- scribed by psychologists human nalure is constituted essentially by the power of intelligence and reasoning, exercised by a being who possesses at the same time the powers of animal life. I Passing from this description Of the powers that are essentially ] human, philosophers argue to the existence in each man of aI ~piritual soul, created directly by God and united to the bodyt which comes into existence by a process of carnal generation. I Because of his spiritual soul, each human being is differentiatedl from animals, and possesses certain ifialienable rights withI which God has immediately endowed him. Because he is a hu-I THE PSYCHOLOGICAL MECHANISMS which operate in the grouping of human beinRs would be hard to analyze. Without euestion emotional factors enter into these mechanisms no less than reasonably based judgments. And since both emotions and reason enter into the totality of man's life, it cannot be said without qualification that preferences based on emotional reac- tions are morally wrong. On the other hand, ii is quite possible for emotional reactions to stand in the way'or intelligent rights o~ other people. At this point it becomes morally obligatory to yield one's own preferences to the ights of another when one's own rights, in a particular situation, ai'e not preponderant. 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