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May 5, 1961     The Observer
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May 5, 1961

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Inactivity of IrAmLY CUbiC Catholics Makes 7" l t ow Red Advance I / ,atstng Family lone Communist advances w e r ei made in Cuba. Venezuela, ChileI BY FATHER ;OHN L. THOMAS, S. J and other Laiin American na-[ tEens because Catholics w e r eI Assistant Professor of Sociology, St. Louis University inactive, Bishop James E. Mc-: Can a woman raise a re*lilly singlehanded? I'm a widow with p four children, ranging from five ta sixteen. Financially we're do- Manus, C.SS.R of Ponce, "iing all right, though I work part time. Our children are very R asserted here. THE OBSERVER An ,llcan Bishop Says Unity Group Very Exciting DUBLIN (NC) -- The An- gelican A.rchbishop of Canter- bury has hailed as "an excit- !ins advance" the Holy See's Secretariat for P r o m o t i n g Christian Unity. Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1961 o I I 1, So. 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MANY ARE VERY POOR and need finan- cial help to continue their ttudiet. a TEAl @Flt Door Fa~m g.d $ k. ~ a ,~I~ 0 ,:t~ JHrAItL MAIL TO T~^ ,;~;+; ~ ~,~ ~ ,good, and yet I'm worried about the future Will I know how to was speaking to an (April 25) sad the 31st annual St Augus-Ideal wflh thetr problems as they grow older? Maybe I depended assembly here of the British Lm=';-" ~,~c~,~.r~ ,-.~,u,c~C" :" -*~,~ -~m-"~"'" ,It o much,on my husband. He used to .say- I was a wonderful Council of Churches, which' i mothe- but that was easy when I had him to rely on Now I get I ouc women convention nere " "' " embraces Protestant churchesi -r~. ~; ~ a httle panicky at the thought of running the family alone .~ o~, ;, ~. ,~ [ Well in one sense Ethel you re not alone~ There are arotmd in Great Britain and Ireland.j (Ap~. ~o~ ,~ ~ ~,~. v~,~,~,-.^ '," ' ' Ma~s~ on the St. Charle~'~ churchla,~000,000~,otnerwomen in the United States current]v~ raising. As Archbishop of Canterbury]l ~ ~ . : . !children alonethat is like yourse]i" many others are thvorc- gruuma~, u~zc~cu uy m.~cnu~n-t . '. N ' " ' ,1 I: "1,he is president of the council. . eo or separatea 1o some extent tnev all lace similar parental up dosepn z~. hurley. ~lsnop oz ; o I Proamms, thOUgh i~ might wen oe argued that widows have a The Holy See created t h e St. Augustine. somewhat easierrole to play in this regard since they and their Christian unity secretariat in Bishop McManus said t w o families cherish an image of the father haloed by the dignity of June of 1960 to help prepare years ago everyone was col "" " " "~ideath rather than clouded by the bitterness at voluntary separa- for the coming Second Vatican tain that communism could no~ltion - Council. take over in Cuba because the BigFORE YOU CAN AD T ~ I o~ m 5our new parental posmon World Interested TO" PRESENT SPRING CONCERT--This combined choir of musical comedy favorites. 'the choir is under the direction of people were ~atholics t~ow, . ' ' ,Ethel. you must first work out satisfactory solutions to the per- he conhnued everyone is ask < . ' " -]sonalproblems you ~ace as a widow One of the 1haler challenges Dr. Fisher said in his open- men and be3s from St. Patrick parish in Rockford will present Karl Gartner, organist and choir director of St. Patrick church.a, mg how it happened. !you face is the necessity of planning, working and just being ing address t h a t the entire their spring concert at the Rockford thcaler Saturday evening, The concert is open to the public and tickets will he available~ world has become interested May 13, at ~:15. The program will contain sacred music and at the door the evening of the concert, "Some try to answer by say-]alone Formerly, you did things as a couple, or at least with the in the cause of Christian unitv, music of a popular uature including folk songs, novelties and ins: 'The Communists are verylassurance that you could rely on each other should there be active, they have a tremendous need Ior support. As a widow, you are bound to feel dreadfully Not only Christian churchesbodiesbut organization.' Of course theylalone. Relatives or friends can and may help, but they have haveeVen been abeT caughtreligi USup in the t'rzest nOCKI:OeO THEATER Inl ml Theater have But at the same timettheir own lives to lead. Your family must remain a separate IMaman feeling that Christian unity hasK. -' " Fh.i. ~r311" ~l ] } Jl'llt;Klt~. . I Jane RyanWyattwillWill starnarra~e Mar-and Catholics a n d Christians arelunit,] and.~.irom now on you alone are chiefly responsible for its whoteC mmandingworld, imp rtanCehe said. for the 01. ~.~. ~ ~b(:f ~k.AII.I[ILF I l[~t KJ|,e J t~lLtll~./l~k IRobert not active" Catholics and Christ- well bein~ tans do not have organization," LEARNING TO DEAL WITH THE LONELINESS is not easy, ~/1[.~.~1 ./ -~ i~- 1 " [ian Theater's broadcast of "The Bishop McManus asserted, particularly in a society like our own that tends to be so corn- Dr. Fisher, who is retiring llrjtUt~btl$jVm ~.~U/~f~/ 1F~l ~'~ ~ u [Lady With the Lamp" Sunday, "Catholics and Christians pletely couple-centered. Friends n-~ay kindly invite youout, but as Archbishop of Canterbury PEORIA The Rev. Charles rmns 111 t oneert Pro ce ~o,woo~ still believe that religion should it's not very enjoyable to be the "extra woman," and there is on May 31, paid tribute to the "-1 -- ,e May 7th at 9 p m CDT over not be mixed with politics: that always an added feeling or emptiness when you return home. At "extraordinary hospitality of Dismus Clark, S.J the St. ?" ~ ' ~ . [the ;roduction is the story of ' " i" h the state does not have to be the same time, you have to contend with the perverted but cam- the Irish people The Br tzs Louis priest whose work with gu~xj:u~ --A ~pr~ng con- ' bay ~t wire ~wus~c ann 'Bei-/ the world's most widely-known cert at sacrea anu popular mu No ' moral nor concerned with God mon belief that widows are "fair game." You can handle chance Council of Churches was meet- ex-convicts and parolees has re- ' - - la tte' from the Disney pro-]nurse and the great part she We consen~ to godlessness and acquaintances in this regard. It's truly disheartening when the ing for the first time in Dub- evening, May 13, at 8:15 at the duetion, "The Lady a n d the played in establishing the nuTs- even immorality in public af- husbands of your best friends try to play at being "wolves." and lin since it w a s founded in eently been filmed by Holly- sic will be presented Saturday fairs and frequently we abet you sense the distrust and suspicion of their wives. 1942. Wood under the title 'The Hood- Rockford theater by a combin- Tramp." ingtoday.profession as we know it and promote it, if even only PERHAPS ONE OF THE MOST NEGLECTED ASPECTS of The council's general secre- lum Priest," will be the prin- ed choir of men and boys from Final Numbers indirectly." he continued widowhood is the need to develop a new self-image. In a happy tary. Rev Kenneth Slack dealt cipal speaker at the state con- St. Patrick parish. The boys section will then Opening the the re " v o,Patronize The Brooklyn-born Bishop marriage, husband and wife come to see themselves as reflect- in his report with Dr. Fishers vention of the Knights of Co- choir will sing threePr gram'settings P sent Dann~ B y and"Loch urged Catholics to hold fast to ed in each other, that is,their self-image tends to be shaped by "courageously imaginative tour lumbus. of the "Ave Maria": the tradi- Lomond." a group of folk songs ~ . . . . , America s traditions, customs their view of themselves as the complementary halves of a vital tO the Holy Land and Rome. . " tional Gre~.orian chant, Area- from Italy and H ~ary and a Our Advertisers and principlesnot to be led unity, As a widow, your feeling of value, your self-esteem is no Dr. Fisher met His Holiness Father Clark will speak at the ~ un~ " , conclumng banque~ oz me mree o it n astray by false doctrines and longer built up by your partner. In a sense, you have to redis- Pope John XXlII on Decem- . ' - delt's and Flor PeeLers'. This medley of older fay r as i - nay convenuon wmcn wm De theories cover yourself as an independent person again--just as you were ber 2 in the Vatican. ' " will be followed by two Marian eluding 'Bet Mir Bist Du ~ before marriage. Hence you must redefine yourself to'yourself, Ray Mr Slack said the An- h e ld at the Pare Marquette hymns using the treble voices Schon', "Auf Wiedersehen" ~ ~.T~F hotel Friday, Saturday ana ~un ' +,-,~ "Bella Belle Marie " ~ ~rnm.y I I[building up a sense of inner security(io and worth on the conviction glican" primate's tour "became - ~ ^^~ 5 m mree-po~Religious ~ SelectionsS~" . ~ ~tnioymenrr oav May 1~ ~'uano ~1.lne Next. small " I ~ Itthat you have an important job to and are now wholly respon- a pilgrimage through which,- a ensemble of / ~':~ oanquel, V'ill De unaay evening ' a ' " : ::~1:11' /MUKI~. ,Next the gtou willsm~. a voices x 1 l t 1 ' P " v 11 s'ng an I a ]an ]ul- ~ ~ " P M I ~ ][siNe for it alone barriers were broken down. at ,:~ group of Palestrina motets: laby, a Kentucky Mountain ~ ~@~ " " " I ~ I/ THIS BRINGS US UP TO YOUR QUESTION, concerning, your Of the Secretariat for Pro- The K of C State secretary s "Adoramus Te Christe O ~,-~.'- ~.-~ + ;-;~,~,- ~ *.~ ~i~ ~ UlllCY TU I m I,role as parent. If you have made t?ie personal adjustments re- moting Christian Unity R e v. ~ ~ ,~-u - ~. office will register the dele- p . :~ ~'~i~. ~! Y|KI.A'I~ I,"~, d~l~r']~ Ilquired in widowhood, you're well prepared to tackle your par- Mr Slack said' . Bone Jesu, and Alma Re- peclal]y short operetta wlllthen ~ ~'~ gates at the convenhon hotel " - o e ~ ~::~:~:: I i,~i,~t~ I'[ental problems. First, face up to the fact you are now head of ,;. . . " - :: demptoris. The reli~,i us s c- be presented and the .pro~,ram ~ ~ Channel ~rloax May ~u Irom 6 to ~ I lithe family and must confidently assume that position lully, that 'we a o not. any more t~an Lion of the concert will close will close with the singing of ~ ~ I J --.~ ~ ~'o ,~t ~ ' .me worio ~ouncll at unurcnes, I t- r ; Ills with its responsibilies but also with its authority p.m. and agam Saturdayuntil,with the singing of Aichinger's Brown's "Takin' Miss Mary to ~ ~ 1 [ ,~ ~' [I IN GUIDING YOUR CHILDREN, don't try to be both f~ther and imagine tna~ me. new organ noon. "Regina Coeli" and the "Ave the Ball." Porter's "Begin the I uepartment~torelorover IImother to them Be urselfAs "h "i of the Vatican, me becre~ar- ~lVerum, in three settings: the Beguine," Rodger's 'Jolmny ~ .~ I I~ yo - t e cn mren move 1too aoo- . 83 Years 1 lat tar unnsnan unl%5, means I . it escence, draw up a set or norms and standards that you intend t r b Rome from he~ comes the prospect of officiallGregorian chant, Josequin Des One Note" and a number of Ullfl~ t;tl 19 I IIto follow, and let the children know your position clearly be- aepar u,e. y, " Catholic observers at the world ,Pres', and Mozart, songs from the musical, "The ~ - I 18 W. Stephenson St. Ilfore situations likely to cause disagreement arise, proua claims. Council of Churches' comingI The second half of the con- Sound of Music." ,I[ DON'T GRANT YOUR CHILDREN special privileges, and so He said the council w e I - assembly at New Delhi. Icert will open w i t h Berlin's ~ Ion to compensate for the loss of their father. You have all stiffer- ~ ~~ I Mount St, Clare College ~ ~ ~ ~ ~I~ ~ ~ ~l~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~l~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~l~ ~ [ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~l~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ed a ~ ~ r lou ~ Ins s~ but the d e m a nd ~ of livin g and ~r o~in g up have ~ ~ 1 ~ DON'T MAKE ~ ~/n t ch anged I~ your rules ~ andgOur children will ~ e e k your love~ nottry becauseyOur patiencethey ~ r e qu arise[ ~atherle s~t e ~ t ~ U 1 ~e [ O ~ ~[[~r 1 ~V ITIOVI S ! Clinton/Iowa " ,"~ nel'~.Salurda,Me'" 6,: Tues-- . ". Ii , gressive newCOLLEGEconceptsFORin two-vearWOMEN :ii~:!i ~K~tli~ll~ i!::ii~lbut because they are normal children. You should treat them WBBM, Channel 2, Chicago "-WVOC. ;n ;avenn~,p ~ay--Mey* 10 25 The Late Show Oeslre Me A I[ Y' Y Weonesaay, May 10 * -~ "~ :::i; |V|~'Vl~ iili; accordingly. ,I 3opm TSt~eu~:~",%~ow~ "A Day at10.50 Premiere, Pertormancea,' "Huk" ~-1 10:2~ The Late Show "OlShonored" edy' I ' ~ - - ~ o li ~ ~ ~-" ] ~ n n I n ~" !;!i:: ::~ DON'T BE AFRAID TO HAVE YOUR CHILDREN share some me Racast" A-H I A-ll,1 ~ * '=" :::~UNTIL YOU CONTACT ~ of r ~ "" 1 10 is The Best ot CBS "W d Harvest" B !~:30 FRON.TIER S OF FAITH - . I " "Thursday, May ~1 I ~ Highly geared foundation program for the degree ~eeker :;:~::i ~:1 yOU tamny concerns, p ans' ann responslonlues, lnlS sense Sunday, May 7 /|'1~ rrem~ere ;-'ertormance 'qesT t " Strode" , 10.25 The La e Show La I -- '2. " "~ i!~i ii!ilof sharing in a common challenge will bind all of you closely to- u:00 P,i?ture for ,At.Sunday Afternoon. Filet A-I I Friday, May 12 I Well-rounded program for the two-year student ::~l~ i}. 4 A i &. ::: t tt~ /','~ur/at oI~;ii; ~'.~-rl Monday, May,10:?~ Th~ Lato Show "Se',en Sinners" B ::]~:::~ n LAi A II~ A / ~!. gether in a truly maturing experience Some widows make the 1:~0 Picture for A Sunday Atterooon 12:10 Movie Mstinee "Flame of the is- t%ra/r~Ir ~hoooo, ~ o o-- I Liberal Arts " ~ Home and Family ::i;V i~ill~l~li~ ~!::- mistake of trymg to shield their children from the reahtms 01s The kefe Show "Doctor n the Tuesday, May 9 Sunday, ~.y, I Business Secretarial Teacher Preparation ;::i ~*~,e,en . i~i:itof their situation. As a result the children fail to ffnderstand Hous.e" A-H - - - 12:10 Movie Matinee "Woman's Devo- 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAIT'H I ~ /I~AI~DrI=K ~ !)~!~[ - -- ' 12:30 The LaTe LaTe bnow "lne ~.ase tion" A*ll 5'00 BI-~HOP SHEEN I ~ertlcaJ ~ecretarlat neann oerv]ces ~:::i:, ~:: some of the necessary sacrifices or restrlctmns they must en- Against Mrs. Ames" A-II 1 Wednesday, May 10 I WT%YO, Channel 39 Rockford I iii!;!ii ~/UKA~R, I1~1~. i}ii::!ii; dure and become resentful or critical of all that is done for them. 30. The EaMr?ynd~owM'~'~i:e Gravee to 2:10 MovieThursday,MaLine= 'qndianMay 11 Scout" A-Ill ]0:00 The 8g?a" *ur'aMov,e.y' ''~'~'*a'Ohy Susanna" ' A-N Ii -x'?'~t.~ ~"~r~ I ~ .~ ' k" AD ms " 2"12 "roe " REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ENTIRELY ALONE as a par- cairo" A-, . 12"10 Movie M-tin-e "Vo"n" Tom E'q I r~.--.r-~ ~ I - ! ~ ']:: ~ 0 ~ ] 3 I" port !!!: ' Tuesoay ~ay 't Friday May 12 [12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH I ~%--:4~ J KI l ~ 1 L -. v :;:::i i~::qem. 1our Cnlloren retain or construct an image at their iatner 4:30 The Early Show "S~tute to the !!.~i~;:~i~i~ ~:~;~|~:~!~i:i~i~i~|:i.:12~|~i~!~i:~!~:~|~i~|~:!::~i~i!i~!i~:~;~i~:~!:~|~i~!~i!~;:~i~i~:~:~i~:~i~:t~::!I: that is very real. This can exert a powerful influence on their 10,t~ ~::it~st; ;h~ow "Th, Oark ~ast" 210 Move Mstne; "To~ Banana" B !-- i ~,r ~ ~ %: ~ ~ . ~ =X' :-:, .~: ~ "" I l,conduct and desire to succeed Why not put it to good use? .'. A. II l WITI, Channel fi, Milwaukee Pan,|atl'la-- ~'~lla-~,~ I "~~ ~ =t-.'n=v "a~' I1. ~SlL/ElltOttl~Utll VUt-rt~ i ~l:. ~~ ~IE"~ ~ ~-].~ I l/ ,--,-, h "~ --. . *2:JU /he LeTe, LaTe 5nOW t';WO31sTers r, ,-, r - ,& ~. " ' I ~ "t (~at er ~nomas wm oe urinate to answer a,y personal tettersJ from Boston" A-II 2:30 Early Show "Dragonfly Squadron",4]lll'i I,I/ ~ wed.esday, May ~ A-~ . PARIS -- (NC) -- The Jesuit I . ~11~ ~ !t ~~=,~-'2~ .em mml''~' I U ll l/ I 4:30 The Early Show ".arkansas Travel- 10:00 Late Show "Blazing Forest" A-I I -~' "'~,~i~~'T ~~ "~'l I --'" l" Ill r. I er" A-I,12:15 Late, Late Show "Son of Franken-/mag@zme ~,tuoes says Treats- I =~ i 15~,~ -= "- k i,ll l I ~ -- -- r' ~ T ~ ~ 1 1 IO.~ Th. La,e Show "G ~e," A-,I s,e,'" *S'~nd," M,", Itantlfurnisbed stati~tics~ indicate I ~~ ~ . ~-- ~e -- I ~ A ~u2~l fly UI, M ~ -t~ ,r'~ ,t~ I,I ~ l~t,~ l/,~,I 12:30 TheNew Late,orleansLateAShOWl "Night in 11:00 Lste Show "SYealedYVerdief'' Adl [that t-he number of Protestants I 1 J[' I / Thursda May 11 I I!l t/ IUIUlg~ I.~ll~ t V I "'Y'" I Mooday, May g I' France " closer t half I Th. Ear,y Show "W hin t0n Early Show "The Great Garrick" ,m ,s o a,--= I P~,~f,~ l/1 ,v ~ Me~od " A-U .A- Imillion than the million figure tl "!1~?~~~:~.~," ~ I, rk 1~i " II Continued frompage 9 ]all three if you ever find your- 10:1s "[h~ Lele Show "Perilous Holiday"] ,u:,~ LaTe ~nOWTuesday,"t~omoaro~er"May, A lusualiy g l v e n in reference/I ~-- ~~ - I aper I-langlng I[You need all three for the full]self In the posmon of a Me- n:30 The kate, tare Show "'Aloma of]12:20 Early Show "Dream Girl" B It 1. I~ the South Sees B II Dr -Wall Ta-in- .~ " IllifeI~ l" You.will desperately need/Kone o~ Olmstead. They came Fr'i'day, May 1~ II 10:15 Late Wednesday,Shaw "CitizenMayKene"10 A-II II OO~'S" ]' -~-. -~- ~ .~ I and Finishln- L U~~lthrough w it h flying colors, 4:30 The Early Show "The Pirate" A-I1112:20 Early Show "Great Moment" A-t f1 |IT ) 10"15 The Late Show "Johnny Come Thursday, May 11 II li) ~ ( I I[I ~-.~ l~t-. ,P -t. |Ithanks to their faith InGod, " Lately" ,-, 1,0:1s Late Show "Little Women" A-I II Ill k Z RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL 3A%.KI~U I"1 ~'AK1 12 30 The Late Late Show NO T me for I - Ill I]to their habits of intellectual :, " l~:20Early Show "Hazard" B " 1 "lI ll~ . t' ~ { I Phone: ADams 3-1916 I!1 Military Academy I/exercise, to their balanced ap- Love" A-El !10:15 Late Show "Homecoming" A-'I Jl 1 lie f ~'~ ~ S Friday, May 12 II = I/~ .- ~ ~~:~ -- ) --,1 r WISC, Chadnel 3, Madison 12 20 Eer y Show "Wh spar ng Sm th" I a I/$ ~ ) 11841 S. Liberty Freeport lil ~o-, ,-~-.~-s. CO~dL] [],te~ ~ " I]prec'at'on of recreation. ' hey I,I/} A- ~s~ i:: :~:)::.:::" :. ,; ,by the Br0tl f Hql M,:"":~"::: !:::i !:i:i:~ il~:~:?~ l e Trains boy, to heeom'~ ~ Ilcame out of Russian imprison-10:30 Theater Three "Kid from Cleve- [ WISH, Channel 12, Milwaukee I J ~~:i:!i~~~ lit Christian gent] '-~:~" Umenf wh,q~ m~n l~ they land" A.I i, Sunday, M.y, [I IB I I I Well . balanred program .~.~ 15 - -~ " Suaday, May 7 i I1 il.l.l.~n'~' I I So|id found*tion in th, fu,-i~ liWent in whole. These things lO:0O THE CHRISTOPHERS I 1~:,~ TK~?~i:HEoJRU'THre Over Eng-I " I/$ " I I I I~U .'1 I[I damenta] skil}s. Individual/W,?l! . . 10:35 Theater Three "Belle Le Grand" ] I v II attention small elapses1 ilwmcn I nave menuonea were A-II ' I ~ rand" A- ll I|( "]''l: ~l : :''':I 1 : 'l :l " ' $ I I I i |]some ingredients of t he i r Tu~ssd.ay,Mg 9 110:45 The BigM ndaY'Movie "TheMaY Prince g of !llI -- l!)Ili -- ~} burke ea er ree m a Lr/mlnel i / 1 1 tball, baseball hiking. ~ ' . I ~ l l tobo~g,~, nor~*to,~ Itwholenes-. A I I M.y,0 II O Ill M O D E R N P L A T ! N G i lfll I 1miles from Milwaukee. Writel l/ weonesaay, May /o I I" ~,k~ 1 1for ustr~ted foder 1 l/~ 10 30 Theater Three "Gobs and Gels" 110:45 Big Movie "All About Eve" B I1 I/) ' " ~i]~i~':::i:!:!~:;!iii!i~!~!:~]~!!iiii~ '.~!~ ~!! ~;;~" !~!~ i II~Y~: A I I Friday, May 12 I t=lttlaltAmtl II itrotherDomm,erldee. /.l| ] '10:45 Biq Movie "ln Our Time" A-I II R CORPORATION I Thursday, May 11 C S C Headmaster, I I I io,s I II Say You Saw It m 10:30 Theater Three "1 Killed Thai Man"] WREX, Channel 13, Rockford Jl . . . ! Saturday, May i I I I,I ,- w in s ll It THE OBSERVER I A.-,I. Friday, May 12 ]10:,5C Theater "Redan" A-II ' 11 Ill Com.lete Electro.latmg Servtce i I tm mm I I Wotertown, Wisconsin " I I| ] t0 30 Theater Three "The Red Menace" J l 31.KVlt 1~ lit A-, ii1:. Pa,ama P,ayhouse "Cloak and l. -- '" " " ' a ' Daggar'" A-II ll f-" ' , I ATLAS liar l| ~| If [ WNBQ, Channel 5, Chicago I Sunday. May 7 I| q~ Ill ~ honzed to Do Work on Sacred Vessels , 10:1s SACRED HEART FROGRAM /I . I|! ' I IIP/1 ~llN I Saturday, May 6 I Tuesday, May 9 ' ITiresaB eriesaAccessaries IlkkVll. IlO:lSMovl. S"Destination Moon"*-I lu:3OTuesda~;:ate~;,, A.Ull I JJl GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT ] [ Adorns ond Wi.neshiek .t 9:00 RELIGt(~I~Id~y' ~Y 7 111:00 Playhouse "Y~ddeny Eye" A-I II ~, lit 121-129 SO HANCOCK AVENUE ' [ I Phone AD 2 "010 " . Ill I/I |112:30 THE CATHOLIC HOUR [12:40 Pa arq~ P;ayhouse "Born Reck- II I~l l/{ ' ) J -a ---rteepott III o-- I~1 ~ "~ ~ ~ J| 100 Channe S P ayhousa "The Green ~ le.~" A-t ' 'll M,U.WU Ill oaerstrom s i! ~e.7~ IWKOW, Channe127, Madison /I I[! FREEPORT, ILLINOIS n~l l[IO:lY~ovle b "~ye WITneSS" A-El l t I HEADnIIARTER Ill 1|I2::s RELIOIOn IN LtFE I . Saturday, M,y, ' /I IB," - 0S Matlnee Pin ho e I TELEPHONE ADAMS 2 6139 " / -,Mo.d.y, M.y, : y ", :ome . Home" A-I / Quality Memorioi$ l,I VaLLey. t'aznt II ,:. Movi. S"TheTuesday,Hea,'SMay on,B, ilo: o Fenfare "So Ends Our Hight", /I BRANCH PLANT! I " II for 94 Years II I/4:00 MovleS"Code of Scotland Yard" BI sunday. Mey 7 /I 1:30 Fanfare "SO Ends Our Night" B II 2500 N MAIN STREET { ":" Wednesdey, May 1Q Monday, May I I i l I I Gompany I/ oo Mov, s "Tre.sure ot Ruby Hi,s,I,o:3o THE CHR,STOPHERS ti I/I ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS DINgMIMER I I ~ ~,T.'t'/'1"t ~tlr/rlrlnt 4:00 MOVieS "Happy GO Lovely" A-I' [ '1 "~" ' l!il t" e l~~ " "l ' I I,I PAUL CARLSON AGENCY if/rite or Phone Us ~or Details and Esti.tates I ~:~- ~4,~:: It| KIMSALL AT N GROV[ Itl ~zu~ t, arnIn i~ INSURANCE--REALTY I I!1 ' Ill I Ph. 105 Erie,l I FLACHTEMEIER II ELGIN JlJ Elgin, lllinois ll -- r~ ~l~~~[~~l," . I E, H, Brown---W. H. Brown, Owners !,Sil~ e ~l~ I I BETTERGAS CO; Distributors O/ 1 I 1 P H I LGAS" " " "YOUR lnsuronce Policy I~ Phone ~61 In our Divine Word Sem|nar|es in India Philippines end