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May 5, 1961     The Observer
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May 5, 1961

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O FRIDAY;MAY 5, 1961 1961 Cathoree Officers Elected; Name Chairmen AURORA -- Richard Coyne was elected committee chair- man of the Cathoree commit- tee recently for the 1961 term at an election in the Knights of Columbus hall here. Other offi- cers elected at the same time were: Ralph Aborts, secretary, and Dean Rohman, treasurer. The Committee sponsors the] Cathoree which is a joint Boy[ Scout campout and Catholic re-] treat. This year's event will bei the 9th annual Cathoree and the largest ever held. Following his election CoyneI named the following committeeI chairmen: Walter Draudt, siteI committee; Fred B r o w n, fi-] nance; Tony Walt, religious:I Ralph Abens, cathet; and Paul J, We]s, publicity. All Catholic Boy Scouts are eligible to attend the Cathoree and all Catholic scouters are welcome to attend the planning meetings being held at the K. C. hall. The next meeting of the committee will be Thurs- day, May 25, nt 8 p.m Diocesan 4 Holding Key Jobs in Play THE OBSERVER MAY IS THE MONTH OF MARY -- Across the United States, in the great National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, and in the humblest chapel, May is marked as the month of Mary. She is the heavenly patroness of the United States under the title of her Immaculate Conception, Love for Mary came to this country PAGE 9 St. Peter Scouts [ Plan Open House!" u At Floral Shop ROCKFORD -- Sunday, Ma3 7th, from 1i a.m. to 5 p.m. the Explorer Scouts and their moth- ers of Post 37, sponsored by the St. Peter Holy Name societY, will hold an open house in the floral shop of Miss Constance Tremulis at 806 N. Main St: Mrs. John J. Kubinski, chair- man of tl~e post's Mother's group, is general chairman for the event assisted by Mrs. Rich- ard E. Cleary and Mrs. Cy Ed- wards, Co-chairman of the as- sociated Scout unit, Troop 37, Mother's group. Explorer moth- ers serving as hostesses will be Madames: John C. Stafford, Pau1 B. Mare]li, H a r o 1 d M. Baker, Garrett K. Wright, Jay Villa,~ Tom Harmer, Earl Hall, Warren Donne, Taylor Hart an, William KreideG Ted lackson, Lyle Bale, John Von Bergen, Garner Taylor, George Novak, Frank LeBron, R o b e r t Mr- Names and Ralph Pratt. Hosts for the event will be Eagle Explorer Scouts William W. Sparks and Bud Triton. sec- retary and treasurer, respec- tively, of Post 37. They will be assisted by all explorer mem- bers of the unit and will serve Sulnnleg Work: Girls? Edited by the Jesuit Clerics ,at West Baden College 'What does a good-look]n{ young woman like me do when the last day of the school year arrives? No s e n s e standing around my locker any more. The boys have fled these hal- lowed old corridors. No more rides home in nice new con- vertibles. Oh sure, they'll be around on the week ends. The unions don't allow work on Saturday. And the C h u r c h keeps Sunday free. But in the meantime, I'm going to get a little tired looking out the liv- ing-room window. Why don't the editors'0f FTO find xne a job?" WELL (we respond), t h e FTO staff is an all-male organ- ization. Its office files just don't seem to have many sta- tistics on young working girls. Girls are working. We know that from the amount of money they spend on clothes. They could never get t h a t much refreshments. Contest Winners Feted said merely: "It's not a nice place. It's just not very nice." Understatement is what we ex- pect from men who know bet- ter than to exaggerate and are equally reluctant to relive grim times. So Captain McKone let it go at that. THEY B O T H HAD BEEN QUESTIONED c o n t i n u ally, threatened with possible death for spying, had talked to no- body but their tight-mouthed guards and their questioners. They saw e~ch other only twice during the whole imprisonment of seven months, heard almost nothing of the outside world. In each of their 8-by-15 foot cells, bright lights burned day and night. Captain McKone's "not very nice" just doesn't seem to do justice to a harry- ing half-year in which lesser men might have worried them- selves into breakdowns. What saved Captains Mc- Kone and Olmstead? What held them up? In McKone's words. it was "faith and hope and be- lief in God" that did it. Both asked for Bibles. Only elm- stead got one. and he was ridi- culed for making the request. Then there were t h e math money from.their parents, problems they worked out in We agree that looking out a their heads to keep their minds living-room window on a bright off grimmer things there are summer day is boring enough, grimmer t h i n g s than math So here's e thought--have you problems. And they made play- ever considered volunteering ing cards with which they play- for work with t h e Catholic ed solitaire for another diver- Charities of your diocese? They seen. BISHOP BECOMES 'WHITE DOVE'--Bishop Victor J. Reed GENEVA -- Four youths with its earliest explorers. The Spanish honored her as La may have an orphanage or two THAT LINE-UP of saving of Oklahoma City-Tulsa is congratulated by Caddo Indian from the diocese of Rockford Purisima; the French named their chief city Ville Marie; the ][~r ~?=~:l|~n~:l C.=rnlln where a helping hand would occupations impresses me as women after becoming the first whRe man ever to be "adopt- have imnortant Darts in pre- Mississippi was called the "River of the Immaculate Concep- J~'.7 v L" really be appreciated, or an tyvical of what we all need to ed" into the tribe. Bishop Reed, in receiving the Indian head- sentation-of "Comedy Quartet," tEen"; and the English in Maryland named their first town GALENA--Winners o~ the an- old-folks home that could use st'a*y sane under pressure, to dress, was given the name Ha-dos Ha-Ka-Yu (White Dove), a vrozram of one-act plays to "The City of St. Mary." Over the very doorway (above) of the nual creative poetry contest the smiling face of a bright ~et the most out of ourselves denoting his spiritual mission of dispensing the Holy Spirit. be-staged Saturday and -Sun- great National Shrine in Washington American Catholics are sponsored by Court Isabella young woman. You won't get for the sake of whatever cause More than 1 000 Indians ~itnessed the ceremony at St. Patrick day Ma-' 13 and 14 at 8 " mreminded that the glory of Mary is that she was chosen to be No 572 Catholic Daughters of anything in the way of money re workin~ for' raisin~ a Indian Mlsston at Anadarko, Okla the Indian Capital of the in the gymnasium of Sacred the Mother of God. Sculptured panels to the right and left America wore entertained by But you could end up with family, teaching school, run- World. Heart Mission seminary here. show women of the Old and New Testament and indicate that the court last month at a chick- something that can't be bought ning a newspaper or a buM- John Fahnestock of St. Ther- Mary was the central woman or all history. On May 7 at the en dinner at which time t h e --love of your neighbor. You ness, or work crew, etc. The l~|o'~r~ ~,r~h,r~,~=.~ l'~,t~L ]l~;~,~|;~t ese parish in Aurora portrays National Shrine, and at other churches on this and other days poems were r e a d and prizes know you don't have to wait big three: religion, work. and .L~X~IAS * 7~lJ.U.VJUt~t ~ X.~OaAt~t x AUtCaxXOt a French dramMist in "To Kill in May, Mary will be crowned with flowers. Throughout the awarded. All of the winners are for the Peace Corps to send play. Each has its own reason; ~rT, T ^ % c, ~-. ^ ~ ~* i~ *~ se" e~'th -n a Man." John is the sonof month, pilgrims will come in even greater numbers to the from St. Mary and St. Michael you off to Africa. Work is as none exists just to help kee~ .~ -U~ ~o~ ~" I~ T%':~'~ ~'i~h"~h~l'~v Mrs So hid Fahnestock great Marian shrine In the capital. Love for Mary is char- schools here close as a person needing help. pressured p e o p le mentally Edward high school here, B.~.- o ,P . . . . . . . b e Ilhncl O~her Important Jobs actertsttcally American Winners m the 1st Division healthy And the order given is ara Campbell, has been chosen[contest conducted by th " "s . . ,ITL . ~[Society for Medical .Research R~chard Stiles, the son ot- -~-~ which includes Grade 4 through llllq~q:5 tO a Key ~O the remuve lmpor- D~|~ ]for her p a p e r on the "The Mr. a.nd Mrs. benzol Stiles, St. ** ***,~,~,1~, .~,~Wt~,A~ 6 were: Peggy Murphy, lst; ~ . Itance oI earn. ~et no man can |VLV a ]Value of Animal Experimenta-IPatrick parish, St. Charles, is,~l. Vll~i~,l:i~/b JU//IN~ Deborah Beadle, 2nd; and Rob-[[~[~m~a~m|-~pp [ignore either the second or At~k~AAA~AAA~,~A t~rd exclusively for the first ,it]on." " [$ngineering the lighting for the ert Smith, 3rd. All three a r e] [ . : I II Miss Campbell, daughter of[entire l~rogram. Father Ambre is a household[ters, children and residents of from St. Michael. Winners in You read about the RB-47 True, true. But the pomt is ,~ |[Mr. and Mrs. Fair an Camp-[ In charge of background mu- word both in and out of St. Vin-~,St. Joseph's horde paid special the 1st division from St. Mary t flyers McKone and Olmstead,]th!s:. don'! you ignore the flrs.L ,~ |/bell of Hampshire, was spon-[sic and all other sound effects cent's' and a special figure in attention to our Eucharistic Lord were: Mkchael McCarthy, lst; same as I did. I was impress-[celiaran, mr the second, not ~ h De al ~ v 1 ~ 9 you want to stay healthy Don t ,- - -n "- |leered bv her biology teacher t is Bic ard Cutler of K b. the town of Freer~rt i unveiled before us Ralph Greene, 2nd and Be er y~ed were you. They talked[ - . . ~ i nore the second for the third, ] I ~'~ ~-~l []Sister Ann Felice O.P. Her as- His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ar- After seven years of dedicated Tranel, 3rd l about t h e i r imprisonment in g .: I Polo Illinois I1~1 Aurora residents may gett ] " The winning poems were sent I ~ . . were wnen our gooo ratner t~m-,' I IIPULU . I reservat~ons by calling for[bre sustained a broken wrist and Members of Freeport Wa-Tan. to the state chairman of educa- I ~~ Polishing I T t " " ~] [tickets at W %8052. Ba arm,[broken vertebra in a fall from a]Ye club visited St. Joseph's tlon for entrance in the state,~dw~lt~!Bil~ ~F~,~,i !| []Geneva and St. Charles resi-]2ofamladd~r ]Monday. They left 30 geranium contest. Winners in that con-I ,t ,s^ ~]~1~1~ ~1~ " " " ~l I gMITM MfFrfiD F~ Ill nt~lr~ |[dents may call JU 4-4610.[--it'w'hs-anewex,~erienceto see!plants in various colors for the test are sent to the Nation~ I ~'#'~ ~~ ~,orner i ,vav.~ ,vo,vo II r Lv " "IIOthers interested may write to: ~. 1 ~ ~;,~, ,w fa Inursing care patients on first education chairman for the ha-,S. Goleno & N /*' "' I I r.n r c,~,t |,Comedy Quartet, Sacred Heart Fmi~ars~ght'~ ourpriest*super- floor. For this kind interest the tional contest. I Freeport "~~ $, Chi ogo ' FUKI~II/UI~I: D/LtI~r Mtsslon Seminar Geneva I res dent mn "! ~ II II " " ' y, in;endent in work clothes was i .s and staff are deeply- Galena had a national w' er ] " ~ - ]l I ill lt/ I I . . . I IAdult admission is $1, with stU-]absent from our scene Also no-tgrateful,in 1959. 11 I ~ I I D. Seidel --- K. t~rown I/dent admission 50 cents [ticeably missing was' the fa-[~~--" [i j[~t~ ME ~K~ ~tt~LI. ~ gA ! lU~ ! I Il Co'Owners U [miliar cassocked figure, in thel~[~ ~ ~1~ ~[w ~t]~ r~ ~ ~ ii WI GIVE $&tl 6REEN STAMPS [ I See-Drive -- Co Dare II,U [-~1 K.I~.~.~I Icomdors and classrooms, coun-[ I --~ ,-- ~ --,-2;-,-- II I:tD~WM ~I:II~I:/ l/-Lu k.YlUlltSWJtJ.- [soling our youngsters and corn- -411 ~'' ~ I tore--- for-- l~Ol I~1 w,~v,T ~t wbt. l! I ! l -- ~ I ira i| lt'r Imrtmg our omsters. IHIilIAV ,~h h U E I i. FRI[PORT . N On DEs la t avnvttm v ~v r,m', I Display III FUNERAL HOME IIINews ' I In compensation for his physi- i I - -N I Vowntow. iii l/ "~ Ical duress there was the re- m II,I ~ ( I~:artIRr ] I T: I I Phone 6-2562 II Continued from page 8 ]markable and overwhelming vol- "MAVI'I{i[K ! I roIo trlW &OI III. i . - . n w =nwmw ",row** Y" . ume of spiritual benefits m the -- I o,o ,-w. ,o, '"" Ill,II esults of the class elecftonsl II ,^ ^ ^ Iwere announced Tuesday, A,~ril ]iorm o~ prayers, ~vmsses, sara- ~ 'k JAMES |1 ~.~ LUr3tNrK HI;A/IH~T ~ AIK LqJHIJI/IUHIHI/ ~" hces and get well cards that del 1 R EP RT Phone AD 2 3613 EA|,e [25. Presidents for th'e 1961-621 - : !1 t. Seu, S F, 0 - ~l~l$~k f'~L'-~--~l~ [school year are: Senior class, ugea ~amer in nls hospitaL ~~l ~ "A"K in -- , /% ann "~ "' " ' r " troom.~o earnest was me re- -- - .:-" ~r * ~, !+1 --- -~----'~ ' ' z e uomns; 3umo cross,KELLY ' " v" Martha Langand sophomore[sp nse to Fathers recovery that ~ lil t~ep se,vlc, - . ~.uu,~ r~ one of our youngsters seriously For * " the beer ? ? ? : ' class Eileen S'egneri " Channel 1] ] Quality and LOW COST I ? ? ? II d;F;ro cts I Plan St-ie Simw tremarked that he prayed so ~ II Llamm e . a l " " I ' - Ihard and so bng that it was,15 "- ' re resttU I Wo. er "a Co. li I The semor sewing class will. h . o~oo /{ W{wm.w Ill ADom 'I'.4513- l ~a, llgil&O fl g I ha v w;+~ +i'l i!present a style show for thei~":u,s" " ,"':Y ." nil " ~.~ --,~. t,~,~t o """ ~t" { wrists aria several nroKen verte- m - Ill I .UC ;;,' I:i f ~.~ ~ j! I,women attending the Muldoon brae ~J~ ~AJrl~ Ve I 'e "2 II I fEads~C~i:~:les~ CMa~yi0breehke -- gff I Phone MA 5.1282 II "wx=1 " I mot'hers will attend -- "n "h I In the absence of Father Am- MI K K AND :)PKII I(aI:K ' I 4 [~: ~~ I[ . lvlass ] t elbre Father Fitzgibbons o ned " OrOr 5-84145841 pe Ask for BIG "D" Drewr s . . o -.ore ovo *"aso ho,c oo,-- ome ,chapel and then wew the style ' " " M sa e Y I Itl ~"~.' .'. ~"~'~1 l Ilshow in the aum+,",~- a~.~,~ ' . . I THflMFWAY IINF THOM AYLINESIIi limbers of t eh ~'~.',~" ~"~- "~:~ lands ,~a~ procession on Friday morn- 116 S. Chicago Ave. Distributed Througtl, OUt Stephenson bounty t~y-- I -;TY".:"."=- o":"." Itl Rt't~w "I::AH rtAIDY Umodel the outfits which they['mg" Throughout the hours of Fn- Ph ADams 2-8712 Freeport, I .ll F R A N K L A S S A N D R O I ,'~", ~"a:'::?~ ~'~'t". i!l "~'~F~2U ~'36'~ [lhave made throughout the year]day' Saturday and Sunday, Sm- -- 2924 East ~pring Street AD 24036 Freeport, Illinois a~ w. tn KOCK r l$ Ill ~,n. ~wom .~-~. ~ .! ~trhd:e as~i~ance of Sister M./i C idren" Give Play [[ The " dTM| I T D i /'I I T T D Students from.the first and]INATIONAL BANK qjII UD I O UII1LI e L Rn ,K t-,ALIK secona graaes of St. Vincent's~l ~- ~,I~][' /n~ ru rs. . v~ ~ ~'J home for children, Freeport, I of "Famous For Fine Food" . ~ T ~-~ a,r~ r. ,--1 presented a vocation play entitl-[] SAVANNA Get The F,aures ~.~ L ~z A J.~ ~ l~. D ed Come Follow Me, for the i . -- . - ~, -- entire student body, Friday, }i,teaKs mcKen-- ea ooa ,~ ',April 28. Members of the Serra Your Bank For Every Nohce Your Appearance OTHERS DO c'ub- -r- r {] Distinctive D oh C s Get The Cars That ' and s3ns:;:;et h:''rn:rPa ay[I ,manctatoervtce A r onditioned o fortYeorRou d ,Hm. V-. i 1, htch po ; P g ,fl,~lve /OU ore -- J. P. TYNE, Owner -- ~ was. written ~.y xtev. J./I Memner F.D.I.C, Five Miles West of Freeport on Rte. 20 . ' ' ~rnmp ttemy ana'a~rectea vy,' 323 1st Ave. (MA 5057 ) ao k /I,- . S~ster M Leanore and Sister M 229 Main St Savanna, Ill Reservet,ons For Pc,veto Port es AD 3 1107 Lawrenc - -trom-. , ~ " " I "~i ''. ATAVIA . . . - 111 IA { dAN US MOTORS, Inc. I;I IF HII Your Authorized Plymouth.Valiant Dealer BATAVIA SHEET METAL SHOP I i"" - - i l |i Ull|| II 9 W. Doug]as Freeport, Ill. tts "eat by Republic .UMtSEK 11 P,epored to Pede fion To cot here :rY~a t ke llt ~ - i IL " ",i c. w tson UATAVlA Tg ?-5742,I;I -. -.-. - . -- - ; ,OMPANY II ELLIOT, JEWELRY CO.L /!li/IJ;l bl'JIWIW!l I]1 --Estoblished ,ss9-- - AT rDAIA/ / Dh C ::i 14 1F1F[li ( TT ll{ SAVA,NA ILLINOIS '108 Ea,t Stephens,n Freeport ,n vwrva = PRESCRIPTION ' '~'"Y'W; ServiceFARMF/hatMACHINERYF/e Sell ~ S,v,nn, SUPER, K[MIONE RUBBER WAtt PAINT Cleaners & Dyers,KEM GLO ENAMEL , 845 E. Wilson St.T,me Payrnehts TR 9-3552 "~~J "Featunng Santtone Servtce" ~ ' *H ES~I*B ~ I~*Re'~' IVe Specialize BATAVIA ~ 228 Chicoge Ave. Die} 6625 ~'~l[ttP~; WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. . [ As near as -- ' m tnerutmgo! ! 0p r0dn0eCl0.rj! T,!", o our Prescriptions Y s jonnson funeral ~ervlce TTT T'I~ TrrNI'N n ~ ~ :,~{ 9S0. BATAVIA AVE. llUINllSl-I D John W Barrett O.D." Fxpert Fitters of Trusses 4~ ~ "IT 1 ' " Elastlc Stockings Surgical Supports t rane runerat home l" "% i " " APT TR' T ru per. mor at t napet u um - . 222 E. WILSON ST. I I '1 NORMAN E JOHNSON, Owner . 7 EAST STEPHENSON ST. (| Ill ;t iJi '11; l'J OHice 9 So Batavia Ave Phone 5555 "(Over Woolworth's) t mmlll l,i " * " " AD 25011 I'rescripli0n' S pe,'ialisls I TR 9 1491 TR 9 1487 " BATAVt " 309 Chicago Avenue Savanna, Illinois " t