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May 5, 1961     The Observer
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May 5, 1961

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FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE WASHINGTON BACKGROUND ,] No Shelf Sp, J ] BY NORMA KRAUSE HERZFELD ment heads to report promptly to him on their plans and recom- IT IS NOT AT ALL IMPOS,=IBLE that Lyndon Johnson will[ WHAT TO DO with vice presidents is a chronic problem mendations for ending racial discrimination in federal jobs and run for president in 1968 on the record of the Kennedy adminis-i /contracts He has also urged new efforts to end discrimina- tration, and that his opponent will be Richard Nixon. If it looksi unaer me American system oI government wmcn makes me " . ' ' iion in arenticesni training ro~rams a Key mea because as though Kennedy can be re elected in 1964 Nixon may notl ltn:ni;iy2::~office;sr~/llnltoil;wl" -NST. 'offers keep th'eim ,ortant obftns't m ;$1 P2 "orEte "d$ "tAahtN ee' e" s ne TexamPtwe.i~~e ~ na encoura es n,~[ IE, lhr'y " ass "r~elps "'" : i1, ' ~1: " ' -,' y-. " e ' ee . ! any vice president ha2 ever befoPre enjoyed. The activities ofI THE VICE PRESIDENT HAS been named chairman of the nedy critic. Still convinced that he lost the 1960 election only be-I Lyndon Johnson, in turn, will probably make the previous National Advisory council for the Peace Corps, a 33-member cause of the bias of some news reporters and actual theft at[ effort of enhancement look feeble by comparison. I"big name" group which is to give "guidance and counsel" to the polls, he will be a harsh critic of Kennedy and Johnson.I the fledgling agency. Another, more important chairmanship . . WELL AWARE THAT JOHN$O.N S prevmus poslhon as for Johnson is that of the National Aeronautics and Space coun- / THE NEXT FEtWer YEARS WILL t~HAPEnttrhe dwei~tlmle~fu:l~eI Senate majority leader had g~ven h~m unprecedemed political cil which advises the President on ,space policy and coordinates t~o men ano oe~e mine ~ neme~ .~ e c,y ex "~1 power, President Kennedy has taken great care I ~ ~ ~,~ " ' " n~ ,~ n ~ see a Battle oi Vice ~resiaents on me mp jo~ I that Johnson has lent to do not onl ~ ~.I ~ ~cL .~ U. S. mflltar~ an.- mvfllan s~ c ~ro~rams, This ' | to see P Y, Y ~ Ijob was originally set up for the President, but Eisenhower (Copyright, 1961 The Catholic Reporter) | to use his talents but to himirom leering ~ ]never took it over, so Kennedy moved to put it under Johnson, - that he ~ave up a bette,m re ' P J ~~ Iformer chairman of the Senate Space committee. Needless to / to become a conshtutmnal nonentity When l[llff~:::::~ h n ha an enormous ob to do here r~ " .' ,~~ --,~ay, o nso s J II1118 rlan few lOVl/la/e I Congress convened prior to the inau~ura-~~[ [ tion Johnson went back to the Senate and had ~~ ] SO IN JUST A FEW MONTHS the vice president has been DUBUQUE, Iowa -- The Sis- h Calif. Mother Mary Consolat-[ himself elected a member of the Senate Demo- ~~i:.:~ [handed a number of impressive assignments. In contrast, when ters of Charity, of the :Blessed rice, Superior General, said[ cratic caucus. This proved embarrassing to rhany ~~ [Richard Nixon took office in 1953, he languished over the Sen- Virgin Mary, whose mother- construction will begin soon on[ ienators, and other senators cried aloud, fear- ~~ late and many minor p01itical chores relegated by the non-politi- house is located here, will open a 57-acre estate overlooking the[ ]hg that a Johnson "take over" was an attempt ~ [cal President Eisenhower. He was left to fend for ofhce space a second novitiate in Los Gatos,[Santa Clara Valley. [ ~o ut the executive branch of the government around the Senate, and saw comparatively little of the Presi-,l ,~ in Pontrol of the co-equal legislative branch. ~~ dent, although he regularly attended cabinet and National St- Truman Sneaks nee Aaaln I [curity council meetings. It was not until August that first ]U I~ | THIS MOVE TO KEEP his old job and be vice presment, toO, lyear that Nixon was named chairman of the President's Corn- KANSAS CITY, Mo -- Form-I "It would do them s o m el roved lm osslble and nothing more has been heard of it What P" ' P " " " lint:Coo on Governmept Contracts axed not until OcIober that he er President Harry S. TrumanI~,~,4,h ~i,q i n o t, o| !! remains is the job of making an execunve out ot aonnson w o set off on a 45,000,000-mile good will tour through the Far East said that if lack of l~ederal aid ~"~. ~" . "~ r/ has spent all his life previously as a legislator, and Middle East He did much more traveling later on but for their schools forces Catholic quesuon Irom a smaem rote [ JOHNSON HAS BEEN GIVEN A SUITE of offices next door the only o~her "executive" responsibilify he garnered was head children into public,schools "it a speech at Kansas City Junior} ~. ; " - " lof a committee to study price stability in 1959. twouldn't hurt them. [College. / Ill ~o ~ne wni~e ~ouse, where ne spenas m.ucn time, seeing ~en- ned,- frequently. He attends cabinet meetings, White Housel~----------- [ [ briefings, meetings with legislative leaders and meetings of the ISHARING OUR TREASURE [ I National Security Council. He went off early this month on a / [] 13,000-mile tri~ to represent the U. S. at the first anniversary[T ~ . lr,~'~ .1 . . ffl~ ~"~| l ' [ celebration of-!he indepen11~ew~hthhe n;::eA~ris;annnutiOsn' Lleutenam eaus weemeart to rue nurcn of Senegal, comerring at le g " g [ economic aid -- -- ] o s ost- n Throu-h Good Exaln-le and Encouragement / I oatverGin:;~,a:eh2;Jr?ee~ett twh:u,2t~sian2aki;;tabtlha:o th;~ru:e~ " ~ F ~ ' [ ~ w~,-~ h ~-o ~t ~h~ ,"n+h" anniversary celeb,'a ion of "the[ Rev. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. IAssumption of Our Lady c'hurch.!yearned to receive Holy Com-,~means more to me, Jim, his[ iiiili e- -li'hm'nt~oi'~NAT}3~milita'r": headouar'ter; decla,in~ that] (Umverslty of Notre Dame) [He pointed out that the Mass is~munion. The fact that the Cath-'ikmdness and example that in-[ i!;~il ,stab s e ~ -, ~, o ~ i:i* ~ ;~ ~1 /theliturgical re-enactment ofiollc church alone was Iounded qmry class and a patmnt and] ::::~ "a genuine pOtltlCal -- aS Veell as economic -- ~u ~.~z s~I In a country where Lain lies' ~ ! .~. . . . . . . i .' ~. . - / :::-:~ a~pear increasingly feasible as our long run goal " and non Catholics li~e as neioh~ ithe Sacrifice of Calvary and'by tmnst convmcea me ~t is tne iun~erstanmng prmst were the/ ~ "- ' ' -- ' -,~, " .J . ~'.- showed me how to follow it in a true church. I channels through which God[ ::ii~ EVER THE CONSUMMATE POLITICIAN, Johnson made!~ic:ss' :~rlt2~: :YdS~fra2qumn~ll;imissal which he gave me. ItI 'fAlter being baptized I made sent,the precious gift of faith to] it back to Washingtor~ in time to dance with Cherry Blossom " "' ; . was different from any type of;ms first Holy Communion with me.' | . attencl the same nl~,n sen is ' " ' "" " " '* F h ' " ' ieshval queens and to slog across the muddy held for the flag- [ ^ ~ :^u ; ~v.~ d~wne servme that I had ever J~m receiving w~h me. My at ,er 0 Br~enw~l~ be glad [ I raising ceremony at the baseball season's opening game [~,u ,~.~ ~,:~,~].2,w]{~o~21attended, but I was impressed!heart w, as filled with joy. We[ to have converts send their ] il I ~,"?'~, "~ ':~'~Y ~ ~'iby the prayers which I read in'were married at a Nuptial Mass[ 7~ames and addresses to hirn [ [] THE FIRST EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENT he received was o ~," icur. ~ut mose cour~smps canlEn lish and by the devotion of back home bv the Rev. George] at Notre Dane Un~versi'y, [ I that of chairman of the President's Committee on Equal Em-[termm~e m Cathohc marrmges!the~worshippers, iMeilula, S.M. God has alreadyt Notre Dame Indiana so he [ ployment Opportunities, a new group merging the former Corn- ~ tne ~ atnonc sets me prope.rI [blessed us with two children] ~na~/ write ~p their conver- I mittee on Government Contracts and the former Commit,ee o [ ~ " ~ and every day my holy faith l sio~ stories, [ Government Employment Policv The two old committees at-!menu to examine ms notyI "It would have been much nc n^nv I']Al~l~"[~ltl Rll/ll~l/ll Froth Thin ~s illustrated m the ~ r foll ff the celebrant tempted to end dis'crimination 'in employment by government; " ' " ' . ' - eas'e to ow" ir] ~l~if~l~][~ [|~=~| I~ D~D| [~/.~]~J]~| ]~|~|~111 contractors and government agencies. The new committee with i conversion of Mary Jewnall,read these prayers aloud inl~[~ ~J[~ ~'~10'J~I~ . . . | its enlarfed mandate has also received new Dowers to enforce]Walker o~ Blackshear, Ga English, as. it wasn't easy. to fol- ,I for its recommendations. [ I hadnt been baptized m lowthem~ssal andtheceremo./| . |[ lany chm;ch," related,Mary, nies at the altar at the same:] I ~ ~ A V ~ |[ #~sn-.- -.~ a~s~,~ns,~-n~tw LABOR SECRETARY ARTHUR GOLDBERG is vice chair- "b u t usually:~:~z~.: itime. The priest announced that ] l ~ I~ ~ 1 I~ l[ IH~" [~ll][~]ll']{l~l I~U~ ]AllUN man of the committee and there is talk that in a power strug- went with moth-~ an inquiry class would be held I II --' ' gle preceding ~ts estabhshment, Goldberg captured ~ts appa - er to the Bap-~%% and all interested persons were I I~ ID I~ I~ ID iPt h,I I I I~ II atus from Johnson. But this remains to be seen, and Johnson tist c h u r c h, lcordially invited. He explained I |-. r. V V ~ II tJl: TM[: H/3/V fl-11/1314('ff'll3 has already taken the lead in askingall government depart- i while dad stay- ]that you didn't have to commitI ~ II ~/ /I IL IIVL/ %,111L-I~l IV~l#lk# ,ed h o m e. I~i~ yourself in advance and that I +SE' MONEY YOU II ,~T ~ Iwent to bunaay [you could drop out at any time. ] " SAVE BY THE ISTH 11 Jotns rraterntty/uopa,ong t asey !~Cnhi:~]edU~ti~ghI~ w:,Th: EARNS FROM THE 1$T J[ Our Blessed Lord gave His very own DETROIT, Mich --- B y r a n MUSOMA, Tanganyika--(NC): " r : " " " " ' OF THE MONTH " " ", . ' . i chool As the e~: :~Blcome a Catholic and I would] FA II I II ;;~" +" "~-ns~'m all mankind from the fanaenaun, son ,or lwr. ann --westerns .nave. mace tne)riwas but' one ~ Ihave hesitated to have gone to[ [ a~ Ill~/~ll"~ Sovings Insureo to $10 000 J[ .ux c: t~u ,to. u, Ivlrs A. tJ ~anflenault oi mark even 1A ~111:; remote, iv. Catholic famil r " r n' eked for a,t ~ m . . m~ . i I Yi~--:~::~i la ecto y a a a: com- I / ~ ~. " I by Federal Sovings and Loon II Donaaae OI sin lrle lVllSSlonarv, SO ~ocKIorfl was recently accept- less 2~irlcarl mlSSlO11. ' e r " . . . e3 " -~ ,',: . ~. :g [ :' ]in Blacksh a,plete course of m~tructmn. J,m:l ~ I~ ~,o~0. II ea as a pm~ge to ~gma i'm when tamer oonn r. t~asey, 00 ' ~ i [ i a town of about 3,0 I knew came with me About 20 per- I !1 much llRe Christ, lS calleCt on to lve Epsflon, nauonm socm~ xratern- IVI.IVI OI ~ynn, Mass. nrst root virtuall-- nothin"~ about the : " "[ " . ~ .I . All Withdrawot$ void promptly |l,v itf, at the. Umverslty of D.etr~t in}on bush town nea~h::tridecka Catholi;~ religion,s s;n~&:thr~l]c~am;~;;; an;re~imt: tJ ~ Foce to Foce IeHet $ervic. J[ h~s talents, hts years, h~s genres to wnere ne is a sopnomore in t e ea out m levis an " . ' I m r By D votion Father Wflham Carey conduct-~ Open 8 A.M, L~oily " ' " College of Commerce and F,-hugewhite stalhon the villagers[ I p essed e . . =l o- o a r,-- JJ make th s ransom of Christ effective ,' ' l" ' ' " ' n to'Ca me crassWeeKly /or ten : p ~w . rL I~ p.m. nance. He is a high s c h o o 1 screamed A cowboy, and ran 'It wasn t u n t ~ 1 I we t . . ; J ~ J[ .~ ~,~ .~ .~ graduate of United College in'for the sa'fety of their huts. ]Jacksonville. Fla to work for weeK.s ana ans)verect ;a peck O~ I ~ * Po~,o~ Po~d Bot~ WoV, II even on me ranges oi me earm. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,] But their fear is rapidly dis-Ithe Prudentia! Insurance com-iq~::;; t:'the~c~Surc~r ~ug;~i I - tl where he also took his freshmani appearing as they watch this pany that I came into close con-]h~ ~ c oi.:erable wa" to "o ! ][ t ,o ;~t 1~ ~ 1,1 ,axrt~ courses in college, missioner make his weeklyltact wflh Catholics. I began to I 1 lrA'w. II "" " I rounds--greeting the children, idate Jim Eichelberger who Yearns for Eucharist tJ 1 I / . II - . . . t Parents Meet ~o: !ii~! :a;! ul~:~ti nod~"]~Nhii~'t]Ji:~:ds:{f2{eya~a~b:@i tmi innSS;h;W!i~mk a:2i~kwU:~::i:;l~e~l~ III h :f ar :: LOVES PARK -- St. Bridget l ' " '1 " . ',1 - -. m a . Home and School association[the villagers turn out to greet i college in Buffalo. He is a de-ltm I felt perfectly at ease. I stu~ !l 1,g,II capture the imagination o[ young men will hear Wall- Scott of WREX-[the "good cowboy" with a 'yiplvout Catholic and I could see died the catechism carefully and,~ II ~'- Y -- - 7 . I h w much his reli ion meant toI " " ' a d women and to enkindle their zeal ::d~k ;hlh~i~/:2o ?rn]~il:[vand a yell that would make any h~n~s~::;:t~ read Father Smith Instructs 11 the program,[I ' " " : II "Isms." Christianity, particularly in 114 N CHURCH ST ROCKFORD---WO $ 2477 the Mission of the world, is in ROCKFORD . . ]J, ]] areas -- this race for souls The comnetition is I * IU ~ ?JA2?NYS !2fIC?E~, J[ $IDIAMOcDSIN;AcTCHE~kL !t ~] ! ' [ very strong, and the Church must use SILVERWARE COSTUME JEWELRY I ",i/I Establish:d {895- I You can bank on the Illinois National J every auxiliary force to present the J n o,' I[I BOLENDEWS It INl ll/!/ l I in more ways than one! J Program of Christ effectively. ,I uwyer ,x Anuerson I! I', y Store o] DistinctionROcKFORD-I,[ Rockford. Ill. [ [ of the Holy Childhood Association, llllll NN. MAINMAIJewelry'ST Store O] DtsttncttOnRoCKFORD H, ~ 330RockfordWest Stat.ill ]1, ~~l~~(~l-~l~, Better serwce with [ To stress the importance of the work I I wo 3.m, /I !1 A 10-17 JJ new equipment - j Our Holy 'Father, Pope John XXIII, I 'il It c,o, Storts Jtme 12-19 |I i I Agnes K. Uwyer I J [~4DI~t,61~50(ID~ I m Typing is fun' Spelld a few I! ,r-, - -, v,-,-. .-. . ,T .-, / announced that he would be theFather l[i [I |/ 15LI U'I'IIU IU / " ,1 ~ll WHolre'mea.Roe ~y~urnhofn~eui~?rf I[ ' lib / Protector of this Pontifical Mission ld duCr h;l I II IDR. R: L ~(HL[l(ti[R//I ,',o.'.o I/ eaters eed accurac conveni;:ce, .~" g " Y I .o -. It ! /! . II I er blessed the Work and the Workers. i D .t,h 1 1 I |ll 2. Increase I owers ot eeneen r Ill ' OPTOMETRIST : He stressed the importance of Catholic I I/I /[i I/ Bmllli I Ex er enced ' ' I ~~'{i: p I/,I/I,*~2:k ~ :A",:' d ira |1 - I children, especially in- t h e United Conditioned :' ~erv' . . ~ y " I 2 I/I D,al w 2.691-2 I/ o p0.* ~)ay, I/ All,I States. bein active and zealous in this 1,u . [ FITZGERALD FUNERAl. HOME I / ,o,o II -'"" I/ / I program of dally Prayer and Saer,flce, J""k '* '''z:':[}:::::k:,'%''*'- '"'"' '" J I ] I H( Jt ae e; oron :S:reS J[ ~"~.~ I for the Ransom and Education of Chil- o AIR- Y( NDITIONED II I aren m t'agan ,anas. - . I[~|]I CLASSROOMS, working with II ~,~~ " -~ J * " " I modern equipment, u 11 d r ~i~!ii:~ii~ ~'~ ' [ the supervi~|on of friendly ~"'::!:i :!i:-:" : I Serving All Parishes I,I CARLSOhJ I1 und standing |nsttuc- II I To OUR ADULT READERS: I ~~~ (~:9 II "-7~k=7~'" Ii ~ ;:eiai arrangements'can be I[ I~~ I lit 1 ] 1:1 ~ ~IL ] :^~, " / I I[~VVll-II~l~l~ I "n a o vacations i: ::::??! ~ ::': ;~:- ~. yt'l~ WUUIU. lll~l~ LU bulkilY31, I, lll~ i$1UUIJLIUll J D " Hver Dairyland's I,I,I]1made l rd t ,II J I I]1 COMPANY, Inc. I!1 Telepho.e WO 4-,459 or can II I of a pagan baby to be baptized w,th the your parish Sofeguarded by i I11,|[~ atletinOUronOfficewhatfOrourspeeial BUl-su II ~!~/~'t'~l "~:~:] : . ,ment ~" " Since 1888 mm~r name you choose The offering for such I ]~A :d3~rS~ht~'tS:/;~q~;PdedebY. ~~ |il ~in,/, Ill .Typtng l, ss,an~o,ory. II ~''~I I I ' Itl II II [ an adoption ]s $5.00. An adoptloa I lu nwAulttt vallt I]1 Acoustics ill RO{KFORD |[ ' ] would make an GRADE "A MILK, CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS ' 319 West Jefferson Street " I Phon. W 4792]'P:GoLnR~2D~Ore'~A-;'92~[kK'CRIIEoA~MK';22ROeKFORD DAIR;I~R~O~r~ii:fSz~h$11 .ro[m. $t 4, ILLINOIS NATIONAL ID[AL MOIH[ SR DAY6]H ' . BANK & TRUST CO ' .i I FLAMINGO DELICATESSEN I!1 ; ~ ~w.o ~ ,ow ~ II ~'~ - --- I .-. Rockford% finest restoumnt now I]1 s H R U B $ --- FLOWERING[[ South Main 'at Chestnut I Catholic Missions Office, 507 Avenue B, ] I " ' " f Ill BULBS ---- Insecticides Grass II,I Sterling, Illinois. I sausa es---meats for holida a- I ~,~ - ~ ~, Ill "~%'~'[/.'1 Seed--Fertihzet,--I:very,hi.9 II =empht,e banMn, s vi : Savin.$ Accounts ~h. king I ~'--" "',-n~i'n'-r Green" ! fQIrs ot home Or OTTICe betecT Trom nt hn tmas lub * Vacat,on I * r i .t ~a~ sv=,u o ~5 v I I ~.(1~ ~-~,~ " I]1 J)~r,~iJJ~-U~ *'i for the yard Thousands of '11 A ou s C "$ C " Cub T'ustServcel," " - J ~'our choice line of imported J I ~ 1Lj ~ ' Ill . . II safe Deposit Boxes Home & Property Improvement Loan| I T ~ ~,l~ei~a ~. ,-~Tft~r;n~ rd~ ] I III ,IB ,e s-- vs, our .use ow- II Personal Loans,Auto Loans o lnstallment Loans for any purpo=e I I I ".z~~~ IN/ I &l Jl i!l IIJ'UllellDe Ill ~ / "~l~ rooms. |[ Bank by Mail, postage paid both ways Free Parking while you I i ! I :~,~" xtt~~ ~,vu.u~ Ill kx,lgli~ ~ II ~.o~. DriveoinFa ilities. PhoneWO$o3431 I xor me aoop~ on o, ragan ~ames, ~o 1 I Part pz=t to, .u o= io I[I AIDIMg MIIDCgDIg II / . . : I FLAMINGO . II "'",';,% ';,:,':;,;"" II I t~enamect = [ I DELICATESSEN ROCKFORD (Don(Gandolfi) Ill - - Rockford EX 9-0941 II, I .'l I! * J i t