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May 5, 1961     The Observer
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May 5, 1961

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J: rL D f. u, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 Cuban Prelates I kAgl:T Tldl: /1: [American Priest Necessity n,- ------ -- -- ---- ' r t l -1 lteteasea o v I ll am, ea Bishop No r ae'a a Castro" [ THE REV. 'RAYMOND M. HETTERMAN, was born in Johns-[l~ Bllrll~a See : Col" " dtnal States --eezme luurz, ill. on Dec. 4, 1917. the son of Henry.Hetterman and Cath-/--O/" HAVANA -- Two Catholic pre~ erine Toyan. He attended McHenry community high school, from] VATICAN CITY -- fNC) -- A FRESNO, Calif. -- (NC) --- lares imprisoned durin,a the~ 1931 to 1935 and then attendecltConnecticut born priest who has ~ ~$~ ~ James Francis Cardinal M.cIn- Cuban invasion attempt to over- ~ . the Salvatorian seminary in St.[worked as a missionary in ~ i~ ~ tyre said in an interview l~ere throw the procommunist govern-. " 2::' .~ . Nazianz, Wis trom 1935 to 1937.] Burma for 2~ years has :been : ~ i~N ~ that there is no need for Feder- ment of Premier Fidel Castro~~;~ His college course was also tak-[named a bisho'p and a tmvn ~ !i!i::i!=~ ~-~ al aid to elementary and dec- have been released, according ~i~ en at the Salvatorian seminary.[which was a key point in the ~ ~i;iill ~ ondary schools. to reports from Cuba. ~~~ In 1939 he was assigned to St.[allied struggle i'or Burma in b~ I I|i ~ "The state and local schoo! But many priests are still be- ~~~ Mary of the Lake seminary in[world War II made the seat of [] U lilt] ~ :programs have been excellent.' ' ~ ~ I ~~". Mundelein where he completed| n; {I [] liB[] i[m said the Archbishop of Los An- lng nelcl in t uoan prisons, re- ~:??i: . ~,~ . . u ~-~=. ~ ~ ~m~ ~ : - Dorts add ~f~i his philosophical studies in[ ~'=n,~, mu - ~ [1~ [] 1|[] [] gelds. "There is no need for an ~~::: 1941 and his theological work/ ( ' lm [] 111111 ~ outside force such a~ tJe Fed- Released ~el'e Coadjutor ~~ : : .~ ~ ~. /lVl.~ wno was Horn in ~ater- ~ [] tern~ " ~~ geN~Jll~ m J.~'~a. ne was OF,Aalnt~o Dy tne/~ ' ~ ie I~[]~ eral government to ~tep in '" ,~rchbishop Evelio Diaz v Cia of~: ~%~:/~ ' o. ~ oury, conn. in loud 1s one o'~~ [] lel ~,' ~ ' ~. q .~N~.?':'~~ late ~lsnop ,Jonn.t~ovlan in ~t./. ,' ' ~ Ill II|lm ~ I "Only the special interests of Havana and Auxil are B shop s ~ ,iour new nlsnops nameo for ~. . . . I~ Jame~ pro-cathedral. Rockford] ~ I ll~[] the National Educatmn Assoma- Eduardo Boza Masvidal of ~~ ' w,~, 9~ ~,~ "w ~ ~J Iburma ~3" His nonness r'ope ~ ~11 IBI ~ ," " ~ " . ,~ ~,= ~,- ; ~ ~ Im~ ~ ~tion have urged ihe bih" he Havana rectorof Villanueva '~)l~lW~ ', ~, . ioonn Alll i-In was nameo ilr~t ~m ~ lilt] ~ I ~ o , ' I "~,~~ man was awaroeo me oacnetor ",/, ~ ~ ~ Ill[] ml charged. Tne NEA is an in- are searched ann me militia ~ ~ !" ~ ~ " ~',~ rises the territory ot t~e old it we are concernen with the Ui:~;;rs;~'a/~ea2rr;~t l~eAr;eh-[ ~ of arts degree from St. Mary ofi~:2 Po/t~nr:2:WlV y;ct~21~:~ ~ ~ llll [] ]fluential organization of teach- " Y ,- ~ the Lake seminary in 1941. Fa~'h r ' ' i" ~ ~ ~ [] I|[]~ ers and administrators vhich is ~P~r~2 }~[reVtlt~;:y: t~ mI'were lnl ~ On April 12, 1945 he was as-[he,dids 2ls; 2fe:[eaa2stol~.;~,Ill[] ]the most vigorous backer of p e nays. t Is re-I~11~~ signed as a temporary assistantl n "%^ ~ ~il [] II1 N~l IFederM aid ported that both prelates arc] ~ at St. Catherine parish, Dundeelsl ce ~ v. [] Ill Illl [] [ i4owever.'Cardinal McIntyre stm oemg xept under ClOSe sur-[ rill and on April 17 he was assign- Three Dioceses [] ~[ ]i[] [] Isaid that if Federal aid is to velltance and that restrictionsI ed as assistant pastor of St.1 Proton is one of three new[] I I!|[] Istep into the educational pic- ~ave oeen placed on me~r ac- Joseph parish, Aurora. On June 12 1957 he was named pad(or of diocese~ the Pope has set 1 p ~ I~ lll][ ~ ]turn, it must help all citizens litvines" !St. Joseph church, Apple River, a post he held until 1959 whenlin Burma. Another is lVIyitkyina, [] I !|| land not discriminate against a Churches Closed he was named pastor of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary[situated on the Irrawaddy River ~'~ ~ ~"~,~,~ ~ f.Dn,~ ~,s~+,~,~ ,~ o ~.^n ;. coutin- of the ]class of people in this case, I parish Menominee where he isresentl stationed . ~ . ~r~ur~r~, ,~r~r,~ o~t,u~ ,H~,J~ ~ .~ J--~,~ t,u ~ ~,~ v. ~, s Catholics Reports state that many~ P - Y . }in upper .Burm. a M~ltKylna was Kedeka area Aurora, held their annual meeting recently in the parish hall of Our Lady of Good / - . " Cuban churches have been la strategic point in me war ann . ' n . .] a s--eaker at the i "~et me make l~ clear mat - - . ' t~ounsel enuren a~ mlrora, lne iVlOSb I%Ev. ll~Orits 1. ~ane Was I1OIIOYCU ~Ll~t ~l.llU ~1~ closed by the government andl! ~ t[~t was captured from the Japan- .~ : u:~. a ~ ~.' ; a~a,h, no, ~,n ~,~ ~left~ Rockford area [we are not seeking Federal aid," those still open are guarded bv[I ' I[ese in August of 1944 following -'~-~--';^":~-~2-~"J-~Y--~:'2^L~':~,r[i'~'Y:::2'~:~::-- Z'~';::"^'-"- "2 -"22",-'2~"~:'{~edeka'area the Rev / he explained. "are have never militia. Persons entering .or/I . t . ~mt . lid two and. a half month siege. ~'h:Prtl;.s''~c"~a'm~e:''R;ck~;;Jt'Dioce's''e'~oT';c";Z;c~ha;~a~n~"an~l "t';e"Re~'. Everett ~Iiller (far /asked f r state, F edera! or. lo- leaving the churches the~ ~ald,The Mvltkvma diocesecorn ~ h lrm n of the corn eal am ann are not looking into ./I .atnOllC nnritle ; I, " . ' right) Kedeka area chaplain. Others in the photo are Dr. William'~leigel, e a" a -1 /I li P ' " " mittee and Peter Klein Wilson president of the Kedeka area Boy Scout council. I ,", guard the interior of the church-{I IIAp st lic Prefecture of Bhamo. ' ' ]oiscrimination in me proposect es during Mass and devotions. /l ' . liThe Pope entrusted it to the - ]bill. Our battle is for equality." Meanwhile all Catholic schools . Columban Fathers and named at2 ~ "~ ~ "iT ][ 1 1 [ "The government" he said, "is in Havana'were reported under]l ," e n~ ]tad its first bishop Father ,lohn Nauve burmese rrtest txtttea ] fighting one formof discrimina- guard. 11 WorKers In I[J. Howe, S.S.C 49-year-old /tion in the south and raising an- It is also reported that a corn- I =~=| . -- ~llr~v |i priest from Galway, Ireland. -=.- ~ 1 a ~~ -. ~ /other with the proposed Federal reunite of Discalced Carmelitell nne Vme,ard ~ |1 Pope John chose a native of |][z/ ~.~1~,~~L~ -~ao -i[-~-~ i~ ~lP,r'~'~lU,~ laid program." nuns t~as received permission toll I jr ~ommun,ty |/Burma, Father Sebastian Shwe pV~Z ][~[,~I[2~.1[. ~[ ~l[,'~/~J[~~ ~[~][~1[~ i[ ~.IL~I[A[ "V / The administration has pro- leave their cloister, resume,~,hest Agency |/Yauk. to be Bishop of Toungoo. 6/ ~ ~w' {posed a three-year, $2.3 billion civilian attire and return to ~,T; ~ ~--:~" I~^ ^t,~^ ~^~.~^-~ ,~ : I Thc Toungoo See has been va- RANGOON Burma -- A de-I The detailed report from very dose range. |program of gr~nts to. public their families One of the nunsl r'~fhSi'o "~k~&~L:'',~r, I;~"U~ *~2~u~u2uj:~jnX"~,~lcant since the death in Novem- tailed report on the murder of IMsgr John Camnasio vicar "Father Stephen knelt, cor |schools. Private and parochml a a d o ha~ n bel 19o9 of Its first b~sho ~, an schools are not lnClu~ecl " t 'e bee cloister-[ ,'~ . ]~'~:'~72~,:'*=o~,=r~;, ~ho ,],~ ,r[ " ' t a native priest in the hills oflgeneral of Kengtung, said: It nuing to pray, and motioned t ~rt {nr ~fi ~ [ ne wee~'s agenna read:/ ~, ~, s "~ u'lItalian missionary ~,~ ~ ~. ~ I ~ . 1,1~ ~,a,-, eh,~ ~,-~,~ A ~or / t ,artunal J.Vlclntyre contenoea ~" "/'~"'~" 'theCommunity"Chest in'our -. =~= ~u o ~,~,y,~ .= ,~ ~ . r~aster Tour = ~. ~,~ ,~v o . ]Rocktord board meeting in staffl " [ ~. r- = ~,;u,] l"na oho~ caused the Father t ]that the general question of the In Other Developments Iroom of Catholio C'haritlo =~on [community. "The dollar valuel rrlsoners ox ~ar -/ ~ -~'- s~-,::~ } 'tamer btepnen went out on/~ ~ ~ " - " - /need of Feder"l aid is more im The Cuban government re-Icy, April 26. "TFho'se- atten inglal n? is not half as important[ At the same time, the Pope journeying ~e~ween vmage~. ]his Eas!er ~urof .!he vzllagesl~a2d t:rw2rh t on tportant than the long-term, low- ,as me communlt red onslblh tamer ~tepnen vong ann the on /~pru I ~y /~.prll .tO ne nan ~" ported the capture,of a second were: the Bey Michael J. Shan- "Y "P " "'-[detached the northeastern part,' " . I a ,ho ~,uu,- ~n~in~' alton tinterest loans proposed for ' unarmed men wno aecompan'~o returnedto a point WitHin easv " priest withthe invasion torees, lahan, director of Catholic Char-Ity andconcern for human wel-[of the Diocese of. Toungoo- him were reeitino the Ros -r,lwalkin= distance of i~ew, tun~,lthe line of liver lungs and hear /parochial schools hy Sen. Jo- He wa ]d n lfl 1 iare localeo in east central murma ~, ~ ~, - s " e t' ed as Fatl er l ities, Maurice Owens chairman l ' I " -- ~ " I I l^a=oA ;, hie .~n~r l~ft =rm t-T / seph S. Clark of Pennsylvania Mr Todd beheves the m s n wnen me ilrst snot rang out wlm one mole ~anu ,lllage tol e. ~-,~, -- Ismaelde Lugo who was parad- of the Rocktord bo'ard An- ' . o.tland set up the ew Diocese of I ': ',h~;nl~:'enou;h stren~tt~'to'sa lThev are not a factor in the ed on a Castro television showldrew J. Doyle Miss MildredlefIective handling of social prob-lTaunggyi. He entrusted the new ~rom me nJUngm ne oraereo]~~sm n.e nan sam mass at. al,it'~is all over with ~'me, savileurrent controversy, he said. lems lies at our o n eo m th ,P n 1 1 mere to co unue me ~osary on Lanu Villa e anti was walking of those captured in the inva-[Gaffney Miss 'Alice Mclean t " w m uni-[See to e o tifca Institute of " ] -,] Of granting tax deductions for sion. He refused to answer ues- ,James '~ . . ' ty level Here. is where those Lhe Foreign Missions, an Italian their knees. The secondshot through the jungle to the lastlY ursmves" |~arents of ~arochial school ~u- o,~ q,on ~,~ ?rray, M, ls.Beatrm agencies which are members /e mmuni, a n~ ,~ felled him and he urged hislplace of his tour accompaniedF 'As the timid, unarmeo vi~-l-. - ~ - tlons until the questmn ~-- outs o. ~nann n ofo L, an.~ ,maid Father,' . p]ls, me t.arolnal SOlO it woulfl o oonn ~ companmns to fleefortheir by five Lahu men [lager~ ran the5 heard a third pea describing the invaders aslStafford Mrs C. N ;rullev I ur C mmunityChest must'find[J hnBaptLtG bbat firstBish- 1 " ~, C: -:~ villa.e/ be "like takinga bromide for a their r f s f T n lives SHOt rtt2~lk:llln~; LJI~ll UWll "mercenaries." Earlier, the in-IRaphaei' E Yalden "and E(t' "' ope ating und~ and facili-/op o au ggyi. "Between 8 and 9 a.m hay-l- |headache " terro~ahon of a man identifiedl ,~ T 7~'.~ ~. ' " ties and render proper and need-I Both Bishop-elect Newman First reports from the Diocese ing crossed the Nam Hkun river, again, they. summoned all the/ He saici the controversy over as Father Segundo de Last~ "~t~'e "b'oard'wa's s~'iven a re:ouv~led service, land Bishop-elect Howe were in- of Kengtung said only. that the|they began to recite the Rosary l peopm and,men went !oa near-tFederal, aid is a good thing.' He n by ~nan vuiage to get help ~rom Heras Cabo had been broadcast|on the ~nnual Bisho 's ,~ I Mr Todd concluded his ]etter/terned by the Japanese during 47-year-old priest had bee cur- as they climbed. ~fter the sec-,|said the general public is not by Cuban radio and television, land the Charities activit~2;'~Iby stating: "To members oft'W rld War II. dered. 'ond decad~ a shot rang out at]the Shan headman and elder~.!well enough acquainted with --A number of Latin Amer-/the past year. The salvage bu-[boards who participate in the] ' [ mmost t~enea"ea Itestimony presented in Congress ican countries, including Mexico,/reaus of Rockford and Aurora!discussion and activity of an/ ~ . [. t~eturnlng to tHe scene, meY|against the program and the n t r obl n t Ioun~ mat me tamer wa~ prae Venezuela, Argentina, Brazillgave reports on aid extended tolage cy, i is you igatio o] ~ .~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ ;Icontroversy may clear up many and Colombia, were reportedtthe transient Ior a night's lodg.[attend all meetings possiblc[ ~ : ~ ~ ~ luc~.8/~Y~enea~e~2f ne s~r::2 Illssues- " preparing an appeal to Cuba to ling and food. Emergency distri- Your board membership and]~:,~ ~ ~ ~ I~ ~ t~'~ i~ ~ i~ ~,;~ ~.~ ,~u,~ o.~ ]~ . halt firing squad executions /button ol furniture clothing and committee assignment is a COln-[ ~!~~. ~i: ~k:~:"~ ~ ~ f.~.: .& [tacneo to me oooy only oy alAlll[[~[ll~A ~,o ~ m .~ "i,~ ' ' Imunit- trust and it should be/ : ~"~]~i~[~ ~ ~ [~'."1[~ ~:~z;;~ strip of skin near the throat, ll~lil~lliil~ c=u ,nat ~tlomer necessary items was also J / ~~!~li, ifl~ll ~ ~ ~:i~! ~.%dk I-- ~ would break diplomatic rela-reported, exercised with~the" highest de-[ ~l[~lli~[~.~ ~llll/i~ ~ ~ 'l~illl~ II II tions with Cuba if one more man Another presentation was a gree of responsibility, integrity/ ~~I[i:;~ ~ii~! II 1"2 . I is executed by a firing squad. [letter from W. K Todd, presi- and dedication." [ " ~" il I~ ~ /'-/=~. 1~ I I The week's agenda also held| ~ l~: /I ~ llll I D~~it~w~Dr~ a review of the case of an un-[ ~ ~ /I I -v~J v, -~- I wed mother. Arriving in a near-I ~ *~i- /I I t lli ll ~ ill I I iI| tlbY city, penniless and distraught[ ~ ~ - "~:~ ~ /I I-'~'~ ~[ ~ becouse" it's aned Ionner ~l~ I " she phoned the agency asking = = ROSS,than a.y o,her bee, i II TroxelKn0ws Il for help. e learned she had no/ ~i:: /I l{/I 1 LFO FINE FOOD I! II[eo12ti:~;" hB:r~a~:s~ hferhe;oT~ :dn~] ~ /I L0rden Ted Sharpenter ! ,I Iilll r lAMflMfl I/sim ly had no place to go or[II Distributing Co. Distribulor [ ,IVlUII U J I/am one to turn to. Her case was] ": " ~/: /I ' W~ ~.~