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May 5, 1961     The Observer
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May 5, 1961

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hns::::: :: ::::;on l ed of t ousands ga e ed ~ fr ~ J *~:':":::::":: Havana $ civic plaz 'a' Ideclaredthat "the revolution r I " p ' I " nahves of Spare The Premmr s I ' ' I .I,II. IjIL]IIL/ %.MILPlIIIIIII{,&LIILPll i I announcement that they shouldI I . of the Rockford Diocese wiLl re. ceive the Sacrament of Confir. days after word of the release Diocesan ~ummer chools /been imprisoned for three days ~f~dDr R#)modta]-Praaram ]ferring to these events in a re I i (r~omenico Cardinal maid;n;, xJ I.~. ~ ~ t.~ ,~,J~,V~,L~,V ~--,u, pn) m,~,~,vv I cent letter to the priests of th{ t : / "l ~ ~ xrom ~ne iemptauon oi ~ve should be an msplratmn to al iii:: i Pl i Bisho s Free - - - P But Priests I .iv n 1o ue uustea I I / I ~~@ ': UBA P a tr ~~ C -- remier Fidel C s o in ~ / I ~~ his May Day speech proclaiming ~'~ d~d~/~'~/~d~~ I ~i~ Cuba a "socialist" state dealer- ~ ~ " |L ~ "D' "'~ /Jg"~ "~f- I ~J.' ~ ed that foreign-born priests win g I/O' ]! F/! Ill'l/ I ~i~ii~ be ex-Ued and all Church ~V ~,~ ~'~,~'~' V ~ ~' I I school nationalized I ' I ~!~ I Labeling the clergy 'exploit- ~ i ~iiiii:i~ii~i:iiiiiiii~iiiii~!~ii)iii~iiii~ii lers who came in the name of I I ii i iiiiiiiiiiiiii ii i!::i i ii load" Castro said that "the Official Newspaper of the Kocktord L)iocese I i:~:~!!~i~:: :~:!:~:~:~ ~ i i ~:~ ~:~&~:~:~.~:~! ~ ~j~: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . , ~!~i~::;i~i~i::::ii~;~;~;~i~i~ I pnests injected the po~son of I ~iii!iiiiiii~i!i~iiiiii~!iiii~i~iiiiii!!!i!i!i;~:. ,counterrevolution into students | religious schools. He then Vo1. XVI--No. 18 ROCKFORD, MAY 5, 1961 12 PAGES i . -- Icannot permit these gentlemen -m a r n-m -1 ,-~ ,r~ ,r~ ~ -~ I 1 ' to bring hell here "rl I lVlore ['han 1,200 Ex ectedl inf I I Over half of Cuba's priests i B||* ' i laref reign-b rn--m st themFr, l: d /-v1,IT l111 l'i'iot-11/-vlri i I I I l I"start packing their bags" andI According to pretiminary re. I I i ! I that privately operated schools!, - ports, more than 1,200 convert~ ,i I l /wou d be seized came several ~ I llIOI 11 II I mation in special ceremooie, I : Iof two Catholic bishops who had ' during the month of May. Re "Help us to Help Others" is a slogan long used by when sorted, could not be used. This is costly in time,| ~ ,tl i ~ #~ i Diocese Bishon Lane wrote i . vatican ecre ary of S a e, naa memen ar SChOOl pupils irom g r a a e s i o u r ' our Catholic Salvage Bureaus. Our mm to staff and money and labor. Won t you cooperate w th us during| . 1. ry ] "These Confirmation D a y: I sere a message in Denali oi rlis ~uu~D- elgn~ wno are planning to aLteno summer . . . supply a store where people of low incomes can buy th s Spring Dr ve and give 3ust useable articles. Some:l t nal- rzed to reaister on the sched I , . . o11, ,o school are s re u " wno mtena. Iney wiu estiry t( for their homes. Our customers are g ven an oppormn- mmg wmcn canno ue worn ecause oamage can-,Premier Castro asking for clem uled days, Friday or Saturday, M a y 5 or 6. Tha the vigor of the Church in ity to buy things which every family should have, such not be given or sold to anyone else either. |ency for those seized at the tim: these dates be adhered to is an obligation so that Diocese and its determination t( I as refrigerators, stoves, pots and pans, dishes, screens, ]of the ill-fated invasion of Cuba sufficient time will be allowed to organize testing press forward in the cause o:I shoes, socks and many other items. In spite of their in- Begin now to gather those things which are not inJvatican officials confirmed that reformation, groupings, analysis of various d a t a, Christ Free- rt i comes the-- can -urchase ever--thin- ima-inable Our use Give only that which is wearable, useable an dlthe message had been sent, but e c. P" " - ' . The t.onver~ t.onfirmatior ' .Y . -.P Y g,liveable " Remember color or creed the eonle whoIdechned to give any details con- On the remed;al bas s, attentmn will be focused I prmg Drive is L)rl. we can use anymmg wmcn y o u r " ' ' ~" cerning it ) ff" ays nave been scneomeo mJ u n," specffmally on the reading and arithmetic lcul- each of the six deaneries of th, I family does not need, if it is not too abused. There are s U v= ,oou. I Church Schools Doomed ties that pupils are having. A broadened aspect of Diocese. The first will be at St i families who cannot afford to own the necessary house- An annnunegm nt will rp rl hv valor P tnr, -.--Ivf* ,I While it was reported that reading, in so far as it will further a literary up- Mary church, Freeport, o1 hold items which man- of us take for oranted. Our ". ~ imany priests were still being preciation and development, will be part el the en- Tuesday, May 9. at 8:00 p.m ~, mmolng you oi me ume oeslgna~ea Ior your particular In each of he ceremomes th~ .- ^1- : held in Cuban jails Coadjutor richment program Science units, too, will be stud- t ' . i alvage ureaus r ow uc, ammc . "Pick U- Date" Our drive will be scheduled b Coun "Ar h : " p y -[ c msnop Eveho Dlaz y Cm of led by students.of grades seven and eight. Classes persons to be confirmed wil i neap must come rom you, zrom your amcs, your vase- ties. The telephone numbers for t h e Aurora CatholidHavana and Auxiliary Bishop in Spanish will be conducted for children in grades enter the sanctuary to be con i ments, your living rooms. All the things which can still Salvage Bureau is Twin Oaks 2-8122 and R o c k f o r dtEduara ~oza vmsviaal nava- four, five and six !irmeo ~y isnop bane as me~ i ',~ na, recmr of me government- " zneet Demre me nigh mmr. be worn, used and enjoyed are what we want to p ck Catholic Salvage Bureau is WO 2-0433 Let us m a k elclosed Catholic University of In particular, those children who are not read- In his letter to the clera- th~ I up at your home. ' " every Pick Up worth while for our driver. Remember:]Villaneuva, were both released, ing on their respective grade levels are encouraged Bishop said that all would l~ I In " aot ^"r tru-k has 'icked u" artio e h i c I"mhe Great Jo-" of r'-i"in- Make Lif W"rth z;- ~"~ ,|It was understood, however, that to secure help of a remedial n a t u r e during 'the welcome to attend and he re 1~ 1~ t' ,I * j ,- ~ ~ 8" |both prelates were' under close summer. In a special way does this apply to eighth ferred especially to non-Catho I /s - eman and*that restrictions graders who wish to attend a Catholic high school tics. He asked all pastors t, i /had been placed on their act|v|- in the Rockford diocese ' - "urge your converts, to invit, i i i U I i i i .= : /ties " ' . their relatives and friends wh~ i ~alvacg Plek IIn Ilatg 1 Tnescnoo,sa wmcnregls[rauonanasummer I ,The Castro announcement that are not Cathohc. classes will be held are St Patrmk s, Rockford; St ' r" t h Attendance Requested p ~va e sc ools would be taken " Ni holes Aurora" St M a r I over by the government appear- ~ary, Sterhng; St. c . 7" - . . . ,Y, The Committee for Arrange U U I U k i U I U U ~ U IIn ~ ~ led to dcmm Cuba'. 339 Catholic lvicrienry; ana awaro nigh scnom, ~lglrl. Tne ments has announced mat ther, g R i / ~ g / i i I v I- hi-h school buildin in El in is bein used, but the will be room for many person. U i I scnools, ine havana arcnalo- ~ b b, ~ ' i v em . |cese alone has 173 Catholic classes are for grade school children, who wish to attend. The Cam " mittee has also expressed th ~schoola with some 36,000 stu-, The reglstratmn, fee $5 00 A. tmtmn.charge . f oo o-, o i May 15, Mcttenrv and Boone qbount]es June lY, Ogle County Idents. '. 20 00 exclusive of the remstratmn fee- nava le ,I-r . o,z-,poSSlDle turn out Ior i Castro s new attack on the I on or before the first day of summer school, events to "emphasize the sol| I May 29, Jo Daviess County June 26, Whites|de County JChurch came during his three ~,=. -o,h.u i,h , --," land one-half-hour speech to the ' ' I ' -- "hundr s h th r June 5, Step e on C u ty Ju y 3, Lee County ,Ifor the May Day celebration in IIFTFI~I Y~-~, IITTeII ~ = I June 12, Carroll County ' July 10, DeKalb County i ' . WIVe Will rresent I . I Loyal Scnools Okay, July 17, Winnebago County I He said privately run schools ~ =l l" n[ o I Iwould be nationalized under a le~IIFIqIl'kIlJfl~ ttgllll~ l~l~]~i ' ' ~ ~' ' /forthcoming decree under which ~ 2q[:glbllK]ll~L~ II~U~I,II k.YK./II~./~ 1 II 1 . lit ]there would be no compensation| I I~/~/11~ #'~llml~ II aa~HIa.z in Harm I/a|n [for schools ,hose owners orl ROCKFORD--WTVO, Channel 39, in cooperation with the Na- i ~- |l.J1 ggU Ul ill k.~vl~tv aLXVl V tvl vvtv /ma n a g e rs "have conspired tional Broadcasting Co.~ will present a series of Catholic Hour! i o r~ ~ I : it |against the governmnet." But he tprograms entitled "Theater Past and Present" on Sundays from een loaav I' T . IWT / 0 / 1 i el -- |said that ' owners . who are 12:30 to 1 p.m. starting May 7 and running through May 28. An- I J I exl: M/~K ~!1 3PBflfll ~lfl I vP~tlil~ /with the revolution' will be in-Inouncement of the Series.was made to the Most Rev. ~oras ~. I I ' /demnified and will continue|Lane this week by Robert J. Smith, program director o the .l[llb ~ )'Utt~:~l[)t~l i '. ' [working with the government jWinnebago Television Corp. [~ i I w~nu~iul~ tl~u) ~en cut in half the program of fed ~omm~ttee s stand ]s approved b -. - i " " " " ' " '|The students in those schoolsl This series will present, inlmirror of basic human relation- ~~ i -~ new commn, 'bnarmg uur late uemocrauc leaaers report- [ era] aid to school districts whose ' Parochial and private schools} will remain and will "a" no tui I " I "hi"s throu"h the a"e~ ~ I Treasures" bY the Rev- J hn A']edly h p~t brlmgthe,pr ~sed enrollment is substantially in- havenever been allowedto par- tion." v ~ ~:~:rSn~:~e~t:rn, eaC:::;~c:~ four~ v ~ --n,~ x::. ~ I O'Brien. which will be present-/l i'on nfe d'er a'l' ran't' or' :,h i lcreased by children of parentslticipate in the program. I In announcing that foreign-lof the great recurrent themesI r, UZ-' oo i ed weekly in this newspaper, up-|schools u~- for avote-next wee-k-Istati ned at federal installations. I i 1r J Iborn clergymen would be expell-l in drama" Man's relationship to I ~ "~" v-vs, ~,~ ,- -,~ o~*:~o, ~ ~' " Pro i " B" ~ne mu woum provlae a mint . ",oe presentea may -~, wm De ~L pears for the first time in The,This was reported after a sen I v slons of ill- I led, he excepted umdentffmdl God, to man, to love and to the [ ~.~. a I c~h +~,n~ u~ ~ [ate education subcommi**~ 2=1 Called the "impacted areas, ~ ~z,z~,vou,ouo to sta~es mr use j clerics who he said "may re-|devil. The programs are design-I;:',~.~"=~: .~'~ ~' =:'.~y~: ROME THEOLOGIAN -- Fa~ I "qho,-i, ~, ~ m ", m/proved the Kennedy administra-]program, it will be contmued je t in construction of schoolsl main because they have not op-led to illustrate the significance ther Charles Boyer, S.J an I ~ /tion's nra,~sal by a vote of 8 ,olat ts p esent rate ~f the sub-lot for teachers salaries. Iposed the revolution. Iof the theater as a contmumgl. ~,mteraat,onal expert on the present concrete factual storms [1. It was sent to the full laborl I -. - r movement for retig]ous umty, f n r t li f i lne secona prog am on may o co ve ts o the Catho c a th .~. . is vuitmg the U. S. present and pubhc welfare committee ::::: ~.~ :.: . ~ :~:~,:.~ ~?.~:.~.::: ~.~.~ .~.~ ~.:~ ~: ~ ~ :~::: :::::::.~, . ly i::~:~::~:~::i,~::i!~:~:~:i:~:~:~ :~ !~:! - . .: *~!@i*i:~:::i:~.~*~:~:~:: :.~'::,!: '~:~:i:i:~:!:~:~:~::z~*~.::~,:~ '.~ ::* ~: ~ :!:~,'. ::i:: ,: ~ .~ . *:::::::::::~:!:~:~:!:i:!:~:~:~:~:! ~:!:i:::::::::::,~,~,~,~ 14 will be The Theater and and,t,s hoped, will thus serve/where approval was expectedl ~:~ ~:::~:~i~:~~:~::i;:~:~z~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~i:~:~::~;~ I lecture on Christina unity, i . ::::::::::::":'::~:!:i:!:!:!:!:!:~:::~:~:::~: """ .~:~:!:i:i::::::':" :::i:!~:!::.: " ~.~?~:~::::::i:~:~$'?~ ================================================= " '" :.::::::: .~." ~!.-:'-" :,:' .~:~:~::::5::::~:::::::::.~::::::~:i:~:!~:~:!:555::::::::5i~ ~YI~tX| ~Ultl Wilt Ul-i~H~I~ ~Tt- ' "S In n u f J to interest our readers in the qumkly. :~:~:~:~,~:::::::::~::::: :~::.::. . : ::i~:::~:.::~,~:::~::: ~,:::,:.::~:~,~:~,~:::::::,:~ : ~ ~ .~::~::~:~:. :~::~:~:~:~:~:~::~:~:~:~:~::, He I a o g a gro p o eaa- ' cerpt from Th~ Du~h~ uf ,mportantrole of the linty in the/ The bl~l does not include anyl Io0 N I ,~ theologians meeting at I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ':":+~::::~;::!:~'."' ~:~:i:~:: :~ ~$ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :,:, . :: ~ ~ :.:.: :::: ~:i:~::i:i:!:i:i::~:!:~:::::::::::::::;:i::!:i:i MalI1 ana l~e ~/ueen aria me 1 f nv r ~':~'." ~" ~.:.:.:.'i~: ~ y.'.::~ ~ ~z.:.~' '*:'~ ,: : : ::.: :.: . Garrison, N. Y May 3 to 5 aposto ate o co eft we k. form of federal assistance to !~-~*:'~*~:::~.~: '::::~ "~::.'~:'~. ,:. .'.~::~'::-" ': :'~".~:':'~::"~ ~:~:~.~.~:~:~:~:~:~::~::~:~:~:~:~:~i~:::~*~:~:~ " Dame and co-chairman of the " : ~fi~i~i~:!~iiii~i Y ' ' ' ",' /chial schools as part of the gen-[ |ban- versity, Rome, and a mem- I .r~a~lonal ~omerence ozt.nrls- . . :::.:.:,: "~~::.~:~!~!::~?: .~:' ~.:::!:~:~:i~" . . T ]eral aid bill had been 1:equested/ I Final rora of the series ber of the Secretartat for ~lans ano dews. . . ~:~:/:~:~:~:~:;~#~ :~:~:~:~:~:~" .::.'.:.~,~ 3~: p g m in testimony before the subcom- [ 'i Promoting Christian Unity i P,[mittee by Msgr Fredermk G.| I ' which is helping to prepare I In the ast Father u~rien . ~:~:::::~:~:~: ~*~ ::~* * m De presen~ea may z~ ana en- - r in . :.:.:.:.:::::~:,:: " """ UtlC~I -/-'/112 .Lll~L~f illlU UI~ has coo d ated many success-[HDehwalt, d~rector of the educe-| [ for the forthcoming ecumeai- ul conver r r throu h ~:::,:::::~:3~::.:~:~*~:::::~:~:::~::.'.: L~evu, Wm ieamre excerpts f t p og ams g "Ition department of the National] I eel council. I out the country and has design-|Catholic Welfare conference / I JI ed Census and Information pro-[ Senator Josenh S- Clark of| " ":::':'' "~ |and "The Righteous Are tsola.-'l " II " " - : :~. ~ Commentator for the series is * * gp[:2:' I~:~a~nalUSeed~tedm:::/Pennsylvania' along with Sen.] Ithe Rev. John Welsh, director of|DetroIt Pupds I eral oks in the field of con- I drama at Marquette University. t r "L ,ra .: vert-interest and is ~he author of/a separate bill to Set up a fed-] ~~;~:~:~:~ mm many pamphlets in history and|era1 loan program for private/-.--~ -!- ----. . I DETROIT--(NC)-- Who sayI apologetics which are used in|schools. No hearings hhve been I I-~ I.]1 ~ ~ t,-I~fffi i~| IL~ ,-~ ~l-,-~ T-,~ ,~~-ffi IA ~-~ .-~ I ~- -.~ J ~,~ .=-~-] lm~~#T ~ ~l/~lgrade school pupils don't like t~I Inquiry classes, held on it D study overtime? / I~UUlCtttU ~UW ttttlVltt OCIIO01 ~LIIIU~t 111 IlllJ /J~'//~l The Harper Community Ce-I Tne weu-icnown prle~t is alSOl ~ne lone opponem in me suo, ~/, ~ I ! a native of IUinois, being bornlcommittee's vote approving the .~ . . : . 21ter, a ~onsn nm ~oclety pro)ram in Peoria in 1893. |Kennedy administration's pro- ~i~v~rloly uross parisn ne tmnquet will De ny res-] ~ passage can c,e aaoea at altering the corrinor wiu fina me worm r~ews lect that is affiliated with thI I nosal was Sen Barry Goldwater here will dedicate its new grade ervation only. For information[later date from building to build- principal's office and library to On the Lighter Side 2 Catholic Youth Organization :------ oiv oo coo*inuo ,e*t o*,I tro*tcol I APPI~III I," -- noon, May 7, with the Most Rev. asked to call Joseph J. DemP-I 0 " ~ ". . ". . " - Catholic Charities 3tvinced they don't mind at all I ACtion ~xpected Soon "me nau is se~ oacz ~rom van corriaor is ~ineo wire wararoDes, I UI'I'ILIAL II Loras T. Lane ofhcmtmg. He sey, tmket chmrman, at Tre-] . / Last year the center starte~ i I Sen. Goldwater said he would will be assisted by neighboring mont 9-7473. ' /Buren street far enough to pre-~eliminating the need of a cloak Washington Background 5ia program giving grade schooI I CCU 1MII II offer a proposal to extend feder- clergy. There will be a banquet The new one-story school/serve some of the woodland|room when the hall is in use. Shuring, Our Treasures ' S lpupils a chance to do some exI i ~Y%,IllLI~LL I]al grants to private and parochi- following the dedication in the building is located to the north/character of the olot and bothl The four main rooms are de- Women s Page 6|tra studying for their more difII I IR| hr~ /~n~ Ilal,schools during meetings of the new school hall at 5:30 p.m !and east of the present church! the north and south doors of the si~ned for the iunior high level Coming Events 71 ficult courses at school. Sevei [v~. : "lIU~eC?~vIm~tst:esenato sponsor of evGee~i:~erhha~,mca:se; ~An: and contains four classrooms l hall and school face the same tand each room "has a laboratory Hi School News 8 st ud~tsi~ k advantage of th! i, lonaay', ~ay 8 I "~ ano a mind-purpose nau wire a stree~ to take advantage of the[ I,- - ol Ppo Y" |me aomlnis~ra~ion s oiU, tom re- it. ~vlacK is oanque~ cnairman completely equipped kitchen - sink ~or use wire a por~ame sc~- ~or~s ~n~w~rs z~um o This year the center's sta~ ~'~u pm "-- ~ ~a~rlcK r " salety measures set up ior mei ~" . ~." " ~ o |porte s after a three hour, clos- By Reservation Only :-u-ils of the-ubli--chool--r ence cabinet Two of the rooms Legion of Decency 8t anticipated a jump to 15 pu;~II ~nurcn, ~. t.naries, t.onnrma-led session of the subcommittee The Rt. Rev. William J. Dana- ~cnool ~xpanaame ~l~*r-et P ~: ~ a~ ~ i are separatecl by a movable par- For Teens Only 91for the classes held twice I uon. |that the full comrr~ttee could van, pastor of Holy Cross Opened for the 1960 fall term, ~ Itition so that a room 26 by 72 St Vincent's Jot&g-s- "" 9!week afar school hours. Tuesday, May 9 I meet and act on th~ bill later church, has extended a personal the school can be expanded to Building s Interior feet is available when needed, F'--i ~lin" - 10 But the center was 8:00 p.m.--St. Mary Church, lthis week or early next week. invitation to all religious who 12 rooms with the hall serving The north entrance admits to for audio-visual teaching, anuy ~ tc |of-guard and short of te Freeport. Freeport D e a n Cryi The subcommittee rejected were former members of thd as a gymnasium and assembly a corridor shared by the school l The school is staffed-by the TV Movie Guide 10| Fifty boys and girls Convert Confirmations. |the adrninistration'a request to parish, room for the schooL and the hall so that visitors en-IDaughters of the Heart of Mary. Theology lot Everymu 11jfor the overtime classes.