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April 28, 1961     The Observer
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April 28, 1961

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THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1961 FAMILY CLINIC H It Girl's Our 17 year old daughter is a freshman in a nearby college. The boy she kept company with while in high school in at- tending an out-state college and has invited her to spend a week- end there, My husband and I are both opposed to it, so we're called old-fashioned and even told to go see a psychiatrist be- cause we're evil.minded. Many of our daughter's friends have received parental permission for such affairs. Are they lax, or am I really that old-fashioned? You already know the answer as well as I do. Lucy. One doesn't have to be a moral theologian or an obstetrician to figure out that such week-end affairs, away from home and parental supervision, are not exactly calculated to b o 1 s t e r Christian standards of sexual morality. If parents assume any responsibility for the behavior 'of their children, their response to such a request should be clear. ]BUT YOUR LETTER MERITS FURTHER COMMENT be- cause of the prevailing attitudes it reveals. Your refusal to give consent brands you as old-fashioned and evil-minded. This reaction indicated two things; first, m any Catholic parents either try to fool themselves about the normal facts of life or reject Christian moral norms in practice. THESE CONCLUSIONS FOLLOW from your letter. People called old-fashioned when the standards they try to uphold the decisions they make in the practical order are based on a set of values no longer accepted by the majority. The old- fashioned are out of step with their contemporaries because they have remained in step with the past. Considered in itself, the mere retention of past standards and customs may be neith- er good nor bad. Since our environment and the social situa- tion we face undergo frequent change, new applications of old Here's More About Hi School News (Continued from page 8) nor" will be presented Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30. at Newman Central Catholic high school auditorium at 8 p.m. The play, a comedy by Kauf- mann. will be directed by Mr. Don McGinn. speech teacher and his assistant Margaret Kammes. The plot of the story runs as follows: Sheridan Whites:de. a famous lecturer, (Bob Miller) while on tour visits the home of Mr, and Mrs. Stanley, (Chuck Potts and Kathy McKee). He slips on their front steps and fractures his hip. The surprised Stanleys are at first delighted to have this celebrated wit re- cuperating at their home b ut their image of him is quickly shattered. Other seniors in the 25 mem- ber cast are: Karen Allen. Mike Propheter, C a r o 1 e Tompkins, Dan Hermes. Steve Duerst. Ed Acke. Dan Reeser. Michele Her- rity, Tom Armoska, C a r o 1 Fritts. Joan Bartel. Lucille Van: Wassenhove. Ron Adami, Sand: Cooney, %nita McBride. John Brechon, Dean Dace, Ed Bar- tel, Gary Kohl, Lynn DeRue, and John Moore. People working behind t h e principles must be formulated, while past customs may cease scenes are publicity chairmen, to have meaning. To cling stubbornly to past ways of doing Mary Lou Menz; and p r o p and thinking, on the principle that "what was good enough lmanagers, p e g g y Hoffmiller for grandpappy, is good enough for me," is not the mark of an[and Sally Vittorio. intelligent Christian. [ Admission for the play is $.50 BUT YOUR REFUSAL TO GO ALONG with the prevailing for students and $1.00 fc.r adults. Grade School I Band Concert Set for May we t Badencollege ROCKFORD -- ArrangementsXX,U ,~vA'~l~r" " for the 7th annual Grade School Spring Band concert to be giv- I have a sister who teaches en Sunday, May 21. m St. Ed- school. It's a public grade school ward hall are now being made, in Chicago, 7th grade: and her according to Joe Guzzardo, lpupils come from what's known chairman of the event, l as a "changing neighborhood." The program includes instru-] THAT'S A NICE WAY of say- mental selections by four Rock-ling that the "black bent' of Chi- ford grade school bands with a] cago is bulging out a little more, total membership of about 100.] and Chicago's under-housed and Schools participating are: St. lresidentially segregated Negroes Anthony, St. Edward, St. James,] are reaching out for more liv- and St, Patrick. ing room. Program. arrangements are This particular "changing Edited by the Jesuit Clerics at of clippings In his letter he nentioned offers of athletic under the direction of Walter neighborhood" is also old and Vaughn. band director for St. already crumbling in places; ~o Anthony and St. Edward schools, my sister gets some pupils who and Roland Grimes. band direr-are very, very poor. Ofie of tot for St. James and St. Pat- them. Ambrose. gave his secret rick. The concert is being sponsor- ed by the four schools partici- pating and will begin at 2:30 p.m. ambition the other day, in writ- ing, as an assignment. IT WENT SOMETHING like this: "I want to have lots of money. I want enough money so I can buy lots of buildings. And I would rent these buildings at very low rates, so people would have nice places to live in." Period. End of roughly quoted 7th-grade "secret ambition." Iowa College Accepts Four ~cholarships from almost two dozen colleges. His big problem right now is to decide which one to take -- which college offers him the most I haven't answered Jim's let- ter yet. I don't know quite what to say to him. I'll congratulate him. of course. He deserves that. But I'm worried about his at- titude toward the scholarship rif- lers. DON'T GET ME WRONG now, Jim is a fine youn man. And he isn't getting a "big head" over his basketball suc- cess. But I'm afraid he's devel- oping a poor attitude, one we all have to guard against. You might call it 'grubbiness." It sees everything in terms of: "What's in it for me? Who will offer me the best deal? What can I get for myself?" This isn't special to basketball players --it's everybody's prob- lem, one way or another. But right now it's Jim's main prob- lem. and I don't think he knows it. I don't thinkthat with Jim it should be "What can I get?" From Diocese DAVENPORT. In. -- Three students from Sterling and one from Geneva have been accept- ed as freshmen students for the fall semester at St. Ambrose college here. according to a re- Comment? I'd rather not. Bet- but rather" "What can I give?" ter to tell another on the same What can I give to make my boy. He didn't buy milk (at 30 future college a better school? cents a month) for the longest WHAT CAN I GIVE of my- time always just sitting when self to help my fellow students the others drank. One day there and teammates be better and was an extra for some reason: happier people? If Jim doesn't and my sister asked wh6 would start to learn now to do just Iashior4 in this instance involves something more than blind Tickets may be purchased at cent announcement by the Rev. like it, thinking of Ambrose. No that, I honestly don't know when retention of past patterns. What Is at stake is the preserva- the door either n i g h t of the YOUTH ADORATION DAY -- Five thousand young people Frederick J. MeMahan, dean of one stirred, he will learn to accept the sacri- throughout the land are expected to participate in the fifth an- the college. "AMBROSE, WOULD YOU fires of the years to come. tion of a set of morat principles based on the Christian philoso- play-. phy of life, for the custom you mention stems from a different ]VI~RIAN mini Youth Adoration Day sponsored by the Youth Department Accepted from Sterling are: like it?" my sister asked. Yes, If he expects to marry and philosophy. This new philosophy separates sex from its neces- By Michael Meyer of the National Catholic Welfare Conference on May 21. Cath- Amhony R. Merlak, Edward H. Ambrose would like it. Ambrose lead a happy family life, he will sary relationship to procreation, and sexual activity from the Marian's Senior Class Play olie youths from grade school through college have been urged Acke, and David C. Andrews. took the half-pint of milk, kept have to give plenty. If be wants moral law. Hence "Sex as play," or the use of mutual sexual was held April 21, 22 and 23. The to receive Communion on the morning of Youth Adoration The other student is John Noel- it, and brought it home with him to live in a free America. he'll stimulation as a normal manifestation of affection becomes play, Heaven Can Wait, drew a Day and to spend 30 minutes before the Blessed Sacrament scher of Geneva. that day. My sister posted the have to make sacrifices. If he later in the (lay. an accepted practice, with the result that neither society, par- large crowd each Of the three In making t h ~ s announce- 30 cents monthly the next day wants to be a good Catholic, - for Ambrose. And every day he'll have to give time and ori- ents. or the unmarried feel any obligation to avoid the occasion evenings it was presented mont. Father McMahan.empha- since, he takes the niilk home orgy to the cause of Christ. Who for such displays Now that the la is over the sized that although the hum " + P Y eT %lll<~l'lkl'l'lO I/%'l"l['l&l/~lP ~ -with him. can say what sacrifice Christ HENCE YOU ARE PROPERLY SURPRISED that other Cath- Juniors will be using the gym ~)/. VIDI%,gNI ~ JU//IN%I~ ber of student applications has And Ambrose has a secret will ask of him? Will he be able olie parents allow their daughters to make such trips. What's for their Prom which will be risen notlceably over the .pre- ambition, too; but you already to make that sacrifice? the matter with them? Well in the first place Lucy many held Friday, May 12. The tbeme Attractive new lawn benches During the past week our first vious year current far:lines know about that I HAVE PROBABLY MADE of them are anxious to promote the popularity of theirdaugh- is "The Twelfth of N e v e r". have made an appearance about'and second graders presented and faculty will permit add:- i- -. -. ".-. Jim sound like a very selfish ters, and since they have not been trained to see the false Tony Paige and his orchestra the grounds. Once the spring their vocation play for the resi- tional increases in enrollment d[-r'i~h,v'/ person. He really isn't: But right principles from which such customs stem, they thoughtlessly!W:[1 prqvide the entertainment rains cease, they should provide dents of St. Joseph home. They in all departments. ,~st4~t.wu, j . now I think he has his values a f~n i,~ ~, for the evening Dinner will be much pleasure for both the chil- also traveledto Peru Ill Father McMahan also noted Seven ~econds to lav Jim's little mixed u I would like to '~" I " - ' " P P BUT THERE IS, ANOTHER REASON fo,- t~'~-~. ,m,~,~;~" sm,~-"u"-* ,t served at midnight in the cafe- dren and old folks. ] where Sister Agreda, our former that a new student center with team behind a single point: A straighten him out, but I'm not" ~ney slmpty" re,so m lace rue noma~ ~aCLS OZ ~tema, ,and, will be prepared by -- ~Slster Supermr, and the Sisters increased dmmg and recrea-, long pass over half the length .sure ,lust how to put it to him. t lv*att Lacnarv - Sister Aquiline has been reor- of St. J~eph school enjoyed their tional facilities will be. avail- of the floor. Jim grabs it jumps Perhaps you have a suggestion. me. xou mcn,wne.u trial you were accnsea O~ oelng evil-mind- " . : '. . . . . ed because you thought a couple would be subjected to unneces- Monday, April 24, Is the be- gamzmg the Drum and Bugle performance. On Friday of this able to the college this fall. pivots, and lofts a perfect shot Give the matter some thought ~arv temntation under such eircums'anco a ~ ~,iginning of the tast six weeks corps. Thirty-five youngsters are~week they will appear tor the Boarding facilities will also from thirty-five feet out for two and let me know what you come ~ L . ~ ~ . ~ y--,v period of school for Marian Six "looking forward to their first ap-'Rockford Serra club at Muldoon'be ~reatlv improved with the points the game and the city up with You might come up maae sucn a sLaLement reauy serious'.: ' 1 + i ~- - ' ' i weeks tests Were taken by all pearance in Beloit Saturday high school in Rockfordremodeling of Davis Hall which championship A breath taking with something you can apply JUDGING FROM THE WAY MANY Catholic parents act s" " " '" 1" " " " ~ " ' " " " . . ,I.tuoents last week just Detorellvlay ~. ires will oe mnowea py} [will house164 students, finish, the kind we've seen a to yourself in the process. Jad;x CorC~:rha~a;e~;~:3r p~amlYc~rh. ;ne;e exists a. cur.musithe play. Report cards wilt be many other performances dur-I The older boys are busy dur-! - few times in the past season. EDITOR'S TWO CENTS: Why p p p p 1 t yp cr sy in melr mink fl "n: "ou" e "" "- 7 ~ ' -I "lied in and distributed this~ing the spring and summer, ing their recreation hours in][)+ t PI L D~.-utt.a : THAT WINNING BASKET not