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April 28, 1961     The Observer
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April 28, 1961

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PAGE 6 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1961 ) [[Leaders hip I a n o u IIlnstitute I "Be prese,tt everytt, here ]or the ]aith, ]or Christ, in every way A ] JUll l and to the utmost possible limit whenever vital interests are at stake ]1 Be there on -uard and in "",- ,~, I[ An announcement directed tot g actton,rtus Art. Ilall parish organizations, as wellI T~O.:.- I.-.t.* K'~ - las inter-parochial groups, was bU~lSlidl.tlOIl uomnllttec [published in the February 1961 lissue of Monthly Message con-[ frT ]r ~ I- [eerning leadership training insti-[ X'II~I~IFI Ol~ll ll~lh " f'lL4qllh 14"it~ "tVlt,~ f~ I, ll "IF" Etl~ /lutes. Each organization is Urg-I .t IUwWltOlt lJ UqLtUt~lltlltf~ltdb 1~.) /ed by Mrs. Tim Sullivan, dis-I .l [cesan president of DCCW, to[ i i : ~- .-- -- [have a member in attendance[ i; :~: n Ifor the fralnlng course to be of-[ t.o . rogra fered in this area. 0 D~lSlS 1~ or r m' I The institute which will be[ ~ii1 [closest to the Rockford diocese] ~ [ A basic program outline on] Elected Officers ized local financial procedure [will be at St. Mary college at] in township government has beeni Supervisor Presides over ]but Illinois has not gone far in/Notre Dame, Ind from June 41 i I prepared bv Mrs. August Mar-ltownship Represents townshiplthat direction. /through 6. Reservations forl / [ chest of Amboy, legislation in county government Serves As a consequence, it has been[these dates must be made by / -h ]as exofficio treasurer of roadlextremely difficult to secure fi-|May 15. [ t: airman st ~t. ratrlcK paresn,]and bridge funds in townshiprnancial data from townships in]More Details [ i~:~ as a guide for preparation of a[and as overseer of poor in town-lorder to compare costs and] Further details are given in] . program by the legislation eom-lship. ]and compile and nublish com-[the Monthly Message item, or[ MARIOLA MEMBERS -Some of the past presidents and the erine Conner, and James Green. Mrs. Green naa a perfect av- mittees of aifiliates or. as. a l - T ~.K:~o-t- --==vow ~=~; -~ ,l Inarative~ statistio o fo r all" ~own-* lean be obtained from the dis-} current. .president of DCCW.affiliate, Mariola Club of St. Mary ttendanee record for 25 years. Standing, Mines Jack Byers study program for d~scusslonltownshi, meetin-~ -na n ulships However many of the[cesan organization and develop-I partsh m Woodstock are pmtured above. Seated (1 to r) are: Francis Hellstern, Dale Gates, Harold Riley, Frank Caect groups, townshi" clerica~ ~ '-r~-U"~'~.:~lmost'commonly'used forms aro[ment chairman Mrs Gordon D [ Mrs. Verne Abbott, who founded the club and served as its and Christy Burden, current president p r ~ ix. ~tlv~ *- ' ' " . Because every township in the notices of township meetings. ]now distributed by state agen ]McKee, Emmons Ave Rock] first president; Mines. Dan Desmond, Herbert Conner, Kath- state of Illinois uses thesel - Icies particularly the Depart, [Falls, Ill [ . " same laws, the following outline valuenSSesS rof real~ nflea):estate andASSesSeSperson- ment of Revenue, which is re- These institutes are three-day e previous, meeting. can bv used by grot ps through sponsible for some degree oflmeetings of Catholic womenfMe t the Affiliate In the Future IThreeFree rtDeanervGrou.s . ~ tm property in townsmp mr tax~ / . i i ~ v out me ~ocKtorfl mocese ! luniformity twmcn oner a spiritual, eauca-t ~. I"Our aim " says Mrs Smith, purposes. . " . JUne q-b ~ U~LW beasersnlp " Understanding township gov-[ Hi~hwavcommissioner'Main]~ /tmnalandreereatl nalpr grarn[31,ff * ] f~l 1 113177 1 . "1/ Tr=ini,~ Insq~Wo ~* N,~,["is to enrichour thinking with ernment is the duty of everYitainstownship roacls. ""[Jf-'~ 11-% A ' 1 Its train themJor the]eadershiP[IYlar[oL l t LUO, ~VOO(18[OCtf, Da~ne:'~nd St.~Mary's College~,[the Catholic viewpoint on cur- ckizen ann is knowledge sought[ | d[NL],]~,~-~|d[~ /oemansea or mem assay. -[ ~ Offic~'r~ and chairmen on ~ll[rent local state, national and bv every woma,~ wh,~ -, eh,~ +,~l Lack ~anaaraization ~ ~ u ,L J~ t,K / Through planned meetings andl ~ne inca o[ senomg a spirit- mture were begun tna~ rirs~ I :.',~ .a , - ~'~ " ~ -- --,- " 1,wol* weloam,~ to ruff nod IlnLernaLIonal prouici]t~, a,u ~u Thr A i discussions these institutes ive ual bouquet to rremoent r~en year and manv of the original I be well informed. So DCCW af-I ee ud'tors: In 19~1 threeI [ ~' g i ~ "" " -[ ~ " Oct 8 Date set for th; Din ~better understand the legisla- tralnln m s lritual formationneov on ms inauguration iromlmemoeis are Still active lvlrs filiates and their le islation citizens elected at large from " " g " P'" " . - . " . " -" "l,; t ,r ~'r,v rn chairmen can performga serv. lthe township will take the place T~'~ Imnravo ,o~e~ and[McHenry deanery, DCCW, camel James Green, a charter mere- cesan convention of DCCW tOlment;. - f h ~ ~ ~,u, vxJ rou work council or aniza from a member or one of its af ber never missed a meeting for be held in Freeport th~s year ice to their members by present- o t e justice of the peace on V [g P " ' " g ' 1 ~'- ' " rs H~"oTM J"h h-- ~'e^n[ Mrs. John Even is legislation ing this type of program the town board. The board of -- - [tion and structure, committee]nxIate groups, me t vtarioia ~iuo[over .~ years and nas m~sses! . ,m. u ,~. ~.c [chairman of Aurora deanery I lauditor~ rnoOt~ ~omj-nnnnMlv to] |'|" Ia a [orogramming with emphasis onlof St. ~v~ary parisn at wooa-lomy a ~ew in recent years. ~ne named cnairman ana lvnssI Know Your Township ~ stock served the club as resident m Madge Dooley, assistant chair from me freeport deanery I Government [ examine and audit the t wnship 2c%-IIllla[es [the l eal level' and use f visual] " --- - P " ---- -[chairman Mrs Leo Kelly, I [accounts, claims and charges, laids literature and community] This affiliate the name of 1942-43. man. I .:' " - I Although townships have manylAt the same time they examine] At the diocesan institute Ins"[res urces" [which means "Come to Mary,"] For the past 20 years, Mariola ~ [;~u~:Sh:vne br:::rf~or2:~ :;u~. I powers, their duties are rela-[account~ of the supervisor su-[,~ : . . . ,L[ Prenaration for Action[was founded in 1927 with thelmembers have made an annual 1[" * 1 .* [~x ;~. ,~ .~. ,u~. t" ' ~ ' ucLooer In letters sent to earn - . . m,~ly pa**~ . .m=.~, u.u=. u,~ I ]vely few in number. Only a[pervisor of general assistance[ . ' . ~, l They offer an opportunity for]purpose of co-operating with the]retreat to the Cenacle at War- I ,PO'l lflIINltl I 2 organization ana a~aln at the . . . JL,~L2 m~Jl~l,'JL~lVln Ixlr{2ctlOt| Ot lvlI~. IJUYU~ Dt:Ui%- I few t.~pes of servmes are ex-[and highway commissioner[ ' [discussion questions and am[pastor for the welfare of st. lrenvllle. In add,tmn to observing ~? ~ [ A-*l- re 1 r " ~vlarcfl meeting oi toe Slocesan ' . ~ wm~: or. sunup, pa~*~ ~p I p ss y equlred of all town-lAlso they examine and audit[ |swers sharing of information lMary church and school. Its]the monthly Communmn Sun- [ o ~ ~r r~ -.u~ L"" ~' organlzatlon and development ' ~uwt, u~ ,~. ~u ~,~ ~- I sh~ps. These include prowdmgthecompensation of all town- ~, land inspiration for the worklfounder was Mrs. Verne Abbott, day, the club for the past 15 ~Jl- ~ [u .~ ~ ; h ~li~= for welfar s " . . .-u ~=~ ~uc~tu.u LnC ~-~ .a ,~.u ,~. ~'*'~'a r'~--'o", " I e resistance, bufldmglship oificers and the compensa-] ' [ahead [who was inspired after serving]years has given an annual Com- t ~[Uq.ll~ [~.~,~ .n~lpr Mr~ Kgllv St John - . ~ U cnalrmen nave repeatemy " . . u= ~. . I and maintaining rural roads,[tion of supervisors for county] : [ Attendance is open only to o~-[as a delegate to a meeting forlmunlon breakfast in May. I un'~-r Mr- urges mat eacn lOCal society in . - parian ut nanuvt~r, ue ~. hmRed pohcmg by constables Th n fl r h lr n n 11 lev I Catholic Activities in Rockford I adjudication b-" ;ustiees of th:lpurp ses" - ,e accounts a dlthe diocese look up read revise] " e s ande a" me o a .esI "l All Members Work,n IDonaldThill, is in the process l " ~ ,cmims ausites, and certificateSland rewri" "" ' - :. .~--mcal, oeanery oiocesan--thisn Have Annual Retreat i II l~f't ll-~n~f~'all,~ lot ~'lanning a study club and St peace assessment of property te tne constitutions ol . . Money IOF toe ClUO projects is IL~ v I,l~hlch are made out by thel, lyear. SpwItual moderators are] l 2-1klq~ 1JPl[~=-Ull ,s~ ,f Waet Dubu,uo 1 preventing the spread of com-board, are delivered to the "~,~ .m s~uup Y,:-. [invited. Committee chairmen] Mrs. Abbott was the first[made malmy Oy giving canners, ~ I:[;;~';~f.~.]:,';".'lo.;~,"=.~. oh~;$ [ nu organizations are canes in stylesnows rumma e sales uP ~, " -- municable diseases and collect- own lark - president of the club which be-" ~, g " I ~, t c [and presidents on all levels are[,I : Women of the diocese are re-] 1 ing agricultural statistics [ Statutory r~m]ir~mont~ rola ttO oelng mr some purpose mll on hd, M~, N,llh,~, ~,A ~VIv [gan, with a membership of 130~ oaKe sales, snen~ aucuons and j. [ er,a spOnulng ~o me recent organlza , 1 ~ ,I, . ; "Y, ~ = "--IP manent organizations thenlF "%"" o; ":'~%'F~:land has -rox~n over the "earsIsimilar activities ' -[ Mrs Kelly said 'Our aim is a townsmp nas electe l anoiuve to townsnlp accounting I t. 1 i lVlcr~ee to maxe a special etlort I " ~ ' ~ i " tion of a legislation committeet, ~ " : I appointed officers. Those elected lauditing and reporting are very]atn~i~a~ea ~,:~e~ms~ wrl,~n[to attend. [to about 250. Many plans for the] One club policy that has prov- of DCCW by organizin~ their[ to nave a st.u~y cmo ~n each or 1 and their respective duties arelmeager A number of states in1[ -,C2.~ [ [7 '2 ~,:' ~ ~ [ Mrs McKee said of these in-] '. ]e~ successful is that all mere- Own legislation study clubs [me ~ parlsnes m me three U,y LII~ IJl~IIIU~r~Ill~ ' ~ ,&I')%'P~H'II~;MP~NT e~ d " nt' i [ne e I as follows: [the past decade, have standard-[ There are several tv s of[stitutes "This is your opportun-] [bers, including new ones, are Some reports have com~ from[C U ,ms n 7 r r eport I : : ;!,:~!!~ii ~ :: ~iiii ~;~i~:~ilil ~ii~ ]basic laws amon~ therr~7onsti [ity to prepare yourself for ac-[gt ^ I. -.1 ~.1 [obhgated to work on a project Aurora and Freeport deaneries [,~.e?nl~P:/ls2 ii~:[ "ltiv" Cash^It" cqon Will ,"u b-/'J"~ u ~=uy,=a~ lOt serve at mast once a year. ~,~o.~.~ ~ ~.r ~,~- ,- v u" ~ "~" ~ Fit " 1 :: i~i:[t tl, ons? by laws, ,rules of order there'" [ of Know-how . . . at IAgood example of this is the ,teen women of,St. Peter appoint a chairman and in most ::::~ * " v ~::~:~; land :standing. rums. Of these [ ' [ [onrrt~nf varietal'at whn i~ ~ pansn in ueneva, auidated with]cases, received much encourage- I Couldn t bleed !~lconshtutIons and bylaws are[ [your service. [rather new member. She is a Aurora deanery, have orgamzed[ment, she said. ~ ~ i!i? the most practical for use by[which result should fit the needs [ ]newcomer to the United States a discussion group under the] The legislation committee 1 i!~:[women's organizations ]of the organization. The corn-lAte you planning an ad pro-lin fact havin~ ,-om~ ho~- f- ~ leadership of Mrs. Mary Smith came into existence as part of mlttee should consider the aug ram okl t robe hi 1 parish legislattonchairman the DCCW ro ram this ast l ii Till 1 Found It. Keep It Flexible [ t n hat all DCCW afflhat "[g bo e, a me rs pd'-]Engiand just Over two yearsS " " " P g ' P ii~: ii!i: A good constitution should ges is t " " eS[rector, for our organization [ago ome topics already discussed year at the request of the Bish- 1 }ii never be restr~'ctive" it sh"ula have a common annual election| [ " are "Democratic Procedures in[o,~ to encourage Catholic wom- 1 [ He was referrin,~ !o a +alw'l-l" J iiii]bekept as simple as'possible It]date- May is the month which!an anniversary souvemr book-[ wilton me pas~ twoyears, the Elections," "Income Taxes "ten to become more actively in- II [: ~ ~ ~ " a, c. ut.bu~ncnt i::::::] should outiine the who wh" I DCCW hopes to mak'e election let, an annual report, a finan-[cm nelpe~ .ior.m a and "Sources of Government In-terested in legislative problems. . ::: z, . - . SChOOl organlzatlon wnlcn wltn, . . 1 he had mislaid and found after a pro- ~ when and how The bylaws are time throughout the diocese, cml report a house organ, a] ' . come, and Educatmn and Mrs. W. P. Rock of Sterling Is l'[ ]on~redandfran|ieseareh You ean avoid i~ ] the working rules and should in- ] It is a!so advised that thelcookbook, a new publication?/tt~:~:~jnes:;St~ Eg~aYeahr:s CivilRights." [diocesan chairman of the lefts- committee remember that all The lation committee 1 [ " }!~i elude more details than the con- " "r [We offer editin" service ar [been well e~tablish~-~ --~' U^ y meetonce a month onl " ' I} 7 ;~a:tp:;2vl:O:ie;;lr::aN:~::al~rS:fl: iiiiiii i}!!;: C~Yr:~uiiebilrS~ewaS/n~yW:u~! ] !{iuh~i![ :d:egmeap:i{~)~i: s;!!~!:{ I i=:e.S~::~oltd:i:cknydo2[:~- [b[ t;:ts:h: :fa:ht~;~:i~n( '~na';; ~b~hl~eCE~aa~:iU:mS~jmmYbefs; fa:~er~; 1 ~ '~'~"~;'~:? ~":~ De salt Box The rental ]s reasonable of the group should be clearly terheads Envelo e t e 1 [! p " " iii!i!l plicated. . [ . 1,p s, S a t -~~. . participates in each meeting,] mron|z0 Each local society president]defined and understood.]ments and Invoice supplyg]/xurora ~tarts using prepared notes Discus-[ /['% AJ &:--.- [i i::ii!lor O & D chairman ha~ reo,h,~,4[ For further assistance groups ~ "I s~ons center around a nre-ar-| ~Ul ~MV~ill~[~ ~: ::~::: a are advised' to consult "Women we I gladly quote you, wnat- . -" " ~,~ ~z~a~i.~z ~,~ 17IR~T NITIfINTII I~ANTI( ~la copy of a su,~gested constitu.[ [ IDrlve Aan n i ranged topic selected at the[,~:~:~*~*~=~:~*~:::'~:~=~.*~: ::,~:::.:~ -~,~'~~ 1}!i J- ~-*t~.L ~z3t J J.V ~Z-~I.~ l~.V~ ~l~, i]iiiltion and b,lawsand is ur-ed totat Work " a NCCW publication, lever your printing require-| --'-" ""~ . 1 ~}i .~--.-] rl~DIT~2rl~ [~g3~l/l-D A'I~T~.r iii act now A committee of from/~ [ments, let us serve you; letter-[~nns.],~r ~]~,r~n~ ~i~Ll~il~D~ ~': illltl, lIkU~ ~I ~JUI 1]U.kXINI " ~Ju*.uea U*LU ~L l&~'%|%|~|~,J[m~', ~ ~ ,:~,~[three to five should be appointed], " Luncheon/press and offset equipped; 7 [~1"t, ~' A~ ~*~:,~ ~z~.~. or, n,'~,~ ~'~nr~ iii to compare these with the ones| It- / AURORA -- In accordance 1 :! "-t~!I1. IE~2-k,D1 O124kllP~ ~!,~ rt,Jt, lxlrt/lru ~ ~ now in ~'" *h Th"A AURORA The Altar and[ Call 13erg.~bundberg lwith Our Lord'~ n.- ~.~::+#~";ii~i~?::; MEMBER FEDER~,[ DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP ~ ~ ~, , 1 ' " i!i: advice of a parliamentarian is]Rosary society of St. Rita parish] Printers & Lithographers, [to keep holy the Sabbath and ~:!~':ii~: D~=. L It) . . l!~I "Ro I L.~,4' ftlA ~, l:t l." ~i[ helpful to such a committee, but] will hold its annual spring lun-[ 1819--9th ~t Rocl,dord Illinois ] the Bishop's mandate against~~i!)~'; IF ILl~ f(/[ ]~r . ~ ~:ii:~i[is not a necessity. [cheon Tuesday, May 9, at 12:30~ ~:.~ " ' '[the profanation of Sunday, the~~'~- -n " ,~" u o-4628 !i FREE P~.RK1NG SPACE ::iii[ May Is Election Month [p.m. in the parish school hall.I " " [Catholic Woman's Apostolate of ~~ Fresents The constitution an bylaws]Reservations may be made with! ~ /Aurora has begun a program to m I ~ ]Mrs. Robert Miller, chairman, ~T.p /dlse urage shopping on Sunday.~~"~ ~e I * ! b Ma 5 Honorar members r,m Y ~'i y y . Y Each member interested in ~:!~!:.i:: ~::::i"i~~' Enjoymenf? . . . ~:: !":" ~,:~ n n )CKFORD {wlll be guests. ~ [doing something to offset the m-~. ~i~ M~ {~ I-' o -'r o'r tm ~ ~ THURS. ]creasing trend to disregard Our '.']:~i:!*~:~' " ~ nrumRn .N Tm.[ o ~ 7 P.M. [LlO::g: ad;YiWt~::k:d :~o;ipin: O;t; Chefs Are Experts in the Art o] Preparing The For Everyone! av v i~ 1 11~Olali, O/ lllb ~ WRK-IV ] Believing that other Women Finest attd Most Choice Menus to Please Our Patrons " .el ./ h ,I ~ Chan /would be interested in this pro- II Contractors~Suppliers ~ [ gram the group sent a letter of NOON DAY "~ vogel S Kental I-'urcnase I--IOrl ii ' ,II ~~ .~ / .' , ,--------------~ ~ 1 ~[ l expiananon to eacn pastor and Pagel sFHA New Home Plon HEATING AND PLUMBING i ~ |affiliate in the Aurora deanery, ][ .| T]~"]~[]~.R ~ " " " ' " linviting them to join in this ac-.L,~ ,~. ~,~ ~.L,J r'agel s /roae In I-'lon - Air Condltlonlna Wiring ~ ~ /tion Pa el-s /0~b Uown Plan " " Our S ecial g * Automatic Sprinklers Power Machinery J - - - P Pagel's Work Credit Plon * Motor Rewinding * Sheet Metal Work,~ m~ j Businessmen's Almost Anyone Can Buy o Home 602-18 S. Main Dial WO 3-4857 ' * " Luncheon New Homes ond Aportments Now Available Dare to Compare! 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