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April 28, 1961     The Observer
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April 28, 1961

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Official Newspaper of the Rockford Diocese Vol. XVI---No. 17 ROCKFORD, APRIL 28, 1961 12 PAGES , CUBA--(NC)--The initial re- bel attempt to liberate Cuba .:i: ::: : ~ ~ t-~ from Marxist rule resulted in [,~H$tl.~ new and large scale losses of i: liberty, with the Catholic Church :!~i::i::ii : : Plans for the musical pro- ~--- bearing the brunt of the Castro i::i::i : : gram and its presentation dur- ml~mmm iregime's recriminatory raids. }i i:: : ing the convert Confirmation ~~ : i i:i:: ] Police and vigilante commit- :::~:: ceremonies in ivIay have been ~mlMIlilliml : ]tees organized by the gover~- ii worked out and are now in the ~~ [merit made waves of aries s iiiiiii : ~ first stage of preparation [ E4~i : :ii ~ii::il Ithr ugh ut the country. Esti- !i!i~i ~i~::ii~ii~: :::~:i::! Heavy emphasis in the pro- ~! i:: iiiiii!: l mates of the numbers put in l::::::~i~;::~:~::::.::::!~}i~i~ gram is being, laid upon con-[ ~l [prison ranged in the tens of i:i~~ ii!] gregational singing Those who ~;~i{1 :; : }:::::::::::::::::: [thousands. Amongthem was at ::i:~ ~~ - ~ ,u ~- -"ql re I Rilllmmi~li :::::)~!::::::~ i least one bishop rlavana raaio ~::::( "-" aLLClItl LII4A Ct=t~ttiulH~ w* "1 ~ ":'~ : : ::::~:i:!:i:::i::: I i!ii~ ceive a printed program with[ ~::ii::::] iiiiiii~iii~::::iii ~stations stepped up their lnvec: i!!i~ the words to the hymns that[ lZ.:~l:! ii~i i :![iiiiiii:! :i~ii /tive against. "cassocked thugs, ~i~ are to be sung by all. They are: : : :i: i!!:;:ii::i}iiiiii i!: land one broadcast said 104} Come Holy Ghost. the hymns[ ~ ~ i{i:i:.iiii i ~: ::i:.!::i:.i:i~:::::.:::.:::::i:-:.i:::.:: [priests were arrested. One U. S.- for Solemn Benediction of thel ~ Augustinian and two Cana- Blessed Sacrament and the re-/ ~->~: :iii:ii::i! !iiiii~::: [dian priests of the Foreign Mis- eessional Holy God [ :. ~i~::: ::ii::i ::::ii:::iiiii:iii:.}:.:;;iii:.;::;i;:~):~ ] sion Society of Quebec were ~:::.:-: [ : :i; ~!}~:: :::!::::ii:: iii!::ii: ::: ::::}::::}::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i::::~ ii known to have been seized. Deanery Directors [ .: .:~: ~:~ : :::::::::::::::::::::::: :~:~:~ In each deaner, arrange * : ~"~::'::' I:: ':::::: '::~:I Close Churebes, Schools ) ~ - . : ;. : . .: :(~:::::: ============================= :::: : ""=' +* ' ,Y [ us Will sing ann wlrsf r~ugene, I x.~u~ ~t~t.~tWM Fo~,t~,~ " ~n " .::~ ~:::::: : ::::::::::::::::::::::: :: Four other priests were said ments have been made or spe- . :~ |~ :w ~i::::!i!!!:!! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::f:::::):::/ ~ cial selections to be sung by] :: ':~,: ' ::'! l~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: /to have been taken captive along " ::: ::" : ~ ~ with other members of a land chmrs In the McHenry Elgin [ : :{;~ ~.:: : ::! ni : ::/ " - ~~:i; Freeport and Sterling deaner-[ : :') " o l ' ' ' -. I ~ (NC- A 67 ear old B:sho [Tuesday May23, sTE if ::::~ :: / tlago s Archbishop Enrlque Peru RLING vine and Joseph G d esk~ co-: mary ~mml~sourg via tamer ::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::~:~:~:::::::: ) Y P chairmen oI me iuno raising ::::::::: : : : ~ : ~ ::::::::::::: -'.:~::~ : DEANERY--St Mary Church . : :~ ez Serantes wh n belt' n :: ~: .~ ::: has been attacked by a mob : ::~.:: :.:.:.:.:.: :.:= : o o ce le d- Francis left for the mission field/ ~i::::: . / Sterlin~ Thursday Ma- 18"[committee of the parish i ~!~ ~~ili:::: / " ii:i:iiiii;: :iiiiiii~;~:':.2:~: ii ! in me uominican nepuolic, ac-/ ~ / ,w D" k" ~+udi" "ho*~' ~ ~::: : :: :~ ::iii::i~ ~~:i:::::i /ea ~iaei t.astro but whose ser- of China, where he did educa I ~:::~$~:i:i:i!: cordin" to that count-- s "ov/ELGIN DEANERY St Marv~t .~ v ~,o, ', - -. ~ *y g -t -- - ~ lies oi pastoral letters aenounc- tional work for the Church He : :i:iiii~:~!~::" :illernment controlled Radi a[Church, Elgin,Tuesday,May[ ~-l~ ~ ,~ h ~ h.- I o c-, became chancellor of the Cath ~ rlbe 16 ~C d d / the ers nal castl olic university at Peking China Th ~ Pre2ier gatlon of the ' e reported attack on Blsh- II " . 1 " " "im,I / ederatlon Dav Sche ana at one t e was aean ot the[ op Francisco Panal Ramirez ] ~ ~ # -~ ] ~/ / Middle-Class hard Hit Western Literature department],~~ 0 F M Cap of La Vega was[l['%lLtt~g[~F~ I?/ [,Church sources meanwhile of Honan umverslty For seveE/ the second assault on a bishop/ = = / I --- ] 1 .~ -- J[-][:.~]J~ ~ .A| Jwere citing a document said to 5:ears ne serveo, as chapman o:] in the Caribbean country with-/~o~-~-~nll#~ 1 4,ndA]J Ull 1. !. ill[ 1 l~l~'lll~ll lll~ll k~ ]O1 /be a pastoral letter issued by me international Heliei commit-[ :i : ~~/ in ~ woek ]10 ~tlbl[~l~lbtlb ll ql.~l~l[.t~] ~ ] Archbishop Perez Serantes te;fu;~Ceth;alsC::~:'anes arI:~~ - ;;mand Expulsion /~("t ." / The Federation Day of thel Arrangements forthehalfdaylConference of the Archdiocese[~'hmhcalls f r Cuba's Chris- g - p e w " Christian Faml'ly Movement in' " dons m oe 'hirm ann serene, (193745) Father Francis render] " " Radio Car:be which has de-[~.AOT~)e~O~'~ [ tparley for more than 200[of Chicago |stron"~ in the Faith increasin~l- " ~ ' " i will be ' " P P y Hard hit in the arrests through- . bella circles of Ilhno s Sterhng. In an announcement " n h irm n cou le - " were attacked in the Blsho s conventm c a a p of CFM n 1 citizens. Within an hour of the[ ~ P lheld at the Faust hotel May b, 6tfrom the Diocesan CFM Feder-[ " I,ad tsorganlzatio.n, ::lout Cuba were the homeso[the Japanese attack on Pearl Har-I [-n~ 7 Mrs Helen Donahue.] I y I " " " S l f e a u,atlon to tne uuserver I~ was . . ' bor he was taken prisoner bY-lhonor awarded a foreigner, the It was not reported whether state regent will preside at th;lalso revealed that the Most Rev.I The convention will begin atlPrac!rues )n the home and thelleadership of Catholic organiza- me midtary ann interneo Ior the ~panisn-oorn ~isnop or His ~,o~ ,~ t~, ~nrt morn-Ir m : m ~ ,~^|w ~n i*h= ~,~,n~t, ~,t /starting o: new t~lvi groups /tions Entire families in 'l " - ,u-aer oi me Aus'~icious ~tar ~--,-,-,~,~J ,-, -~-I ~,u.~ ~. ~,~,~. - v.~o,u~ ~ ~,~, :o, v -,-~ ", . . c udln lour years, un}fl the Japanese] ;7. . . . v}car general, lvlsgr Lms l-Ien-[bers of the Harvard and Free-[convention banquet and give[dress by the Rev. Walter Im-I Concluding event of the day[children, were being seized one .urreno rm-- 1 .en re urn o rom were :il lw'" c nven n u:lt ,port circles' . will" act" as hostesses, the major address. I blorskl' ~ ", D~rector" of the Cana ' t" q . ent to improvised" " detention" con Wins Honor . China in 1946 he became director According to the broadcast, Plan.s include a Pontifical High and the address by Bishop Lane. ters, including movie theaters. For his outstanding contribu- of the Newman club at the Uni- the angry crowd that assaulted Mass at St. James Pro-Cathedr ~. 1, T 1-- ~ "1 -m Committee Chairmen hotels, and Havana s gian' Bishop Panal also .demanded wi h he Most Sports Palace In many cases tlons In the field of educatmn/verslty of Georgia where he re-. ~- May 6 at 8:15 a.m. t t t[Kl,~h~n I,ane I;lV Addre s I Mr and Mrs Conwav have[.- . " - . me expmsion o~ ~isnop ~nomas: ran e ~ - me arrests were mane oy vig and his war-rehef work Chlang morned untll his appointment to " Rev. Loras T. Lane as celeb t. r [ announced the names of the con~l : |,~ ~. . rtelny American-oorn Business sessions will be held I ,"]lante groups composed of ode l~ ai-sneKgave Him me nlgnest.~L rrocoplus. ' ' . "~ention committees anti meir Ordinaryof the Independent throu.~hout the remainder of the ~'~*'~ ~ 'ammllnl~m [ ",~, tr[lescents who drafted their ow "r"l~*ur" "f -" ~ n -~ ~ ~ ~k.Jll Ill[ 1~t~[~ ~u~l ~k.M~J~llllllll~tlllk~lll /chairman couples, xney are as i,: : . -, l~ c o~ c u oa** oua u~ ~a dav I ~ ~ /filL5 O1 51A3plt21OUb p~YSOIlS D ' Ma uana - iollows: o er Slat the weekend following the ur g " : Highlight of the convention ROCKFORD -- Communism and sentinel, Mrs. R b t -I ~, [ BothThreatened /~l'tl~Pll~lJl~lVll:S~l~ (~ n a 1 r succesful rebel landings a tot, ][~,r~ ,n,- ~,~-~,~.-~,-~, ]~ #,~ - will be a banquet Saturday at and its growing threat to Chris- tery ] r-I " ' " 1.tE;l~lb~lbl I[l, lblbUPl~lb .l.9~l~|~,~lbl[ll,~ It was. Bishop Reilly who was 7 p.m. in the Grand ballroom tian values was discussed by M;mbers at lar"e a r e" St ]m e n) 2-2^ Mr: and Mrs. Jo n]of 29 executions had been reporl tJ the target of a government or-of the Faust with Bishop Lane as the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane, ~,~th,n, M-i~i Rn~e Julinno" St"[t-'ar n''' z~''~l'lt' n'~r'ar~" lx9cn:[ed" "*~ ~ ~ "~ "~ "anized attack the revious . ;- . ~, " .-- .-,~ J. .! elle 111 VUI~LIUIIX--Mr anc1 I 14'.n,-~ ~=.~ ~,~ r,-u ~/f, lb, .c.~| ~ . P guest spea~er, oosepn urlmm a Bishop. of Roc~:orfl, in an act-Bern-dette,~,Mrs. William Dutt/--- mrs' wunam;:; ,J r~eisev " lou~l--- l' I[~I k.JL~bllglllbt~l k.JOllbq[]l~I/ week. Hls house was sacked faculty member at Marian Cen- dress to members of the Ca[ho- m~ ~t l:lridoot ~r- R W['" " " ;-'-~.-.~[r ~ and he was struck by stones tral high school, Woodstock, will lic Woman's league at their an- ~"lli' '. S; - 2.~t~:rh "~M;~ 'W'il'|Iran,~l-m',lx eKI r ' ,n2; ~t~"~u.',~'l| ~nect~ . . . . ~ .~, o. " lltl/~llUl'~ -- Mr, ano mrs. ttlcn- 1 That all grade school pupils who are planning The residence of his prmsts :n act as toastmaster, nual dinner meeting April 20. liam Snyder" St James Mrs]~.~ ~-;,~ ~. r,~ ~[| ' a *, ~, - 11%/ U/IIIIUL, 2~.J OUULII ~llt IU$.l ~an ouan ae la lvi guanawas The Muldoon high school chor n of to attend one of the Dmcesan Summer Schools be " Complete reorgamzatlo Henry Wirry" St Mary Mrs F[ A ~"I| ~l~)~at|O~ sacKeo me same aa" a, ~-~, .| nvu i' *UC}gUIL, III. DIII/~I%Z~-" I| registered on" either May 5th or 6th, F r i d a y or ", -: the league program w a s a - C. Hughes; St. Patrick, Mrs.|TURE -- Mr and Mrs Jerryl! ~ A ~ ,~---+ ~,M, ~,-,- +~, l, A,~,- t,-, .~ tram ~lsnops nave ~een ou~- wnl~e oI rtOCKiOra Wlll ne me nounced bv Mrs Robert Roman Honrv Br~,-k,~. .qt P,ter Mr~/ ' " " I blsters ana lay teachers in ~.~a~u*~aj~ ~o CA~*,~.*j ~q u~*u. ~*~ ~,~,~,-~ ~, ~.~- -- ' ' " ~ '[I~ICKelS ~I r~vans ~ve Aurora aro h'a spoken crltles ofrepressions featured soloist, si ent Four new uilds ' ' ' p c 1 I schools in the Rock- pedite the preparatory work that necessarily pre- an" er R " "a'herine Hamilton of pre d . g -,Allen Keegan: Ss. Peter a n d till. PROGRAM -- Mr. and Mrs.[I ford area ar invite" " vi a p secuuons in me uomm- egent t~ ~ " i 1 tive Stud - e - a to -ew 1 Fine Art~, Leg s a Y, Paul, Mrs. Albert Johnson; St. Glenn Kuehn 4020 Crestview , g :can Republic. Both have been the Harvard circle and Bess Ra- Newcomers and Social Service e -~ ^, . . ,11 the motion picture 'The cedes the arran ement of such c asses, the parents of those children who are interested in Summer harassed by government au- ders of the Freeport circle are ~, h re~ted to take their o~;,~,~, ,~,~, ~ I rtoc~lora, r, tr ar* -- ~vir. llTrapp Family "' at the Coron- ' . ? mrs rtooert welsh chairman ana Mrs ~or~ert dacob 223' ' School are urged to adhere to the scheduled dates thorlhes and both have been cochalrmen of the event Others loc,~ alon,~ with the four nre- ,:~ .n ' ,[,/| ado theatre, Rockford, Satur- for registrations, openly threatened with violence.on the committee are Mmes. A1- s;nt[y active guilds Cha~ty -a-,n-dl.Wime~s" ~k~an:,l%ush' Yalden,IF~stStreet Crystal Lake~ Ill. l| day April 29 at 10 a.m as " - r Keele and,'W1 Haml~u Keaaoames ralr-i l-lO~lUlIALlll -- Mr. ano Mrs. ~| "uest- of "h *"- over i~aolo t~arloe Ice IVlCLtulne, uau a y ~ ~ L e /Ili:lIl~t~2YI .L 1Y The schools at which summer classes will be Eucharistic, Junior and Young hil.~ ~rve.~ "n ,u ~lum,~ ~ m II conducted are St Patrick school, Rockford; St 7------- " " Matrons committee / ', I - " Palmer Is" in' charge of decora " . It~arpentersvlue, HI. If Mary school, Sterhng; St. Nmholas school, Aurora; ~rlllS Award tions, and Mrs. Lillian Barret of Each guild will be responsible St. Mary school, McHenry; and in St. Edward high school, Elgin. Even though the high school build- ing will be used in Elgin, the classes will be for the elementary school children. The remedial program will stress the basic prin- ciples of reading and arithmetic for p u p i ls in grades 4-8 inclusive The enrichment program will accentuate the study of literature and science and also p ro v i d e an introduction to conversational Spanish. The registration fee is $5 00 A tuition charge of $20 00 exclusive of the registration fee is payable on or before the first day of summer school. In This Issue Rural Life Page 7 Hi School News 8 Doris Answers Youth 8 Legion of Decency 8 Family. Clinic 9 For Teens Only 9 St. Vincent's Jottings 9 TV Movie Guide 11 Theology for Every~ 12 World News 2 Cathnlie Charities Obituaries 3 Weddings 3 Meet the Clergy 5 Coming Events Mission Column 5 DCCW Page 6 LISLE---The Rev. Francis X Clougherty, OSB, vice presi- dent Ior development at St. Procopius c o 1 1 e g e, has an- nounced the narbes of high school seniors ~,ho have won the annual Citizens of Tomor- row awards, consisting of ten partial tuition s c k o 1 a rships, each carrying a $200 stipend Among the winners is David Laycock of Aurora, a student at Morro:on Military academy. The awards will be presented to the winners preceding a per- formance of Carousel to be staged by St. Procopius college ~roducti0ns April 24. The Reverend William P. Knott is to be Chaplain of the Catholic Woman's League of Rockford. entertainment Bishop, Lane Monday, May 1 8 p.m.--St. James Pro-Cathe- lral, Rockford. Mass for World Peace. Catholic Woman's Lea- gue. Saturday, May 6 Convention of the Illinois State Circle Daughters of Isabella 8:15 a.m.--St. James Pro-Ca- thedral, Rockford. Pontifical Low Mass. 7 p.m. -- Faust Hotel. Rock- ford. Convention Banquet. Sunday, May 7 10 a.m. -- St. Catherine High School, Racine. Convention of the Thorn:st Association. Ser- mon. 4 p.m.--Holy Cross, Batavia. School Dedicati0m for its own meetings, and mere- hers of all guilds will attend three general meetings during the year. The September meet- ing will feature a well-known speaker: the March meeting will be fiscal business one, and the April meeting will be, as in the past, the annual d i n n e r meeting i Organizing the n e w guilds are Mrs. Francis Hickey a n d Mrs. William Sterling, F i n e Arts; Mrs. F r e d Oberlander, Mrs. David Thompson, Mrs. John Pritz and Mrs. John Cor- coran, Legislative; Mrs. Rich- ard Martin, Mrs. L. J. Schnee- bergero Mrs. Raphael Yalden and Mrs. M. L. Duchon, New- comers; and Miss Bernice Kor- tendick, Social Service Officers for the coming year SERRANS HONOR BISHOP LANE--More than 290 people, representing the six Serra clubs / 1 were elected as follows: presi- dent, Mrs. Roman; vice presi- the diocese of Rockford, honored the Most Roy. Loins T. Lane at a recent dinner in Marmio/ dent, Mrs. Robert Ambrose; Abbey at Aurora. Here three Serra cl-b officers chat with Bishop Lane following his talk to thlii r e c o r d i n g secretary, Mrs. combined clubs on the qnalities which should characterize Serrans. (Left to right) Charles Jii Kathryn Kelly'; financial secre- We:gel, M.D River Forest, Serra deputy district governnr; Bishop Lane; Richard Reulandii tory, Mrs. James Means; treas- president of the Aurora 8erra club; and Lou Baehrodt, deputy district governor. (Park Placn urer, Mrs. William Sterhag; Studios photo~ 1 , 1