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April 15, 1945     The Observer
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April 15, 1945

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1 hi: UDIKYIK S. Sgt. Larry Bernard Receives Bronze Star Aurora--Staff Sgt. Larry Ber- nard who has been serving with the 39th Signal company of General Patton's Third army in Germany bas received the .Bronze Star and citation for rrritorius service in eastern France aml Luxembourg. His wife, Mrs. Gladys Bernard, who lives at Berwyn, was recent- ]y notified that Sergeant Bernard was injured in a fall while string- ing aerial communication on the German front. Sergeant Bernard graduated from Marmion Military acadelny in June, 1941 and was inducted into the army later that year. Sanctuary Sodality Luncheon May 10 Aurora--Members of the Sanc- tuary sodality of Our Lady of Good Counsel parish will give a spring luncheon Thursday afternoon, May ]0, at I o'clock in Knights of Co- lumbus home. Mrs. Charles V. Burnett and Mrs. Vern Wilkinson are co-chairmen of the event. Elab- orate plans are being made by the various committees for the eotcr- tainment of a large number of guests at the luncheon. Under socialism a man fights to defend a boarding-house instead of a home. WANTED A Companion-housekeeper, for eld- erly woman, in private residence Write giving full particulars as to your age, qualifieations, salary de- sired and references, to W. L. Mc- Cullouch, 84 So. La Salle Street, Aurora, Illinos. CLOGGED SEWERS CLE00.NED Ruddy Bros., 65 S. La Salle St., Aurora, offer a unique service to the people of Kane, Kendall, Me- Henry and DeKalb counties. Clogg- ed sewers are expertly cleaned by means of a new electric machine equipped with revolving knives. This new method eliminates any necessity for digging. The above service may be ob- *ained by calling either Aurora b,J1 or Elgin 6279. Base Price--S15.00 RUDDY BROS. 65-67 S. La Salle St., Aurora Diocesan Roll Of Honor Marmion Military Academy Aurora, Illinois Prayers are said daily by the Cadet Corps for all of its men in service. Cpl. Gerald Doanc Abel A/S John Michael Abell S 2/c John Robert Abell John Rudolf Aberle Y /c Gerald Clifford Abhalter Sgt. Frank B. Adams S l/c James N. Adams Captain Peter Paul Adams P.F.C. Raymond C. Feltes Pvt. Jams M. IAnden Lt. Robert John Feltes Lt Lt. Jerome N. Linden Cpl..h, im J. Fenton 1st Lt. William H. Linden M/Sgt. John G, Ferron Ensigo Paul L. Lindenmeyer Sgt. John R. Feuerstein Pvt. John J. List Ill Cpl, Joho B, Fezi Einnes Robert Lloyd C.W.O. Arnold J. Fidler Lt. Frank E. IAoyd S.K. 1/c Stepheo R. Fidler PvL William A. Loewer Pvt. Daniel H. Fitzgerald William Albert Lowe S/Sgt. Robert George Adams (R.I.P.} (R.I.P.) Ph. M, ]/c Robert Arthur Pvt. Robert K. Fixmer Pvt. Joseph W. Lucas Allanson, Jr. Lt. (J.K. William J. A/S Thomas William Ma- P. M. 3/c l':rnest E. Aieis Flaherty Caffrey S/SEt. Franklin J. Aiels 1st l,(. Gerald F. Flannigan Charles S. McCauley SEt. John F. Altringer (R.I.P.) Cpl. Robert H. McCormick S/SEt. Joseph C. Ambre 1st Lt. Robert W. Flannigan Lt. Donald T. McCoy SEt. I,awrence E. Ambre Rdm. 3/c Michael C. Flood Ensign LeRoy G. McCoy S/SEt. Mathias Bernard Major John Edward Florence Cp]. John B. McGrady Ambre SK 1/c Richard Y. Ambre A/C Leonard H. Amenta H. A. 2/e John A. Andr,asky Cpl. Eugene Frank Ardisaono A/s Donald J. Arimond SKt. George W. Armstrong 1st SKt. Edward Arllip P.F.C. Leo Nicholas Aasell P.F.C. George B. Babes Pvt. Robert J. Balms Pvt. James l,. Bachner Pvt. John Alexander Baker Pvt. Robert J. Baldauf SEt. Edward Joseph Barry Ensign Philip James Barry Pvt. Thomas M. Barry. Jr. SEt. Joseph Leonard Becker Pvt. It,sell 1. Beckman (MISSING) T/SEt. Adam C. Bender Lt. Bernard O. Bendixen T/SEt. Albion J. Beniuahis SgL Joseph A. Benoit A/S Harry James Benaoo P.F.C. Carl Henry Berg SEt. Edward A. Berg Pvl. Honore R. Berg S/SEt. Lawrence James SKt. James E. Flynn I,t. Adam P. Focht Lt. Thomas H. Foley. M.D. Cpl. Albert A. Franck Lt. Donald J. Frantzen Lt. Gilbert R. Frantzen Cpl. Robert G. Frantzen S/Sgt. Thomas J. Freeman Sgt. Carl F. Friedera A/C Vincent Luke Fyie Lt. William J. Gabon Lt. James Robert Galbreath ( R.I.P. ) S ]/c John Leonard Gal- lagher i LOST) S 1/c EuKene W. Ganley A/S l,eRoy Bernard Garbe Karl J. Gartncr Sgt. Joseph Leo Gaul Cpl. AmiJrose C. Geib, Jr. (R.I.P.) F. A. Geib Cpl. Jacob A. Geib P.F.C. Raymond R. Geib Pvt. Edwin N. Gengler Pvt. ltoward W. George Pvt. Carl B. Gering Sgt. Harry M. Gibson Sgt. I,oren Herbert Gilbert Lt. Malcolm R. Giles S 2/ John M. Glenn T/4 F. McManus Pvt. John B. Mass P.F.C. William F. Mac- Donald Lt. Thomas O. Mahon 1st Lt. Walter J. Mnhon CpL William G. Mahon Lt. B. J. Malloy Pvt. William P. Mann Ph. M. 1/c George I. Marsh A/S Jame P. Martin Capt. John J. Martin Cpi. Edward J. Mathieu M/Sgt. Leroy M. May Capt. John F. Meggesio P.F.C. Matthew P. Messmer 1st Lt. Arnold F. Mettel Cpl. Edward L. Mettel 1st Lt. William P. Mettel IR.I.P.) S 2/c Donald Joseph Meyer l,t. Norman J. Mtzydlo ],t. Arthur J. Miehels Pvt. Bernard J. Michels H.A. I/c James Robert Michels A.M.M. 3/c John Charles Michels S l/c Stephen R. Mikhmik SEt. Richard N. Michelu Lt. Robert N. Michels Pvt. Edward Coughiin Bernard P.F.C. John Charles Beach SgL Wenscel A. Biesehke 1st Lt. Ernst J. Biesemier IA. John B. BiKane 1st LL Donald M. BlaKrave M/SEt, Bernard R. massage (R.I.P.) Pvt. Edward G. Bohler I,t. Edward T, Bois.qy I,t. {j.g.) Robert W. Goggin O/C Herman E. Mikos Ensign Thomas Allen Gordon T/SEt. Norbert J. Mikus S 2/c Thomas H. German SEt. John E. Miles G.M. l/e William T. German Pvt. Lawrence W. Millen George Francis Griffin SEt. Ralph M. Millen (R.1.P.I 1st Lt. Raymond John Millcn Lt. James A. Griffin A/S Charles F. Miller IR.I.P.) P.F.C. Harold M. Miller tat ]A. Joseph Edward It.T. 3/c Harvey John Miller Griffin Pvt. Raymond N. Miller PvL Albert C. Gurbal 1st Lt. Bernard J. Milroy E M. 2/c A-5 ltarold BollwegT/Sgt. Francis V. Gurbal Sgt. Wilfred Joseph Bouchard A/S Donald J. Hau S l/e Thomas Willard Boyce S 1/c George Arthur Haas A/S Edward A. Boyle John Martin ]b*yle Lt. Col. Francis T. Brady IA. James O. Brady Pvi. George R. Brandt Sgt. Hyl)t)lite F. Breard Pvt. Jules A. Breyne P.F.C. Edward R. Browne S/SKt. Elmer C. Brucks 2od Lt, Thorrms P. Bnckel S 2/c Robert Paul Budler Richard Owen Burns SKt. Darrell F. Butlett I,i.. Henry B. Cabe]l S/SEt. Thomas D. Cannon lat Lt. Clifford L. Haen P.F.C. Gordon E. Hall SEt. George S. Hamilton (R.I.P.) P.F.C. Elmer P. Hammnn P.F.C. Clarence P. Hankes A/S F. C. Happel T/SEt. Michael R. Harkins A/S Frank M. Hart Lt. Albert P. Heimsath CpL Raymond G. Heinz S/SKt. Leroy J. Hess Pvt. Mark A. Hettich P.F.C. Leonard Thomas Hettinger P.F.C. Harry N. Caotrell S/SEt. Charles E. Hildreth 1st Lt. George D. Carpenter r/5 Donald Stepheo Hill Lt. Otto Carroza P.F.C. John E. Hill Rd. M. 2/e Raloh F. Casaidy T/5 John Jerome Hill Pvt. John A. Chaplin CSK John T. Hillenbrand. Jr. SKI. Robert J. Charles Alfred G. Chione Richard A. Collins A. S. Robert C. Canary Lt. Robert E. Coodon Iat SKt. Joseph G. Cannery SKI. Thomas M. Conner P.F.C. Ion John Cook James E. Milroy PvL Richard Henry Mihmy Capt. Robert A. Milroy PvL Rodger D. Mitchell SEt. Raymond J. Mittman A/S Edward Francis Mocny Lt. E. A. Modaff T/Sgt. James F. Modaff P.F.C. William P. Modaff Capt. Bernard E. Moisant Me. M.M. 2/c Eugene F. Moliix)r Pvt. Raymond A. Molitor Capt. William F. Moore John J. Mulvihill IR.1.P.) A/S George Edward Murphy Lt. John E. Murphy 1st Lt. Gerard F. Murray R.T. 3/c James Austin Murray, Jr, Pvt. James J. Murray 1st Lt. Joseph Owen Murray Pvt. Patrick J. Murray T.M, :/c Thomas J. Hoffman S/SgL William J. Murtaogh P.F.C. William F. Hofmann, Lt. James L..Napicr Jr. P.F.C. James Bernard S/SEL Frank J. Holstein lqaughton Cpl. Donald J. Hopp fat Lt. George M. Neher Me. M.M. 2/c Richard J. lot Lt. William R. Neher Hopp Pvt. Rohert E. Nelson Prt. Robert F. Hopp Lt. John P. Neu -- ............................... M/Sgt. William C. Cook Mercyville Sanitarium, Aurora, Illinois, offers to students in ac- credited Schools of Nursing the following courses in Psychiatric Nursing: two months affiliation tar Junior udents and three end six months' courses for Senior Ca- det students. For full informution SEt. James L. CArrlgan 1st I,t. Thomas E. Costello, iMISSING) Orlando A. Coveill Captain Francis P. Coyne Jr. P.F.C. Terence M. Coyne Midshipman W. D. Craig Ist Lt. Bert J. Culler Sgt. Robert J. Cunningham ]st Lt. Hayden C. Curry Rowland J. Cuaaek P.F.C. Edgar J. Cyr Lt. Raymond Joseph Cyr P.F.C. William W. Hopp Lt. Lawrence James ltaran SgL Lawrence E. Huberty SEt. Richard W. Hoberty L-L Paul Harry Jacobs Ensign Eugene Jaeger Richard J. Jaeger Capt. Stanley F. Janecsko P.F.C. Leoo F. Jennings Lt. Robert C. Jochum T.M. l/e Robert H. Johnson F. Stanley James Jones Pvt. Carl P. Juogels M/SEt. Joho William Jungela oppty to the Director of Nurses. Mercyville Sanitarium Seati 9 AURORA, ILLINOIS i HARKERS BODY SHOP "You wreck 'am; we fix "am" Td. 4213 t86-204 Wee41awm Ave. Aurora, Illinois i I I I'. JIEM4 MERCY HOSPITAL Am, lilt.oil Am, emes'edit eehoo/ of nmmtoB eem. dJueled I Um 8nte of Mere. Four m  Sebml aid. lble school ab m:ntlted or reeeivinz U. i. Cmkt Norm Gor at,de=h, P. F. SCHUSTER Plumbing -- Heating 320 Rurcd Stmel A/S Fred William Darimont, Sgt. Kenoeth Peter Jungels Jr. Raymond H. Kartheier Silt. Ralph O. Dean C.T.M. John R. DeCelies A/C Clement J. de'Leon Cpl. Charles E. Dell P.F.C. John Jmeph Denny {MISSING) S 1/c Frank M. DeRange Cp|. Joseph Deremki tat Lt. Frederick J. Deutach 1st Lt. N. J. Deutach 1st Lt. Richard J. Devine Thomas L. gasperski Cpl. Robert J. Kearns P.F.C. George I,. Eeonan T/4 Charles William Kelleher A/S Thoma Edward Kellehcr P.F.C. Richard Joaeph Kelley Sgt. Robert J. Kelley James P, Kelly Pvt. l,tw)nard W. DmoehowakiCpi. LaRue John Kennedy I,t. Herbert A. Dolph Captain Joseph A. Donovan SEt. John P. Duran Lt. (J.g.I Eymard L. Doyle Ensign John B. Doyle SEt. William P. Dowling LL Donald J. Drlessen (MISSING) A/S Jam H. Drlesen Ensigo William F. Driesen 1st Lt. Eugene A. Duffy PvL Robert F, DuMont Ist Lt. Robert E. Dunk Lt. Joseph B. Duray Pvt. Forester J. DuSell A.O.M. 8/c Hartford A. DuSe]I A/C C-renee Charles Eber- bard Lt. Warren Kelth Edward= Pet. George Robert E41gert Cpl. Charles Ellis S/Sgt. Raymond A. Kerch (MISSING) Lt. Robert H. Keyes Lt. John W. Killigrew PvL James J. King T/6 John J. King P.F.C. Thorrms Joseph Eing Pet. Robert L. King, bury g $/e Raymond H. Klesch- Imffer Lt. (s.g.) George J. Rish. Jr. Lt. Hugh M. Kieckner PvL William C.. Kleckner Ensign Frank Bernard Klimek, Jr. Lt. Henry A. Klingler S l/c Fred H. Kluber. Jr. S/SEt. Robert John Knmak Ensign Bernard H. Knoth CpL Robert L. Koerber S.C. S/e Harold Bernard Komes (MISSING) T/SEt. Richard John EllwartPett" Officer Edwin Peter (MISSING) A/8 Donald C. Enderlln Sgt. T/4 John L. Egel- braeht lI/Sgt. Herry T. Eagle- brecht Pvt. Victor Erday. Jr.. Lt. Gerald W. Faer (R.I.P.) Lt. Nieholaa M. Fmer George Letster ]sig A/C Wilfrid E. EuIE Lt. Clare F. Farley Cpl. Merle M. Farrlngton Fads T. Farwell Lt. Eugene William FeNott (R.I.P.) It. Lyle J. Fe]tel Kooen A/s Conrad James Krafft Ensign Wilfred A. Kramer let LL Elmer W. Kueera 1st Lt. Kasmier ,T. Knlesha Pet. Joph C. Konches Cpl. William N. Kurns B.M. l/e Howard F. LaFleur A.M.M. 3/c Kenneth C. LaFleur 1st Lt. George P. ltehford Bat. Michael "1'. Latehford Pvt. Lowell A. Lawson, Jr. RK $/e F. J. LeaVell S lie Mark J. LeCuyer lat Lt. John C. Lentz P.F.C. William J. Leugtms D.D.S. Donald IL Lies Carl E. Nickels Sgt. Virgil N. Nickels S/Sgt. Robert J, Noonan Cpl. David M. O'Brien Lt. John F. O'Connell S/SEt. Robert J. O'Connell Set. Charles L. O'Connor 1st Lt. George M. O'Connor (R.I.P.) Pvt. ltichord Joseph (YCon- nor PFC Dean A. easter, (R.I.P.) SEt. Frank J. Okapal Pvt. David F. O'Kteffe Cox. Leo R. Olah S/St. Andrew R. Olaen P.F.C. Harry J. Osborne P.F.C. Francis Ostendorf Ist LL Anthony J. I'appas P.F.C. John B. Pappas CpL John C. Parker Cpl. Herbert E. Parsons. Jr. Cpl. Robert A. Potnaude C.M. 3/e Fred N. Patter- man Cpl. Robert T. Pattersoo Cpl. Angelo Dominic Perna J. J. Peters P.F.C. Carl William Petit Pvt, Frank Michael Petit T.M. 3/c Joseph John Petit S.M. 3/e Robert P. Petit Cpl. Wilbert J. Petit P.F.C. William A. Petit Ensign Frank B. Petrauskas Fmsign Clarence L. Pickert M/SEt. Andrew M. Pierce SKt. Robert M. Pierce Lt. Warren Peter Piper S 2/e Peter Popp, Jr. Lt. (j.g.) James W, Porter Cpl. Edward J. Proctor SEt. Victor E. Pussks William John Queenan SEt. John P. Quilty Lt. James M. Quinn Cpl. George Ralcewich Pvt. Edwin L. ReEnter 1st Lt, James E, Regnier lot Lt. Robert A. ReEnter P.F.C. Albert F. Rennell 1at Lt. Karl R. Rcn (PRISONER) M. I/c Robert F. Retterer P.F.C. Raymond J. Reuland 1st Lt. Richard M. Reulxnd P.F.C. Joseph Ransom Rice Cpi. Art J. Rleser Lt. Douglas A. Rleser Lt. Francis E. Rippinger (R.I.P.) Lt. Joseph A. Rippinger Edward James Renan. B.M.2/e Lt. James P. Renan M/SEt. John J. Roman PvL Raymond J. Roman 1st Lt. LawrenCe E. Rowe Pet. Richard J. Rowe S l/e Anthony K. Rukag o.. Sunday April 15, 1945 Pvt. Richard L. Rump Cpl. Ray F. Snyder P,F.C. John T. Russell Cpl. Romuald M. Soja Lt. George M. Ryon Lt. Edward J. Squires 1st Lt. John G. Ryan pl. James F. Stanton Lt. Michael C. Ryan I,L Robert H. Stapleton S/Sgt. Thomas Joe,.fph Ryan Pvt. Frank X. Starshak P.F.C. Francis C. Sae]ens P.F.C. John J. Starshak Lt. Arthur I,. Sage Lt. Robert F. Seinkamp Cp]. Robert E. St. Jules P.F.C. Leo W. Stengel Pvt. Charles John Sauber MOMM l/c Ray A. Strf, ocl Sgt. Edward Sauber SEt. Fred J. Strait Robert J. Wagner 1st Lt. Frank J. Waindle 1st Lt. William F. Walker Sgt. Joseph P. Wall M/SEt. Thomas P, Wall Sgt. John H. Wallace T/Sgt. M. Francis Wa]len- sack P.F.C. Patrick J. Walsh SEt. Daniel Patrick Ward Pvt. John H. Warnimont 1st Lt. Ernest A. Schaefers Lt. John E. Strayer S/Sgt. Walter B. Wassel Lt. Robert A. Schaffner Raymond G. Strayer, (R.I.P.) Cpl. John N. Watgen P.F.C. Robert John Schele Sgt. John P. Strobel S 1/c Norman John Weber Pvt. Norbert B. Schmit SKt. Stephen P. Sucik Pvt. John J. Schmidt P.F.C. James E. Suerth Cpl. Lawrence H. Schneider P.F.C. Andrew J. Sullivan 1st Lt. Lawrence R. Pvt. James R. Sullivan Schnittgcn Sgt. Joh Donald Sullivan CpL Alex H.. Schoen. Jr. Cpl. Frank M. Symmers A.M. 3/e Gerald John A/C Philip E. Talbot Schramer SEt. John J. Theis F I/c Benedict P. Schuster Cp]. Robert J. Theisen Lt. Ralph A. Weber I,t. Raymond E. Weber P.F.C. Robert M. Weber Jean Christian Wetland Ist Lt. Bernard K. Wailer A/S Cyril F. Weiler IA. Arthur J. M. Wets Cpl. Frank E. Wenckus 1st Lt. John E. Wesbrook SEt. Gregory J. Schuster 1st Lt. Donald P. Thill A/S Thomas Morgan West P.F.C. James Anthony Pt. GeorKe M. Thoman Cpl. Jarrs F. Westerman Schuster SaM 2/c Charles Thompson SEt. Edward M. Wetz SEt. Jerome N. Schuster SEt. William C. Thulis Pvt. Paul F. White T.M. 3/c Leo W. Schuster P.F.C. Joseph F. Tighe Cpl. Raymood White Cpl. Robert C. Schuster 1st LL Alexander Tihay Lt. Sylvan F. Wlemer Lt. Charles E. Segler P.F.C. Jack E. Tillman Lt. Robert J. Wih!y 1st Lt. Edward L. Sensor Ensign William N, Tilltrran Cpl. Clarence F. Wilkinson (PRISONER) (R.I.P.) A/S Ralph W. Wilson 1st LL John W. Sensor Capt. Edwin G. Tobin Pvt. Warren Henry Wilson Lt. James F. Shenehan. Jr. P.F.C. Joseph G. Tolian , {R.I.P.) PvL John E. Shanahan Cpl. Walter J. Tamer SEt. Joseph T. Witek T/SEt. Robert J. Sheehy A/C Jack Joseph Totman P.F.C. Vincent M. Wit- S/SEt. Donald S. Sherman Cpl. Laurence Edward Tot- kowskl (PRISONER} man Lt. Edwin J. Wolaver SEt. Homer R. Sherman Sift. Leon P. Toussaint Capt. James F. Wolaver (R.I.P.) Sp. (GI 3/c George N. Pvt. Donald G. Wolf Pvt. Bernard E. Shine Ugloi (PRISONERI 1st Lt. Fellee\\;E. Shoemaker Donald C. Upham (R.I.P.} Pvt. Elmer G. Wolf ]st LL Richard D. Shoe* A/S Robert F. Uphues C.M. 2/c John Peter Well- maker R.D.M. 2/c Harold W. Van- weft Cpl. Robert L. Sibenaller Doozer Cpl. Charles Zabor PvL Walter L. Sibenaller Midshipman A. Joseph Van-Lt. Ralph P. Zettinger Emil John Sipos (R.I.P.) Ham Pvt. Louis Zosky Pvt. Frank p. Skelley. Jr. Pvt, Norman G. Vocke Bruce D. Juneau, (R.I.P.) S/SEt. Thomas C. Small 1st Lt. John L. Wagner Wilbert P. Meyer. (R.1.P.i LL William A. Smith (MISSING) Donald F. McGowan, (R.I.P.) F'ODOR JEWELRY STORE High Grade Diamonds--Watches---Jewelry I Western Electric Hearing Aids SALES -- SERVICE  FREE TESTING 28 S. Broadway AURORA COMP/_ETEL Y AIR-CONDITIONED THE DALEIDEN MORTUARY High ard Liberty Streets * * Aurora. Illinois AMBULANCE SER'CE DIAL 20586 / ROOFING - - SIDING - - INSULATION | 1:1 months to I BIRD PRODUCTS ! pay. [stlmatos fro. MALCOR ROOFING COMIPANY HARRY M. THEIS[N 219 Woodlown Ave. Phone 6479 Aurora, III. Aurora BUR-HAN PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Fred Burscheid R.Ph. P.H.C. Joseph D. Ernst R:Ph. William J. Honkes 35 N. Broadway Aurora i FRIENDLY CREDIT AT CASH PRICES COLBY Inc. LADIES, GIRLS AND INFANTS VEAR Aurora's Busy Fashion Corner Broodwoy ond Main Aurora, Illinoil i Body Shop AURORA RODV SHOp fRAME ANO AXLE SERVICE Fende and Body Repairing Pointing Upholstering Tops Elmer Schlitz J. ) Dmmosson PHONE 5313 60 S River St Tinn'ers JOSEPH N. STROTZ WARM AIR HEATING FURNACE REPAIRING BREECHINGS ,IR CONDITIONING arm VENTILATING SKYLIGHT,S GUTTERS Telephone 2-3126 469 High St. Fish WHOLESALE For 24 Yeors Our fish Nave Been Known As end RETAIL THE BEST Fl0 LIouors Wltl and Bottle Bee o s, RI,. s,. STEI N'S : Open Ydl0 a.m.-12 I).nt. Assell Photo Shop the Most Complete Photo SevlCB Co, meres, Moving Picture FIIn and Equipment Studio and Commercial Photographs Camera Shop and Photo Finishing 41 Island Avenue Phone 980) alton Sundays and Evenings by Appelntmo=t. Laundry AND DRY CLEANING WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE WALKER LAUNDRY CLEANERS AND DYERS CRONE 9201 12 WALNU'V / Gee. E. Kuker FURRI.ERS New Coats  RelirJ 52 Downer Pl. TeL 6624 Aurora, II1. SIMONS Says "We have the IT in Turn ITure" Simons Furniture & Rug Co. .36-40 Down'r Pl. 61 Fen -- " S1ocmJ  IS Main St. Burial Vaults aOHN .. AMSRUSR & c "AMERICAN MONARCH* VmM With Seff-Seallno Corm CONCRETi PRODUCTS Imflalng Moterlob Phee 2-2905 723 $  . Observer Advertisem Merit Yam Pohronage Because They Help Make This Paper bible