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April 14, 1961     The Observer
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April 14, 1961

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FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 ST. VINCENT’S .IOTTINGS A sudden. most unexpected surprise shocked all of us last week when Sister Loretta an- nounced that she had received word from Reverend Mother Adeline of a possible transfer. Later, the message was receiv— ed that the ‘possible transfer’ was an actual fact. Our sincere‘ thanks go to Sister Loretta for her service of nearly two years. Our prayers and good wishes accompany her as she leaves us to assume her new assignment as Superior and Administrator of St. Francis Hospital, Freeport. ,The activity-packed month ofl March has given way to an even more active schedule in April. Since its beginning there has not been a dull day. With Easter holidays over with, the children are again settled in school, eager to make the last Mrs. Hardei, our music teacher, gave us a pleasant surprise Thursday when she brought with her two Sisters and six young students from Mundelein College, C h i c a go. They enjoyed auditioning class- es and the children seemed happy to exhibit their musical knowledge and skill. Several Of the young ladies, in turn, en» tertained the youngsters with beautiful singing and piano se— lections. One of the Sisters, spoke to the children, praising Mrs. Harden’s accomplish- ments with them and encour— aging them to continue their enthusiasm and interest» in music. Tuesday was another very, very special day for all at St. Vincent’s, being. Father Am— bre’s Nameday. While Father was at breakfast the children FAMILY At What A go Should Children Attend Mass By FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS; SJ. Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University though she repeats her prayers after me, I’ve never had her What do you think? training and the kind of behavior judged proper in church. At what age should children be brought to Mass on Sunday?‘ I‘m the mother of two small children and am expecting my third very shortly. My oldest is a girl of 27 months of age, and al- church. Some of my friends say I’m wrong, still others say I’m domg right. Our church does not have a “crying room,” and I doubt whether my baby could keep quiet during the whole Mass. Well, Barbara, I don’t know whether your little darling could sit still through a whole Mass, but I know a good many who can't! The question of when children are old enough to be taken to Mass receives many different answers today as in the past. At what age should a child know how to behave in church? Ob- viously, the answer will depend in large meaSure on the child's PIANOS AND ORGANS Now I Used Pianos and Organs CONN—3 locations. Woodstock FED. I574. McHenrv EV. 5-225I. Rockford. IR. H905. CATHOLIC SALVAGE Used Clothing. Furniture. Dishes. Lamps and all household articles. In the Rock- tord store. we have a new departmch dedicated Io Religious articles. Prices to In your immediate budget. Come In and browse around. I019 West state 51.. Rock» ford. In Aurora. Catholic Salvage Is, lo cated at m North Lake St. NURSlNG HOME Excelle‘ nursing home care. Approved by State Department of Public Health Bellevuo Place, Waterman. Northiowm in III. Phono 3. Open Rate—Io: a worn—$4.48 no: men. Contracts. I/z-Inch, I3 consecutive weeks $I96 weeklv for o Ioial of $25.18.- Conlracls, I Inch. I3 consecuIivc wcoks $3.78 weekly tor a total or $49.“. It pays to advertise' censed and stale Place, Waterman. Illinois. Phone 3. MONUMENTS -— VAULTS Classified Advertising EXCELLENT NURSING home care. Li-I approvedjellcvue l FUNERAL ADIRECTORS WILBUR CHRISTENSON MORTUARY I002 2nd Ave. .WO. 34521 FRED C. OLSON 925 Third Ave. W0. 5-73I2 FUNERAL HOME FREEPORT . . . HARRINGTON McKINSTRA COAL—FUEL OIL DioI ADoms 2-0517. Freeport’, Illinois DUIIIGAII erfid? SOME NATIONAL GROUPS ARE VERY TOLERANT of young children. They don’t expect them to act as adults -— even in church. Others train their Children so carefully that they are never a problem when in the presence OI elders. Modern Amer- icans present something of a paradox in this regard—they ad- vocate “permissive” training in the home yet tend to be quite intolerant of the resulting behavior in public. Any parent who has had the experience of_taking an obstreperous youngster down the aisle during church service knows what I mean. SOME PARENTS WAIT UNTIL THEIR CHILDREN attend school or are preparing for First Holy Communion before they bring them to Mass. They insist that children are too young to get anything out of church before this time and will only be‘a source of disturbance to their parents and other worshippers. Such parents really sidestep the basic issue. Besides placing the entire burden of “churchbreaking” their youngsters on the teachers, they ignore the significance for the child of sharing in group prayer and worship. Parents have no right to postpone this experience until the child is old enough for school. It should become a vital part of the rapidly developing child’s “world” much earlier. ’ STUDIES SHOW THAT MANY PARENTS sadly underesti- mate the young child’s ability to grasp and appreciate religious truths and practices. Perhaps because religion does not consti- tute a vital element in their own "world," they ignore the re— ligious needs of the young child and hand over almost the en— tire religious training of their children to the school. The dele- gathercd outside his dining room door and greeted him in song, “Happy Nameday to. You.” Two little tots recited a Nameday wish, sweetly ex- pressing the sentiments of, all, and then presented him with a Spiritual Bouquet. OBSERVER CRUSADE AWARD—The Rev. William I. Joffe, aSsistant managing editor of the Observer, is shown presenting the Observer School Crusade, Bishop Lane award to Sister Gerald Clare, S. L., principal at St. Peter school in Rockford which sold the most subscriptions to ther official diocesan news- paper in Division 4 of the February contest. Holding the award is Joanne Leonard, eighth grade, who sold the most sub- scriptions! individually. A check for $25 was also presented to the winning school. '- lap a successful one. Much excitement was creat— ed by Father‘s visit to the ssrooms to distribute report ’ds. The honor roll for the nird quarter, just completed, shows Vernon Furlong and Gerald Dickey topping the list with very creditable grades. Charles Boerstler of Grade Seven succeeded in attaining the required average for this honor. Sixth graders on- the honor roll are Czithy Dickey, Dianne Cromwell, and John Perris. Fifth Graders who succeeded are Kathleen McEllen, Vivian Furlong and Bill Young. Fourth Graders include Virginia Fur- long-,zCatherine Ruiz, Bonita Schneider. Raymond Boerstler, Thomas Baker, Robert Hilger, Ronald Zawacki, Jean Butchi— cakis, Donna Mae G'entz, Joseph Hilgcr, Thomas Peszyn- MARKERS - MONUMENTS ROSER'I TRIGG €- SON IIA S. FirsI St W0 4-27" AURORA . . . For Service Coll 'rw 2-3971 FELTES ,COAL 8. GRAVEL CO. SAND—GRAVEL—bLDG. MATERIAL RI. 25 North Aurora PHONE AD 2-3612—FREEPOR'I " "Franz-Richards , *, . l‘.‘ " sUniuri. , IN .t *,. * * The No of First Friday was again spent in Nocturnal Ador- ation in our chapel by mem- bers of the, Serra Club. Freel'port, III." 3, REITINGER CLEANERS Originators of DRl-NU PROCESS 1448 S. Galena (Ole. 8. Plant) 22I W. Golcno (Drivo-In) 120 S. Van Burcn (Downtown) ADoms 2-77‘4 FREEPORT M om w... . w Sunday afternoon provided another opportunity for our First and Second Graders to present their Vocation Play. This included a delightful trip to East Dubuque where it was given for members of the DCCW, Freeport Deanery. As on previous occasions the aft— ernoon’s performance was ex- cellently executed by- these lit— tle actors and the audience was deeply impressed. For Teens Only Edited by the Jesuit Clerics at West Baden College Whose World Mort Sahl, comedian, says, “I wish I had a cause, because I have a “lot of enthusiasm,” Douglas Hyde, ex—Communis‘t, says, “The Communist is try- ing to change the world and is easy this summer. True. But they’ve been saying that every summer. My bet is that the same ones that worked last summer will be at it again come June. And the same old bunch of beachcombers will be sitting it out on the hot sand. Where can a fellow work these \days? Try the old famil- SLOUF BROTHERS RUG and FURNITURE CLEANERS "Tucked down carpets cleaned on Floor" 1207 New York Shch Ph: Auroro TW 2-1511 IOE FEEIEY INSURANCE ski. and Richard Saunders. Friday afternoon a group of dedicate‘i enough to do it", 131” places first: €85 Stations. t ' . ~ (INCL. LIFE) ‘w‘ “ . . i . . , erious effects of this parental neglect are obkus. Children» - I - . Fir“ and secnnd graders are; about forty glrls of the Jumpr cause; C a use, Whos gm a grocery .S-‘OEeS’ gardening um- come to identify religion with the schOol rather than with the} nemeys leay FOOd “LEO” Ramona Rujz’ susan Peszyn- SOdamy Of St‘ Joseph’s ChurCh cause. ‘Cems’ Guy parks’ dames (a whole of life‘ and they fail to reward their arents as religious: Open Niles—Sundly 739 11 "g'hli‘ih ski, Sandra Young. Kathleen made a tour of St. Vincent’s NAN INDIAN BOOK-SALES- milkman gets Up earl)’. hOW- "° p ‘ Am,“ puking GALENA -- - guides or leaders, with the result that parental authority lacks' necessary moral sanction particularly among teenagers. FROM THE WHOLE TONE AND CONTEXT OF YOUR LET- TER, Barbara, I gather that your children will receive ade— quate religious training at home. Your oldest is a little ‘over two years old. Should you take her to Mass? I think it would be MAN does. I met him months‘ ago in Patna, in‘ Northern In- dia, selling his communist books and telling his commu- nist doctrine to whoever would listen. I asked him why he was Schramm. James Nelson, Mike Saunders. ever), day camps, office build~ ings, post offices, golf clubs and courses, If you're turned down, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Employers respect you for try- Centrc-Ilo Blond Groceries 1119 N. Washington Ave. TR 9-3050 Bolovio, III. and St. Joseph's and seemed to enjoy the experience. METZGER'S Grocery and Market WELL DRILLING I a communist, and he said:..The in g‘ Dorm get discouraged. better to start with short visits to the church. If possible,-choose, 1 "Wk", the Wise Economiuu only thing that can help India ‘HOW ABOUT THAT CAMP atime when you can take her around the church, showmg Mn N. L. PITZ Tel_ 445 \ Gale" is communism_ I want to help you attended a couple of years the tabernacle, mam altar, statues of the Blessed Mother, St.i Automam we," syshm, , my country}; lago? would they want you as Joseph, and so forth. On such occaswns, also at prayer,-. TR 9_n43 That was .18 months, ago. To_ a counselor? Are there any re_ remember that a young child s span of attention is brief. Dont 315 N. pram: BATAV|A. . . day he.s probably Still selling be surprised if she is easily distracted or becomes restless after Warehouse—203 Houston sorts where you might board a short time. I books in the Patna bazaar with a friend, and busbo at a - -‘ . M o D E R N P L A T I N G (market-place), still telling his restaurant? Does yo 111?, high A .CHILD .LEARNS BY IMITA‘TION' If .you explam “‘th to “Edna . , question?“ Why 118.5 a com_ school or parish school need her in. a whisper and move quietly, she Will learn'what kind of c“Yuan” new. ___¢::LE: . o R P o R I o N munist. He goes to night some extra work done on the behavmr Is expected of her in church‘.‘ With f'llttle prepara-3 36"" store /&L~_\V‘N _ ' ~ ~ ' A . selling lulls, pays his way 5611- school is finished? can ou ‘5 1 _' . , W at Sensible Prices I‘ complete EleCtroplatlng SQ, vlce mg books. Cause? Hays got work for yourself in the 18am probably a grandmother, take. eight or nine w1de-eyed youngsters, new of FREE Parking ‘1 .. , one_ cutting business? Car washing? on a church tour) Pausmg briefly before tabernacle, statue, and BATAVIA shrine, she would whisper a short explanation, recite a little 1823 Locust ST., Sterling prayer, and then move on. Filled with awe, her little flock fol» lowed without a sound, yet they were typical youngsters, for a few minutes later I heard them laughing and chattering out in the street. A SHORT, COLORFUL CEREMONY LIKE BENEDICTION provides an excellent service for starting actual participation. Tell your daughter a little about the service, sit where she can. see the altar, don't give her a rosary or prayerbook to bang VENEZUELA, 1960: student talks to visiting “Yankee” priest, tells the American. padre he just read a book (Man, the Saint), and now he’s a new man. Man, the Saint had said to him: Christ lives, this world is His, win it back for Magazine selling? Remember: There is work for you some— place. Don’t stop trying to find it. 'Get some help. There’s nothing that says you can’t ask your father for help. TAKE THE PAY THAT’S OFFERED even it it’s a mini- ./ GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129 50. HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADoms 2—6 I 39 Get the Best . . . Ask for CHAMPAGNE VElVEI TWIN CITY PRODUCE CO. Phone MA 6-0184 dchNO“ BRANCH PLANT . Sterling v1. .2... ' A I V n 1 l I A ' e as swam om: TELEPHONE: WOodlond 2—645I Two students, tW 0 hemis- on the corner. You are raw, you and behave pmperly' 364 DIVISIM-EIQI" IN GENERAL IT IS POOR PSYCHOLOGY to give any indica- , wo :es, one orld. . . .. , pheres t cam W tion that you fear she wall misbehave. Be positive in your ap~ , DioI SHerwood 1-1400 Christ’s world, not Mao’s. not ‘ unskilled labor. Don’t expect miracles, of yourself or your A&S Dairy, Inc. .Write or Phone Us for Details and Estimates . AAAAMM , i ‘ 7. preach. Explain what you’re going to do and how you‘re going, G ’de “A” o‘ . , . giggis’IEOtGeozenogngjrszgge: e-mploxer' to act, but don’t suggest things not to do. Make no threats or' PasrPD’lflrilrze Fragile“ ‘ ‘ But. Are we 0,] Godas Side-y} Th?“ 5 e n 0 I1 h for {low promises to encourage good behavior, for this would imply that I Es . . said John F Kennedy.) Get' 3 Here 5 gamethmg km I’h 11“ k you really expected her not to imitate you. 423 LOCUST ST., STERLING ' cause, eh? Don‘t be a drip about“ Veryone “0W5 “at AFTER SHE is FOUR, SHE SHOULD BE ABLE to sit through- COAL and 0|], a low Mass. Children differ greatly, of course, but most four-I year-olds can be taught to remain reasonably quiet for thirtyl minutes. At least, they should be given a chance. ' \ there are a lot of family men out of work who want to work. Should you accept a job that ‘is usually reserved for a bread-_ winner? OR: WHAT YOU DO if you findpyourself in a job where you can’t help others act de— cently, or where you. are even; pretty sure you will have to go ‘ against your own ideas on a can kiss this year's set of text— d9 . . .cent wa_ -of life? Would: on books g o o d b y e. Till then take this :0” of job? y there's a lot to do. Pass every _ course. “For Teens Only” doesn’t recommend 5 u m m er school as a pleasant experi- ence. Next, 5 t a r t thinking about where you’re going to work this summer. This article: is on the search for summer! jobs: Summer is no “vacation”? for thousands and thousands of, teenagers in the U. S. land? throughout the world. It’s af time for, a lot of them to try‘ their hand at “making a liv- ing.” THEY. SAY IT WON’T .BE[ SHIELDS OIL CO. 1 Skelly Products GASOLINE ’o FUEL on Harvard—LWhiIney 3-4131 about it. Not just any cause; either. Get Christ's cause, and make it rule you. THE QUESTION ISN’T: Is: God on my-side? It's: Am I on God's side? Am 1? Summer Jobs Two months from now you 24 Kimball Shoot Elgin, Illinois STERLING HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. Roofing — Siding Insulation - Points 2704 Locust St, Sterling, III. MA 5-0625 DELEHANTY FUNERAL HOME, Thomas M. Dachau” (Father ThOmas is unable to custom personal letters.) ; F riendly Personal Services I 401 River Lone ' . TR 7-74’1 JOHNSON MOTORS MFG—Thompson— Aluma Craft Boats Skin ,Diving Equipment Everything for the MOTORIST Dial SHerwood 1-2577 Poironize Our Advertisers "Hr. Ambulance Service ., Oxygen Equipped—Prompt, E\Ificient Scrvico MODERN DAIRY COMPANY, INC. Fine Dairy Products Diol SH 1-2536 ELGIN I Everything for Above and Below the Water HARDWARE for Hard Water ED THORNE’S HARDWARE , AND MARINE CENTER 7928 N. Second St. . Rockford Open‘Mon .and Fri. to -— Saturdays to IT’S SO EASY TO BANK BY MAIL ’. IheOriginal; \ ' . Alexander-lumber (o. All Building Supplies Point, Hardware and Rigid Fromc Gorogcs. CRYSTAL LAKE McHENRY, ILL. 459-1050 EV. 5-1424 Park State Bank now offers this ne'w convenience. Save steps and time. Fill out a special mailing form, enclose deposit and mail. ‘ Banking Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs” Friday I 9:30 to 2:30 Friday Eves., 4:30 to 7:30 o I TIueI 5 Drug SIore I CLIFFORD THIEL, Pharmacist ExperLProscI-iptioo Service 161 Dundee Diol SH 2-0482 ELGIN FRIZOL ond BECKMAN AUTO PARTS 141 N. 4th SL—DeKolb P 0 TT E R S CLEANING and DYEING Rug Cleaning expertly done Phone 3-8341 and 3-8351 DIXON PARK STATE BANK l .5817 N. Second Street . Loves Park. Puironize Our Advertisers ' available in bot/I mild orth In CRYSTAL LAKE E. W. .Schmeling _& Sons, Inc. 10:“ School Sheet, Rockford Lumber-Millwork-Fucl-PoiM SACRED HEART Military Academy Boys, grades 5—8. Conducted In- the Brothers of Holy .(troxs. Tr ins boys to become I r II c C Iristian gentlemen Well balanced p I a x r a m Solid foundation in the fun- damental skills. Individual attention small c I u E a e s . guidance, creative skills on muraged. Sports. football: basketball. baseball, hikinu. tohocganing. Dormitories. 4|) k!./ u. "'I‘ .‘d I ' 65195! ovoss, ‘ ‘1 :‘servicc , ~2 lug. ill «on to 2v FOR Century Automatic Heofing' Hotpoint Appliances Electrical Contracting , For A _ . Quality and Low Cost miles from Milwaukee. Write for illustrated folder. Dubuque lope-608 Main SI. ' Diaper Service grgicthHDocIlninic no", K A T-se S - e - t . . . en moslcr, . a corksckiom .CoIlect' g3; waning. ‘ Clinton, Io.——222 6th Ave. S. 1...-..3'3'" MopIcPovk woodland 5-2625 Whicrtown, Wisconsin BRENNAN CATTLE C0. Rockford—+105 North. Main St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. Corcn—Optometrisl . Rockford—Roe kford Plaza Dispensing Glosscs Prescribed by Dr. H. Portal—Optometrist VINCENT A. SCHUH COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE GRAIN—FERTILIZER—SEED Stocke I. Feeder CoH'Io ‘ ‘ COAL availo'ble at all times. ; Aurora-7‘6 N' Broadway , Phono EM. 5-6145 an‘d 5-3223 We Specialize In DIspcnsIng Glasses Prescnbed by Dr. Wm. LIndley—Oplomotrm Virgil, Illinois Northwestern Cattle Dixon—110 East First St. YARDS A‘T Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. 'B. Rubin—Optometrisl , mm, 13,- Sterling—21 w. 3.4 St. DONAHUE FURNITURE Hy. 3—2360 ' ' Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by ‘Dr. R. Cobb, “When Your House Becomes #— Dr. N. L. St. Garmoin—Optomefl'ish A Home” . f. “mm, ILL. ~~ --MilI.Brcon'on, M r. Kirkland 2-331 219 E. Calhoun WOODSTOCK—FE 8-1086 EIgin—I 21 S. Grove Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by 0.. H. Moll—Optometrist b I ‘ I