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April 14, 1961     The Observer
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April 14, 1961

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'RIDAY, APRIL 14, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 5 M.S.C. Trio Take Vows, =.::=:=== ] Journey" variety show -- Spon- " =~" " a iiiiiii= April 16--Card party at 2:30[sored by St. Mary parish. Are Vested pm in st N cholas hall--Spon-/ MORRIS0N ' %' sored by St. Elizabeth Hungari-I April 19 Luncheon and card One lay Brother will p r o- an Ladies society.Iparty at I p.m. at Forest Inn--- nounce first vows and two will April l$-lO--Card party and lSponsored by Altar and Rosary be given the ha- : fashion show afternoon and eve-]society of St. Mary church. : :'>'.":bit of the Mis- ning April 18 and evening AprilI April 29- Pancake and sau- : ~,~lm~sionaries of the : 18' and April 19 at St. Joseph/sage supper from 5 p.m. until Sacred H e a r t ;~ parish Sponsored by Arch Con-/8 p.m. in St. Mary church hall ~::-~ (M S C ) in ~ if:::>: ~ fraternity of Mary. ~--Sponsored by Men's club of ~ii: solemn c e 1' e- i i~i~iiill ~ April 21-22--Rummage sale inIst. Mary parish and Knights of ~i]~ monies at Sa- ii~i ~ St. Charles hospital auditoriumIColumbus council 3916. ~[. crcad H e a r t :;:~:: from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. April 21/ RICHMOND .!i! :.::: MissionHeroin . and 8 a m until 12 p.m. April 22 ~2:i.: " " - i ~ [ ,- ' " I April 29 -- Spring dance at ~ary, Geneva, on ~~ i~ -- ~ponsorea Dy l~urses ,'~mm-]9:30 p.m. at Hunter Country ~Sunday April 9. ~ " ~ i~ nae. lclub with music by Streamlin- '~ ~ Pronounc i n g ~ ~.: ~1, ~ i~::ii:i+ April 21 and 22/--7 Rummage!ers Sponsored by Holy Name oocmty. J surt -~/-" ~ ar~fl IVIIKeZ ll) ZlonsanaXnon theL~ ~-~ ~ ~]sale in ~lmarfl nailsodahtyZrOm aofa m "A ~vows is Brother .i~ :':~:!i:i;. i!:=: :.::.ii.:.:::" [ " ' " " and Altar and Rosary societies I " : ' ~?::~:: v:::.~ to 7 p m Friday and 8 a m ~Joseph A. Sal- :: . ~ :. :~:i: of St Joseph parish va r . :' =~.~:- i " . =~:~:: ~:~:: ~i : ::~i:. until 3 p m Saturday--Sponsor- to e a native . ~::, ~ :~ .: : ' May 13---Rummage sale from . ' :~ ~ > : !~'~-%= ~ ~:. ~ ed by St Anne ~ociety of Sacred . Bro Salvatore o[ Youngstown i ~::i!::::i!:!!i :i-::.i : :~::: :~ ~'~, :~: ' " 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. m St. Joseph O h i o who has ~::::::: ' ~ : :::~i~. '~ ~ ~ ~ii:~I Heart church church h a 1 1 -- Sr)onsored by ' . . ~:". "' :. ~.'~.i!!~ :i!::" ii ::":: i !:k ".-' April 27--Card party at Ma-+ just completed hm year of pro- i~ .i=::~:~ : .:~ ~".~ i": : [. .= . tHome and School assocmtmn. button prior to being ~ermitted ;~ ~t!~#~; ~v ~ $. ~ ~ .~ ~ ~~.~ + [ donna h~gn scnoot --- bponsorefl rtat,~ ~-~, ~ebmibdr-- - ho?t2~f cs ! emnly,- aSna "MELODIC JOURNEY"--This dance scene is just one of many musical jaunts on which I~'~e:s:Se~hu~;:~:n St[' April lf~ S,~morg+asbcrd~,-- ~o droner ~ . - s audience will be taken at St Mary parish hall In Metteary soon when a ~ast of over 20O pres- t May 6--Snrin~, dance from 9lfr m 3 p.m. to ~ p.m. at ~t. ms yearatprooanonmromer . " +" ~' r" h . . . ents its musmal variety show written and dtrected by the Rev Harold Nllges, assistant at the [~ m until 1 a m at Mont~om-[Andrew pa ~s . [t SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE !~as worked m parish. The huge production will be divided into four scenes depicting various parts of the lery'VFW ha]l'--'S,~nsorcd b-I ROCKFORD l~'al~r~ ~vltl~tl~l~'rt~I-~lp ~ii~n~v ~ll~v the ~una~v an~ " ~ ' : country. Music will be provided by Bob Freund's orchestra. . [Men's'ciub' of St Pe'ter parish[I April 14--Parish dance, school -- -- ~ ,~ :.y,-,~ va,-, .~ [ BATAVIA ~auditorium -- Sponsored by St. APRIL 23 ano stop cra~es " s " Peter's Home and School asso- ,of supples for ~. Mg~Hg:l~ffll|'~T ]El,~,o~,l F,~.~ ~ f'~t I April 27--Fa.hmn show. des- missionaries at ~~ LIIUIIUIII ~' .l.tll. k.~lt,(~l,l Ib~ltllJ.l~.~O Ul[,~k.~lb [sert and card party at 7:30 p.m. [c~anon ,/ ~prfl l&--BaKe sale niter an The Membership collection this year will be taken up w o r k i n the ~~ /-- Sponsored by C o u r t Holyl r " Masses at 5t Peter cnu cn in the Rockford Diocese on Sunday April 23. All Catho- South Pacific. "~i~!: g"~ ~ 1/1" - rll~l ~+'~ ,t'~/'~ ~ C'3 [C r o s s Cathoiic Daughters of[ " ": lies of the diocese are asked to enr'o]l asmembers of The Receiving the ~!:~ Ut More llmn ZUU- tour cenes [America. l~sP~so?:a~e:nOy rmme ano ~cnool Society for the Propagation of the Faith The minds and garb of an M. ~::~:~. ~ [ CRYSTAL LAKE ~ l " April 1~ -- l-'ancaKe ano sail- ' w " t do C. ~s Brother : April 2o--Ch~cken droner from hearts of mflhons of men are at stake. If e furl o, ~ ~i]~ McHENRY A cast of more'fi-h' d'mce under the drec 'will be twelve 4xearold totsI lsage breakfast from 9 a.m. un- ~ . . Joseph G. Niko- -- . ~ L ~ " ~ -[ "" " noon until 5 p.m. at St. Thomas our art the mlssmnar] s furl, and they fail the forces hun 2 fll r s n 1 ~ n f rs N~ h las Lo ex and dancm to the musm of Short tfl 2 p m m St Anthony has P. ". ~ :' ' laus of Colum- : t 00 w p e:e t a mu ica 'to o M :. c o P ' i " g," " " church hall--Sponsored by the " : " " r b" of evil will take over Let us not think m terms of how bi ~ variety show entitled "Melodicla comedy routine with Dan Just-,nin' Bread' 1 Ntal audltormm--Sponso ed y little but of how much we can do to secure the salva- erai,4~'~.'o~ tun~ ~ Journey" in St. Mary Parish[en Bar~) Gilpin and Virginiat The final scene will be set intlparish" [junior class of St. Anthony hos- tion of our own soul and that of many others. +', ~ . hall here Sunday April 16 at Mroz to the tunes "Pistol Pack-'New York in the early thirtiesl ~,~ r~bt, [pital School of. Nursing. " :~':.~^~';~:~ Bro. N~kolaus 3:30 p.m. and Sunday, April 23,:in' Papa" and "I Didn't Know,with the adult chorus singingI A prn z, t~arousm.%apers, [ April 1.8--Sprm g card party at In order to help everyone know what the membershil3 ~;m~t'o:vnmbe'fore an,q,in,~ for and Tuesday, April 25. at S p.m. the Gun Was Loaded.~' "Anywhere I Wander," "You'lllSpr~ng ca ro party .at.t:6up.m. 8 p.m. m St. Patrmk church inThe Society for the Propagation of the Faith consiststhe brotherhood. His~dutics in Featured in the production toAt:l~:2:c;~ bYswDeeebtrsaueV,arwe~llN:v(~;nW, alk21:nt, he"M2in~;t;ry mrsr; ~.r~v~:ryUi~2:;~t72nx" h;l~a# STn:~vr.ed by Altar and we present the following catechism the seminary bakery have occu- written and directed by the Rev. " ',[L. ' - " ~" " --:~-/----- ~ I Harold Nil~es assistant at St l als be presented along with so-i"This is My Country' and "Now'mary' May b -- ~prmg ct a n c e at 1 What IS the Society for the Propagation of the Faith? ~isUpr~elt]mi ~ary~tr:liXinr~ ~;~o~ZiMary, will~'be' a'60-voice aduli ~s by M~. Yvonne Matt, Mrs;[Is the Hour " A ril 21 cELGINarty at l 30 sK:rieght~;fC lBmb:adhet~e--~oP 2; - :.oh,~,-,~ a 7O-vnio~ ,hil~r~,n'sl~oromy L~Oym ann ~iem anaI ~peeml ~nsemmes I P P - : I ' 1"+ ; +v, x.r,1 ~ +'~, ~XT,-,~'tA ,-,~;oo;, ~---.;,-~-, ~ro.mer Anthony Gabauer o11~,~.~' ,~ ~,~ "" ~,~.~, "+ o,~,';~.'+~,Vince Adam~. ' [ Special ensembles will singlpm and 7:30 p.m. inst. Joseph]and School association. .t~ ~ ~uc ~u~+ ~.a,J~ ~ uw ~,u ,~o,u. ot, ~=,y Kansa~ City Mo will al~o beI'''''~' ~,a ~ s,u,w ~"~1 ~ I, -, ~ ~ 1 ~+ I o~,- ~,~ k ~.; ~ ~ ~k ~. .~ ;~; +,]~, .~ll +h~. " "' "' " land comedy routines all accom I~,~ ~ ~,o ~, ~,+h I wmspermg, when me ~xea,scnoo~ nau oponsoreuuy ~'~'1 oxr~r~Jo~'~u ~,y wmt.l m~mu~S w.u p~a.y a u Sa,~*,~ ~'~*b' ~ ~ ~-~ !vested in cassock and sashin t - " ' "1 .~,~,+ ~ ~,; .'M wilA ~.-i~h~Josenh hosnitalSeniorauxfl-Ia n ~ ~ o** h=~ At = wo re pained by Bob Freund s arches -*- ~- v - Missions throughout the world This hid include ex n the chapel cere-[ ' " " -] The second scene will shift tol=TM ,~v~,~, "I '-"*~'n' Musi]tiar-" ~" [" '=" "" ""]'-'*= ~'~-"-" -?-""~"+ ' " r rinse an(] cn 131 - y. ~ zrom a p m ~o o p.m. m at. the Home Missions in the United States. ::: :: : manySunday. t a. the South where a group of chil- kanter " Solos will include I~RR1E.PORT Mary aud'itorium + ir " ~ " " " " 2. How do I become a Member? ' ::A Hla;eSo~;:rCl~P:l The Fir~ sScTn:e:fll VIt:eks~ place rdre~ic~allbb: g2thgetl~ed 5aq~ :ndi; LWh:,t b~SM:rhyrSit?h:~lgnCa!~d inAsPrll~+aT/~:dl. ~pYn:fo:e~'~yl April 22 yIRaG:Lin Ss Peter ~ t h e seminary in the West with the adult chor- pi. The children's chorus willlof Heaven" by Orville Freund r, ~ ~r.^u ,-'~, ,- "/- -, ' " " ' " ' sin~"K n u k B " "D ~ ,uaus,~=,~ ,-,~ .~,~o=.=. ano ram nau--~ponsoreo oy AI- a By ravin each day one Our Falher one Hat] ~i!ir has b e e nthe us stagingEmpty Saddles and :,e t c y abe, eep C----~.-- g~ + -- "~ -- ~U~ ^~* k ,P ~ . ' " ' :: "":::f'"", " ~ " ' OIIIUY~ U~Lb III IUUI .E~v~b U v " or ~e - ,McHENRY tar ann ~osary society I ne Mary, and Saint Francis Xavier, pray for us. ~i laundry. "Wagon Wheels." Also featured]River, Go Down Moses," [ Mrs Carolyn Ritthaler "Two[ ]; ". ,- i Sho April 1623 alia z,>--- lvleloalc Ilt OI [he parish ~ili: As lay Broth- will be a square dance" the bull " rtnin' Bread' "Old Uncle r~ r+, ; ~'z mime, b" 'Ma'*da ' ' - b. By sacrificing to pay membership dues. ers, these three' Ned, Go Tell It on the Moun- lene Besemer and 'I Can Do[ ~ilt~ ~;:::~ young men will 1Ot,All~-" ]thin" and "Camptown. Races.' IAnything Better Than You Can"[ ~Lt~ h rsh~ ues'~ be ass ~ rlI'St /3kll JlJIOCCS~ Other features m tins scene 3. What are t e membe 'p d . it, ned to [ ' " '" /by Dan Zusten and Barb Gilpin I l '~:~:~:~an.y of various r, 31 +) 1~* [will be a dance group pertorm-/ Charles and Mary Vycital and' Individual Annual Membership $ 1.00 ~kl~L~tasks or to a Dlsnot) s fflnner ling to the tun6 of "Shoe ~nine[Bud and Mary Lou Bruhn will *, sT~ V~,~4, - - : s-ecif:" trad" :n 1 IBoy" under the direction at ,~ ~ ~,~ ee,~a~ ' " 0 p ~c c ~ ounce the lea ~or lwo t~na Famfl Annual Membersh~ 6 0 ~ I Y P oneof several ~ol- ott ]~','~+-vn+,~n ]Mrs. Gardiner: songs by Lean-.r,), ,~ +~+,~r +h~ ,~; Individual Perl~etual Membershil3 50.00n~, r.~ M. S. C. cam- ] ' ',~' "lrection of Mrs Nancy Gardiner # "z -;~ . ~ ,~ ~ ~r ~ ~,;, ~1an nn ,u~, munities in theAURORA The first all-dio-]ald Parks, "JoShua Fit de Bat-,will dance the "Blackbottom." k ~:am~v .~c~ ~ua~ ~v~mu~m ~"" "" tle and ensembles rformln " P P US cesan annualBishop's dinner ;" '"" pe gt ~1 ", let--If they so choose they are sponsored by the Diocese of "'Nobody Knows de Trouble"] : ================================================================================= m" '~. oWna~ are my pr)xneges as a ,+r[emoer oi xne ooc Y eligible for service in foreign Rockford Serra clubs, will beiand 'Floa~in' Down to Cotton[ S:~::"::~ou"::S~w::"ii:::in':':':~ | Ior me t'ropaganon of me l~al~n h r n 1Town mission areas such as the South eld at Ma mio abbey gymna-~ ." [ -ru= ~ .=,r. vU::)kKYkK ' Pacific. slum this year on Tuesday, April[ New York Scene I a ,very year lo,uuu speclal Masses are oiierea ior the 18 at 7 ,~ m I . [+~ ` ~,::~:~:~:~::~`:,~::~:~::~:~::::~:~t~:~;~::~:;~:~;~s~:~;g;~:~ . --,~",'x mature oz tnls scene " x ~ memoers Irish Faith Guest of honor and speaker b. Members share in all the good works, sacrifices for the evening will be the Most U rl n and sufferings of 135,000 missionaries c. Members may gain some 80 Plenary Indulgences year. 5. May I enroll deceased persons as Individual Members or include them in Family Memberships? Yes. If you enroll those who are deceased, they share in the spiritual privileges of membership. This is a won- derful way to remember those you loved in life. You may include ten members, living or deceased, in this membership 6. Why should I make a sacrifice to pay my membership dues? In reparation for your sins or faults; for the purpose of obtaining the conversion of a relative or a friend; in thanksgiving for favors granted; in gratitude for the material blessings you enjoy. 7. What sacrifices have others made that I may be given an example? Some have sacrificed the equivalent of what they spend on cigarettes, vacations, alcohol; others have sac- rificed their first raises in salary or the equivalent of their income tax returns. 8. How great a sacrifice should I make? Any sacrifice which is sufficient to make you feel the suffering, the agony, the yearning for the Faith of the 1,500,000,000 pagans: in the world; or any sacri- fice which unites you with His words: "Take up your Cross daily, and follow Me." 9. Why should I be interested in the Missions? If you love the Church, you cannot keep that love to yourself, because it is good .news. You want to tell others about it: this helps the Missions. You are mis- sion-minded not because of pity, not because of the "poor infidels," but because you love them in Christ; you want them to have what they do not have--Faith and Love of God. 10. When is a Catholic not truly a Catholic? When one is not interested in the Missions; because word catholic means to be universal. Christ has no other hands with which to aid the world, except through yours; He has no way of building churches or schools in His Name, except through your alms and charities ThOr gation of the Faith ' I I 507 Avenue B I I Sterling, Illinois Dear Msgr. Green: I didn't get a membership en- velope but I would like: Individual Annual Memberships @ $1.00 each. Family Annual Memberships @ $6.00 each. Individual Perpetual Memberships @ $50.00 each. Family Perpetual Memberships @ $100.00 each. , to make a sacrifice of $ for the Missions. Name ; Address City, Zone, State DUBLIN' -- Holy Week and the feast of the Resurrection brought about a major demon- stration of Faith throughout Ireland in this 15th centenary of St. Patrick's death. Reports from all over Ireland spoke of vast numbers of people receiv- ing Holy Communion, especial- ly during the solemn liturgy of Good Friday. Rev. Loras T. Lane, bishop of Rockford. I Formerly, each of the seven chartered Serra clubs in t h e diocese held an annual bishop's dinner but are combining their efforts this year in that annual event. The seven clubs are those of Rockford, Freeport, Elgin, Aurora, McHenry, Rock River Valley and Sterling. Phil Giovingo, St. Anthony Parish, is our Ferm Driver-Sales. man in the Southeast Section of Rockford. Phil recommends FERM DAIRY PRODUCTS end remind~ you of our QUAN- TITY DISCOUNT PLAN. DAIRY 1411 9th Street Rockford WO 5-5511 Hi Folks, I'm Back In RocMord at F (Temporary Location at) 3737 E. STATE ST. Come Out To Our Showing Of 1961 SHOWROOM FRESH (ARS All Makes Plus 150 Fine 1960-59-$8 And Older Handpicked Used Cars TOM'S AUTO SALES T61.: EX, 9-0269 SEISTA An Old Proven Stoker Coal For Commercial nd Domestic Use CALL BLOCK BRICK & FUEL COMPANY Corner of Preston and Independence, Rockford, ill.i Dial WO 4-4607 12-PAK Pink Pony Presents Our CheJs Are Experts in the Art o[ Preparing The Finest and Most Choice Menus to Please Our Patrons NOON DAY ' LUNCHES Our Special Businessmen s Luncheon Every Day ~tom 11:30 to 2 Except Saturday Dining Room Open Daily From 5 P.M. to 1I P.M. 4201 Charles St. EXport 9-8729 Rockford John F. Jack Long David L. Klont= Friendly.Personal Service Conveniently Located Our many years o] experience " enables us to serve ~ou efficiently and within your means Long-Klontz Funeral Home 28 Park Ave. Rockford WO 8.2255 oun a rnlYQ a Register for Totalling s1750 "We Service What We Sell" Rockford You eau ban~ on the ~ National in more ways than one.r 8olve your driving needs with CAR FINANCING ~rou're ahead with the be~t availahle euto finance plan. Ask your dealer f~ Illinois B~a~,a~ t~rms or come in. Terms to meet your bud~t. IUINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST COt 8outh Main at Chestnut IP.omplete i~nkine servkms:'81vlngs Account~ Checkl~l Accounts Chdstmas Club Vsr, xtion Club * Trust Services Safe Deposlt Boxes Home & Property Improvement Loane Pemonal Loans Auto LOans * l~stellmant Loans for any purpDee Sank by Mall, postage paid both ways Free Parking whfl6 yeu 101n~ iDdw~l~ FacllKles Phone WO 0, &