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April 14, 1961     The Observer
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April 14, 1961

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PAGE 2 THE OBSERVER VH.IDAY, APE1L t4. :" q Fr. Barth Represents Order ROME -- Fath r Plus Barth. Barth, past provincial guperior O.F.M of St. Louis has be~n of the St. Louis - Chicago pro. appointed Visitor General in the vinee of the Franciscans, was U. S. and Canada for several units of the Franciscan order announced by Father Augustine which depend on major super- Sepinski, O.F.M Franciscan tars behind the h'on Curtain. Minister General. The units are organized as the Father Bartlr will visit Fran- Hungarian Commissariat of St. ciscan priests and Brothers By Everyman April, tile month of spring and growing things, supposed- ly, has turned our "young" staffs fancy to the lighter side of life, a sentiment we wish to share with all ouz readers Via tiffs column once e month. These m o n [ h ] y ramblings You Can Defeat Communism First Learn--Then Act! The Young Catholic Adult, of the city of Rock- fo,-d ,:ruder the Spiritual Direction of the Roy. Philip Kennedy will present two fihns entitled Operation Abolition & Communism on the Map for students of Catholic colleg s poem should be snbmitted, smiles and quips. John Capistran and the Transyl- workin~ among immigrants as will deal with ,ke humorous vanJan Commissariat of St. well as native Americans ot and the serious but wonderful Stephen foreign'born parents in ~ome 14 little happenings in the lives of O'- The appointment of Father dioceses of the U.S. and Canada. those around us which cannot be classified as n ws, editorial, Jesuits Open New University :;efe;at;';;rt~e~teesri,al boU~thyhich April 21--8 P.M. MANAGUA, Yiearagua -- The on scholarship grants. The fa-print. ' lefferson Junior Hi,'h School new Central-American Univer- culties will include not only Smile Campaign ~ t~ '~ wi" b ~ ~ ; l Jesuits but lav profes;ors and We sincerel- ho-e that you BLESSED SACRAMENT ROOM--This special room at Seott Air Force Base in Southern lilt- n ~ o "t slL" Lt e openea o/ me 0esU-}me ber ,f ,~h l'i~i " '.:. ~" - p ' nots wag recently erected through the contributions of the Catholic people at the base. The HocKIora its here in June with students of[dgr"~" - re aoers ~.m oerlve .~ome ntde modernistic chapel only 17 by 18 feet in size, was built at a east of $9,500 and is a real tribute . . . ~" leasure tram these jaunts and ',- t law, en~meermg, business ad- [ The aim of the School of Bt ~i P ill in ihe futur not only feelto the faith and generosity of the air base s Cathohe personnel. ~ ' "W e . t " " mimstration, humanitiesand ness Administration is to train free to comment on the items ~- A talk w,ll be gnen by Charles Kersten. at- psychological studies. [competentexecutives with athat ap,ear but will find oppor- ~ ,-, jr ~ " "r,'rr [r:~ lt~r ~T tornev from Milwaukee," Wis. Mr. Ket'sten was v h r o " - former ltlerltenr a memhet of the U S House of Re le.~enlahves The24thCatholicuniver. it. in view toward t e p o re. ' e itnity to contribute to the ~'] g'l~g-IllNl "~// . P ttf If/Ire Y " ' P' Latin America, its autonomy economic integration ol Central smiles of those around you,JL,~t.P~.~p t.I It k /~ tlt,4V~t.~ ~a ~ n - o . ' from 1947 to 1954. He served as chairnlan of by-laws and, d~grees have al- America. ~" '~'n of smiles one of ' . ]l-'rlest oelee[e{1 the House committee on communist aggrcssmn, ",Scout meeting at St. Peter hall I "' /St Patricknarish McHenrv " Y - Y" * llltle sunsnlne inuTls complex ' r "th r " " "' "" ibe offe ed wleach ca ton of ko and Khrushchev Religious Vocation Institute a n dsometimesdiscouraging J. Robert Welsh, chmrman of, four e~ful~r bu bs nnrehased [and now a chaplain in the Air "-" r ' u f n r ill r o 1 ~orld the t oop s Co rt o Ho o s I A rll n l area has been selected by the , OKLAHOMA CITY -- Bishoplin a 50-mile radiu, of this city ' " 'r z" .u % n* ~f[ p " 25, 29, a d 30 will see[,"~r ~ t . 1 . Victor J. Reed of Oklahomalfor the two-day institute. She ca}lecl itnet, '~mi!e[~.~'~"~ /= o'~.~' "": ~ ~ lmembers of both units conduct-]Chief of Air Force Chaplains toIda Are lnvlte ! to Campaign and beammgty tom .--~o,o~ ~, memoers oy City and Tulsa offered a Mass[ The main attraction is some . "-. ' ~,[ ~ h;,ho, c ,;, ,ting "Operation Lost" in which[attend the Souadron Officer , ,us that Irom nov on sne ~oulfl v -ts ~ ~, - formally openin, t:e first roll-f35 exhibits which tell the stories " ' s IFZF tPatrols will be on their own[s.~hool of the Air Universit, at ][ .-~ L- ~t~ .~,][ ~o,~ alwa stry to greet us With a a ,- d JL2~UI~O~I~. 1.MI~IL12,11 1M~L, fllll gious here in[of the diocesan priesthood and ",Y . . : i" ,~.' [ina cross country walk in t01~,v,~u *wR al= the MeGuin ness High School of commun't'lleS of rel'lgious or- smile: that fllsarmlng. Iaclal ex- lnose to. De recognized DV toe/their hivrm.r =rg~ aetna, -'"~'m '] ,' . gymnasium, for some 3,000 stu- der priests. Brothers and nuns. presslon whmh .more of!:en, t.hanlCourt wfll be~. Second C lass---~l and compass to Ideate the troopl Squadron Ofhcer School~s the ----.-- dents and their parents They The institute is being sponsored not aztecs most oI us leel just michael t riuin ancl rt ert~cam"site Tc the Scout and Ex nrst leve~ prolesslonm scnoo~ o~ ~,T I 1 ~ Ill-It mJt I a httle be~ter even when we Wel~h Flrct Class Scout Ted ~lor~; m r th n [the Air Umverslty and is not I~0 aumlsslon frill D~ were enrolled from schools with- by the local Serra Club " ]-. ", ;'~k" . ~:;' : [1 e embe s of e u it the . 2 ' ' feel mat we nave notnlngtolCamtin,J~oo nammes L~anldestination for the ", n' ~" 'to de conmsecl with me Air . . " " . Igmer 6i~|.~t 9 ~| ][~ ~],~,smile about at the time. Barthelman and Andv Verbes- ;~ ,tl.Un ,~,]Force Academy, located at Col- ~.h~:ll.~ ll~lL/ 1~UlI1~5. II.Lbq.~IIIIIIEIIU~U[ . . [ki Tho .qt~r ~on, A~ q ~,inl orado Srwin~s Colo T h e Air v ~ ~ - Office tar ~ate Both Troop 37 and Explorer' .r .~, NEW YORK -- The NationalI The legion "also observed that 'rh,~ ia,~ is no hin~ new andSbe, presented to Joseph Kaszc-lpost 37 ore sr~nsored by St [Unlverslt,~" s/stem includes the n a r o . - ~" zuK. i " . - r~ . ~ ' war COllege, t.ommancl ancl 7 --, r -, Legion of Dece ey h s ee m- the mowe Two Loves whmh yet it is a refreshing approach . [Peter Holy qame society [StMf o,qle-e Smmdron Officert ~ ~,~m~i,i mended the 20th Century-Fox]was val. a a ;n c,~ r~ ~ to the little and the bi, careI Plans will be co, mpletea mr ~ "~ i Ir~llr~'il L. Irli~i~i O er } school Academic In trucfo, r | movie "Misty" as "superior en-] ', ,",~f ,4~i],r l~-in- Try it some['' p orion Dim Bulb" Satur- .~ : " I, . tertalnment' for the family. [allY oyj.ecnona:m.m, part ior t~ime-!~I-( not'only feels good but]day'April 22 at whmh t l.m e Garpentersvllle I~,~t "o 2~SeawChrf:::OlesSvslt~ls[l~ ~l The legion said: "This film is an, is oemg ao~eruseo as ~ee- IV- u- ~ exercise for mus-iac uts as w e 1 1 as Expiorer l I . .'~ " " i[ . . II recommended to the patronage[ommended only for adult pat- c les "th~a't"~aren't used" as Ire-[members. . of Post 37 will make!ConfraternIt" I 11 Your Reaular Sh o s l n 0G LF SHOES 'l of the entire family as supermr, ronage by Metro - Goldwvn- ,~ tlv as thev ~hould be Ia c~ty-wMe, door-to-door salesI "7 I The mlssl0n of the Squadron~1 ~ I wholesome entertainment." [Mayer the producer " "~'~'[ s nn m ~nin this"ast]~-iqp'" ~Ui ~ .]. lOfficer school is to increase theill We com-ietel" convert "our shoes to ~- No | " ' " une u y o g p IU TI~IGI Olllllli:lV /~bititi f s 1 n "'ffi"er" t''1 P ~ ~ I 1 ehildr n j n. ~ month the stalf found a reason e . One lad passing by comfortable Golf Shoes,d More I had -rc C RP NT /execute the Command tasks and Reds Seize Prelates Car to smile, although in a per-[, ca haw", freckles' (whmh'. I A E ERSVILLE -- A ", : "" ', I [ perform stair rmnes normauy ~.~ ~n a, at first when they weren't green) and a smile as general parish meeting of the :l Moil Orders--We moil back I BERLIN Commumst authorl Archb;b hop s own See L~ov is ~, as oclated with squadronsI -- " "l " " ' " ' 3's-'-'v"r"'~ a real estate deal-[br ad as an Irishman's bro~,ue ICc,nfraternity of Chri. tian Doe-] " '" I -rom,tl, All Work Guaranteed I tieshave p~ an, automobile tak-'inoff, in the Sovie. Union. er~:usi:nUon the front lawn of] When asked why he had dyed[trine will be held in St. Monical Upon completion of the three,t" r r [ en from a r'olP.n prelate up for Ine car was seized b3 court I I ~ land one half month school Fa "~ ! " ' the 0It:ice It read "For Sale', all of h s hail" green instead of' pari.h hall Sunday, April16. - '," pubhc auction according to re-lorder allegedly to cover back " I% Io, 7'30 ~,~ Ither McGowan will receive ,o I, PMM'[ gHfl[ gl:RVlf[ I rts reachin here itaxes owed b t" A '-~" ~ ,anticarrlecl tne name anu. JtS~, one ortwo lOCKS, ne re-I-~. v- ~ ,= an*n-~ w, uuvm ,w*=*~al. I 13o g y ne rcnm nap I overseas assignment t ,~ ~ . . . I~ ,~]s :lphone number of a localre-,plied; "It was a mfstake. When[ Principal speaker will be thei .s" . ,1,wn 2 ~fi|4 Rockf J I lne au[olllooue oI .'~merlean l~,xtremely toga taxes on ~.nurcnl I " - "'- " -. - . ~, I~m ~,v ,-, v -v v, n ' ~ " " attar u was putting me ctye onmy~very rtev. rtaymonoo. wants 1 /,t-. 4 -' ~ /^, ~;,~,h I make is the property of Arch properties are one means byl ,' I '' ' ' ,n '" " " ' Inquiries revealed that the httle brother pushed me. dtocesandwector ofthe Con-[rIl~l~lP~l~l~ . I| | bishopEugeniusz Baziak Apos- which the Polish communitiesI . . I fr-1--ni'v ri[~l~,~t~r||RsJ /| I tolic Administrator of the Cra- are wa~inctheir stenr~d .n ~n ~si~n was just a pranz oy some Ana soooooo, with this small a er t. Ol ~nrlstlan L, octrmeI ~ ave~," t" ,-^ ha~n~,~,~ in Pnl=,~l 'rh,~[tl Cmh~ii~~" i~'~'~'-- "i "fun-loving" grade schoolerslpush we leave you still relish- and chancellor of the Rockford ~ ~-~1 "2" ?-' ] wh had taken it fr m the lawn ing the advent f spring whieh di cese' ',l--.I I SFM Lauded by Mexiean Bishops o,f~o~, n?2:Yqu;:~iden::rreTh~ ij;yTU~h::te;vidence' and the giSeP:ci : ,reei:g:it~OnofW:~e ~e. I . TXI: i: MEXICO CITY--The Mexicanlity"--Spanish-born t;aching sys-!andsighs of relief were quite~ Thought for the month: Keep C. D. at the meeting, il "?'-- II -t(rbN-es I Bishops have praised the growth tern which is rapidly growing in! audible, tsmiling, there's "always a light- ~efreshments will be servedn INl[~! ll~(llt'llV~ III |~ in Mexico of the Christian Fam-[Mexic " Wearin' of the Green [er side. [by members of the Sodality. tl Itr~L m~wi,@|!l ~,~. ,'u~nur~ I/ " . The commendations were si hs were heard ) . i v fly Movement singling lt out for ade b,~^ p u Those g ? /a~umn~dPlUm~'~dl$"C~[m]l~[UU~lt ' Im ~o=oC. nowl~v I t,~ vu? ~,~,-y,~ ~. again a few nays rarer, out/,glkr, lt,l u ' I1 Grtmp~ heads a house-| I ~ ~ a n its concrlounon to uamonc ~c-. oI new rules issue~ nv the r~igb ' = =-~ ' " --- " .-, 2. " . ; ? ,- they expressed, a dmerent~. I hold of 3 generations "7 ~ I ~ ~ Representing | non. iops tmmm ntee tar me ,~postol- sentiment. The date v,as March] ][IN,I wit, i sss of their|tI ;, I The Hierarchy also praised ate of the Laity to guide Catholic 17th * ~t f St Patrick ecv de n I'l own. Wafter Brennan stRrs.II fiaadwi -Allen. Inc. I .he fen. o [ ,m ] ~UI~IUIR~II'II=~II~III unt, o . the "Little Courses on Christian- ] Action. Reason -- everyone at the Ob- I t I, I I " I " server" forgot" me lis.~ensation . I ~1~ lil THURSDAY, 7:30. P.M . I:l~ ~~:=~BU~llli tzu ~. wyman ~r. I Poetry Contest for Collegians from the laws of fast and ab-I FOREST CITY I: 1t ~ Rockford WO ,-,18[ " eliot, nee and instead o. feast- u kllll~l II kl#'~lff i::!:i~i~i::: till ~ " " I r NOTRE.DAME'n Ind. -- The stvle~ m the contest, which, closes ]ng m mm mormn~g on fresh~ ~ D U L-jUIk ~111~ r fourth natlo al poetry contest May 1. Three copras of each ~,~t~r, roll~ we dined on ~'r'l~ls~l,- W nf Th ,t N, r Entries are to be addressed to Sister M Franzita, Director The Sister Madeleva Poetry As- sociation, St. Mary's College, Notre D~me, Ind. Last year's contest drew 719 entries from 174 Catholic col- leges in 37 states and the Dis- trict of Columbia. and universities is being span- soled by the Sister Madeleva Poetry Association here. The prizes are: $50, first place; $35, second; and $15, third. There will also be two honorable mention awards. Each contestant may enter two poems on any subject or Mass Celebrated for Soldiers TAEGU, Korea -- At an alti-]manning the relay stolon were rude of 3,200 feet, Mount Salem table to attend Mass on Easter is the most isolated signal relay twhen Father Charles Meeus, site in Korea It is accessible by ]S d M climbed to the station helicopter when the weather[ Two years ago Father Meeus permits, otherwise the only way had a statue of Our Lady erect- to the top is by foot along rug- ed near the relay station, now ged mountain paths, known as "Our Lady of Mount U.S. Catholic servicemen Salem. St. Patrick, however, mu~t have enjoyed the celebration as green was much in evidence especially among t h e school Family Enioyment? THURS, 7 P.M. WR[X.TV Chennol Rockford WO 8-6101~W0 $-9673 :24 Hr. Service Home Oxygen Therapy Experienced, Considerate Attendants INDUSTRIES, Inc. II Co oc,o.~-Su,or. 11 Air Conditioning Wiring Automatic Sprinklers Power Machinery Motor Rewinding Sheet Metal Work 602-18 S. Moin Dial WO 3-4857 Rockford, Illinois / PAINT & WALLPAPER 1020 W.STATE, ROCKFORD Screens and Windows Made or Repetred in our own skep, Free Customer Perking Gloss--Hardwore ond Lawn Needs. WO. 3-0267 YOU CAN -- THE MILES WAY THE BEST BUILD-IT-YOURSELF DEAL ANYWHERE No 'Money Down -- Low Monthly Payments Your Credit h Good -- First P yment From 60 90 Daya Can lnHnde Material, for Foundation -- Plumbin, -- Heating -- Wirin| Miles Pre-Cut Frank J. McBride Rockford. Ill 1348 6th Avenue WO 4-0053 SEND FOR FREE CATALOGUE . I I It takes "shy,' make the proud wines of The Christian Brothers HE VINES you see above are The Christian Brothers are planted known as "shy bearers." It exclusively with the e noble varie- takes a whole acre of them to pro- ties. Every vine. is tended by hand. duce a mere ton and a half of grapes. There are easier ways of making But those "shy" grapes make the wine. The Brothers prefer their way. world's most msgnificent wines. They labor in an ancient tradition, The Nspa Valley vineyards of and see no reason at all to change. PrOducltd and bottted by Tht Chrl~titn SrSthers 6f. Baltfornla, makers of fine wines, ,~ar~ling wines and ~risdy. $01S DistrS.: Fremm IM $I~II, lot ~.Y, E~Y ehicl,0, II1 Ntw Orle~lns, La Sin FraacLsce, ~ll.