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April 13, 1939     The Observer
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April 13, 1939

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April 13, 1939 t THE OBSERVER im .................. Rockford News--Local & Diocesan yooo00lJohov00 LtlIInflNH mRS People's ieagtle'of'the United syn=I Invade England] IlluLuuun U! agogue Concluded a three-day con- " tin a olu I London--Joseph F Rdherford's ventlontion oposin, communism and fas.antl_Catholichere by adop g res "' Watch" Tower Bible I WIN / I: I'l I fl N cism v s ISociety has started its biggest] !!1 1 II m. h V I V I .- - - drive in this e0untry, and his Je-] 'BmAmi# It=A ................... h 0 " a' ' S Wltneses, complete wittl IIJ[V UUI/i.N its 111.. i a* traCts and little phonographs, are LI]lllM/ /lll[Lg] lVlqkll star Ju laB calling at homes everywhere m- 4. " Rockford.--Rita Ann Fagan '39. won first place in the currently sponsored American Legion orator ical contest, and Patricia Hart, '39, was awarded second place. The Walter R. Craig Post. No. 60, of the American Legion select- ed as the topic "The Privileges and Responsibilities of United States Citizenship." The oration was to be written solely by the contestant and judgment Was based on the value of subject material, accuracy. presbntation and diction. Rite Ann Fagan's victory entitles her to ap- pear in 1he district contest to be held in June. Rockford.-- Preparations are in full swing for the May Msic fes- tival to be held this year on rod. nesday. May 10: Feature guest ar- tis will be Mrs. Alice "olfgang Keller who will offer a grOUp of operatic vocal' selections The pr gram of baud and choral numbers will be announced later The April meeting of the Mul- doon Educational auxiliary will take place Thursday, April 20. Students of the home economics department will serve refresh- manta and those of the sewing class will hold a style show Of orig- inal models. Faculty and students were enter- tained by the Neapolitan Trio, ac- cordion ensemble, at a recital in the school auditorium on Thurs- day, April 13. This group is con- nected with the Gates School of VVind Instruments here in Rock- ford and is under the direction of Mr. Arthur Anderson. The Federal Projects orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Joseph Copeland, will give a concert for the students at Muldoon on Thurs- day, April 18. flicting copies of "Face the Facts" and the "Watch POwer" on people wh o , as Yet, are quite Unfamiliar With the movemefit. The "Wittiess- as" charge, among other things that Hitler is really t Secret agent of the Catholic Church. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 304 No. Fifth t. Rockforo W'B'DORAN 109 N. Main St. Rockford ! I I MILLER,PATTON BAKINg CO. Frank R. Fitzgerald FNE R.sLL DIRECTOR Phone Ma|n 169 R-1 tlk S. W'innebaSb Btt'eet Rockford Blue Beacon Coal a Tons Blue Beacon Eauals 10 TOns of Or- dinary Coah Rockford Pure Ice & Fuel Co. 10i5 Sellout Maih t101 Window Shades, Curtaih Rods, Vehetian Blinds, Cleaniig arid Repairing, Orapery Fixtures. Linoleum, VIKING SHADE CO, MAIN 938 1107 second Ave. Rockford, IlL ICE CREAM and CANDY =It Has to Be Good" Forest 6386 ROCKFORD WoodSlabsPosts---Lumber (Delivered Anywhere) Ace Fuel & Lumber COMPANY 1335 Preston Street Rockford Phelps Main 4510 ROCKFORD, ILl- | J =SAVE AT LINDBERG'S" FURNITURE CARPETS NATIONAL SOUND & SALES SERVICE Amplifiers Snld and Rented Also Sound Truck Service . SECOND add WALNUT STS. Initial Easter Message of Pope Plea for Re-establishinent of Peaee t'unnr 6f worse ills eems t0 reign ih many regions: spirits are gripped with tniety and dismay almost as though all were an the eve of worse dayS. Trauquility. All this is veiny far from that serene and sure "tranqUility with order" which constituteg trlie peace. And how may full and true peace be had while even sons of the same land, frequently forget- ful of their common origin and common fatherland, are so pro- foundly divided by a burning and implacable struggle between par- ties and interests? How may peace be had while so many thousands of men lack work --hOnest x'vOrk which not only maintains life for intllvidual and their families but represents, fur- therth0re, a fiecessary and decor- ous eRplanati0n 6f the cotlex eh- ergies nature has exercised, study of which has endowed and hn0red the digiity of the human person? Misery, ;ho does not see that in such manner eaorm0us masses are be- ing formed which impoverishment and misery--so much more exas- perating because in strident con, trust with the luxury and excessive comforts of those privileged ones who do not feel the duty Of help- ing Suffering--render easy prey to i deeeptive mirages insiduously pro- i posed by shrews and promuiga- tors of destruCtiVe theories? How may peace be had if, un- fortunately, even among flattens there frequently is lacking the mutual comprehesi0n which alone i may encourage and impel pe0pies along luminous ways of civil prOgress, While pacts solemnly sanctioned and the plighted Word have lost that security and value which are indispensable bases of reciprocal confidence and qthout which ardently-desired disarma- ment, material and moral, becomes with each passing day less possi- ble of realization? be born that saiutory institution which gives back to the s)trit the grace of ttlunph Of life over the blow Which is death. TO this inexhaustible fount of [ardon and Of peace, the church in the holy days of laster calls its sons With paternal insistence. If all would accept the loving invite, tion there would thus come about an extremely long and flourishing blossoming of new life in Christ with ineffable enjoyment of that extremely-sweet peace which gives the soul dominion over passion in loving and perfect obedience to the Lord. "Orderly, 't ""DO you Wish your Soul," asks Saint Augustine, "to conquer over your passions? Submit to Hini who is On high and you will conquer all that here belOW. And peac Will be in you: True, sure, extremely Orderly. What is the order of this peace? God commands the spirit: The Spirit the body. NOthing is more Orderly. Here then, venerable brothers and beloved sons, is a basis unique and Unshakable upon .which true peace rests: God; God, known, re- spected, obeyed. "Rest and Surety" ' To diminish or destroy this obedience to the Divine Creator is the same as disturbing or complete- ly destroying pece in the individU- al as in the family; in various na- tions of the entire world only God, in fact, "speaks of peace for His people, for His faithful and for who shall turn his heart to Him." Only the gaze of the Omnipotent --Supreme Teacher of Justice and Supreme Giver of Peace--"justice and peace embrace" becauSb as the prophet Isaiah sings: "The work Of justice shall be peace and the ef- fect of JUstice Shall be rest and surety for ever." Just as, in fact, there can he no peace without oi'der so there can be no order without justice. QUALITY at LOW PRICE Phone Main 3011 ROCKFORD  "His Peace," "SeePed Rights." Fr. Campbeli Chicag01 Facing such adangerous storm JuStice demands thatlegitimate- we earnestly exhort all to return ly-cohstructed authority be re H O U S E O F ......... to the King of Peace, to the Risen spected a.d obeyed by its subjectS: LINDBERG vouC,nA,.a,soe.en, on Nmed M signor ROGKCOTE QUAKITY PAINT One from whose lips we hear the That laws be wisely made for the /t it your PAINT DEA LW, R 0 consoling wordS, "Peace be to common good and conscientiously observed by all. Rockford Freeport annot supply u-phone, write you." He Will give us--as He or stop In at Our Modern Plant promised--peace! Justice requires that sacred ............. Rockford.--The man), friends of His peace, that which the world rights of human liberty and dignity ,-,--   v, ......... ROCKFORD PAINT MFG. CO. the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John P. Camp- cannot give, that which alone will be recognized and guarded; that l 201 N. Madison SL Rockford bell in the Rockford diocese will calm every unrest will dissipate those goods and those riches which /nuestments be pleased to learn that on next every fear: "PeaCe I leave With God has strewn in the world for the, -" Sunday, April 16, His Eminence, you: My peace I give Unto y0u advantage of His sons be conven- George Cardinal Mundelein. Arch- Not as the world glveth do I give iently distributed. Promissory Notes I(  C.D. BEST  SON I bishop of Chicago, will invest him unto you. Let not your heart be Justice means that salutary ac- *-- OF -- ' 725 W. State St. Ins a Domestic Prelate. - . troubled: Nor let it be afraid." tion of the church of Christ--in- tholic Bi I Monsignor Campbell is pastor of But since external peace Cannot fallible teacher of truth, inexhaust- The Ca shop Phoe, Main 530q [Our Lad)" of Lourdes church, Chi- be but a reflection of internal lble fount Of life for the soul, the , peace it is not necessary bove all benefactor of Civil society--be not of Chicago MONUMENTS ['Cage, and a lieutenant-col0nel of tO think of peace Of cottscience: opposed and hindered. When arms Rockford Illlnol I 124th Field artillery, Illinois Na- Procure tt tf One does not have it: of violehce are substituted for the  Guard it and cultivate it if one has Scepter of justice no ode need tnar- :JENOMINATION8 $500$1,000 II I I1"1 ] ']1 .... Itional guard. Maturities Ten Years The Most Reverend r i 1 1 i a m it. vel at the appearance on the heft, i Griffin, D.D.. auxiliary Bishop of "Church Calls." zoh 0f dull flashes of war lh place! These Notes are aligned person- SCHROM'5 LaCrosse Vis., will be the cele- It is not, in fact, Without pro- Of the 10hged for dawn of peace. I ally by His Eminence, Cardinal Mundelein, and are a direct oh- WALDORF FOOD SHOP brant of the solemn pontifical found reason that our Lord Jesus Basis of Peace ! 'igati0n of the.Archdiocese. THE VERY BEST IN Mass. The Rev. Martin J. O'Mal- Christ, on thts very day, on His But if it be a task of justice to; BREADS, CAKES, PASTRIES lay, CM., rector tf Kenrick sam- first appearance to the apostles, establish and conserve laws of that Telephone Main 2233 inary, St. Louis. Me., will preach wishes to add to the greeting of order which is the irreplaceable - A L S O - N. MAIN ST. ROCKFORD the sermon. Monsignori and priests peace the inestimable gift of peace, basis of true peace, it is not, how- from the Archdiocese of Chicago and other dioceses will throng the St Eward' To Give s). Anthony's Parish Promissory Notes church. Sisters front the different S religious orders will be there with " Sponsors Dance Dance Card Pray] The Catholic Bishop HICKS their varied habits. Parishioner,, and lay friends from twenty-nine  Rockfard--Bt. Mary'S society of of Rockford C O F F E E $ H O P years in the priesthood will crowd the church inside and out for the - - St. A,thony of Padua parish will FOODS OF DISTINUTION ceremonies. R o C k f or d .--The c0mbind So- sponsor a dance In the crystal These Notes In denominations 205 N Main Forest 9093 Not only the church, but the cieties at SL Edward's church will room at the Nelson hotel Saturday of $500 and $1,000 are a direct Rotkferd " evening, April 15. Blll Dvbler's State also wilt play its part on this sponsor a card party and dance at orchegtra will furnish the musiC. bligation of the D i o c a of occasion. The 124th Field artillery, the COliseUm Friday evening, April Anthony Rebecca is chairman of Rockford. SERVING GREATER R)GKFORD unddr command of Colonel Charles 21. Beln, bridge, bunco and 500 the committee on arrangements. We employ no solicitors. . . i C. Hafner, will be present tO lend will be played. Music will be fur- Other committee members are \\;xx\,xi r,//2lmilitary dignity and color to the nished by Bill Dobler's orchestra. Frances lngrassia, Angeline Fior- McMahon & Hoban ceremonies. 2_ '.i/)//'.'J Msgr. Campbell is-well-known in Mrs. Albert DeNolf is general enza. Mary Cavatalo, Mary Clecio, ,oeor00o00t,d Rockford. havi,,g s00r,-ed a n.mbe," chair.,an for the part,, Pauline Rosoii00 Josephine Men- EXCLUSIVE AGENTS " - [of years as a chaplain dttrfng the  stir:a, Carmella Lasalla and Vic- Featuring Delve Service ]summer encampments of the lilt- Members of the Young Ladies torte Circle. sodality held their regular monthly 105 ........ S. LaSalle =rSt" Chicago, III. Phone'*WeM&inlnVite5900 Comparison"1224 BroadWay IlnisGrant National Guard at Camp meeting last Monday e veni n g. Comlng Events They were entertained after the business meeting with a "Profess- R0ckord AMBROSIUS CLOTH;NG--MEN'S FORNlSH,NS Student Nurses Give or Quiz" program. April 14----Sprng dancing party, Crystal ballroom of Hotel Nelson, SHOES PeR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Da00cln, Party  sponsored by Student Nurses of St. Phone Forest 1753 507 So. State St. Rockford- Next SUnday, April 16, is the Anthony Hospital School of Nurs- " ..... I Rockford--Student nurses of St. regular Communion SUnday f0r the ig. ............. :_ ................ . .............. 'l]Anthony hospital School of Nurs- members of the sodality. They will April 15--Dancing party, C'stal I  Fine Durable Pa|nta at Thrifty Pt'ices Illn ;11 =nnnn a =;.,. Ao;.. receive Holy Communion at the roo at Nels0n hotel, siJolaS0red by I 9  ., TOBINSON BROTHERS IIparty in the Crystal room of the eight-thirty o'clock Mass. t. Mary's society of St. Anthony's I tOedwaX IINelson hotel tomorrow (Frlday) parish. | V    F oest 6083 Rockford, ill. If evening, April 14. Ted Arthur's April 21--Card party arid dance ..... '"' " .... -"- ........................................... I orchestra has been engaged to St. Patrick's Society sponsm'ed by St. Edward's parish. ........ ,, [play for the dancers. To Give S o c ia i Aprll 22--O1d time dance, Coil- I ' I[ Harriet Harris tsservingasgen- seum, spobsoI, d by St. ThOmas ROBERT TRIGG & SONS -- MEMORIAL5 Ileral chairman for the paty. I]er Rockford. -- The Altar and R0s- blen's ClUb. -- I oAUT.OR,'EO R0C00 A00ES DEALER ,00aides Benvenuiti [Itickets; Katherine Garde, orches- Auora 114 o. Flrst St. ROCKFORD |ltra; Dolores Shevland, date chair- April 19-20-23--"Mignonette," Ma. ,. T..,,,',, - .................................. {man; and Lucille Paterson, pub- " licity. DEATHS ROCKFORD Nick Martorano 57, 24 Sanford street, St. Anthony of Padua parish, April 6. AURORA of Good Counsel parlh, April L Miss Winlfred Holland,. 5, 310 %Ves- ton avenue, St. Mary's parish. April 9. Joseph Salerno, 61. 655 Voodlown avenue. St. Peter's parish, April 7--el Thomas C. smith, 64. 408 S. Salle street. St. Mary's parish, April 5. -,,, ......... = .......... -.-. ............. EAST DUBUQUI= I A-1 COAL SALES Albert Coyle, 9. St. Mary's parish. April 6. ELGIN Theodere Keller, 76. :197 S. Grow avenue. St. Mary's parish, April 7. "FRKEORT Joseph Faist, 57. 1709 South Oak avenue..t. Joseph's parish. April 7. Mrs A(lnee Spriflley, 74 6t blery's parish. April 5. HARVARD Frank J. Hurley, 7K, Fo.=ter avenue, Chicago. St. Jos'ph's parieh. April . MeHENRV - Mrs Margaret Trainer St Mary's! parish. April . I MENOMINEE ! Edmuhd Doyle, 24, St..Mary' par- I Ish, April 4. ..,---... ! SAVANNA Frahk Johh Meler, 2, St. 3ohn's prlah, April 4. SVLEV Peter Sccle, 71. Olr Ledy 0f Per- petml Help patlh. March go. May thelr ouls rest ih peace, cation: If charity is not untted in fra- ternal harmony to strtct and Cold Jnstlce, the eye too etsily beC0[mes blind for seeitig the rights 0t Oth- ers. The ear becomes deaf to the voice of that equity from whose wise and voluntary application the reasonable and vital solution may Sueee|sor tO WEST KENTUCKY COAL 00MPANY 1228 CEDAR STREET ROOKFORD Main 103-104 II I [I I I I ........... i i Ii I i III ....  .... GUZZARDO STUDIOS Instruction in Banjo, Mandolin, Hawaiian, Spanish or Straight Guitar INSTRUMENTS AND CASE FURNISHED TO ALL STUDENTS WITHOUT CHARGI StUdlo In ROCKFORD, ILL., 41t W. State St.--Tel. M60111 BEL01T, WIS Hotel Lorlen*'Tel. 4920 aKLVlDERE. ILL. . - .... ___.5 S. State St. DIXON, ILL.- II . ........... DIdO h Hotel--TeL 24 MENDOTA, ILL. Hotel Elli# --- - ITIIIIII  - ..i -- ary society will hold an open meet- ing on Wednesday, May 3, in the  school hall at ?:30 p. m, Bridge, 500 and bunco with prizes for the donna high school annual class highest scores will provide enter- )lay, i tainment for that evening. Refresh- April 27 Card party and food ments will be served. Plans for fu- sale, St. Joseph's Mercy hospital tue activities will be dlecussed at auditorium, sponsored by St. tita's this meeting, Sunday, May 7, will Altar & Rosary society. be Commtkdion SUnday for the society. Batavia April 27-28-9---Joint Fox Valley pOpular girl contest and WLS tel- Historic Church in ent shoW, auspices of Batavia chap, tar Of Woman's Reltef corps, Amusement Center Byron " April 14--Old-time dance, Wag- Cathollc visitors to the New net's hall, sponsored hy Altar & York world's fair who will natur- Roary society of St. Mary's ally gravitate to New York's parish amusemefit center, Times Square, April 14----spring dance, St. Laur- will find within a stone'S throw ence hall, auspices of Catholic a celebrated old church. Youth society. The church, situated on teeming April 19--Rec0rd danci[ig party, 42nd Street, cheek by JoWl With sponsored by Marian Players of St. legitimate theatres, movie theatres Mary's parish. burlesque shows, taXi-dance halll ----* and sh0ottng galleries, is ren0wn  Elgin ed Holy Cross. April 13-14-15 i Rummage sale, One of the oldest Churches in the sponsored by 8L Joleph'S Hospltal city, Holy Cross for many }'ears alumnae. was identified with the late Fath- April 26uPublie supper and par, er Francis P. Duffy, D.D., former ty, sponsored by 8t. Joaeph'g Par- chaplain of "the famous Fighting- ents' as6octation. Irish, 69th regiment, whose statue stands at the north end of Times Freeport Square. in the theatre district of April 23--PariSh dinner, St. 30- New York, which has been aptly sel)h's hall. named "The Crossroads of the V/orld." So close has been this Hampshire identification of H01y Cross with April 26--Public card partF, 500 and pinochle spOnsOred b Altar the 69th, that to think of one is tc & Rosary society 0f t. Charles think of the other. parlh. In the manufacture ot automo- bile, ofi* hdndre{l arid twentYflv HSrmoh differetlt kln of iteel ar ue Aprtl 13---Daicg party, spoa, Page Five - , r - | - 11 i'1- I 111 be found, een in the most heated contrOVerSieS. Charity. And When we Say charity, we mean the generous ad fruitful charity of Christ. That charity which led Him to die for each of ts: "Who loves me and delivered HinSelf for me." That'. charity which "presseth us": and brings it about that "they also Who live may not now live nto themselves but unto him who died f0r them and rose again": That charity which impelled Him tO take the form of a servant that we might all becone btherS in Him, the first born, all sons of the same GOd, heirs 6f the same king-: flora, called to enjoy the same eter- nal life. ffHE Tltlt IOPAGATION OF TIRE HOME AND FOREIGN MlSSlONF AITI4 Rockford Director. Right Rev. Ms0r, Francis J. Conr0n 1245 N. Court 8t Rotkford Phone: Main i140 Office HOur= 9:00 to 12:00 DAMIENTHE PRIEST "They ask me for a pries who AND LEPER can remain habitually with theln, April 15, 1939. will mark the fif- tieth anniversary of the death of Joseph de Veuster, member of the Society Of the Sacred Heart, (known to ns as the Picpus F'ath ers) and priests, then leper, of the lazaretto at Mo|okai. On Feb. 3, 1936 nearly a century after his birth, a United States transport was sent, at the request of the Beigian government to that tiny spot in mid-Pacific; to bring, with "all the pomp and circumstance," the body of this same humble Flemish missionary, Who, willingly, "shut With his own hand the door but where to find one!" The Place of Living Death The Bishop had not to sea:h far for that priest--the Strong atd youthful Father Damien answerfed his call immediately, saying: "I will go to Molokai and labor for the poor lepers, whose Wretched state of bodily and spiritual mis- fortune has often made my heart bleed within me." it is riot how- ever from the lips of Father Dam- ien that We Obtain a picture 0f life Reasoning. of his own sepulchre." If men will turn to test the, sweetness of this love and will rest Certafnly this was a different in it, the radiaht sun of peace will flea"e-taking from the one accorded finally rise in the world. Reasoning ] the 19-year-old Joseph de Veuster, Calm will supplant pr0vocative an-[who, having received the name I ger: cordial Collaboration (will lDamien in religion, substituted for ,supplant) disorderly rivalry; re-!his sick brother tO undertake ntis- !cipr0al understanding (will suP-]sionary work in Hawaii, then plant) hate; c0hfident sereHty 0iktiown as the sandwich Islands. soul (will supplant) danger0us im citement of the feelings. There will be a return of the way of friendly, mutual understanding where just interests Of all shall be weighed with equal and kindly uP" preciation, Where Sacrifices called for the higher good of the human family are not shirked, where good will and exemplary loyalty to the plighted word reign supreme: "Fervent Appeal" That it may be that these, our very ardent wishes, may be ful- filled we cannot but renew to in- dividuals, to peoples, to governors, that fervent appeal for peaCe--- peace with JUStiCe and charity-- Which we wished night come to all men when we scarcely had as- sumed the supreme pontificate. Fut above all, We raise our arms and gaze to heavento the King of Kings and Lord Of Lords--raising In supplication our prayers to the Lord as today's liturgy of the mass places it uptin our lips. On March 19, 1863, the Young sem- Inarian arrlved at Honolulu and in a few months was ordained by Bishop Maigret. Then he began his work of evangelization. F0r nine years this apostolate continued while each year found Father Damien more cognizant of the stealthy and deadly disease which stalked through this flower- strewn island--lelroSy. In 1865 the government awoke to the danger and issued the coldly official de- cree which read: " . . . All lepers are required to report themselves to the GOvernment health office within 14 days from this date for inspection and final banishment to Molokai." Needless to say' mey unfcrtunate victims of the disease, dreadIlg their life of isolation, htcl in the forests Or caves of the is- lands, but in 1873 a leper hunt as instigated and hundreds were se't to the laaretto. On May 4th oi I that same year. Bishop Maigret an- 'A Sigh," I nounced to his assembled ;tel"gy. Oh Lord, Thou who ifi these days [ inviteth--through the voice of Thy] church---ll Thy sons to draw near to the holy mysteries to partake of Thy flesh and drink of the blood. Thou wishes[ them all to receive, through Thy sacrahents the ineS- timable gfft of Thy love for us, a sign and tie of the love Which ultes us to Thee and which makes us brothers. Ahd So, oh Lord, give to us hnd Inspire in Thy Sons the spirit of Thy love and With Thy goodness aite in concord all of us whotn Thoh hast sated with the Easter sacrament. Amen. sored by St. Ann's society of St. Flannen's parish. April 16--Bake sale, St. Fla.- news church basement. Huhtly" April 20--Party,'St. Mkry's hall. M0rrison April 16Pot-luck supper, St. Mary's parish hail, sponsored by The Little FloWer circle. Oregon April 21---Card party, Oddfellows hall, 7:30 p. m., sponsored by Altar & Rosary society of St. Mary's parish: St. Charles April 14--card party, 7:30 p. m., ausplces H01y Name society of St. PatriCk's partsh. April 3tN--|'Go0d M0rntng," Com- munity Centre, 8 p. m., pSented by Tri-Clty C. Y. S. dramatic unit. .;....=.. Som0nauk April 15--Beiefit dessert lunch- eon and card party, Feehaki hail, sp6nsored by Altar & ROBary s0- ciety, St. John' parish. 8ublette April 16---Antiuai entertalnment by children of St. Mary's. April 2---Weekly card party, St. Mary's school hall. Church Built By Parishoners Chlcag--St. Christina church 0was much to fndustri0us iiiirisii. loners. A few days ago Mass wa cele- brated for the first time In the new church, which is & rohumnt tO the labors of the parishioners. Als0 boilt by the parishiohers Was the rctery. With the pastor, the RaY. J. A. Rebedeau, as the directing force, many parish0ners who were out of ork and many 0thrs in spare time gave thelr servlcez lh lieu of money. The parish School, opened last May, was constructed m the same way. l DeSmet-Medal To Alaska Leader Spokafie, Wash.  The DSmet] fnlal for 1989 has been awarded! to AnthonF Dimond, dlgate to Congress from Alaska, by G0nsags university here, it was announced this week. The DeSmet medal Was eltah- lished in 1930 for presentation an- I nually to a Catholic layman wha renders dfstlnguiehed set'ce as a cttlzen. According to Fortune i0,000 American a0tg titles bgl With the prOhoOi "1." The Se0n laHg- eat group 0[ 105,000 titles betu with "My." at Molokai during the early days of his apostolate, but from the en of a nnn-Catholic, Robert L0iiis Stevenson : "Had you found every fourth face a blot upon the landsca)e; had you visited the hospital and seen the butt-ends of human heiiigs lying there almost unrecoRnizable, rou would have felt it was e-piti- ful place to visit and a hell 1o dwell in." That Was what i.ther Damien found 66 years ago but he brought with him his consolation, for he wrote: "Without the Bless- ed Sacrament a pOsitioh like this would be unbearable, but as t have our Lord always with me, I 6m happy and work with ardor tO" se- cure the happiness 0f y dar lepers." Finally, after 16 years of zealous labors, Damien, the priest, becane Duramen, the leper, and then was be able to announce fr0ht the altar of the chapel built under his guid- ance, his message of real love ad- dressed not to "my brethreh," but to "we lepers." On Aprt 16, 1939, we will commemorate the 50th an- niversary of the death of this truly Catholic priest who hks won the accolade of sublime heroism in te cause of Christian charity shown toward the lepers 0f Mol0kai. ROCKFORD Automobile# Largest Dealer Ih Northern Illlnoi! New and Used Cars RECHT-FROELICH CHEVROLET I II cleaners HUSMAN CLEANERS It's New When We're Through dl aments InSUred while In our 0seesl0n. Free pte up an delivery 2415 LATHAM ST. orest 959 -- PHONE  Main 6775 Bahery Exterminators Rock River Chem;cal Co. Beer ROC, KFORD' OWN CORONET BEER Main 5oo 0-12 Prairie CARPET-LINE STORE, Inc. 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