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April 7, 1961     The Observer
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April 7, 1961

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THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 ]iRIDAY, AFR1L 7, 1 51 FAMILY CLINIC, "Are Private Schools I/X* * * tJtVtstve Influence BY FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S. J. Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University To what degree can it be said that parochial schools are divisive,? There is growing insistence that because we send our children to private schools (either Catholic or non Catholic), wc are segregating our American youngsters from those who at- tend public schools. The fact that children themselves realize t e ~ " " h y are separated from thetr age-group is being used to make us parents feel it is unAmerican to have them attend parochial institutions. What's the answer? AS YOU PROBABLY RECOGNIZE, George, this accusation of divisiveness has been made rather steadily since the parochial school~:system was initiated in this country. There can be no question that a separate school system "se'parates." Whether it is divisive in the derogatory sense implied is quite another issue. ONE EASY ANSWER TO THIS CHARGE is that since pri- vale schools offer the same basic courses and strive to pro- dealt with by the school must be expressed within some inter- pretatiye scheme or conceptual framework. To deny them moral significance is itself a moral judgment. The very choice con- cerning the facts to be taught is governed by some set of ultimate values. And students, like all men, seek the meaning of things and an interpretation of life. If the school refuses to deal with values, it implicity states that there are none worth teaching, with the result that it can produce only ethical eunuchs, A FURTHER ASSUMPTION IS that religion should be con- fined to the home and the churches. A unique school system is required to teach youth cooperation, loyalty, and American ideals, Why private schools cannot accomplish this is never ex- plained, nor are we told who will define the unifying Values to be taught. A RELATED ASSUMPTION IS that private schools are un- democratic. All Americans should be subjected to the same educational experience, so that distinctions based on social class or religion may cease to exisL This view confuses the truly American principle of equality of opportunity with the totalitarian ideal of mass conformity. FINALLY, A SMALL BUT HIGHLY ACTIVE non-religious group .violently oppose any form of religious education be- cause it marks them as different. Although only a small minor- ity, they actively tight'for the removal of any vestige of re- ligion in the educational system on the ~rounds that it separates their children from others and consequently discriminates against them! WHEN YOU ANSWER THE CHARGES made against the parochial school, George, keep these assumptions in mind. To be eeffctive your reply must deal with the implicit assumptions, and, as I have indicated,these can't be defended in terms of American ideals. UT IF THE PAROCtIIAL SCHOOL makes your children feel from others, isn't it divisive? Not every separation divisive. Children are separated by family, nationality, resi- dence, social background, and so on. The parochial school would be devisive only if it failed to prepare children for full participa- tion in:American life. The record shows that its products are as cooperative, loyal and law-abiding as those from other schools. Father Thomas ~;i~ be u~mble to a~swer a~y personal letters.) Directions '61 The theme of new life--a journey highlighting ecclesiasti- cal architecture and Boris Pax- ternak's "Doctor Zhivago" will be featured on "Directions '61" Sunday, April 9 (ABC-TV, 12 p.m. Brother Cajetan J. B. Bau- mann, one of this country's great designers of ecclesiastical .struc- tures, will discuss architecture in general and his own work in particular. Scenes will be shown of some of his structures in Tor- onto, Canada: Boston, Mass.; Centerville, Ohio; Singac, Wand- qua and Lafayette, N. J.; Buffa- lo, St. Bonaventure and New York, N.Y. Editor-host 5ohn Alcorn will introduce a featurette on "Doe- ili/ mote Similar civic virtues and goals as others, it is meaning- tar Zhivago." Broadway stars less to: accuse them of being divisive. Although parochial schools Alfred Ryder (As Dr. Zhivago), also provide religious instruction and training, this addition an- Lester Rawlings (as Pasternak), hanceS! ~=afher than weakens the student's preparation for life as and Bronia Stefan (as Lard) will CARD PARTY AND STYLE SHOW--Final plans for a "Spring Shower" card party and style read from Pasternaks Nobel an ad~ American citizen. Indeed, parochial schools can bei ' show to he held Wednesday evening, April 12th, at St. Anthony church hall from 8 to 10 p.m. B~nsidered divisive only to the extent that diversity of religious ]prize winning work. we're completed by the above committee members for the event, sponsored bv the Home and I~liefs can be called divisive, yet Americans have always prided[ "Directions '61," produced by School Assn. Shown at a recent meeting are: (L. to r.) Mrs. Philip Gianquinto, Mrs. Peter ~]emselves on their religious tolerance. IWiley Hence in association with Stassi, Mrs. Albert Cichella, Mrs. Joseph Cerniglia, the Rev. Beruard Geiger, O.F.M Cony THIS ANSWER IS CORRECT, but it does not touch the heart]the National Council of Catholic Mrs. Leonard Segneri and Mrs. James Cipolla. Spring and snmmer fashions, modeled by var- of the matter because it ignores the implicit assumptions upon Men, will be directed by Jack ious association members will be furnished by the Mary DeFay Dress shop. Refreshments will which the accusation is based. There can be no meaningful dis-ISameth, be served following the style show. cussion-of the charge unless these assumptions are made ex-I~~~~ plicit and faced squarely. Otherwise the discussants will be talk-J ~ 1 "1 ing past rather than toeachother. ]" '" "' S Role 2011 Told WHAT ARE SOME OF THESE implicit assumptions? Per- n ~/i 11-~-I~~ I~ haps the basic one is that religiously based moral instruction[ L I.JL and training are not relevant to formal education, at least in aI pluralist society like our own that reveals little consensus or[ OKLAHOMA CITY akin moral values. Hence formal education must be completely secu-/~NC t ',h--~lthere is a definite and deter- seems unlikely within the time nition that our new mission is 1 r h i " ~ . ~ . . ~ )--wl mn au years ~ .~ ruinable direction in p a s t spanned in the Courier's fore- the human race." a,t at s, it mu~t have nothing, to do with values meanings or ,~ ~, 1 - ' '. ,/~amo lc ~nurcn m tn~ um~ea;ehanges in the workship of the cast. Won't Alter Church interpretations nasea on rellgmus nelleis. ~usned to Its Iogleai . ~ . conclusion "his vi w i t~tates wm see a wmer cam,an- Church; this reform is not yet ---Father Greeley on the par- --Professor Law]er on edu- ,t, e mpnes mar even me Droao CUltural values j ba e" o zauon oI aamimsrrauon m me yet half completed; Latin is the ish: The parish will become cation: the big question facing s u n our Juaaeo-t~nnsuan traoluon must not De promotea oy I diocese ~hile the -arish will the schools. Formal education must deal with morally sterile facts ,' p, ~. ~ last barrier between the war- less important, while strangely schools is money, and a way to and techni u ~ I concemrate on me iormauon o~ ship and the people. Among enough it is becoming more ira- solve this problem will be a q es. J~lKe science, it must remain etnlcany neutral . . ~. I apostouc ~nnsuans HOW REALISTIC IS THIS ASSUMPTION? Surely the facts " . the reforms cited by Father portent; the diocese will be the prime concern. This is one of the conclusions Reinhold and others were the centralized administrative body --Mr. Cockrell on laymen: drawn by seven Catho~ic ex- relaxing of the Eucharistic fast, and will operate school boards the laymen is assuming a "more parts in special articles written the changed hours for Mass. --which ,will include lay pea- 'priestly' role"; greater partici- for the Oklahoma Courier, din- --Father Baum on ecumen- ple; meanwhile, the parish will II I TWO LOCATIONS MONROE, WIS. MOTORS INC. :PLYMOUTH -- VALIANT -- CHRYSLER DODGE-- IMPERIAL DODGE TRUCKS -- SIMCA Our Reputation Is Your Guarantee III Monroe's Finest Dining Room & Lounge Enjoy Dining Here! Now . . . MARCO'S is twice its former size and completely redecorated. Conveniently located in downtown Monroe. Ac- commodations for weddings and banquets, large er small. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 11 A.M. to MIDNIGHT SATURDAY 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. cesan newspaper of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Some other conclusions are that the lay- man's role will greatly expand, both in participation in worship --which will be mostly in the peoples' languages--and in ad- ministrative functions; a n d unity With other church bodies will be nearer reality, if not a iact, by that time. Special Authors The experts included some of the best known Church authors in the nation. They were told to project recent and present trends to foretell what the Church would be like in 50 years. Each writer was assign- ed his own special Iield, the liturgy and worship, the par- ish, the layman, structure of the Church, education, mission actiuity, and ecumenism. The special authors were: Father H. A. Reinhold, a native of Germany who now lives in Pittsburgh; he is one of the Church's greatest authorities on liturgy and Worship; Father Grdgdry' Baum, O.S.A a c0r~2 sultant to the Secretariat for Christian Unity in Rome; he is now teaching at St. Basil's seminary in Toronto; Father Andrew M. Greeley of Chicago, the author of "Church and the Suburbs"; Active Group Father Frederick A. McGuire, C.M executive secretary of the Mission Secretariat of t h e United States, Washington; Pro- fessor Justus George Lawler of St. Xavier college, Chicago; he is author of "Catholic Dimen- sion in Higher Education"; James L. Cockrell, Jr of Tul- sa, active in the Christian Fam- ily.Movement and cochairman of the Diocesan Catholic Action committee; and Father Joseph Connolly of Baltimore; he is a member of the board of the National Liturgical Conference and the National Conference of Interracial Justice. Some Conclusions Among some of the ,conclu- sions drawn by the authors we re: --Father Reinhold on liturgy: DUBUQUE ism: Catholicism and Protest- antism are moving closer in many ways, and as specific ex- amples, the unity expert cited the development of Church architecture and the reform of worship ideas in Germany, where a dialogue bas been in operation; a simplified and di- rect liturgy are assets to this movement; the Church must learn more from "Bible sects," although unity with these ~sects become less "social" but will concentrate more on training effective lay Christian apostles. --Father McGuire on mis- sions: Mission activi!y is chang- ing, with colonial-type mission work dying with colonialism, and with the use and aid of be- havior sciences to'effectively carry out mission work; the use: of lay missionaries spells a great change in activity and techniques, including the recog- patton in worship, concern with social and family matters, will be his targets in the next half century; the "apostolate" will be more and more understood --Father Connolly on struc- ture: the other writers in the symposium are merely using scholarly techniques to predict changes and the changes them- selves will not alter the Church Christ founded, but its methods and ideas will Change vastly Ior the better. e WBBM, Channel 2, Chicago Saturday, April $ 9:30 LOOK UP AND LIVE 2:00 Picture for a Sunday Afternoon "Little Mr. Jim" A-If 4:30 The Early Show "Florian" A-I 10:15 The Best of CBS "In A Lonely Piece" A-II Sunday, April 9 12:00 Picture for a Sunda*~ Afternoon "The Cockeyed Miracle" A-It 10:1S The Late Show "California" A-fl 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Kid Glove Killer" A-I Monday, April 10 4:30 The Early Show "The Vanishing Virginian" A-I 10:15 The Late Show "Take Me Out TO The Bali Game" A-I ]'uesday, April 11 4:30 The EaF'Iy Show "Live, Love and' Learn" A-II 10:15 The Late Show "Cloak and Dagger' A-II 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Singapore" B Wednesday, Ap~'il 12 4:30 The Early Show "Seven Sweet- hearts" A-II 12:30 The Late, Late Show "The Perfect Marriage" A-II Thursday, April 13 ,(:30 The Early Show "Decision of Christopher Blake" A-II 10:15 The Late Show "The Great Waltz" A-H 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Mrs. Miniver" A-I I Friday, April 14 4:30 The Early Show "Boys Town" A-I 10:15 The La|e Show "The Heiress" A-II 12:30 The Late, Late Show "All Quiet on the Western Front" B WISC, Channel 3, Madison Saturday, April $ 10:30 Theater Three "Stranger at My Door" A-It Sunday, April 12:30 Sunday Matinee "Stranger at My Door" A-II 10:3S Theater Three "'Two Gala and a Guy" A-II Tuesday, April 11 10:30 Theater Three "Cross Channel" A-I Wednosday, April 12 10:30 Theater Three "Men Without Souls" A-II Thursday, April 13 10:30 Theater Three "Mutiny in the Arc- tic" A-I Friday, April 14 10:30 Theater Three "Return of October'" A-El WNBQ, Channel 5, Chicago Saturday, April S 2:00 Channel 5 Playhouse "Battle HeW' Ad 10:15 Movie S "Vice Squad" A-II Sunday, April 9 12:30 PRONTIERS OF FAITH 1:00 Channel 5 Playhouse "The Ambas- sador's Daughter" A-II 10:1S Movie 5 "Crime Against Joe " A-II Monday, April 10 4:00 Movle 5 "Loser Takes All" a Tuesday, April 11 4:00 Movie 5 "Stolen Face" B O'NEILL FUEL COAL---FUEL OIL DEALER FOR. 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