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March 31, 1961     The Observer
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March 31, 1961

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FAGE 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1961 F .tLr Cu,wC Stvle Show for " ; -, -. 1 1 tJassltled Adverhsm ILDO'/lffP/! ! Ioun[ ua[rons I Iv ~ qLJILAI/ IV L~ i " ' Sunday April 2 '::~::::::::::!::: ~ WBBM, Channel 2, CMcago WITI, Channel 6, Milwaukee ,~ : ~ muu~runu--lne ~oung ,via-! ~: ~ ~ r ~ = ~PIANOS AND ORGANS J . . Saturday, April I Saturday, April 1 10:15 SACRED HEART PROGRAM MONUMENTS VAULTS S P rid 1 1 a ~ trons guild of t h e Catholic 2:00 Picture for =3 Sunday Afternoon "The 3:00 Early Show "Thank Your Lucky 11:30 The Late Show "Panama Hattie" J "-" ! If I g'}Wll-iFi ~--BJ-IK*'~ tt-~-tt4Woman's league will have a 4.30 G~te'A~aaY,'] AhHw "Rebecca of 9"^'SLars'~A~I star Parade" *1 A-U Tuesda" A"ril 4 ~l MARKERS ~. MONUMcENTS !. IE~I~I/A/)| |! tL~L~ ~ U// style show at t h e i r meetin~ " Sunnybrootk Farm" A-I ~ ~(~ until 2 ~" 11 30 The Late Shove' "PPassport Husband" ,P~n s,;a2d, Organst%C~seFr m~,l 114 S Firs~ WO 4-2741 ~ 10:15 The Best of CBS "Easter Parade" 9"00 THE KI'SS'"O'I~ ~JOAS A-II ;~.2v~ .hM P ~r~.~.~61~.- -,- -- wmnoay, Apru &, at ~ p.m. m A-I 10100 HIGH MASS FROM ST, JOHN 1 Wednesday;, April $ . . " J By Father John L. Thomas, S J M e n d e 1 s s o h n club. Mrs. Sunday, April 2 CATHEDRAL 1 ~30 TheLate Show Code of Scotmna New & Used P anus an.d Organs 1==~=====~ m=~m -- " ' ,~ 9'00 MASS AT HOLY CROSS CATHE-11"00 DIRECTIONS '61 v=3ra' o oru Store CONN--3 locations, wooasmck FED. 8-11FI~IFLrlIllL]~I ASSlsian[ ~rolessor oi ~OClOlogy lnomas iVlllanl W1i~ ac[ as com- ' ORAL, BOSTOT ' Friday, April 7 1574, McHenry EV. ~2251. Norlhtowne/r=irrr lmll at St.Louis University mentator, and Mrs. Robert Cus- 12:00 P~%tu,e ~o, A S unday/.AHer=noon 9:30 MorningM~dovaYer ~iPmreI '?Bride by I~!40~ TP~eY~UtSee ShoTwO0 ,H2~steOneHaLnudplen'' RAe! Rockford, YR. 6-]905. Ill IIIIO~fIIL. Ill ter will direct the show. 10:15 Tller~ ete'%%~ws "9UndUTa'rwo Flags" 12 20 ~AaSrti'a'k~'hoA'l!'Bo'"s Town" A I t'-urn-~'-"A-L I C ATHOLIC SALVAGE,[ I~= ~ ~nOIIl l .~ giPI ~l~nll~ |.n he, m~rPi~a ~'~1 h~a~ ~ fo l,w, A. a II : y v " u :Ju t=A:>/I=K UP'I=RA "UK[=AF, UP i used L Oln ng *-urn /ure U snes, Lamps| / IlUlI~ ~ RII~IIMI t.d:~ I o it" ~" ~"" Fashions will be WOFn by 2'~n ~:he /=*o t=to ~h^, ,t,~o, v,~.v 10:15 Late Show "The Accused ' A-II BAY" end all household articles In the Rock./ /,ii ga~,ed and looking forward to a happy marriage, but a fearful ~uild members Mines Robert Town" A-I Tuesday, Aprd 4 11:30 The Late Show aPnama Hathe [ford. store, we have a new deoartment| lYr "~ ~,* "' Y~I donht e~i:t ~t ch =tlnu~ n~ ~w h~nni~, I *-,~t k,~, K-; " ~L~ ,4 ^ .~ ~ 9:30 Morning Movie Time "Gambling A-II dedicated to Religious articles Prices toI / --. . .~-- II u,s,me, "-h- u "ir Rob"r* ,on-ayl ,~prh o,House" B Itit your immed ate budget. Come n and I I M II D A M I: I my fiance I had a brief though sinful "affair " The awful mis- ~a, mu.~, ~u), .~;, y ~10:15 Thle Late Show This Gun for H,re' 12:20 Early Show "Chicago Deadline" A-I WKOW Channel 27 Madison [browse around. 1019 West State st Rock.l I I II d~ il~ III. iq lY % I= I ,L I- I ~ . . . ". . I/.anocco and d. A.lxampmler.12 30 The Late Late "how "Undercover 10:15 Late Show "Gaslight" A-II i ' [ford. In Aurora, Catholic Salvage is I~l / .l l.~lKt~ Has .een eomesseu ann Deeply regretgea. IS 1[ neeessaryl,~- . . : o W''nesda" A"r5 ' Saturday April I leafed at ~01 North Lake St " 1 I"k # ~r Yr, * ,Y l J - t, . " "" o i L.nllQren s C i o [ n e s WlB. Be ~an A-II ~u ~' " = 1'00 Matinee Playhouse Bi GU B " " " - -- or auvtsame [o ten my Dance about mis previous fallI dread T - 9 30 Morn ng Move Time "Mad Miss ' ^Z,naa ~ Y I~/ I . /, I the thought yet don't want anvthin~ to stand in the way of nut]re Deled- by ,~1.c eie . ,e o,~:30 The Early Show "The Romance of[ Mpan~onghA;J 110:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS I Excelle.nt n g home. care Approv.e.OI I freeport, III. | L.--" -- - ---I l'~ancyL~DeF, LlbOy l%.jellgren,Rosy Ridge" Ad t ~-.~ 110:25 The Late Show "Crashout" B I Dy btare .ueparl.mem or *-UDIIC rteahn./ ~ . ll llJIJlnt~sS" ~t,~n,'~r TZ'n~,~h~-~ ~* All c~ T ~,~ 10:1S The Late Show "Coney Island" B In. ~ '~=t,= ~h^w ,H^nk, T^nk, = Tuesday, April 4 /l~eHevue Place, Waterman, IlL Phone 3.~ ~ -.J'~'~tr ~ t, nr~ vx+W'.T,~am~r~, . -- . . I ~.j'* p= o ~'"" 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Shock" A-II I ~ f. ~" 110:25 The Late Show "The Great John L.'|," ~ I ~o zuw n~vr, u'~utt~ xtr, utnere may be a question of strlctl non Danny G a m b i n o and Wednesday April S ] Thur.sday, April 6 [ A-rl |~`~a~:~;~[~i~:!:i:~!~t~y~!i%~!~;~%?~!~!!~!~!~J~][~!~%~!;~:~| ~ =A~*=~"~'~ I ) " " " ." ') ' " 4'30 The Earl Show "Son of the Th n v:zu N~orn~,ng /vlowe time /v~omana Wednesday, April $ Open Rate-.-10c a worD--S4.48 oer nch. Justme (is zt necessary. ) or of slmple prudence (is it advisable. ) Thomas Osborne. " ~ g Belle B " I0 25 The Late Show "Dev and M ss ICantracts :z-lnch 13 conse~'-tb,= w |I /" CULLI URN ,it ~ I in such confessions. Let us first consider the problem of justice F~llr~zin~ t} 12:30 TEe' La'te" La'te Show "Pride and ~:~0 Early Sh,ow,~'S.infl Y~.S,i,%ner~:'sAilI Jones" A-) I s 96 weekly tar a tofa *of "$254; I / /~t- A'/~ I r "'~tvu'~'= ~-" ' nfr I i " Fr,da A rd 7 10 25 The Late Show Hold That Ghost Ca acts nch 13 consecutive weeks COUPLES NORMALLY REACH tHEIR DECISION to marry freshments will be served b-" T Y P" : / [I t .{t'4~l~lr/t~,m,t,~,-e, i I - I J nursoay, April ~ I 9"30 Morning Movie Time "Sky Giant" BI A-I l $3.48 weekly for a total Of $49.14. II X V'I! " = *. / I on the basis of the love and knowledge de eloped durln court r h r l h r 4 30 The Ear y Show These G amour 1 Fr da A r 7 It Days to advertise . ' " g -IM s. Ric a d Zmmer and e : r'-il" ^H " I :20E=jrlySh w"HighSarabee"A'l " y' P - I " II ~ V ~I'I~Vll/g/ I ~h~p. In a highly mobile society like Our own, however, the rela- c o m m i t t e e Mmes Harold 0:5 ~hresLa~'Show "Edward My Son" B 10:15 Late Show "Beau Geste" A-I 10:25 ~he Liar e, Show "They Met in J ~;i;~:~m;~i~!i~i~i;~i;i~i;~:~:~i~i;i!K;~i;i;ii~i~::~i~i{;:~!~!~!~i!i~i!i!~i;:.;~i~i~i~i~i!;i;i~i;: I ~ J I " " " ' "" %h " n te ' r ,~-, ~,= ~ rival brzef share x r 12 30 e Late Late Show The Mo s r H t W y d e pe mnce of courtship may leave much of Brandlein Robert P f 1 u g e r : -n" th- :~irl'" ~ WOC Channel 6 Davennort,~ e p anted--Female ]l PHONE AD 2-3612--FREEPORT I .~ : ~ ~ ~ : . ~ ~~ ~. o, v WMTJ, Channel 3"1 Madison / Rectory nousekeeper, for one priest parish ~I L-r! lI" p~[sb obscure, wna~ are may ODUge 1 1:0 reveal; Thomas NicLNeariv~tocerT. lviib Friday, April 7 Saturday, Apt 1 '' / in small town. Wr te Box 450 c/o The~~- t~,tI2II I 11~'1P'~ DITqP IrP rlP1LII~ u~a'~r xr ~ J r t .Jl - r) "~[ r~^ {~' M[~*-bf~,~n 4:30 The Early Show "Desert Fury" A'11110:50 Premiere Performance "Beachhead"} Sunday, April 2 j Observer, 1260 North Church Street, Rock II I ,u,l.~l-~, UJL~Z U L ~.~Z~ ZL A~.ILO tS.S. ZOU are now Loved ior wna~; ~ur, z~. ~w~JJu~u, ~'*"~'~ ~"'"'* 10:15 l-he Late Show "Bugles in the J A- ] 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH /ford, Illinois, stating age and references II - - -- = I You are not for what you were. You have no obligation to re- boy, Dene DickinsonandShir-. A fler.noon".AI I Sunday, April 2 I s:00 BISHOP SHEEN /~ --~--~.~.~[I HAKKINLI/UN I ' ~ ~, /z:Ju /ne Late, Lure bnow "lorrio one"[12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH I |o~,=,~.y~v~=~ L.E,yL~-~LI v ~u ~iI . - - , veto your past, ann as i snail point out, later you probaDly lay l-lines. B 1.1.5 Prem er Performance "Land of the WTVO e'h~--,q ~a ~,bt,ra 1 tK=FL*~LI:=U I-UK /l'l~ LADI~b. N~all]l [~,]~|~{~rDA ,~= ' ~ I " Pharaohs B oo, =~.).~.u.~ / tO KASULES, 66S Porter EIgJn, III. II #VS~l~ll~l~a/l~ II should not reveal it. Let the dead past bury its dead I------ ""I a'i I Monday Apr 3 I Saturday April 1,~-------" [I ,"^A/ I~ltl~| Pill ~1 w bu, unannei 3, ~1 n son ' 10 00 Bi Movie H n The Stun Propheter Agency ~,u~'~=.--rugt. vtk THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION to this general rule SometimesfMor/ //! Th mpr Saturday April 1 112:10 dN~oO~!~ Y~Ifjnee ''J y to Free : A? He Ca yon Out,aws" / Announces II 1 ~" . . An outstanding New Brick Home Built Dial ADams 2-0517 the past actions of one of the partner's revolve comm,tmentsl 3:35 Encoro Theater That s the SO,tit t Wed,esday, Aprd $ Sund=jy, April2 |bv Gordon B di t to the New I I ,A I 12 10 Movie Matinee "Bedt=jm" A II /7"~o I~RONT ERS OF FAITH "," that endure in the present and for the future Since marriage The Bey Patrick Peyton S 10 30 Thealer Three Maverick Queen Thursda April 6 10 30 Feature Theater 'Crashout' B man Catho c High School Ready for Free art, Ilhnols ' ' " " A, I1 Y'h h I /Your,nspec. d Occupancy Car-tl P I terms a unique, comprehensive partnership in which a couple|Marian Theater wilt present a - 112:0 Movie Matinee "T e T roe Musk- I~ |ol Greenup Ma n 6-3,152, Star ng II ~ Sunday, April 2 emers'" t~ -~" ~- assume mutual respenslblhty each partner has the right to know special program Easter Sunday 9 00 EASTER MASS Friday, April 7 I=f~l 7 " ~ ~ I ~- u a.n ~ ~ J A rfl 2 at 9 a m A Dav to t2 30 KNOW THE TRUTH 12 0 Mo e Mat i ee Tha S ee La y uramn ] [ ~hat additional obligations are being assumed: for example, if P " " : Tu,sday Apt, I A, I I I ,AII:MA one of the partners has contracted debts, or, as in your case, if Rejoice" is a dramatic presen- 10.30 Theater Three' "San Francisco I J ,~ ~v>- } MORTUARY Ive"I~IIE1 your "affair" had resulted in a child for whose support you tat[on of some of the outstand- " " Docksw ~r~H'a " r,t I WISN, Channel 12, Milwaukee !d.;;u]~o~~~,)[-r'eter ~ar'il00~ ~nd Ave. WO. 3-6521 . ~ . . . ~. . . ea asa y. Ap " $ I Saturday Apt 1 I I a .~.renolsnop oi IOKyO ] FRED C OLSON I were responsiBle ann so on in all SUCh cases justice demands[lng events inoneJ.itc 0IL.nrls~ 10.30 Theater Three "l Stole a M ilion" I 10"45 The B ,~ Mov e "'M rac e of 1he i ordai ' . ] :/~ P,I-,* -,- " ^ ='.',', ' " ' ' ~ " A U ' B II " ~ I ~eG li prlests in tne deSUlI "" - ~ -~ ,~. ~-,~,= , that one reveal the relevant obhgatlons or commitments, and H,s Mother, Mary,whmh - . [ e s y -p t h h FUNERAL .OM MI:T7 I:R q I I1 T t T.t i, o,~unoa ~ rl. C urc Oi ~[. lgnauus nere ~ iIli/~ill i are commemorable during the0:30 hen er Three "Alias tha Champ' 8",(5 THE CHRISTOPHERS SO MUCH FOR THE QUESTION, Must I reveal. Perhaps ; A, J g:00 MASS AT HOLY CROSS CATHE-I (March 18). Twelve of the 17 &lll~l~& Grocer, and Market I much more pertinent is the question should I? Because they[n ly beason of E~/Ster. I [ ' DRAL, BOSTON |ale Jesuit~ amon" ,t.^.~. ~"-th-- ~llllSl~|lil[gi | are very much in love and wish to share all they have young Heara in the oramatlzatlon - ,:t ,~ tu.t~= a ,~u ,~.tst, 12 4S The B Mov - f ' ' ." ". ' . ~ . . . ] " ~' ' ' " J : "g ~e' "Bare oat Contessa"I Bernard St. Jacques, S.J the,'Where the Wise Economize' I couples in partmu]ar are sometimes unwise in their confidences of the F~ve Glorious Mysterles F saturday Apt, I B flr~t Canadmn member f t " . ' / . ~ .: ] 2:00 amousArist Film "Portof Hell"~ Wednesday' Aprils ~ " S ' O: he ~LI~IIC I~"ll"t"l'l-II~D Tel. 44S Galen I with each other. They all too trustingly confess past mistakes[m me nosary wnl Be de[[ A-tt Sunday Apr,I 2 |10:45 The BigFr~V~e ~Th~l Pri " A-HI society ever ordained in Japan I o he::hnedangerous. Let the dead i ~ 1:: ::THE- ~::elA;;ckR::'kford, c i past bury its dead. You love each other for what you are as yout -'. " ; ~,~ ~ . Ll~.ln ~PnN~rll=~ n I=~lTH,Saturday April 1,~ur ~'~ rnt,rn cleaned on" floor t-,m/~--I I know each other now. What is to be gained by making a "general[~ancnssn~a' ana z~nn damlson]'~60 Fe'~'~u're'Fil"n~ 'TH'ob'so~n"s'Choice'' A-Ill !0:]5 Clown Thecafe, r '~E~s~f.P~r~d,~," A;IJ /rl~= ~,O,nV ~ 1207 New York Street IN UItAItLt / I I ,1 1 M vie ,~ .~3 .he La, " ~ ' / J -" confession?' To show how much you trust each other? But[Sin,slog .Uome .o~y ~nost. [ 0:5 c~v 5 A'[hle LIH'Ia World of DOO| '~'~ Ph.: Aurar TW 2-1511 (INCL. LIFE) ( i~1~"~'1,| ~ special musical score has Tuesday April 4 LLI, NO $ there zs no connectmn between the recital of past experiences/ [ . |P ~ J ~.~kJ ~,~r rc~.'tr k ILl . 1 J rift n ' ~:0o Movla S "HIlaCKed" A-II / --- been w e for t his Easter KI:AL I:31AIE oz" faults and your present love. Ind~ed we may well question] ! Wedoes~lay, April S / M/ /4 L i; /.i ~NAI~IONAI'; I the motive behind such confessions. One is reminded of the/ r a cas~ By harry ,immerman~ ,:00 Movie 5F'~i~o~ i~,raiIJ~ep" A-tl |1 " For Service Call TW 2-3971 GALENA 709 -- 213 SO. MAIN I who conducts the M u t u a 1 ~.00 Movie S "Broken"Star" A U ~ "Top rehglous remvalist leader who stopped one of his penitents m/^, / II rr, -rre urcnes~ra eam,y r L/ O the midst of a vivid public confession of sins, "Brother, you| ' I lI =.ioym II arent confessing you re bragging'' I / I ' ' ' ' ' " "' T R COAL & GRAVEL CO. ULhI::LLI: . . . ST. CHARLES ,us ROBERTSON S ,o o,v, . oo WHAT IF YOU FEAR that your partner may hear about your ~ -7 P.M" ""~*T=o ;- " past mistakes after you're married? Unless you are certain that/ ~,Ill ll~~'~l~l ~| REXa''Akk Rt. 25 North Aurora CARNEY & he will hear, and, knowing him as you do, feel that he will be[ I~ ~! /I I pdd nt ~lnd nan. Itlll:~~ WREX-TV il ~-- seriously disturbed, you should say nothing now. Since you have/ 'lt k /I ,u -. /t - - LONGENECKER no'obligation to confess to him he cannot blame you later for/ ~b,l~~ residenl, highsch001 Ch n II ATAVla ,1~ ]I:.~ ~.t l1 " - s ~~.~ss~:~ ,e n lne ~tyte 3tore ]or ~uen failing to tell him all. t ~l~ }[,~*. t l' ' ' I ltl[~~i~ tit . IT' A ' s rtner all about oneself' IOr girls 13 Prescr,pt,on Drugs,st ~ nnd 13o~/s ,T is ,R' not to tell one pa ]/I /I 10r girls I1 II ~ m Koeertson, R Ph ' Love creates such an intimate, unifying bond that it seems only /,/I II|1 ,t ,' I [] II Tierney s Hiwav Food Roche,e, Ill.--Since 1906 normal to want to know all about the beloved Often the experi- I t.I t I I I |1 I lNllNT IVlffl't/ I!l |l pu^, " " 1 " a~ S " I I li II liiq~l~lll ~Io i!1~11 III ~lYll,tl~l*| I']'l~l~ II nvr~ to,c Open Nite~Sunday ence of love offers the one occasion many peopm nave oi cam- I ~.~,[] [I It1 ~~t~l ~ II . Ample Parking s.ow Galene Ilhnols CentreJla Brand Grocer,ea ru tar municating their innermost reflections and feeling about the I ; II// I Ill /I J Ill II " " Hayes D S past. The beloved is a highly sympathetic a dience, and this i I/// I Ill |' 4 uucmv ,|m 1119 N. Washington Ave. A Pharmacist ;n Du mutual communication of one's intimate past serves to extend I ~.11/I I Ill ~ .r ~-- TR 9-3050 Batavia, III. At All Times "" ./. ~,HARkEJ, ILLINOI~ the knowledge upon which love must grow. Would it not be a I '~ll[II J [I ~ ~ Sodas~Luncheons 9 worKmensnlp mistake to start marriage without knowing all about each other ~ /1[ l I I I I Conducted by Sisters of wi,h ~ Religious Article, ONE MUST DISTINGUISH. Taking human nature as it is. ~ HJl /J St. Dominic. Fully ac- Equipment WELL DRILLING Tel. 34S Rochelle, III. some of the past should be left unrecalled and uncommunicated. [ I| credited, w e I 1 rounded - N L PITZ Secretiveness may be a vice, but prudent reticence is a virtue. IlJl IV I curriculum tam[l-, I i, f e / / - " -" - IT IS WELL TO REMEMBER that the best of us are none too ~r~'~]~,lll ~ environment, whoiesome ~~-~'2~. ~ ~~ "uolit Aut m;tRc ~.?1t;r43ystema rERLING couples or newlyweds imperil their future happiness with this You ;- o :- J ~.-A ,~, poss bflRy? We P.nt eryth g But Dolla, mUs ? PIIlPP:) stY;; Dairy Pro& as Franz. Richards INSURANCE "k " ~r ~, * , Freeport, III. (Father Thomas w{ll be unable to answera~y personal letters.}"It's Easy Parking at Parker's" 206 N. Main ~ Galena, Illinois -- Phone No. 101 Quality Merchandise 423 LOCUST ST STERLING Digs Up 1797 State Law MONTPELIER, Vt. -- A state legislator resurrected a New Hampshire law passed in 1797--- ~nd now is wondering about the advisability of enforcing it. The law specifies that the peo- ple of New Hampshire cannot use the highways on Sun$tays, except to attend religious serv- ices and return home, without the permission of a justice of the peace. State Sen. Marshall Dunham of Franklin county some months ago discovered a well-preserved copy of the old statute while he was engaged in settling an es- tate. Mr. Dunham said he has found no evidence that the law ever was repealed. "I'm going to make sure first," The senator commented with a grin. "If it hasn't been re- pealed, I guess I'll run for jus- tice of the peace and set myself up to enforce this one law." I 4Ol L.v. k II I 2 Ambulance Se ice II Ox~0.o,o,oo.~-,omo, o I1 VANETTi I IT'S SO EASY TO BANK BY MAIL Park State Bank now offers thiB new convenience. Save BtepB and time. Fill out a 0peeial mailing form, enclo e deposit and mail. Banking Hours: Man Tues Thurs Friday 9:30 to 2:30 Friday Eves, 4:30 to 7:30 LUMBER PLYWOOD MILLW0RK ROOFING INSULATION HARDWARE Plumbing and Electrical Supplies WEYERHAUESER LUMBER Phone: JUno 4-0057 ~:~ Phone: JUno 4-4914 a.d N DAB LI Plumbing e Healing Air CondJlioning Call Telephone Juno 4-4980 or Juno 4-4981 100 S. First Ave. , St. Charles k - - Ill Cons,a,ne s Ill Insurance Agency i/ - 5817 N. Second Street LovesPark [;! Corne, a--" i:th"oTd E eve t. I Completely Air-Conditioned -- ~ Phone 2121 ~ Fulton, Ill. OHNSON MOTORS CO-D, IRECTORS J. M. Fay I MF~Thompson-- I'I II Llewellyn Fay I Ill Fulton Illinois JohnO.'Seesser " Aluma Cratt Boats H II Skin Diving Equipment Everything tar Above and Below the Water I HARDWARE for Hard Water ED THORNE'S HARDWARE AND MARINE CENTER 7928 N. Second St. Rock ord Open Man .and Fri. 8 to 8 Saturdays 8 to 6 FINE WINES AND LIQUEURS Wo Welcome Y*our Potronoga 1118 4th St Fulton SNYDER NURSING HOME =Always A Home.Like Atmosphere" Licens'ed hy State of Ill. Supervised Diet Cera Phone 621I 719 12th Ave. Fulton ![{i!] ~ ill![flail i:~ili~i~[~ i i::ii~i ~i ~ili!i{~i~i~ i!:::;~i~:!i i iii::~i ~:i i~!!~i~i~!i~ i~ }iiii::ii~i: !i!ili ii:i:i~i~i~i~ ::{i:i :~[[~[i~,~i~[ ~!iiii{!i:::i } :.i~ilili { ::~]i i[~[i :ilJ~:=~ i:bl {i;~ili::: } E.~::! 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Eighty.flve miles from Chicago on the Fox River FAMOUS MINERAL SPRING Modern Buildings in Beoutiful Surroundings Combines the comforts ond conveniences of o modern hotel; the warm and friendly atmosphere af a family home, the facilities of a hospital and well equipped physical theropy deportment. For guests desirous of o quiet vacation, rest physicol check-uo or convalescence. OPEN THE WHOLE YEAR ROUND. Conducte'd by the Missionory Sisters at{ the Most Soured Heart of Jesus l~r/re ~ot llt~,r~ttr~ and rotes or pI, nn~ Otto.a lie 3-~780 "'Just Across tram World Famed Blackhawk Statue" (1 Mile North of U. S. Hwy. 64 on Ill. Hwy. 2) at Sensible Prices Plenty of FREE Parking BATAVIA SULLIV AN'S Men's and Boys' Wear Sterling, III. ''O~ici~ Boy SCO~rt Store" 364 Division---Elgin Dial SHerwood 1-1400 ELGIN COAL and OIL 24 Kimball Street Elgin, Illinois Everything for the MOTORIST Dial SHerwood 1-2S77 STERLING HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. Roofing ~ Sidln Insulation -- Paints 2704 Locust St Sterling, III. MA S-0625 Get the Best . . Ask for CHAMPAGNE VELVET TWIN CITY PRODUCE CO. SterHn Phone MA 6-0184 Thiei's Drug Store ' CLIFFORD THIEL, Pharmocist Expert Prescription Service 161 Dundee Dial SH 2-0482 ELGIN Say You Saw It in THE OBSERVER ' '.~ .' '.~ + : > - <~ :.:. -:. -::.:.: :.: :.:.::: :::.4 :+:-:.:':-:.:.:.~ :: ::.;h :::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~::::: ::::2::: ::::~:~::.: :::.>:.::::::::::> e Alexander-Lumber Co. All Building Supplie| Paint, HardWare ond Rigid Frame Garagee. CRYSTAL LAKE McHENRY, ILL. 4S9-1050,EV. $-1424 POTTERS CLEANING and DYEING Rug Cleoning expertly done Phone 3-8341 and 3-8351 DIXON FRIZOL and 1 BECKMAN AUTO PARTS 141 N. 4th St.--DeKolb E. W. Schmeling Sons, Inc. 1031 School Street, Rockford Lumber-Millwork-Fue/- Paint HOURS OF SERVING Daily 11:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. (Closed Mondays) SMORGASBORD SERVED WED. & THURS. For Banquet Party or Meeting Reservations Phone; ORegon 2.6761 -- John Maxon, Owner -- MEMBER AAA AND DUNCAN HINES -- DONAHUE FURNITURE "Where Your House Becomes A Home" ;19 E. Calhoun WOODSTOCK---FE 8-1086