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March 31, 1961     The Observer
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March 31, 1961

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PAGE 6 ," THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1961 OU "'Be present everywhere Jar the faith, ]or Christ, in every way and to the utmost possible limit whenever vital interests are at stake Bethere on guard and in action." Plus Xll. # eep When Easter S u n d a y ap- proachs, one's interest is often aroused concernin~ the present- day customs of this greatest of liturgical feasts, which is the representation of the rebirth (the new and better life in Christ) won through the pen- an c~ and prayer of Lent. The donning of new finery on Easter morning recalls the early custom of newly baptized Chris- tians wearing their white robes of new linen. From this develop- ed the tradition of wearing new clothes by all the faithful sym- bolizing the new life that our Lord gave all believers through His Resurrection. ADVERTISEMENT One hundred years of Know-how at your service. Are you planning an ad pro gram booklet, a membership di- rectory for your organization, an anniversary souvenir book- let, an annual report, a finan- cial report, a house organ, a cookbook a new publication? We offer editing service, or- fists' service, ideas and exper- ience. Why not check your Let- terheads, Envelopes, S t a t e - merits and Invoice supply? We'll gladly quote you; what- ever your printing require- merits, let us serve you, letter- press and offset equipped; The Easter Walk (our modern Easter Parade) comes from the very old custom of walking thr0ugh the fields after Mass arrayed in Easter finery. Usual- ly a decorated crucifix~ or Eas- ter candle was carried at the head of the procession. At dif- ferent times, the people would pause to recite prayers and sing Easter hymns. Decorated Eggs Even the gaily decorated'Eas- ter egg has significance through its natural purpose and mean- ing. The egg, a dead shell filled with living matter, is a symbol of eternal life gained for us by Him who broke through the shell of death. One way to give the eggs the true meaning they should hold is to decorate them with religious monograms such as the Chi Rho, the letters IHS or the alpha and omega instead of the modern cartoon charac- ters. Traditional Foods Other traditional foods for this holy day include ham as the popular dinner meat, since ham or pork was a festive meat in early times: Hot cross buns might also be included, as early custom has established. To develop to the fullest the true traditions of Easter, the family can open and close the family dinner with this special Paschal blessing: Before the Meal Leader: (Father) Christ is risen. Alleluia. All: He is risen indeed, Alle- luia. Christ in God. When Christ, yam life, shall appear, then, you too will appear with Him in glory. All: Thanks be to God. Father: We give Thee thanks, Almighty God, for these and all Thy gifts which we have receiv- ed from Thy bounty. Through Christ our Lord. All: Amen. Father: May God provide for the needs of others, and may the souls of the faithful depart- ed through the mercy of God rest in peace. All: Amen. Study Makes Good Citizens The recently created legisla- t io n committee of Rockford DCCW has one primary pur- pose: To educate Catholic wo- men to a greater understand- ing of their responsibilities as citizens of their communities. This explanation a n d t h e following suggestions for leg- islation chairmen were prepar- ed by Mrs. W. P. Rock of Sterl- ing, diocesan legislation chair- man. The legislation committee will strive ~to educate and in- form on an impartial non-par- tisan basis. Form Study Groups In order to encourage Cath- olic women to take a more ac- tive interest in government af- fairs, the legislation committee e ASSEMBLE LAYETTES--To help provide warm, clean clothing for infant victims of poverty around the world, members of Freeport's St. Vincent's Fraternity of the Third Order of St. Francis have undertaken the Holy Father's Storeroom project known as "Sew for Souls." The women were requested to bring a new or used article, which would help make up layettes for infants, to the February meeting. Pictured above are some of the items which were brought. The groups wishes to continue this project for some time, so members were asked to collect additional articles and ask friends to help. Looking over the collection pictured are, left to right, Mrs. Mary Kautenberger. Miss Eleanor Sauer, Mrs. A C. Murphy and Miss Elizabeth Goldsmith. (Photo by Pittsley). omen Reading on Legislation Source materials suggested by Mrs. W. P. Rock to be used ~ ~ ~ by legislation chairmen and study groups are as follows: "CITIZEN, ~HURCH AND STATE" by Rt. Rev. John A. k3 Ryan, D.D Paulist Press, 401 W. 59th St New York, N. Y 10 cents. Hundreds of children are born ments and games, with gift "YOUR DESTINY IS AT STAKE" Pope Plus XII, National each day throughout the world items going to the Storeroom. Council of Catholic Women, 1312 Massachusetts Ave N.- W who must be covered by rags, Still others have started sewing Washington 5, D. C 50 cents. which are neither clean nor groups and make the necessary "AMERICAN DEMOCRACY AND CATHOLIC DOCTRINES" warm. Many of these babies die articles, such as the Freeport by Sylvester J. McNamara M.A International Catholic Truth of exposure in early childhood group headed by the Misses Society, 407 Bergen St Brooklyn, N. Y 50 cents. for lack of proper clothing. Elizabeth and Marie Goldsmith. The following publications are listed as a source of informa- Because of this, the Holy This group meets every two Zion. as well as secular newspapers and magazines: Father's Storeroom sewing pro- weeks and uses scraps of mater- "Commonweal." "America The Sign," "Mind," "Social Did Christ, in setting up the hierarchy to govern His Church, intend for the average Catholic layman to sit back and be only a spectator of the events which make history? "I don't think so," says Mrs. W. P. Rock, dio- cesan legislation chairman. After reading many of the cur- :rent articles with a Catholic viewpoint on the recent election, Mrs. Rock feels that the average i layman must take an active part. For the first time a Catholic has been elected to the top posi- tion in our American govern- ment, which gives all Catholics a chance to help erase preju- dices and disprove falseho&, commonly believed about t]~ Church. Are we prepared to : meet this challenge? More Publicity Not only President Kennedy's religion, but his youth and his attractive young wife will make him one of the most publicized men in history. His fellow Catholics will find themselves more readily accept- ed and must become aware of the position they now hold. They too, will be s bject to attention and scrutiny. Even those who opposed Ken- nedy in the recent election can at least feel that much was ac- complished in breaking down the religious barrier. Catholics cannot take credit ior hi~elec- Zion, as it was the Protestants who put him in power, but per- haps our actions as Catholics served in some instances to dis- prove the prejudiced beliefs that our enemies have tried to spread. Must Educate Others We must first of all learn for ourselves what the Church is, Mrs. Rock advises, through reg- ular use of the many sources of Catholic information, such as Call Berg.Sundbarg Father: This is the day which is urged to organize study ject was instigated and is aug- ials to make some items and Justice" and "Government Is Your Business." study groups, books, magazines the Lord has made. groups in each parish, gested to Catholic women's makes others out of new mater- For detailed inforxmation on national legislation one may write and newspapers. Then we must Printers & Lithographers, All: Let us rejoice and be Such study groups will gath-groups as a form of Catholic ials. to The Clerk's OffiCe, House of Representatives, Washington, communicate this to our non- 1819--9th St Rockford, Illinois, glad in it. er information about elections, action to help keep these infants Monthly pot-luck groups were D.C. ~atholic friends. WO 5.4628 Father: Our Father, etc.candidates a n d issues; about alive, given by another organization, All: Give us this day, etc. proposed legislative action on Special Blessing with each member bringing Father: Let us pray. Dour the state and national levels The project is known as "Sew something for the dinner and a forth upon us. Lord. the spirit and ~bout lo c a 1 government for Souls." The infant victims of contribution ranging from 25 $ projects poverty are the souls for whom cents to 1 The mane is th n [] [] of Thy love, that those whom ',$. y" e Thou hast nourished with the After study anddiscussion you sew. The Holy Father's]used to purchase layettes or pay I [ of these Issues in the stud5 Storeroom sends garments to the shl in cost of la ettes II,Easter sacraments may be- '" " " ! 'Pp'g y , | ~ ] cause of Th,v love, dwell to,eth-'~, groups is completed, the wo- orphanages for newly admittedl The packages are sent~ to: ~ I i tl er in Deace. Through Christ our men will then be prepared to babies. Supplies are also sent tolWareh~se, Cathohc Relief Ser- { I =A Lnrd help Sete up a program to be disasterr areas when flood, fire]vice, NCWC, Bronx-Whitestone " --, ~ All" Amen present d at parish meetings, o earthquake destro~ys the cloth- Terminal East Chester Road & MOOt ann flail/lie Father Bless us, O Lord, and Encourage Voting ing of poor families. [Haswell Street, Bronx 61, N.Y. ~ these Thy gifts, which we are In addition to familiarizing,A special apostolic b!essing is[ Need All Kinds of Clothing Aluminum t, omDinoTion themselves with current ohtl vesmwen on every Uamonc wo -- about to receive from Thy boun- " p " " !i ,-[ Of course, all kinds of cloth- Windows ~ Doors ty. Through Christ our Lord. col issues, t h e study groups man. WhO participates m me cm-I in~ for all sizes and a~es of neo- . .'e All: Amen. will be utilized to promote vo- lectlon of new and used gar-],~le can be used b-"the ware- ~" ( I'QKMI~A After the Meal ter registration campaigns, to ments of this purpose. Ihouse which surmises all neo- ~ Father: All you who are bop- encourage voting and to in- Groups which undertake this[r~le whose wardrobes consis~ of KI/~,I'ICN ~AUII~II~T~ I 1 h project may make or collect ~- t'zed, A1 eluia, form at er parish women of ]what is on their backs The need Items for layettes, e~ther new 414 First Dixon All: Have put on Christ A1. the important issues of elec- " . . . " lis constant" the sunnlv must be lelula on n of on r 1 or in good condition They may ~*"" ," . ti s a d C g ess'onaI seN- - . ' [constant ' o c~ o include as tow or as many ~tems I Father: From St. Paul the si ns by means of spe "al pr - " " [ The packages should be mark- " in a layette as they wish It may ,Apostle: Beloved, if'you have gram and reports,be a diapershlrt" layette,' " or aled "Layettes",Inc0fp role All Ihese I 71TIF ~ risen with "Christ, seek the Suggested subjects to be ' " " [dren s Clothing ' or 'Used Cloth- ,1 n complete one The suggested , r vnl,r things that are above where considered during Apr'l a d l in ' i ,-~, Christ is seated at the right May are: Foreign affairs, and minimum layette includes six] ~'he Catholic women of the i I~ diapers, two shirts one jacket, [] I LLUIHIEI~D hand of God. For you have died evaluation of Congressional ac- " ', . " . [UnitedStates living in a land of ~wo nightgowns ann two recelv l " and your life is hidden with tion, respectively "[abundance bl'essed with stability[ THEY D0 iF THEY ARE i ' ' - "" ingblankets. . , B . and freedom, have a unique re- Me.~ ~ Boys rear ;TEDIII4 To -ainaby interestSh wers Given [ I ~ ,~m= '~ g . ann en~.nusl-~less fortunate lands. "Christ, sponsibility to the children of | AT 26513 |1 ~ I~sm for the pyo~ect,novel ideaS[who so loved little children, will[| (;hild l Shoes ] C ' | / " ~li //J'~U~ . . "~/ I ave oeen sug,esten Ior COllec~-ihold each and every woman re ]1 I ,I ,~~I[(((Z-'(~~LE~'S~d ]ltnfethe !~ea~;'Oone:/~uP ~sb~t~-[sponsible for what she does oral I A~ I ~xz xirst ~t Dixon I ~fl l,--- - -- ~ - ] ~,'[fails to do for his forsaken little[| h ~b o l I /ll~Ell~l~ Ill ~-.L~/ -~----------------------~ luat t~nrls~mas glz~ exchange. ~1,~i / I I1! 20 E. Jrd St JTERLINO Ilvarlauon o~ mm is ~o give a/ || . 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