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March 31, 1961     The Observer
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March 31, 1961

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FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 C fho Rural Life , s p lvay Ne, lAt S in, MORRISONVILLE, Ill.--(NC) Diocese of Rockford g ] erl,~ranlt- ~a:=llneaSti~ra~1:/mgl ~e'" " " RuraJ life Director ~.~UF~~ ~yj [I for theent~re ~l ~oc~:i~viIl ~eSTERLI~,G---R,1ral T~ f~ n~, should roll up their sleeves and St. Charles Borromeo Parish [Newman Central Catholic high do something to prevent it, a -- m m ~ ~ u L.' - unl [school. A procession, spring priest expert on social problems I I w m ~ m nump~ntr~, nun, Iceremony and benediction is said here I~ J ~ [] [] [] ~ ]scheduled at 12:30 p.m shortly Msgr. George G Higgins, di- Prepared in cooperation with the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, 3801 Grad Avenue, Des Moines 12, Iowa = ]~hfterthe 11 a.m. dinner, with rector m me aoclai ~cuon (~e-[ [t e lv~os~ ~ev. Loras J. Lane partment, National CatholictTHE TFv'O FARMER~ [CROSSROADS COMMENT [officiating He will then bless Welfare Conference, urged ruralI [~ . [hves!ock, machinery and chil- families to "be leaders in co-[~ 1Z. llrl KI~ ]'If Thll [~ ]| [ Pt I K'~ "~'IXC~ t l~ 61 C~I [1 ] "lrl flll' [dren s pets . operative economic action." I~11Ld[~f I /Ik d-1FIl~11"ib11/T11i~dr~ 1 I The sprln~ ceremony ls a Christian Rural Living [k.J| Ib( Ill 1 111[ ]- --I ; IIULIItUII LI L~[~ .L~IqL]~t IJ~L~lt.) J .lltlU ,J ]colorful event in which Cath- [ l ~ I ~ /olics gather to honor Him "who eig~thS~n, nua[.d]ocesan ~ ,~-,~,~ = ~, m ~+.~a; ho~]l-~ ~ i ---- e-- 1 J By Rev. Edward O'Rourke Idustries, arts and professions, lore not their concern should[farms -- food, apparel, bever-]f~:e~llechn:r~;::~int o:ei~?ie' - Christian Rural Living in the t ~~,1D'IY '31 g'lLll~g2~ /~ "][-[]-1-[]-1"1 ['~, I ['The world's first job assign-IOn the other hand if agricul-fweigh these facts' loges and tobacco / . ! men a f r 1 ' I '," ,mmiies. melr soii and see(~s Springfield diocese Bisbop Wil-tl- ( L tI .1.q[J]L ~ .L"-~L~I~L~ .~L1 2 I t w s a a m job. It's des-lture becomes inefficient, all 1. Farming is a huge lndustry.[ 3. Farmers buy much of tbe/,h : n ~ .' . . . ~ elf a lmals anu implements llnm A ('}'t~nnnnv ~f Rnrinc4io]Af,[cribed in the book of Genesis other industries and professions Four out of every ten jobs re[goods manufactured in other in-[~.n -~1~ +h -~~res'icted over-ceremonles'~"tl~atl By Roy John George Weber tang the packers, and the con-](2' 15): "]'he Lord God took the]are handicapped. Many centur-lthe United States relate to agri-[dustries. Each ,-ear they spend[w'~cht'~e:'coooem:a~n~wittl'~u:h lancluded the blessin~ of the soil[,' ~S,lner~ -a ~'~ ~,[man and placed him in the gar-lies ago Xenophon wisely de-lculture. 7 4 million people oper-i$4 billion for autos trucks ma-/ ~ z . v ~ "-- ~" 'How are you toga Nick9'' " o v -~ ,--* ,~ ---*- . ' ' . ~vlaln speaker on me mter- ~ ] {---**~ h-~r,1 [ Y T 1~.~4 .~ ;=9 ~x~ ~.~ ,~ [den of Eden to till it and to keep[clared: It has,been nobly said]ate farms. An additional 16 mil-[chmery and eqmpment $4 bit-[ ~ ~"~- 1 "Not so and Ted I've been " " ~ ~"'~ '~"~'~" "~" "'~ : lUnCh p~n~ a~ ~:~5 wll be the ,~ ~ g ' ' -"lye *he "'r"~'l~-~-9'' [,t. [that husbandry is the mother[hon process and market farm[hon for feed $4 billion for food vlsgr. ill~g,llS asser~ea ma~ ",o" ~ ~" "- ~,-. - . . . 'JRcv. J,h, G~, ~ W~be~ ~,c~- [doing a lot of thinking. [,p ka o bu [ In every place and in all ages]and nurse of the other arts For]products and manufacture farm]S3 bflhon for clothing and $1 5 : g ' . mere ,s a need ior ireeoom Irom,9- * ---v~ ,--,-. u t i v e secretary of Natlmml t ,About what. I "Nick I can't ao'ree that therag'nculture has been the first]when husbandry flourishes allJsupphes. Farms employ 10]bilhon for fertilizers. go.vernmen~ aomlnauon a n ~l About this" farmm" It is" rath, ~, ' Catholic Rural Life Council He ~dde~ th4 "~o : +,] g" . "1 crash ~rogram you advocate]and most basic industry. People J other arts are in good fettle; Itimes as many people as auto] We repeat: agriculture is the[, m ~,~ = ,~; ; ,w~ ~ -- - ~ ~*s s-~-- -,= ~ er elSCouragmg to realize that' .- o - ~ [ iwill be the ,-ro-er solution ' ]must eat. They must make pro-[but whenexer the land is com-lmanufacturmg 14 times as]most basic industry Unless we[ : ~ ~.'~ *:; is nor ,mposeo as a rule' uponthe better we farm, the more we ~' ~ - ' ' u~um~,~uu, anu me NCRLC : ",/ l "Well the- what "~ ~vislon for an adequate food sup-[polled to lie waste, the otherlmany as the steel mills. [find ways to afford farmers a] ". ~ ~ ud:w~ ~,~p~e ~y a e Wtproduc.e, the more problems we gesP" ' z s ~ply Then and only then will[arts of landsmen and mariners] 2 Farmers create a large par-[fair income the prosperity of[ ~.ne2aY w]u De gin wlm.a pn- ~j.~ ~ ~.~a~--,~oo. create "' o ', . . ' . '. vine lylass a~ u:Gv a.m. in ~ne " [ "T ,h;,~l~ ~h~ ~h,~ ~ ' ] [they have the energy and the[ahke will-nigh perish. " [ion of the raw materials used]other Industries and the security[ ~ -- .' h,~ el f.r th k~. ,~ ~olve vromems wnat is so nag donut mat 1 1 r p ~ a, [," I fare is bound up with the welfare[ e su e to pursue other arts and[, Not Pros-erous ]in other industrms. $2 out of]of our nation are in grave dan-[those coming, from a di ~an,-~ ,l For one thing, we farmers ]n ~' ~ ~ o~ It develops largely because ]of non-farm groups of all kinds/ ccupat' s. [ ~ . . ]every $5 spent by consumers[ger. This is an urgent problem, lwh,~ ha,e ', ~ th iv of the fai'ure of voluntary eco- are acing r.t~Ieuleu.ana.ertt]ClZ-lin our society We all have to[ Efficiency Increases [~ in recem years ,~merlcangoes for items that come from]It is everybody's problem.[,~ ~ . t~t~ ~10"~ ,llu&l~ 71" ,co ny me Cl~y peopm They lOOK " ~ iarmers nave reacnec unpre- ~oHee ann rolls Will D" aval- nomlc organizations to workoutt . . .T fwork together If we just close/ As aorlcultural efficiency in-[ n, .~ l i [ ]able for breakfast their o n r uown a us. i don't like U. l nlnK " ~ ' . UgUE LUU ~V~I5 Ol t21[lU UIIU~V allU . ~ " w p oblems coopera- . off the avenues of understand- creases the nmnber of people . " There will' be free movies'" and tively and democratically," he I s houldglve up !arming. lingwe are not going to solve the[require~t to produce food is les-]Produc.tIv!ty" Ne::er in the his- Albs Used for Commumon [ said t "~ren't you ieeing a tittle sor- I roblem " /sened and man ower is made/t ry oi me worm nave so iewl " t mer em.erLammen~ car Cfllt- P P "Th ~ :~ "I" ~.^]ry for yourself Nick?" ] " [~ ]farmers produced so much food. MONTREAL, Que. -- Children Montreal. The Cardinal said it is dren in the afternoon. , ,~ lllUld/ 1~ UUV/UU~, ll~,*' " ~valldUl~ LU U~V~lOp ULII~I 111- . . q continuoA "ff r.=;~t,1 Nape but I am upset. I think], Would you then say that this [Yet farm income decreases of several Montreal parishes will a si~,n of vanity when mothers[ ---- nargaining power is wrong for'~[steadi1 from 177 billion in' spend large sums of mane for[ dt oonemUChoftwog Vernment'thlngs' . we can] there,w,are;.~tonly two, things to do. Ithe, farmer a ~lY u~ biggest handicap is your at-' ' " [ "~1948 toY an( estimateS " d $114". bil" -] ~heybe' wearingmake their land" whiteFlrst, albScommunWhen, dresses, crowns and jewels' Y for[ Say You Saw If m ,ltude toward societ and toward their dau ht r ,",[ Well, take Mr. Jones over[ 'No, Nick I don't say that]' " Y lion in 1960) This loss of income "[ " g e s' First Commun- THE OBSERVER 'Roll Up Our Sleeves ' ~ bar ainin wer is ro your own future There will al- ion ion - ' ~-+~ there. What does he do. He has g g PO w ng. I [threatens the agricultural in- . . [ - I +:::~ ~ ~:::=+] "We c a n pass resolutions increased his farming operation,]believe that the farmer must ac- ways be a need for good farms]dustry and, hence, the securityl The move for plain, mmilar[ against it or dissipate our ener- he farms bigger every year. He quire bargaining power. He must and good farmers. [of the entire nation, dress stems from a speech given ~][~][~r~][~ ~r gies in other ineffective ways; [works practically day and night.[learn to co-operate more fully[ "What should I do then?" ] Urban people who may think]some time ago by Paul Emile[el~i~ z'/~'l~ I or we can roll up our sleevesJHe doesn't take any interest in with other farmers to produce[ !'Well I think you should golthat the problems of farmerslCardinal Leger, Archbishop oft~I and try to get our own economic the community, or anything. He[and sell the high. quality and the!ahead quietly attacking your[ [I n, ~P,~ ~^. ~ ~. I organizations to follow soundljust works ",[amount that the consumerslproblems positively and aggres-[ j~ I~t'~ /I [] . I~AKI::~ Ig~U:). :t:KVIU; I policies and to cooperate among "Is that solving theproblem9'' want The best legislation and sively using the resources the~ ~WI,V,~ " " [I I I Comer Chlcogo and Spring' " IJ themselves --under government[ "Well i* ~e~m~ t, f-r Hm Helthe best farm leadership eannotlknowledge that is available.1 ill,~Vl~M~~ AU.TO CARf I s~I,~,We Give VAL-U-CHECKS surveillance, if necessary butl~ust doesn't bother about an-, of[acc mphsh much if the farmerslYour unit is la;ge enough for,I|l L Al~ ~ I r ' ' . a a . . ~ "~- Brakes and Whee.I Balancing f ee from government domlna- our troubles He sticks to his refuse to stand behind their own your fam,ly. We must all co- I ,--,+,~. lil I ton--as the natural organs of[to uo ~ ,u~, ;. ,~.;~ h.~; ]farm organizations or co-opera- operate with other farmers I II tl I" eAq/~g,~/2~' I[l I ~ocial, . control." [ ness of farmln.'~ ~g'"?ltlS"~"do eat do ~[tives of commodity groups. A! stand, behind farm leadership', I ~ /I V P II~" 'This means lay responsibil- and he is out to be the biggest farmer cannot go it alone." demanding that this farm lead- I ~ ~ k .~~~v~,~ i ddin ~ '- I , I : l~tlilerals we g ]ty at the grassroots level, and dog ",[ I agree, Ted, and that s why ershlp be capable. Eventually I I!1 . OItNINGER S I it means a certain degree ofl,~ lI think I should just sell out andlthh whole thing will work out " il ~ IEB [.~}~ ~i~,~~ Ill -".~"= Flowers ]or All Occlusions n . I can t agree witn nls reason-," ". - speclahzaton. It means being move to town. I'll buy that: ] ~',;. - % present at union meetings meet- '. ~' ' . [ 'No Nick thatis unwise. 'Good.' I B Y ~~ ~]] ~JL ~-:~" . I mg N~ck After all this blind,Plants Bouquets ,' mlm in nlgness aoesn t neces- ~ ors Arran em nt rags of e.mployers assoclatl.onS[sarily guarantee success. What[ ~~ IJ ' [III('~~W. [J ~ L oges g e s [ and meeungs ol zarm organlza tion-" "[was the second thing you couldll U/ .t A . . II 1 ! I I|111! 11 2KI I,I1 West g4ain Phone AD 2-6191 Freeport I ~" do~" I~ [I ~ Ifli I 1 I~ t111 Ik~~ I t , . . . j ~ ] Contribute Effectively ] "The second, Ted, would be . I I Ra"m0nd M Fidler A-enc" t' l H I L d~~ I, I ,He said this should be done for the farmers to just go on a I Im k M II Y ' g Y I / -- Ill $[R CE BODY CO. I not merely to correct the mis-[strike. Don't sell nything untl[I r --,- Ill ,e III u, . lil I takes of these groups, but--far the middlemen are cut out; until i STORE FRONTS Itl KrAL ltAl ) k I I we pay lll postage Ill ,S,o o Too Lor,e I ~ " I Nor Too qnmlf' more Important--to help them[the manufacturers, the buyers] Ill - y, : - t "Ao[ t:. I!1 ,Vor run I /gU rg ;glVg0 TUII"*70 roru[ contribute more effectively to I III / I I I n uu rcg nv o ruun"t-/0prorur itl " . Phone AD 2-3516 I the general economic welfare." A 1 |hhh A [ I F~ac~. Repoir|~ J!|IMil0AMt; [ I [ I [ ] "~-~'~-"-~ 114 N. Walnut Freeport I "Your are one in Faith, one]l,~U~,~ ' [I -- ~nS~'~On"" ] [|'''~V~''r~ k nLt~mO-- ] [ I! Your savings insured to $10,000by [[ ! in worship, o n e in vocation."[~.[] Air Conditioning Ill DIAL,~ATIONAt( I[ an agency o~ U. S. Government.- [[| I Msgrone~eopte m '" "cooperat,ve!y solving H,gglns " So " too . told you the must .ru=][ Th ! ' !E:; o v+ "-'+' '+": . I[I,' ' ' ', ~ I'1 ::22, L 2:L2: . il ,' ~J~~,CIrTS. nAND,ACS, cA.ns " ** P1mSONAL nECO .A TIrE LEATHER HO~ COONS I economic ana SOClai promems !w roll ~1 t~uroro Ill 1 I ~l'dJFl~l !" &at l~ffJV~~ III -- I~"-~r FUaNISHINGS | which confront the briners of I :l l b0ho. I ITELEPHONE TW 2-3126III r~. un,en .urora III ! U I I r i . LUGGAGE hrl;e ' + I the United States. I 7 ,o.+ctuc I Reside :Tw 7-7080 I I A w- X - 'III I n u ,-- Iti o. from the Courthou,o F in, tAe F | ~r~ -- II ~!h1----~. :--~ II --'-- ~ I ll~l~l~J& .mw.~ ~ iiI FREEPORT ILLINOIS American Tourista TRI-TAPER n orty Hours I: lll:l[[Hl[l 5II I ' "",=. ,='-- II tl TWO CONVEmENTI1 DR. G. 1. KNOTEK - '1 /vLercyvnie ~anlmnum, AuroraL TI o .-, ,~ OCA ONS IN AURORA ,~ . ---r~aster ~unaay. . uptometrtst ~ -- ~ /" -- -- -- High and Libetl'y Street, ' '~-'~ I A/~'-/ M . L~I / New Location " FREE PARKING CUSTOM-TAILORED SUITS. You select from 250 Patterns WALLER CUSTOM TAILORS 5130 E. Stote--EX 9-2441 Rockford DRIVE-IN SERVICE Downer & River St#. AURORA. ILL. FRIENDLY & COMPLETE SERVICE SINCE 1871 Member of F.D.I.C. Your Doctor Will Prescribe Hours Daily & Sat. 9-5:30 Man. 9-8:30 Closed Wed. 5O MAIN ST. AURORA, ILL. TEL. TW 7-1266 ALL HOME APPLIANCES Soles ond Service--TV--Records---Stereo--Wiring Cash Terms Lay-Away--All Repairing~Parts 61 Fox St. --- Aurora TW 7-9171 Ted Sharpenter Distributor ]2 Downer Place Diol TW 2-6419 or TW 7-5744 ' Aurora~Phone TW 7-9618 AURORA, ILL. Children s Shoe Specialists -~ Lorden For Any Occasion Distributing Co. BUS SERVICE Dial WO 3-5409 , CHARTER COACHES ROCKFORD, ILL. / your earnings earn The largest dividends ;n our history . . . PLUS insured safety and friendly service. TEL. TW 7-8532 Dial WO 3-5409 Storage Co 330 s. Wyman Rockford ,/11 REPUBLIC SPECIALISTS VALLEY HEATING Ask ]or Bill Perez 220 $~. RiverTW 2-4090 AURORA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIAT ON/AURORA 4% Reserves ol Over $2,700,000.00 On All Savlngs Assets Over $45,000,000.00 Per Annum ICurrent Rate Save By Mail--Postage Rroadwav Paid Both ~ays 77 $, Aurm, Illinois TeL: TWO. Oaks 7+761 SAVINGS INSURED TO $10,000.00 FREEPORT BOTTLING CO INC. h. ADams 2-5712 ~ 641 E. Stephenson FRED J. KULL Through countless years it stands stalwart . . . The oldest living thing on earth is a tree, yet its time span is but a fleeting moment in the realm of eternity. At life's ending tlle spirit is born anew to abide forever. A funeral should beautifully express this faith. WHERE YOU SAVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE "Our Home, Your Home in Time o] Bereavement" BURKE-TUBBS FUNERAL HOME West Gohno and North Walnut Avenue FREEPORT, ILLINOIS GENE BURKE ADams 2-0613 ORRIE TUBBS 'O ,urora --KS-- I~ll~l Transit Lines, ,----~ MANHATTAN "InsurTce:xc sively" Inc. BUILDING 135 Trnsk St. ~ I11 . . :'For Your ,' Ill I ,so + ,v .UROR J IUptown Dining" I I 1 "SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY" u[[ In Air-ConditionedIll HEI I II I I I n III Comfort III n,=n ram, n, I Open 6:30 A.M. -- 1 A.M. IIl ;:;: : :: :: lll AGENCY| I/I 115 Galena Dixon III PHONES OFC. AT 2-1174 m RE~ AT 4 7071 Join today with your friends and neighbors who JL~JI~I have learned that it pays to save a portion of their earnings each month at Improvement. Fully pro- Westinghouse TF ~or 1961 teeted to $10,000 by the F.S.L.I.C. PROVINCILL Free Delivery in Your Vicinity. Headquarters for Simmons Bedding Kroehler Furniture Convenient Terms. SAVlIIttS ~eg L OAIt ASSO IAIION 101 IltiNl IOUJlVIIB TWIN OAfl |.il41 Aurora Electric Shop Inc. PHONE: AT 4-0011 213 West First St. DIXON, ILL. i,