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March 24, 1961     The Observer
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March 24, 1961

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FAGE i0 FAMILY CLINIC I A KS onc c 1 " ' / Tuition Fees IFtt s I ty to Exemp lon,o "y O" : ,/ omlnlt t, * ; I come tax exemption for tuitionI BY FATHER JOHN L THOMAS S I ~ / paid to both private and publici . . " ~' .'''. . has[ Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University / colleges and universities been proposed in the WisconsinIF Will you define a woman's responsibility to home and cam-/! l.eglslamre by the chairman ofimunity? My wife can't seem to make up her mind. She trys to~ !be assembly taxation commit- be a good mother but is constantly involved in church, school,1 tee . . land community projects, with the result she's overworked and[ a~em.myman ,~.eorge Belting sometimes neglects me and the children. I admire her zeal-- oI melolt says ms D)ll might she says somebody must do the workX--yet she can't strike a[ serve as an inducement ior some " " t S norm t u" happy medmm. Maybe you can sugges ome s o g lde[ smaems to enrou at private col- her. My ideas don't seem to get through, though she means well teges, rather than at over crowd- enough ed state supported institutions. THE SITUATION YOU DESCRIBE, Ed, is becoming all to corn- He said there now are vacan- moo particularly among the present generation of sincere, I cies at private colleges while ~earnest young mothers. We may admire their unselfish spirit ot I state schools are turning away dedication yet wonder whether they adequately estimate theirI students. The League of Wisconsin Mu- own strength and resources. Perhaps it will help to analyze the/ nicipalities contends the exemp- situation further before attempting to offer some general" norms t to serve as guide-lines. I tion would mean a sharp rave- nue loss to the state and would break a long standing Wisconsin tradition of giving no direct aid to nonpublic schools. Blame for Issue On School Aid Not on Catholics NEW YORK --(NC)-- A New York archdiocesan official said here the blame for neglecting the general welfare and dividing Amerieans on the issue of fed- eral aid to private schools can- no! be laid to Catholics. 'In our judgment, the blame for such inconsideration lies elsewhere," said Msgr. George A. Kelly. He indicated the cri- ticism should be of persons who deny the parents' right to choose THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1961 t lib 1 WBBM, Channel 2, Chicago [12:10 Movie~t~eYe ~t~r~a 2s~orv'' A-! Saturday March 25 " T I " " " t Tuesday, March 28 4.30 the Ear y Show Reaching for he[12"10 Movie A/~atinee "Running Target" ' . All 10:15 The Best of CBS "CrlSS Cross" B 12:10 Movie Matinee "Ghost Town"A-I 2:00 Ictore for a Sunday Afternoon l Hpnrv" A-I [ "This Time For Keeps" A-I t " "" :12:30 The Late, Late Show "My FavorileI S~l/-.-*. i~k - ^! lo ~azl I ~ Blonde" A-I I v~J.Dl~, bllalln~JL l&~ ;fllt,'W It~&'~ Monday, March 27 Saturday, March 15 4:30 House on 92nd Street A-! 1:00 Matinee "Navy Blues" B 10:15 The Late Show "/vlonster from 11:15 The Big Movie "Lillian RU~,~.II" ~-lll Green Hell" A-I Sunday, March 16 Tuesday, March 28 I0:30 KNOW THE TRUTH 4:30 The Early Show "Keep Your Powder 10:45 THE CHRISTOPHERS Dry." A-I . Monday, March 27 10:15 The La,te^Show "'A Yank m the 10:45 The Big Movie "Never Say GGod- "' e" 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Thirty by-B Seconds Over Tokyo" A- I Tuesday, ,M.arc, h 28 ~ . I0:45 The Big Movie "MOlly arlo Me'~ ~k~ I weanesaay, March 28 4 30 The Ear y Show "Josette" A- Wednesday, Marco 29 10:15 The Lat'e Show "Miss Tatlock'$ 10:45 The Big Movie "Maryland" A-I Millions" B Thursday, March 30 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Street of I0:45 The Big Movie "Four Men and iI~ Chance" A-II Prayer" A-I Friday, March M Thursday. March 30 10:45 The Big Movie "Ten Gentlemen 4:30 The Early Show "Sealed Verdict" from West Point" A-I A-II 10:15 The Late Show "Tales of Manhattan" A-II WREX, Channel 13, Rockford 12;30 The Late, Late Show "Those Were Saturday, March lS the Days" Aq 10:15 Crown Theater "Kiss Tomorrow Friday, March 31 J Goodbye" B 4:30 The Early Show "The Search" ~-I Ill 35 The Late Show "Lancer SOY" A-I 10:15 The Late Show "Man in the Sadd e"I Sunday, March 26 A-If ] 9:30 LOOK UP AND LIVE 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Random I10:15 SACRED HEART PROGRAM Harvest" A-H Ill:30 T hle Late Show "Bells of St, Maryi WISC, Channel 3, Madison Ill 30 Tuesday, March 211 The Late Show "On Their Own" A-I Saturday, March ~5 I ' Friday, March 31 10:30 Theater Three "The Red Pony" A-I [11:00 Playhouse "Aseignment in Brittany" Sunday, March 26 8:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS 12:40 TAhte Late Show "Eve of St. Mark" I SECOND, YOUNG MOTHERS constantly are being urged to 10:35 Theater Three "Give My Regards to cooperate in church, school, and community organizations. Their Broadway" A-I WKOW, Channel 27, Madisol~ I O" Tuesday, March 25 Saturday, March 2S in Catholic action. Particularly in school "ihey were taught that lbOllO" .av I b--~ -"'"""" "' "~ " "" Thur'sda; March "tO ,:00 MatineeDelivery,PlayhouseA "Special responsibilities In this regard are generally defined as their role ~l" ~T]" 9 -- 10:30 Thea~ertThreel;'Priso in women have serious social obligations in the modern world. ~ ~7 " 10:30 Theater Three'"Relentless" A-I 10:00 Fanfare "Corvette K-255" A-I ' Friday, March 31 Sunday, March 26 Those who have a well developed sense of responsibility conse- 0 30 Theater Three "That's the Soir t" 10:00 The Sunday Movie "Oecamero~ quently find it difficult to reconcile the conflicting claims ot[~l~|,r~***T ,n.~ n ! I I A A Nights" B 1:00 Fanfare "Corvette K-255"A-I marriage and community. Although it may appear something lkJI~q~l ~/ 1ill. ~ U~I~[~/~U YUE/dt[IU] WNBQ, Channel 5, Chicago ,0:30THE eHRISTOPHERSM ndaY' March 27 of a paradox, even young women trained in Catholic schools ~' *' Saturday, March 25 10:25 The Late Show "Black Tide" A-I| . 10:15 Movie 5 "The Naked Street" A-!I Tuesday, March 2$ sometimes fall to Identify the routine, often monotonous tasks Bv George P. LeBlanc. C.S.P. IGod finally called us to His serv-[calhng. For the first time I hun- Sunday, March 26 10:25 The Late Show "On Borrowed ~nvolved ,re.housekeeping and. mothering as e:ssentially constitu. I The shortest distance betwe'enlice. ]estly faced the question of my l~: a ~ 5RO:NT=,E, RS O,F, FAITH Time"wednesday,Aql March 29 " ~ve oi mew major role and thus fad to g]vle them priority, a young man and the priesthoodi "-e'-"'-i-"bl^ Io-'4n"~avocation t~on~"~,~M~rch ~7 10:25 Thepops,LateA llShOw "Lovers end Lolll- aKing care of husband home and children seems a far cry i~- l "1; ~ h~ '~1 i { ~" "+ [ ~n ~'pta Ua ~ U~ ~; I " A 00 MaY e 5 "The Deadliest S n" A-I Friday, March 11 j~ it . 1 ~' ' ~. . . . ~ -- ov =, t. ,H*m,~o--t~t a~.v. ~,U~l i~nDllmeF'rolesslon Tuesday, March 28 10:~5 The Late Show "Big Guy" B irom me ringingcnauenge to unrlstlanlze a secular culture! 4:00 Movie 5 "A Bullet for Joey" A-II Wednes6ay, March 29 THIRD, THERE SEEMS TO BE more projects now available 4:00 Movie 5 "Bathe Taxi" A-I WMTV, Channel 33, Madison Thursday, March 30 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH. to women at the parish, school, and community levels. Organiz- 4:00 Movie 5 "Dragonfly Squadron" A-/I 5:00 BISHOP SHEEN. Friday, March 31 ed services have multiplied, while modern means of travel 4:00 Movie 5 "Jlease Murder Me" B their children's education,and communications render extensive participation and in- WTVO, Channel 39, Rockford The director of the Family volvement easily accessible to most. Telephone and car make the weak and base things of the[ r mary It is not glamorous I WITI, Channel 6, Milwaukee Saturday, March Z$ provloed me wltn rlcn expe I- " . ~. . ', t0;00 Big Movie "Make Haste to Live" Life Bureau of the New York distance no longer a barrier. Saturday, March 2S A-tl ence DU[ none satlstleo an unex- ' "" Sunday, March 26 archdiocese spoke made the FOURTH, ALTHOUGH IT MAY BE DIFFICULT to decide world to confound the strong. I know nut tnoseare theiacts9:30 Late Show "The Philadelphia Story' plalnaole longlngOI SOUl deep . ' . . ' 12:00 Late, Late Show "The Mummy" A-It 10:30 Feature Theater "The Bigamist" B statement at a Communionlwhether. modern appliances have shortened or merely trans- They have a name for people " ' . " . . . Since then of courseI have inside me. The farther I traveled, <30 HOUR OF ST. FRANCIS breakfast of the New York Cityif rmed women's work in the home, some efficient young "mothers like myself They call us "delay-j " ' come totneconclusion tnat me Sunday, March ~6 --- Police department, always manage to have time and energy to spare, Because of'ed vocations." It is not a title to[towardmore resuessa careeranain theuncertamWOr]d catl n tothe prtesthood, has u:30 A-IlSunday Showtlme "Top Gun" A-i Marquetie U. He defended the Catholic putt- past training and native ability, women differ greatly in this!be ashamcd of. It is simply an-] ,' ~ '. . more appeal than all the others u:00 Late Show "And Now Tomorrow" finn for inclusion in any pro- regard. Unfortunately, their degree of efficiency in ihe home other way of saying that some oflbecame. After college I steppedlput together. Monday, March ~ MILWAUKEE ---(NC)-- Maro gram of Federal aid to "educa- is not always positively correlated with their tendency to get in- us followed a few side roads andlinto the Grand Rapids office of So now. I am training to be- ~:00 Morning Movie T~me "'B~g Housa" B 4:00 AE alrly Show "Badman's Territory" quette University alumni have occasional blind alley beforela fast growing insurance com-lcome adlspenser of Supernatur- - p I knew my product was'al~i L]le insurance, ratner man a good; I knew that everyone salesman of a natural life insur- v " " a to. 5 Late Show "Goodbye Mr Chips" A-I contributed almost $1 500 000 to tmn as a part of the democratic olved outside. Indeed one sometimes feels that these extra- ~ " Tuesday March 28 " '~-~ , process by which a minority familial activities represent something of an escape Ip B:00 Mornlpg Movie Time "Valley of the a n n u a 1 Mal.-quetie l~unc[ seeks recognition of its rights FINALLY, MODERN YOUNG MOTHERS are accustomed to rlIW~T I~) Ig tance The l~"Xr -i ;h, 4'00 Eher#mS~to~w AGunga Din" A-I since it was established In 1954. The heart of the controversy considerable social activity and involvement from their youth ]J ~ ]J[-][ O l'itlll ineeaed ann wanton securit, y. ~ut[ . *a~. S v.~ ~,~.y Wednesday, March 29 The average individual 'gift in . . . . . . " ~'m lit was with an artificial enthusi-~to peopte on tins s I o e ot me s:00 Morning Movie Time "Star of lO~n ~ -~1-,-,~- ~'~ ith 5 7n'~ over extending aid to private Many nave held Jude before marriage and now find "domestica- "J I " ' " I India" A-II W t" " " . a asm that I threw myself into the grave omy. rmm prmessions are ~:00 Movie "Higher and Higher" A-II alumni contributing a total of and parochial schools, he said, ion rather confining. They love husband, home, and children ~'~lr~ l- l"l[-ta~a(]i'~kTt- . akin~ the good But oht how infinitely tons Late Show "Lucky Partners" A-ll is the question" "To whom be- but also experience the desire' for wider social contacts an i % .FII .l-.~l[.I.l l ~ [worK. t nopeo * was m g '( " Thursday, March 30 ~.