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March 24, 1961     The Observer
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March 24, 1961

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F ngAY, MARCH 24, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 list. Joh. Parish II - II ,I Has New Club,' ] r eens q,il -" I, For Teena. gers rEd'ted'' b~,the Jesmt" Clerm,/. art their' lamps').; in our time it I] I ,i West Bade. College ,could the evs homeowoerst I P Ir HANOVER --- The recenfly{ ~ .--, [wh,~ wouldn't t,", ; ;11t ~, o . ~ II ormea ~arems ann teenagers ~&fJ-~t-~,c~ -,~ th h r " ' " Workers In " |lclub of St. John parish heldtl- tULff k.21,flLl~ll3 I' e u rmane was on)~s way--I . . Iltheir second meeting at Wha--I land men k was me rote. i l ' " vw,en ocoor, er Ivlaclooter was,~, . Tka It en s Huntmg Lodge near Hart-, t WATCH. sa,d the gentlel ttt~, vmnns~yqn, S|~ Communll' Ilover T i tv e'zh z ~[young an~ gay ano driving on, Y ,~ . h r - L. t teena~er ~ ', . . r CHRIST who wilI one day come / Chest Agency,played Bunco, danced and hadluaaaY s gas, mcal servme sta-!to judge the living and the dead.~ . . . I hot dogs. Among the guestsJtions were frantic in their effortsl"You know not the day nor the Ca,hBo~ieLicS:arFerrl~taff I;u~ theTJ~mg'n;U~hnUgl~ttnlWere the Rev. William Morris-Ito keep Scooter's tank full. But|hour," says Christ. wt~o now isl Recentl.~ h~.~ +h,~.~.; !we wond:i if our efforts are in]~ey- whoo~at, tends ~he^ par~hinow an older Scooter is driving]gentle and forgiving--mercy is[ s . I "'~::'- . ~ . his greatest work. But then, thru a co,~y of the C a t h o Ivan' then we remember theater of St Mar, ,arish and th," his own car and paym~ his own!. 'u^ u ~ / " - ultim t . .7 ~,- w,c, ~ ~u =~ ~u judg= m,~-/ !Jr. Digest," anarticle titled:l; af,~est ~ ve:s~he,wfll'[Rev. Alphonsus Fitzgibbons. Iway- He now buys hi3 gas in}kind, then it will be the sheep] xou ann t, od's Poor" came to "~5" " Y'~."~'~U I The Holy Name society of St.]twenty-five cent squirts: a fif-lon one side, the goats on theI r~ur attention. The story w a s/, .~e. carry on our wor.K, I o r]John parish had a Father-Sonlteen-cent shot for ihe gas tank Iother, the winners and the also-] written by a priest who is anl~c~S it?e rniY zmd or l ov et Communion hreakfast March 12land a ten cent chaser for the ~u: rans. Don't also-run in this race. assistant pastor of a church ini we. my to De caue l~erved b,~ membero oe ~ ~,/ ' - ~ ~" Win And ~tnrt wlnnlna ~qc, hf ' ". . h ~ tmn chanty. These Work- . ' . he keeps m the car Hm destma-lx.~v#~t, ~fAb 't~ ~ Chicago. The church is In hier : I somety. The same evenmg at al I now. Next week--or two mmutesl a ~n .the vmeyi~ra ~now tna~ tion is usually the next gas sea- ' -- I HONORS T n C thole eh l "n Father M " ;7 alrneC~:y a;::r, and the poe /!ovlng the poor is not so m e-ltP2~lnUCkjsupP:ketrhes:0%~.~nAn Ition. He drives very slowly let- fmr ~ht ~too lfa~: that matter [ TWIN CHAPLAINS RECEIVE TW N -- wi a 1 ap at s, (a~.) "Come with me into the homeslmmg optmnal for a Christian;lae./, ~,~, c,'.~ r-~,~,~'~ting the engine relish and savorl "~ - " ~ ,Joseph G. Gefell, 18th Airborne Corps (second from left), and his brother, Father (Maj.) Gore " of the poor " writes our priest 1It is the very essence of o u r/l~c"hi,~ .~hoo 'Ooc' 'fo2'~'~^'~li~s expensive refreshment. In~][~,]~ ~.~ [ ard J. Gefell, 82nd Airborne Div are awarded senior parachutist wings at Fort Bragg, N. C. Whatevef r a c e or color, roll- ruth, and ~t makes sense onlYlon '~'r 2 /fact, he is so considerate of hislllLgll~ltO[l[~ * I The brothers completed their 35th jumps recently. Domg the honors are Col. John O. Wood~ % - . .- . r recopies m ~w~ma, ~ca,m t. youw c. im/ C:~ I c p p i l t) M j. e A, Skelton, $2nd Division chaplain" men or lack of ~t whether they]m the light of that !alth As we for Parents and Teenagers." Imotor tha ff at hod h If you are one of the $50,000 or s cha la n ( ef and a Jams , IIb~.t~ ~ ~ ~ m.t ~ Igo wrm aany we ~now t n a rt carefully you could see Ms left ~an~sh;t~i' ~o~r"~';eU'~'uThl~t~ hh~lP c m.sharing/~. T~ . [foot sneak out the door to help t~at aS[t::2tSa ]~:lt~SliC untr~ t ~ -, ~ ",'1, ' ~ I n 1 1 , alike. A pattern of life exists in e poor their feelings and! etease l]ates Iwith the propulsion. [,mg I /~ ~lllltl a |I|CI1PtD[ I 1nld n ! 111, 1 I-'rlOetD f #e these environments w~nts. . I tschool, the chances are that you/x "~-~R "~'~-~A~,'--'~O x~a.~a~ua~u~,Jll IJLL~|J~ ='~'-~t,'~='~'-'v'.~ ~ / ' 1111~,IL'UII$1 LD ~fla~ ne oes~ at "~- " " ]are taught in that school b . , Neglected Buildings ! Easy :o Love at D, stnaee IFor Boy Scout lappreciates the value of some-,nuns brothers or reli-io~Ys/I[VT- ~,1,~ 1 14 fh.ll The majority of his parishion-,;It is easy to love lepers in]2 ~ ,/ /thing who has to pay the pricelnriosls A-~ ,~*',~, ~, Iwln cnolarsnlDS ~warus /~ "~'~'~'~S" ors ]ire in buildings which are Qsla, w n. e n someone e I s e l{.jan 'o #; tm n Ifor it. j~ ~. ' 7"~ "~'X: ',-'~'"-/ A I ~,~STe~Xv ~,w',~ ~'-'War^ - 50 to 80 years old. Time and]changes their bandages; it is].7 "' [" / We h"ve " v"r- '-z i memary auou~ n, you may nave/ DEERFIELD---Six students,I Six Winners I~.~'.'~,~'.~ ~,+~*'~ ~ = ~'~? - " ~ = Y *~ ~.~ ,~- wonoereo tout never asKecl ="~ '-*~'~-', ~"'", ='~ ~'-o~'-"~*- neglect have produced broken]easyt l ve rphansmourmty, I FREEPORT ~ The U. S.[,f s;n a"-~ 1-2 n[ )tfourfromAqumCentralCatho-] The six awnrd ~eclnient,~,~ +~ ~,~ ~^ ~ ;. when d v ". ' " v **u *v= ~=~ .~a~ ~u~,*u wna~ makes mesa people oilier - -- ~-~ -~'* --*= w~ u~-~.uv "~s *'* door jambs, saggmg floors e oted Szsters care I o r]Grant Council, Boy Scouts of]l ^k t. [ ]he h,gh school m Freeport, and]ware. John M Lueeke Thomas[--.-;--*~ *;.---- *~- ~- ~-;~ olin walls leak l n "them day and night Do y o u tAmerica has named a Cam ~ "',uu. a,~= w.~. w= ~,y ~uien~ from me rest oz me nonma-,two from Bishop Muldoon high " ~,w-*=~.~ .u,- z ~u-~. ~,~ - ~pe: g (, y p'pes a d[ L ' ~ . ' P~imagine what an offense against/tion "- = ~ /J. Ra'h, M'chael J. Smith andlure to present the priesthood oalKy pmmDing This "Worker ~ u ,~ easy to neap your poorlu~recmr ]or me ~wt~t sumraer~God really is However we canI ",/scnoog ~ocK~ora, nave Dean no-iTimothy E. Sowers, all of/for what it is a chalten-in-' In The vineyard" sometimes neighbor or friend. Do you find season and released dates for[~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 'o ~ -/ THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE:ltifiedthat they will receive col-]Aquin. and Carole Co,oletti|: * ~,*- --~-~;^,- ---~:~-[~- has to climb steps to the third ~t castor to help them w~th just lthe Canyon camp program. / ,~,~ ; ~ c ,~ ,~;,~ ~ ,~/ u s, brothers, and rehgmushege scholarship awards fromland Barbara Helm of Muldoon [ +~,m;^~.~.; o~.~; ~ ,-~ ~, floor of a rear tenament mak-Iw dsor do. you set out to help] Herbert Garmann, d~strictlrid of it If you don't believe this[pne ts have rehg)ous vows. And[the State Scholarsh,p commls-/ These six and th~ uther win-ling said here in his wa a s t a men ny oomg someming t o r . . " - mesa vows are m poverty, cnas- sion ' "~ "- ,g y p . bandoned],hem~, executive for the council, wHIlm the httle hme left before Lent/tit ,~ ~.~ ~; ~m,~.~./ " Iners in the fourth annual com-I The Archbishop of Boston ~}ny ~uggms, o.ld hre casmgs, " I* ~~ ;-- ;~:--~ '" serve as the camp director. He,explodes into Easter, why don'tIrn~n~'~t'h~t t~J:uh=;:~2",~,[~'~'2:~/ They are among 2,870 Illinois]petition were. selected fromltotd a Communion breakfast of a~scaruea cmmmg. I.~ ': "~. *" uu,~ u*a~ we neap. has been with the U S Grant/you make a thou~,htful StationsK"-~"'~', -"": ~" ~'lstudents so honored accordingl~e,-,~ fi,a~;o ~, ~;*;~,a - l the T,qe,hon, "arorke,'s' nuaA s omg wt mh will enable oa unaer pan of sm not to Many hye m shacks on backl,~ou : .~ ,- ~ Council since ;959. Last year]of the Cross? ft can be a verY/us ~h;,o, ~ ,~; [to an announcement by Dr.]the results of the American Col-lthe shortage of vocations to the o~ m~,s, or uve where you nar~-I~nrk~ $;t'h r u ~ roor Mr. Garmann was m charge]shattering experience. It won'tlt~m~;:~'~'":~,~'~, ~"+~:":'m":~/Lloyd S. Michael, chmrman of/lege Testing Program examina-lpriesthood and religious life is ~:expec~ m nna anyone of senior patrol leader train-iconS you a cent, though it costlt~e~/"su:er;ors" ~es'~es't~jthe commission. Dr. M~chaelltion given last November. Ithe No. 1 challenge facing the .the sorrel workers, the prmst,/'j'j-------~-~ ink at Canyon camp [Christ His life. / ~' " . 'isaid 1,325 finalists will receive} ' [Church today. the volunteer layman, are cog-I Vovatt, - Pr,oro Summer camp dates ~or 1961| . ~mey atm osr sways rive m c0m-[monetary awards and 1 518 hon.] unanges Likely I "Vocations" -o~o ~ nod I y ma~ ~,mey ~aKe meals mzant of these conditions. ManyI -7 have also been announced ' ~ . ]orary awards. [ Each student who qualifieslbut are nurtured strengthened times tbe inhabitants are notl ROCKFORD -- The Altar]the council camping and activ-] ~L~5|l[a t,[mgemer, recreate mgemer, in[ ]as an Illinois State Scholar| a ~.^ ,:,;^.~ - ['~. ~. ~ .~ ,r - 'general live together ' ' ,~.u u=atl tvu 111 ,1= llUlll~, ,1= attract,)~e. Defeated by hfe, oldtand ttosarysocmt : of Ss. Peter isles committee. Canyon camp] A very brief run through some[ " IO riP ~.~rL.-|' [must rank in the upper half of[ Cardinal said. "Young men will ~emre melr, may are Jibe-[ann rm~ cnurcn nero mart~ed will open June 18 and run Ior[old clippings the other day[ ,noseprms~s nuns, an.a oro.m-lo lop batllOll~ [his graduating class, be an Illi-]shun the priesthood if their par- ~u~t:ec:U:pmmus at ~lrst aC-[h:u:OU:~ monm m speech, one- seven one week permds untHlbrought forth some snappyl~r:dre~y la~:~:t~ni; l~: w}mI ~ . r~. [nms resment .of gooa mormlents picture it ash nonchalleng. q . ~ emuonsmps re-[ p yer each Saturoay for Aug 5. ]items One was about a hurri [ " Y e a c,smn Lollrt lealllS [character, acmeve a supermr/in~ career for natural born main strained until a workinglvocations with the conclusion Camp staff trainin- will be/ --- " ~ -Ion a number of reasons, amongl Iscore in the ACT examination,| ? ' ,' ~ " - s /cane. 1~ roan: ns nurrlcanel 1. . I - i-. ~ I /salnEs, rle salci lI newere a rapporLcan be established. Io[ forty hour .devotions. h~. arch held June 11-17. There will be|Donna approached in 1958, home-Iwnleh can be found the follow:[In I(C Tourney l~nd enroll, at an approved pub-]young man today and the priest- ~uemeazed Worker ~z rne pracnce was initiated three saner atrol leader lug mree St) the goooness oI J tic or private college oI hiS 1 '- - - ~ ' P |owners flocked to Miami to getl " I ~ ]hood was presented to him in But our dedicated worker durmg me hrst week of Ad- trainir~g weeks at Canyon camp/insurance they had 'mulishly re-Iu ~' tz) me suers.ass o~ umeI WASHINGTON -- (NC) ---]choice in Illinois. Inn abstract w~v h~ .a~,~,l~ n,t writes, "We endeavor to under- vent in 1960 under the direc- with first being held June ]l-~sisted ' The or"eat maioritv were and length of etermty, and (3)[Eight of the nation's top Catho-[ Dr Lvman J Smith execu-~be interested -" "" "~ "'"" stand their fears and despera- tion of the pastor, the Rev. 17. Scout troops are now nab-]turned down'" The homeo~wnersla great whopping confidence, allic high school basketball teams|tive director of the commission t The Cardinal said th~ -,ess tions." For these are the poe- Joseph Balkan. ink Campsite reservations for|were inhabiiants of the FloridalC n!idence, that Godwill be[are participating in the eighthtsaid that a second-round an:laKe to be given to pros"pe*ctiv; I mlgntly pleaseo Wl~n metr glI1; ple we must love if we are toi~ the 1961 season. IKeys, if my memory serves me l ]annual invitational tournamentlnouncement of winners may be[priests is this: 'If you want to ann ma~ ne wm g~ve mem an e the ~ ht o rove bed It s the ~mage of Teams of men Or crazed as sea ed h re b Kn s f L " J~'/~IPI~T Hnnle~ g " ~ tThe Big Blow was on its way,| " g Y "g made late in May because some make a lasting contribution to ] I God m thmr souls wh!eh wel'- "-- $ camp promoters are eontacting/and they sawthat ~nsurancc was me ne~ may nee~ to make ~ Columbus and Georgetown Uni-/of the winners will withdrawlforgotten peopIe and have the must see. ~omeumes th~s couldI St. Mary bospital, DeKalb--every one of the 73 Scout|in order. But they were too late,[~ ~' ~nese pmes~s, nuns, ann|varsity' Ito attend out-of-state schools~guts to master yourself, you'll oromers pu~ mew eggs m one be, hard to remember when we Second Sunday nf the Passion. Troops in the Council this[according to the New Yorker[ ~ . I The games are being played, lor accept other scholarships. Inever find a greater challenge." oas~e~ ~eave egg tenamgto '~ in& p p ~ A ~ -,-, month and expect to have their story whence came the informa- Go~ an" cheer'l - b . . March 24 to 26, in Georgetown s~ k - ~1~ ~m ~ ~ ]~ ~ ~ work done by April 1. tion. They had had their chance o ~ y go a out me]McDo,ou~h ~,m Th,~ tourney| ]r~ll~yr~]K]~ w I1~ J~ h tf V ill I ' ~u .~ ~.i~ -- **^ ~, ,~u-:- work of the Lord. Not a bad . - ~. .~" " ~ . '|~U/I no5 nan inu~xcu ,~. xn~u .~ t IS recognlzed as one O~ me| "~- - - " - A ~ol~ C,~ 1;.~! [houses were for the most partIIClea' oon t you thinK. I country's outstanding h i g h . I Noti ~ ~u,~,~ - ,u,~ u**le . . . ~ ce Your . I destmed to be blown away rote/-- I school competitions. A. g. (Gun) se " ~ Insurance thxctustvety Appearance ~e~ BERLIN---(NC)--Radio Mos-I he angry ~ a. [ ,4,~,1~ ,4 7, ]Coupe, tournament director, an- x.~zl~lL~l.~ll.~~ 'IH/// ~,~ ")]~l "~'1 r, ~~ cow has claimed that FrancisJ SO WE EARTHLINGS, if Tel t nounced the following partici- " ~~ ~~J~!~ Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop may moralize a moment, have] FREEPORT-- The 'Value of[pants with their season records: Electric She, Inc. DIXON NATIONAL BANK ,Let U, Help ~o . ~" 4~ of New York: is trying to "armlour chance. And all of us some/ Athletics" will be the subject St. Catherine's (25-0), Ra- Y BUILDING ~j.~l~ ~o LOO~ *our DesL [,~~ the criminals who fled from of the time, and some of us all/of a talk by Bob Allen assis- cine Win ". Bishon Loughlin .4--liamce~ ~~~ . ~ ~ ~" t~ Cuba because he recently urged of the time, resist "mulishly,"[tant public relations director[ (20-3), Brooklyn, N Y.; Loy- Amana Re]rigerators & ms-- ~,~ ~r~ ~ ~ Catholics to help find homes[that is, like a mule. The pro-]for the Milwaukee Braves, at[ola Academy (20-3)" Wilmette Freezers M611 / "'~,1 and jobs for refugees from theIpbets of old foretold destruction|the St. Thomas Aquinas gradetill.; Notre Dame (15-3) Tren. Electrical Contracting & ." m~==s a n---- MODERN ~ [~ ~~ll'~m~''l Hg~ pro-Red regime of Premier Fi- for those who did not the Lord's school athletic awards dinner ton. N J South Hills Catholic Repairs COURTEO ' ~ " . , -~ ~ U L del Castro. Will But they're out of style]Sunday April 9 at6pm Foot- (215), Pittsburgh St Thomas h~rgfY COIFFURE IlrlH[JI ' ' . - rn~,~r~: ,~ ,r-uu, r~vbe~a ~O~1~I[~ EFFICIENT -- now Are they* ~ball and basketball letters will More (20 6), Philadelphia; De "13 W "~ -~- . ' " "" ; ' I " " z est r*r~ ~t. PHONE Ot'C ~T "-817" S,nce 1934 be presenteo at the amner th H~h 22 1 of nearb ~ " "~ * " ,~mHs SE~V,CE Pride of Fr-nc," I Who of us can say that theI ~Ma a "~,( " ), Y I~IYf~N lII. a~" ~q" ~tTn71 14 South Ch,cago Avenue "~ "-' ]end is not just around the nextI- -- [HyattsviIle, Md and St. John's ~~ 9 FREEPORT [ 1 m ~ . | ~ .-----= TOULON, France -- (NC) -- corner. That's the trouble with College High, (15-9), Washing- . | ' esldent Charles de Gaulle and life. its uncertain--you never . ]ton. ~ -==~ - Pr %hUff lal % ll r II % Jl Mrs. de Gaulle were presentlknow, neither the day nor theI = '--'--' --------~ ~ I~ r~|~ JKM ! ffllll~llr nlll~ll here for the first Communionlhour. In Christ's time it was the - eS~l***~.w.vm~l JON ES Fm~m IO unv~ubl~ nmvu II of thai r grandson, Jean~delstory of ten virgins who foolish- -- IT't~ -- -- -." . .-- "~L~Y ~M~S 2: ;~ ~gw[.sT ~owN P*y~NT Gaulle, whose father, Philippe. I ly failed to bring batteries for /'~"-*~I1~ "-" Fu. r,I Hnml ,eaa freeport is a naval, nfficer. [tJ~eir flashlights (I mean oil for [ ~ I r n n " "= ",' ,-, I ~ I o W P I 4 r ~erv~ce " antes I "/ I aervtce,L L flu -- " " t o o,/ Amlou/ance " * FOR MRS. ELIZABETH JONES Heutin| LEO A. MILES A~r Conditioning PATRICK. JONES MURPHY & GUSTAFSON, INC'r,epo F The Facts AD 3-]216 EJeetdcalCon,raet~.S H. A, "PETE" HOWELL PHONE 3-1211 GUSTAFSON '& SCHINK, INC. AT 4-9201 *r AT 2-9301 The r gures oa, , I naul"S -I'llll,I 2~,~r% " I I~[~ " I [ U nderwood's The That [I, ,I II I Gooh "Give You More" Ill I IIII (iulf Servnce II . I ~/~. ~Z"~ .:" .: ~%.* ~:i~:~::~ Complete Se ect on Y L i . P ET R O L E U M ~: 4: .~' ii~~ :~f-{~!&*":~t~!~: Of Religious Goods If, i 20W. Main Freeport, Illo MANUS MOTOn :, i.c. il ~~~I UiMEI III :;~x~n, II~~:".~.'~~I VisitcomparableUs andColleetionSee Our l--o/ 9 W, Yo.rDough,Authorized P6mouth.ValiantFreeport,De,aer Ill. III I Ill No.h Go e.o III DIXON. ILLJNOIS I I II III,o.v, ,URE. ,vE. I Ill o,xoN. uNo, III I ,:ii' n .:" " : FREEPORT, ILL I,Exciting Fashions II' /9. IIII FREEPORT, ILL. I COATS--, immed and untrimmed. F.bulous Mink White, ~~ ~ ~ /~t~$ ~. ~-- .o ~ -- - II Announces The Addition o/ Their W IT Z L E B SUIT~-superbly.styled, with orwithout Fur. .nd hand.detailed, gND BIVE YOURSELF A BREAK: /I Plumbing & Heafi.g Disposals DRESSES--the latest i. design a.d ].bric and . 1.rge colleo tion o~ haO.sizes. Casual . . . Tea.Time . . . and "'Alter 5". SPORTSWEAR--skirts and sweaters to match slacks, blouses, Deacon Vests & Cashmere's. LINGERIE AD 2.4313 MILLINERY AD 2.1413 208 W. FIRST Our consultant wilt held you choose, from the largest collection in the city, the fashion that's perfect for you . . . select h~rmonizing dresses ond accessories for your attendonts for the mothers of bride and groom. COATS SUITS DRESSES DIXON, ILLINOIS Fall Cotton Dresse Matclmd Sweaters & Skirts Matched Slack Sets Woter Safteners Dehumidifiers Woter Heaters for (Gas-Oil-Electric) PHONE: AT 2-0441 111 S. Hennepin DixQn; Illinois AT CRAWFORD'S fampbellMotors as Parts ond Service I 0 I1S Headcl arters for Packard * Studebaker Mercedes-Benz tom**. WHEN THE WEATHER I$ B.AD Dixon, III. Phone AT 3-9451 i. the LFillm, o/ } y0urd0d0r's i by / Your .rescr,ption, "ph n' Wdl, phon, et tome i, ,ow to t0, merlin, temp nnl la'<-- Expert Fil~ersof Trusses Fi st ~at Bank Elastic Stockings Surgical Su.o r 3 DEUCES Package'Store l'resrripli0n Sptria!isls Member F.D.I.C. Federol Reserve System located in the hotel freeport building . . . downtown freeport od - 2-4415 Cocktail Lounge DOUG CURRAN Proprietor 222 W. First St Dixon, Illinois Men's Wear "It Pleases Us To Please You" Dixoa Illinois A. ROE ( -- Est. 1890 -- ) REALTORS FARM LO L'~ HOME LOANS PHONE: AT ~.1011 1st ~ "Peoria in Dixon