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March 17, 1961     The Observer
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March 17, 1961

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Flom. Swee t Hom o L 's H Ag " elIt el 1 I ILast week Father Donne t According to Father Bittle, this . Y' saint was once so fond of hunt ' ledltor of this newspaper and my :' Iboss said "It's Lent here " mg mat ne set nre to me orusn {H'~ toso:d me ~ book --A Saint to drive out his quarry, hoof- PAGE 6 - THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 1961/a ~ Day" by Berchma s Bittle ]dentally destroying nearby grain i;iii v ~. ~,~. ,~y . hit-run driver he panicked and ~: .~: :~ ~: ~:~ .- ::::::::::::::::::*:::::::::::::: :::::::::::V:::::::::::: I've avoided reading saints' bi- !~. !~!.:~:~, ~: ~ii!:;:;:i::~} :!:~:::'::iii~iiii~i}iiiiii~iii!!i~:~:" - ::::"::.":::* . . ran. Only when he saw a peas- I ~:lL'l~r,[-~Z i~~t::ii::::~ii~iii:i/ii:::i:.:i::::::::~ ographles. Some saints, to me, ant being led off to execution as ,i-1- ~ ~ ~'V,L.J/" It ] ~Pr'~~.~i~i~i!!l::i~.~.~ii::iii::~iiiii!ii::iiiii::iiiiiiiiii::i::i;:~ [seemed way, way out. Were[the incendiarist did he hustle [ I I ":"::" " ::.i::": . . I those visions real or hallucinat-/over ~+o ~+he ud"es and confess all "' : : : :il ed9 Was it mortification or ma- :i :::::::(:'::::::::::::::::;: :: ::::;::::::7::::::::}:::::::::::::;:::::::::::: Making restitution wiped him I)! "~/~" ,r~ -~,- 1 1~, ~ ~}i~~::i!ii::i::~ii~ / sochism? Were they martyrs, or/ i o-t finaneiall,~ Was he bitter~ ~:!~i ' ~:; ' ::::::i:~ ":,!:!~i:i ======:========:===: psychotics with suicidal tenden- " " " ' ~ a all' t I II ll. lit,tit ] . ^ /Washlswlfefurlous. Not t . ,|cles: /Both saw the hand of God in the . . .!:::i::i i::i:il! : ~ ~: How does a housewife identify - I GALENA--The Junior Catholic Daughters of America held ~~/::~; [,i~h P Ri~hon~ ,ueens~wh le thing and both renounced ::.:~: : :~:~ - i ~, ~ ~ '~' "~ ' the worla. ~ne oecame a l-'oor I ]initiation ceremonies for new members and installed newly/ ~~]kings, martyrs, hermits spas-| elected officers followin a recent dinner meetin held in the ~i/ :' - |,Acre l~un, ne a nermm I g g [ ~i ,ues ana arenangeis? where's! ~::: IKnights of Columbus hall. Guests of honor were Mrs. Dorothy] " ~~ |the common ~rouhd9,More Saints ~i Childs. grand regent of the senior court, and Mrs. Pauline art-] / Halle;Than Thou / St Conrad's body remained in- scheid vice regent. Mrs. Carole Koester, Junior co-chairman,] ~~~ ] v~,l~l, ,h'~ h,~i,-~h~, +hn,lcorru~t as did th'at of St Mar- ' " -.:~:!i~i~i~~~ ~{:~"~+-':.~:::~i~}i~:: '.;~ -- ~ - - ~ " ' ! tacted as lnstalhng officer . I |writing style of many authors ofigaret of Cartons -- proof that P~ew oincers are" presloent { / '~d~,~':<'. "" ' ~ " ~ " " I / " . . + / ~~/~-- ' /religious books has repelled me./slncere penance oeats modern $ |rotary LOU r~opp; vice presmem,'/Vlurray, l~oxanna muss, ~ar~ara/ ' .::~z:: ? " /Is a sense of humor sinful~ Why,embalming fluid. Margaret, who 111 [Cynthia Keller, secretary-tress- Wranel, Lynn Jackson, Virginia~ :~: |so much exnosition so litile re- lived with a gentleman for nineAl~ lurer, Karen Peterson, and re-IPeebles and Jill Gibson. The Ga-1 NCCW DIRECTOR--Mrs. Edward G. Sliney of Elginaccepts [rmrtin~9 Thi~n~s like "he was lyears without benefit of mar-~ ,IPorter, Susan Sproule. Junior lena Junior court has 34 mem-] a cup of coffee from Miss Catherine Flynn of the National/v%rv holy" or "she evidenced]riage was "so horrified and . : . ~, ! [~e~ls were g~en by ~Lenone bers. / Council of Catholic Women staff, during an informal luncheon[remarkable piety," tell me no-,deeply shaken': when he was hath, r~aren ~ranel, ratricia [ Serving as counselors. . are Mrs. honoring the NCCW Board of Directors. Mrs. Sliney, a mem- thing. In what way was he holy.~ murdered that .she spent. . the rest ]Lelfker, Karen Keleher, SandratGertrude Wels, chairman; Mrs.t ber of the Board, has been in Washington this past week at-/Howdid she exercise piety? of her days in explatlon. She /Sproule and Joyce Bussan. Carole Koester cochairman and tending the annual Board meeting. [ w ~ ~;+,b ~ n;~r~ Helnursed the sick founded a hospi- 1 / New members initiated were Mr . Ahce Jackson Marga et| .I r " - a ~tal and established a commum- ," . alan t say ~t. re petuaw s ~. . ! IMary :Beth Bastlan, Marsha]Tranel, Marie Bloom and Ms-| . ",r~= |~ ,~' ,~ ,h~+ h,~"h~atn[tY of nursing sisters. [Vertz, Nancy Peterson, Sandra.~ld:ncFe~oyd and Miss Donna/ A ~ ~ ~ ~ J-$Lg']~ ~-~lLg'~ i,I o |set the trembling hand of~t}~el St. Isidore PLAN RUMMAGE SALE--In order to provide high school j~[ l.g"l E$~,I[.~,~E~,I[.~t~ .~ ~/~,'E~O [gladiator upon her neck." Now II Another whose flesh remained SChOlarships Ior smaems at St Bridget school Loves Par~ r : ' ' t --hettl . unn r[n- ,~ r~ |know she was b ave. llncorrupt was St. Isldore, the me Home ann ~enooi association is sponsoring a rummage ~J ~ --- -~ .- I t" e, rr I I-'I n "A= I z~, ~ I If,Good Writing farm laborer, whose boss, vmw- sale lerlaay, lvlarcn 11 Irom u a m to s p m, ana lvlarcn l~ . .it.~xx m ~J~ . . . . . ." -. ' /GENEVA -- The Cathollcl J 1", g4%r, mm l He didn't say that Blessed tmg Isldore's church visitations trom a.m. to 6 p.m. at the wieactowmart shopping center - ]Women s club of St. Peter par-111 = T = .~' ~ ~ '~ g ~g {L~ .l~ ~,~ ~, |Margaret Chtherow, a butcher slab featherbedding, h~d behind a uougnnuts ann canoe wnl oe serven, v~cturea tl to r) are /;~, ,m ~.~+,; .-~. I I-~gM~I=I.pllIprl ~ "~'~ / ~fo "hn =ft,-notiv,~ woman zavl*ree o catch him with his fields ~.muy Asmon, Dell tmrns anu rneresa Ll~elI ~ nl h ]per March L at the church hall. ] ]and witty, an excellent house-]unplowed. What did the asia s - i.~ . i~-n 1 ~ l)UNlgJ~m--Tne flame anti ~cnooI assoclaHon at ~t uamerlne~ ife an" a ca ablebus e ' - - 9 - - - lllCKetS are avallaoie Irom[|n~-| I-~-~@~r " -]w 1 p in ss-ea employer see. a team oi U~Llll lillE, pansn nab mane Known its plans Ior the thlra annual ~eina nail," e~ " n i d b u 1-~| i el ~ 1 ~ ]members of the group or may/ y "[woman was brave either. H iwhlte axe,gu de y nseen ' ,~ The event as in me past will oe nero at the ~lmnurst uountry ' " ' for her rformin the chores ~-~|~l]r~ ~I~]~|| I .~:~]~'1 IJ~:~]~|~i[ ]be bought at the door. There[ AURORA The Sanctuar ' ' ~lsald that the mght be e ]hands, pe g ~ ~.L~ .t ~.~.~L ~.a ~k.~ J. ~L~L.~g Io,~ ,;o~,~ f,~. ~A,mo =,~ ha I ~ . ~ . E ~ cluo. ~ne qommlttee mr the Bail nab set me ~ate mr ~amraaY, lmartvraom (she had harboredl St John of God Father Bittle " -- Idren and a complete familY[Coun-el .-ari~h wi" ~-"o ~viay 16. lpriests in Reformation-conscious[tells us was full of "sinful ex- t~--~ 11 o)~ ~ l [ticket [~, ~ Mr. and Mrs. John B. Alberts,~ "[England) she prayed-- and sew-[cesses m his soldiering days. ,a)l~Pflilll~ 111 ~al,~l|~-~l,~ I~-- ]entitle,~ "Gr,~e- IT, Time" in the co-ordinating couple for the.of the following committee mem- ed her own shroud, I Hxs life -- his good life -- began ~.u.~=.~,t~=4 w ~ - - .~-,~v~-. ~ ~ v ~i-n- ball committee --int out~ " "~ - I -' ---- o e a ~ Pamer J~ tile s capsulen saints at 4U ne not amy saveu many - the school hall Wednesday ibers: Mr. and Mrs. John B. A1-I I ' [Hg~lfl DK|~P g~-~ IA~,r;~5 ~+ ~.30~,~n ~ n that the program o~ festlvltlesi~, u ~, r~ ~, ~. ~ n~emerge as very human indeed--ipoverty-striken young girls from AURORA--The annual Moly Angels St. Anne society caro ~a v,ut~ ~.~,~vV ~m I v u v v for the evening, will be somewhatI ~' ' ; !oU ,;+h +h ,~ i,~= !~-~,~-;,~,~ h~, ,~ nf ill ram,~ in party and style show will be a "Colorama" in fashions this year ~ I Thursday, April 6, at 8 p.m. different this year Dinner willMrs. Ray VanPoucke, Sleepy], ~;, h,~A ~,~ M~ 1,~ f,~ +;,~,~ h,t ona~d lnnv from the collection of Marg Henry. The event, to be held April RLO#g-~llg)g~f;g-ME~ I Ais:rlesof home parties is also be served at 7(30 p.m the danc-!Hollow; Mr. and Mrs. CarllMan; of tis saints-a-daT~'~re!time commercial-MagctaleneS 12 and 13 is being planned by Mrs Leonard Heinz Jr and Mls a ~.~.A~,t ~.~,~v~,t~s ~ ue~ g ptanncu in will be in at 9 m with mu I - -- 2'- ' - - ' ' "' " ' ' ' Mrs Francis Rudi-ier and " g ' g" P. ' -Much, West Dundee, or Dr. and{mi~,hty proficient in the sinning[into reforming. lvor 12ivlorrls co cnairmen g " " " " ~ . in" a I ~,r~ '~ u~;tk^++ in sic provided by the nationally Mrs. Edward Herod, Sleepy Hol-ldepartmen' before they took upI You see? T h e s e persons Committee members for this ~ zAL~ ]V| #|P]FF~It~]F~,~" . known Tex Beneke orchestra, flow [sainthood which proves thattweren't born saints. Most of f . . ~,~ ~vs~s,~,~ ~,v. cnarge at ~ne PenCil, party . : ' I ' ! h hard wa post-lenten party are: Mrs. Budlphy and Mrs. William Bone- Aad~d feature thi~ ve~r will Tickets will be made available Proceeds from the event are leopards not only can change i them got there t e y. / I t AURORA The Marmmn b invitation Those who wish to their spots but remove them And what s so way, way out Fagerholm, style show; Mrs. wieh, special awards: Mrs. Hen-, -- ~ .ibe a candy booth and a mystery Y " to be used by the parish for the -- "] . 1r ~, . lvmmers cluo win nave a ~av Ol1 ~ make reservations may call any school benefit fund II find this thought comforting, labout that? harry /~cnlm ana Mrs ~arr I y nu~s anu mrs. ~uoert zxnaer- .~ . ~ ; oar. " Y . l~eColleCtlOn weanesaay, lvlarcn ! -----~--~ ] Roberts, special project; Mrs.[son, variety booth; Mrs. Carl 22, at the abbey on Butterfield ~ -am 1 n e ~,~ l ~sser Mrs Leo Remand Mrs ~ HowardMatsonandMrs~fernon,~, ", ,~' road. Father Victor will be the I Jay OI vraver lvlaoonna Deneili l'atrlek l'artv i. w. ~. LecKey ann ivlrs. ~'aui ~o- s~.^aker and "he fir-" "onfer .z ~ d~ b ~vans tame prizes"Ivlrs. |m,~ ~ t: - . . " - ~. ' . ' duha, refreshments, and Mrs. once will be at 10'30 a m fol- ROCKFORD--The Junior so- AURORA--TI~e Ladies auxll- AURORA --- The Altar and i IKlt'M J~rea ~loss oecorauons;~v~rs - ' James Qumn and Mrs. Leonard lowed by the rosary and Bone- dahty of St. Stanislaus Kostka iary of Madonna high school ~s Rosary ~ociety of St. Mary par- ~|I|lI|s,IN George Goding, tallies; Miss Mary Jane Anderson and Mrs. Lyall Hanssen, tickets; Mrs. Leo Blakinger and Mrs. Robert Brown, candy; Mrs. Hobe~ Mur- Parents to Meet ROCKFORD--St. Peter Home- $chool association will meet Tuesday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the school hall. Mr. and Mrs. William Niemeyer, program chairmen, announcethat the children from St. Vincent's Home, Freeport, under the di- rection of the Rev. Leo Ambre, superintendent of the children's home, will appear in a vocation play written by Father Ambre. ADVEaTISEMENT One hundred years of Know-how at your service. Are you planning sn ad pro- gram booklet, a membership di- rectory for your organization, an anniversary souvenir book- let, an annual report, a finan- cial report, a house organ, a cookbook, a new. publication? We offer editing service, ar- tists' service, ideas and exper- ie~lce. Why not check your Let- terheads. Envelopes, S t a t e - ments and Invoice supply? We'll gladly quote you; what- ever your printing require- ments, let us serve you; letter- I~ress ~nd offset equipped; Call 8erg.SundberE Printers & Lithographors, I~lg--gth St, Rockford, lUinols, WO 54628 ANDERSON PAINT & WALLPAPER 1020 W. STATE, ROCKFORD Screens and Windows M~de or Repaired in our own shop. Free Custamer Parking Glas~Hardware end Lawn Nt.tds. Heinz, S~ "jackpot." Start Study Club ROCKFORD -- The Young Ladies sodalit~ of St. Stanislaus Kostka parish will have its ini- tial meeting of the Religious Discussion c 1 u b Thursday, March 23, at 7 p.m. at the church. Those interested in joining the group may call Miss Diane Dzielak, prefect, at WO 4-0898. Contest Winners ROCKFORD -- Charmayne Fenical, eighth grade, and Sharon Michel, seventh grade, both students at St. James school, are among the top ten in their age category in a con- test sponsored by WREX tele- vision station. Papers entered in the Gettysburg Battlefield Essay contest were judged by the Civil War Round Table. Actress Honored MADRID -- (NC) -- A~tress Hele~ Hayes has been awarded the Order of Queen Isabel the Catholic by the Spanish govern- ment for her contributions t}~ the theater. diction. The annual day of prayer is the one spiritual activity espe- cially planned for Marmion mothers A limited number of reservations will be taken, and they must be made by March 19 with Mrs. James Reynolds. Sister Wins Book Contest MILWAUKEE -- (NC) -- A Milwaukee sister's review of the novel, "Doctor Zhivago," won first place for Marquette uni- versity in the 1961 Midwest Je- suit Intercollegiate English con- test. Marquette entries p ] a c e d!rooms first, third and sixth for a total of 26 points. Sister Peter Da- mian, of the Sisters of the Di- vine Savior, who was graduated parish held a day of recollec- tion Saturday, March 4. The general theme of retreat was vocations. Thirt~,-two sodalists attended the day of prayer. from WO 3-0267 Shrimp and Lobster Casserole Vz cup Wild rice 1~/~ cups water V2 teaspoon salt ~,~ lb. mushrooms sliced or 2 4-oz. cans of sliced mush- 1 cup chopped celery 1 medium onion chopped 1/2 cup slivered toasted al- monds 2 small lobster tails, cooked 1~ lbs. shrimp, cooked 1 green pepper chopped 1 jar pimiento, chopped from Marquette in February, was first place winner. She is stationed at the Divine Savior Sisters' new Milwaukee prep school for as~pirants. 2 cans cream of mushroom The University of Detroit soup " Xavier 1/4 cup milk took second place, aim University, Cincinnati, placed 1 /4 cup butter third. Nine Jesuit schools cam- nook rice in salted water, cov: peted with three entries each. ered, to bolhng:. ~.enuce hear l ana simmer unul rice nab aD- sorbed water. Cook mushrooms, celery and onion in butter for 5 minutes. Chop lobster and! Purchase Program For Everyone! Pagel's Rental Purchase Plan Pagel's FHA New Home' Plan Pagel's Trade In Plan Pagel's 10% Down Plan Pagel's Work Credit Plan Almost Anyone Can Buy a Home New Homes and Apartments Now Available Dare to Compare! Construction Co, 536 Windsor Rd. Rockford, Ill. Call TR 7.7804 shrimp. Mix everything and put in casserole. Top with nuts and bake at 350 degrees for 45 min- ltes. Serves 8. / Salmon Loaf 1 lb. can salmon 1 teaspoon salt Vz teaspoon pepper lh cup cracker crumbs 1/2 cup hot milk 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 egg yolks ~/4 teaspoon paprika 2 egg whites Remove skin and bones from salmon. Mash fine, add salt, pepper,paprika, lemon juice, beaten egg yolks, cracker crumbs and hot milk. Mix to- gether. Fold in egg whites which have been beaten stiff. Pour into well greased loaf pan. Bake one hour at 350 degrees. Serves 4 to 5. Today JULIAN / / The Thriftiest, .I Most Beautiful Food Stores In The Rockford Diocese I ',--"on,:1 LOVES PARK ROCHELLE ROCKFORD a STERLING a0 DIXON AURORA WOODSTOCK MORRIS a CRYSTAL LAKE FREEPORT DEKALB ST. CHARLES OREGON ROUND LAKE CARPENTERSVILLE / FUNERAL DIRECTORS Rockford mmlmmmm I MON. 1:30 P.M. Channel sponsoring a smorgasbord din- ner Sunday, March 19, from 12~on St. Patrick day, March 17, "They look like new, when we ish is sponsoring a card party p.m. until 4 p.m. at Madonna high school. The public is in- vited to attend, and tickets may be obtained at the door or ~t school. The donation is $1 50 for adults and 75 cents for chil- dren. Proceeds will be used to benefit the school. Rummage Sale ROCKFORD -- The Mothers :lub of St. Mary school is spon- soring a rummage sale Thurs- day, March 23, in the church hall from 9 a.m. to B p.m. Those who wish to contribute rum- mage items may call Mrs. Wil- liam Burke, WO 2-2602, or Mrs. Herbert Wallin, WO 4-5308, for pickup./ at 1:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. at Ma- donna high school. Committee members include: Mmes. Ted Sharpenter, Mrs. Leo H: Nash, chairman, H. L. VanDeventer, co-chairman, Er- nest Guess, H. J. Gengler, Frank Ketchmark, John Kiley, John Heitz, J o h n Groening, A. Schmitz. E. G. Retterer and George Gramme. Ham Dinner GENOA--St. Catherine par- ish will hold its annual St. Patrick day ham dinner at Genoa high school cafeteria Sunday, March 19. Serving will be from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. ~,~ x ~ ::~ ~ x < ~<,~,~x '~.~ ~Z::~."" '>.4- '.: .'~:~ ~,~;:: : ~, +; w.x.>. ' ," :.?.;>;:~:~:~: ~:::~'~'>'+>*:Y~' ~ See Your Attorney About Your Will Protect your fan ly t rough an attor- ney-drawn will naming an experieneed responsible Executor: this bank. Our Trust Officer will be glad to talk with you and your attorney about our trust ervice, and the special ways it may be of. value to you and your family. FIRST NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY 401 EAST STATE ST ROCKFORD MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. "Rock]ord's Oldest Bank" FREE PARKING SPACE I it's HOFFMAN HOUSE that makes the Delicious Difference! Pcrfect match mates for lenten meals arc thcsc taste tempting dressings and sauces. Temptingly lighter in body richer, only in taste, than any you've tried before. !Ounce for ouncel there's no better dressing buy at your grocer's today. America's finest family of dressings get thru." PARIS AUTO SHOP Wreck Rebuilders SINCE 1931 1231 S. Main Rockford Dial WO 3-4801 24 Hr. Tow Service I I Illll i I 1 II DIAL WO 4-8621 FREE ESTIMATES 223 E. State Rockford ru . . s seiles of Catholic interest tours will depart New York by ship and by air March through, September 1961. Each ~roup will be accompanied from New York by a Spiritual Director. In Europe an experienced AmerJcan Express Tour Escort accompanies each party to handle all travel arrangements. This is an opportunity to combine visits to revered Shrines with a European holiday in the company of congenial companions. For reservations or informatio~ ~ee LINDSTROM Travel Bureau 108 W. State, Box 946 Rock]ord, lU. WO 8-3727 I Maternity Vogue Presents New Spring Fashions A FITTED TUNIC DRESS OF JACQUARD CHECKED COTTON! A spring delight in border- woven cotton checks with a "fitted" elasticized waistline and released pleats. Blue. Sizes 6-16 $1795 m Others from $8.95 I 10% DISCOUNT on all infant's wear. We ~1 I specialize in complete wardrobe. See our I 'I new selection of the best names in in- ' I I L rants wear. I Maternity Vogu 710.711 Rockford Trust Bldg. -- Phone WO 3-5321 Daily 10-S P.M.--Mondays Noon to 9 P.M. +