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March 17, 1961     The Observer
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March 17, 1961

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t i, X ,/viAi CH 17, 1961 -- THE OBSERVER PAGE 5 [Private Colleges' IICommunist Has "" II ' " Face Shutdown,| ,One T "ack Mmd Says Educator [IPriest States CHICAGO--(NC)-- An educa- I II SEATTLE, Wash. -- (NC) -- tor has estimated that 80 per liThe average communist has a cent of the nation's private col- Workers In " I/one-track mind. but it is strong i~eges wm De mrcea to cruse --o -'-. -- Iland dedicated to the principle ooors , ' of world revoluhons aecordmg support are found immediately. The Vineyard Community Jl rt line to the pa y . Father Virgil C. Blum, asso- Ch~ Aa~nev .' . . , -- ;P-- -~ "/ lne evalLlatlOFl was given Dy clam professor of pohtlcal sin- . t . . ence at Marquette university By Lisa Ferris Ireal significance of such a pew-|a man WhO escape%~rom com- [Milwaukee warned at the lath Catholic Charities Staff ]erful and misused word? ]mumsr tyranny in ~uss,a, was ' " "~ ' f r on Hi h r I /convertea to me t~atnol]c ralm [annual .~on e ence g e. Let us talk about the new] Because she was shown physi-| and now is a Jesuit ,riest of the IEdueation at the Morrison hotel ase which eonfr"n+e"~ ~ "as" I ! ~ ~. : h .~ :,~ u ~ c" c-lear signs oi aliecuon srle lm-lttusman Dyzannne nite--eath- nere ma~ tnere is a ilnanclal r ' ' - h t. ~ . ~ ~ .m. ~. ^ wo ker the past we e k. Th~slmediately decided she was in ler Andre~ Urusov, S.J dwector [~,m~u~su,u wm~ mr ,~- case is no more unusual than ] nf l"una-e for this ]of the Catholic Russian Center [latea coueges cannot contmue any of the hundreds of cases rove. now u o's t lin San Franc|sen Itosubsidize not amy thew stu- we work with throu-'hout the Idistressed girl, for love is moreI n b American soeie ' ' ~ . ~ is a critical mistake to oe- [deas, ut ty. vear Caseworkers kno human [than physmal affeetmn and has] ' In of th- si-nifican" rote " " w,' " . . uieve mat communists are oent [ wow,e ~g . L problems stem from many[many meanmgs. I thh,~ 10 *han w,~rl,~ ~ /wmcn cnu~cn related COlleges 'hin"s In *hi it "'~ *~'^ I I jo -,~, - I ~ : ~ ^ ;~^ ~.: ~.^ ^~ " s~. ~ ~ ~,~ w,~ u,=I utters llelp Ivolution Father Urusov, scion pidy In ntti~liuan niNn~i tuuua- robl " /tin. w~h - m ;4 th,~:p era o{ an unwed girl ex-I The caseworker endeavoredlof old Russian nobility, told a [~-an~ero~ f'inanc~ia-i col~a~se~'is p%eung a a.aoy. ]to explain to the girl that the]lecture audience of 1,500 persons lunaccentable to those who~alue x!ns ~lghtene% person ,waSlyoung have many fears whichlin Blanchet High School audi- i . ~ 2, crying, unaaasnea ana wire ali's ;~h; ~h h;,-h ~h,~, areltorium here [the preservation ot aemocradc "Neaso heln m,~ 1 o o k" ~h~l " t I;,1 1~ ,' lunable to express. One of the l He said the average commu- ['U,~,~.~ t ~,r-~;~;c said: "I still love him, but he]greatest fears is the want for[nist "is a .-rofessional man " NEWLY INVESTED FRANCISCAN BROTHERS IN NOVI- [o ;~ ,~ +~ ~;~,;~; ~ w n t y me . athe alaffection and love A youngster]who deals in the basic wants of TIATE--Standing: L. to R. Brother Daniel Joseph (Thomas [our s(ate institutions" mak'e' ne~- ~arnt~nhgipW~oYr to ibnteg~rniaw ~a~ ]will often grow intoxicated with [mankind. The communist "un- Stern, Portsmouth, O.), Brother.Charles.Joseph (.Donald Buck, ]cessary the existence of church trans~ire~t' -rior to this meet ]attention from the op33os~te sex. [derstands his goals and his prob- son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gngalauskt, St. Br,dget s, Loves I ~,~ ~n,~,~.~," h, ~dd~.d . " ",-IForgetting their future, they ig-Ilems and he a-,-roaches~,~ these Park I11.) and Brother Vincent Joseph. (EI~Tn. Callahan Jr mg Yet,thatrumple spoken [~ ', [nore the teachings of their par-[with level - headed thinking " Bridgeport, Conn.) Seated, Brother Fehz, Novlcemaster at St. sentence openedme Goorinto [ . . . ~ ]ents, teachers and clergy. ]the Russian Jesuit said. Every- Anthony Novitiate, Riverton, Illinois. The newly invested an interesting, area ',To bo loved and admired for]thin~ is secondary to the fore- Brothers will spend the next two years at the Rivert~n novi: [, ~~,~|~ . No.Man. y . ]the moment is the urgent de-lmost goal of world revolution tlate. (Bonn Photo) I' %1 Y Slma" T o,e demands, wheotw h the oomm nist, he added. ,~ t t "s ua lea giu naa no ' o brin the heart . g~venin t,g - Father Urusov said the corn- . money to provide for herself r ' achessuffered by ou young ] I" %1 I" 7 Iclient Withkindness, the grief- Iline " He said that even RussiaIltOCKFORD ~t I~ L|~ nor her unborn child In spiteI ]munist's'bible is the party at me msas~er wmcn sne lell . " d b ' I L-V~-| 1|~II . . . . [stricken glrl was asmste Yl,s nothmg more than a tool to[I I1 l naa oeiallen ner, she mallS~alrl-h. "~ " "" "" ri'ies 't l| In K~P~K~ II ~ X I ,ed "I still love him. but he]me tamoncs cna t Ibe used o '7 the .co.mmums.ts. ll ~- !1 ~ FOR A i ]wont marry me." The lengthl Advice Offered [Patrmhsm m. ttussm ,s a aev,cel] ~ ~ |I ~ ~~ 1 -2~1. AURORA the commumsts use to further (,~ ] ]of the courtship was three[ The advice given her for her] [I ~ [[ [~~ ~ ; ~)J A ril 5 and 6 "GreenU - o their final goal of revolution, he ~ /- P,~-- I. P, --. Plweeks. How does one k nowlown future happiness seemed[ [I ~ ]I k~~.~/ ~ ~" Tnne card party in Our L~dy said PERSONAL SACRIFICE I ' [what love means in such a short[worthy to pass on as "case-[ " ]l ~ |[ . . ~ ~" or uooa uounsel pans 9 o r re Father Urusov warned that ,--It|me. What is love t a ve ylwork". Hoping, in the futu ,I II ~,~--"~[~':~ Sponsored by the Sanctuary "~ H o w can we r s nt me eommunlsl; iS Iar Irom a urs6 . ~. | young person. /she would profit by her p e e I,]l ~v ~ ,~ ~f O [s d;1)~('12 and 13- Card party[kn w when to determ~ine thel2:ae~.g~i::ea~lli:ScteO:d::tilaV:~d[::aklwiitgh ch:[:Cat:~ H/e~xS;ntls; I Fat A [] OXFORD ~x F R LENT 1961 [and styleshow--Sponsoredby[ [,~o ~i to consider the Pros-[trained' when assigned to a J ~uolity and LOW COST II ~) [Holy Angles St. Anne society, tt'ostulants Meet I,%%s oi a future husband as a/mission, the Jesuit said. II =o Se,e. II A / BELVIDERE s " n for provider and father of her chil-/'~ [I Dial |[ ~ [ ~ [ April 9 -- Card party in the]. ltu u~r~- ~ost.utm ts . [dren to compare personalities [l%ll~ l/Pl~hh II WO S 2625 II ~~ I ~" ~e V ninin a "s the lnira uraer oi ~t. francis ' - [e e g p rl h hall -- Spon-[ r h 19 at[likes and dislikes and to havell U,rUK o o . ]l I1 ~'~7 k~" 2" [~[::r?YoS~tJames Altar and[j1;.~ye:tl~:a~t~:;Cchurch.[the same rehglon. . [ 1! |l w--~[ ~ J/ [ I.OU~ 'PARK [Following a conference at 41 These factors .to .the young/ . II II ~ t~F [ ~'.~;, ~'"--~'~ ~, ,'~,~.n ~ ]p.m. reception of postulants willlmay s e e m mmgnmcant, out| ~ [| ~]1~| s~vrli~ I] ~I~" ~] S~lo B U T W H A T gp.m. in't e 's;'hoo ha ;'=/be held.Io'5o % ?u722 ,o T'Z: )T/o /I " II/ - J/ [Sponsored by BleSsed Sacra-/ [,~*;~-ohi, Love brinzs the] tlllll[~~[~'-]im~ /I I// .J;/ be, cr, ~" ~ sole $13 S~ ment sodahtyof St Bridget I . " " /Dl' 'Vl:l' Dh /worm and Cod into our hearts./ /I I/( .o 13 I ~ 4~I *-J Ipamsh" II F ,I%I E%V . . . lin abiding with God's laws, loveI l~lllJ~ ], ,ZJ~' li ~ ~,'41J I I/~,' "- /ar I/spens happiness. We hope our/ lilililHIm' : I,lrl/I " 5,-.I ,417,I/"-"- CaN, : /I BE--,ES, E, S0 E, II I1 II and WURUTZE, PIA, OS ]lfive on the word called "love"[ ,!B]~.~" 1: l,[~ 'i ~ I 'I comfortable. Choice Ioathe-- T ts ol understanding of our mission responsibilities at home and |l ' U.-' (Musics Richest Voice) IJ " " "l -- :/I CUSTOM'TAILORED II L II abroad. Too often the individual considers his contribution /I aed Pianos and Organs ' liOn,o, / --------/I ,U,TS. YO~o~L;Cnts from 2$0 II US. OUlUII too limited to be of any real assistance in building the Church ond in Sustaining its world-wide apostolate. Nothing could be [] Convenient Terms :::": ", [ Dml" WO 3-5409 /I WALLER II oot Com]ort further from the truth. Under the Holy Spirit the operation /I ' " I/l~] THURS / II II Sh of theChurch is conditionedbytheservice onddedicotionond P~ch Piano & Organ Co, 7P.M. i l hlPl l CUSTOM TAILORS 0p generosity of the very least of its members. /I 330 S. Main StreetRockford I|l~~ Wgff-13/,il II Ii1~ II IIFI~ /I 5130 E. st.te--EX 9.2441 I/ sosE. STATE ! WHAT CAN I DO--NOW DURING LENT? |/I Man. & Fri. Nhes WO Cho o, /| I.VI VLII [,li Rockford l/ROCKFORD WO 4-7100 /St ra e c ' '"c/[ ]330 S. ""- PleasureF rY urDinitn cigarettes twice o week and send the severol dollors soved .~ to the office for the Propagation of the Faith. ~ --yman . . . AS ASHUT-IN PATIENT: I con become like Christ in His [ I /i " [ Rockford, III. [I i Friendly Atmosphere sufferings. I eon offer my pain and my loneliness in union ~ ~ ~ with Him for the persecuted Church in Cl~ina, and for more I ~~t~ LC~,~.~ "~ I [ rh "'er B st We We]come Catholic grounsfor than 5,000 American Missionaries away from home, Sox of 12 Pb - S9 ~"~',~a~ ~ e r y e . i JOHNSON &,II IF=,Communion Breakfast~--Lnncheons; AS AN OFFICE WORKER: I can interest my co-workers in fine - / WIESI.AND Icn II llllv ~ Privacy available for all aHairs Missions, Together we con pool our Lenten self-denials and ~ = ~~ Idlll /1~ Only send them to the Propagation of the Faith. ~ i PLASTERING CONTRACTORS ~ - A Family Tlreat d~RP~lil ~, rne rercn you con oo~ FEATURING SUNDAY BUFFET treatment Fnda 5 30 m to 9 ' [~P~lll,3rc ,IAL " y : p - 12 to 5 p.m. MUCH CAN BE DONE . . . to onswer Pope John XXIII s p/ea orl lAL Businessmen's Lunch Doiiy All you con eot ~1 '~ for assistance to the Missions, especially in Africa: "That many m ~o Joo .oo Lorge or 11 :30 to 2 p.m. (;;hi-" I"dren $1 2.$ L SPECIAL Too 20th Small, Avenue 1Banquet r Focilitiesllt~ " " ~ill help to meet the urgent needs of the Church in Africa." '"' Hotel . // " ockford III "~ ~ c r ! ~ 1 ,t~,~.dt , PHONE. WO 3-3322 SUPPER CLUB 0 AREA: 118,000,000 square miles The United States, China, Pakistan and India fit into the mop of Africa and there is still room left over. TOTAL POPULATION: 224,000,000 CATHOLICS: 24,000,000 CHURCHES: 35,472 In the lost twenty-five yeors Africon Catholics grew from five'million to twenty-four million . . . but Moslems in- creased from forty million to nearly ninety million. To meet the tremendous opportunties that arise with the growing success of the Church in Africa, more of everything is needed: More Religious ond Lay Workers, more facilities in every field that touches the lives of the people physicolly end morally. To build seminaries for the training of the African clergy, to erect hospitals, Leper centers, clinics, school~ . . . great sums of money ore required. BUT WHAT CAN I DO? ~lease, dt the moment, before LENT has passed by . . . PLEASE make a positive sdcrifice for Our Holy Father's Missions . . . Send your MISSION GIFT-- Todoy! I LENT Deor Monsignor Green: I om enclosing $ as a SPECIAL LENTEN SACRIFICE for the Home ond Foreign Missions of our Holy Father. N(~me .ooo. 1116 S. Main Rockford 4'11 MULBERRY ST. WO 4-5651 ROCKFORD Fresh Air Heater~2 Visors~Air Foam Cushions -- Permanent Anti-Freeze -- Deluxe Bel Air 8 You can bank on the Illinois National in more ways than one! Meet personal Type Steering Wheel John F."Jack" Long David L. Kl~ntt needs witha I~I I~I Friendly.PersonalService " Conveniently Located $ 409 Our many years of experience ~ ind. e y t. h.y w $. ~ ~ PERSONAL we can start 1961 off with Discount i $1998, efficiently and within your means an Illinois BANKPLAN loan. Payments ~ ~ ' ~,S p ~ ' ~ 0I $1998 i .enables us to serve you Give your budget a "little boost'with 330 S. Church WO 5-8681 HRODT 3 Big Locations WO 3-8421 1515 Kishwoukee 2643 11th St. W0 2.370S Manufacturers of Highest Quality "k Ice Cream "k IceCream Mix "k Genuine Italian Spumoni Sold at Better Food Stores in the Rockford Area BANANA SPLIT "Scoop of the Month"--Fresh Bananas Pineapple -- Cherries 1128 S. Winnebago WO 2-0604 Rockford Long-Klontz Funeral Home to suit your convenience. Let us help you get the things you want.' : 428 Park Ave. Rockford WO 8-2255 Pink Pony Presents e Our Chefs Ar~e Experts in the Art of Preparin~ The Finest and Most Choice Menus to Please Our Patrons Delicious Lentcn Dishes Every Day NOON DAY LUNCHES . Our" Special B usinessmen' s " Luncheon Every Da~ from 11:30 to 2 Except Saturday Dining Room Open Daily From 5 P.M. to 11 P.M. 4201 Charles St. EXport 9-8729 Rockford ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. South Main at Chestnut Complete banking services: Savin0s Accounts,Checking Accounts * Christmas Club Vaeetion Club Trust Services Safe' Deposit Boxes,Home & Property Improvement Loans Personal Loans Auto Loans Installment Loans for any purpose E, enk by Mail, postage paid both ways Free Parklng while you bank * Drive-in Fa ilttiea * Phone WO 3-3431 Address City or Town . Zone State / Moke checks payobte to: The Society for the Propogation of the Faith The Missions depends even on the smailest gift O 7 t