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March 14, 1948     The Observer
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March 14, 1948

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News Section -Page 10A THE OB~SEKVER EDITION OF aUK ~hUhlDAY VlthI'I'UK hunday, Marcta I4, l'J4~s Christians "Constant Writes Palestine Death," Depicting Strife Families Seeking Refuge In Monasteries And I Beatification Near I Benedictines Will Reoccupy Ancient French Abbey Where Lanfranc, St. Anselm Taught BY M. MASSIANI Convents; Hunger, Misery Described Paris, March 8.--(NC)--The ancient Abbey of Bec-A Hellouin situated in Normandy between Evreux and Lisieux' Berne, Switzerland, March 8.--(NC)--Describing Pal- will soon be returned to the Church and reoccupied by the estine as "a land of confusion and bloody disorder," a priest Benedictines, it has been ammonced by Bishop Alphonse of the Oriental Rite, who is stationed in Jerusalem, says in a Gaudron of Evreux. letter received here that Christians in the Holy Land live The abbey was taken over by the government at the time of the French Revolution.~ "in constant danger of death," that many families are seek- Sinco than it has served as a bar- Abbey of Caen and then Arch- ing refuge in monasteries and convents and that many Chris- , ks - nd cavah de at PxiorIhishp of Canterbury in England. tian schools had to be closed be-~ " "he" a u a "Y P ' [St. Anselm succeeded Lanfranc as cause of the danger to children ~ , _ .~ ~ ... to the war a project was on foot a teacher and abbot at Hellouin, from the rilte fire of the contesting[ uelegare /O britain to establish there a Franeo-British and then succeeded him as Primate parties. , . I Comments On Charge intellectual center, but the wartf England. The priest s letter says in part: ~. . ,~ .. , prevented realization of this plan. , a ~ "There is no peace in the Holy/I-nurcn I$ Keacrlonary With the return of peace the[ inousrrlal I,,roup seeks Land Some say rightly that war- ~. Bishop of Evreux has preached lT^ A .... ;.6 IId..~ .... time was a hundred times better[ ........... one theme: "The abhey was found-[v rs~.~ua,nl ul~hnv~a Lonaon march a--(~N~)--~om- than now. I can say that the -. ' ...." - - - ed" and organized by monks for[Wifh Soelal Aim ..... . ,;.. .,. ~ho ~.~ Christians/menung on tne oiten-nearo enarge ~.~as~ten"times" ea'sier'tlaan' tlae lot/that the Church is "reactionary," monks Through them it earned a [ ........... ~.~ ..... :: .... : ....~Arehbishop William Godfrey Apos- world-wide reputation. Why shouldI oz ~ne t~nmstmns m rmesune u~- .. ~- "' it not be restored to them? ! New Orleans Mar. 8 --(NC)--- .... h r- we are in con /tonc ueiegate to Great Britain uay in tac~, e e - ' In recent years the Benedictines lPreparations for a session of the " .... th and not/stud m a sermon at the consecra- stint uanger oI pea , Eqon ......... in France have received many lCatholic Conference of Industrial i ~ oi msgr oonn ~ lnurpny as necessarily for the sake of Chr st ........ : novices and have reestablished/Problems to be held in this city i... ~ ....... f +ho awful confusion /~l~ular tslsnop of Appm and Coad- several abandoned abbeys They on A ril 11 and 12 were made at w~h~icla~'~gnsday~and night, jut or of Shrewsbury: have accepted with joy the oppor-[a meeting of the archdiocesan ' ....... n" eo le Ix oy reactionary they mean tunity to reestablish the ancient[branch of the Catholic Committee nunareus oz innate ~ p p t ........ nave ........ oeen KllleO ann wounueuJ-J here nat. we .react agamst, gootess creep gloryof the Abbey of Bec-Hel-]of the South ann against lowermg standards of Br h in Jerusalem by several terrible ,. ..... ot er Benildus a Brother of louinThe General Council of the .^ v^. w: .... . T r~,,~ ,, ombs One mol'ally ~nen we are reactionary. . . " . . [ Th~ a~ev. vmcezl~ o. ~ L, onnell, explosmns, caused by b . ,,To~ ' w~.l ........ :_:_:__ the Chrmhan Schools, whose bea- Department, legal proprmtor, nas/.q ~- ~,on~l ~h.~rn, sn nO tho ~h uay nl e w~ are rejmcmg voted unanimously to cede the ]~1]o C~n, mif~oa nf ~ha .~n,,th ~, took lace near the Damascus " ....................................... " p' - -" "- ..... tificatmn will take place in St. Gate another at the Jaffa Gate, ana extenulng goou wlsnes, ~nere Peter's B property Other government offi] ........................... ' -" __a L,:" ~..^,~.^~ .~ *~.^ ....;.....;o deported and never heard of again,"[ asllica on Sunday, April I . , " " , ..... ", detailing a tentative program for mm ~--, u,,u~.~-, a~ ~**= ,~=..,....,o . 4 Born ' ClalS concernen nave given tnelr ........... r. .... e~ ^fare Bishops and prmsts in prmon- m Thuret France he ......... I the conference explamed that one xtotet in tne ~acamon ~uart ~ . " , . ' ' approval, , an(l c, eolges Dl(lault, lnf ira ohiof nn'vnao(= wnz to hvin~' 1 ...... 1,~m Amane, th,~ va.nv killod the Apostolic Delegate told the eon-] died in t862, after serving the .... s .......... "--~ ............... .. ............... ~ ........ _ .... J.M.! of Foreign Affa!r~, haS/the attention of the Negro work- ~ " "" ' ~' '~ "halle families gregatlon in St Werburgh's ChurchI cause of Catholic education for said that news of the restoration were tne leaping bat at ~'h " ,,7" . . I ill wel /ers to Cathohc social doctrines. ........ a T ........ a + ~ ester uponpriests and lay 20 years Thm year marks the ]of the ancient abbey w be "/ OI 2~DOUSSh~,, ~,,u,,.v, c~,,u ~he . - . . - ' Vice Consul of Spain. Even the ~olk aresufferm~z, and suffermlzt centenary of the Christian Broth- ]come in Britain because ofthe bitterly, Ior the t,nuren OI L~O(I funerals of victims are not respect- . ...... ~, .... "; ers schools in the United States. I many souvenirs of English his-i] HAVE _~OFT WATIgR t~u~ as tne rtoLy earner nas sam " " " i ......... ed, so that the mourners assist at'- . I t~o r)~..,...~ tory assocmted w~th it. I .... I ~hnnld ~:cn~ii~Sni::srteh ~h~i~~;1.1ii~ ~ ()f the ancient buildings datingll No 'au~:UrenT~n: Bu- ] e elo~ ~v~d ?2:s back to the 13th century, little re-il .,'~Z, . - - v I mains except the beautiful arcades lJ .... mo wor.~, up up , - ] ~ n , rer ~onrn average ,..on and the vestiges of the chu 'ch. 0 a " Tw]ce w~th~n the ve~kbsloluhta~ne know there is much to bedone and ....... - ........ n [j Culhgon Soft W re, Serv,ce Co. ] admmlste~ea ue e a ........... I I 407 S. Van Buren Ave. Main 411 I . , . much to be suffered By Ghrlst Particularly ~-e other hans, ,mportant co- to all the Cathofics in my vicinity, -.- ........ structmns 0t tne xttn century arell ......t- Illim.d. I as we were in such danger of being .... ~ /Imely, I*ope /ells Irish intact. ]! .................. I ~nsstoner aamlmsters ~lX killed by the terrible explosions " It was in the year 1034 that inI that rocked our houses. This goes Sacraments Before Breakfast _ . . ~ . this picturesque Normandy valley [I_ o I VaUcan Cffy, Mar 8 (Radm on day and night and we cannot ~ -- , at the confluence or "Bec" of twoJl ~ NEWBERRYS I even leave our homes to buy pro- kro~, v.~ M.,~oh ~ t~r~ ~. NC)-- The resolution of the Irish rivers the lord of the village,/I ~ ~'-I' ...... m_,_~ I visions The number of killed and "'~:" ........ :"-~-: *'.--~-"~.,----- Hellouln founded the abbey and/I - ~/a_@ .... I ' rleooquon~ ," .... American Jesuxt missioner ]n the Government to be graded by the became its first abbot. Two of the [I ~ ...... [ wounoeu zar surpasses tne nun- Phili"-inesadministered ev Masers 34~lOS m m, cryteachings of Christ in its work is first monks were the illustrious J| f I ~ W 1 I hers given in the reports Sacrament a prtest possibly can ,, ar*" l ...... -...~^~^ a... philosophers of the Middle Ages, El ( ~| a~ I~,l~. [ . ..... p l;lCU ar|y timely .~ ~.~ Many famlhes have taken re- one mornmg before slttmg downwhen "forces f evi" are s"i Lanfranc and St. Anseim. Lan-]l ~ aria -o,., I fuge in monasteries and convents, to breakfast, according to a letter o t o act ve franc created the schools of the/| ~.~1~ 22 W. Maim I and others are leaving the country, from him to Jesuits Missions, hub- in many countries" His Holiness abbey and reorganized the monas-ll ~'B 1"-'~ I1 Frostbit I hoping to find more security in lished here. - Pope Pins has stated in a tele-ram Amman (Trans-Jordan), Lebanon, Relating that he had administ- ~ ........ ~.. tery. He later became head of the sent ~o the new Insn rnme nun Syria and Egypt. Work has been ered six Sacraments one morning : ........ " , later, Jonn ~ L;osl;ellO paralyzed, cost of living increased, before 8 o clock, the Rev. Joseph and scarcity of provisions are Reith, S.J., wrote: "Besides say- The telegram was in reply to a bringing hunger and miserY every- ing Mass, I heard many confes- pledge of loyalty and devotion where, sions, distributed even more Cam- from the new Irish government, The pactition plan has split minions, married four couples, Palestine into a thousand pieces, baptized a sick baby and administ- and was printed in full in today's BARES BROTHERS MOBIL GAS STATIONS and terror and bloodshed are the:ered Confirmation to him. To top edition of Osservatoro Romano. order of the day. Schools are it off, I had a sick call and gave After thanking the Irish pre- Chicago & Spring -- So. Golonn & Gordon closed, as there is no security for Extreme Unction before I sat mier for his message the Pontiff "Tops In Service' children to leave their homes, down to breakfast." BILL -- ROLLIE -- CHRIS -- RAY Europeans and Americans are stated: hurrying away from this land of "In these days when forces of confusion and bloody disorder. Tim 'Little Brothers O/ evil are so active in many coin- Fronz-Richards Agency, wives and children of the Amer- tries, the resolution of you and lean eunsuls and vice consuls have Jesus' Develop your colleagues to be guided in INSURANCE EXCLUSIVELY recently been hurried off to the ARTHUR" G. FRANZ, PresJAMES J RICHARDS. Sec'v. United States. The United States your work by the teaching of N Consulate has been attacked onNew Apostolate FREEPORT,__ILL. PHO.E MAIN 73 Christ is particularly timely and[ portrays that lively faith which lJ several occasions. Pods, Mor.---8--~ {NC) --- In our people have always jealouslyll For All Your Offico NeedBSe Whethersure to SEESUPPLIES or EQUIPMENT memory of Father de Foucould, guarded as their precious heritage, ll ~,o retired too hermitage in the ,El P 3R DNE African desert to administer to It is the same faith which inspires[| and evangelize the natives, o your intention to strive for the[| 216 W. Maln Freeport group of young priests founded maintenance of a social order based[" UEHREN FURLONG in 1933 at El Abiod Sidi C,,h, eik, II Robisons Frozen Food Furniture and Rags on the edge of the Sahara, a Fro- securely on Christian principles. Chopnl Homo ternity" whose members would de- "It is Our earnest prayer that Ambulance Servico vote themselves to the apostolate Almighty God bless the praise-~| Complete Line Bakery & Delicatessen Goods | among the Berberes and the Arabs PhoNs, Store 122, Nito Re~. 70This year o dozen young men worthy intentions and zealous ef-J| FRANK G. HOWARD, PROP. | forts of you and your cabinet, andI IIS W. STEPHENSON . FREEPORT GALENA ILLINOIS h " m i n" llS W STEPHENSON FREEPORT ave co, e. os no.w, ces,,a a .o see.- that the Irish people always en- =.== m ~ =~-====-,=~ / ~ aria estoolisnmenr noB oeen round- , . . . o . . . I ed in Algeria ,by the "Little Bro- ~e~r2,us* ~rue~,~t~:~ef:(:;:u~/~~i 11 ' . I1~ | I thers of Jesus which is the name p~,)~.v-- .~ ....... ~n*la-" ho-e Ill . ,,~ , o,OUALITY- iP~rI I i1~11~1 J token by these disciples of Fou w/nan only nose peum~ ~ Vs~~ url.m~,'-,m..,u~., m ~ ~)ILI~ 1UUq~I .___.could They ore living as poor to attainwho preserve themse[~e I. ~ ~l~~dr~ Clothmg and Furnmhlngs II TLarmers among the native Ber- 0.. cou. HOUSE DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED . .t.O. EGELHOF 0""" " 0 ,ng ground today | II Two other groups of L'ttle " " I ............ IIBrothers of Jesus" have been ~ l_ FUNERAL HOME formed in the region of Provence p II ........ Fahma Statue, ]J READY-TO-WEAR $HO ---~rno, Hotel Fm. o. I T.,. IIhna:rst:;?is~;~lnce" ce~n~'v;nese" Diplomat's Gi., II I .~ . EXCLUSIVE HATS. COATS AND DRESSES e0I i , II ligious studies near Marseilles in II I~ 7 .... ~m M~leroto Prices to Plum the Melt I i | II the place where, according to tra- Installed In Church Jl ~,, ~I~ discriminnting Women. | [ .. ~ " dition, repose the bodies of St. [ It --~---~-~'------- :J Martho and St. Lazore. The --- | ,- .... t [ other, established in the city of ~r~,.;.;~ T.. 1Ul'.~.,~h 9.._I~T(2X | , A,x m Provence, has adopted . t CABm~Am&AmI~ f manner of life ond an apostolate oTh~h~t~U:arvf hOE: l~eadYi~:ta~:~mna[ ~ ~J~__ to say the least omgmal Y [ ruIICbtUII I ~-, ' ""' " " " i St Francis Xavier Church, the gift/ . I _ A A, ,, Ill /ne memDers, WiShing to lm- " [ ~ ,I tote the laborious and hidden life ~u~lUL~ ~:;al~r'le~8:SUlan~ ~V[;; J 4 JkI~ J ~~r~~ u U U ~- i n ~1~ ffl , of Chr,st in Nazareth, have be" Carvalho, members of the parish I Home Furnlshln, I/ come workers In a factory. They It was carved in Portugal by order/ I "~3 I and SU? ItiOR rU .LS wear overalls, DUE. 1'hey nave ~ v DE GRAFF BROS. I/I tP/:Cedml eghe r ot kerngd:l hoes II st aioe.% lh ' o ,fshob f%e / 1 " 7. l " F Runnel, of New Orleans, in St. L Rag..,d I/I could, o heart surmounted by o II~;ano~a Xavier Church it was/ E , I, '11 I '1 II ~) ' ] ',i " cross. They possess no property ph~eed in a number of' churches m ." L(~ '~lwhere Tidua ~.i~it~ , L: i, ,.::, .,/: . :, :' " .... o - : (:)