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March 14, 1948     The Observer
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March 14, 1948

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News Section--Page 2A THE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR Sunday, March 14, 1948 :: .:i:.;.~ : - . ID ....L--. ]en European countries will now D,,,.,,.,I l:Z- I~u~mav,,~, iFirt~uli, lrllt~r Ihave Africa included in its de- aXttlt.LL L.112 / Ivotional tour. / ~|P.tV T~I ~ I The statue which has returned to | ..... I =-- ~ /Portugal by sea from Antwerp, A A A ~ | ~ . A I m ~ IBelgium, will soon be taken to the Portuguese colonies in Africa and Money Ur Man_ [t.oncert Mar. Iq - . _ . | ~~ |also to Ceuta, m Spamsh Morocco, Simply because technological spread on congressional records in ~q- ~,.., ~ i~ /island of Madagascar, andthe pr~ farming has increased productionlprai of the f a.mily-sized farm anal'r"l-"es ~,nomr In the union ox . the zarm ram ly than in praise o~ , per man hour that is not sufficient ........... }To Sine At 4.00 P.M. ~ [ l any o~ner InSClI:UClOn. ~UC pralse, i ~" ~ / reason to advocate that all landlhowever acceptable, is not the same1 In Rockford Theatre / Pope Names 16 Priests be concentrated in the hands of as an equitable farm program and ~~ / a relativelv mall m]mhpr nf hi=lpolicy. The stronger programs to -- /In Diocese Monsignors . ".~. - ~-- --. ~"]date have tended to favor the bigl Rockford--The Catholic Oratorio ~ / - operators, inert are vames oz iar~commercia1 farmer as opposed to]society of Maline, Rock Island and ~ | -- greater importance to the nation]the family ft~rmer. Laws have been/Davenport, will come to Rockford, ~ | Youngstown, Mar. 8 --(NC)--- tth:: lom::e:mrOfu:t:o~,l s~ndlansO nna- [enaCr~ed f~lom ~mesto tnlme to safe- ISUr~day, Ma~'ch ~:OcPre~ehn: ~:;:n ~ I Sixteen priests of the Youngstown g " . -lgu u oo ar i ve ~me ~ wnen ~ne! e c ol a "e , ' ~ | ........... tion when monetary gain is placed /real need was laws to safeguard|Last Words of Christ," by Theo- ~ /uzocese nave Dean elevates oy rIIR ahead of human dignity. [human investment [dare Francis Dubois at 4 p.m. in l~ll!W~ [Holiness Pope Plus XII to the rank The small operators on the land/ A noted and anthro |the Rockford Theatre, under the ~ ~of Domestic Prelate with the title believe in agriculture as a way ofl.olo=ist a..nlies ~'l~e name crim'lauspices of the United Societies of ~ / .... ~ ....... :- i " ~" ~ -~" " - ~oInight Icevereno lvlOnsl~nur, I[, l fe, an avocatmn that develops the linMnidtn any msn whn tsk~ 1~nr]ll~ [St. James parish. ~ .... whole man and affords scope forl:..iv_-_:.~-.-':.'..":~'= ":.':.:.~'Z."~.::^'Z"=.~I Parish choirs of the tri-cities ~ ~has been announces Dy t~mnop tbe rearing of children. The farm-]nat:'r'a~r:oour~:s~,e~o~'o~'~:':',',~l~]who make up the Oratorio society ~ James A. McFadden of Young.s- er s most important crop both]becomes aware of the damage beinglpresented a similar program of ~ town. Their investiture w~!l t for himself and for the nation is l~o .... ~^e ...... [~i~ --:--:-- -~ I sacred music two years ago at St. ~ ~place in St. Columoa s t~a[nearal, . ~, .~ w .~= puu, c up,.~m, u~-i" The Rev Con t i "" " the group of chddren he rmses./mands safe~,uardin~ laws A stand 1 James pro-Cathedral and are re- . .... ~, .. s ant ne E. _ Zl.el- I here, on April 4. Repeated surveys and studies have/. ,~ ~- "" - - -Iturning next Sunday by popular~msm,. u.F.l~.~., superior of the] shown that no environment is bet-|~s~ueXampl~ ,was~t~ne~iwan~cn,,,a.e-lrequest. I Franclscan Mms]on. band of St. I. 'I tar conducive to this noble end/,,}.;~:~"~.:" ~'~,:~'+~,";',~," ~ .~;~-[ This vear a rising young so-]~onaventure . province, Crystal ]| cT ,e~=ou ucnt'v HOSPITAL | than the land / ..... .t~ .;... .... ~.~'~E~"-"~..~-"~']-rano l~iss Helen Snaeth of Newl~'ake, Ill. and former chief of Un-]l ~" ........ - ......... I Technological farming in itselflver~e~r~nva'an~aV~igvmg ~(~Sr:2:mo~lYork'City, will be a'~ soloist with[~ted States Army air Lorce c~ap-/I A.,oro, ,,,,.o,, I is no drawback in carrying outlS::,2:_:f ...... .... ~-_,: ........ /the society A graduate of St vvasn]ngcon,, u. u., Irom[I An accredited Sehoel If Sursl.I c~m-| . lllll~ J[~IIIUVI~U ~./Ulll tlll~ LIIIID~[ llll~ , " " l 1~ " " " the primary purpose, of matrimony.| ..... ~o,,~a +k .... , M;. t.. ,h~ .i ...... ~ |Catherme s college, Mluneapohs, ; . .:l ];O ]~a'l', IS preaching the Mls-/| dotted by the fit,ten of Mercy Foul' i ....................... ~'"~ ~'~ ........ slon at St Peter s church, Aurora, i h School required Nezl elm In fact It ,s a big asset. Wlth]. ...... +.:.+.~ ~..1.;..,;^.. ;. +M./Mmn.. Miss S seth currently ml .. ," .... /I yea.., I mechanization and increased yield|~el~"'~o~av~.~av:'~aw~'~e=.[a';~[studyi'ng in N~ York under the l:m,s. weeK ana next r~venlng oe-/i Septem~r t If t.temt~l, wr.. S~-~ I ......... " - vo~mns start at 7"30 p m The et omce per acre the family is allowed more|i.~, tho *i,,~o~ ;.,h ,+,,, ~h~o,,|dlrectmn of the assistant choral] ..... " [| 8uperlnienden! of Nursn | ....... ,~ ................... a ......v lit n nrsl; week is Ior women, next week ,,,] time for its rehgmus and socmlliumhor ~.~I ~h.~n n,,1 .... ,I ~alconductor of the Metropo a ......... development The meaning to the|~n-~h~-~l~'~-inn~e,~'~f.h'~'~|Opera Company. She is preparing ~o~ ~n.e men of the parish, .their/ nation of more such famPi-- - ' ...... ~ ...................... ~ u ...... *;~ ~^*-..* ~nd ah'ead" ~a~nollc an(/ non-~,atnollc Irlenas / th 1 i ............. " .... e and s readily seen if we pausel~ho -oei .......... h o .,,~;0, +ho~|has received enthusiastic comment " [I l to conider a few significant facts,|~'~':t~'~,,~",.~'~,~,~:~':,~ ~."~'~ ..... /on her voice from music critics Fatima ~tatue Tourine |1 P F SCHUSTER such as: (1) rural families al0ne'"~..~'~'~".,~'~v .... "~'" ::'.~.~" , | Since its inception in 1934, the ................ m /I " " I produce enough children to main-]. ~ooay me scene o.x activity rnucn|Rev" Cletus P. Madsen, director ofi Europe To Go To Africa I I Plumbin - Heatin~ ] ~ne same is ~o De v]eweo on zarm m ~, tain the population level; (2) rural| ....... "|music at St. Ambrose college, j II I InK Jana lne plea oz innocence con I families have ever provided a na-I 7 ............ IDavennort, has been regular -, -- II ........ I tmn now is sm~ea m ~nls ]t~snlon fflul ~ Lisbon Portu al Male Jzu ~urol ~rreeT that stability which is other-| ....... ~:. ~.-[ductor of the oratorio society. Be-I " , g , h 8--|| ' [ upneo acreage makes posslme me o Du (NC) the statue of Our Lady wise lacking to a large degree; (3) ...... /sides its annual rendition f- --' [| v..~.,.*.,,... 9"14a0 Aur0rO III [ rural families because of their size use o~ mg maemnery with leSS|bois, comnosition during the Len-[of Fatima which has been taken I .... ~ .......... J act as a constant in bolstering the[man power. hence zooa can ~e[ten season, this group is active the i in pilgrimage through half a doz-I proouce(l ac lower costs domestic market, a fact which in-[ .... : . ]year around It is frequently in l :~ ~ ~pace aoes not permit nere an dustrialist and city workers might] ............ |demand for civic events and has i" ] aclequace rezuzaclon ot ~nls pOliCy better appreciate; (4) family own-| ....... "|taken part in various music con-!] R~r l 1~ ]s a question again oI money or, ..... ership and operation of a farm is[ ............ I tests in which the Tri-Cities group [ " . [ man. Tne r~,u has a pampnlec a safeguard against that radlcal-l,,T .......... '[has shown Itself among the lead- I _ . I ism so prevalent among property-/, ne zscnlcs oz wom.merclal ~arm-lers" | Aurora Notional" Bunk I less industrial workers, leg ,which treats thls.p~obIem.. It, Dubois, who for 40 years .'as or- [ i snoulo oe real, Ior un[ll sumclen~ Possibly more ipk has been/ ........ I ganist at the Madelaine cathedral [ .... | . ]puollc opmloncan..oe aroused c,o]]~n Paris composed "The Seven] ~.rora, Illinois I , .[?:Zawn: a:;2pec~a~mna~hlianga.P;l~e]Last Words" with simplicity in hm L= ~--i | Assell Photo Shop Ilcriminalo, d.y _,will fatten ..thei1ha mn es;s an introduction the .......... ' I llPurses wmle tney roo me natron ozl,~ro,hecv of the Crucifixion by m I The Most Complete Ilmillions of acres of soil; and in-I~ _~_':: f ............... 1 I --- ..... l/dustrial farmer .,, .... ~eremmn ana m~ung is De nanmeu J~ mm~m~ s wm gain zurmer l rmoto ~er~lce m aarora li ...... |by a simple soprano voice with a I Ilconeencradon o. lana ownersnip, l.,;,; .... , ..oh..~.,h.ot, ...... ,t AUIUId ! 41 ISLAND AVENUB IlIn both cases J. Q. Public will = I Phone g803 l/thelser;....... iup~int~u''neacho'f'"The-Seven-I-~stHEALTH SPOT SHOE STORES I [TO .e ,Jonclnuea# ,, s Words of Christ on the eros [ ~D^. A T AAI--~._ O T [ " SHOES THAT ARE KIND TO 1HE FEET L -,=-. ~. ~..'~u~,,~, o.o. Dubois utilized all the possibili- FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ties of soprano, tenor and bass5 Downer PI- Aurora I7 E. Chicago, Elgin | #tlU~ll~lo'r ,e~ne~r~ ~,~ U,nFRffi,,--~o, I ISOIOS, duets and trios, backed by Tel 9618 "" Tel. 4073 I ""'~'"'"" v~,=~ vK rlIDCKi~IIAN} | Ichoruses as they tell of the sor- "-- =-==-=I FIRCT AMMilA/ DAkl~,leW" | rows of His Mother or crashing __ / ~ o'~i~i~IVn~5 gAII~t~VG/ I [clamors as they take the place of ....................... ~.,,AR l t'-ALA &PLAID I /the mob crying for His Mood, with Jlll= L;U/lf~l'll UVI~N ~,Urrl~l ~rlur " / ........ | ~murmuring, ecstatic, lyric and ,- . R . . ~. . -~ -- SKY CLUB AURORA 6 30 P M thundering background as He rresn DaKeG rill ano ~aKes -- -- : finally brings all to a close with 160 S Broadway Tel 2-7041 Aurora ST, PATRICK'S DAY the simple prayer of all mankind, -" " " "We adore Thee 0 Christ and we Restricted to Irish or Irish Descent and Their Families Prominent Irish Speaker -- Entertainment DANCING TO DON PEDRO AND HIS ORCHESTRA Early Reservations Advisable -- Price $5.00 per Person Call Edward Patrick Artlip or Donald Curran, Aurora 464I I OLD SECOND NATIONAL BANK CORNER OF RIVER & J OWNER STS. Friendly and Complete Service Since 1871 Member of F. D. I. C. MONUMENT CO. Memoriols of Artistic Beouty ond Permanence Complete Service Anywhere aJlm~ B. JohnNm 727-729 Se~l'b Lincoin Avenue Idi;em J. amlmm Pteprtete, AURORA. ILLINOIS D~m I ROOFING .SIDING - INSULATION BIRD PRODUCT~ 12 mentbe to Pe3~ I~tln~tos MALCOR ROOFING COMPANY BARRY M. THEIBEN 111 Weedlen Ave. pbono 114TI Aurors, m. FODOR JEWELRY STORE Hisb Genie Diamend~-Weechw--Jewelry 211 S. Ilmedlwey AURORA lib I I I I III I Praise Thee because by Thy Holy [~ DIAL 926B Cross Thou Hast Redeemed the ILLINOIS ,,, DOWNER PL II Stro*, Opticol Shop World." Organizations from St. James CLEANERS AND DY[RS [ Eyel Exomined -- Glux8 Fitted group of 90 singers and 20 orches- ORIENTAL AND DOMESTIC tra members to Rockford include the St. James Men's club, the AURORA, ILL.. IPo~omount Theotre Ildg., Auro~ Altar and Rosary society and the St. James school association./ II Visit ul inour new JOCOfi~l /innerl III -AURORA gODY SHOP- Priest Who JOSEPH N. STROTZ III ,, ,.omo=n . WARM AIR HEATING III Fro , a.d xl, - Pa, -o Used Old Frieght ,ORNATE REPAIRING BREECHING$ |1| Fern:It, ar~l Body Repoll AIRCONDIHONINGar IVENTILATING III Woollen Ave. Tale. Cars, Dies At 61 SKYLIGHTS GUTTERS |l| .......................... Telephono 2-3126 469 High St. IJ Aurora, Illinois New Orleans, Mar. 8 --(NC)-- A pastor who built o thriving par- ish on the outskirts of New Or- leans from an abandoned rail- road freight car, which served os his first chapel and rectory, has died here at Hotel Dieu ot the oge of 61. He was the Rev. Vin- cent Prots, a native of this city, who wos educated rind orduined in Rome. Fother Prots obtoined the freight car os his first church. He wolk- ed a long distance from the freight-car-church to his mother's home each day for his meals. Within ten years, the wilderness hod disoppeored ond be hod buill a substontiol brick church, rectory, school ~and Sister's convent. A few years later he wos crippled by arthritis ond since 1933 hos been at Hotel Dieu, spending most of his time in o wheel chair. He wos homed pastor emeritus of the porish in 1938. A holf dozen men, pioneer members of his par- ish, visited him regulorl) at the ho~pitoh Burial Vaults John H. ARMBRUSTER & CO. ".~glERIC~N MONARCH" Vault With Self-Sealing Cover CONCRETE PRODUCTS Building Materials Phono 2-29011 723 11. LaSalle St. Fish THE EWEN CO. Wholesale Distributors of Blatz Beer Tobacco, Confections, ond Drug Sundries 80 N Lo Solla St., Auroro, lllinols 61 Foz--2 Stores.-15 Moin St. READ THE ADVERTISEMENTS ond kHw who will eppmciete YOUR BUSINESS I Llundry AND DRY CLEANING WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAC~ WALKER LAUNDRY CLEANERS AND DYERS Pt'IDNE 9201 ]12 WALNUT II I I I I I I .4