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March 10, 1961     The Observer
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March 10, 1961

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FRIDAY, MARCH i0, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 lBar ainin IFAMILY CLINIC ! g g I tri I Plan Needed iMa t I By Farmers IWolt'tS i I ers is the "Christian solution"[ Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University [ to the farm problem a Catholicl " | rural lif lead r a" ' her I was a L~uttLt sister until i asKeo my mree marrlecI sisters anti e e s id e. . [ Fmhor Ertwnrd O'Rnurko ~I he married brother to help me support our widowed mother./ -" r 1 u e n - iv ir h N i n I had to go to we k at 4 beca se my fath r dra k Now after 30 ::: ]ecut e d ector of t e at o all [ :: /Cathalie Pnra/ Life Cnnferene,~ yem's I'm stffi supporting mother. The others won t help. They] ~: /Z2:.~-~ ~. :----2,--t. - 2-~:' ~ay I'm single, working living in with mother and it's my duty[ : :: : ~ether in coonerative markoqn~ to support her. The factory where I worked has moved South[ ::::::::' : ~" . ~ - ~ . " and my new job doesn't pay well What can I do'~ | ~::: [assocmtmns and bargain w~th " ~: : [ ]buyers as other merchants do." * -k * ] ~< [ "If the farmers do not create] YOUR LETTER calls attention to a problem that is perhaps as[ ~!i~.~ : : |effectixe bargaining, organiza: old as the family itself. There are few cases that better illustrate/ |tions within our generation then the tendency of seemingly good people to rationalize or justify [ : ~: lagriculture as we know it Will their basic selfishness. Although each situation may involve/ |cease to exist," he said in an]some distinctive, incidental characteristics, th'e essential traits] CONFIRMATION AT PROPHETSTOWN--The Most Rev. Loras W. Lane recently conferred the ] address at St. Paul seminary. Iare similar in all. / Sacrament of Confirmation upon 22 children of St Catherine parish. In the picture 1 to r front Precious Heritage e a l a ' . ~11~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~.n / :" . . ; ~' ] ~ . [ THE PROBLEM g ner" 1 y rises as i : -/ row: Constance ~oratny, danet Chamberlain, ~enra Wankerl, BiShOp Lane, Denra lvlc~em, [1he ~arm problem is a moral/dren fre,~uentl one of the older ~irls ,~oes to work to hel- su,~/ e erek ~ : ~" " ' ~ v ~- Kathy Maes and Lynn MeKenna. Second row: John Buck, Mark Eyrlch, Robert Boon,D,problem and should be the con-[nnrt the fn~n. Since h~r heln soems ~, no nrv ~h | Wildemuth and Joseph McMillan Third Row: James Shaekleford Iames MeMfllan Dua cern of all he stated o e t ou m a e s t ~ ~.n ~.~.~,~ } . ' ' ~ ; ' - ~. . ] - . .' . " . /P nes th h ght of arn ge until h r ~s er #raeke, Anthony Johnson, and Gary DeW~tte. l~ ourth Row: Charles Wolf, Steven Westmnn, ram [ "Agrmmture ~s our most oaslc raised B- this time her onnortunitie are oreatlv limited and/ i~vrich Robert Verhulst Vernon Wankerl and Thomas Westlund. . |industry. The family farm is a/at the' sa~ne time her narents ma~ have come to rel-" on her] --" ' ' [mos! herbage and We/support to such 'an extent that her marriage would '~threaten/ "! f'~l ~ Tl~r ~ f,~ |must ngnt. Ior it. ~ut we oont/their securitv. She seems to have no choice but to continue[ - J "ll]lf'ffldl ~ "hlg3~- |]/ git-IVifO ~'~-~ld)Of~ ~hg3t~ ]have too long to get this job]working ~,FIHSTAMEHICANHOUbVSINHUMV;--TnerewasanaumeVuc q.M I~Dt.~LCB ~Mff ~U~I VY ~/l~il~O IBIHU~O I~,~ k J ff ~.YI~ idone " he said. [ :',-. ] touch of America in the Eternal City when the newest American : t Fa,h,~rO'Rourk~ m,~ n/ IYlE, AI~/YYHILI~ ner sisters ano orotners nave starte~ raising| ] ~ .~ ~ v*=~vu |.e ~.;/; ~ r ,h^; Th~x ~r~ rmit~ onnt~nt to tnlc~ th~ n~ront~l| archbishop dedicated the newest American house for one ot that the Am ri ~ ~ ~ .; - - CUBA -- (NC) -- Demands It was learned that two prmstslnal Arteaga y Betancourt Arch. e can people de " 7 .1 [ ~ .', :l ;; : /"would -a- dearl-" if "h- f--- lmtuatmn for granted since it relieves them of all concern. Sel-/ the youngest American congregations. Archbishop- slgnate trlat priests wno oppose the ~ as- taking commerlcal courses at[olsnop ot havana, proiess.lng| p y y t ~ am-l . . . ~ ~. .~ | nsmy iorgemng mew s~ ~er s pas~ aemcauon an~ sacrmce mey hown abovela In the corner tro regime be made to face fir- the academy and two other male friendship. The newspaper said|ily farm disappears -- "first in/ t ~ :'~0-'-- ~ "~^ --~-~;'~'i ~-~ ~:r-- "~| John J. Krol of Phfladelphm ~s s y g - lng squads have spurredthelstudents were held for mvestlga-[that some day other documents|t e co~t of ood, secondly be-l ^; stone of the residence of the M~ssmnary Servants of the Mos k am t he ion would show the cardinal's cause of the efficiency depend- u,=. v,~.=,~. tempo of attac-s ag " s t t" . [,] Hol TrmRy It is the first house built by an Amerman-found- Church in Cuba. The progovernment newspaper I friendship to "the master of dol-| ability and loyalty of the farm-I uv UUUK~w, tney can give many reasons wny tney can t neap.| ! Y.o,; ^ ~ ~ ~, ~ ~h,~, h. H. ~" ~s ~ ~ 'r t e,'n- er to et somewhere and third They have their own famihes to support their sister lsn t mar Cuban labor union chief Jesus La Calle also tied the anti-Cas-Ilars and crime" -- a refereneel g -," -I,' ' ' -| ' ""~ ~';~"~" " '" "~" '" ' ~" '~ur Sore told some 5000 screaming tro terrorism to the Church Ito President Kennedy]ly in terms of what it would/ried, she doesn't have any responsibilties, and so on. Hence they[ terL procurator uenerm of me uraer ann tamer m-m sct~ool children ai' an anti-Amer-I"The cardinal the bishops and~ The increasin~ intensity of the/mean to the moral fiber of the|and their partners are indignant when it is suggested that they[ Swift, M.S,SS.T assist the new archbishop, ican, anticlerical mass meeting: other Falangist priests are thelattaeks on the Church have|American family." l eontribute to the support 0! their parents. Their sister has chosen/ "We are here to ask the wall real guilty ones " it stated. /eliminated any possibility that[ He said Cathohe leaders must|to remain unmarrmo and to rive at nome It s her 3ob to sup.port| (firing squad) for priests and Link Cardinal Batista Ithe state will reverse its avow-|ur~,e farmers not to refuse thelher parents. They are marrieft and have their Own responsmnltYlU* S* Cathohc Colle-e Admtsston counterrevolutionaries." It published a letter allegedly[ed intention of abolishing all]"minimum of cooperation need- It fulfill. I~ 9 The meeting was held as alwritten to former dictator Ful-]paroehial and private schools in|ed to preserve the farming in-| WHAT THEY ARE really saying is that their older sister should lI+~4: ~.~ /'~.~4 n~. ~ ][~,~,~o,r~ a / dustry have b r r t a fi s ~t~tttttt~t~ttttt ~Jutt~ut ~LO J~tt~vtvt~tr[,~v protest a~ainst the bombing of lgencio Batista by Manuel Cardi-Cuba. | " [ een "sma te ," th~a is. adequ tely sel sh when she wa I " Needs Cooperative Bargaining oun er If she had used her head and marrmd as the did the the non-parochial Nobel aca-]," "" /Y g " Y ", I WORCESTER. Mass.--(NC)--A national Catholic eokle.e ad- demy m the Vlbora d~strmt of He cited the National Farmers[problem would be d~fferent" . She has only herslf' to blame for " ' ' ' h s b en launched omtl b As in teenage zirlswere/~J~rr~r~ ~Ol~ ]~Olr~Mr~ J ~llKtf~P Pl [Orgamzatlon as the hrst slgm the present situation and she~ going to have to hve with it . m~ssmns and information center a e 3 Y Y - Havana. N e ~, ~,-1 . ~ " l 1q[~.flKlbflll 1" fll 111 1-SuJJu~L .L J.Ull h n ttem v f r sum tmn Colle e here and the Cathohc Umvers~ty of Amerma m injured in the bombing and one],"ca t a pt' b a mers in They're just not in position to help, while as an unmarried per- P g ' lost the sight of her left eye Ill" ~ * ~ * 11 ~ "1 " [the Midwest to bargain co-[son' she has no other obligations. In fact, it's her duty. IWashington, D. C. Blames Bombing On Priests l.IlaS ~erlous ~oelal llSgllS |ope aUve y. The organization[ THIS LINE of reasoning apparently soothes many a con- Through its office at Assumption College the center will assist - endeavors to control the market- t~ n n" n h'n out|,' The an~arent nurnose of thel /sewnee. As one cynic has remarked, t e co ve m t t 1 g ab Istudents ~ho have experienced difficulty in gaining admlssmn meeting~'-wa~ t~o ~blame the wa~rttt~ulw~s -- txXu) --Itee !n opposition re rt:~. z01o,|~ng m mrm proaue~s, notablY|being a rational creature is that one edn find good reasons forlto a Catholic college or university by making available the ~, "Serious social injustices" are which would exteno t'ublie bawlnvestoeK td in " u" thin on wants t do But such s eeious reason cnurcn mr me oomoina ~ne ~ m. " i o g aoo t any g e . o . p - qualifications of these students to a number oi tsat~ollc coaege Minister of Education Ar~'mando perpetratefl unoer me eurrent[~u Ior tour. ,m0re years. ~neI ~.aoor nas eooperauve oar-|ing doesn't answer moral problems We must start with definite land university admission officers. . ',/Mexican farm labor program, lxoUng tcnnsuan wor~ers, oHgalnmg and me Iarmer needs ro/ ~ : ~ .~ ~ ,t.^ ,u~ ~ ~,;~ ~.~ ~ I . . hart ~alct alter a personal in,pflllClplt~ i::lllU, i:lppl.y Lllt~l|l LU LII~ bltAA<:~LIUll d.L ~.U The center s offme at the Cathohe University ~,lli provloe ' ": "~",-]the president of the Young which Mr. Coleman is U. S. na-[follow that example ' Father[ . ~ ',' ' " vesdgationtha~ me oomoing [Ch.~uo.~-*;~" u~^.~ =.~ ~o~,~*'~z .~ ~.vuo= u il*;'~'~"~,~-a, ~ =~i'~n*,~= ~, ,o ;o o ~ ,~a~ c'~*~'-'l;'~,~ -~"-! O'Rourke. stated. "An act ,~-'or-/| V~, fIAT MOKAL principms appiv:,~ nere: lne relationship oe- ~]detailed information on facilities? and. opportunities; at any of 240 was a cowardly a~tacK Dyl