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March 10, 1961     The Observer
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March 10, 1961

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MIA Fl N / THE 'FISHES OF FREEDOMt-PLAGUE CUBAN REDS M . a. --( C)-- Cuban Armed militia guarding Cath-[ children as young as four years olic churches s t a g e disturb-[ ~,r . ~ old are being shipped to the ances when Mass is offered,[ ~],J~J/,',~, . YJ~']J ffiU~'AIT(P, po~.l~Ohlt~ ~ ~ i Soviet Union for indoctrination sources said. One source re-{ d [Y-2~/// ~ [ in communist beliefs and tech-'called an incident when Cubans[ I~// .IC~".~ niques, according to reports i attending Mass were forced to} I|).l ~" :?i~2 ~ | reaching here. remain for five hours in the[ ~ ~:~.~~ ~ I The purpose is to train the I church and were stoned two| """"~lPmmm ~ |~~) fg; ] | children as e']ite "shock troops" blocks away .after they w e r e/ /~ l~~ ( I Official Newspaper of the Rockford Diocese to be returned as dults tolf/no l 's ~r~ted to leave in/ " Cuba and other Latin American g p o e. / 1 l - ~ m m ~ mmmmm~m countries for infiltration and[~ [ ~ ~ . . "~-- .~A subversion. * * Vol. XVI--No. 10 ROCKFORD, MARCH 10, 1961 12 PAGES According to travelers arriv-Cardinal Dtes l ing here children age being,lib Y :rn I 1"1L 1 . 1 ~ 1 ~ " Isent to Russia under the direr- .~ f ~. ]~-~'i~--.1.rk.r~{ k % " I[Yl ~ ~2"/ I I JW,~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~ .~. ~ {Lion of Doetora Miter, Cuban[Z-l-lb dq l~ It $ t~{~t~,{::~qL~| ~ ~ l$;11 ~ [ [ - m e-tim-it=m-ira wm LLim Iminister of social assistancel ,I, { {and wife of Pedro Miret, minis-iPtlnctl A trorn ,t,[ ! [ Iter f agriculture" ' " / ! A 1 . . ] Children.Debarking [ ROME -- (NC) -- Mareello[ ] i lar e Cardinal Mimmi who headed Eye - w~tnesses s a d g, ]~kl ~1 I I~"~[~r q/'~.~ [groups of children are debark-{the Churchs renewed efforts| "~~,x .z. ,~ m ~ .m ~k.1~.~J w ~.J~./LL~ ling from Saqua la Grande in to revitalize Catholic life in La-| ~ ~ [~.~"~. J /k---'~ ----~ I . 1 / [the northern part of Santa tin America, ~as died here of{ ~, .~ ~Z-~'~'~Z/2' ~ [ / "~ h 1 ~ [ Clara p~ovince and from Puerto {kidney complfcations following] ~ ~N~~, .~.~'. ,~,~/~ ~ ~ : [h ' JL [de Caselda, a south coast sea- a .tomach operatmn. He was 78.[ " ell k=2 I1 Ikl I [l l IY1 i=.21 Iport. Included among the boys His Holiness Pope John XXIII[ k JU, O IAtwI l .JJ.11 1 land girls, who range in agelhad visited him only an hour be-[ ill I ~/ : {from 4 to 12 years are orphans[fore. . . { - ak~ I ~~-1 WASHINGTON- Pres- He said the president attempt-cation in any non-public insti-{{ rmerly cared forby the Sis- .The cardinal underwent ,sur-[ ~ ~/~ ~.t'~} .- - ~ imrs at t:nariw a~ J~enezicenoia I gery lot a permratea ueler mree/ " " "~ ~--- " -- "~ 1clent l~.enneay nas lett the aoorleo clarification when ne indi-ltutions. [government operated Havanaldays before his death At fir.Rt/ . -~ wide open for Congress to ex-[cated his belief at a press con-{ "Defenders of the existing pel-[orphanage, as well as childrenldoctors were confident that his[ // ~ ~ Ay~j~o~u~ ~ " ~ ~ . ~. ,~, tend federal aid to parents who ference that Federal aid could icies of aid at the college level from a home for dependentlcondition was good and that],{ "~.~'~ ~/,C"T~,~," ~ ~ choose to send their children to [ not be given directly to church- ] are logical in insisting that, if{children located at Marianao,]~::;=t~:~nr:/n~iOnf3~co2cerm[ [ "~(~Z~.~ ]~% ~.2 I Z ~Jl L I a section of the Cuban capital g lvla cn private or parochial schools, related schools because of con- it is constitutional to extend .~ .] [,~ ~.1 ~,~ ~ ~!!~ .~ ~ ,g~v~ - ~r~ | ,-. . . I } I t.argo ooa~s, mey said, arelm~ cunumuu ~v~w grave auu! I ~ Y~"n ~ "~" ~ '* ~ I /7~l ~,/~,/./ ./// ,lla [- "m~. *~* "'~ w/ '~ ~ays commnist ~avia ~awrence stitutional prohibitions but that such aid with federal funds --- b 1 a " / I [ {also transporting the sons and] Y 0 .m. he was given theI,~ ~ "~i ~'~ ~,(~'.fl~ ~t~ /Z-,[/~//~ | He suggested that aid to these [ it can be given to students at all { even if the money goes to reli- daughters of the campesinos, llast sacraments | -~I~:x'~/ ~,"~ -~'~ [. ~'ff"//,[~~/[Ill I parents, might take the form of }types of colleges' . and lent to col- ] globs colleges~ or private insti- Cuban farmers who work on co-l, - -,v P"" -,~ v; ;+ ~.~ ~'~a*;a" .| .I [ [~l! I |,~.%]lx"~l k]K I ll/~l l ~k~k ~].~z~,7 ~j~11.::~7~J'~/I"//~/~).7///"~" |l t,~W//kl/ ~"~1~.A~ ~'~'://////~ .w::/ .:B W ~ ~] [l deductions from their tax pay- leges themselves without violat- tutions--then it is also lawful to operative farms, who h a. v e{ Upon learning of the cardinal's[,~ "~ ~7-~/~'~.~T, ~,J ~"~ ~ ~I [l~ :~,~,[~~/~ >S/,)//J~[ | ments which could be used to]ing the Constitution lextend such aid to the parents of l t,beyjeVee th, t eArl grave condition. Pope Johnl I l meet education costs in private Opponents Illogical [those children of elementary lt"o-Lre 'are "; em' or .rofession'l drove to his bedside in the has-{ I I/ I l I w I I schools The president -did not discuss ,', ~" ~" ~" -I~.ital .~f th.~ nroth rs ~ c+ ~ ,~a-//.- ]l~ -~.ll { { / ? { ii~,{ ] rd, -" " l( ] "Thi~ would "at b~ direct aid]+~ ~ ~- .~ ~;~'~',/and high school age waD are en-lai careers. It': .-, ~ ~ ~' =: ". v~,~L,'.~, ] {l~ tr'rLr'~,~ d~ [[--[//~~ ~F---| to the school or educational in- lbe given to the parents of young- }r neam par cmaiscn ~s' iw ,] To Exchange Thousand IPope John was accompanied/ i ~ ,('/ ~ II II I I I II I ~[ ~/LL~ 2.~ (2 ~' ~I;L I Lawrence wrote [ stitution, but to the students er students in much the same " (Cuban Premier Fidel Castro/only by his secretary, Msgr I ~'~a. .~ U~ I b g= I themselves," he said. [way as it is given to the stu- Mr. Lawrence argued that if[was recently quoted as sayingILoris C'apovilla. ] k ~ ~ ~--~.~ ~'~- [~ N.a~ | Attempts Clarification [dents of college age, Mr. Law- the federal government ex.!enos/that Cuba and the Soviet Union/ The Pope talked to the dying l " ~ T h e nationally syndicated [rence noted, adding: ]aid to pubhc schom cnuoren [will exchange a thousand chil-[cardinal' .who was able to recog-I writer said the president has "Opponents of federal aid to amy, then 'it can De accusefl O~]dren who will engage in agri-[nize him and converse with him [ THE 'FISHES OF FREEDOM' PLAGUE CUBAN REDS--Reports from Havana have indieat- tried to clarify the "paradox" any students who would use the handicapping the religious edu-Icultural work and study. A[Afier a short visit, Pope John t ed that a "plague of little fishes" has deseenfled upon the Cuban capitol. Avanee, a Cuban pub- between the administration's m o n e y for tuition in church cation sought by parents for source said many of the Cuban[gave Cardinal Mimmi his aoos-[ lieation in exile, published at Miami, says that the Cuban anti-Castro forces are using a fish proposed aid to all types of col- schools are logically calling, in their children in order to sup-{children involved in this pro-Italic blessing and then returned[ as a symbol of resistance against the pro-commumst F~delistasin a deliberate attempt to evoke i, eges and their students, butl{effect, for a repeal of the GI[plement, the regular course of[gram will be trained as Cam-[to the Vatican / the spirit of the Roman catacombs and persecuted Christians. Examples of "the fish" are seen only to public grade and highlBiLI of Rights and all forms oflstudles.' [munist agents. [ Hospital attendants reported[ in the above cartoons published by Avanee. Upper left, the fish is shown menacing the worm, schools ascholarships that pay for edu-{ He also noted ~he saving to{ (The same source said that[that almost as soon as the Pope[ which has taken the shape of the familiar communist symbol. In the bottom series, a floetor ' {taxl~ayers by Catholic schools [during the Spanish Civil war[left, Cardinal Mimmi slipped{ finds through the fluoroscope that the fish is the cause of Premier Castro's apparent diseom- "r~ "r~ ~ Iwho relieve the community of~more than 4,000 Spanish chib]into a coma, from which he{ fort. Upper right, the Cuban leader catches an unwelcome species of fish. l~E~dF~,l[[~j[iKl~lr~ ]the burden of providing build-ldren were sent to Russia for[never emerged. He died at 3/~ Bovlan l're-lt ,J lk.~lLlfltl1~ll lings and teachers for their pu-ltraining. The source said' many{p.m. [ ~ . Tests" on Mar. 8 an d25/pils I f the s -eaned "Russian" rtto "Czechoslovak" Cuba teachers are presently these t e c same h n coming i clans c~il-chapel poPresldent pe to John went to his rlvate " pray f when Commission he " " " learnedp IP ra:y ers . for'62 C OUZel "0 ,~r Mass or D . I ' {1" 1 1 [dren, now grown to adulthood.I f the cardinal's death. He of-[ ,~ 1 1 /'~ ~ IT ~ IF 1ROCKFORD -- Bovlan Cen-{due on the date the tests will}l~g~$nlllcv~c~ilo~n~c~ [ A prison and concentra~ion/fered his Mass the following[ ~]~ d~'l~f'~F'~ ~ J"lff t~ / ~/J"~" ~Nk ~"~ #'1~1"~ tral Catholic high school will be administered. When the!lll~U]-L~l~~Lvllt-ALv~ ]camp for men situated on the[morning for Cardinal Mimmis].C--~L,~t~ ~ .JL~r~ ~/~[Z~ L ~[.~/ .~.~[.~,~,/~, administer placement tests to school has received the results ~'~ lisle of Pines presents a picture[soul- ; [ ' all pupils of the area who intend[of the placement tests student ~ = 1 1[ [of inhumane a n d barbaric[ Cardinal Mimmi ~as presi-[ C N C ( ~ o eo " " I An Th t MI ~ick n~nnlt, ,- ~ . VATI A . ITY --- .NC. -- t hold the uncfl in 1962. It ~ril --~. a c to enroll at Boylan for the apphcants will be notified of treatment it was said Wives dent of the Pontifical Comm]s I " - t rante(l DV I '- " ,/ "{His Holiness Pope John XXIII, was the Pope's first real public[may find comfort and strength scholastic y e a r 1961-62. Test the date for completion of their ./' ]children and families of the{Stun mr ~afin America, whiCh[who recently asked neonle to reference to a sue " " " e 'n C "s "a a" h a or~ . .p - ~ clflc tim con- L hrl tl n f lt rid h dates are March 18 and 25. OR|formal registration. Iprisoners jailed for opposition| ape Pros XI1 founded m 1959| +~.~. ,~. ~, ; ~ ,~. a I " " " o tud f ~,~, ~,~ ~,~ ~,~ = o, uu,- ,-=-,-s u,~ u ~. ~'iay -- ~na~ grealer esteem both Saturdays tests will begln~ Saturda, M a r c h 18 the 1 I 1 ~'~ [to the government of Fldel Cas-{t s y undamental problems[oil o*n h, h,~l,q n,~,~t v,~r [ l![ ~' ' V ~ ' [ " " " [ f h { .--- ~ lr~e Aposuesnlp Oipromoted]betweenrrayer anct more exac~ lnvesugauon promptly at 9 a.m. and will eighth grade pupils of the fol l'lOl ee ira travel by filthy boats to Cat ohc life in Latin Amer mdmates h~s conviction that if ' - 'ira and coordinate effor*s f-r' worldwide movement Catho cs and separat tm{e apprommatmy anallowing parishes are scheduled w' line ]sianfl where cney a r e/ u ,;+ a n"'-* it will - -- " ' -- " " " -- " - ' ' "- 'their solution The commissionH~ u ~ ~, ~^, ~o-, oy me Jesuits to zos~er nevouonieo t.nrlsuans may prepare me lone-nan hours, i~esmts oI mese,ifor placerrient t e s t i n g" St irorce(~ to s~an~ overmgn~ m/ . - l still be in progress in Novem." + ~ c a ~ ~ + ~ T l. ~. ~,~. + ~ ; f.~- V/%.tlL.2M~ L.IIX --- tttafllO ha laun bed a r o .- ~ ~,= ~,oc.=,~ :,~ 0=~ o, w,~v tests, together w~th the elemen-[James Pro-Cathedral St An ']hnes without food or water, [ s .c p ogram of send,|h~r But th~,r~ i~ ~till n, hint ~ ~--~ ~.u.~ ~ ~;~+. ~[ ~ ' ' ~.~ -- ~ew mauigences mr~ l in,~ la, volunteers into Latium-- " ----- ~---, -- ,=s~,~,~ ~u~mo,=~ ,~ ,l June ]:nat those oapuzeo in ~a:LhSecn/::Der:tco3flSsc~ :oTarrae:[th.ony, St. Barnadette, St. those offering their Mass at-[ Harass Faithful [America to help train CatholicIt when the councu wni con- particular missionary intentions{Christ may more generously c~i p a l s, will determine ~ntolmZ~g~:~a a--h "~ " h- tendanee for the .dying have[ A similar prison for women / leaders there. It has also help-[vene or now ~ong ~ wm las~. for whmh ~t seeks prayers. [obey the promptings of the HOly which track of the four-trackl ~, /,u r u,?, t ~ been granter ~V ras nouness[is located at Yivac de Mantillaled organize a vast effort to send[ lne, ~/ope has approvea an In its19621lst, it devotes seven[Spirit. curriculum each student will be[.pupus ~rom me z.ouowmg.par- Pope John XXIII. . . [in Oriente province and in-/priests and Religious to Latin[appem for special prayers ,our- months to prayers directly con-[ Last Six Months ~laced -fishes are as~ea to report. ~.t. The Sacred Apostohc Pemten-[other for men is situated at{America in the ~reatest ~ossi-{mg r~ovemoer oi l~o~ asmng cerned with the success of the{ July--That all those who will ~" " . Edward St Mary ~t Patrick tiary which has "urisdiction - -- the aid of the Holy Spirit so that " Th ar Imoortant Data [ ' Z ~ '.' . ',~ [Quanajay just outside Havana.[ble. numbers. { ecumenical council, e ye ]take part in the council may re- - {~. ~e~er, ~ ~'emr ann ~'aui, over the Office of Indulgences,]"the Supreme Ponti~T may opens with the January inten- - ~mce these ~ests wul serve l c, e, n,~1 ' ;, ]celve an abundance of hght as pre-registration data the[O, o~,~ ,~ au~. aecreea ma~ ~.atnollcs may ob-{ r .= !- i- /presiDe over me councu w~n. all Lion that preparatory work for[ from God five dollar registration ~ee is[ Other Schools Lain a partial indulgence of 10[l~-,--,1,~,~= ~ ~,-~ ~-.-. '.~ ~.~ [possible wisdom and courage." the council might go forward - ~ " - - . J ~UgilSC -- 1nat all L.nrlsuans ~[ Prospechve eighth- g r a d e years if with at least a con-~l.~|~l|~.~J 1.~[][lqz~ t~.~ ~LAq.~][ll.qz~][" [ Fides, mission news serwce "w;th the greatest posslblei,~. ~.~ +h u ~ +~ ~graduates from St. James, Bel-trite heart they offer the fruits] K [of the Sacred Congregation for care." The last six months of; c".~l ~)."fervent .~ra'.eran'h~vo~u~" -.--, [[videre; St. Mary, Byron; St. of their assistance at Mass for{l~/ff ~- ~ /the Propagation of the Faith, the year are all set aside foritar ~bodil, "-chances " [ 1)lSDeilsatlOll Oil ]1Peter, Davis Junction; St. Rita, the dying. [ [~| ~J~|~'Jlg~ ~7" W~K~ [~/| ~fl~K.n~|g:~ [gave some insight into the prayers for the council. . ~ ~ :~ t" ~. : I -1 [[Cherry Valley; St. Mary, Peca- A plenary indulgence can be| II~llg 11 X-i. TT ~lti .l.ll~[~l~ [Pope's thinking on the council List Of Intentions ~epvemoer --- ~na~ me wor~ ac rare under th / of the ecumemcal council may [ ~f P~tt.;~" [[~xr ]1t nica; as well as other pupils q ' d e usual condi-[ sche'duie by publishing [he mis- The 1962 missionary intention ." ,~, u y |twho plan to attend Boylan next Lions by those who offer their| ROCKFORD--Marian award medals will,be conferred on some sionary intentions of the Apos- list, as released here, is as fol- procee~ . unnm~ere.a an~ De [ A dispensation" " f r am [{fall a r e asked. . to report for assistance, at Mass for a full{80 girls of the diocese at ceremonies Sunday afternoon, March tleship of Prayer for 1962. It lows'. Drougm. to me neslreo concm- [ the law'of fast an d ab- ]ltesting on either of the above month. [12, at 3:30 o'clock in St. James pro-cathedral by the Most Rev. said Pope John has "approved January .-- That the prepara- slon. I ~rlce ~las-been"~arlt- ][dates. Public announcement of the|tarns T. Lane, Bishop of Rockford. and blessed" the intentions, tion for the ecumenical council October -- That by means of e ce s oeen gram I snnence has D.een gram: [[ ' Placement tests will be ad- new indulgences was made in[ All diocesan Catholic Girl),First Public Reference may proceed with the greatest the infallible magisterium of the ea Ior me lplocese oz ] ecl io r fle lp, l O c ese oI ]!ministered at B o y I a n high the current issue of Acta Apos-|Scouts, Junior Catholic Daugh-[. ,- Only last month when he was possible care Second Vatican Council the er- - m me church nan at z'~o pm L " " " " 'd dan ers to faith and [ Rockford ~or Friday, []school Campus Hills Blvd. tolicae Sedis official organ for[ters of America and Campfire for special instructions The 'ro" visiting a pamsh church in thel February -- That the faithful rors an g [ Mar: 17. "" [ north of Northtown Shopping the publication of.decrees of the Girls in their respective uniforms c,~s~; m ; ~ A,~ ,:~, ~ ~P~" southern part of Rome, the Pope amidst the cares of this life may morals may be made known to ~[ Center, No. Main St. Holy See. will assemble with their leaders M"arian can di'd'ate~s a*n (~ s~piri'tuai asked everybody there to pray spend more time in prayer, all. " bouquet bearers The ceremony especially that the preparatory March -- That the reform of November--That the Supreme also marks Girl Scout Sunday. work for the Second Vatican manners among the faithful may Pontiff by the gift of special Joyee Hoffman Mary Ann Scholz Joanne Leonard Christopher Striegel Carlotta Hoidren ROCKFORD .-- Seven eag(~r 1961 OBSERVER crusade sales- !men a r e patiently awaiting sunday, March 12. And it'~ eas- ily understandable--this is the day when they wilI have dinner with the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane as part of their reward for being the top salesman in the recent school crusade span-! sored by t h e OBSERVER These top-notch student sales- men sold a total of 427 sub- scriptions to the diocesan news-! paper which averaged out to over 70 subscriptions each. The subscription campaign took place in over 40 schools in the diocese during the first two weeks of February designated as national Catholic P r e s s month. Student salesmen in all 40 schools sold over 11,000 Sub- scriptions this year -- the best ever! Top Salesmen Joyce Hoffman from St. Rita of Cascia school, Aurora sold 110 subscriptions -- h i g h e s t salesman in. the diocese. She was followed by Mary Ann Scholz, St. Joseph school, Free- port w i t h 104 tubscriptions. In This Issue World News 2 Doris Answers Youth Deaths [rIi School News. Mission Column / ~lReading Clinics = 10 Diocesan Mission Report . ~, ; I TV Movie Guide L 1I Woman's Page 81Forty Hours' : lI lk ion of Decenc.v 91Theol gy for Ever}man Maxine Dougherty Carlotta Holdren (she was one of the winners in the 1 a s t two OBSERVER campaigns) placed third with 78 subscrip- tions. Carlotta is from Our Lady of Good Counsel school, Aurora. Fourth place goes to Maxine Dougherty, St. Mary school, Freeport with 58 sub- scriptions and last but far from least is Christopher Striegel f r o m St. Paul Catechetical school, Sandwich vith 27 Sub- scriptions. Patrick Lafferty will represent St. Anne school, Amboy which placed as the leading school in Division one and Joanne Leon- ard from St. Peter school, Rockford .will represent that The Rev. Charles McNamee of Elgin, diocesan scout director, the Rev. Paul Fry, Rockford deanery scout chaplain and the Rev. Everett Hiller, area scout chap from Aurora, will pa~:- in ~the service, and the Rev. Henry M. Schryer, pastor of St. Joseph, Elgin, willpreach: The Marian award is offered for Girl Scouts who have com- pleted second class and are 12 years of age or older, Junior Catholic Daughters and Camp- fire Girls, who complete religious requirements in co-ordination with their program as prescribed by the National Catholic Welfare conference. Last year 100 girls received the award at the first Marian ceremony held kn the diocese. Visits Meeting of Council Group VATICAN CITY -- (Radio NC)-- His Holiness Pope John XXIII has dropped in on a meet- ing of the Commission on Studies and Seminaries which is prepar- ing for the coming ecumenical council. He urged them to give spe- cial attention to religious voca- tions. In recent weeks Pope John has been visiting sessions of the commissions preparing for the Second Vatican Council. school which won in Division 4. He was welcomed to this meet- Grand Prizes ling by Guiseppe Cardinal Piz- The five winning students willlzardo, president of the commis- also have an opportunity to]sion. The Pope, speaking in choose from the f i v e grand lLatin, told the assembled prizes on the evening of t he|churchmen that priestly voca- Bishop's Dinner. The prizes are|finns are a'source of much good a portable TV, a p o r t a b 1 e/fo~" the Church but that candi- Stereo-Hi Fi, a transistor radio,{dates for the priestly life must a clock radio or a wrist watch./be chosen carefully and cau- Sunday, March 12 at 5 p.m.[tiously. prdmises to be quite an ex~it-/ At the end of the meeting Pope ing evening at 1243 NorthCourttJohn spoke individually with the {St Rockford. ,~ {members of the c~mmission. counGil might be completed suc- lead to the Christian renewal of cessfhlly so it will be possible mankind. ST. CHARLES BORREMEO . $105 HAMPSHIRE -- The t o t a 1 amount pledged in the fund rais- ing drive for Saint Charles Bar- romeo parish, Hampshire, now stands at $105,330 when this issue went to press. The general fund solicitation in the 209 family parish took place on Sunday, March 5, when the Most Rev. tarns T. Lane offered Mass for the workers and addressed them after the breakfast which fol- lowed. The 90 campaign work- ers who assisted at the Holy Sac- rifice gave the Mass responses and nearly all of them received Holy Communion. More than 40 altar boys, vested in cassock and surplice, assisted at the Mass with the workers and a large group of parishioners who crowd- ed the church beyond capacity. Servers for Mass. Servers who were in the sanc- tuary were John Schorn, Robert Engel, Wayne Fox, Terry Sester, Ronald Yurs, Ronald Touroske, Award Given SEATTLE, Wash.--Seattle uni- versity announced that its 1961 award for economic statesman- ship will be presented April 5 to J~mes D. Zellerbach, who re- cently served as U. S. Ambas- sador to Italy. Anniversary MADISON, Wis.--Bishop Wil- liam P. O'Connor will offer a Pontifical Mass in St. Raphael's cathedral March 12 to mark the 15th anniversary of the found- ,ing of the. Madison diocese. John Ready, Jim Rakowski, Den- his Engel, Steve-Du Meuiin, Fred Engel, Ted Tegtman and Rodney Seyller. Campaign Committee Co-Chairmen for the Building fund are David Herrmann and Harvey Kappen. Associate chair- men are George Schiesher, Har- ry N. Klock, George Herrmann Sr. Michale Umbdenstock George Heisten and Ernest En gel. Section leaders are Wendell Schie~her, William Herrmann Everett Andersen, Raymond Grollemond, Robert Klock, Je- rome Deutsch, John Gehringer, Ambrose Seyller, Sev Dumoulin Clarence Herrmann, Frank En- gel, Jr and Harold Herrmann. The Rev. Clement P. Petit is pastor of St. Charle~ Borromeo. Down the Drain CHICAGO --(NC)-- City water department employes thought they had m a d e a major find Wednesday while working in the basement of St. Anne church. They discovered an apparently forgotten box in a dimly lit cor- ner containing nearly $100. Sure that the money would be a help in paying for the $10,000 dam- age caused by a fire at the !church Nov. 19, they rushed to {tell Father Harold O'Gara. Father O'Gara .thanked them profusely, but assured them that the money had not been forgot- ten. A tube from the "Poor Box" near the church entrance lets money drop ia the basement cache. help from the Holy Spirit may preside over the council with all possible wisdom and courage December -- That the Second Vatican Council may be an out- standing witness to the truth, unity and charity of the Church. Honor Bestowed NEWARK, N. &--Archbishop Thomas A. Boland of Newark will preside at a Holy Hour to be held at Sacred Heart cathe- dral here on March 19 to honor the parents of priests in reli- gious communities. The event is sponsored by the local Serra clubs. Pre,~iously the parents of diocesan clergy, of Sisters, and of Brothers have been hon- ored. $765,000 Loan WASHINGTON--The Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency has approved a $765,000 loan to Loyola university, Los Angeles, to help finance con- struction of housing for 180 stu- dents. The loan to the Jesuit insti- tution was made under the Col- lege Housing Loan program which has lent millions to both public and private institutiol~s of higher education. OFFICIAL Bishop Lone Monday, March 13: 12:15 p.m.--Catholic Charities )ffice, Rockford. Annual Busi- ness Meeting of the Catholic Charities Board. 7:30 p.m.---SS. Peter and Paul Church, Cary. Confirmation. Sunday, March 19: 4':00 p.m.--Aqu~n Central Cath- olic High School, Freeport. Dedi- cation of School Addition. Sol- em ~ Pontifical Mass. Sermon-