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March 3, 1961     The Observer
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March 3, 1961

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O O O STERLING--The Sterling Deanery Council of Catholic Women has undertaken a project of distributing books in order to carry out Bishop Lane's request to the D.C.C.W. for continued ass[s- 170 Y SPRING GROVE--Seventy members of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women attended the open meeting of McHenry deanery held recently in St Peter parish hall. Benediction in lance to the Newman center at Northern Illinois university PAnE ~ 'vr-w c~nm~xr~n FRIDAY MARCH 3 1961 church preceded the meeting Answer Bishop's Appeal ~ ~ . - umrgy present were the at. ~tev. tvtsgr. LOmB u. rra ey, t~. In the fall of JL958, the Most]~ra:hslt:e~enrt. !t ,s no! decelt ~:i~i~ ~}!~ ~ii!::}i!!~ Home ~weet Home ~l:Cre;a~edinr:[ r:~eDCCrW; 't~:eReRt. ~[:m:rIntr~l:tit,Nflrg:/al M~e ~ev. Laths T. Lane, Bishop oft o g o y m gaming vm- iii!i!ii~J~'~ ~ :. i! I ' director and moderator the Rev Edward J. Lehman, pastor Rockford. made his first appeallt ry Let us congratulate our- i}!i!!~!}::i::!::}i~ i:~ ~i::i ]11" I[ g] ~ ~ o ~ and the Rev Thomas Monohan, assistant pastor. to the DC.C.W. To help mater-[selves if we were among those [1-1elee I ve ~1-0 ,~Lgalno Parishes represented were St. [cure a copy of the suggested [ally the 1,200 Catholic students[wh brought success to a great ~ ~1~ ~ [ C:7 Peter and Pa~, Cary;St;Thom-[Constitution and By-Laws and on a secular campus in his dip- project, and let this true victory ~[] ~ ~ / By Nellie Hughes l Just. When he finally got it into as ApostJe urysta~. ~aKej .~t'[comnare it with th'eir own or- " g " p .] s g- ~ ge ~ ~ ~ [ Parenthood brmg~ headac I ' ~ u ~+ r ^s~ ~ R;,+h ,~ case Throu h various ro. ect ur e u~ on to hner and lar ri " s has reverse the car jerked so badly mary, lvm~enry ~t. t+atrmK,[ ~;]~+; ~ ~1 ,~,~ ' " . . ' r re our~,+x,=,y, ,~.o -. ~ v -, ,+ - . . ~ponsored by the six deaner/es goals As individuals we allI ~ ~ ~ t-- disciphmng night watches I thought we d f actu ~ ,::. ~ . : ~ r [that all affiliates hold elections Catholic women made their ini-lh~,', =~u :,'+ ~: ~1 ~(:::ii ~ ~ [during illness new shoes on old[S k u l ls on the windshield, mona, ~t ~e.ter, ~v2].]~ ~,:~.::]in May. Public Relations cam- 3 pr+touxlcts BartholomenCar 1 Bates n of the ara e And watch those panel members 'for a "question~'"~~ tmI contnbutmn to a student[, . o. L. I~i:i:::!:~ ~ ~ [budgets pre-empted telephones I(Seems he had some kind of [m~ttee urged all members to UIIU~ center and chapel ~o strengthen u]risuan [peals ~ ~: )~.m m / - .- ' '~fixed idea that the faster you ano ~t. ~v~ary, wooastoc~. I " "~ . ::~: ;~ i~:/:~, aria the olt-repeateo: "put ev- . seno articles aria items pertain- The Sterling deanery answer-]and,pt:),ncu)le,s" Th~s can be doneI V]:i: iiiii ~/ 1 ]ervbodv else can why can't P" / released the clutch the better.) The president, Mrs. Albertlinz to their affiliate and parish ed the Bishop's reque+st with a oy ~amolic ,~ction." ] ~'":!: :iiiiii ~ m [ Heading'the head ac he depart-]We started down the hill, gears Wipper, called on the commtt-/in'~early to The Observer" donation of more than $2,000. Mrs. John Burke, Tamp[co, is i :: ~ ~~ [ment, migraine category is the]grinding- At the intersection, tee chairman for reports. Splr-[ Msgr Franey spoke briefly, The Newman center was built the Newman coordinator for the ~ ~ [child of 15 Time was when 151 ur son suddenly found he had iitual development comm~ttee[r~raisin~ the women for the on the campus at DeKalb and its[Ster!!ng council. Three food] !: ?:;: ~ ~l ]was just 15. But not now. Aged/m re Pedals and gears than he !old how toobtam lndulgenceSlwonder~ul progress that is being chapel offers Catholic students cermicates will be awarded at i : : ~1 ~ [15 is the I-gotta-learn-to-drive-a-[had hands and feet. He stood on by praying me way oi me ~rosS|made in DCCW. a chance to practice their reli- the next open deanery meeting[ i ~ ~ [car to age 16, when Ma and Pa [the brake, and the engine gave [at home and how to obtam, t.hel The Rural Life committee gion while attending N. I.U. [to be held at St. Anne parish, I ii :: :~:i: i: ~ I~ [have to fight for the right to]a strangled n'oise and died. Thelspecxal crosses used for th~S[chairman Mrs. Eleanor Pawli-~1~' Expresses Appreciation]Dixon, April 20. [ WINS J'Jl~ Kalb's unior /drive the car on Saturday nigl-d. {noise may have come from me, I purpose [kowski, introduced the guestl~ No oo d'n " I'm not sure I crawled out Home ana ~cnoot committee -- C r l atmn,- speaker the Rev. Clement Pet- Mrs. Edward Hovle nresident I I Cathohc Daughter of the Year, ts shown above with Sister / 1~,~.~; ~ b~ + ~o h {+,~1,~ ,~f +h,~ h- ~n,-+ nl~e-[ - : , + ' ": . I How can those adolescen~ leer, ,-v,-s -,- ,~,~,u, ~ ,~, ,~, v ~" "" it. He awelt on me importance expressed her anorematlontol~llmlYIYlffp {o]~ blary Trtmta, B.V.M principal of St. Mary school, looking at [ I I t. ~.^ h ls/ . .1- ~ %,-, ! ~9~ ~x~ ] a dis-la-" of Mother Goose valentines Sail-' was chosen to re [capable of tripping over spots/my ~nees were sna~lng, im~ ~u ou ~ .~ ~ "~.'/of keeping youth on the farm me women at me ~[erilng Dean-!,~ ~ s . " t ", i . I+o aia our ,oum mac the li-, cry with these words: t LOVES PARK -- The St. Brid-I present the Junior Catholic Daughters of Ameriea because of [on the rug, and those aooIes~:entl, ,~no!her robson mmorrow, l:~.~, ,~ n ,~.:o+ r rt[a.nd askedfiarents to encourage lget Home and School association[ her qualities of leadership, dependability, personality Her [hands which can spill anything/nun:" ne saia orignuy, movingl '~, :~"'~ "+~"~ Jtheir cniloren to help on the 'lne laoies are to oe cam- " ~, ' " ' r stresseo reaoing me uoserver '~'~n'~'~ f^r +~" ;~,~/will have a rummage salel essay ' What It Means to Be A Junior:' was judged the winner /faster than the dog can lick ttlove . - [ rib:n- durin- the cam [farm. - " ' . ' " up master an~,thing as coord~- For Gosh sakes put on that ana suu~c ~ g ~ - which the- have made to en [March 1, and 18 at the Meadow[ of all the entrtes from the DeKalb chapter. [ ' - "./ -" - [-'ai-n Or-anization and Devel[~A~t~ : -/an + ~ ; ,^~ ,r~ I /natipn-demanding as stick-shift/emergency ora~e. WheT. Ir, ~ ~ -/&FII/NLIlI~II sure the success of the Newmani':a,~. v~,s, ,: ~'-i,[drivin,~9 1~ Iopment report urged all to se-/llg~t.lllglll~ a -ro]ect that washeld in the/clau n Wilt nave its regular rr. I ' ~'' t . , +. meeting March 9 at 7:15 p.m ! Our 15 year old just looks at Sterhng deanery. God blessesis+udeW in +h ,~ Tp, en:o, rp, Ibt. Peter Has line and sa,s "Mother" BolMEA Plans 1 I the very ef!ort of trying. It]ei+ghthgrades~w~ll give"the ;ro~,-" ~"" {,--, 1 . [sides "Mother" in that peculiar[ ~ <,~."~'L~ 2~U /~U ~n( ~/-~ ] seems me w~se ml-iv~aKer saw/ I~ ! -.~.~-I Itone f~,vored bv adolescents he[ 111 I~'~ fit to put into our hearts the lure]~a'" [ 117 1,/OlllO[~- i:l~lJl-l[I-Ilalso -a-s" " ' [rro rram on v . V o I I rotltnteers } .~ I "Hey can t put the car in the[ ~ I ADVERTISEMENT " 9 " I Meet Thursda garage. ' I . . [" Y I,-, ion Mmch 12 l'He how about letting M lVocattons SPR NG WEAR I une nunarea years ROCKFORD--The St. Berna-[~ ~t ~J~l'lFll ~ I ROCKFORD- The parishion-~drive You to the store, huh?"[ ROCKFORD--Sincemarch is ~J)~'~ Start S"rin"/o, ~ I ldette Home and School associa-I ~.~ IU~IV L I~| la~ I rs +. I Who s Nagging" '~ W ~ 7" ,~h~lll~ ~:~ I r ~ l . I. . . . ~. t /e oI ~t Peter church Will navel, " . tvocationmanta the reguiar ~ x ~, C- 'f'~*,l i, t ,~!. I oi n, now-now, at [tlon-wlll nolo ItS monmly meet-I / ' / 'Naaaina WHO'S napkin~9'''t ' ~a ~ wu, n, --= ! "~ ~:~t .~k" . ing Thursday, March 9, at 8 ELGIN -- Forty-two teenage]their annual smorgasbord dinner[ Pop~'~av~]ng gone through"this[ monthly meeting .of the Mu!doon ~ ~ '' ~Y''~'v "-'~ [ ~ ~:!~[ [ your service. [p.m. in the school hall. The Ser-[volunteers were guests of St [ aaetare Sunday, March 12, atIda. it:yourself driver training[ ~oucauonal auxiuary on ~nurs- . ~ ~ leer rrorn ou r new =, 7!,I ,hay evening March ~ at 7 30 Ira c!ub will present a panel dis-[Joseph hospital at an Award[Verdi+hall from noon un.til 611 program with our,older two, and/~ m in Muldoon hi ,h school au- E -complete line of [ Are you planning an ad pro- cusslon on vocations. Day party in the assembly hall.[P.m, rroceeos Irom me mnnerlgained numberless gray hairs in[~. r . ~' " ' ~ ~ r ~, ~-'~, #"~'~ I gram booklet, a membership di-I~ Twenty-three of the g r o u p lwiu. ,pc used to help meet the!the process, now disappears in-[U~,~m'~ wm~eamre vocauons. ~.]~ ~pr,ng lornes. I rector-- for -o-- -r----' -" I tparIsn pmage to me ~lsters olIto the basement or decides tol ~ne nev. ~ooert r. ~evlne Mz~/W~-- ~;:~k I y y tar o ganlZa[lOn were nonore~ guestsano re- r * a is n " " ' '/ ' Lo etto. ss .to t pastor at St. Bridget an anmversarv souvenir book-[ ~~1~I~t~~ celved ms for lying 50 hoursl ]take a nap every t,me our[ ~1 ~~ I P g drives everywhere Club of Rockford will discuss INFANTS TO PRE TEENS . : . . / ,~ i. . . o I IICKetS ior oom carats ano[ ~ ~,~ n~v,~ hi~ Ari,+-r~ mu~ 3 parish, win taIK on me role ,par-,w e opectottze tn t~om. I i'~:~:~ I tel an annualreport a tinan or more o[service atotal ol . .rv,~, ~, .~- . ',"[ ~ q,~ ] I I '~, ^ ' ]children may be obtained beforel.~.~ i,m h,~ fall -u, rents should play in helping the,r [ plet~rmation, Cam- ] ~~~ | eial reporta house or an" a ~ hours ,~=+. -. ~ s . . - :::::;" . g,I ~ UUeddi, " and after all Sunday Masses at ,r+, ~att= h tndmv Tamnr|daughters arrive at a decision,ntunion andChristenin~ [ jr~~ | cookbook, a new pubhcatlon. [ ~1~ ~ ,4t] Nineteen other Candy Strip-iSt. Peter and at the door. Mr.[ro there may be ice I know[regarding t heir life's work I Clothes. ~ ] ~~! [ We offer editing service, or-] ~l~ll~g$2~/~[~~'~ ers and ten members of the Fu-]andMrs. Warren Sparks and[ ou ,~ou woulcln~ let me drive]whether it be for the married ] "~" [W'~~~ ] ~o :~ + .~ " /-~ w -~w-~r .~, "~ "~e,~ ture Nurses' Club at Elgin high Mr and ~ar~ AI"-- ~'+" ~ ~" ~ ,/ ~ +, ~, ,~ .1- ,: ~ I u~ ~e~v,cc, xuc.~ a,u expcr-t * ~. c^ +**auu*c a.eln, ic" Think I'd skid huh9' lU- ~t.~,e ~LO~c, Ut it,[ me re.- I ience Why not check your Let- [ AURORA--Miss P*tr c ~ A ruer and school contributed an addition- ]co-chairmen of the dinner, assist-["'~,~ h,~. ~ ' " J gious life ~11,|~i,IIjl,| ~1~ ~ J llPaul V. Kuk in St. Michael church, Feb. al 5621/'2 hours of service Jed by John Stafford president" ~ "'t ::::--::;/(;:;~:?~:~;;:: :;~:::::~2: terheads. Envelopes, State-/ . ' . " ' [ And then comes theage-old] A panel, of business and pro- N|| ~|| ~||g | merits and Invoice sun,q~,9[ kinad Be.nter .~nq. John Gives Award of the Holy Name society; Mrs. lM{n,~h~r "r~v,~r-bodv ,~ 1 ~ ~[fessional men from the Serra IIIV II!1# ~11 I1~# ~] | ,*'~" ~" wenr,e in ~ ~arv church, ~eo. "' Leonard Weed president'" of St ' -++~,~ ~ ~ Well gladly quote you; what-] ST. CHaRLES--Miss Lorraine E. ~ue]l Sister Dolor[to, administrator, Anne sac[at 'and ~v~artin Me"1 " . .' / " " " ' 1 ]~ [ I ever your printing require-J~ J~n M. Grafly in St. Patrick church, assisted by Mrs. Margaret Lurid Co esidtYn't of the Ham" -'~j GiveUp ]religious vocations. The panel /~ {,~,'~ ] J I ' . ~ v* ~o " will include C T Van KOCKrOra r,aza e^ ~-,t~e merits, let us serve ou' letter- ROCKFORD--MISS Beverly L. HladHek and Miss Victoria Behan direc- - I g~ve up. Comes a time when1 . . Ausdall, I ]l ] J Y o rt O a} n t atr, k S huul a*~u~xat*u. --" press and offset equipped;[~c~,o~. w s~ i s. e c tars of nurses, gave o u t the [anything is easier than listen- I Raymond Clobes, Alex W. Ma- Open Evenings Tiff 9 . I Call Bar Sandbar I aNn~Wnd~OerR~d ~r~ot~Sofl-~akfoBr~ba~ awards, ling to one more, "Hey, Mom."[dole and Martin a. McCoy I g" g [~urc~ o~ ,~e savior ~e~. 3. " Mrs. John Miller, president of McGregor, Streamwood; Jane ["Okay," I tell him, "back it out[ Father Devine will join the ~ -z ------------ - Printers & Lithographers, ] OARLI~G'rON, Wts.--Miss Barbara Ann the Senior Auxiliary and Mrs -[ g g ~] ' ~Clark and Bernard F. Sounders in Holy Jo~enh M,~11,~ r~r~,~i+q~nf of fh~ nalee Blide, Denise Bruns Nan-Igarba~e can~' and answer period which will 1~1~ Ytll ~t l~oculora, ltttnots Rosary church Feb 11 ~ e ' .~ . -- "' '[ "rlt.O~N, Wt's.--Mi~s 3,net I Miller at Barrington Auxiliary, presided cy Ann Bonebrake, JudyoEvans,[ In our kind of compact, ira-[be conducted under the "Phil- ~ ~ ~TI~ ~r-~ wo 5.4628 [Free Dqrt and I~onatq J:.Zwie~ielhoter in at the refreshment table decor- Julianne Fedou, Dorothy Gill,[port car shifting into reverse[lips 66" plan. ~, ~] ~, ,'~ ,~+. Peter cnvrcn, ~-eo. ,h . a t e d to carry out the color Jane Grant, Kathleen ~ross, [requires not only muscle, but] ~.l~. . ~ ~ "k~/ minimal ml. ~ ~ ~ ,~- r~ ~ c,~; Phyllis Hamlin Sue Kern plenty of fancy footwork with[J~,-~o.]l~,~ - u- = . '. - .-,- t Sale mrmrmz~a .t's " -.:--* .~ ~ ~ bouise Lifto Sharon Mursewic~, the clutch The car with built. I BII~B ~lk~llll ~ puietxuxe~, *cu a ~u wnJ~e. ', "1 R " +'" :Steve Morrison, Evelyn Mills, fin Teutonic stubbornness, does[ AURORA --- Members of St. ' /'~-~t~ ~ ~t~ T= ecetve vms Evelyn Pasholk and Barbara]not like the reverse position Anne society of Sacred Heart ~.~U~tL~ ,Jult~ Want 'lhat New Home::,Those receiving awards were Thiecte, all of Elgin. [ Just in ;rime ' [church will hold a doughnut sale - r Sue Hoppe and Linda Stak The Candy Striper program is l Fortunately I'd parked thelSundaymorning March 5 YOU ,CAN -- THE MILE5 WAY Car Shirle McGrath a " " r: ' ' " " ' ' rl~T-l'~? 131~'~T I:I[TTI~I-~ITV(~TTR~I~TI~" hlTIT ,-, y ~ y,nape 1 open m an young peopie 15/car 10 feet fromthe garagelstarting at the n t- "1~1"11" ~'-'" am[m, ~arpentersviue; Diane years of age or older. 'rear wall. He stopped in time.[school ha~l Dresses Ulllner ANYWHERE,",' Y No Money Down " Low Monthly Payment, "/'I~D/ Your Credit Is Good -- First Payment From 60 90 Days ~ Ibll~kl~ Can Include Materials for Foundation -- Plumbing -- Heating -- Wiring SCHICK'S Paint & Wallpaper Store Miles Pre-Cut Homes Sportswear Accessories Frank J. McBride Rockford, Ill. 1348 6th Avenue WO 4.0053 <''O'OO*~ SEND FOR FREE CATALOGUE PHONE MA 5.3252 I WEAVER II THE II CONTRACT WORK. I ] SHI:Fr M,TAL SILO( I[II """ llil Commercial & Residential[ Take the Wheel III ~.!~LhMC~C0ySII~ 'nteri *+&E*ter' r' I . ,ox 'A,re-FIo lira ~~:e??~Soma~l The x, 2+r;i J*' r, oo,- ] I Get [ Conditioning IIIIall with ideas of their III] UDUDI T~'9~ I | " I j own. Walter Brennan stars, m+l I~DlhlILI5 1 "D I 1207 E 4th St. 1 ~ "" I,o7 E. 4th St. Ii !1 "+ I I MA 5-0111 Ill WREX-TV I I ts I , Like Sterling on Silver I Haberdashery & BOYS' STORE (S&H GREEN STAMPS) STERLING, ILL. I I GRENNAN and The NationalBan OF STERLING "Growing By Helping Others to Grow" Member of tha Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation Carpet Drapery Linoleum MA 5.0750 1] E. 4th St. Sterling Have Your Prescriptions Filled At EBERLEY'S in Sterling, Illinoi~ Hours: 8 A;M. 10 P.M Man. Sat. 8:30 A.M. 12:30 P.l~l. Sun. I II I ' I ESTABLISHED 1890 MAin S-1910 Gehring's CORNER LOCUST and THIRD Sts. YOUR JEWELER Sterling, Illinois McDONNELL'S MARKET "Quality Meat Always" 310 Second Ave.--Sterling--MAin 5.2290 Pontiac (GOOD-WILL USED CARS) Tempest EST. 1932 LEO J. LAUFF----Real Estate ,~co~E TAX S~V,C~ 204 East Third St. Sterling, Ill. WHEN IN STERLING e $ c e IT'S rrrn antrrn [ RESTAUR'~ZJ For Fine Food Atmosphere Service Open--7:~0 A.M. to 10 P.M, Daily and Sunday 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. ---'IT/here Good Friends Meet"- [21 E. Third St. Sterling, Ill. ,4 Catholic owned and managed Funeral Home MATT GRENNAN, Owner JIM GRENNAN, Assistant 202 FOURTH AVE. STERLING MA 6.0122 Gift Items Lay.Away or Convenient Charge Accounts 401 Locust St. a Sterling, Ill. Colonial Acres Rest Home One at Illinois' Finest Rest Homes For The Chronically Ill The Elderly attd The Convalescent Colonial Acres KENNETH E. MELVIN, PRES. MA 6-0233 16th AV. and SCIENCE RIDGE RD. STERLING, ILL. America's Finest-Made Cars (Plymouth --- Valiant) Spencer's 312 LOCUST ST. STERLING, ILL. Card, Luggage Hondbags Unusual Gifts Decorative Items Personal Leather Goods McNEIL ELECTRIC Electrical Contracting MA 5-2424 310 EAST THIRD STREET STERLING, ILLINOIS Dial MA 6-0008 114 East 3rd Sterling " ;TERLI UPHOLSTERED FURNITUR|---BEDDING PRODUCTS Lundstrom Greenhouses ROBERT A. LUNDSTROM, PROP. "Se* Us For All at Your Floral Needs" Phone MA 5-0~93 205 Eighteenth Ave. Sterling, Illinois YOUR FAMILY DEPARTMENT STORE for SAY . . . I aoe " -, I RE-UPHOLsTERING--REPAIRING II "N'-"'P "" 0PPING FOR EVERY'NE '| m Electric and Gas Tote, Heoten De t, A T [ I) t MU 0 I Heotan Da t, J J u o SEAT COVERS---CONvERTIBLE TOPS J+J J J . .+ I |P +.0 and Heol mO Electric Pumps Ill I[I ltl &Ji I Eclipse Power Mowers Gas-Canners[on Burners COMPLETE A TOMOTIV F RNIT R" "PHOLsTERY J I, STERLING & DIXON J,~ IF- 1 IV- ~ ~ J 1"'7,;;, $1UIIKE +: ~;;;"-II o "o o'o [ 4e~ LOCUST STREET STERLING, ILL- #HONE MA 5-1(I.t4 1815 LOCUST ST. PHONE MAle S-85~0 " II I +