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February 24, 1961     The Observer
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February 24, 1961

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PAGE8 ST. THE OBSERVER VINCENT'S JOTTINGS FREEPORT--With blessing and distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday the Holy Season of Lent began. Our program at St. Vincent's includes Wednesday and Friday evening devotions. Besides this the children have been encouraged to enter into the Lenten spirit by performing many little sacrifices and good works--opportunities for which are very numerous in a com- munity such as ours 1 No/z that basketball has reach- with their superior rebounding. ed its climax, cheers for tbeGus Limas lead all scorers with team of one's choice also in-12 points. crease. This excitement is car- , % ,:! By For FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1961 :,dI . 'F" UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS All the Young Men Hell Bent for Leather Prisoner ot the Volga Angry Red Planet High Powered Retie Scent ot Mystery As the Sea Rages Home Is the Hero School for Scoundrels Atomic Submarine Hoodlum Priest Secret of the Purple Reel Babette Goes 1o War House of Seven Hawks Sergeant Rutledge House ef Usher Ballad of A Soldier Seven Ways from Sundown Bat I Aim At the Stars Sniper's Ridge Battle of the Sexes lee Palace Song Without End Because They're Young" Jailbreakers S.O.S. Pacific Bells Are Ringing Journey to the Lost City Stalag 1.7 BaH Boy Kenya Black Sunday Long Rope, The Sundowners Blueprint for Robbery Magnificent Seven Sunrise at Campobello Brides of Dracula Man In a Cocked HatTarzan the Magnificent Cage ot Evil Counterplot Man who Died Twice Tess of the Storm Country Crazy for Love Marie Octobre Tima Machine Don Quixote Mating Time Tormented, The Enemy General Trapped in Tangier= Flying Fontaines Midnight Lace Two Way Stretch Feur-D Man Mountain Road Unforgiven Gazebo Nature Girl and the.Valley of the Redwoods General Della Revere Slaver Village of the Damned Giant of Marathon Night Fighters Visit To a Small Planet Gold of the Seven Saints Othello Wake Me When rt's Over Getiafh and the Dragon Pay or Die Walk Like A Dragon Great lmposter, The Place in the Sun Walkigg Target Hand. The Please Don't Eat the White Warrior Hannibal Daisies World of Apu A-Ill--MOP.ALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS All in A Night's W~rk Grass Is Greener Pillow Talk ried over into the 5th and 6th Girl Scout meetings are get-C il gi R p d Student Nurses grade classroom and used as an ring ever more interesting lor O e ~,~8 e8 o incentive for making Arithmetic grades rise. Early in the season our girls who eagerly anticipate] Attend Sodality i~: teams were chosen and scores each get-together. Last Men F]~ W'~ 1" 17 J 1W Kl' ror--S'lOp " '~':: . . ')!: :' were kept on an appropriately day's was very pleasant and in-! If) I,(l,r(i,l, ll,OI, .R /-I 1}I}~(I,L decorated bulletin boa d. Teams formative as the leaders pre- v ~. ~. ----. ::i:i:~: :: i::~:: ~i~!i:.~ gamed points by daI1 assign- . ~ . . ROCKFORD -- Mary Alice ~"nts in this sub~e-'t an~l b" sooted colored shde~ on varl- WASHINGTON, (NC) --'College, Salina, Kan. Totals do- : " - ' i: ::~:.~@~!:: man- s,eed /aces 'N;w we'f'nd ous subjects the girls have been Early returns indicate Catho- hated will be announced later. Walsh, Durand, and Barbara *.~ie: aM:~. "2. stuaying, particularly flowers, lio ,~ll,~cea t,d~'nt< a re r e The fmw~ rai<~ ~rf,~rt~ be Conners, Ottawa, students at tne t, lOOetrotters teactmg ~t. ~ u ~, - - ~.-~, - FATHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET --- C. $. Wilkinson of Aurora and his daughter, Alida, Vincent's 144-132 in the FifthI -- spending generously to an ap- san on February 1 and will St. Anthony Sehoo) of Nursing, leek on as Miss Angie Sadauskas, her "proxy father," Clyde Webster, Miss .loan Thomas. and Grade, while in the Sixth lhe Father Ambre's molher spent peal f r o m Richard Cardinal close on March 7. Msgr. Schie- attnded the Training School of Oliver Thomas. of Sterling, smile at the entertainment agenda at the annual Webster college Aquin team heads theGlobe- a few days with us last week Cushing for funds [or the Cath- der said. "It is the hope of Car- Sodality Action held at the father-daughter banquet. The banquet was he d Feb. 11 in the Chase Hotel. St. Louis. Me. trotters 253 to 224. and entertained the Sisters and clio University of Formosa dinaI Cushing thai each eel- University of Detroit. Feb. 11 Miss Sadauskas, the daughter of Mrs. Aniela SadauSkas, Rockford, shared Mr. Webster, a youngsters with her presenta-This was reported here by lege student will donate $1," and 12. Springfield resident, with his daughter Judy at the banquet. (George Tichaeek Photo). : tion of some excellent color Msgr. Joseph E. Sehieder na- he said. Students from the Ui-dver~ity Randy Randerson, Athletic slides which she took last sum- tional Federation of Catholic The Cardinal Archbishop of of Detroit, a Catholic college "r~ 1 lr~ I - ing Biblical scholar, is on three Director at St. Patrick's in Rock- mer on her trip to Europe. Church Students, which is eel- Boston, is directigg the Amer- conducted by Jesuit fathers, r-rlp. t I Olll .R %/" years' leave of absence from ford, and originator of St. Pat-[ lecting for funds, ican campaign to secure $900,- were hosts to the 150 college "" J Reals colleo e the Jesuit sem- **"" s *~-z ~:x~,~ = ow, ~ v "'1 cast bunflay evening Mr. lxmk Early returns have oeen re- 000 for the Formosa umverslty, and nursing stuaems m aLren- " ~'" ~" ' gram, brought two of his manylKeifer who had been a resident eeived said the Monsignor, Msgr Sehieder commented dance. Colleges represented in- mary at Toronto, Canada where I ]~ .I.O.I. .L ) ~ -~-~ " ' I" teams to St. Vineent's last weekjor the past 2Vz years, died at from Mount St. Mary's College, that "the walls have begun to eluded: M~rquette university, ZL1 ~ O~t ~ JOt=~,~]1~- he has been serving as p'ofes- for ao enjoyable double header.Is=. Joseph's Home Otr sym- Emmitsburg Md: the College rise for the university through John Carroll university Uni- "~ "" "" " ' " hr ' ' ' sor of New Testament exe esIs Accompanying Randy were t ce ath s ~ g ~. l . . ~ IP y to hL sister, Mrs. Susan of Mount St. Vincent, New York, the ~enerous contributicms of varsity of D a y to n, Sienna of his coaches Pat Donnelli Bill D n ell x~ o al h ~ IOWA CITY Iowa (NC) Catholic priest on the school's His appointment to the StateL ~O' o n . 'h so livesere. City, St. Martin coiled.e, Olym- the Catholic Colle~,e Students Heights, Nazareth College of ~rapp ann ~oo J~aococK a s j Alamo One Hundred and One 13 Fighting Men . . Student ] (Ilsslon i do in. this case? IF THE YOUNGSTER you na;u:als ap?:vfrr:pdleYe;r:n:n2P,esl~hip after graduationy p Agarajito tUnvan.O~a~g~ia~,% terdam 13 Ghosts CLINTON, ,In. -- ,w.e,ve oZ ]Bill are with gets upset or cries keep 7: ,l~-- maned) w ,~ rl e i r terrors gllTO~gll IbCT COb~.t?l?I 7t(A~ q 30 War the 39 students rating me non D~I%AUt~ t~n st m eacne Ben Hur Operation Came~ - - -- . Money is probably the maior your voice lo~ and pleasant ~ ~, ' ; " . '.',r] . " " Passport to China 39 Steps or roll at Mt Clare academy chapel will have a student mis- - "-- - '- ""o "~" oy mac. ='tease ao no;, ask m lers are ,t~vuca to wrz~e ro n, er Beyond the Time Barrier Pope Thousand and One ' . ~, " . . nanalcap that makes COllege t~e cneerluI. L~nllGren responEt, ,~, ",[. . ,~ ~ ,~.-,~ ~,-= c,m=,~,v, Poacher's Dau hter a~=h,=n Ninht~ for first semester are residents sion vLarcn 12-m accoreing tO = ~ ~, ,-,~ ,*,~ .-,;~n~l, *,- ~;,~4. .~.~a f,;~na~l (~ persoll(H, TeptlJ. xOtIT~9 TCaO,- l~ care el ltYt5 tJI3&~ltV,~lg. i n g i = - . .' . 1 ./ o~llt u u ~ u~ ~Iu*CK*j u 6et~t.y ~**~t ~l'a.~ ul.- Cinderfella Po~;"'Aamong Men Three Came to Killof the Rockford dmeese, de- an announcement mane oythe t h e question." ness Learn a few songs and Desert Attack Raymie Three Worlds of Gulliver cording to a release from the rtev nuoert iYlCkJlnn cnaplaln ^ ~ : - , Dondi Sand Castle Timbuktu " ' " r'-z~u While your games tO NeeD lnm Occupies The five day mission will be con- Flaming Star Santa Claus Toby Tyler school, t and interested. Glenn Miller Story Seven Wonders of the Tom Thumb a - ~,' ' o fuse directly he IF THE COMMUNITY in Gorge World Town Like Alice daughterof Mr -nd Mr~ [Green O.P Dominican H use Green Helmet, TheSink the BismarckTwelve Hours to Kill .o ' ~ ~' " " time to get used Sitters Course in one of the ~<:~, Hand in Hand Snow Queen Twelve to the Moon Thomas Ballas St. ohn par- of Studies, River Forest. may just n~ed which you live offers a Baby LitfleHeavenAngel n Earth Stop,S ng OfLookSisterand MariaLaugh UnderUncle Tom'STen FlagsCabin ish, Savanna; Brooklyn; Marl- Mission services will begin to the idea and schools or service clubs, take better tasting tartar Little Shepherd of King- Story of Ruth Wackiest Ship ,n the lyn Kennedy, daughter of 7 p.m. and will be followed also make plans it. If not ask the librarian for a dora Come Swan Lake Army Michael Strogoff Swiss Family Robi0son Walk Tall and Mrs. Joseph Kennedy, St. by Benediction of the Most Bles- for financial dr- a good book on the subject. Brighter with an ex- ModernMighty CrusaderSTimes Swordsword otandsherwoodthe Dragon~.orest WarriorGirl and the Slave Patrick, Albany; Jane McCoy, sed Sacrament. A sermon will rangcments. And good luck on your new Mouse That RoaredTarzan. the Ape Men When Comedy Was King daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Wil- also be given a~t the three daily H O W A R E ] job' tra measure of creamy My Dog, Buddy Teacher and the Miracle Wizard of Baghdad o - o uorm K t'eters Noose for a Gunman Ten Commandments Would-be Gentlemen liam McCoy, St. Mary, Walton; scheduled Masses. y ur h4,h scho. 1 ' ]l}e~r Doris: Oklahoma Territory Ten Who Dared W.reck of the Mary Deare Shega Spitz daughter, of Mr. grades? Is there 1 I would like it very much if, egg goodness lighter A-11~MORALLY and Mrs. Kenneth Spitz, St. Pat- parish, Sublette; Margie Din- any hope of a scholarship? The]you would give me some advice, in salad oil content rick, Amboy: Jeanne Gensler, gas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. guidance counselor or principallI know a boy who seems to like than any tartar you've daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Leslie M. Dingcs; Judy Hen-at school will know of the manylme and is always asking me for Gensler, and Evelyn Hermann, kel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. opportunities and whether you a date I don't like him and I tried before. Full 8- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. How- Cletus Henkel; Kay Lally, could qualify. Investigate with]wouldn't dream of going out ouncejarregularly29 ard Hermann -- both academy daughter of Mrs. Patrick Lal-them all possibilities of schol- with him. I keep giving excuses freshmen of St. Patrick parish, ly; Ann Vaessen, daughter of arships and financial aid. but I'm running out of them. I Rochelle. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Lconard Vaessen, i YOU'RE LUCKY that the me- Iw uld like lo let him know how And in addition are five from and Mary Vaessen, daughter of tropolitan area in which you I feel about him withoht hurt- our Lady of Perpetual Help Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Vaessen. live offers many educational ing his feelings. advantages. Two or three cbI- T.C. ]eges have regular part time This isn't easy. And it re- America's programs worked out on a five quires tact. Making excuses year basis. Students may hold constantly isn't fair and often finest family * * * TWO LOCATIONS down full time jobs while at- gives the boy false hope. Tell- tending classes four nigMs a ing him how you feel about him of dressings MONROE, WIS. week or less. is out. That would be rude and THIS IS JUST one of many uncharitable. plans, Some fellows start by at-t JUST STOP offering excuses. MOTORS INC. tending night classes and savejThe next time he asks vou for enough money to finish the lasted date say, "No thank you, two ,years in regular Iull time/Johnny'' I'm sorry." It may take sessiog-,l a few more times but he will WHEN YOU HAVE a good~event[~al]y catch on. All the Fine Young Holler in Pink Tights Please Turn Over PLYM0UTIt-- VALIANT -- CtlRYSLER Cannibals Hell Is a City Plunderers, The idea of what you want to do and[Dear Doris: Angel Wore Red Heroes D,e Young Per,ra, ,n B,ao, DODGE -- IMPERIAL DODGE TRUCKS -- SIMCA what the possibilities are d~s-I There's ,'oin," to b" a dance Angry Silence, The . Home From the Hill Purple Gang cuss it again with your father, l at school next month How can Also ~ |SLMIO |lkLIll~ ~I/UE QtEESE 6~RLIC FRENQi Dressings Aoartmen Th, Ho se o, ,ntrigu. Our Reputation Is Your Guarantee " " Back to the Wall H~oP~OhC Eye Rachael Cade Dear Doris k o Rue de Paris / ~ ~ I " : I get this boy I li e to ask me. ~- -- ~ Big~treetDeal on Madonna l'mlnheritA,thaRightwindJaCK Savage innocents |/to Baby Sit. I would like toI - I J~[~[JIKI .e ao,=" vr~, |it PasSedstarted FOrln NapWhiteles Senechal,cent Th, Magnifi. i[ know some helpful hints in or-[i:DIg I t Captain's Table Jayhawkers : Seven Thieves I|der to do this job well. |&Ill& J~ CI lit 11 I Career ~ey Spartac~s I/ Lorraine H |} 5etv/t~s Comntunity ~11 ttatt ren I !Cash McCall League of GenHemen Story on Page Gnu - +.+o + w++ o College Confidential Epitaph Tank Commandos Be sure you ahvays know Lumber Cover Girl Killer Magician Third Voice where tl~e arents can be reach Cranes are Flying Make Mine Mink Threat P ' - e Ce Crimson Kimono Malaga / Tiger Bay F i1o the phone numberso, il;2 Z L2;7. liiThe Storeof Fo: {!1 cmv y I Crowded Sky Murder, Inc. Touch of Larceny a~'~ Dark at the Top ofMuse Box Kd Tunes of Glory hion the Stairs North to Alaske Unfaithfuls, The the parents,a neighbor next V i ExodusEnd of innocence Nude(Fr.)In e White Car VirginUpstairSlslaadand Downstairs Ildoor and the doctor You ma, II S,ore II Lo~sses' ond ~hildren's Ill I FastFads and t Litesexy onOCean'Sthe BeachEIeven WebVirginefSpringEvideece(SWedisbl No ~latter the Season . o . Summer or Winter llnever need them but they are il 7+ III CIothi.g----Dry G~ds.---Shoe$ {I LUMBER I FeverFour Fastin theGunsBIood, A OnceOdds MoreAgainStwithT merr WFeeling WhYwind Must I Diecennof Read Enjoy Mealtime More By Serving Cheese Ilv'tal" In' case of an emergency. ,~ ,I V & S I111 "There/st,re ts nonoSuhsti,ulo, },1; ;~,[k:T " I 400 Blows One-Eyed Jacks Wolf Larsen I[ GO THROUGH t ne nouse l| I ~ ]or Quality" 'BUILDING MATERIAL I French Mistress One Foot in HellWonderful Country "The Ideal Food in Any Season" Ilbefore the parents leave and I WALLPAPER-PAI2~T I ! " " " I I Goliath and the eat- Opera= on Petticoat Young Here NP Time ~ " "= ber n, our M ,n You.g o.e Ilfind the ]ocation of doors, light I DEKALB /2o5 E. Locust I v t es 1 ' LIL~ULEL J 1 ,-- ORALL. O,JECT,O.A LE ,N PART FO, YOU'// 41way, F/.d Its, ieh te ephone, etc. If youil Ill -,- Ill T~. 6-4824 DeKalb I And Quiet F,ows the Don Head of. Tyrant Rat R.ce tumg~rtm II -~-- II Phone,70 730 MAI~ I|~ ' - - - An-el Bab- Hell to EternHy Rebel Breed " IL-- I/ REEPOR T " . " . Her Br da N ght (was: Rise and Fall of Levi= Atlanhs, the Lost Contment Bride Is Much Too Diamond ee Beloved infidel Beautiful) FT. Rookie Between Time and Hercules Unchained Rosemary ] ~ PAUL CARLSON AGENCY Eternity Herod, The Great September Storm BreathBrambleBluebeard's TenHeneymoOnSef eush$oandal " JaekHir shima' Mon AmoUrlnsidelt TakeSthethea Ripper MafiaThiet SeXsolomonShakedownCOllegeKittens Go tOand Sheba C~r~ t0rr " E I~L' B E ph.INSURANCE105 " REALTYEri Butterfield g Jazz Boat Sons and Lovers CanoCan Leech Woman Squad c,r On The Square Carry On, Nurse Legions of the Nile Strung,era ot Bomb,y Shoppe Carthage in FlamesLet's Make Love Strangers When We Mlet Circus of Horrors Li'l Abner Studs Lonigan NELL.BEE ~ g Shoppe Crack in the M|rror LOok in Any Window Surprise Package (West Side--Downtown) Nelly and Betty Cry for Happy Macumba Love Take a Giant Ste~ kADIES' APPAREL' Paintln Desire in the Dust Mania Tatl Story Plain folks but plenty smartl Elmer Gantry Marriage-Go-RoundTerror ef the Tongs MONROE WISCONSIN (Reg. 'l & Half Size ) Paper Hanging Electronic MonsterMillionairess Too Soon to Love CHILDREN'S WEAR II Taping hold of 3 generations -- Entertainer, The Misfits, The Underwor/d, USA ?,o Dry-Wa Gramps heads a house- Esther and the King Never So Few Vice Raid (Girts to Size) - ' ""~:l"" all with ideas of their Female and the Flesh Ni, hts of ,Lucretio Virgin Sacrifice ; INFANTS WEAR 'W and Finishing own. Walter Brennan stars. Five Branded Women corgis Where the Boys Are (Accessory Items) Foxhole in Cairo Parrish Where the Hot Wind RESIDENTIAL--COMMERCIAL From the Terrace Platinum High Scheo| B(ows Ph. 174. ERIE, ILL. "YOUR lnsur ce Pnlicyls Phone: ADorns 3-1916 THURSDAY, 7:30 P.M. Fugitive Kind Portrait of a Sinner Who Was That Lady? Gangster Story Pretty Boy Floyd Wicked Go lo Hell .~ Symbol o/Securlt~" Gene Krupe Story Prime Time Wife for a Night " 841 S. LibertylFteeport WREX-TV Girl in Room 13 Private Lives of Adam Wild River : G. 1. Blues and Eve Woman Like Satan (woe : Goddess of Love Proper Time Female) ' GO Naked In the World Psycho World of suzy wong Home of K-L GAS Happy Anniversary Pusher Young Jesse James C---CONDEMNED,---/~J~-~ N~t K.L aA$ ~ I Heat . AdnrableCreaturesLlane, JungleGeddessNdOrohidstorMiss Monroe's Finest Dining Room & Lounge MOUNT CARROLL NATIONAL BANK (French) Love Game (Prenchl Blandish (British) And(French) God Created Woman Love Is My Profession Oscar Wilde Enjoy Dining Here! "Complete Banking Services" Baby Doll 'Lovers, The (Fr.) Passionate Summer Imrt Bett U C,s Service| Bed of Grass (Greek) Lover's Return (French) (Fr Ital.),PHONE 4141 " Bed, The (French)Mademoiselle Gobette Please= Mr. Balzac (Fr,)Now . MARC0'S is twice its' former size ond ~omplete(y I Breathless ,(French,) Port of Desire redecorated. Conveniently. located in downtown Monroe. Ac- Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ADams 3.1713 Come Dance With Me Madomoisene Striptease Pot Bouille (Lovers of 0 N. Henderson Ave. -- Ph. In . (French) (French) Paris) (Fr.) commodations for weddings end bonquets, Iorge or smell. Desperate Women, The Ma~dalena Private Preperty , Expresso Bongo Maid in Paris (Fr.) A Question of Adultery " OPEN 7 DAYS A E Fruits of Summer (FT.) Marie du Port (French) Rosanna WEK Game of Love (French) Mating Urge Savage Eye l~otiee ~OUI " ~ Garden Of Eden Miller's Beautiful Wife Sins of the eorglas 11 A.M. to MIDNIGHT The Place To Go For Brands You Know Green Carnanon (was " (ItaL/ i (French) R Appearance Trials of Oscar Wilde) Miss Julia (Swedish) Smiles of a Summer Heroes and SinnersM]tsou (Ft.) mght (Swedish) SATU DAY 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. 9 Others Do. Husband for Anna, A Morn and Dad Snow Was Black : , I Am a Camera Meon Is Blue, TheSteels (Gre;ekl [,' Illicit fnterlude (Swedish) Naked Night, Tha Third Sex i ys' Wear J Let Us He]p :Yon Karamoia (Swedish) Trials of Oscar ~lda SUPPER Lady Chatterley's L~ver Nana (Fr.) . I Wasted Lives and the Men's and Bo 3 'o Look :your Best. Letters frem My Wind. Never en ~undaV Births o, Twi.s,CLUB mill (Fr.) Night Heaven Fell IFr.) Woman of Rome (Ital.) I I SEPARATE CLASSIFICATION Featured Entertainment Phone 311] Mt. Carroll[ A sebarote C|assifie~tion is g|ven ,o certoln film whlcl, while not morel. (Weekends Only) CAPPS CLOTHES'FREEMAN SHOES MODERN COURTEOUS IV offensive, require some analysis end exDlanat on as o Drotectiop te thl / uninformed ogainst wrong interDretnt/on ond folse conclusiooeA Across From thepost Office MUNSINGwEAR--ARROW COIFFURE EFFICIENT Martin Luther Adam end Eve Anatomy of Murder "" Storm Center Case of Dr. Laurent Suddenly Last Summer Monroe, Wi, ' OSHKOSH--BIG SMITH Since 1934 SERVICE " Circle of Deception Girl of the Night Crownlnl Exl0erlence . and Many More STYLING 14 Soutk Chicago Avenue