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February 24, 1961     The Observer
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February 24, 1961

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W pAGE4 catio~ should be the ~ legl- timate and hat cable g~d of any edueatleaa] sy~em. ~ rd l~kse~k~ The prk,~ary ~ ot acc~ to Dr. Smith i~ t~ i~it~,ttANT S~INT, P~etrs Di ll~ttete, McGre~ Nile, ~t~ it it it Wkam fragile m'etty littte Frmeeu~imt visitc~t her l~l~-tmc-le, ~km L~, she sailed paper rose 1~wers ~ f~r the rams she ~ ate day to lead) ~ ~ Yeaera River is 14sly. T~ her the river was the oeeam and the dest/~n of herself and her ]R~es was the Missions of China. phm ~ ~ma~, "A e~- ale el ~ bew~ oe~m~t ~amled her. then N~er and ~mo~tter, see~ the ~ all sums combined, l~r d~d- ib~art was mwel~d ia ~y ~t the e~th. S~e fett that 1~ k~ ~s~en her. th~ she was to ~ heamewg ~t~ brides, I~ h~ev. l~ im~r yem~ ~ wm tt m#'. "~l'he m~mat el le ~ .l #he aaeeed ebaim~. I f~t v~ieh-m~.~v~ h, ~meu~md. l~m~ tk~ mmmm~ l ~m~,~ Qlm~-Im4 mm~ ~P~ creature. mtt. ~ ~ ~ ~ mam~t ~ mm~ of i ~ fate ed att~ wave ~ that Frs~ees ~d~i~ w~ t*~ bri~ God lave and ~e. The Imm~mtt ~Imt ts aw~ wr~ lank. To ~ wh~ blye read mnek i ~ ~ e~s Cabr~ti it might act aarthing sew. Tk~e w~ th~k f her M a C'hiea~ saiat wM tmwe their view br~adm~d. To ~me, a ~ ~-~ ~e~ ~- i~m immi~ramts i ~ m!gttt eraetbm~l--it ~; bet me~ tie. of. iw~ wl~ i~t m~M4 ,~ re~t~ ~ ~ it mot i- Maria C~ was Amer~a's f~st -- a~d --=./at. neap a tmeats, ~,~ The ~ ~a -~ ~~, ha, ~ the .~e .~ a tragper with ~s failer he w~ eight, aml he is v m- ~et~dy ~ l~a wtmm !~ fath~ is ~. J=mle'~ ad~um- ka ~imally l~ad him to tet, t~ ~m 0 ~ us Omah~ C~y. M.~. AI~T F~lt ~(M~Tg, bi R~s~ert Fta&i,~e. ~'e, M41t~m- The book wry * * it "aer ba ~er, Mwfyl~nd, 95 pp $t.55. The clgld's participation can Nave Hc~r, deeper and f~ller i reattsat-to~ i~ they make semae e~ 'the simple prayerful gestm-es with the priest. jsoas. And it was am it~toltectaal delig~ to have him refer to at~d review se we~ the Ti~mis~t~c and Ariste~eli~it lWiac6ples of edua.AKien. A~ A Fou.dress SAtlqT M~ttDRLRtlqE ~O,PI~I~ ~ARAT by C. g. Ma ~6re, R. $.C.J (2t4 pp.) Shred mt~ Ward, Net# Y~rk, T . Y S~.TS. 4# it Reoe~t years l~ve ~t~n the the priest mid the chard ttms|~blic~tion of a spate e4 blet~a- fi~thtdratteati~more c~,e-|Phies e~ fen term ~ religions ty ~ what is set, tally ha~Je a~~tie~. Genially. the in~ at rite a~tar, books themselves are ~dte an- tebe~inteaehingtheyan~ Catholic the true me~*i~t ~ the M~ss a~d i~ is hi@My recem- retarded. S.P. * it it ~,R~A~O bl~ ~?~ra ,qmewkI~ and AN?IF. bi~ M. K. Rtchm'd- '~, Shred ~d W~rd, $2 ~q~h. Two new l~atrM galat ch/tk drem;' b~ks have heenadded to the ~,-ies mddlshed hy $~.ed and Ward. As u.~uol ~ ar~ at- tractively bmmd aml ~i,s~a~d. md mak~ ~e gi~ for aegable ~si~m~. St. ltm~a~& ,m~m u~g let memgmi~ ~ amt ~vd- ~ ~~ The story, d St, Arose. th ~ the ~e~ged Vir~k~, be- gins with the s~awles el bow her- ~ reat beiges. St. A.m'ay . I~ Fr~moe, m~t ~aum-e in C~. w~re f~ed. m~d g~ en t~te~ :of .some of the ~ ~ ~ve ~ ~d in her ~. M.G. distiaguished--emm~ andiag nnd gett~t~ tltt[e except local attem- tien. This book. however, de- serves r~tion. Mother M~ ~t~e has a~t said the first ~tar the last ward en ht~ fotmdr~sg. R.4 she has pt, t itesh and spirit tat~ h~ p~rtrai~ of the .~i~t. S(. Msuteleiae's estabiishie~ M the Soeiety of the Sacred Neart mat nea-tttrla~ of its predigi~us ~wth was s remarkable weak. To ~ this ,~he h~d f~ o~attm~ with ~l~eat ttr~eavals (the peri~l is the f~st b~Jf ~ the alm.4~enth century i~t Fra~e~), e~m~nic hard.~hil~, opp~sit6~, the threat M schism im ~- ete~y's rmdr~, md h~r ~ re- current ~m~ with i~ss -T~ autlmr ha~ t4~Id this side withoett bewdening the rea&er with deta~. h~ giv~ us in~i~t~ ~ tl~ salt's dot~, vi~us a~ dewn- t~elN-i~t sl~hrittt~lty. T6 th~,~:, ~ g~t's ~r~. but eae wish. the *~-~q'~ were ~. Smiit Mad~c~te's word~ to her ~v~s f~d their f~lflllment ia ]~-rsol~: "Be a form ~ G~i. Like the saorame~t~d ~e~, b~ ~d~ appearmte~; let yea- =~,tmtee be Jest~ Chri=t." Tk4s ]~ek is r~ ~ aM w~ rev~reaoe a he ~i~e f~w C'b~t: ~ w~ wish to le4~m the ~t ~a~ ~ Mse ~ from ~. ~.M,G, The Observer, Friday, February 24, 196t "1 1Ptllglg-WINNENG ENGRAVING OF CRI[;CIF13[]K)N --- etlfrt,inl~ 0{ the Craciil/en depieth~ Cl~i~ ~ a l~q~md musc~ ymmg me ~ tlm'e~lk the writ , m Mte ammad Award e~ g%eellenee of rite Em~raved St rio - cry Mmudaeterars Assoeiatiea. The award was bestowed here mt lb~y Gr~l~m of ]K~t @~a~ge, N. J ~ e~ e~e~ed f~r we h~ ~ to memarisi Mss~s i~ Catholic eh~ehes. Mr. Grattmt said c~et ~ dime ira the ~ were ~ke f~em #re ilely Skrmt4 of T~h a '~ ~, as~ ~hrist, almmt eJfemitmte is ap- prom-amen." E~eemed l~y G~rman-b~ arM~ Job Gr~ Newark, N. J ~ ~av~-Is said to be based m ~fete~g rmamreb late the ~rne ei~enmstauens of I&e Crneiltmi~ by IVl~r O~i,C.$~;.R -el ~, N. Y. (~ ~) $ lIN CO|IRTNEY MURRAY. $.i. ~WE-I~LD TtT~ TRUTHS, $~hn Ce~trt*te~l Murray, S.J ~ Shred a, td Ward, Nero Yotk N. Y. {#(iS pp.), ~5.~I~. A ~lent for ~htlo.~y dee~ n~t sc~ to be native to the AmerieM ~dt~. At least for LSONtical ~hfl~,e~phy, which is the! sub~et of the prese~ volume, at~ w~rk by ~ Amerlc~m has ever attahaed rec~mition ~ a cla~ic. Evee ~be best des~rip-: ti~ of ~t~ i~titutiwas have come fr~ the pens ~ the Fre~c~ de Toe, neville mad the: ~aglish L~rd Bv.vce. ~d tire ~tyI is p~rhap~ ~ ~in~ when.I the A~rlc~m mime] will have ~emtl~, reHeeted ~t i~ mdi- bicat ~iemee to ~i~ a pi~,s,lddeal ~k ~." the fe~t R is elmt~e peas(tale that whea ,a c-qass~c w, rk el Amer~ t~lltlci~ the~y is m,oduoed a C~c wt~R write it. Yet ~e be~ work ~ this ~m-e hither. t~ ~ by Cat~c~ /~ ~mer- ioa hsm ~ wrltt~ by ~r~- am -.~ra setmim.s : MarR~l~ nd ]temm~ N.w at a native A~r~ has ~ their r~eir~. We ~-a~ an equal. ~e ttm eL ArMeim l~r. MmT~s im-evle~ ~. ~m, .~ ~ bath on sider. .aMeamd meri6eel, has rested eat a number of articqes lmblgqhed f~r the most r,~rt in r~ri~ea~ not read by the gtmerat mttdic. This. his first book, is a engine- tics ~f a do~.ea ~r so of his lmb- lished articles. Yet the v~mme ha~ enough amity t~ make it a reasonable coherent wl~de. F~r more important, it bag a depth ~ri~Mity which make it .a St~n~fl~ and tq~dturing eoIb trib~t(o~ t~ ~be formatlo~ ef mt American political nhlb1~phy worthy of the name Ft. Murrag writes frm with;a the traCHea ~f scho]a~tlc ph~osophy. ~: would ~b~e.~s prefer to say that he is ia the m~ srelm the Western ~a~n of reason. APPROACH TO CALVARY b4] Dora Huber~ V~n Zeller, O. ~;.8 Shoed #nd Ward, New Yo~k, N. Y (t25 ~p.), $2.~. Do Hubert van relier is an author ~ much renewer having published several books dealing with the spiritual tlfe a~d the ~urthering ed sanctity in the re- |igious, priest and layman. This new book is excellent .because ~f its appre, ach. This reviewer would ant clas- sify this little, yet powerful book, as merely a book of me- diatioms ~t the St&tio~ of ~he Cross -- i~ is much mere that this. It could better be termed a series of essays ms the sub- jeer e4 altering in general. The lwlmary IMWPeee ~ t~ ~m4k~v is t~ krea~ the e~t~ve problem el pei~; ~ fl~re ]ms t.-~ ~, what ~i~ it, tl~ reader is ~ to d~ alma it. Shtee ~ sawer is fmm~! ie rite Passio~ ~f Lert, ~ ~ ~ ~ re- luted, imei~ frmm the ~p~- ieaees of the C,~I-M~m. Do Rh~bert f~eats ~f such thin~s as C~ademnatiem, Ac- cepAance, Fa~ure, C~passion, C~-09eratien and the like and shows their ceamectiem with the stations. It is a book whleh the silg~tiy shove average reader would ftmt c~citing, htterested at~d educating. The style is adt Do~ Huheri's -- a readable, flowing, and yet on,case treatment and handling ed the ~glish langu- age. Yet, this book is not one which i.q meant entirely for the neophyte in the spiritual H~e. s,~'e certain things are taken for ~eanted. While the neophyte wilt prof~ ~ a reading of same, 0~e wb~ is more ~dvanc- e~ wbll ~H immeasurably h'~ it. Indeed, highly recm~-' ~od. S~P it * * LRNTRtq MRiDITATION~ br~ Dat, id Greensteek, Nruee, M~f- tea ken, (155 pp), $~.5@. Mest people during the he~v sea o of Lent realize that it is mow a time to d~ ,something rather than just thinking about doing something! But the strai~ doing a great .deal ~fton kit~s the ~etivity I~f~we it b~g~. This little b~k ~rs to such a per~ the idea,] activity for [~,mt. There is a diKe~nt medi- tatiM for each ~a~ of Leal ru~- m~ an ]~er than two~ at the m~t. It p~vid~, .~b ~rt. t~ be sure. b~i ~t~less. far r~ae~g medltatbms ~ the pHc~t~n to the Amerlem~ seems. The be~k thus dem~trates ls~wer of asslmitattow of aew c~peritmce which ~e Wadttims m~st have i,~ ii is to remain a . We ~ t~d~s we are w~ to ]ear~, Tram ~ WE NOLD e~ the t4mets of k/~ f=dth, b~t ke quiekly ~ealimm that aids is net a theo~eal treatise b=4 rather a zJ~rt, coincide metlmd ~ per- forming me tat prayer. This reviewer feels, that his Lent wiN-be more profitable aft- er having read. this book of med- itations. It is, actually, the same things that one reads during every Lent er for simply bas/c srdrit~al reading, b~i it is said in a different way, in a contem- porary style which makes read. ins ~f spiritual books exciting instead o~ boring. RS BEFORE I~IIG FACE by Cam- ton CottriterG Vod. 1, Herder and Herder, St. Louis, 19~I (3#9 pp.), ~tb~t $~.50. It is not often thai one is abL to secure a copy o~ priesfl meditations that stimulate the 'spiritual growth of one's surer- dotal dignity. Father Courtiers has produced such a book. In- eluded in this book are 25 medi- tations written by a priest whose vivid sense of mission and ex- tensive pastoral experience have made him famous and wilt do likewise for his tTeattse. The author speaks to other I known spiritual writers. The a~ther's aim is to relieve the priest from the tedtens Imm. ~mm exmienee ~ routine; to br~ate sel~baess im his ~- istry ~ te ~alify the world. ly idk~lems that ean play havoc wi~ ap~tolie work. It is suited for daily mediata- rive reading, a monthly day ~ recollection or a retreat, In a letter to the author, the tote Archbishop of Paris, CardS. hal Suhard. wrote: "Priests who read this book wilt feel immae- diately that you speak to then~ h'~ personal experience. It wit[ Snap/re them to a persistant effort and ma asceticism exact- ing but always attainable. They will reeogniz, e that the prayer~ it contains were yours bef~-e they became theirs." Tim book is met a prattle ira-Iv easy m~ to rea~ am] s~ a priest decide to rose it for medi- ttti~ it w~l I~ him for the empire year. Time ~s from S~red Serip4mre hi order to make a ~ are mamy ~ ex- eellemgy e]~tem. The style is far frem etmabers~ -- it is far brmm ~kamatic -- it is ht every way, th~, d~Fnamic, WIJ THE RESURRECTION. A BibHca~ St*~dg bN F. X. Dutrt~eI~, C.SS.R Sheed a~td Wa;rd, Net~ York: (87! pp), $~.5#. The Protestant heresy that faith is an internal re]ig/ens e~- oerieaee due solely to tim direct imq~eq~ce of God. inclined the classical theologians to insist so much on the validity of the e~c- tern~l evidence that they have neglected showing internal realities of this evidence of Go~l's deal/ g with me The t~esurreef;,~n is on* st*eh doctrine. Str~ Pr~/ First of all, the Re~urrectloa is the stren~est "proof we bare that Our L~rd was truly both God and Man. This asnec~ of the Re.~urreet~ has, in fact, tended to demainate the thought c~f Cbrlstia*t writers and preach- era for the last several etm- tories, tmttl even t h e school chiM is fa~itiar with "the argu- mm~t ~f tt~ c~nptg tomb" as decisive proof ~f C~ri~t's divi~e .tho~ity amt mi~i~. We have tended to m ,gtect a m~eh more important aspect ef the Rerurrecticn -- an as~ct which has ~reater importance for the hiving of ~e's faith than for defending it against attack. The greatest mem~ing of ti~ ]~est~rrection is the f~ct fhat it vepre~ ~e tri.mph of Christ ver ~in and death. M~re Tl~m A~i6gy Far the Christi . the~, the Resnrreeti~s is more thin u ape~Ntetic ar~q~ment; it is the~ pledle of his ~wn salvati~, theI a~suramee that his ow htm~r and thirst will be met, mid that his ]fie has ter itz vital center not ~ Cr~s of sitd~erJng aml d~feat, but the victory symbol. ized by the ~ tomb. As. has beta stated in defea~ of this b~k, Father Durrwe~ helps restore t~ the modern! Chrish[~ mlsd ~e ~g~ melia~s of the Resta, rectiet The l~mk is al~ ~ as ~m ~h~et~al work. In his Gr~m.! mac of ~ Newmam t,~. mind ia its arriving at a~eat. The syllogism never convinced anybody. It is a fly in amber. neat and beautiful, but cut 0Jr from reality on all sides, ~n- ning with a firs( principle that not aH will accept and ewling with a eou~usiem that adds a~h- ins to the 3~remlse. Tn ]kte men ate moved by what is real m~4 vivid. Syl|ogisms never e~n- viae~ anybody. In speaking of the Resurrecti~ it may much better to ~ the author's a~roach attox~-ther -- the tri- -mnh of Christ e~,er ~ death. The author deMs with t~ Resurrection of Christ ~. a ~nys- tory ~f redemption. He give. the baekgretmd u the Old Testa. meat as to what was taunt e~n. eerni~tg the -Res~wreetion ; the theology of tKe cattiest beaching and that of S~ Paul. Ne speak~ f ~ Resurrecti~ of Lwarist a= the tdrth ed the ~u~ mad ~- atty the ehutreh's llfe ]o ~te risen Christ, attd the Easter mystery in its eo~s~atlee its Heaven. ~e are the as~ ~ t~ Restwreetien that bring re a] -re the dect~ine. These are the ~ that make this a much richer d~ctrine them just the argument from the eml~, t~mb. Father DurrweU-help~ rest~r~ t. *he n~rn 0ht-istta~ mind tl~ neglected ~ ~d tim Resareectiea. TrY, 4, ttss~i~ ~k i~ ~ much ~ected ileM.