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February 24, 1961     The Observer
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February 24, 1961

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PAGE 6 and to the utmost possible limit whenever vital iuterests are at stake Be there on guard attd in action." Plus XII.=7 Tells Simple Steps to Encourage THE OBSERVER ',IDA]c, FEBF UARY 24, 1961 thf yCo tereH, ce,ChairlllallgS ln ou ] "'Be present everywhere [or the -[aith, -[or Christ; in every ' ' A Single omen Duties e A specialized type Day of Bethany Conference are avail- I Catholic high school m Ster- I1~ ,i l Recollection. known as a Beth- able for conference directors ling [1| |llllllEIglbgl any Conference. ha: received An appropriate suggested read-ll l] ~w~I'I'IIIRL~"II commendation f r o m several ing list is available in this dio-~~) Committee chairmen of an3 members of the hierarchy, and has been recommended by the Family Life Bureau, NCWC, to diocesan Family Life directors. It is intended for the mature (30 years of age and up) um married woman, on whom, in ,ay " ipatio. in the Mass cese from Mrs. C. A. Lies of Aurora, 'diocesan libraries and literature chairman. Bethany List Recommends This Book The latest addition fo the suggested reading list for Beth- any conferences is a book em titled "The Vocation of the Single Woman," edited by Fa- ther Amroise--Marie Carre. It is a symposium of views by a number of informed writ- ers on the subject of celibacy as it applies to the large per- centage of women who remain single bm do not enter the re- ligious life. Show Causes Social conditions in the mod- ern:day world have greatly in- creased the number of women who are included in this group. Many remain single as a result of circumstances rather than from choice, Among the phases discussed in the book are the spiritual aspects of such a way of life, the s i n g u 1 a r opportunities which these women have to practice love of God and love Mission Fihn Offers Excellent Program Fare An award winning film entitled "A Different Story," is available tree of charge to schools, study clubs, mission units, sodalities local unit arc the backbone of Catholic women's lay activity in this country and are the vital link in the chain of Catholic ac- tion programs developed through the committee system of the No- tional Council of Catholic Wom- en. The local chairman's basic job, of course is to put pro' grams of Catholic action into op- and other parish groups fromthe eration, but ultimately, through Medical Mission Sisters of Philo- reporting, it is she who provides . i new program ideas an aware- oelpnla It has oeen acclalmefl e = "' " n ss oi new committee neeos as an appropriate program for and a trained Catholic leadership young and old alike, for future programs. The 16 ram. technicolor film Her Main Duties was made in ~he lands where The NCCW lists the following -~.~ --.~ ,n ~ ~,L. -,~ a t, nine points as important duties ~,u ~mn)~ ~ "~ ~)~u' r~.~.~u ut~-.~L and responsibilities of the local ~Apldlnb tll~ YVUIIf~ O LII~ I 1~Ltl- . * ' "*is " ~'i " rs w '- o ar committee chairman working COl lVi slon ~ ate n e ~ ~;~.n. ,~ ~ ~n a eu for an effective local program . ' 1 The local chairman should glOUSly monvateo to on t n e ", .' stuay the annual programs of- work m me cnurcn " ' fered in Monthly Message and Two time lengths areavailable . ~: the committee suggestmns offer- either 30 or 45 minutes The 45 ed b DCCW and ado 'ted b her ,y P Y minute movie requires.the, use of deanery. From thi~ ,~.~"a .~.~" .~. a 2 000 foot take-up reel m or ler . . ' - .7 local situation, she must develop to obtain the film, me repre-an annualDrro, t~r'am nr or 1 an of sentatlve of any group may write action for her committee: to Medical Mission Sisters Film: - ' : l~eeus t~ecoras l~eports Department rnna~etpma tl, l . ~':' ' . z ~nrougnouv me year sne Pa They ask that the group in-, " '~ . . -- snOUlCl oevelop her KnOWleoge o Olcate the elate toP WnlCfl tne " . ~" materials and trends in the field Illm lS wantecl ~uno an alternate o . , m net committee mainly date on which it could be used ' - through reaamg available infor- mation. She Should also try to What are we doing about the In the third stage the laity choir sings the Gloria and Cred the words of Pope Plus XII, Pope's mandate for lay partici- would include the saying ot thetlof a harmonized Mass. "unavoidable c i r e u mstances patios in the Mass'? " Gloria. Credo, Sanctus and Ag-I A letter from a young Wiscon- have bestowed a mysterious vo- This question was posed re- nus Dei in Latin. Because it islsin priest who is now a Francis- cation whom events have des- cently by Miss Alma Becker, to be said in Latin. it is under-can missionary In the rugged!tined to a solitude which was spiritual development chairman standable that it will take years and poorest part of India was not in her thoughts or desires, of Freeport deanery, who then to have complete participation quoted by Miss Becker to illus- and which seemed to condemn Went on to outline a few.begin- of all the laity in both High and trate the privileges so often un- her to a selfishly futile and use- sing steps which can be taken in Low Masses appreciated by those of us who less life." answer to it The book "Our Parish Prays are more fortunate, i Studies Nature of Women Before Pope Plus XII died he and Smgs published by the L1- The priest told about Christ- Such coMerences may fast a ~rmroved an instruction from'the turgical Press, is being used inmas in his mission, where hun- half-day, fullday or may be ,vt- *-- l " " ' Sa re-~ on-re-aq0n of Rites on many parishes and ma~'ks clear-,dreds of natives walked miles extended mto a serms of ses- C ~ g g t,' " ~ . '~ . . " tho suhior.t nf lnv n r i in io ly all parts for each stage of par-lover mountams and through stuns. The name demved from a t c at n . . in the ~Vlas~ a d'irective to the Ira)potion and contains the,dia-i}un~les to attend Midnight Mass the special purpose of the con- whol~ woric]' aimed at brinoin,logue Mass, man), hymns andlon Christmas Eve and egen terence, presents as inspiration ~ll the faithful inte, more active Gregorian Masses. lslept m adJommg yards in order and model the hmndsh~p de- ~. v . ~ . M,sslonary ~rites to staytor the two morning prated in the Gospels that of participation in oiterlng me nuiy ". I " " -'* - " M~S~ Some people might ask if th~s Masses. The priest thought of ~viartna and Mary of Bethany "*~" lwould pt~t an end to polvphoniC, tthe great cathedrals, decorations with Our Lord. .tar unurcn tee~s we .nave or-/ r " " ' s" oi ~ ",I The u] )ose i~ to fo - o narmonlzeo .lng ng oi tne~ana music ne nao gnomon Dark P "i,cus a come mere spectators at the ' " " woman; r ~Nviass oy cnmrs. ~vtany parisnes~home but when hundreds of no- sp ayerfuI attention on xviassnstening to a mummem ~, ' " ' thes " ' . ~use' both -- thecongre,ahonltlves rmsed then" vmces in uni- e fundamentals: The na- conversatmn between the pmestl . ) ' tm'e of " ismgs the short parts such as the]son and sang the High Mass as woman; what const)- ann servers isis is not wnat .r, .- r~yrm sanctus ann Agnus ue~ he offered it, he was grateful tutes a woman s basle happl- wa~ lntenaea ~n me earl} fla~s I l .v " " "'[in Gregorian and the mixed and happy. :ness: how woman finds her ful- tne people sala me prayers,l~ fillment not only as a human which the altar bownow say bern b'ut as a worn" and it is the desire of the Church {~!* ! 1 ~. "~ "~"r "J~'~",'~" ~-: '~ "" I- ~. placeg' Christ holds a2'h:ndl/;h: to restore this original method Olllli.)le [O~ ellill klklltlUOte her service to Him s "' I 1 " a a single the laity actively participating ' ~oman who is n '" ': . -~ ' I ~ C'~ 1 "~ 1 1 ' ' " ~ ot in renglous m tns:gg22t Three Stages Lures ~ulntual uomrums lilkere isno Bethan no,or To Promote Vocatio.s In March Every month provides subject matter appropriate for a pro- gram by the spiritual develop- ment committee, as is evidenced by the schedule for the year which committee chairmen re- ceived from the diocesan head of this committee, Mrs. Edward Bartel of Sterling, For instance, March is voca- tion month and though every Catholic knows the great need for vocations a program can help greatly, in making, them aware of what they could do to promote vocations. Encourage Prayer The spiritual means is the most important. Even if a pro- gram is not planned, vocation prayer leaflets can be distribut- ed and the prayers can be recit, ed at meetings, as well as urg- ing their recitation in private, t In addition, an interesting pro-.I gram could be presented by priest, a sister and a brother, if possible, explaining many little- known details of preparation for a religious life, in the seminary and the novitiate. Much help Can be obtained, in arranging this type ~of program, from Serra clubs, which are or- ganized-in most areas of the dio- cese. Laymen who are members of these clubs are dedicated in a special way to promoting vo- cations to the religious life and they .are prepared to present programs on this topic. Often they will send members to speak and show films about it. In September, 1958. the in-] "Have you that tired, run down, don't care feeling--spiritually, ment or organization at pres- of neighbor. The sociological, Appoint New develop her knowledge ol the Promotion Begins At Home struction of the Sacred Congre-[I mean?'; asks Mrs. Edward Bartel. diocesan spiritflal develop-lent. It is simply .a plan sug- psychological a n d economic esalt Head needs of her parish and corn- Three books suggested as he]p- gatlon" of Rites .specihed " three ment chairman "If so. take heart. Right now in your own neigh-o i gested to fill a real a n d in- causes of celibacy are brought Dioc munity, and its resources and ful material in planning such forms of vocal participation by borhood there is being offered the most powerful antidote for' creasingly articulated need, es- out, as they have occurred outlets programs are: "This Is the Sem- ~ecially in cities. Thus far con- throughout history, but cape- the falthlut in a Low Mass,1 ~ from the fide ' ~ : sp'ritual do drt ms ' m" st to the most severe case.' --- -- -- 3. She should keep careful and inary," by Rawley Myers, pub- 1. Making ,the easier liturgi- Do you need a prescription'? - ferences have been held in two cially in modern times.~'Or Le~.~sl~t~olg accurate records of the work of lished by Bruce; "Bernie Be- cat re.~ponses in answer to the No. All that is necessary is the nion is received on the same cheeses. . . a ,i ~ ,: -. "' her committee, comes a Nun," by Sister Maria ~ii~S~byY iii!I ~a~i!~!iifti!ilt?O!Ce; ~!e[A~!ii!~ii~eO~a!! ~iiii:ncii~i~iiiiii!f oa~ ~hs! io~ii,'iy ~2~ip:~rt~i ~!flai~e~cCiw~pgf~i!. 4. She will be called upon to Del Ray, published bY Farrar give reports, both. verbal and Strauss, and "A Right to Be ~thg ::;veParat~ tthh:tal:fre" n Y written, of committee activities.]Merry'' by, Sister Mary Francis, 5. She should keep in touch]published by Shred & Ward 3. Joining the priest in praying ". ' -~ " g Y " group discussion and qtestions ment of these cases is discus- ed out of the diocese, regularly with her own c0mmlt". Every parent needs ~emmdm' " " g . is mls ~reatmenr expensive, for ' " " f r m " " " ' " ' ' " the four principal chants of the v v 11 ; a ~ r each Statmn, ff o so e and answers. There is time for sed by a doctor-psychiatrist.] Mrs W P Rock who lives tee members and with hei" dean- that vocations are the flower and Mass" the Gloria Credo Sane- ,~u. ~uu wm ,ev'~ u '~ -reasonanle cause one is unanle ri " - Still another se "ion i's " " " " cry committee chairman- [fruit of Christian family unity. "' 1-. " ' ,Iv *h~ will cos~ lees p vate prazer slmpm reiresn- ct oevotealat 406 W. 10th St. Sterling is US ann A nus L/el to completeme enure way oi t ~, - . ment and conclusion with Bene- to testimonies of unmarriedlthe new chairman and just re- - ". Vocations can be preached from where it ts vouna the Cross women in s eclal situation Since it is obvious that such, ', . . ' " diction of the Blessed Sacra- - ' p " " " s and tcently assumed her new duties. Helps m Future Planning ] . the pulpit and taught in the 6 Workshops and special corn- . ' . where ao ~ou Jlnd the pana participation will have to be a / ~ These indulgences may also ment. A morning or full-day various relationships. ] Present plans indicate that hitter --ro-rams will demand[classr m but it is in the home P g -, tea tot this