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February 24, 1961     The Observer
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February 24, 1961

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Central High Heads Meet, Share Ideas Vol XVI--No. 8 Official Newspaper of the Rockford Diocese ROCKFORD, FEBRUARY 24, 1961 ROCKFORD -- Superinten- dents of the five Central Catho- lic high schools in the Diocese of Rockford met recently at the Chancery with the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane and the Very Rev. Raymond J. Wahl, Direc- tor of Education. The meeting was held to ex- change ideas on school admin- istration and varied education- al topics. At the beginning of 16 PAGES the meeting Bishop Lane stated :hat he was pleased with the work the schools are doing The scholastic standards of t h e "~kT J I schools are high, and priests t 1 eea ts a.a people have been compli- ; mentary of the work that is be- lt ~ ][ ins done. De, SimOn/t8 $ Discussed Vocations ~ Since March is v o c a t i o n ! - month, the topic of vocations /~k[ ~r-~,~. ~t-~ ~ ~,~-tt~l,e ~ p t~-tt~ ~ to the priesthood and sisterhood / ~.~ ~]~[~[~ ~[ ~[/~/ ~:~Et.~ was discussed: Bishop Lane sta[ / ~v/ ted that. "We nave a great MY DEAR FRIENDS IN CHRIST" ~ need for vocations in our Din- ,l, " cese. We shall get these voca- xne monin ot Ivlarcn nas neen uesignatea as vo- tions from our schools if they cation Month throughout the Diocese of Rockford. are truly Catholic. We must t ough thle problem of vocations to the priest- constantly strive to instill in our All ll hood and to the religious life is of year-round con- students a love for the Mass i cern, it is given special emphasis during this par- va2dattiohes li~2digY~uaPr:oY:::el~:r i :~ tlcular month; and guidance along these line~ ~i[i ilil ne acute snortage oI priests ann r e t i g 1 o u s u ~o ,ho i ui m cno~k m ~#:~: ers to talk on e -,~ comes close to being t h e Church s number o n e th call of Christ problem In the Diocese of Rockford the need f o r should be, a part of the school - n'r-I Free more laborers in the vine rd of Christ becomes ar " SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS MEET--Superintendents ot ins o to r/ are me tcev. J. rmup tteluy, ~qum ~ ~ ,t, - I, lO~a th,~ Y~ L ,: ,-,: e BISHOP ARRESTED--Lithu- ye diocesan high schools were phoiographed at a recent meeting port; the Rev. Robert E. Schneider, St. EdwardCentral, Elgin; ut~. tu~,~ .o .~ atnoJtc poputatton ot Financial v0rms ttevlseo n r n the v Eu ene C gaumhofer Marmn uentrat wooa : *'" " "~" "~ n I anian Bishop Julijonas Ste- .with the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane (seated, ee te ) a d and the Re . g . " me tTmcese mcreaseo Dy more man ~,uuu. u y ,~-,~,d~ius Anostolic Admin- [ Revised financial forms for Very Rev. Raymond J. Wahl director of education (seated, stock. The Rev. Anthony J. Beeker, supermten.aent four priests were ordained last June. Three priestsi~,a~'of'th~Archdiocese of lreporting tothe Chancery were rigl~t). The Rev. Francis J. Bonnike, superintendent of New- Central high, Rockford, also attenaea me meeting. (rnoto oy died in the course of the year. ' viina~'has been nlaced under [furnished to t h e Superinten- man Central, Sterling, is seated at the Bishop's left, and stand- Herzog.) Our schools are filled to capacity in almost all house' arrest by communist dents. These forms will faeili: parts of the Diocese and the demand for Catholic authorities for refusing toor- [ate a more .accurate study ot ~ 1 1 1 ~ It t 1 ] II education for more and more pupils cannot be met dain government-favored can- the comparative costs ot eau- ~ d'~ ~th ~ ~ I 1 1 ~ ~l an nt /I 11 1 1 1 t without a corresponding increase in the number didates to the priesthood. The ]cating,2:gL sen22:! s:udent2" kll; l I ~"~Jl i I! IU I .JI1 !1 PULL. 2-3kUtUlt " -" " - " =0-'-ar old bishon who was ,~"L-- V'~-~ ,t-~ - r*--.- v--=----- -,~-~ =.---- ~,~ oI ;~lsters /~OOl[lonal Dlsters are neeoeo alSO in o -.= J" I ~ -'- " *-rmsweresu~" ] ,i 1955was tauve ouuget m . ~ v- the hospitals and in other institutions in the Din- consecrated n,[ 1;~d [ ~ - !:v!! a:ndi rar rthte:Z t::'lii! i!ind: i !s ii!il ConfirmatienCeremonies, a resident priest, the chulch is locked, and services Yea /them for their constant efforts[ ROCKFORD--The Sacrament Bridget Church, Loves Park Marian Central Catholic high lie' " i ini y of Christ fact is realized only when the parish no longer has Marks 60 rs dents. Bishop Lane commended " f m t h e D v t . * ,~t~|t a,r~, tho nare nts to/of Confirmation will be admin-IMay 29 at 8, Woodstock, May 23, attand the truths which the Cath- Y" Hol An' m ohc Church teaches the con are drastically curtailed AsA oostleshm ,~ :--=-= . / ' I AURORA deaner, y -,8 p " .', ' " .t . e " . ~ It t /WORK closely with the scnool m/istered to converts ana other o,) ('hi:rob Aurora' May 30 at STERLING deanery St Mary verts of the diocese received because me neea ior priests a n ureligious is ~ " r n /~ ' ~ " the formatmn of their child e . . ~ " greater than ever before, let us pray for vocations Praver Center [ . . [adult Catholics in cere momesl8 p.m.A ]Church, Sterling, May 18 at 81~:~ s;~i:g 2v:t;r;d;ftobatPt~sm~ hun we ha-,e in the hast A ~necial No-,ena a t Toureo ~oylan |scheduled during May lor tnel viu~vuni o e a n e r y. ~t.~p.m. I " a ;'"'~,*"'~. ~ F "', ~v,",AURORA--St. Joseph parish[ Followin~ the meeting at the/six deaneries of the diocese a~]Mary Church Freeport May 9[ ELGIN deanery. St. M a r ylsecond step. the step from be- l or vocau ons wn.t oe ne la m au enurcnes an,n will celebrate its sixtieth yearlchancery Uthe Superintendents[follows: " lat $ p.m. IChurch, Elgin. May 16 at 8 p.m.tcoming a child of Christ to be- chapels of the Diocese from March 1st to Maren A stleshl of Pra er r e net After havre rofessed a be coming a mature Chnsnan a as an PO " 'P Y |were tat~en on a conducted tou [ ROCKFORD d e a n e r y, St.{ MC HENRY County d a y,[ "' g P " -[ " " " , 9th. Let it be an opportunity for showing your center next week according tO[of Bovlan Central Catholic high] [soldier of Christ. appreciation for the work of our priests and re- its diploma issued from the Cen-lschooi here / "71 7" d 1/ ~ "/I-F 1/ [ Strengthened by the power of ligious through your whole-hearted participation tralApostleshi~ of Prayer office[ Present at the meeting were] /~/t~ /1 ~J'4f lid "t~ ~,~/~]l"x~v~ ~'3~tt ll'~lf~t'~ Ithe Holy Ghost in the sacra- in this Novena Make every effort to attend Mass in Rome on Feb. 28, 1901. The lthe Superintendents of the fol-] .~ ~[~ ~ ~,~L~ .Art ~H- .~ ~ ~[~lt~[~ ~ ~-~tt~L~ [meat of Confirmation, the con- and receive Holy Communion e v 6r y day duringI present center receives about[lowing Central Catholic h i g hl .~ [pert or the unconfirmed adult 1000 leaflets monthly for dis- hools" " Catholic is then more ready to those nine days. As you do so, implore Almighty, . [sc / 1.1 ~-od to bless us with a "~reater number of "'nun- I tribution in its wor~ ol proton-/ Aquin Freeport, the Rev. J.| ] ~ ~ . v 11' /face a world which is nosum -~ . ~; .Y .~.s [ring Sacred Heart Devotion.lPhilip tleflly. [ .~4fal~if'~If I~ ]/]lv] ~ i~Ifl[l~]~d[rll[ l[-~/ll|to any one who believes there men anu young women wn0 wm responu to me I The Rev. Joseph J. Weitekamp[ n,~=, rh, obf,rd *he Reel ~ 2K ~I Ib~.~KJ IP~J IV Iv -~ ~./~ t~L/ ~ ~, .L.~ ~, ~'~'[is more to life than the allure- call to dedicate themselves to the service of Christ is --astor of St Jose,-h ,arish I. ~',~ "'Y,~'*;~ ' ~ 'l /ments of the world and His Church. [ v . . y v 7 [&nMn;naYn 'W=~s~teorck, the Rex'.] WASHINGTON -- (NC) --lit failed; Mr. Kennedy votedlwould range up to $1,000 a year./ Whether the Christian is call-. t It is my fervent prayer and I hope it is the pray- [ /Eugene C. Baumhofer. [President Kennedy ruled out[against it in the Senate. [Students would Ee free to choose[ed upon to sacrifice his life for er of all Catholic parents that God will call at least [I nl:l:lt'! ~,I Newman, Sterling, theRev.lany Federal aid to chureh-relat-/ The President's message calls|their college Federal "cost-or-[christ in an instant before a ne child in ever famll to the rlesthood or the l ~ ~ J Bonmke o an h~ h schools in for certain rants to some col edueatmn grants would go to O " " Y " Y P " I1 g[[l~lMl. [tFranc's " fed ~,rade " d "g " / " g -[ " " . Jlfiring squad or in a lifetime of religious life. There is no greater invitation in all : tSt. Edward, Elgin, theRev. theadministration's proposed leges, in addition to loans and these colleges. The total cost[htt]e- d lngsy' of self and ~elis - th o t o he D,vme Master. Come ! ,SCHEDULE I . [ . . / . t e w rid than hat f t " "," Robert E Schneider aid to education program a scholarship program for would be $577.5 million, interest he is strengthened by follow Me."And there are no greater rewards than ii ----- I!~ [ But he called upon Congressltalented and financially needy[ More Aid to Poor States [the sacrament which .saw the those that come to the men ann w-me- h [ Bishop Lone I11[ ~os-]s~,~ ot- ]to establish a program of[students. / President Kennedy's formula[apostles turn from frightened, that call Sunday March 5' .l a~au~J o ~ " [grants. scholarships and loans[ These grants would accom-[for allocating aid will give more[quivering children to coura- " .-t t 10'00 AM" 'St Charles Bur g~ t* ~ [for both public and private col-[pany Federal scholarships Ex-[to the poorer states, althoughlgeous, strong men who one day Lorolauy yours in ~nrlst, " "/---. ",-. "lbIOllSg~31"~tltOll /leges and their students Church-/pected to average about $350 furl all states are assured of the[were hiding in tie upper room . romeo ~nuren. rtampsnire. ~on- - " - -- co ~ ,n /+m.~ T - "~/'i" rl Commu [ a~'~nT ,r~,~ r,n tNC~lrelated colleges were not ruled[each scholarship, they are in.lminimum of $15 for each public[and the next were embarking .1- ~,~,- 7 ./-- ~. [ =~u . "~l ~*'~-'; ~ - -~y: s-, --, ,'lout |tended to help colleges makelsehool pupil [upon a crusade whose end was tr~ ~ ~ nion Breakfast. ~penlng oi --u0ngomse rresiaent oosepn . . 0'~'~" [Parish Fund Raisin, Drive [Kasavubu and Premier Joseph[ His education message did notluP the difference between ~ts[ In the first 3'ear, grants peruto be t h e estabhshment of Most Reverend Loras T Lane / ~a . a~ ~, ~ br,-/Tl~ - ~t*,~ 1~.4 fh r=ti0n[discuss the question of giving[cost-of-education and what each[child would range from the[Christ's church at the expense j ,/.o~. :.---~,~. y.2,~. - t~ ~ ~.: .~ ~ "7 "]aid directly to rionpublic school I Federal scholarship student will[minimum $15 in New York andlof their own lives 131snop ot It~OCKlOrU J wameoral, l-toegrorct. ~=onrlrma-/ot tamer ~lmon e~zlta as nux-~ - t -- [finn. [iliary Bishop of Matadi. [ pupils o.r their .parents. Nor[pay. [e~ht other st.a!eSntoMa high of[ NOW lS the time for any Cath- .lit men[ran auxmary servme [ Cost :~a ~uuon |:~zu.t~ per cnno x m s s PP.lolie, who is unconlirmea to see ~, ~,The Chief Executive's mes-I The full Kennedy program,[ Ten per cent of the Federalt his parish priest about partici- ~, I D ~ l .- ~ .z= . A ~.~ 1 1- . . [ sage made a special point of nob[ which would cost a total of $5.7[ funds given each state is to be[ paring in the confirmation acre- Girls Rece. ~ ns~,strt ~,~'rtro~,~o ~ 1-10~r~-~ " ~ingtheexc~usi~n~faidf~rn~n-[bilIi~nd~lars'~fwhich$2.8bil~sed~raFedera~ly-appr~ved[m~nies in his own deanery. -! ~ ] .i!.~ I~J Ik ~l.~t'~ . d~v'l~,~ ~,~t.~ ~ ~'~t~ ~ [public schools, estimated to en-llion win be repaid, is as fall-[special project. An example giv-[Cqnfirmation is not a nice sym- A~.~,~.~I ~4'ro~ / .~. .L Iroll about 6.8 million children, tlows: Ien by officials was the need for]bolie ceremony in which we are .~rw,~ I m g 4 Clear Prohibition ] 1. A three-year program of[fundsdi:lW$::~ngtOncoDrsCs ff:;lfree to participate or not es o . I O O $'J'if Off} IFIFI Zl Ill . wFh the clear]Federal grants to states which]reme " " g rlwe wish, confirmation is t e . ! sn accoraance Btsho Lane ~s .~ 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I I~[ :[they are free to use for eitherlcolored children after its schoolslstren,thening of our ineorpora- ]9 [ ' [or both pubhc school construc-]were t g . Y s[tion into the Mystical Body of pronioition Ol me ~onsutuuon in er rated several ears o ne wrote "no elementary or " n h rs' sala "es t s n b t e " ROCKFORD--Plans for the[ WASHINGTON --(NC)" Hopelmendation, no recognition of thelthem education other than that[secondary school funds are al~[tin ,or teac le . .TJ .' s ates[ago. Loans /Christ b.egu .y. h Holy Ghost second annual presentation oft[hat Congress will assist all par-[contribution of private etemen-[of the state. [located for'constructing churchlW .Ul,a .get at least *1~. I0r eacnl ,~ ~, ~.rges a] ur'~eslm ~ .is. necessary m the Marian award to qualified[ents and all children in legisla-]tary and secondary schools to[ Nothing But Exclusion [schools or paying church school[cnnct m avel'agetoany, atten-[, .ne Qresluen~ s~i~a~nts to c~;;[us as ~lv!ng t~nmsuans, ~ !eavc~ Girl Scouts, Campfire Girl s]tion it enacts to aid education[the critical needs of the coun-[ One out of seven children at-]teachers, salaries " [0ance at puDncscnoozs, xne co-]~oans rau, m~ u~an ~ra, ~r om~la~' moeume mark on vur sour " hers/~ir~t ~!i:!s [ ~!!5:I~:~,:i~,i4 talcostis,;' ~ildon, leges ~o neipouuo ciasso ~. wnlcn WlH stamp us 1or all !ndJ;2e~:c:!:!dhrOel~eoncD:m~er; Y edhehl~re b~ l~:is:2: t~Ys~thl i lnted ex lia ~thgr e tb~i~hoP:iienP~s st~!i [ lcO~i~r/ip~bh!:n!end~!~vOaaat: ill{!raht~dr bter~:):~l~it iiPirstSi![eternity as soldiers of Chins[ m ?ockford. . / ,'Surely members of Congress[ Bishop Shehan said admitted-]~hd:cati lli~ t~uS,mrt of nubli [public grade and h,gh school]help finance construction or re~-]proach was allegedly dropped[] [ lne ceremony, at wnlCn the Will not De insensitive to tne ' " " n - ~ "" - ~,- ~- construction ana,'or p U D I 1 C " " ras T "-n- Bish [ [ly there are certain Constitutio "[schools through the payment of[ . ' . :]novatmn of academm facflltms, lbecause of the constatutmnal[I i-~ t i ~VlOSt r~ev. ,~o. ~a c, "/neeas oI ml parents ann an cnil-I,~. .a ; rki,~ ou~ ~1 "lschool teachers' salaries, t u h a^ " m~ ,I ,~ l~t~tl,~,~l ~v~n fair l~l~ll~dtI~II Lltll | " ~" ~ ---:ll nell"late "- . : /a, v-u-,~,-~ ,- wv ,s " ='taxes Yet not one word of com-I t b U ~ t.:to~uuts~. t~ ~v~t i qu~tt~tt v ~ II 1 up o, ~ocx~or:, ~t~ St James[9-ren'''saia'me c nalrman ot me[formula for aiding all chn en./mend'atio ' no recognition of d'el President Kenneay s;m tn:[would be $1.5 billion. It would[church - related colleges. Of-][ Zr !-}.~, ~' 1. 11~,~ | win ta~e pa,j ]Department ot r~oucation, ~a-/But he asked' "Is there not in-/ "2 ~ 2-1constitutionai oar ne ees Slbe repaid by borrowers lficials would not comment onll ~t. l- ~ltl'll31k .lIJi:ly I P: ~?jt:ed~al" S~aYl :':;COne:n/:i:::.l 'Ctti t oCW: :r:hCt r'l ov : tnYm::tU toh ':eta: tta t Executive's pro-] * dispensation fro m I marks observance of Girl Scout dress will seek out -- within the ld ate the c it" n s " these schools are "rightfully" " .[ [ceptable course that wou s -} ~'[ . '[loans to colleges pubhc antilposals for a five- year program[[ the law of fast and ab- I' Sunday% and Intermediate hanalframework of the Const!!utlon--[guardthe Constitution and meet,/;~Y'si:2mmg nu~ a pomtea ex-[~ot counted m determining thelprivate to aid in building resi-lof state- administered college[I stinence has been grant-| of every young American ',- ' Make Plans " [statement follows: /children. Is there not ingenuit;[lic to be elected President:[state " administered scholar-f000 by the third year, where, it[I Mar. 17. ' . | The Rev Charles W McNa A KeenDtsappolntment n ~ v r s r n th 1960 res~ sh~ps for talented and needy ~ould remain for the following! - "1 / The President's message on[e ough "n the Federal go e n-[.tressed du i g e P i-I ,I I diocesan cha lainf o r The Bishop sala t'restaen~ n h he was College stuoents ~cnolarsmps two years I I mee. " P " '] " '[education calls for the maxi-[ment to devise an acceptableldential campaig t at s[ - scout programs ~::kfthed Rare:aIK:n:~dy:sfi=esws:geto Ck:::r~::lmum development of every[ course that would safeguard theI opposed ~?re~;?jns:i~:i~:al aid[- P a u 1 E. F y. -[young American's capacity forlConstitution a d meet. at eastlto chu c - t | h lain and asmstant appointment to millions of par scout c ap " " l[ ' "i -|the nrogress of our nation. What]to some extent, the needs of[ A high administration official[ f St James a r e in eats" in that his "suggested pro ~ , r n 1 hfldr n~ was asked zl the President and pasto o ',[ :lkeen disappointment to millio Sial c ' e . [ " " d[ charge of plans for the event.[gram does not include every:tot parents that the sugges~dl Surely members of Congresslhis advisers had given thoughtI nun American ' He noted mat ir c " ri Mrs William Means member[Y g :lpro,ram actually does not tin-twill not be msensmve to the[to so-called md e t md to p i-[ ~ s ~~ of"the" urn-ram committee furlthe message calls for the maxi-|clude "every" young American. lneeds of all parents and all ehil-[vate schools, such as a loan[ "~:: Rock R~ver Valley council of[mum development of e v e r Y[It denies even the least bit ofldren. It is our hope ihat Con-]program, but he declined to] ": ~.~ ~?: young American s capacity for Girl Scouts, is chairman of theI ~r|help to five million children in[gress will seek out -- within the[comment.[ ~~ me progress oi our nauon nut local arrangements committee, l,