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February 17, 1961     The Observer
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February 17, 1961

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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1961 Little-Known Fact, for' Catholic, By M. ~. MURRAY copy~ ~ ~.~w.~ ~ s,~ WBBM, Channel Z, Chicago ++ ~ I Saturday, Feb. 18 '~-'-~.T,~'---~''"~ 1300 Picture for a Saturday Afternoon jr/~ ~ I J "Mokey" A-I A~~(~-'~/ir'~'~"~ I I 4:30 The Early Show "The Other Love" t A-II ~I .~.2~. It 10:00 The Best of CBS "Phffft" B hT~/l%'t~ I;:J,~-~.':lllfL ~fJ~ it Sunday, Feb. 19 I J~. "~ ~ [1~,'.~ t f]~lt'~.~'~t~r/Ir~ll~ I112:00 Picture for a Sunday Afternoon I ~j" " '% ll/Jtl ~lLIU]l~, I1"~'"-~'~"--'-'"'1~/~ " -=2~~ I I "Lady of the Tropics" A-II I T "'JIP~f-~-~'~li IPI[ r -- ~ . . ~f " ~. t~[ 10:15 The Late Show "Unconquered" A- I 4 LR, L~ EJ~ ~ ~I~tL/I ~ ;.~.--~--./'~;~ ~=,~z' 3 --.~'1 12:30 The Late, Late Show "The Search- tJ J ing Wind" B I~ f~l/B ~ ~I~'#IL'C'~'=~'J't~--,~I'I~ ]k[~.~tt'Jt~.'~ "~;I'~/-':~'~'~ ~1 Monday, Feb. 20 I]:t~-~','~raL H ~'././~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~ .~I~BJ " ~/'~ ~.~P~I]~ ~,/"~"~ ~f'~Y~'~J 4:30 The Early Show "Let's Lye a ! ~li~,~'~ " '=. ~",'-"'.: ~'~'~'+=---'~" 1 LitHe" B +io:15 +h Late Show "To Each H,s Own" ~~" ~/ +|11 All- Tuesday, Feb. 21 ~t"'~g"~~~.<:~] i 4:30 The Early Show "Woman of the [L'~/~~ Town" A-II II~'Jl~c~~'*~.~'tl~t~,~P~l~l ~t~%,~ ~,~]1~7,~ /10:15 The Late Show "'Moontide" B ~+ ; !~ .+~L~LS'~KT ~t =~[j~=i=tEie~-~.~ I ~ 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Navy Blue . " ' ~ ~1~]" ~ ~,[ ~ " II~'l,and Gold" A-I IRE II~TYli~h~P,/al It ~ L~T,~'II' IIE~*i:~iF IeE:~-~',Wednesday, Feb. 22 / ,30 The Early Show "Magnificent -~ ~ I I .' l Doll" A-ll , I ~T ~V~I~I~K'S. ~rENIC~: "~~ - "- . ~ [10:15 The Late Show "Cote Metropole" I ~ .-- ~ I :ou ~ Laid, Laid bnow "~ye$ in lne I tN ~NSTANTINOPLE WH~'nJeKS IN 7t.lE MIDDLE AG S. ! I Night" A-I / Thursday, Feb. 23 ,4:30 The Early Show "Pack Up Your I~q NEW ,~LP/N "~ . ~--~pk~- / Troubles" A-I |Mn~71,~l/V,v/ I~tt. ~. ~,;. ~ "t,-~'~l~[~" E10:IS The Late Show "Slight Case of ~'~/Y~- ,"~.q'l *.~q~. ~''~ ~ Murder" A-II Io~u~',;.)' z=z~~.~.-~-~ ~-'~ ~"~/( "~J ~.~'~ ~ i12:30 The Late, Late Show "You Were IMOI4~STFRY ~T774E ~.~,jv[]~ ,~:MB~a ~'~, .s ~ ~ ~,~ I Never Lovelier" A-ll I~~~ ~ ++, '~',~ ~ r Friday, Feb. 24 I~~' ~$'~'.'''l ~ ! 4:30 The Early Show "Beyond Glory" A-I I~~l[~l~ ~'~"b~"~"~'" " ~ 10:1S The Late Show "I Met Him in IT'OR 7R4V L~=R~ BEYWE~h~-----~'~"~ ~-~--~"~~-= .- . ~ ~ 12 30 The Late, Late Show "To the Ends WISC, Channel 3, Madison ! / /~ "~ ~ ; -- - Saturday, Feb. 11 !/~ ~. fi - 7 . f;l" ~ ;,11 10:30 p.m. Theatre Three "Perilous W2 fdr~~, ~; V~r st[stem oE ~,~m~ -~1 Journey" A-II i |lF~~ ;,~ "~J Sunday, Feb. 19 ~.~,/~ +~=*+~,~j ~,~-,~ ~ ~+~ u-r t 10:00 THE CHRISTOPHERS ~ ~. ( 'tJ.rbOlL-a, W~LSQ t)L~ILI~J& "~ 12:30 KNOW THE TRUTH ~~~Hrt,'mntt~ ~IC1NVStu~ -=1 Tuesday, Feb. 21 ~r~~,J~-,A-~,~- "31 11;o0 p.m. Theatre Three. ~ji~ ~.~H~, ~ ~ llllll, l~=ili i Friday, Feb. 24 ~I~,~t~'~B'~~/N6 t L~ ~r~L[tJ.S8 UJI~.L "3111:00 p,m. Theater Three, "See of Lost WNBQ, Channel Chicago IN 1 Ull i i i j SISTER MARY INEZ HIL-and management consultant, GER, St. Benedict college, St. will receive the 1961 Christian Joseph, Minn will tour the Culture award from Assumption country this year as a partici- university, Windsor, Ont. pant in the second visiting lec- CARLOS PRIO SOCARRAS turers program of the American former president of Cuba until Saturday, Feb. 18 2:00 p.m, Channel S Playhouse "1 Stole a Million" A-II 10:IS Movie S "Jesse James' Women" B Sunday, Feb. 19 1:00 p.m, Feature "Witness to Murder" A-II Tuesday, Feb. 311 4:00 Movie S "Khyber Patrol" A-I Wednesday, Feb. 22 4:00 Movie 5 "Hold That Ghost" A-I Thursday, Feb. 23 4:00 Movie 5 "A Killer is Loose" A-II Friday~ Feb. 24 4:00 Movie 5 "Flight to Nowhere" A-II WOC, Channel 6, Davenport Saturday, Feb. 1l THE OBSERVER PAGE 11 - --,;~:+~ Classified Advertising Sunday, Feb. 19 . Friday Feb. 24 11:30 Sunday Showtime "Best of the 10:45 The Big Movie "Atlantic Convoy" Badmen" B l A-I --,~ I NURS NG HOME 3:00 Sunday Showtime "The Halfbreed" B WREX Channel 13 Rockford FUNERAL DIREC ORS [ 'MONI.~/ENTS-- VAULTS iExcellent nursing home care. Approved ll:00 p.m, The Late Show "Caught in the ' ' ~'--'--------~ ~ by State Department of Public Health WILBUR CHRISTENSON MARKER M NT Draft" A-It I Saturday, Feb. 18 MORTUARY I R $ ~- ONUME $ Bellevue Place, Waterman, III. Phone 3. Monday, Feb. 20 (11:15 p.m. Encore Theatre "Arizona" A-I ' OBERT RIGG & SON 8:00 Morning Movietime "Walk Softly n Sunday, Feb. 19 1002 2rid Ave. we. S-6521 114 $. First St. we. 4-2741 Help Wanted--Fame e Stranger" A-II |10315 SACRED HEART TIME ~ [~ Re(;tory housekeeper for one priest harsh ,(:00 The Early Show "Marine Raiders" 111:30 The Late Show "Two Sisters from FRED C. OLSON i CATHOLIC SALVAGE n small town Write Box 450 c/o The A-I,Boston" A-I 925 Third A v,ek,=,~." u^,= we. $-7312 Used Clothing, Furniture, Dishes, Lamps Observer, 1260 North Church Street, RocK 10:15 The Late Show "The Hunchback ell Tuesday, Feb. 21 ,-v.x ,~,~. nvivll~ and ell household articles In the Rook, ford, Illinois, stating ego and references, Notre Dame" I t1330 p.m. "Ziegfeld Follies," A-II. ~ ford store we have a new department Tuesday, Feb. ll I Wednesday. Feb. 22 dedicated to Religious articles Pr cos to ri21/'~u;~ A.~IJI~ Ultti.&lND $:00 Morning Movietime "At Swords [ 11:30 The Late Show "The Lone Wolf in I g BB~t,B~ I 1if your Immediate budget. Come in and Point" A-II I Mexico" A-ll J~S IIWI ll~St browse around 1019 West State st Rock. OVER 100 New and Used 4:00 The Early Show "Murder MyI Friday, Feb. 24 ~U~I~B~I~II~N~ lord. In Aurora, Catholic Salvage Ii I - Planes and Organs to Choose From Sweet" A-II / 11:00 p.m, "Th s Gun for H re," A- - cared at 201 North Lake St. ' 330 N. Main St.Rockford We 3-8234 10:15 The Late Show "Back to Baleen" [ The Late Show, "Gallant Blade," I <~!~;!~;~;!~~:~J~.~!ii!~ JACKSON PIANO STORE A-If l A-I. " I Wednesday, Feb. 22 /12:40 The Late Show "Gay Adventure" I For Service Ca I TW 2.3971 Open RMe--10C I wora-.-lM48 nor Inch NOW & Used Pianos and Organs 8:00 Morning Moviefime "The Bride / A.II I ' " " CONN--3 locations. Woodstock FED. Ik Walks Out" A-I l I I~l~lmlml~ Contracts, ~,inch, 13 consecutive weeks, 1S74, McHenry EV. 5-2251. Norfhtowna 4'.00 The Early Show "The Los Vegas [WKOW Channel 27 Madison l st,+ weekly for i total of $25.48. Rockford, TR. 6-1905. Story" B '/ ' ' 10:15 The Late Show "Bringing Up Baby"[ Saturday, Fe~ tO I COAL & GRAVEL CO Contracts, I inch, 13 consecutive weeks A-I / 3:00 Western P}ayhouse "Bad Man of I SAND---GRAVEL---BLDG. v $3.78 weekly for a total et 114914 ) D/'IDT Thursday, Feb. 23 / Brimstone" A-I I MATERIAL Ir pays to advertisei i[l[-rlllra/ 8:00GreenM rningHair"M vletimeA-I "The Boy with|/10:00 A-IIFanfare "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" I Rt. 25 North Aurora i~::~~~~.~;~;~&~" ~,lmvate . 4:00 The Early Show "Blood on the,Sunday, Feb. 19 I Moon" A-II /1:00 p.m. Fanfare "Here Comes Mr 10:15 The Late Show "Kitty Foy,e" B,Jordan" A-.I ELGIN Friday, Feb. 24 ] Monday, Feb. 20 , $:00 Morning Moviefime "Dangerous |10:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS Mission" A-I /10:25 p m. The Late Show "'On an IMand 4:00 The Early Show "Government / W ih You" A-I l i Girl" A-II I Tuesday, Feb. 21 I RUG and FURNITURE ~ (~vj~w -~ '.~~- " ] 10:15 The Late Show "Cornered" A-It 110:25 The Late Show "Remember"~" A-If m r'L=.NERS Wednesday, Feb, 22 " I $, SERVILE/ WISN, Channel 12 Milwaukee [10:2s The Late ,Show "Personal Property" "Tacked down carpets-'- It~#=~ I~1 I~1 A" ' A-II Saturday, Feb. lg t Friday, Fe~ 34 I ' ' cleanedon floor" t Lur r tJ PHONEAD2-3612--FREEPORT 3:00 Twentieth Century Theatre "Feth- Jl0 25 The Late Show "It's a Wonderf01 I 1207 New York Street 1. er's Son" All / L,e" A-, j PH.: Aurora TW 2-1511 lh15 The Big Movie "Lady Godive lides/ J Again" A-II Sunday, Feb 19 n WMTV, Channel 33, Madison I~ 364 Division---Elgin U !1 1I~ II D I' l 10:30 KNOW THE TRUT~I - I Sunday, Feb. 19,J 10:45 THE CHRISTOPHERS / 5:00 BISHOP SHEEN. I Dial SHerwood 1-1400 II Ikl Ib I~ ~k/ ~ / t~ 1:30 D,RECT,ONS ','RAT VI C EANERS Monday Feb. 20. - /WTVO, Channel 39, Rockford !V IU:4b /no BigTuesday,MOvle Feb."DecepTI n"2t P~.l |/ ' Saturday, Feb. lS B'~ I n I let e ~ "]#our Clothing Prob!ems 10:4S The Big Movie "Tap Roots" A-If /10:00 p.m, The Big Movie "The Outcast" ~1' ,I1! -- " " ~= ~=~ = ' Are Our Business' Wednesday, Feb, 22 i A-II 10:45 The Big Movie "Thre Men on a II1:30 Nitecab Theater "Harbor of Missing ulernev's, nlway Food ELGI 222 W. Stephensen St. Horse" B / Men" A-I Open Nltes--Sundey f/'tAI J fill Thursday, Feb. 23 I Sunday, Feb. 19 " ~m=mmml 10345 The Big Movie "'1 Love a Mystery"I10:30 p.m. Feature Theater "The Man Ample Parking I~1~/J1~LUlJU ~IIL A-ll / from Colorado" A-ll Cantllllo Brond Groceries " HARRINGTO 24 Kimball Street '~ 1119 N. Washington Ave. Two Million at Lourdes in 1960 LOURDES, France--Close to11960, according to the mayor's two and a quarter million per- sons came as pilgrims to this shrine city of 16,000 pe rsons in Parents Meet . ROCKFORD -=- The Rev. Wfl, office. A statistical release for the year indicates that 1,100,000 per- sons came by automobile. A to- tal of 769,000 arrived on regular trains, and another 292,000--in- cluding 30,000 sick and invalids=-- TR 9-3050 Batavia, III. WELL DRILLING N. L. PITZ Automatic Water Systems TR 9-1243 31S N. Prairie BATAVIA Warehouse--203 Hauston Elgin, Illinois Everything for the MOTORIST Dial SHerwood 1-2377 McKINSTRA COAL--FUEL OIL Dial ADan s 2-0517 Freeport, Illinois GALENA Anthropology association. 1952, stated "Castro still is * * * J strong, bbt the Cuban people REGINALD KELLOGG, OFM/soon will liberate their country.' CONV will be the first Negro priest ordained in the communi- 117t . 1 ~ a "ty's Our Lady of Consolation Dovlan t,]ven province. I J THE REV. JOSEPH H. FICH-New Flags TER, S.J nationally known so-I,ROCKFnRD A ,~. ~n o+~ ciologist and chairman of Loyolal United Staies fi-~ ~" ' "I g was presem- umvers~ty's department of socz- ^--4-~ ] ," led Tuesday to Boylan C=,a~ ology ti'~ew urteans) has oeen r l ~: "~, . i- '- ' " "l ~, 1 / ~,~OLIJUII~ -rl 1 g n SChOOl oy t,~ awarded a U.S. researcn grant]Four,~ - 1 t~ LII ~c~ree z~nlgnis OI ~U- ZOr a year's wore in ~anuago i -~- ,-, . . .1 ' umous, z-ar~lclpan~s in me f~nlle -' ceremomes included the Rev THE R~;v ~uBERT FRA- . " ,~ ,~nmony d. DecKer superimen- li~it, ~.j L, erman JeSUlt Im-dent "he "" %" " - ,~ ~ev. ~dwaro A. pr~soned by the East German ." wright instructor l~u~ Aren- communist au~norltles in i~a~, '- -'. ,',- ', 1 ,+ son ana t-'aul bnales, s~:uaents has Dean releasea . . .~ ~n ~+ ,~Da anQ t n e IOIlowing i~nights: Leonard Segner~ W. E Muras- t.;l~, ArcnDmnop o~ J~omoay, ki Edward M 'T "" ' Ully, IalEnIUl India, has ur~,ed young Indians .; ~ pl/OE"dames Lawler, lal~nIUl to prepare themselves for work .' , as technicians, navigator; .'~ctmpn t.nioaini an~ PETET DRUCKER, author Zeno Gasparini. The school was . also presented with flags for each of the class rooms. Requiescant Reception for Father Murphy HARMON- The Rev. David A. Murphy, pastor of St. F~an- hen church, will be honored on AURORA--Richar~ >essette 5, St, Mary the occasion of his 40th anni- parish, Feb. 6. Dwight E. Mi]house, "51, Holy Angels versary as a priest at a recap- Parish, Feb. 10. Susan M. Beffson, infant, St. Nicholas lion Sunday, Feb. 19. in the par- parish, Feb. 11. , ~sh hall All of Father Mur hy s Adela V. Longoria, 52, St. Rata parish, P Feb. 8.1 " friends and parishioners are in- Hugh A; Lusk, Jr Holy Angels par- . . o. Ish, Feb. 10. vI[eQ to attend me aiternoon re- stCRhY:mTAL LrAK.E-~We~lli am F. Flynn, 61, ception from 2 until 4 o'clock pa sn, eD. 12. . . ' DIXON ar Father Murphy is a nabve of --Ellen Friel, St. Parr ok P -i Ish, Feb. 2. lTampico and was ordained by EAST DUBUOUE--Mrs. CeceHa Them, IBisho, Muldoon in Ro~'~,rA ,~, 79, St. Mary parish Feb. 6. F ~" ,-,~v * v, ELGIN--Donna Kay Sherman, 6, St. I eb. ]9, 1921. He was pastor of Thjour~i~SAnMOre parish F,eb 10 St Catherine Prophetstown Sherman; 3, St~ Thomas More " ' ' parish, Feb. 10. for six ,years before he came William A. Robinson, 79, St. Laurence in 1933 as pastor to St. Flannen. parish, Feb. 12. +' ~+ + ' '+ ~" +'+ "* ~~ay ish, Feb. 13. FREEPORT John J. Burns, 73,St,- Mary church, Feb. 9, John Edward Cox, 78, St. Mary church, Feb. 12. Robert l=roning, St. Catherine parish, ROCKFORD -- Novices and Feb. 6, II postulants of the Third Order of FULTON George M i Weatherwax Ira- St. Francis will meet at 3 p.m.: rnaculet Conception church, Feb. 9. GALENAs-Mrs. Marie Paterson, 73. St Sunday, Feb. 19, in St. Anthony Michael pari~h, Feb. 6. school ha]l. The regular monthly Albert Smith, Sr 70, St. Mary parish, conference will follow at 4 p.m. Feb. 6. ROCKFORD--Gust Jardine, 75, St. An- in the church. thony parish, Feb. 12. Stephen C. Os?rowskl, 43, St. Stanis. laus parish, Feb. 5. Julius Martens, 7, St. Edward parish, Say You Saw It in Feb. 6. ' Mrs. Anna DeMarco 7,1 St. Anthony THE OBSERVER parish, Feb. 12, Mrs. Eunice Mortier, 84, St. Edward parish, Feb. 13. Mrs. Carollne Goryl 69 S?. Stanislaus MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY perish, Feb 11. SAVANNA:--Charles Ward Bristol 84 St. John parish, Feb. 9 9:30 A.M. SOUTH BELOIT--'Mrs. Olive McCor- 10:50 p.m. Premiere Performance "Dr. liam I, Joffe, assistant managing Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" A-II Sunday, Feb. It editor of THE OBSERVER, will 11:15 p.m. Premiere Performance "Ran Of Fear" A-tl be the guest speaker at the Monday,Feb. 20 12:10 Movie Matinee "Down Three Dark monthly m~fin~ of St Pet,'r Streets" A-II "" *' ~' ." . .'~ Tuesday, Feb. 21 Home and School association m 12:10 Movie Matinee "Stranger on +~, ~l~=~il ~t~ll~];+=.%.~l;ll,l~r~ ~T~ll~ff~A~,~,~* Horseback" A-I ~zze s~lluv~ ou~u~zu~ .=.u~auo,y Wednesday, Feb 22 evening Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. tZ;lU ~ovle ~waiinee "/no LOng WAIT" t~ ~ . : .~. -- '+,~. .-, .1-- Thursday, Feb. 23 HIS ~OplC will De lne L,a~nonc 12:10 Movie Matinee "Act of Love" B D~.^~=. ~,~ +~ 1~1~-~,~,+,~ Friday, Feb. 24 ~o cts~ ~zL~ = ~,~(=~j 12:10 Movie Matinee "Black Tuesday" B School Student" WITI'Channel 6 Milwauko,= A business meeting conducted ' Saturday,' Feb. It "" by Martin L. McCoy, president, 2:00 The Early Show "My Forbidden xvi11 ,~ ~=A,~ ~h,~ ~,-==,h ~r =.A 10300 The Late Show "Wells Fargo" A-I Mrs. William Niemeyer are p~:o- 12:00 The Late, Late Show "House ef r hairmen Frankenstein" B g am c , MODERN PLATING CORPORATION Complete+ Electroplating Service GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129 SO. HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADorns 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 N, MAIN STREET ROCKFORD ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOodlond 2-6451 +I , Wrtte or Phone Us /or Detatls and Estzmates OP CAL CO.- " " III W PI il .|, Dubuque la.--608 Main St. " Clinton, Io.--222 6th Ave. S. Rockford--105 North Main St. Dispensing Glosses Prescribed b) Dr. H. CorenmOptometrist Rockford--Rockford Plaza Dispensing Glolsn Ptoscril~Ed by Dr. H. Pertoll-lOptomotrist Aurora--6 N. Broadway LUMBER and BUILDING SUPPLIES mack, 69, St. Peter oarish, Feb. 2. STERLING Francis L. Hurley, $4, St. Mary oarish, Feb. ]0. i I FARM MACHINERY TAMPICO HARDWARE & IMPLEMENT CO. PHONE 144 Blue l~ibbon Distributor~, Rockford -- Dixon John Knobel & 5o]1, Freeport, Ill, A Fast.Moving And Fascinating New Game, VIDEO VILLAGE WREX.TV Channel 13 Dispensing GlossBs PrescribEd by Dr. Wm. Lindley--OptomBtrist Dixon--110 East First St. Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. B. Rubin--Optametrist came on the 538 special trains to Lourdes. Some 53,000 persons arrived by air on the 1,200 flights to the nearby airport. The mayor's office estimated that three-quarters of the pil- grims were French. HELP HIM TO REACH HIS 27th Annual Escorted Little Flower Pilgrimage Tour to the Shrines. 13 countries, 46 dOYS from $1395 Escorted tours to New Orleans, Hawaii, Mexico, California ortunily heat Mo&~ on OtL tours See your a~"t nr write Dart C.7, 67 Eaet Madison, Chicago 3 ~i1~:~!~i~.~!:~::::i~i{~:.C:;:~!:i~i~i~i~i~i!:.!~Ci!!~!i~iCi:E:~{Ci!i~!i~!C~!i~:`:~i!::~!~i~i~!;iC::~:;i!i~i~;iCi~!i:i~:;~:;~;~!~i~:} SENSATIONAL WlNKLER LP* *LOW PRESSURE OIL BURNER A PRODUCT OF STEWART-WAINEI NORTON HEATING ROOFING--SlDING--GUTTE R5 217 N. MAIN--PHONE 196 GALENA, ILL. Hall& Eckert C nd BUll DIN( SUP)LIEi FEderal 8-0158 Woodstock, III. You C.n o. PHIPPS Dept. Better Stere Quality Merchandise at Sensible Prices Plenty of FREE Porklng BATAVIA - ? ? ? Wondering Who Con Move You Without "Tears" Phone MA S-1282 Or S-8414 TXOMEWAY LINES (Also Charter Bus Service) 305 W. 14th Rock Falls Taste aTR [Y Brighter in flavor because it's MODERN DAIRY COMPANY, INC. Fine Dairy Products Diol SH 1-2536 ELGIN Thiel's Drug Store CLIFFORD THIEL, Pharmacist Expert Prescription Service 161 Dundee Dial SH 2-0482 ELGIN a a lower in salad oils than any Tartar you ve tried before.* This means an extra measure of creamy good- ness fluffy eggs and zesty spices to make Hoffman ,House your +,+o o,o =,oo,+. Ounce for ounce, yOtl, best buy. Hoffman '~Lessthad~=,ft~eo;,coo,enfofo,~ar,aod. ~LH~us~ ~g broods by indapaadaot Ioboralory le=f~ lmeric,'s finest / il family 01 d ressints ":+" Also 1000 ISLANO ITALIAN BLUE CXEESE 6ARLIC FRENCR Dressings Sterling--21 roW. 3rd St. , Dispensing Glasses Prescr'bed by Dr. R. Cobb, Dr.N.L. St. Germoln--Optometriitl 13"Y~l~/~ Elgin--121 S. Grove [z; e Dispensing Glosces Prescribed by Dr. H. Moll---Optometrist In our D;v;ne Word Semlnar;es in India, Philippines end Japan; wo kavG a numb*r of sfudents prepering for tho prlosfhood. MANYARE VERY POOR end noed finan. iel help to "continue th*ir s dles. PURE PORK TIAI-OFF Dear Fetl m En lo l $ .i for q=o sorini a student to wk tt,o=l eel=. 0 N. 4! (ldew wbt) . -+ . AI~UL, - - 7ONE ~TATI= MAIL TO Grocery and Market "Where the Wise Econdmize" Tel. 445 Galena JOE FEELEY I INSURANCE " (INCL. LIFE) / REAL ESTATE GALENA 789 -- 213 SO. MAIN sff-Ng~ - - o o 1823 Locust St Sterling Get the Best . . . Ask for CHAMPAGNE VELVET TWIN CI~Y PRODUCE CO. SterXng Phone MA 6-0184 A&S Dairy, Inc. Pasteurized Grade "A" Dairy Products 423 LOCUST ST STERLING SULLIVAN'S Men's and Boys' Wear , Sterling, Ill. , O]]icial Boy Scout Store STERLING HOME IMPROVEMENT CO, Roofing -- Siding Insulation -- Paints 2704 Locust St Sterling, III. MA 5-0625 DONAHUE FURNITURE Where Your House Becomes 4 Home" i 19 E. Calhoun WOODSTOCK WOODSTOCK--FE 8-1086 Say You Sew It in THE OBSERVER I lumber . Cool I I Buildi%g Mderlol I I Pai.t I FRIZOL end BECKMAN AUTO PARTS 141 N. 4th St.--DeKolb Alexander-Lumber Co. All Building 5upplias Point, Hardware and Rigid Frame Garages. CRYSTAL LAKE McHENRY, ILL. 459-10S0 EV. 5-1424 E. W. Schmeling Sons, Inc. 1031 School Street, Rockford Lumber-Millwork.Fuel-Paint Patronize OurAdvertisers