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February 11, 1951     The Observer
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February 11, 1951

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News Section--Page 12A THE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR Sunday, February 11, 1951 St. Vincent's Jottings The Rockford chapter of the NCMEA met here at St. Vincent's on Saturday afternoon to witness a demonstration of our Boy Choir. Sublimely beautiful was the ren- dition of the excerpts of liturgical music as sung throughout the Ecclesiastical cycle, A d v e n t, Christmas, I,ent, Itoly Week, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Cor- pus Christi, Assumption, All Saints. For an hour the sweet voices of these boys rang out now in Grego- rian Chant, and then in harmon- ized music. Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament brought this program in the Chapel to a close. But there was another feature of the demonstration. This was the presentation of the theory of Gregorian Chant as it is taught in school by Sister M. Hildegarde. Robert Heckler, an eighth grad- er, spoke about the four musical seeds, puncture, virga, rhombus or diamond, and quilisma. He stated in his first lesson, "These four seeds are all x Know, from these seeds others will grow." -- The developmentof the Gregorian rhythm, theoutstanding charac- teristic of Gregorian Chant was shown in such a simple way that even those who know little Grego- rian music, as well as those who are Masters in this field of music marveled at Robert Heckler's pre- sentation. He did not omit to stress the wholesome effect of well-ren- dered Gregorian Music upon the soul. Bargara Laesch proved what Ro- bert had said, "These are all the notes I know, from these others will grow." Soon other notes grow out of these four seeds. The pupils had been taught to develop neums of these four seeds called simple notes, groups of notes or neums of which they saw a picture at the blackboard. "Did we get busy!" she said. You could not help notice the joy that must have been among the pupils to" make a podatus by using the puncture as their tool. Every time they used the tool profitab- ly there stood before them a new discovery, and best of all, they made this discovery all by them- selves. The large crowd present in the gym on Sunday after Loop certai ~ly did not expect the :urp'ises t at awaited them during the course of gym on Sunday afternoon certainly did not expect the surprises that awaited them d sting the course of the games. In the opening game, Holy Cross vs. St. Thomas, the former held a definite lead for more than three- fourths of the game, having a score of twice that of St. Thomas. Suddenly, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, St. Thomas took a winning streak. The end of the game found both tied In the over- time St. Thomas scored four more baskets making the score 48 to 40. St. Vincent's and St. Joseph'sI met next. This game proved to be a much harder battle than any seemed likely to believe. St. Jo- seph's played a fine game and al- most took the victory. But our boys Succeeded in keeping the close lead to the end, winning with a score of 9-6 to 23. Undo ke Jerusalem --(Radio, NC)~ The Holy shrines and other religio~s buildings and places were undam- 4tged from the prolonged earth quake felt throughout the Holy Land a few days.ago, it is report- here. In A Borrowed Tent BY REV. PATRICK O'CONNOR Society of St. Columban With United Nations Forces, in Korea -- "Second joyful mystery, the Nativity . . . As you were!... Second joyful mystery, the Visita- tion. Our Father, Who are in Heaven . . ." HavinK corrected himself in army style, the officer leads the little circle of uniformed men through a decade of the Rosary. Then an- other take.~ over, while the Rev. (Capt.) Robert E. Lynch, chaplain from the Archdiocese of New York, celebrates Mass for them in a Cardinal Calls freezing tent. Through the rise and fall of the men's prayers, the Coleman lamp, hanging from a tent pole hisses steadily. This is an evening Mass and the two can- dles and one lamp fail to light up the tent. Capt. John Rock of Paw- tucket, R. I., becomes a human mis- salstand, holding up the book for Father Lynch to see. We are in the supply tent, lent by S-4 for Mass. Cases of canned rations are piled on one side. Re- frigeration is no problem here. The tent stands in a rutted field covered with frozen snow. Even Holy Name To Peace Prayer Continued from page 1A rectors, with the consent of your Ordinary, to set aside, as a day of prayer, the second Sunday of Feb- r~ary, the regular Communion Sunday of your Society, and the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. The )rayers of the four million earnest Holy Name men of the United States should be a powerful plea before Almighty God. Let us plead with the Church for this gift from God: "Lamb of God, Who taketh away the sins of the world, give us peace." So as to make our prayer more efficacious, let us present it to God, through the hands of Mary, that immaculate vision of peace, who gave to the world "the Prince of Peace." At Lourdes, Her reit- erated message was prayer. Prayer, that tremendous, incalcu- lable power, a spiritual force which far surpasses anything human. "Two hands joined in prayer are more powerful than all the guns of war." Through the intercession of Our Lady in the radiant glory of Her Assumption, and through faith ca- pable of moving mountains, har- nessed to prayer, I am confident ,inside the tent there is a hard fringe of snow. Pvt. Bob Konitzer of Milwaukee i takes his decade. Then Lieut. i James Carroll from Texas leads. The bell rings and all kneel on the rock-like ground, bowing down for the Consecration. i The Rosary is resumed. Now it's Sgt. John McQuoid of Clinton, Mass., followed by Capt. John Tes- sier of Tacoma, Wash. Something unusual catches your ear at the end of the Holy Mary response. Fifteen or 20 men say "Ameu" but somebody's saying it Prelate Visits U. S. Visiting in the United States while en route home from Rome, the Most Ray. Dominic Fukahori, Bishop of Fukuoki, in Southern Japan, is the French way: "Ainsl soit-il." First Sgt. Roland de Gerardin from Livermore Falls, Vt., whose grand- parents came from Brittany, likes to say his Rosary in French. i Twelve or 14 men step from the IW shadows to kneel in the little pool of light to receive Holy Commun ion. Maybe at the end of Mass, Bob Konitzer will lead them all, captains, privates, warrant officers, everybody, in a hynm. "During the Christmas season we often had hymns during Mass, instead of the Rosary," says Father Lynch. Protestant Group Holds Conference Washington Continued from page IA slty told the university's Citizens Board that Catholics and Protes- tants, instead of playing up funds mental differences which help to increase religious tension, should present a united front against a more deadly enemy--atheistic com- munism. Professor Hayes' plea would have fallen on deaf ears at the POAU session here. It was re- marked that "religious harmony" is not promoted by such statements as these, made at the mass meet- ing in Constitution Hall: "We cannot make the United States Catholic in legislation be- cause it would not, by its law, con- vert Americans to Christian piety; i'. would change the U.S. from a democracy to a clerical dictator ship."--Dr. Edwin Potent, re-elect- ed POAU president. 'Tve never seen anything to ap- proach the deification of the Pope." here is "continuous idolatry sur- i rounding this man." --- Mr. Blan- shard. "The Kremlin overcame illiter- acy faster in 33 years than the Vatican has in 300 years."--Mrdlh Blanshard. we may repeat with the Church in received in Washington by Bishop Patrick J. McCormck, rector of Speaking of Cardinal Spellman, the exultant joy of our answered Catholic University of America Bishop Fukahori is a native of Mr. Blanshard said "I prefer to prayer: "Today true peace has de- Nagasaka, where he was educated by the Marianist Brothers. Ordained call him what he is--the agent of V " scended from Hea cn. in 1936, he was consecrated a Bishop in 1944. (NC Photos) a foreign power." The Cardinal, Invoking God's choicest blessings ............ = :== --_: _ =_= ....._- ....~ :~_=-- on you, Reverend Fathers Diree- he continued, is "just as much of tors and each and every member of State Educators Advise Public an agent as William Z. Foster and the great Holy Name Society in the it's time to say so." (Mr. Foster has headed the U.S. communist United States, and at the same time earnestly begging' the charity School Teachers To Instruct :party since the ouster of Earl' Browder a few years ago.) OfProtector,yOur prayersi am for your Cardinal Students On Communist Evils Faithfully yours in Christ Villanova College Joseph Cardinal Pizzardo New York --(NC)-- Teachers Lation," the committee pointed out. W;ll I~-t.,,,.n T^ .Y _nr Bishop of Albano throut~hout New York State wereI "The teacher should also exam- "" ....... " .......... ~---~--~-- told by a special committee of the J ins boldly the new Russian imper- Accelerated Course ,. u, ;J , ,, ,'eaJ:n"ec:en':s` Board of Regents to analyze com-iialism, for it is this continuing munism for their pupils while dis- forceful extension of Soviet corn- Villanova, Pa. --(NC)-- Villan- cussing democracy and help pre-lmunism across frontiers which I ova College will return to a three- Named |o racull'y pare,2our boys and girls for intel- threatens democracy and world i semester school year "probably be. ligent citizenship." [ peace." I ginning in July" as a result of the Of.,..i..taar,,ueee U. The eight-member committee The statement said the teacher national emergency, it has been headed by Waldo Chamberlain, pro- I should be free to present objective- announced by the Rev. Edward B. Milwaukee, Wis.--(NC)---Mar- lessor of government at New Yorklly and with accurate documenta-[McKee, O.S.A., vice president. st em er of he t " s IrRual freedom Cunently the mshtutmn has been quette University, taking another Univer "ty and a m b t ~t'on the lo s of sp'" , E ." i " " mar research staff of the U.S. State De-/the terrorism and ruthless domino- I operaung unaer zne cus~o -.Y step in establishing relationships partment was set up by the Re-it]on exercised over the populations spring and fall term program. 'xne between education and industry, 'accelerated course will enable a has announced the appointment of gents to aid the State Education/of those captive countries where l . " .... 1 sl " student to complete hts coiled ,Department in preparing materia [dictatorship preva" s. [ ......... chargeHarry K.oflhrig,researchVice-presidentfor the for the guidance of,teachers in-I It was also stressed that stu- work m rares ms~eaa ot xourY~i~ Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co., structing pupils in 'international]dents should be taught to strike a ~atner .~tcr~ee sam, so ~na.~ w~,~n .,.a...t..a;.~,., t t,.l..~. .,.twos. th* v;rtue* and I completion el courses uegu. ~.m as research professor in bin- "'""rhe"teac'l~r should not hesitate, } defec't's inbo'th~s'ystems"" The corn- summer a .studentwill be_abl~,t~o physics on the faculty of its grad-when discussing the nature of de-]mittee said it believed the balance [~e .gi'aoua~ea t n^eAeDAruary, ot~e~. mate school. mocracy, to analyze communism [is overwhelmingly infavor of I ~,~% c u~,~e ~..~ ~ J~ Dr. Ihrig, regarded as one of ........ n ha-e~ ~-c 'American" , er~,, co .................. . .... Wll;n ll;S DGSIC ann u c ng u eo "1 eemocracy, t. ,., ., ,.,., ,-~_ _-,..-- America's leading scientists and trlnes" of class conscmusness," class] "Therefore," the eommRt" ee con-I+^uurmg+~, ..... worml~.,~awar ....... zt. ~ne re~urai~oth holder of 20 patents, has collabo- [eluded, "there need be no fear of J er l~'cKee~sa~i*'[s~m~i'~a~ed'b~'a~l~e facts honestly and mtelhgently , rated on I ,,re-ented" " " I college s desire to fuUfiill its oMi- J" gation to both the student and the several Mar-uette re- hatred, class warfare and dictator- " shsp by an armed mmorlty wtth search projects during the last " . . . " .'!. ! .~.,.o h,,t .~ ... ~.~ho~ the ultimate goal el worts oomln- three ~ .... , .................... ----.~---~ ----~ of the faculty. He was a member ~-~--~-----~---, I nation, by helping "young men to 'L ,, of the team whtch recently dis- ~ -| | _ I~__,c__._ l in Japan The Tokyo section con-[urepare themselves for their place * s . ,, covered, an okra compound sub- ~#Q~'no| |~ I~oc]['ors tams 20. grou. ps,.. mostly, study[ m. the. natmnal,, .eftft. and by pro-. stltute for blood plasma ...... I groups, m umversffms and colleges[ v|dmg the natron with well tram- The Rev. Max G Barnett, S.J., |n J(ll~l~llql Initiate I here. Sp.ecial facilities for all see-led, mentally equipped young men-" Marquette vice-president, in an-I ..... r ..... Itions will be set up following thel nouneing Dr. Ihrig's appointment,[ ItJ,lu n [convention. . [Communions In pinted ut that there will be in" 'N'W' IV'U lta v I s,t tn~,e A~lhe~e ?pec~a ~,qu:ptmeat New National Basilica Snh;; ...a s ....__..,..... ll_______" Tokyo--(NC -- lans for an a,ll 0 will be made available to univer-[Japan federation of Catholic physi-lPlann,d At Cnm.d ~h.;n.,[ " sity researchers. Icians are about completed. Corn-I .................... { Budapest ---(NC)-- The number "Such a mutual arrangement--[mittees have been set up in key[ Con D~ La Ma,lo~ne nu~ [of Holy Communions received in and it will be expanded--will sidle]ties and a general meeting of[ .... "," ..7 ~ "~,'*'~" '~ :~'~'-~[Hungary in the first eight months~ industry, the university and thelrepresentatives of local groups willI (~t~--worK on ~ne new ~a~.x~a] of 1950 was 70 per cent over the~ community," Father Barnett said.] be held here on March 31. lot u.ur t~aa,y, off tne ~o~y tto saryI 1949 figure, according to a report .~' "~'* I ........... ~at the worm-antaeus shrine nerel drawn un by the Hungarian Holy Tne l~ev iNlCnola$ ~o gen, ,'~ J, X -- -m.a T^ -- i , , . ; .... ~, , .: " i will begin next year, it is pected.l Year Coh~mittee - ... ..,. v ...... Icnamasn oz tne "JL/OKyO ~enerauon, "'e ~ influx of ]l-rim- tot -- - " " ---~ - .... an grea~ p g ~ xne repor~ was pro area unuer Vatican Cit~, tRadio NC~ His]el ~athohc Phys~cmns, sa~d that a} ........... ] .... ]P. . . -~, . ,~ , ..+;^..T .... .,;.~,;,,..,,,..~a .,~. I tne ongmat snrme cnurcn, 1~ was/the direction Ot Archbmnop oulius Hohness Pope Pros XII has named].~t n ..o~,~o.. t,~ he t,o.,t *bro**t[ stated, caused th plann ng of al Czaptk of Eger. chagrman of Hun lilly ~a& a.a~,ala~'~L~elatest devW - [ ri [ ' Bishop'" J; Skmner." hereto- [~e~ileli:: larger national sh ne church. The gary s Holy Year Committee It is andsur_ery,elpments re. original shrine will remain near, being forwarded to the Central tore Auxmary o: oonn s aren-I g ] the new Basilica. Architectural lHoly Year Committee in Rome. diocese in Newfoundland. Archbis-I A national convention of the All-[ drawings for the new-basilicas are l Because of unusual conditions ab. hop of that See. He aueceeda the~Japan Catholic Students' Federa-{to be studied soon by the OblateI taining in Hungary, the Holy See late Archbishop Edward P. Roehe,] tion will be held in Kyoto ahortly]authorities, who are gttardians of] permitted the faitldttl here ~p ob* who died lMt September. He is [ after Easter. The federation has| the shrine, and by members of the[ lain the Jubilee indulgence nt name Titular Bishop of Zenobia. ten sections in the prlneipal cities I Canadian Hierarch},. , during II 50.