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February 10, 1961     The Observer
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February 10, 1961

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Spain. was aboard as chaplain for the passengers and crew. The Spanish priest had signed nn the Santa Maria to become FFdDAY FEBRUARY ]0, 1961 THE OBSERVER Still, t(! Marl. Had +07 ,a+s+, ers her+ (r h. 2),!FAMILY CLINIC 11 days after the rebel band ledI ['l-,~,l" - - " Abo(lld -. by Henrque Galvao had seizec I /~ .ca.+am . ,-, o ~ jthe ship in the Carribean withi E, ~ d'lq ~4[,/~,q t[~ ~ECIFE. Brazil- (NC)--Pas i the avowed intention of over-i 1 sengers and crew aboard theithrowinz the government ofi]LI .~ .+ e J. If hijacked Portuguese liner SantaiPortuguese Premier, A n t o nior vervone am u,st her Maria might have been low on Salazar. I J food and water but the" still---- - [ BY FATIIER JOHN L THOMAS S I had the Mass ' ~,lr . o- Or ~t~r ' Asm ,t lllS[ lI1, tvlass I "stant Professor of Sociologv at St. Louis University lne 21,000-ton snip nas a per- -~ " ' martenS chapel, and the Rev BIRMINGHAM, England --I "My problem is the right or wrong of allowing a very close Xavier Irigoyen, of Oyarzun, Sunday evening Mass in thistrelative to live under our roof if she is keeping company with archdiocese must be sung and the people must be encouraged adept in speaking Portuguese. His long-range goal is to go as a missionary to Angola, Portu- gal's big West African colony. The ship at one point appeared to be headed for Angola So Fa- ther Irigoyen might have had his hopes fulfilled early. The Santa Maria released her to join in the singing, Archbish- op Francis J. Grimshaw has rul. ed. He told his priCErs of Birm- ingham to have the samemusic: regularly so that parishionersi could get used to it. The Arch-~ bishop said he will visit the churches during Sunday eveninfi Mass to see if the congregations are taking an active part. THE HEROIC t seen through the eyes of kin facing kin loved ones against loved ones and a Kentucky Mountain kid- caught in the choice between C0n- federate Gray and Yankee Bluel The LITTLE . HEPHERD of Kingdom "q~,J IU~" ~ "qL/ Color by De Im~ RODGERS'LU ' A PATTE mm+L AT l.lal~ "nq lll~avlo ~'~ seseeNi THURSDAY Tires Be,Series Hardware Farm Supplies Rockcote Paint and entertaining in our home a married man who is still living with his wife. I finally followed my confessor s advice and asked her to leave. Now my husband and good Catholic friends have turned against me saying that I had no right to interfere in someone else's life. Did I do wrong? Your letter would be a highly significant document for one who was writing a commentary on modern society. It points up clearly one of the many dilemmas Christians encounter in a moralb pluralistic culture. By moral pluralism I mean that there exist no general consensus or agreement on what is right and wrong Various alternate patterns of conduct are tolerated and frequent- ly received equal public approbation. The assumption is that there are no absohlte criteria for judging right and wrong. Every- one is free to follow his own "conscience" and lead his own life PAGE 7 I~OCKFORD -- T h e annual father-son Communion break- fast of St. Peter Holy Name so- ciety will be held at the Faust hotel Sunday, Feb. 12, follow- ing the $:30 a.m. Mass. The Rev. J. Philip Eeilly, superin- tendent of Aquin Central high school, Freeport, will be t h e guest speaker. Since this year's event falls on Scout Sunday, all members of Boy Scout troop 37 and Ex- plorer Post 37, sponsored by the Holy Name Society, a re asked to wear their uniforms. Members of the Cub Pack span- provided he does not interfere with others. Eared by St. Peter Home and School association will also at- ALTHOUGH CHRISTIANS POSSESS A CLEARLY defined set tend in uniform. ] of norms governing moral conduct, how do they deal with those Principal item of business willi who do not accept their norms because they use different criteria be the election of officers for the ] for judging right and wrong? The problem is real and presents coining year. A nominating corn- ONCE A YEAR DADDY DEAR -- Daughters play hostess to their fathers at Madonna High the Christian with the dilemma. On the one hand, he maintains mittee, composed of Win'ten M. School, Aurora, once a year at the annual father-daughter dance. The dance is sponsored by that a person must follow the dictates of his conscience; on the Sparks. chairman, L y 1 e Bale the Immaculate Conception Sodality. In the picture from left to right are Prefect, Cheryl Reiser other, he insists that basic Christian moral principles are absolute and Edward N. Fitzgerald, will and Mr. Rieser; E. O. L. Chairman, Jean Adam and Mr. Adam; Treasurer, Mary Jane Fitzpat- and unchangeable and must be accepted by all. bring in a slate of names for rick and Mr. Fitzpatrick; Secretary, Mac Hahn and Mr. Joseph Zimmer. Missing when the pie- IN THE PRACTICAL ORDER, the solution has been to insist president, vice president, secre- Sure was taken: Vice-Prefect, Lois Lenert; Apostolic Chairman, Clare Grulm and Literature on tolerance This is the correct solution, provided tolerance is tary-treasurer and six directors. Chairman, Doris Wegener. based on the belief that truth in many moral areas is hard to Retiring officers of the so come by and we must respect every person's sincere attempt to ciety are John C. Stafford, pres- ~:~i~i~.` ~i~;~i~i~i~i~i;~i~:~;~i~i~i~ "~r ] % -[]-. T'~ 1,9 ~" reach it. Unfortunately, tolerance is often based either on the ident, Charles Leet, vice presi- Say You Saw It in lleeoll t l .lSS rrelates rtlngs assumption that there are no moral absolutes, and consequently dent and Mervin Shomler, see- THE OBSERVER r ~ o. n r 1 "v r ,~ W&~rIAI~GiuD; -- ~ t atrlOllCl ~merlcan I",ccleslastlaal l~eVleW moral no m. are changeable a d e all e, or on the even shallo~- retary-treasurer ::~:.~:~}~:i~i~i~[~[~i:~:~:;i:i~*i~.i~;i)i:~:~:~:1:~)~*::~+?):i:~::~:~i~+i~[:~:;~:~?~.~[ . . er view that my neighbor's moral conduct is none of my concern ~ ~ President would not have to]magazine, t~esale: ~, "Since he represents all his so 10ng as he leaves me alone, kneel to kiss the rin~, of a bish-[ N IN ' " reuow cmzens, many oI wnom YOU MAY BE WO DER G WHY IVE INDULGED in this ~q~| ~ |~b~ mrLJ~ ~J~~ op or cardinal, according to aido not believe in -'ivin- an" discussion of tolerance I think it set~3*our problem, in context [ ~--~kJ IF B--IK. IINI --I I. II1~ ~ I~li ~ ww, ,w"-! tneolo*lan~, . A slm pie nanasnaKelspecialt reverence to~; Catholics Your husband and friends apparently hold the quite common -- .---, '-1 ~- ~ ~'-. "ad'a [-Plates the ,',ro,--,r course of misconception of tolerance that I criticized above: namely, that THOMAS P NEILL, historian Very Rev. John B. danssens, *U~athg? '=F722ci's "~ **~onnell ]action for theVPresident of the my neighbor's belief and morals are none of my business. This fi'om St. Louis University, has S.J[ Superior General of the (, SS R dean for religious cam'[United States who hanDens to is indifference, not tolerance. It is not based on sincere respect been named a Knight of St. society ~unitie's at the Caiholic Vni'[be a Catholic is to givethe dig for the truth or for the person in error but on a thoughtless desire Gregory by His Holiness Pope * * * [" -'rqt'* of America made this[nitaries of all religious *,rou,~s to avoid the inconvenience of personal concern for my neigh- John )~XIII : Istatem~ent in a ~uestion-and-~the same form of"greeting *a bor and the common good,in~ r~r~v, t~A. Cob.) r r~x~,~-! "~ ~ ' ' ' * "Jr* CIS X MURPHY of the I ittle[answer feature appearing in the/simple handshake.". TillS FALSE TOLERANCE HAS SERIOUS consequences for ' BEN FLOWERS, 22. Canton Rock diocese has been selected l ~ ~ I~ I~ ~ atlk II~ ql~ the individual Christian anct tar sometv, n we are our nromer's N-- ' +-'- -~'-o-1 ~ n u ~. k u a u ~ urea s mp . egromgn sen o as me air force cnapmln to re- tr ~ ~- It- ~ ~ ~r[ / Keeper we are oouno to De concernea aoout his pnyslcal ann ~rmdumf~ in 1~51~ h=~ m " " a ~1~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ ' . . ~t 01 I~-- amted a celve the Alexander D. Goodel moral welfare. If he ts proceeding along dangerous or sinful :~9 h, 99 P f il ,~inq-o o~ th,~ a, ~ ~ f,~ ~o~ Is + - I paths we must warn- him, or at least not encourage him by our Last Supper to hang ~"~'hnte'di-n + 1,1 SUPER KEMTOHE RUBBER W Lt P&,ll I silent acceptance, i.~ .nr ~ ,~f M,~.d hosnital " ~ II ~ o. I ""~' " A ST PO TIlE WELFARE OF SOCIETY ITSELF IS threatened bv this BISHOP JULIJON S E ~It~ I(I:MI~,[fl I~ldAMgl ] " * "~ * " " " I tOYS' lSlkl'lV~V blll4rlLs, false tolerance Wen eole show no concern over the existence NAVICIUS, Lltuaman ordinary i I . h p p AR IS OP EGIDIO VA ' '1 S,s," THOUSANDS OF COLORS of social evils, law enforcement receives little public support, in-CHB H G- has been under house arrest-, by,! { v I iustic,~ ~,~*~s ,mnuni*h**d =n~ wr0n~,-dn,P~ r,~c *iv~ ~u*l ~coen- NOZZI, Apostolic Delegate to Communist authorities for re-j| ~ I'~ z: vV D t= I% I~. ] t a~ce"wi~t'ia'~the"goo~(. Americans havetraveled-a long'~way"down the United States. will dedicate fusing to ordain government-[[ t~'~, WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. [ St Plus X seminary in Gait, f a v o r e d candidates to the this road. Disclosures of ~ldespread cheating, payola, graft, ',[ and so on, are greeted with general apathy, The average Ameri- Cahforma on April 23. ipriesthood. /I,~ ~[ can feels no personal concern. * * * i~ 1[~'~ . ~1 AGAINST THIS BROAD BACKDROP, Jet's take a closer look at THE REV. JOSEPH F. MAC-IFortv Hours I / D ** m the problem you presented. I gathered from your letter that the FARLANE, s.a has been ap-I d JU! Ii I V V. IDOl I I k.d. LM. relative in question had other means of support so that you were pointed the new national pro-[ Corpus Christi M o n a s tery,| ~ not simply throwing her out on the Street. Furthermore, since this mater Of sodalities for the So-[Rockford--Quinquagesima Sun-|',~,~ (')DTC~/kA gT~ I~T married man was coming to your home, you were openly sup- ciety of Jesus, according to the/day. [1~ "' ; ~1 porting or at least tolerating his evil, scandalous action. Grant- ~-~-~ [ ~[ ~] {ng that they.will probably continue, their illicit relationship+ else- ~/~' P l 7v EAST qT STEPH ENSON T; ST. T v v n h v ow ur ''~" "" ~" = -- " " ~ 1 where you will not be directly in ol ed a d a e sh n by yo l ~ [~q, action that you condemn the'Jr evil ways. Home of K-L GAS [~ (Over Woolworth $1 ~ IT IS INCONCEIVABLE THAT YOUR HUSBAND and Catholic ~ Home2t~-L ~A~ ~ 1~11 (Over Woolworth's) [~ friends now criticize you for inSerter!rig, or as you stated, for-7"/ ~ Hew tb K-L GAS ~ /~ AD 2-5011 "trying to live someone else's life' Obivously they have no / ~.-qh~-~ /1~ IkMI regard for public decency or for the rights of this playboy's wife. ~---.~%:po-.~, " ~ [[ ~ ~ ~ ~i You have no ~'ight to make your home a rendezvous for public ~. --"~" --- ~,~-- ~ = = ------ ; ; -- ; = ------ -- = = sinners, whether your relative be a simple call-girl or a sophis- --~JL ~ &,L 11% ~[~ = / ticated home-breaker. Indeed, you should have taken action at OFL DI]III ~L U~I5 6FVIC6 -- - once . .2,- ,:+ The. Facts m nenaerson Ave rn Auoms 4 1/14 THE CRITICISM Y(~U ARE RECEIVING reflects how deeply the spirit of secularism has penetrated some Catholic circles, lh---e i-'gu based On a false sense of tolerance, public sinners who make a res " mockery of marital fidelity are openly accepted and esteemed as if their moral violations were a wholly private affair of no concern to a Christian community. What models we hold up for Sales Service G Th C Th our children! And a~ for charity, will the sinner receive any en- et ars ot "tO abandOn his evil ways if his actions draw nO dis- "*aIVlS-- YOU couragement approval from the good? (Father Thomas is unable to answer personal letters.) MURPHY & GUSTAFSON, INC. --from-- ' iii1% MAY THEY REST IN PEACE T lii USTAFSOm & SCHIm,imC. lne ~!: !~,~:Pkone 136 ElizobetK ----- ~::~:~:~A~;~i~:2~+~{{~::~:~::~2::;:~::~{a~::~{~:~a~:~<~{~>~:~:::~:~:~:~.~%~g~ Y o ur A ut horized P l y mauL h. V aliant Dealer The foilowing clergy of the Diocese of Rockford passed On to 9 W. Dougla~ Freeport. Ill. their eternal rewards on the dates listed. Your prayers are re- quested for the repose of their souls, rJt~lol'eilee~s' Feb. 12, 1958--The Rev. Alex S, Mc[s~c, pastor of St. ThOmas R. J. Tikolsky, Owner Aquinas Freeport is buried in Calvary ceme- Dinin c Room t, ll'~oc'naur 11 E, Moin Pk. ,t.4++~ tery, Freeport. Mt. Morris S , ;,[,-,~ ',' ~ Feb. 14, 1952--The Rev. Joseph P. Lynch, retired, died in Now Under New Ownershi~ of [ Manomanie, W+ ,o+,+o Fashion Shop Many Catholic Friends Thru- (~ ~ iOe Feb. 15, 1939--The Rev. Frederick J. Brummel, died Feb. 15, out The Freeport Area to Stop 1939, pastor of St. Joseph, Elgin, and is buried in for Luncheon 'or Dinner. 20 W, Main Freeport, Ill. Complete B ding Service in Annuciation cemetery, Aurora. MT. MORRIS PHONE 4-4716 i For Reservations --Phone AD 2-7713 Visit Us and See" Our In. R E E P 115 So. Galena (Rte. 20! Freeport, Ill. comparable Collection O~ TOT and TEEN Shop E eiti, F.hio "The BEST Is None Too Go),l For YOUR Children" III Itl b I IS I INFANTS CHILDREN'S + SUB.TEENS Itl yr. r, N. Haramger Itl . It ~+:+++++;+++++:- COATS-.trimm,d an~ u.trimmed. Fabulous Mink +bite, I So,'s Sizes To 8 Itl " lli + [ Bl.&, C.rule, Autumn.H e: I + Marian Miller, Owner " i/~lI ,s,- II I 4-4816 Mr.*O~'s Itl CHIROPRACTIC ' Itl CLINIC lil PLUMBIN & t x 1 l~I iI~ SUIT$--superbly.strled, with or without Fur, and h+nd.detailed. BI DRESSES-the latest in d~si~n and tabric and a large ollee. ++++ III II H Ip +o++++++ THE OBSERVER Phene: ADems 2-7166 "A/ter 5'I. )RRI$ON ++, W. 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Expert Fitters of Trusses To Look Your Be,t. k~~' Elostic Stockings Surgicol Supports +r H.n,n, ~'.~ ~' Dry.Wall Toping MO " OURTEOUS ond Finishing ~dlIWl(ll 'FFICI|NT PrPstripli0, pPri,lisls RESIDENTIAL--~COMMERCIAL COIFFURE Trust Service First National We soeciolize in showing over 200C calbrs of Cosy to clean new rug: co+ Woodstock Lera* Selection at Used Rugs ond Remnants TIDY Illinois AT'AS MAGIKIST KUG CLEANERS Member F.D.I.CI tires Batteries Accessories tntersection Rts. 14 & 120 ond Adorns ond Winnashiek Phone: ADams 3-1916 S+n,gs* WO@DSTeCK FE. t-loot Federal Reserve Syst*m Pkone AD 2-8010 Freeport 841 S. Liberty--Freeport STYLING 14 5euthChicoRoAve SERVICE