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February 10, 1961     The Observer
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February 10, 1961

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' l, 10, 1961 BETWEEN 800 AND 1,000 ATTEND ST. ELIZABETH OPEN HOUSE--Many people took advantage of the opportunity to see the new building which will serve as a convent for the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity who staff St. Elizabeth Social Center, Rockford, at an open house there last Sunday. Among those viewing the new convent which will also be used for some of the activities of the center, were, from 1. to r.: Mrs. Allan Matt|son, Budget Committee chairman of the Rockford Community Chest, Sister Ann Sebastian, M.S.B.T director of St. Elizabeth Social Center, the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane, the Honorable Benjamin T. Schleicher, mayor of Rockford, and Mrs. Th'omas F. Slaughter, corresponding secretary of the St. Elizabeth Board. (Herzog Photo) THE OBSERVER !Pope Speaks 1 On Persecution l VATICAN CITY (NC) His' Holiness Pope John XXIII has compared the sufferings of the[ persecuted Catholics of today with those of the first Christians. I At a general audience, the Pope referred to the liturgical feast of the day, that of St. Igna- tius, the martyr (Feb. 1), and recalled how he died in the arena at Rome. "Those were times of sacri- fice and of blood," said the Pope, "but something of the sort is happening also among us. Therefore, we need fortitude, faith and the grace of the Lord." St. Ignatius was the second successor of St. Peter as Bishop of Antioch in Syria. He was brought to Rome under Emperor Trajan and thrown to wild beasts ha the amphitheater of Rome during the public games. Science Grant DAYTON, Ohio--The Univer- sity of Dayton has been award- ed $30,100 by the National Science Foundation for a three- year research project on t h e i structural properties of liquids by Dr. Roy Foresti, senior re- search engineer at the Marianist institution. Diploma No EducatiOn Guarantee ma is no guarantee of an educa- tion, Edward Fischer, professor RENSSELAER, Ind.--A diplo- ers," said Prof. Fischer, who was honored for his work as a member of the communication O @ PAGE 3 NEWLY CONFIRMED--Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anderberg, seated, are pictured with the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane after being confirmed by the Bishop in their home. The Anderbergs, re- cent converts were instructed and baptised at home also. Mr. Anderberg is 80 and his wife is 77. Pictured with the Anderbergs and Bishop Lane are, standing, from left to right: the Rev. Albert F. Rennell, assistant pastor of St. Mary parish, McHem-y of which the Anderbergs are members;the Rev. Francis J. Moroney, secretary to Bishop Lane and Mr. and Mrs. John Thennes, parents of the Rev. Clarence J. Thennes, pastor of Holy Cross parish, Stockton, and good friends of the Anderbergs, who were their sponsors for Confirmation. (Kotalik Studio Photo ) at the University of Notre Dame, arts department at Notre Dame told the midterm graduation as a film critic, and as author class of St. Joseph's college of the book, "The Screen Arts."] . here ~ @ "The world is shot throughHe told the 27 graduates that /1 T /11 q~rl the grasp of your memory, anI indication that you can hold an f facts and fi-ures inside[ LOS ANGELES-- (NC) --The' The Cardinal voiced his views of the pond," he said. "This ~.~3~ -1 1~ i~h I United States is discriminating at the annual Communion break- stone of discrimination tossed byI if. -= = - -,'711~:u*~v"~,-~;~:~i*~ '~'~e" sai~"~t[against certain Cuban refugees fast of Catholics in the Holly- the task force and now.appliedI McHENRY---The way home her parents to receive instruc-,in their home for their son. in Miami, Fla in the distribu wood motion picture industry to relief measures in Miami cre 1 H]TI~aI~IIT|I1LLli,| U]]]ltakes a few years to diagnose, I ", " " h "]has been long, but the welcome tions that were instrumental "n] The Anderbergs were made Illild'fll||lilill~tll I flllwhich di.~loma bearers have|ti nof Federal aid funds, Cannot Be Constitutional ates a circle that as been ship-[ Isoldiers of Christ b-* Bisho-- /ItI|UI/IIt/III|LL/ r, -,has oeen great zor lvlr ann rue ~ma~ steps mey tOOK rowaru z $ [[t["~ hf" o- .~a ,i [James Francis Cardinal Main-'Surely that kind of discrim- wrecked on the shore of the n- " l v~ . ~ ~ ~. III Till- rltlrt T IIII ~'~-a ]tyre charged here. ination cannot be constitution- diculous and the absurd." [Mrs. Michael Anderberg who conversion, a ~o.~.~ ,o ~o.- ]~ ";;ed~t~e~ac;ament~ of= Con'- Ill liE| r|l~r~| ][[I llli~J~lR| [ Snecificallv the Archbishon of al " the Cardinal asserted.Cardinal McIntyre said many were receiver, into the churchI "~, fl"~. "* :~-s .~ y ~,:lfirmation on them in their -- v ' here at the ages of 80 and 77 zmea m her nome~ mey rece~vea ill ----- nI/AUKUKA * * * . ILos Angeles said the discrim- "Surely that is not the mind of of the best minds m law andl I Ihome III ~ IlIl~ kA I~ kA I A/~ [[ ic~a;d n~s a~:m:tttCUbap:;::~:~ ~h~ aArffec~ndP::PleenemWeehCV~ e,d~;a:~O~bohe~eofa:2~trt:dothatf[reTP;:tAV;ldYrbergs were not to- ~ade;b;rg~sh:e/v~:~ebner;: III ~~ III/I iva,-iwvm~.-L.-~ i/s.hools those who have been ungrateful Church and State has for a longltal strangers to the Catholic . ~,P "[ ~ " ' m ~ - m~m .~~ --- . ' . --L X h " M1 hael ha sire znaT: J.ylass De ozierea lorlanu mew pastor ls me nev III [~ but these children will beais- wnim neen wauowing in me ae- ~ann i ew son c,w . . " I I S,nce 1906 Lined Up With Others . them in thew home, their joy Eugene C Baumhofer Their criminated against because theyspalr of the absurd and mac-ldmd about one year ago, was l . : " 45. ~/J Ill|| ~ " a~ receiving me gut o~ ,almisponsors a~ connrmauon were III II1|1 --:- - I/ At the same ume, t.arainai happen to find refuge in a curate Its repetition snoum oe|conver~ed whim at~enaing me ! II " "Lh th r " ' " ' o The was increased many zorn vy Mr ana mrs donn Tnennes, IH ~ ~ lU|| il~'~/ [/McIntyre hned up Wl o e school that teaches religion as discarded' [University of N tre Dame [ '. " IIIn, ~ III/I liMNt~lt.~D! I/~-th~l"e ~'relates who have ' ~',~ ~:,o . . IT, . "-"- '-""--- " ~ " " h" nelng ame m assis~ a~ me ~wasslzne~r very gooa zrlenas. III - ~ III/I -Ill -- 1 ---- -- :-- l~,~. I/Va u I p WCU as z~u's.' aolneu IL, rml'Ulllal ~peuman i~uv. aum~ u nma, t o.w, w u III III/I ~tl~t~~ l| charged that President Ken- The Miamisituationisthe"lo- In taking his stand againstiinstructed and baptized Mi-. . . III Br~'XIk III/I ~ I/nedy's task force on education[gical yet ridiculous" extension President Kennedy's task forcelchael who was then 19 was] A I J~~ III II1|1 I/ discriminated against the 15 per [of the discrimination contained on education, Cardinal McIntyrel destined to become the lateI ~ ~l~k~lJ~k~i~ ' Ill ~ Ill|l '~L-Jd~ ~" ~.'. ~~ I/cent of the American school chil-[ in President Kennedy's educa- joined with Francis Cardinali John Cardinal O'Hara. / ~zdlT'~lE~. Ifla" ~/~ BOCKMAN lil[Innn/m I|n' dren who are in' private schools'[ tional task force philosophy, Spellman, Archbishop of Newn/ A daughter of the Ander-| ~ ~~ ~ ~ $" ~" $'1 ~1 ~1 ~ ~[~ III I~lAldgkln Illll II by failing to include thesel which excludes U S. privatei York, and Archbishop Karl J./beras Fay Oven La Crosse,~ J~l . k~~" Ill " RIN -S [ill| "A ', /~Fo"~ "md,~ [[ schools in its Federal aid recom-[ school children from FederallAlter of Cincinnati who alsolwis later became a Cathohe. i~ ~'~ "ll't M'ld ldt D Ill - liill . O,Zy .1 i~u~t~ ~. ~[o 11 mendations. ] aid the Cardinal charged[ have been critical of the exclu-[ It was her hope that her par- ~:{ mv l ~ m m v m ,oc, ot - ,~, " h r f ' * " ill A Name Famous for Quality JJJll erY~c~[on I[ Regarding t e Cuban e ugee[,A Stone Thrown [ sion of non-public schools from[ ents would become members of ~ -~--'~"-~',- lJjlll Diamonds Since~, ,1892~, II[[jlllll ~ l,p ' ~ J [II situatiOn,said: Cardinal McIntyrel[ spreadsA stOnea circlethr wnto theint extremesa pondJ proposals for Federal aid to edu-J the| cation. J' her prayersCath lic andChUrChher " workItwas / ~'|~L ~. ;: '~~"~'~~J~t~iil~ I| G. OWNERT" POPP~ iJ k"~'.~ ill nUt,||MAN IIItlAuroro.Lohmonn JJ "I am informed that the agen-]-- /making the arrangements for[k/~~. f~i/ MEN' WEAR cy of the Government presided . ~ ~ JEWELERS Monument Co ? fll Illll Ilover by Mr. Rlbicoff (Secretai'yl Church Ded,cated Fourth Time. / 42 DaW E- PLACE $ 53 M A, IRNo~TREET IIiil 7275. LincoIn, Auroro liar Health Education and Wel-/ /Heln ~tudents IC |,~ -'~ Ill .v w. ii[ll Phone TW 7-7270 |lfare Abraham A. Ribicoff) has[ WORCESTER, mass. -- noiYltiono[ me cnurcn, z~t mat time,/ IF I~ |$ DS021Ottlgl ---AURORA-- I.P~qlIP -~1 dxnressed the intention of giv-| Name of Jesus Church here has[Bisho~ John J. Wright, formerl LAFAYETTE, La - (NC) -- |]~."* ~'~'~'1~ ~tvtt|tz'*I . . r~ " been dedicated for the fourth ~Prmstsand ministers of all ~ ~0~ Y0U.0 m. O en Man & Frx Till 9 P M ~] i ill ing financial aid to the children| ." -- I Biahop of Worcester and now~ .' . ' " /~, ~A a.t~ :| p r time froths in Lafayette have appeal~ ~" :~ III REPUBLIC []who are reufgees f om CubaI . " Bishop of Pittsburgh, dedicated -J~*':~~~,~ ~ r enaty ervtce III Iland who are attending public/ tMsnop z~ernar~ ~. r lanaganI lea zrom melr putpns mr mncts/ ; 7, ,me church ior me tnlrct ~lme Since 1938 Ill tim. Ilschools |of Worcester officiated at] "Ito help Cuban students at thel El I~ i It" U[ II II " ]Solemn Mass in the 65-year-old| It was first dedicated in 1896, I University of Southwestern Lou-[ IO'LII I'T'UI~' ltl asp flrgtl ni ,2,500 in t-rivage ~en~ols /church and then re-dedicated|when Masses were first held in[isiana here, ] ,gdL~,'~,'?l~,~ ,r onn Ill I II of these there are perhapslthe redecorated building which/the then-uncompleted church[ ~he Chamber of Commerce/ I ~ 17 now 3,500 in Miami At the same was scarred b fire last March building A second dedication dL~rhlll~l~ |l| SPECIALISTS l[ ' " ". '[ Y " .[ " ' Its sponsoring the campaign for~ ! ~ ~ I[: ~~a~l~"~ }C,YI Ill Iltime in ur par chial sch lllLOst durinthere are 2 500 of the same type about one thirdg that blaze waslt k place in 1917 when the pre'Vund~ nt th~ re ~t of Fnt e [of the arlsh s sent building was completed u h r . r~-- -- --~/~:~ , - ' P " ' " Alexander O. Sigur, Catholic STATION VAttEY HEATING of refugee children But because priceless relic collection of 700 h l in at e ni ersit A] ~ ~ ' ~~ -- c ap a th u v y. they attend private schools the items. It has been said that charity goal of $5,000 has been set. D / I~~ ~u,t,a~ r~v,o~ ~ ill Ask Jar Bill Perez IlwiU not be eligible for this re-I The blaze came only four|is the pardoning of the unpar-| Father Sigur said none of the ~']l'~ll~d]~l~l~%~ High end Front $1~.Ill 1~0 So River TW ~-4090 [Ilief" [years after a complete renova-[ donable and the loving of thel20 Cuban students at the univer- II III1"~I~~ Tel TW7 9806 Au,om I|I " AURORA I] I IIAIP~ i "iunlovable. /sity has received funds from U I I I IIIt]l " " lit 11/! / R.H. Benson ]home since November. Ill I L I 1111 FREE PARKING /I I w.- -o , DRIVE-IN SERVia, "AURORA'S FRIENDLY BANK" I / - You receiYe o full 4% prof,t /,A I comfort bu,lt r,ght ,ns0del ro.r.= red,IO:Ob, ttu t I1|1 "-STJoA:]'|,c c0~p DeposiMembert Insu, anceFederal- fAurora Iltl o e y o/ V S I TWO CONVENIENT II I . I ' ' "' ~or oration t I ,OCAT,O.S ,N AURORAII *owner, R'v S ti,' P k. Bank #/I @ i o 141," ond Liberty Streeh AURORA, ILL " -- .e~'~JP-/~:~i,I~ " .~,~ ~tw 871 U;.:t IlL rur vv~tvt~n ' SERVICE SINCE 1 l~r/#tlil IA" O.EST* 6-, II II /t ' i I v II .emeer II Phone TW 7-8494 Broadway at MMn II //2' '7 ~~ Red glove leather, li ~ ~ '~" ",~ ~,~*~-- 21 II q t~/" ,4~~~ #'J 3 to 12, A~ to E. t-a~x~," ' ,o, . .o ,o,o,o iI1~ I1~ .-.-.0- --~o.:o;52-o,tl R~d~-M~x lll For II- ' LIGHTUP Will Prescribe II Co.crete /o JlJ Quality.II r .ur.o II /I Ill UNDERING and CffAliItiG i rSc IO[fS OUH IVUTUKE Concrete u /I ItlPir CallTWinoaks7-4259 v AT /I III ' II UI::SUI I::5/--XN ! P 12 Downer Place /I III ' II I|llB t~ IMPROVEMEHT FEDERAL urora--P one W7-96 8/I D| L XW 6- 7 4III AURORA LAUNDRY CO. 562 S. RIVER ST. II lll Children s Shoe Spe iallsts ]| ,iI II L L), d !! I( ' SAVIHGS AUROI "llProd " -- - ' " J ~" John,Johm~le Product,Manvi uct, I[, II ~ A new onceptincasualcomfortfo,t II L , I ~ ,t m ~n ill F~ ~/+-. t] II ~~ ,around the house, walking, shopping, ] i~i Know whats ahead by sav].ng for KOOtlng /~t~'~LIl--1~t1~t~l~ ~ompany ,t ~ext year could be your br,ghtest I KOOting i rtP li. Vli ~,ompany III ~ It~ II driving. Whatever you do, wherever you ~ . " . . . I III II are y0u'll 10ve the gentle 'lift' 1 ff you hght up your tuture, starting I =,9 w~ ~.-** ~ TW 6"6479 Ill L . ~ I] ~~ of the built-up arch, the com- ~ an insured savings account here '11 ~" "~z~.~ than on, other beer i!/ II fortable support, the extraI'1 now. ~ave .aneaa . . .~ee z our ' III " II toe room, the butter-soft I1 uturel A . 1-,t R il . III Lorden Ted Shar-enler II leather. Trythem, there's Jl| ' I Aurorette ShoD I ' -- - L- I11 "'t '" t ~lk~l~l II "~~~~ nothing like them. III Join today with your friends I L ear . MetaGeisen, Owner III UIS rlDU Ing tO, gl$1rlDulor . ]iilE II II i ' ".~" III Diol WO a 5409 Di*l TW 2 6419 or t"~ .~::~ II F~ ~~~ ~%~i~ .~ ana ne]gnnors WhO nave Jearn. See Our Colleetmn ol Exclu.~e Fall Fash]on~ m Dresse~ and Sportswear ~'~ I s~ D~ d Sport Ill Rotkford III. TW 7-$74 l- ;urora, III. ~ |I For MEN: ed that it pays to save a por- I TW 2~ 7 S. AW TER ST. AURORA, ILL. III ' I/ t'Jl~t /L~~~ :-~ ~t r~. m.^~ ^, o " II~ ~t r- ~-~.~/ ~~-~ ~' ~'~" |ion at their earnings e a e h . 1-- ~J ~ =-= ~ glove leather. 5 to 15 , / I " I/ ~=~-F'--~i~ = -- :~ .=~ = A~' A to EE montn at xmprovcment, ru-y protected to $10,000 by the ALL HOME APPLIANCES ,: -,' ,F.S.L.I.C. Sales and Service--TV--Records--Stereo--Wirin9 III - li Mail orders p~p~b/~H,d. Add/.c, eoZ Soles Tax and 3'5 Posfoff . I ~'~" 7.o~ %~ ltl,~' II Bah lira0 7~, ~,8h p0 ) ELEGANT BEAUTY SALON )[I Illl 75 So. Broadway * -TW 7 6,123 R wner ' . " IH}I iAIINA 10g~1~110 * I1/li ~/-Ill! % ~3 F~de TW ~3356 Aurora .1[ II II AUI~UItA I *-- -JII 6, F s - A TWT-9,t,II