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February 3, 1961     The Observer
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February 3, 1961

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PAGE 8 IST. THE OBSERVER ANTHONY PARISH S ROCKFORD---St. Anthony parish Youth Club will sponsor a band dance on Saturday, Feb. 11 from 9 until midnight at the parish hall. Music will be furnished by the Rhythm Kings. During the course of the ~-- ~- .----=---- evening there will be three ~,1 t,~, ,R~m,~ff n F M dance contests, according to .~ ~' *'~"'Y-;.~ "." ~:' Frank Marcone, youth advisor ~.onv. assistant pastor oi ~t. for the group Prizes awarded Anthony. to the couples winning the con- tests will be four transistor ra- dios and. six steak dinners at Maria's Italian restaurant. To add rathe festivities of the evening, the officers of the club have arranged for a photo- grapher to be present to take pictures of the group, which will be placed on the youth club's bulletin beard for all to see. Newly elected officers for the 1961 school year are president, Andrew .Saladino; vice-presi- dent, John Fulling; secretary, Joanne Vitale and treasurer Cookie Gasparlni. The youth club is under th~ spiritual director of the Rev. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1961 The officers have extended in- ~e vitations to officers of all other parish youth groups tb attend the dance as their guests: .d ][ Chaperones for the event willtA ~)O~[ be members of the ChrisOant ------ Family Movement of the par- ' ~.~ ~.^. ~, ,~.^ ~.^ ~^.~WASHINGTON--(NC)--Why should private schools be dis- = q^~: :w ~u:~ ^,~= ~-~=ar' criminated against the Federal aid, New York Herald Tribune a. =,~ ,v ~.= ~,~ ~,-,= v - " k " in olumn ish and the city. Tickets may be writer uavm Lawrence nas as ea a c . from Frpncis Cardinal Spell- man's recent public protest against exclusion of the ~lation's 6,800,000 private school pupils from proposals for Federal rod. Real Coincidence, "Now it so happens,' con- tinued Mr. Lawrence, "that on also purchased at the door, 50 cents each or 75 cents per cou- ple. Mr. Lawrence asked who is going to "furnish the money, i nearly $10 billion, to carry out !the educational task force's re- !commendations. to President i Kennedy? I "The answer is: Taxpayers of i every religious faith and of ' " h every race and color, e wrote. 11 J , ,i:~:,i~i '~:~;I i! l,'ll KC Grant to St. Edward ELGIN-- A scholarship check for $100 from I 1 1 i n o i s State Council, Knights of Columbus, has been awarded St. Edward h!gh school. G. P. Casey, of Batavia, dis- trict deputy of the state council, turned the check over to J~ Rev. Robert E. Schneider, li perintendent of the high scho'a!~" at a recent meeting of Elgin" K of C Council. The money is an annual (5" all--d- Constitutional the same day tl~e Cardinal was award and one of 70 distributed rice e 'The use of federal funds to speaking, the Board of Regems to Catholic boys high schools in help build a school or to help of New York sta~e announced the state. ST. ANTHONY PARISH HIGH SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES--Pictured above are the high Sta.n" ---~ Aquin 42, Monticello 44. poor students get an education that it had recommended to school representatives of St. Anthony parish Youth Club, Rockford, who assist the oficers of mDs e Newman 43. Monticello 44.or to help pay teachers' salar- Gov. Rockefeller a plan where- their choice, which can be a Newman 54, Morri~on 72. the club in publicity of club activities in the various high schools in the city First row, Frank Newman 25, Princeton 38. ies is regarded today as consti- by $18,'200,000 a year would be public, a private or a church- Marcone, Youth Club advisor; second row, 1 to r Marie Minardi and,Paul Cellitti; third row, Mi i ]PI st. Thomas 4L St. Catherine Racine 7?. Marmion 78, Lake Park 66. tutional, but the civil rights I. to r Barbara Giorgi and Thomas Birardi; fourth row, 1. to r:, Barbara De Fay, Bernie Can- -,-.-~Olla~e~ given by the state to private related institution as long as it ' Marmion 43, Joliet Catholic 63. commission, in its latest report, colleges and ufiiversities to help meets prescribed academic re, St. Edward 63, Phillips 64. nariato and Joe Di Piazza; fifth row, I. to r the Rev. Sylvester Radloff, O.F.M Conv. spiritual ROCKFORD ~- Your caficell- st. Edward 52, Immaculate Conception recommends that 'no Federal them expand, quirements." 4 . . . i, ' " i adwsor and Angelo Spataro (Photo by P J LaFranka) a enc or official shall be iv To bypass cons~itutmnal d f ' ed stamps are a valuable source Mooseheart 64, S~ camore 84. g Y g " - . . . " I I, of income for the MissionaryMarian 61, Glenwood 41. en power to direct, supervise ficult!es.a~.ut.grant,ihng a!a t~ ! lllr-~ * "r~ Sisters of the Immaculate Con ---- or control the aaminis[ration, private msumuons wn cn mac AII I LEGION OF DECENCY LIST II1 I-' ero ,:: A;A curricula or personnel of an in- religiou's subjects, the plan MII I ,= ~,' ale i1.=. ~,~=,su='~'.L .=. --L&~'L, teach~ng,--'nur~ng ~an;Ssocial X ,L ~ stitution operated and.maintain-would award $200 a year to ,l=, I M0ml nf Mnu,A i]T~r~ ~'~n=,lr nt- work in Formosa, Brazil, Ger- VIENNA --(NC)-- Two Aus- ed by a state or a political sub- .each couege stuoent pe.rsonal- I~|l I v ,w|vw|~* I[ .1 ILlP k 2i.JPl[:9~lLl~ at many and the United States. trian Catholic welfare groups division thereof,' " he said. ly as part of scholarship, he |'|! i The following is o moral estimate of motion pictures showing [[l~r 1-It The stamps are sold by theraised more than $10,000 in a "If that's the case," contend- said. . m the r u week to a,d Congolese suffer . r " The rlncl le wrote Mr to parHc=pa~e =n a tnrsz I' Rockford Diocese prepo ed under the direction of the National l]i?l~]JJ'J{[']}'JJllJ1~r-~ po nd to stamp dealers, and o ', " ed Mr Law ence, and the P ' "P,- ,Leg on of Decency 453 Madison Ave New York 22 N Y with are more valuable per pound if ing zrom iamine ana sickness. Federal government is to fur- Lawrence, is the same as that hand experience in in- I co-onerotian of the Motion P ctur~ Denartment nf th~ l~t~,~H~,~,~l [I AURORA--The national dlrec- sorted. The appeal was made by the rash money without interference adopted by Congress in pr~.wd ~,~rnntinnol u n H e r- '- " ~" " UC io O ,Federation of Catholic Alumnae |lt r of Vocation clubs, the Very Groups such as Scouts, sodali- Vienna Caritas and the S.O.S. with what is actually taught in ln~ the funds for, ed a~,n to .4: v : 1 " |lRev. Godfrey Poage, C. P will ties and mission clubs may un- Community for Immediate Help. the educational institutions ot vemrans oz Turin war n ann ~u,u y uu, u .y~,- ,A-I---MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR GENERAL |laddress the students of Ma- dertake sorting in addition to Several Austrian families have the country, then why should the, Korean.War under the GI col American Catholic PATRONAGE,donna at an all school assembly collecting. Stamps should be offered to take one or more any private schools be discrimi- mu oz xtlgnts, fam.Ii can help t h e I Alamo Little Shepherd of King- Sword of Sherwood Forest I at 2 p.m. today. Following this snrtod ~ ~'nlln~. Cn starving Congolese children into nated against and deprived of "The grants are alloted to the . .Y -" m ' Apara ,to (Unvan dam Co e Terzan the Ape Man he will or amze a Go d,9,world s future leaders [ quished) " Lost World .' [I g " o Counsel oratives high value (anything their homes for a good long public funds.' individuals and they pay the :::cn::ma::n:nL 1racle ' La r n th n u 1 h. h l of I h ,BemHut " Magic Boy " [[club. Requirements" for mere- over four cents~ air mail and holiday.' Mr. w e ce e q oted:money direct y to t e~ sc. oo,earn about t e United [ Beyond the Time BarrierMan on a String Ten Who Dared llbershlp will be a sincere desire common stamns ~ ~~ c, tnf~= n n A Cnfhnlle Masters of the Congo c' . .~ .~ ~ .~ ~ v ~ Jungle '3 Fighting MenJtto know something about reh- The ~isters suggest that all,l i f e in this countr" ,Conspiracy of Hearts ~Igh~l ~rtrsO~aO~frs 13 Ghosts I tgious life and daily prayer for stamps be saved -- even cam-| ~,i=- ~, = ~ J Y" Modern Times 30--War llvocations. Those interested in man ones can be sold Stam,~s I # It Ill I/J i I lWl 'B I Host are need- UU~UH ~Ha~.~ Mouse That Roared 39 Steps J " ~" IF'amingstar MyDog, Buddy Thousand and One ' l! ~ mlng the club wfll be glven should be cut or tornfromthe] II~)rl.q ~ill.qli?or.q i {11 / I /-/ I ed for senior hioh Flute and the Arrow Noose for a Gunman Arabian Nights "an o'~portunity to choose their -- " .1.t v=~,v .= .-- 1 ~,v ~,~v ~ -J ~ -=- ~ v .~ .= n a -- Glenn Miller Story Oklahoma Territory Three ame t Kill ' h Gorge LOperation Amsterdam C o . moderator. Feb. 14 at the first of paper remaining to protect I . I sc ool students from J Hand in Hand Passport to China Three Worlds of Oulhver I v envelope wnn aoout nalt an mcn ~'^n*hl'" m-~^'i ~. ~; Doris Revere Peters Ito go to college and be a teach-i EVEN IF a parent were to' Euro~,~ ,~nA / ,~ : IIlU b 'Y ~:;~:Tb lI~ ~E:tUII lllUlflJ~:~J'C~" ~ne perlorauon W n e n you . e'~ ,~ ,~ ~. u, , Heaven on Earth Pepe Timbuktu . .' " Dear Doris" er and then I think about get- hi ' I High Time Poacher's Daughter Toby Ty,er Iltor will meet with her unit. have a box full send it'narcel . . " l Idrzve a group of you t s parU- A~,~ir,~ (h ,~1, I Hound Dog Man Pollyanna Tomboy and the Champ II The "rimar-- -ur "~'- - : I am l# ano a senior in mgn/zing marnea ana having a iam-i ~ m," "'''""" ~''7 "" ~,-,r I Hound That Thought HePower Among Men Tom Thumb |j p ~ p pu~c u~ t.u post ormira cIassmau ]or . i = . lCular movie is mr aum[s, J.nlS L ,Was a Raccoon Ravmie Town Like Alice llGnod Counsel rluh i~ "-- ----~-- ', ~ SChOOl. l 1y ques lon Is; nowllly. ~u Sml umer muus ~ntcrI Tar one scnool year, De- a6~ Ca t -- ~ tu ***dr~c small packages / coma De anotner reason xou I In the Wake of a S d s le Twelve Hours to Kill I I.;Y ~ 7; .-, " " often should a f~low my age be lmy head like becoming a nun i m lnnlnn /,*Iv 10Al Stranger Santa Claus Twelve to the Moon[fle smaems wen-lnlormell Mall stamps ~olmmacmala . I lean t iud-e ~ mo-io 0", me ,re u u -"'I, ----', I ~!!:A ~ill ~i:i!:gr ILL L e ~!~!!i ~iiii~il j ' Nii~~;:::~L I " -- AND ADOLESCENTS |1 ~ . -- ll~iilBi~J " ' Confused Ipermission to go. I bet you getj STUDENT PROGRAN l A, the Young Men H~gh Powered R,t,e Prisoner o, the Vo,ga II IT ~. 1 . * . ~ . ana recreallon ~I nlit * J get t h e i r xoure trying ~oo nara an, ,Angry Red Planet Home Is the Hero Scent of Mystery IIHavana /u(ielltS galns[ ,astro - I v u C:~ getting over anxious tlnxlely -- -- -- I --~v v~rPii%.i~i~.~llm ,As the Sea Rages House of Seven Hawks School for Scoundrels II share. M a n y ~~] ",' ~ ~. ~ r, 1 F y" g Fontaines ' TrasHed in Tanaier~ 1 church ip Hava a a tar police orate the first anniversary of ~. ~ ' ~ il Four-D Man Nature Girl and the Unfo~" iven - your conIuslon be~ aovice Iroml i:i ,Gazebo g Ilbroke up a battle between them|the student protest against the HOWEVER, m planning your|,'. . ,I R .I /I . ~: -,o-~, va,ey at me ~eawooos a priest or a teacher or coun- J General Della Rovere Niclht F]ahtere Village of fhe Damned Jland opponents of the regime. IvIsIt to Cuba of Soviet Deputy social life be reahstlc. Don t[ . ' [J V~ITI~n~ ~rl~ ~VflJJtlnJ~. Ir~ i~ ~tanr of Marathonth II - V sit To a Small Planet ' " ' tr t nd r a e r selor in SChOOl; one who real- =-----=='-==-- "- --- ~ I Go,d o, ,he Seven Saints 0 e o Wake [I Students have gone on strike[Premier Anastas Mlkoyan. y to a te eve y d nc o [ lJ !:: I Goliath and the Dragon Pay or Die Walk L"ike--~,""Dr~,~n~"*" l| Io ~r~,~ [q~rn,~ vr '11 w~ntlIY Knows yOU, your mterests*j i~ '~ * I I Great Imposter, The Pace in the Sun Walking Target i/ ~' " 17-~',% ~"~'~" "~.-" ,~ "-"~/and abilities II Hil lnl =/rtlln n :~ ,Hannibal Pease Don't Eatthe White ~^'arrlor l| ~ II~'A ]10SKIp ~or ObLlers you 11 neeu ' I~INN V~ /I~IIIVl :~: II ' ,He Bent tar Leather Daisies World of Apu I/I lll'! IJ~! h^~ ~ ~+ - ~ CONTINUE to mveshgate the] I li '~Fl~ul ~! s~, ~,u, finances ,~o w~llI i" " A 111 MORALLY N II las your time /different fields but go about it~l IUI J |A| ~i - ~ U OBJECTIONABLE F0K ADUI.I~ ' " wi ou ~ i " "ght's orkGrass Is Greener Pillow Talk II |[ MUCH OF THE jOy of livingl . -II ~ All ,n A N, W systematically and th t beme. u.u wumu. ,All the. Fine Young He er in Pink Tights Ph=~= T nv.roIII I/c]On~nd~ ~. nn hnw woll ~--'-vn" o--.~ tJC mlng anxious .LaKe aavan-ii . ~ I Cann,ba,s He. is a City Plunderers The /i Jl ,+~ ~ ^n~ .~ i~[tageoftheopportunitms offered[| m ~! ~,p m I ,m~ Angel Wore Red Heroes Die Young . ' i a~v,s w~, u~*,~*~. .~ u pa.~ ~o, . == ~ ,An r Silent The - Portra,t ,n Black I',[ (V . / II [[dances s-arts etc hel-voun~[at school: career days, library, I[ I |aSSeS tart reD. o , g Y e, Home Prom theHill,w,:-' ,~e, . ~il A artm n Purple Gang ~ the guidance counselor and[ I P e t, The House of Intrigue Rachael Cade l i L~ . i I ~::~/ " ' : / / IImen develop this skill of 'get-[ ,I ~! t wh r (~ooa posanons m otru es awanr Dusnness rronne4 young men ,Back to the Wall Hypnotic Eye Rue de Purls /~1 I~'=='===q~ - ~ " I,; ~ mh ]o~ =~A ,~,~,/others. You m'~ t even t y all " . iii ,Best of Evervthino Idiot Sapphire / I,I I 11o 6 6 ~ ":""I,~+ Hm,~ ~nh Thi~ wnn't h~ thai| and women. NaHonolly, business scnoous ore receiving tive i:: I Big Deal on / adonna Ik[r Jan ~ s v=age=,mn tents, /]1 I I J=-L I |lexperienees to Keep growing./.~ ~ "o tl :alls for every young woman graduate; three for each young ,Street I'mUAl ~'i'ght Jatk "ce~n7 ~ /11 L I ~ l/ ~ I ~ IIGroup experiences in h i g hP v yuu u ~uep ur ~vuu ~nu ~m~Ull man " il I Black Orpheus Inherit the Wind Seven Thieves /il ~ ! h~l~ A~,el~ *h~ir sociallY u will enter but it will afford|| " ii ,Captain's Table I Passed For White Sound and the Fury /11 U ~ V i1 ~ ~ ~ "I v ~ ~ "~ Jxr,~, ~ fi~.~f h~nA ~nr~wlor~cno r~fl| i~ I Career It Started In Naples S artacus |ii n Ilmaturitv a vital hart of a real-w =," "-II :~ I C.ash Mc.C.aIl. rlayhawkers spry on Page One I;I n!l --~/,'-^ ~n.m.~' -~ |the world of work. II * J~a~ll~a~ ~lllPe,'=e ::i unance AAeeTIng Key w mess Subterraneans /]1 i i lll ,~1 ,~ ~,~,II ~3 *L*a~U*~; ~ USV~UUa~. / .~ - ~ " II ~?'la'r.'T,' ~,~vw ~,~,~ ,College Confidential Let No Man Wrte MyTank Commandos |[| UA IUIII I I IE m,=~& & -- Id e,-, D,n,- /, ;~x~t;~. xuu are a junior yOUll -- ~ Cover Girl Killer Epitaph Third Voice i o ~1, your ,]me Joe, l [| ~ Cranes are FI ,nMa c an I-II~R~IIIILl- ~1 rglllllU[l: DIU[U still have a year and a half to A h n Finance xecut,ve Seer tar, el Crimson KimonYo' g g" " Threat I [to include social activities. Dis I ' oun "rig d " E ii Icrowd0d Sk ~aalkeoaMine ~inkTiger B.a,/ /I ~'--'%?'~" J'^ ~ i.h our ~r^ntsAndmakeadeclsl n'D nttrytolAdm, nls,ratveSecretar,el|,Medical Secretorial !~ r g '=oucn at Larceny ~u~ ~ w ~ j pa ~ ::: Dark at the Top of Murder ~nc Tunes ef Glory 2|~ FirstSt Dix n settle it now" don t try to settle I the Stairs ' - JjJ Dixon Phone AT 3-(M51 JJget a teacher or priest to heipL ' !1 Bus,ne,$ Management Legal Secretarml iiiiii::i:::/:i:: End of ,nnecence ~ Ur~ ~ XAl~s~a ~JP~a~n~u'S'nd'n~ownstairsI," |convince them, if necessary, it oy yourse,L .LUrnr:O ~:e, S=lesMa.ogement ~iiiiii!! I Exodus Nude In a White Car v rgn Island J[ ' - n '~ . IBlessed M ther and P Y y,] ,~,~ Pacts or Life (Pr) Virgin Spring (Swedish) i ='~=" ~'""": ' "n ~ " " ~:~:~:~:~: I Fast and Sexy Ocear;'s Eleven Web of Evidence J[I " ii I'm a ~unior in hi"u o~hool| he Hall Mary a day aski g hertl The Rockford School of Business ,s approved hy the Ilhno,s ":ii::ii~::~i~i Fever on the Blood A On the Beach ~' Wh Must ID= J ~" ~" I ~ i . Y "e Itl ~ ~ II /help. Put it in her hands. It wfl][J Board of Accountancy which enables graduates of the two-year ~li!i!!! I ;0~urB,~%' ~,uns ~Dancas t~gra~n~/it~or~Oer[O~ ~ior~fd Cannot Read III~~,~P231~,4C ~~~ I1~n" o.on ~ Know. wnere ,o ,~.r.~.|work out in time. II Accou,ti,g a.d Fi.a.ce Course to take the C.P.A. Exomlna- i;;iiiiiiii ,French Mistress One Foot n Hell Wonderful Country |1|k lL~-~f77~,~7"f~~l~Ar~ II~omet*mes ~ trunk t wonln llKeln n ~. II tia " . ~i~i::i::i::ii ,Golia!h and the Bar Operation Petticoat Young Have No Time |J I I~l".L?i.&~i,E~ " " ~ " "" II ~/='~.r I1 /iiiiii~i I bar,ens Our Man In Havana Young One III l'(i . IIRIVI%M / I m 13 years om aria ! wan ,| I B--MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE IN PART FOR ALL I!1 " " " II #IA /II ' |to.go to an adult movieat, all *Dinloma Courses i;i i i ii I And Ouiet Flows theDon Hel, to EternityRise and Fall of Legs /[I -" - -- * |l IDr,ve,m Tnea,er ~ur my**amer Ir ~!i~ii~ |Angel Baby Her Bridal Night (was: Diamond |J| ||J- ~ I/(loesn~ approve a~ nil Aecoru-| . . . . e -t-r- e'e hi- ~ Beloved Infidel Bride Is Much TOORookie J},~1 Westinghouse "1 V lor lY01 I|in to tb review there seemsEl Junior Accounting oecr= u u o[ nugrup ~ ~:~::~i~ii~::~ Be eerentyTime and H~rea~fUUnF~ined ; ;pe%abr:r s,orm Ill ' H I/to'be not~i~g wrong with it. L,i . IBuebeard's Ten Hiroshima, Man Amour Sex Kittens Go to I:1 II I,cant seewhyIcantg. [I Spec|al Courses Herod The Great P ~/~ ~,' 0 ii~#i~ I Honeymoons nside the Mafa Colleae /11 'iUlIII~I~M '~ ~IlUl, U MAIUPI(ET II ~mov~ c~.t. II Jenny tl " -- ::::~iiii I ~ram~e Bush . . It aThief Shakedown /]1 IIIUI%/II/ g UPU/LI% III/RI%I%L/ II .~ ~ I[ ~xr~^ ~ " ",' S eedwriHn Shorthand and Ty in iiiiii!iiii n ~sreaTn or ~canaa JaCK rne h: pper aim going to be chauffeur,t| P g P g Butterfield 8 Jazz Boat So omon and Sheba ' l " " R rtl ~[ I Can-Can Leech Woman Sons and Lovers /I,I/ IA-JJI ~.~]] lEA Drive-In means you have to I Beg g Grogs Shorthand Court epo .g !~!ii~!~i~ I c.~rry on, Nurse .Le.glons of the Nile . Squad Car 11 I Irl IIgo in a car with someone old[| Advonced Grega Shorthand IBM Key Punch ond Typing iiiiiii! ~.~rcus at Horrors L.e,t'S MaKe Love " Stranglers of Bombay : ~erve Your Friendly = o rive at least 18 =~ ~::~::!ii::i Crack m the Mwror La I Abner Stran enough t d Cam tometer Burrou hs and Frndeff Calculators and Typing Ic ,o, oo, Macumba Love StudsgerSLoniganWhen We Meat /I I Yoursel, frDTIl:ll:h I II c I1,a 13-year-old-- your father' I',' Des re in the Dust Mania Surprise Package i~ 1 ' / IE,me Gantry Marriage-Go-Round Take a Giant Step /I I and Sooe t,n.n illl, it GrocerIII Ilprobably thinks that boys 18 arei| You will enjoy these advantaaes: i;iiiTili I EE Crr nnCry ster ~ilvli n~e~Sew Toalol sJV L lI III ,lectne Ine, l[too old for you. This may be tl " ii!i Tii o u uu LUVU I 1 Esther and the King Nights of LucretiaVice Raid /I I1' 'PHONE: AT 4-0011 I|one reason why you can't go. II A good starting salary Part-Time work for students ii~ii!iii!! I Pemale and the Flesh Borgia Virgin Sacrifice /il FINEST IN MEATS II ~t rutS213 West First St. I I Over7$0 students enrolled Shor~er trot,ins time ~;ii!~i~ 1Five Branded WomenPlatinum High School Where the Boys Are l!l r . d on.n.uo . ~::!ii!!~ nFug,t,ve Kind Pretty Boy F,oy B,ows Ill We G~ve S~:H Green Stamps i ! I/I^UII . . . Free I let, me placement servnce Lower training cost ,Gangster Story Prime Time,Who Waa That Lady? |,| I, ~*-~'~' !I,II iiiiiii I t~ene Krupa Story Private Lives of Adam W eked Go to Hell |ii Brinlan al Btodshow ' Dixon III I |Girl in Room 13 and Eve Wife ,or a gh, ,=, It 1 . , |Goddessof Love Psycho Woman Like Satan,w tklFILII i i 1Go Naked in the World Pusher Female) ill~Vilnl. 1 Happy Anniversary Rat Race World of Suzy Wang Head Of a Tyrant Rebel Breed Young Jesse James ~ W ~,~IJE~ R M t I II,; A,R-COND,T,ONED CLASS O0 S, m,?e, o.u m ,ie.d- I C--CO.DEM.EO If| ,ll{r ,r1"ll mr-, ll I~ystudent$,under$tondlngteocke$,feepIocementservice. !ii:ii!~ii IA rable. ,Creatures Llane, Jungle Goddess NO Orchids for MISS III /I Ill%BIk 141 /i,/ Office open doily, including Saturday from 8 o.m to 5:00 p.m. ~ii I ~Prencnl Love Game (French) Blandish (British) Ill IBVI~/~IL! TIIIl~AqPr~l~ .~.~ ~ I|1 ll I~ B~"~J.I ,] ,] If, I lid ::IBB~/III Phone WO 4-9459 Rockforcl or return coupon for informol'ion, ~:~':; 1And God Created Woman Love Is My Profession Oscar |]| D/I UIII /n /4/R -- ( 'I~'J.-~'4E~ Ill ~~ "" "" " - / II -- -- -- 1 1 :!:~::~:~:i:~ 1 (French) Passionate mm III ~ ~J~l~TM . 2J'/'7~ lll ~~ 111'~lE-1171r~l, ] ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ~!ii; I Lovers, The (Fr) ouer I[I I/ Baby Doll Lover's Return (French) (Fr.-Ital.) y~ -- ; - / I . . ~!~::iiii~ 1Bed of Grass (Greek) Mademoise e Gobette Please! ,Mr. Balzac (Fr)IJl BYRON, ILLINOIS //I/"~ll~~ Ill lil Yes, send informotnon regard,us your courses of study and i~::ii::i::!~ 1Bed, The (French) (French) Port of Desire " Ill / ~)'~1~//~ Ill "IN BUSINESS TO 'SERVE YOU BETTER" 1]l the opportunities offend in Business. i!iiiiiii!!ii IL.ome Dance with Me ~aoemoiselie StripTease Pot Bouille (Lovers of III Operated by Wes Holly well known ~h~'~.//1 I/.q ' !iiiiiii I Desperate(French) Women. The Magdalena(French),PrivateParis) ProperTy(Fr') III Television Personohty'" ue&, u "/ucA= v= l" ' II il - ii!:i~:::: /Expresso Bongo Maid in Paris (Fr.) A Question of Adultery Ill . n~a~tnswu~ ,--; II, ~[I Name Phone !i]iiiiii!!::! 1Fruits of Summer (Fr.) Marie du Port (French) Rosanna III III Ill i::iiiii iii I Game of Love (French) Mating Urge Savage Eye Ill -- - ' l/I Ill " ~i~:ii::i~ 1Garden of Eden M er's Beautiful Wife Sins of the BorglaaIII %A/~ ~*Aein ~- ~ ;~-~,-,~n ~,r~n u ~1~,; .I-ha 1.4~,-r~,-, l/1 l~ ~ 1 P~4~ Street or Route !:~:~:::!!~ J Green Carnation (was (Ital.) (French) III I~ V 1011 /%J II I/%J/lll ,I #1 4 /I I%.1/ /I II~ l wylui I I|I marl lib ll ~ Ill :::::~: I Trials of Oscar Wilde) Miss Juia (Swedsh) Smiles of e Summer III lIlIa -- A I " r,t- -- ~ - I|1 . RLI I~B r .1 . 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ONE-STOP SHOPPING FOR EVERYONE KOCKToro 3cno01 01' ISUslness iii / i iiii (A separate Classification Js Wen to certain film~ which while not moral. I a, ii~i~ I, offensive, reauire some ono~ sis and explanation as a protectio~ to the III Snec|al ChnJdren -* li411f,n~ Ill STERL,NG, 0,X0N I~l 319 W. Jefferson St. Rockford, III. ~i:~i I uninformed against wrong interpretation and fal~ conclusions.I I|1 r I~1 I'/ ~! Martin Luther Adam and Eve Anatomy of Murder " I 9 Storm Center Case of Dr LaurentSuddenly Last Summer WO 9 94S - iii i Girl of the'Night Crowrti~g Experience /11 Every Saturday at 2 P.M. II SAVE TIME, . SAVE STEPS SAVE MONEY II a