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February 3, 1961     The Observer
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February 3, 1961

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i T 3 1951 THE OBSERVER : PAGE 5 arns I I 2-- 1 ]Pope W. --" . I . i o, o c oo I i o, 1 V I ITemptattons I l ,n I . I ' [ VATICA CITY Radio, NC)t Workers In |r / ~" ~ r '*~ I ]--Catholics must fight the three[~ / ///~ ~ [-- ':~ [ Igreat temptations of wealth,[ ~ =rh,', V|n,-~n.ri W'--"//'-'-'~/~'~/ -~ ~.//'~ [Dear Sir,Observer to have a guide to TV[ ambition and the passions to],a, s~ --,~1~,~ sv ~ ;t~, [ /f // 6Jt/'~t ~, "'.* -*~X ~ / For years now "The Obser-[programs. I think it was an el-|st,rengthen. !heir i aith in me| ~ t,~=:~"k-'::r [ ] [[ 1~[~ ~ ~I leer" has published a Morallcellent suggestion and hope to]~hurchs iu~ure, his nonness| ~ ~t v I~~ "~ ~]~ ~Classification of Movies show-[see listings on WV programs in]~ Pe o onn An, sa}a nere,ili Bv Lisa Ferris ,Today the ~,~o,qe who carry on -- ~*:~ ~ n ~ J ~' ~ ~ " I / ~'tr~ "~'"1~ ~ ~-~ ling in the Rockford Diocese. the very near future [Tlne ~ope mace me smmme t/ ~.:~i Catholic Charities Staff his work are still fired by his ] I~ :~ ~ ~ [Since then, television has be-[ The Observer has been faith-l~J, an2 ~a ,as nerecelveufin au:[ !|i t~ ^ ^, ,~. ;~l]quest to organize, to recruit, in ~ :.~. .~/x.".~. ~ ~3" ~ ]come a thing "taken for grant-Iful in their~ Le~ion of Decency [u'= . / :~:~i s " r n I heln'ln~ the noor. ~V---]k~X ~ ~ ~ Ix, Ied ' in nearl, ever- h"me Yet I, . ~,~ -ICordoba Archbishop of Bogota [ : workers who left his rna k upo I t ~ :-- ~. ~Tx.',~/I ~ii i[~ ~[~ k" l .~ .~v land la~eiy nave me ~ulae tOl,' '/ ' ; ~t Vincent ~e ram mrmea "~ ~i~~!~ - - and members o~ nis parry xne " :~,'.~'~;~~::~:.~ tne world and all monK[no was, " .~/>/:~ ~ [[~ ~t~ ]there is no such guide telhng Better IV Movies but not very l " .~,~ ~ i~i ii:!iiiiiii:iii " . [ soup kitchens', feeding hun- ia ~. u "hi h r r z~rcnmsnop was IlaIIl~Ll tLI tile ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~ ~ vlncen$ ~eram. x~eacung to .~ ~/~" ~ [~ ~ [ s w c programs a emo allY[many of us w~th famflms attend[ [ ~iii:.ii:~i ~i~:~;~~i~ " ]dreds daily. He organized hos- ob'ec ionable e I u ld ~acreu ~ouege oi t~arulnms re- : ::~:: :::: :.w :,~i~:~:.~:::.~:~::::~:~,~:~:~;:~;~;~::~ ~i~ me numan misery WIllCI1 pasbeu i[tt~ .~" ~ I ---]~ ~ 1. [ 3 t,tc t WO ]mowes anymore But a IV set[ ~==:::~=~:~!ii~:~=i:=.===:~!===::=.!i;:iiiii!!i i Ipltals for the sick He called ~ A i ""t "<'--.~ J~ ~ [s q sy to p epa e s c is something you will fred lnt |-~=~:;==;=~==:~=.i~i.':=~:'=r:::.::~i~;~!;i=ii~iii ~ [for the laymen to staff these classified ion a i doni h lne rope ilrs~ pralseo me ::::;" ~;~::. ; ~ ~:~::~::~;~:.~;:2;~ cent befoul, In a simple an~. ~ J ~ -- "~ ] ]a t s s e w t l almost every home for daily en-] ~ ~ :~ ~: ~. ~:~!!iii~`~i~i~ii~:~i~ii~iiii~!~i~i~ii~i;i!!iiii!iiii~i`:i~ [proleets Supplies were needed ~A u ~ -- tm^vi-~ Thi ld ~ -rin*~ t. . . . i L,a~nollCl~y oi ~o~umula ~nen! ~!~;iii~`~!iii~:~.~:~.~.~=~;i~!~.~i./~i~ii~ii~=!~.~:ii!~:~ii~i:;iii ~ humble way se~ out to anevia~e I. . . . . ~" ~ J I / / V =~ ~ ~u. u= ~ ~=u~tertalnmen~ so 1~ seems a neces-i . . ~ ,~ .~ / Fi~:~.~:.~i~.!i~i~i~ii~i~i!i!;~.`ii~.~`:i~!;~i~:.~!i~:.~!i~i~iii~i~;!~i;~` ~ ~ Iln nis quie~ persis~:ent manner, SW.~ weekly,The Observer and sit to have uide for ood " :~:~"::=:~:~~*~:~;=~*~:':~ ~ g " ~g [ ' / [I'm sure would aid every parent TvYviewing. a g g [must have !n the future.of th~/ Ii:i~:::i~;!:ii iil}ii!i~]~]i|~ii!:~i!!!]i~ St Vincent DePaul's philoso-/ha~ b~ggwe:~?d~t~ghtdht~Pmff m tl - = . t=nurcn .~al~n IS no~ emrustear:::.:::.~ ~: ~:~.== " ~ ~":':~:=:';:=~:~::=~;::~:~:~;~::~ m 1 e x He ' ,m guiding, their children. " ~ ~:~;~=~``~`~:~.~ ~.~`~.~ ~.`~=~.~.~.?.~:~v phy was not co p l~,Childrenare watching TV o human eonsid ra ion he/ ~="=~ ~ - /tmn that he was able to house Mr and Mrs. Richard t e t s, !i~`~;!:`~:!;~:~::~:~:~:!i~:~!!~`.~:~.~:~::~::~i~`~`.i:~::!`~::!:`~:`~;::::~:~::~:i~ mougnt aoout a promem, ne I1~1~- J 1' I ~. 1more and more throughout the ] ~ ,a hut hn~od nn the word~| ~:,;i: i ::~:i::::=.~?i=.! i :: i:: i ::<: :/:i:=:=.~!:::~;~:.~ !:~! ~ [ and nurse the sink. It was w,th l.~ -- 3 llasKen ~ ~} ~.:: ~;~i~r.~!~=r~`~:~`~i~.i~i~`~=~i~ii~iii~F!~r devised metnoos irom me store r ' [ ~ t, n :o]country so a good IV guide tO[of Christ ~.::~;;~;~;``:~:~i~`.~.:~i::~::~:~i~::`~`~:~.::~.~.~`~ - ]dogged, despe ate pleas that his [ ]better viewing,for all programs[ Th,~ Porto whn ,~xnlaingA th.f] OLDEST MISSIONER -- Bro- o~ ms own ~nowieage and eX-lcharitable works were possible. ]To the Ed!tors . . ]will help w~th the,r moral, ihe-~'ad'been r ea~tingt~e'~]sto'ry] ther Tobias, a native African ~e:l:p;~?e~nt~:u: ts~u~io~ Ww :~t~[ Started Orphanages . . -- . . . . - . ./ * noucea a mw weeks ago mlpnysicm as wen as spirimaHof the ~n~es recently said that/ in the Society of the Whke I rL. V-- Z & ~-. O ****,*,4,^,~ ^~ ~.h* K~ ~ktthe "Our Readers Write Us"t-rowth / =~*" . -" / sincerky ann wltn connoencel ms flays ann mgnts w e re |I1~ OUt;IU/y IU/ /llg rlUi3UMU/lOll u/ /1115 rUiill] Ig . tdespite storms whicn naa af-/ tamers WhO meu recenuy, at ~ -- -- --,/section ma~ someone mougnt it Mrs William D Wienand/ ! .i. r .a ~ ,u, do~ mat mey WOUld succeed, ~na/nllea wlm u n r e s ~. warning Diocesan Director: THE RT. REV. MSGR THOMAS |wouid be a good idea f6~" the] Freeport, Illinois [,~m~2 ~ne az?pacy l?l~Tarlo,Ll~[ =:d~;r*,ofOt~la~,*m~ssio~ so*- his works did prove successful[through the cold dimly lit - ] ] .|LaiSsez, ~,= ~=.~. ~ = .'a / n f a an Stud His Life I streets of Paris he began gath- S. GREEN, 507 ,Avenue B Sterlnng, lllnlOlS, ] I Ed note -- We are always[lives and contirues to strength-[ cie~y.~ornme so o a p gy ]erin~" the abandoned c~q~r~n Telephone (MAnn 5-0640) '[l/if ][ [anxious to be' of service to our[en the Church [ chief he narrowly missed Reviewing this great man's]s~/t~i = '" ~ ~ ]lt~etgtan IYlO]~l 1readers,[ and are always appre-[ Pope John said there are[ martyrdom while serving as a life we learn St Vincent De/R~ver"~e~ne ct~a t~:m~:r~?:e -- ciative of any suggestions they]grave d a n g e r s facing the[ page in the court of ' King Paul was a determined "Work-] ' - miracle alleys oi 1-- a r 1 S, ne rT~TTTT~rlDv rllaIID]l~L"~ DDT~2~ /I .~,# ]may have. There zs no dzspute]Chureh today, such as the/ Mwanga of Uganda who was er in The Vineyard.' Recrmt-]tram ~d ni-h'l ~e~rohlnv fo- .ll. II/l~ J.l" Jt lll~Lbl2~ It lltll~.~lO ]L~:~(.:[[~bl(:~'~ ~ l about t h e need ]or a morallspread of atheism [ responsible for the persecu- ing workers to help him in hiS]the ~ldren~ who had been left .-~,-~-~ . ~r~T-. . m "nl- ~'n -~ . -~-~ . [,]classification of TV shows, the] "But at the same timeWe[ lion of the Martyrs of Uganda "Charitable Crusade", he in-I- -. " ' r m ale UIIDAII~IED AT VIIOUAGAINDA IL~ . lprobte is how is this to belhave reason for hope consola[ in 1885 One of the marty s, spired them into helping the[ -. 9 " ' ' " " "e d of ~ was at mis time St Vincent i~.~l[ggl~lt UItgt'V ]done Movies are reviewed be-It[on and trust " he stated "We] Kiz~tzo, a personal fr] n man who could not help him-] ' . ~-~|,|,F,~-~E i '/ ]fore "they are released to the[are with Jesus. The victory] Brother Tobias, was beatified self He pleaded he lamented]+~e r,auz est, amlsne~ no mes ~^or ~,z~vn -- lne xtev. beorge ' " urne ed to ', ~ ~ ~ ~=~, a,~ --r,~-=~, / [pubhc by a specml board of re-ltherefore, even ff it costs us/ m 1925. At 17, he $o y for all to ~ive a 'helping hand' ].~ ~a.~. m~^ ,~ ~. ~.a ~, ~. In anazaa~, U a.r~ a J:~enealc-i . . I . . ! n ~-^-* ~^ -'-" P-"e Leo - i~,-*,~-=- ~-= *,~.~- a.u ~.=,a ' h~,~ t ~,~ ~ ivzew mace up oy clergyana|sacrmces,is assureo r~olnc wnvz= .v ~. ~v /~f ,~.;~ q.l^ ^. ~ e m o n. .rom eve~osne, " mon v o =.= .=~,~1~,= ~ laymen Th~s ~s done by t h e "However we need to drawIlI and m 1949 he was a g . . . Recently Eminence Cardinal Gregory Peter Selgmm, recently gave an m-] ; " J " -" f] u- of 10 to he decorated Itreatment, the foundatmn will'the salvation of thousands of . nanona~ oH$ce oI rne ~egzon oy closer to the Dlole and ngn~ a ~ro p . . formative talk on church umty . ' d 'We'll offer loans at low m- children A a mman, Perfect of the Sacred Congregation IDecency which provides Cath-lthree great tempta~ions'] by the Governor of. Ugan a I o i [am ng~nrlsuan cnurcnes to me I "[ " v" e to the terest, m mis way we'n ~e an e/ We . ohc newspaperr w~th thts hst- wealth ambition and the pas- for outstanding ser ~e Can Help dm Pron nd Flde ordained thlrtv-threeffaculty and students of Sacred! ,' to haveacontmuousprogram, ~--~ J [ Iserverin we nave nero a~ vne UO-has]Sions rroleclorate L i we canno~ au play ~ne role Heart Mission seminary g" ' ",he explained. ~o,~ ,f ~h,~ ~rban College for the, " office, a book which of a great sorrel worker. Yet, m 1~.~ 1~ ~,Father Landzaat, an authorityim o r a I classification of dill ---. I- i A long-range goal. of the founqour everyday life, we can con- ~ hsslon fields on the sub3ect of Church umty dation, he stud, ~s the estabhsh tribute In ~vm of o r " " [ " " ,[movies released since 1936. --]l ,-~-~,-~v~ I~,r~,t,~v~'a i[ ~ ll~d'l~lllZl~ [ " " ."' -/ . g' " g y u char- [,sa membe, of a monastery[ h r un / l' 1-1.11 L l Utll ment of a social center where/,t it will not onl hel h r " " this is where we get t e a" gs .~:~ i:lll ~.~ . . " y, " " y p t e e- As usual the newly ordained priests of Propa- that was founded by commis- or the TV Movie uide Movies y 111 rehabilitated persons and theft cipient, but helping wiU he1 / " i'f g i " stun of Pope Plus XI for the famflms ca~ meet ou Whether the fit b t,~nA~ *.t~r~r,~n ,~rt many different nationalities in the advanced schedule of the ~ 1 y g" e a kind ~ J [specific purposes of church[area TV stations are checked]'l ',r~ ~r~,~1,-~41-at . h--IiP, ] Mr. Flannigan, who is em-|wordor afortune, it willbright- This year the ordination class included young men]unity work [against the Legion of Decency[l~L~2"IkD~l~L 2-1kll[qJll1.~ v. ployed by a trucking firm, has]en someone's life. Your daffy ~"""" ~'~'~; ~"o rolia Ce,lon Con-o India [ Separation A Scandal [classifications here in this o -I ]financed much of the prelimi-/contribution as a "Worker in the ~,~ ' ' '/ "The separation of Christianlfice ' .[ TACOMA, Wash.--(NC)--James P. Flannigan, 32, of Tacoma[nary organizing of the founda-]Vineyard" can be done in the Iraq, Ireland, Korea, Thailand, Toto, Uganda,[churqhes is a scandal to the~ Ti~e ~irst and as Jar as welhas organized the Foundation of Research, Cure and Rehabilita-]lion, which is also known by an[same humble, simple, consis- T~.~ ~ ~,~ xr; 1 '7 1,d~.~A ]non-Christian world," Father[know the 'onl. nationai ratingltion of Alcoholics, Inc. }~[abbreviated title, RCRA Foun-/tent way as St. Vincent De [emphatically pointed out, "and/of television shows is carried The Catholic layman said the high percentage of success in dot[on. " ]Paul s. [let's not blame Christian sepa-[bu The Catholic Preview of En-[organization's emphasis will be]controlling the disease." [-~I~ 14VHA ~m~~-- " - [ration entirely on Pr testant]tertainment Main St Carmel, Ion informing the public about[ Mr. Flannigan admitted that[| ~r]~-~" ~[" |~tW~[i ]and Orthodox churcheS Therein y, a monthly mag'azine A1/[medical treatment of alcohol-|"unless an alcoholic has a sin-I| ~|~l~ ~|~,il~' THE AP(tqT(H,ATE IN [were wrongs to be righted in[n(aterial in this magazin'e /s[ism. He said many alcoholics[cere desire to quit drinking, itll | J-.1 1.JL~ ~ I. ~Jt, J .s~ XJ~-~- A .~.L~ ~" " have [the Church when they separat-|cw.~,ri~hted and therefore we]who attend meetings of Alco-[won't do him much good to [I I C~d-~lTrl~111Wrl~rl~ ~TTAn led, althdugh separationdidn't|~ca~no~use'it without'permis-[holics Anonymous, the best-~medical treatment." ]l . n ~./Ull-lWlP~l l~,~l-12-~ l /~ ]right anything." ]sion We have written to them]known organization for rehabill-| "Something many individuals|| /f'lql I'1" r,A/I:T I " ' ' "" r Fi n ~,*--vv,-- vv/ ~r~----a Father c~tocl varmus. gr ups' asking$or this permission and tat[on cannot conquer the de- do r~ot reahze,stud M . a -. MOUNDOU ]movements, and lnd~vlduals/if we oet an OK from themlsire to drink. [nigan, is that unions and other~] I ,as being promoters of Christian]we will begin to run some kind[ Can Eliminate Desire ] organized groups o f t e n offer|l I . . ]unity. Among these were the]of TV .roaram auide rightl "But medical treatment can[medical insurance plans which]l A El ql~ld~ il S S I "The workers are few and the harvest reaC]World Council of Churches,|away. "- " ~ /eliminate that desire," he said.|cover medical treatment costs][ All I OU Moaels I ,~' ]Archbishop Geoffery Fischer,]Our thanks to the above| "Hospitals offering the medical]for alcoholios." ,[I I was Drou n~ home in a conversauon wl~n ~ne the Jestats the Benedl in ' n bI o affo g - ",~ct' es,|readers and to the others who|'aversion treatment have a] To persons u a e t rd|| -- ,o. m -- - | Bishop of Moundou, Tchad, who must put a brake [and Pope John himself. ]have written in with this sug=] ~1~ I! PA ~ I tl ~h|| ~oan~ On ! I ' Question Period gestian w on convermons and ,refuse children admgtance to A question and answer period~ '1KU~K~I UK~t~ " [[ . ' I his school because he cannot take adequate care of]f ll wed Fatl~er's 45-min ute'iFami|. Ni-ht / in tll I talk. Asked what Catholic lay- cv ~ ~ U~I~I r~~ SAVE I them. The Most Reverend S. Gaumain is Bishop of men can do for Church hnity, LOVES PARK--St. Bridgetl] CUM IIM 'b II o so. II AWl IAVI:I ! "mFthe newl- erected Dicoese of Moundou formerlv Ihe said they should take an in-[Home and School associationll III WlI:qiAM Ill g LB Wtt'aW " t J. ' m'~ terest in other religions, try to]wil1 hold family night at theirl~ ~ III Ili I the Prefecture /-kpos~ollC OI me same name. rne explain the Catholic religion tO|regular meeting Feb 8 at 7:45[I ~ I|| PLASTERING CONTRACTORS I|1 I territory of his diocese covers an area of 61,500}~n]sCta~hnOl~CSamp~: set a good]p.m" in.the schoolha~edEnt:hre]~ ~~] DIAL ]]] AcousticalTreotment It! 4. ! tainmen~ win De p v' y WO ' ' square kilometers, twice the area of Belgium. It Now on a-lecturing tour in[Brownie troops of Mrs. Jo:]] 4- 021 II II I 2 " I this country, Father LandzaatIGrigalowski, troop 19; Mrs.]| ~~ I I Too Small |ll I has a population oI aUU,UUU oz wnom 66,uuo arelwiu soon return to Euro-e annl-~ "In -- x " ulem19avis, roop Z31; Mrs. [ u his work at the monastery 4 ;1 baptized Catholics and 28,500 Catechumens. There]" - ICarol Barlow, troop 35, andll ~ I! 2115 20th Avenue ~[~ I 11 RM'HI)nBT 141:vRnlr r I ' tMrs Earl Kane- troo-" 372 ~1 Iln Rockford Uil urn =-vv ~n~uuutv~u q~lll/l~kVll / are 18,000 Protestants and some 13,000 Moslems] RefreshmentJwi11 ~e s r eall,FR. III " ' III I in the area The rest of the ooDulati0n is Animist, 1 [by 6th, 7th and 8th grade moth- l 223 [. State Rockford I11 PHONE WO 3-3322 ill I " ~ ~ I ~.& : lers 1 -ql ItI ~ I FMIIUIII&U and is quite open to'Catholicism. I I ",I ~ Jl| I .~ '; ~. ;" : .: ~:~:::" -, - ":':::~::i:::~.~ii~!:::'."'::::"'~?:~!~:i:,i!:::~:: The dmcese served by twenty-seven Capuchin ] 0ur Mvor*=o- [Forty Hours [ " ] . Ptnl Fort Fathers, four secular priests from France; twoL I St. Mary, Rockford, Soxages IlU tony i Brothers; twenty-five Sisters who teach in schools, [ ]iraa Sunday. -Presents "'0" -, " - . I ' :( urc St. WO 3-8 ROCKI'OrO, uu. work in hospgals, and m various fields of Cathohc IDn k'gnDt IIII . .' I kv'~ E 'qk E~" II ~S~" " $ Action There are 900 Catechetists who give relig-] tlnn;,J IVl U:/ iousinstructions. II 1/111 uvuu u:, ,i rurcnase rro ram,' " , The diocese is divided into nine principal mis- c, Our Chefs Are Experts in the Xrt oI Preparing The . sions from each of which missionaries fan out to ' ]~ -- ~ ~ Finest and Most Choice Menus to Please Our Patrons . - -, '- * ;"" " -r" l' O! IL U t E/It a . --Our Wattresses L'ourte XOU can oan on the ltanots Natior bUIil 12 ty Vlll L t I. IJ.g U.IUUt ; t b I,W J.V p 1111 [1 y and a Friendly Atmos-, ,m more ways than ones schools are taking caYe of 3,000 school aged chil- Pagel s Rental Purchose Plan phere Prevails, / ~)j . " s --'-"' ' ZLL ,t dren of whom less than 500 are Drls Pagel s FHA New Home Plan - AL'" rJ. - -- 1t . vogei s irooe in tan,""NCHES . . m "k Pogel's 10% Down Plan Lu to join our I CARE OF THE SICK IN FORT Home . 1n,1[.g'1 l New Homes ond Aportments Every Day ]rom t;ItRI TMAS CI,UI Now Avoiloble 11:30 to 2 You can start right now to save Except Saturday for next Christmas the easy way Last month the mission dispensary of Dadouar in the Diocese of Fort Lamy Tchad, was obliged to close down because of lack of personnel and funds. The mission served several thousands of sick monthly The missionary in charge of the dispensary was obliged to close it because he was unable to give proper'care to the sick and at the same time attend to the work of catechizing more than four hundred Catechumens in five different villages that are attached to the mission He also gave up because two huts that served the dispensary were en- too inadequate, the larger of the two was only about twelve feet in diameter, and both were pert petually infested by termites The Society for the Propagation of the Faith 507 Avenue B Sterling, Illinois I am enclosir g my personal gift of $ for the support of Catholic Missions throughout the world. Name . . Address City Dare to Compare! Construction Co. 536 Windsor Rd. Rockford, III. Call TR 7.7804 Today Dining Room Open Daily From 5 P.M. to 11 P.M. 4201 Charles St. EXport 9-8729 Rockford t JULIAN FUHERAL DIRECTORS o Wm. H. Poorman, Owner 304 North Fifth St. Rockford "They look like new, when we get thru" PARIS AUTO SHOP Wreck Rebuilders SINCE 1931 1231 S. Main Rockford Diol WO 3-4801 24 Hr. Tow 5ervlce i/ The Thriftiest, Most Beautiful Food Stores In The Rockford Diocese Locations: LOVES PARK ROCKFORD ELGIN WOODSTOCK DEKALB OREGON ROCHELLE STERLING DIXON AURORA MORRIS FREEPORT ST. CHARLES ROUND LAKE CARPENTERSVILLE in the 1961 Christmas Club at Illinois National. ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. South Main at Chestnut Complete banking eorvices: Savings Accounts Checking Accounts Christmas Club Vacation Club Trust Servlcea Sefo Deposit Boxes Home & Property Improvement Loans Personal Loans Auto Losns Installment Losns for any purpose Bank by Mail, pout^go paid both ways Free Parking while you bank Drive-In Facilities Phone WO 3-3431