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February 3, 1938     The Observer
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February 3, 1938

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_ . .-- - Fet)ruary 3, I938 THE OBSERVE K. of C. Will Hold Annual Meeting In Cincinnati Aug. 14 New York, Jan. 24.--Th su- - preme board of directors u the Knights of Columbus, at its quar- terly meeting here recommended to all state and subordinate coun- cils of the order "active participa- tion in the work of expanding the influence of the Catholic Press dfir- ing February, Catholic Press month."" Sycamore Beer, Beverages %SK for Goetz Country Club BEER. Schoen's Old Lager. Patrick Henry and Edelweiss B. B. DISTRIBUTORS 321 PARK AVE. PHONE 205 Drugs FLORIAN'S DRUG STORE Walgreen System FREEZER FRESH ICE CREAM Our Own Make TRY OUR LUNCHES Meats, Groceries CENTRAL MEAT MARKET We Deliver PHONrE 22 Meats and Groceries We Appreciate Your Budness oBelvidere Funeral Director Witbeck- W'heeler FUNERAL HOME Private Ambulance 203 LOGAN AVEN'T.TB Monuments Press Month Message Is Addressed TOo00Chools, Pastors; Desirab000000e d Interesting Youth Emph BY VINCENT DE PAUL FITZPATRICK Managing Editor• "The Catholic Review. Baltimore President. The Catholic Press Association I should like, in this Catholic Press Month message, to speak primarily to the priests and the members of the religious Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods, who are engaged in the work of Catholic education. Especially do I wish to speak to the teachers in the higher grades of our parochial schools and in our high schools--not forgetting that from the very first gade of our parochial schools the little boys and girls can be made missionaries for the Catholic Press. While, for the sake of conven- ience, I shall use throughout this article the first person singular pro- noun, I wish it to be understood that my remarks represent the Catholic editors of the country. After 16 years of Catholic newspaper work and 16 years of personal contact with my friends in the Catholic Press association, I am convinced that the hands of the parochial school pupils and the Catholic high school students hold the future of our Catholic Press . , . VCe pay to support our own schools, we pay to support public schools, and in many places we pay our share of the sales tax. But no share of the sales tax is re- turned to us as it is to our fellow- citizens. When we say that if money is to be provided for bus transporta- tion of public school children, we Catholics who help to pay for such transportation want our children treated also as human beings, we are told we have no respect for the Constitution. Let the Catholic chil dren walk--in sleet and snow and rain, in heat and cold, over danger- ous roads. Thus say the upholders of those who defend the Constitu- tion as a document guaranteeing equal rights to all. All the while Catholics, those who do not read the Catholic Press, surrender ab- jectly to the tyrants. Called Un-American We protest against a sex teach- ing in schools which concerns only thv utilitarian and ignores the mor- al aspects of sex matters, which shies at the mention of the word "sin." No matter what our pro- tests, we are called un-American• Only those who appoint themselves to run the public school system, to dictate to political candidates and to direct the various State as- HANSON & SANDS We have erected some beautiful Jobs for your friends. Why not Yours? Estimates Cheerfully Fur- nished. PHO,WE 289 112 E. Hurlbut St. Belvidere, IlL UlillillnJlllllililillli H;I  71   semblies or legislatures, are Ameri- •$&I00IMW cans Whe we protest against the be-  clouding of the mind and the sear- ing of the heart of Youth by those who ask our junior college students to aid in birth control propaganda and sterilization, we are told to keep quiet. We Catholics who are branded as un-American ar the ones who are trying to preserve our country, who believe with George Washington: that no nation can prospere if it rejects the teachings of God, flouts the laws of nature, adores the god of selfishness, and places personal and indivual comfort above the smile of a babe in his cradle . .. Warnings of Hierarchy But what has all this to do with my appeal to the teachers in our Catholic grade schools and high schools? All of us who have read much, studied much and heard much, must be convinced by this time that though the true Catholic mind is the logical mind, the sad fact remains that we have few members of the Catholic laity who can address meetings, and expose as the "Fascists" those who are directly and intentionally antagon- istic to Catholic thought• Members of the hierarchy and pastors of churches are warning our Catholic people against Communism and other evils• What response are CLAUS COLLIN & CO. Manufacturer of Automatic Self- Sealing and Air-Seal CONCRETE VAULTS Will Not Rust or Decay For Sale By All .Undertakers DE KALB ILLIN015 Ed Conlin Company GRAIN  FEEDCOAL We Appreciate and Want Your Business 147 South First Street PHONE '/45 DeKalb, Ill. GULOBECK & ECKSTROM General Contractors Dealers in Building Materials 1224 E. Lincoln Highway PHONE 744 DeW'nlb. i'll• FRIZOL & BECKMAN Coal, Ice F. W. BARLOW ORIENT  FR.LN!LIN COUNTY STOTESBURY -- NEW RYVER Dealers -- Kol-Master Stoker PHONE 35 Dry Goods PlAMl1T,Formerly Peavey ,ll.dLIJ, ll a, & Goodsell DEPEND.BLE ,00HONE DRY GOODS 483 Food Store LORDAN'S CASH GROCERY "Always At. Your Service" Exclusive Dealers MONARCH CANNED GOODS Free Delivery PHONE 4] Funeral Director PUTNAM'S FUNERAL HOME PHONE 66 505 NORTH DIVISION STREE Implements F. H. WILKE SALES and SERVICE McCORMICK -- DEERING Office Phone 130 Res. Phone 209-R lllllllllilllllllllllllm CRYSTAL LAKE ----" AFER'S o. I. Mthafer STORE R.Ph., Prop. The Home of Everything in Drugdom PHONE 232 Crystal Lake. Ill. Funeral Director J. W. Gilbert & Son AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 74 Furniture. Rugs . Radios Hardware Ra00e Hardware Co. Quality Auto Parts PLUMBING -- HEATING PAINTS AND OILS PHONE 189 Cost No More PHONE 223 DE KALB. FLL DeKALB Dry Goods, Shoes M. F. MALONE LADLES' AN'D MISSES' SMART WEARING APPAREL 1895-1937 De Kalb, El. Druggist S Z2,oL, o L S Feed Store Farmer's Feed and Supply Store Hunt Brothers tlS-17 North Third SL Phone FEEDS OF ALL KINDS Baby Chicks, Seeds and Poultry Sup. Gasoline, Oil DeKalb Independent Oil Co. Dealer In HIGH GRADE BURNING OILS LUBRICATI2qG OILS -- GREASES Phone 99 4th E. Lincoln Highwa) Hardware B. C. KNODLE & SON Electric Washers Refriger. h. CROSLEY RADIOS Headquartere for Gifts  $1 Down De Kalb, Ill. Estab. 1893 Every Inch a Drug Store Perry Still, P_Ph, Floyd Still lPh. Furnitare WIRTZ & WIRTZ DeKalb County Home Furnishers FUNERAL DIRECTORS Spe¢lallste In Our Fields BISHOP REWARDS ESSAY WINNERS J The Most Rev. James E. Kearney, Bishop of Rochester, awards prizes to three Catholic college students, for their essays on the lec- tare'on Communism recently given there by Dr. George Herman Derry, national director of the Social Education Department of the Knights of Columbus, who is touring the United States and Canada lecturing on "The Red Peril and the Way Out." The contest was sponsored by Bishop Kearney. Left tO right: Robert Shatzel, Ni* agara University; Miss Norton Ransom, Nazareth College, and Ed- ward McAniff of St. Andrew's Seminary. they getting? By repeating, over and over again, their warnings, and through the aid of the Catholic Press and pulpit, in most instances they get a handful of people to attend lectures on Communism. But how many among our 20,- 000,000 or more American Catholics can answer the arguments in their offices, in the factories, in their lodge-rooms, of the well-trained Communist supporters? How many, I ask again, among our 20,000,000 Catholics are trained, logical speak- ers ? Let the Knights of Columbus or some other Catholic organizations arrange a series of lectures. How many do they get to attend the course of lectures? If they get consistently an audience of 400 members from a Catholic popula- tion of 300,000, 500,000, 700,000, they congratulate themselves. Is anyone to blame? There are thousands to blame. To be per- fectly frank, our Catholic schools are in some part to blame. Do not mistake me. The Catholic school is the best preserver and custod- ian of the Faith. If we had had Catholic schools in all parts of the South and in many parts of the West a century ago, the Kellys, the Sullivans and others who are going to Protestant churches would be kneeling at the Communion rail. Recent Improvement And if our parochial school sys- tem were in operation in some oth- er countries, not so many would be so negligent in their religious duteis. But the fact is that the Catholic Press has been ignored too much in our parochial schools and in our high schools• How of- ten are Catholic pupils in the grade schools a]d Catholic students in the high schools told to read par- ticular Catholic books or magazines or Catholic papers? I'll amend that question--How often were they asked to read such publications in the past? There has been an im- provement in recent years. ow many questions pertaining to Catholic attitudes or events have been' asked in the current history examinations? How many [ M ARGINOTES Art Kuh! of The Queen's Work (Uncensored notes of an intereeted. independent bystander.) RETREAT FROM MILWAUKEE Much the wzser--and much the wearier--I have dribbled in from iilwaukee. The Queen's Work editorial staff--a tremendous aggre- gation of two-was up at Marquette university. Dean O'Sullivan of the school of journalism---one of the leading figures of the Catholic Press, and that means the inter- national press--kindly took several days off, turned the school slight- ly haywire, and helped us make the Sodality sheet slightly more professional. Which is meant to explain to anyone who is interested the rea- sons for this column's being late. Or hadn't you noticed? At any rate it is also meant to explain why the column is about this and that; things may have been happening, but they have slipped right past me. Things have had an annoying habit of doing that lately, until I begin to wish that a layman with a little time took over this job. But it is a very small wish, and I hope that no one takes me seriously. STRICTLY OFF THE CUFF At a meeting of young Catholics the other night Father Dowling of The Queen's Work asked how it happened that not one of the 21 young men was as yet married. The answer was the seemingly in- evitable one: finance• And so Fath- er Dowling asked what the men thought was a necessary salary for marriage. Did they think a couple could be married on eighty-five dol- lars a month? A hundred? The consensus was that, a hundred dol- lars was the minimum, the bare minimum. "Then what," asked Father Dowling, "about the mil- lions in this country who are mak- ing less than a hundred a month? How can they safely get married? You men here are working under a system that's completely haywire; yet you are content to string along with it, take certain of the minor advantages of the system, and do nothing to change it. You say that you have to be making one hun- dred dollars a month before you Fraud Used In can get married; well suppose that you earned the hundred. What Circulating Note about the others who can't? "It's all right to think of earn- (Continued from page 1) ing a great fortune and the givJ ginia: Capper, R.. Kansas: Connally. ing three-fifths of it to the poor• D.. Texas; Donahey. D.. Ohio; Ellen- tier, D., Louisiana; Frazier. B.. North Dakota. ECHOES FROM AN UNDIM PAST Gibson, Re• X-ermont: Herring, D., Iowa; Holt. D., -West "irginia: John- "Sure• rou can say that it's no son. D., "Colorado; La Follette. Jr., fault of yours that thousands are Progressive, Wisconsin; Logan, D., starving• But it sounds strangely Kentucky: McGilI. D., Kansas; Me- Keller. D.. Tennessee; Minion, De, like the remarks that Cain and Indiana; Bye, R.. North Dakota; Pep- Pontius Pilate made in an effort to per. D.. Florida; Pope, D., Idhao; justify themselves. Sehwellenbach. D.. 1Vashin gton ; Thomas, D•, Oklahoma; Thomas. D., "Maybe you can get into heaven Utah; Townsend. Jr.. R., Delaware. because you haven't seen the prob- lems. Invincible ignorance prob- REPRESENTATIVES Allen. D.. Pennsyh, ania; Amlie. Pro- ably gets a great man3" people gressive. %Visconsin; Bernard. Farm- through the gates. But it strikes er-Labor. Minnesota; Bigelow, D•, me that a person who gets by on Ohio; Binderup, D.• Nebraska; Boileau, invincible ignorance is a person Farmer-Labor. Wisconsin; Burdick, R., North Dakota; Coffee. D.. VCash- who is too blind to know what is ington; Cole. R., New York; Cooley, happening on earth and too dumb D., North Carolina. Either, D., I'owa; Fries, D.. Illln- to understand what will be happen- ois: Gehrmann, Progressive. %Viscon- ing in heaven. sin; Gildea. D., Pennsylvania; Harlan, "Possibly I'm wrong. And vet I D.• Ohio: Hildebrandt. D.. South Da kota; Johnson. Farmer-Labor, Min- can't help remembering that Christ nesota, at the last judgment will say, 'I Koppelmann. D.. Connecticut; Kra- mer. D.. California; Lea• D.. Cali- was in prison, and . . .' and on the fornia: Luckey• I).. Nebraska; Mason, rest of that statement and the oth- D., Texas; Morrison. D., Colorado; er statements about His being cold O'Connell, D.. Montana. Caroline O'Day, D.. New York; Pear- and hungry and naked and friend- son, D.. Tennessee: Pierce, D., Ore- less tl! depend our salvation. It's gon: Poage. D., Texas; Randolph, D., something to think about." V,:est "Virginia: Scott. D., California; Tiergan, Farmer-Labor, Minnesota; And that's a bad paraphrasement Transue. D.. Michigan: Voorhees. D., of his remarks--minus the irrecap- California; VVithrow, D., Wisconsin. turable epigrams. It is something to think about. Science Honor to And as long as I'm off on Father Dowling instead of the this and China Missioner tbat, might just as well wind up this puff for him. Father Dowling recently spoke at a local CIO meet- S h a n g h a i.--Recoguizing once ing• He is a member of the news- again the signal services rendered paper guild, also CIO. Chalk him by missioners in a wider sphere, up as being a priest who not only the Academy of Sciences in Paris talks to Catholics about Catholic* has accorded the Benjamin Valz ity but also talks Catholicity to Prize to the Rev. Maurice Burgaud, those to whom the Roman collar is S.J•, Director of the Magnetic Ob- nothing more than a piece of mis- servatory and Horological Service placed haberdashery. When the of Zikawei. according to Lumen priest goe among tbe workingmen Service. Father Burgaud has been--but excuse me. I was about to engaged for some years in the work paraphrase Pius XI too. of completing the magnetic chart of China. Shortly before the out- FOR CHINA'S SUFFERERS break of hostilities he traversed St. Columbans, Nebr.--The Most the whole of South China from Rov. Edmond Heelan, Bishop of Shanghai to Yunnan for the par. Sioux City, has donated $1,000 for pose of fixing the magnetic data relief work among war sufferers at various points, in China. students in our high schools and colleges are asked to write re- 6 • $ •  • views of Catholic books, or re- America Chides Catholic views on special articles, editor- ials, etc., in our Catholic publica- tions? How many symposiums Supporters of Mayor Hague have been held dealing with Cath- olic literature'? Things; I rcpeat, I are improving in this respect, butl ........... y leizgzous ews ervce ) so much ground_has been lostl that we have a lon' way to go . . .I New York.--Without mentioning n hm Mayor Hague of Jersey Czty the And here is a striki g t " g. • " , The Catholic diocesan weeklieslinfluen.tial Catholic weekly, Amer-it ° be deceived by this Communist- which have entrusted, their' sub- lea" , expresses regret that "a num- scription campaigns to parochial lber of Catholics and one or two I minded mayor." schools and high school students uatholic societies have allowed have reported invariably a great in- crease in circulation. The young- sters are enthusiastic, they arouse the interest of their parents. The teachers encourage them. Stories for Children We Catholic editors, for the most part, are realizing that we must mix with our more substantial food for our readers, stories of interest to children, sports stories, features for women. Once you get some- one reading a Catholic magazine or newspaper, he will go from the lighter food to the more substan- tial. The young readers of today will be the Catholic leaders of to- morrow• We call the attention not only of the pastors, the leaders of the Na- tional Catholic Educational associa- tion and the Confraternity of Chris• tian Doctrine. to the good they do by advising more interest in the Catholic Press. Surely, we are not asking too much of our pastors and their cur- ates when we request that they re- fer briefly every Sunday to one or more articles of interest in the Catholic Press. I know one pas- tor who has done so for years, and the number of readers of the Cath- olic Press in his par{sh is excep- tionally high. Nor can I fail to pay tribute to the N. C. W. C. News Service for its wonderful work, under the dl- rection of Frank A. Hall, The News Service has enabled us to report the news of the world, to re/ate i mlsstatements in the secular press, !and to impress upon our readers themselves to be deceived" by a mayor who has "come out into the open with a policy which every Catholic, and every Americau citi- zen who holds that the Constitu- tion is something more thar a scrap of paper, must unhesitating- ly reject." The editorial entitled "Red Bait. ing," appeals to Catholics general- ly to beware of supporting public officials who deny constitutional tights to any group. "We must not fight Communism by destroying constitutional guar- antees," it says. CIO Also to Blame While pointing to Communist at- tempts to "bore in" on labor un- ions, it warns against the conclu- sion that the CIO is "governed by orders from Moscow' and deplores the fact that ."the responsible lea- der of the CIO has done little to dissipate this opinion." "Within the past few weeks a political leader has come out into the open with a policy which ev- ery Catholic, and every American citizen who holds that the Consti- tution is something more than a scrap of paper, must unhesitating- ly reject•" the necessity of developing the Catholic mind. We must not forget that while we of Mother Church have the Catholic Heart that enables us to preserve the Faith, we need the Catholic Mind to strengthen the weak and to bring others to the Faith. The editorial then expresses deep regret that "a number of Catholics, and one or two Catholic societies, have allowed themselve They "Mean Well" "No doubt," it continues, "the purposes of these Catholics are above reproach• But what they are actively promoting is the suppres- sion of a right which • every min- ority, and particularly we Catho. lice sorely need: the right to spea k and publish our opinions, free from censorship, responsible to the civic authorities for what we shall sayi only to the extent that in speak-! "n • " i g our mmd we vmlate a just i federal, or state or municipal law." i Genoa Women To Give Card Party Genoa.--On Thursday night, Feb. 10, the ladies of St. Catherine's parish, Genoa, will sponsor a card party in Slater's store. Bridge, 500, pinochle and bunco will be played. Mrs. Floyd Stoda is general chairman. Assisting ber are the following committee: Refreshment Miss Anna Haehn, Mrs. Franci Merriman and Mrs. C. W. Soren son; dishes, Mrs. Grace Scherf; prizes, Mrs. C. A. Goding; nap- kins, Mrs. Mary Kternan; cards, Miss Mary Sullivan. A very pleas- ant evening is promised all who attend. BARRED FROM MASS Berlin.--The 250-year-old custom of singers and musicians of the Dresden Opera lending their ser- vices at the Sunday high Mass has ceased suddenly and without ex- planation being given. .... :.- ,, Page Three -- , I [qYl I i Nil /  "According to Business Week, Sponsors CYO Bouts Ilnree t0unles Mark [Americans consumed 16 pounds of I r " • candy per capita last year. Golden Weddmgs/00 Dolby's Garage The Rev. P. S. Masterson, pas- tor of St. Mary's parish, Sycamore, whose Men s club will again spon-i sor the popular CYO boxing bouts i on Friday evening, March 18, at Community Center• Elgin KC Initiate 22 In 3rd Degree Elgin.--Elgin Council Knights of Columbus initiated a class of 22 in the third degree of the order at a meeting held in the Aurora coun- cil on Sunday, Jan. 30. The class was named the John T. Butler class in honor of a past grand knight of Elgin council who was instrumental in securing most of Harmon•--Mr. and Mrs. John F• Sutton of Harmon celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday, Jan. 23. Fifty years ago they were married at St. Patrick's church, Dixon, by Father Tracy, then pastor. On the happy occa- sion of their jubilee where num- erous friends and 7elatives called to offer felicitations, many early memories were revived. Some there are who still recall how the couple drove to Dixon by team and cutter through snow-drifts fence-high. McHenry.--A most unusual and happy celebration took place at St. Mary's church here on Jan. 25 when two couples observed the golden jubilee of their double wed- ding. One of these couples" was Stephen Freund, McHenrT county supervisor for 30 years, and his wife, Catherine Klapperich; the other couple was Mr. Freund's sis- ter, Mary. and her husband, Henry Klapperich. After the jubilee Mass many friends and relatives were' entertained at the Stephen Freund home. The Mass was celebrated by a nephew, Bey. Robert Freund, pastor of St. John's church, Han- over. It is worthy of note that each of the happy couples partici- pating in this celebration were the parents 02 seven children. Parish Guild Holds Dessert B r i d g e the new members• On next Sunday, Feb. 6. Elgin Elgin.--The ladies of St. Ann's council members will attend the 7 society of St. Mary's parish are o'clock Mass at St. Joseph's church holding their dessert bridge and and receive Holy Communion in a card party Friday afternoon, Feb. body. Belvidere Notes Extensive preparations are being made for the Valentine party which is scheduled for the V. F. W. ou Monday evening, Feb. 14, under the combined sponsorship of the Holy Name and the Altar & Rosary societies of St. James par- ish. Cards and dancing from 9 to 12, with Quin Bowen's orchestra, will furnish delightful pastime• Mr. and Mrs. John Coombes are chair- man for the affair and will be as- sisted by various committees. The 35th anniversary banquet of Belvidere council, No. 735, Knights of Columbus, will take place at Elk's hall, Tuesday, Feb. 8. Sta[,e Deputy Michael J. Howlett, Chi- cago, will be here and knights and their wives from Freeport, Rock- ford, Harvard, DeKalb, Rochelle Elgin, Dixon, Sterling, Beloit and Woodstock are expected to attend The Catholic Daughters of Amer- ica will serve the banquet. Danc- ing will follow• Hampshire Group To Give Card Party Hampshire.--A c o mm it tee of members of the Altar & Rosary .society of St. Charles Borromeo church, Hampshire, met Sunday morning, preparatory to a card party and lnuncheon to be held Tuesday evening, Feb. 15. Mrs. John Paul, general chair- man, will be assisted by Mesdames Walter Seyller, Harry Klock, Vir- gil Beard, F. A. Zeller, Clarence Seyller, Fred Retake, Frank Engel, Nick Busch, George Herrmann Jr. and Harold Van Dusen. FOR ANTI-LYNCH BILL Washington• -- His approval of the anti-lynching bill and his "earnest hope that it will be en- acted" are expressed by the Rt.i Rev. Msgr. John A. Ryan, director of the N. C. W• C. department of social action, in a letter he has ad- dressed to Senator Robert F. Wag- ner of New York, co-author of the measure• ARTICLE FIVE QUESTIONS 1. VVhat one great idea did the Jews preserve? 2. What other truths were held by the Jews? 3. Describe the truth of the Blessed Trinity. Trace its development. 4. Why did God leave His divine Angel to be with men after the worship of the golden calf? 5. Show other evidence that the Jews had some notion of a plurality of Persons in Unity of the Divine Nature• GROCERIES AT5 Patrick Brothers Everything In Good Foods Phones 75 and 76 Marengo, Ill. I COAL -- ICE -- FEED -- GRAIN I I 1 O. ANDREW CO. 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Plan Card Party Series Elgin.--Court Elgin 1195, Catho- lic Daughters of America, are plan- ning a series of pre-Lenten bene- fit card parties to take place as follows : Feb 8--At the Hoban home, 4 N. Jackson street; Feb. 16---Mrs. Howard Scott, 178 Villa Ave., and Feb. 23--At the home of Miss Ring, 343 Griswold street• Anyone wishing to attend any of these p a r t e s is asked to make reservations with the hostess. Chicago To Observe St. Brigid Feast -Chicago. -- ChicagOans are plan- ning a special observance of Sun- day, Feb. 6, the feast of St. Brigid. The local celebration will be spon- sored by the Ladies' auxiliary, Ancient Order of Hibernians. R. H, GILMORE, Dept. B-2 2810 Eleventh Ave, N., Seattle, Wash. 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