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January 27, 1961     The Observer
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January 27, 1961

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PAGE 10 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, :[961 I ! lip =4 'l !~ ' l ~ 1 Jd' L ST. VINCENT'S JOTTINGS I ~]l~l~lll~l!ll[I~ FREEPORT--Last Friday history was made when John F I ! ~ll~lWllIIIml~I~ Kennedy youngest man ever elected to the highest office in the I t : i r ~Jt~+tt~lllIlttli land was sworn in as 35th President of our country. Our young-I t ~ ~ stars did not miss a minute of this great histomc event. [ . ~ Filled with youthful enthusi- I to participate in o first- :: ~t ' '.:~[~[i asm and fired with the spirit of two of our for'~"r "i"1~ ~ n^] I JF " ;h~ll|lili i ~ i nana exper ence n m- ~ i Y~im|lIZi patriotism, they crowded around Har~]~ f- =-~ T mi=. m.~l i -- " ~)/~: :]][[~ TV sets in their various Depart- who"~ai~l us"" 1 ": " ?'?,=*'1 ternat anal u n d r - ' "lr p a p easanr vie11, [nlS 1~,~ : ;il':',~i'~ll/ ments to join with the, throngs past week I standing. You, a typl- J. u'l,r llllm/nH in our l~ation s bapitai in wit- t,~ '', i ca~ Miner LQn Catho c I ' nessIng thin solemn maugura- I : : ' ' ' : finn From beginning to end the Mid-year exams are rightI family can help r h boys and girls took in every bit around the corner. Every nighti world's future leaders ~ of magnificence and solemnity finds our youngsters pluggingI L . .L . J ~'/ ~ /3 ~ that befitted these ceremonies. Jearnest]y for same. What scho-I mum uuuu/ the ~Jrmeu h I i= C s% Ikl Provision was made for thell rs We have : I I I States o n d Catholic ' I ~'~ I--~ulPJP'~,~ Adl~P.~ d'~l~ ~ children to have lunch in theirI I l i f e in this country. "q Departments so as to view this As alwa s th o ~,^.~1 ~ -.:l: .~ - ' . . . I " y e y ung~.~K,u~. ~u~,~,~=~ u.~ ,~u- spmnoio program umnterruptea-lwere ~,reatlv exci*ed v,h~- qio I . . . . . MARMION lboys from the Cathohc parish-lask their fathers. A dance con- ly. This day, so rich in histormal]ter Loretta naid thorn ~ vi ifl eo Tar semo n i g n e z- AURORA--Entrance exam. -1 s on the east side of Aurora. Jtest will be held and the w:n,- significance, will certainly re-Jin ,h. ol * I school students from Jreo. ~ wnl ae examination main deeply impressed on thmr h n i I matrons for all m-coming fresh-l, o ~ ners so judged bv~ the Sodality . . Ic a g ng of ]obs. It s ~ust like Europe and L o t u n men next September will be] Iofficers and their father~ will It e new Administration in Wash-I Am"-:"'- {~" :.i~" a:e ~or a i ooys zrom me young minas, h L~a~flOllC parlsnes wes~ sine oI ~, in " ~ ~.u t~u), v. ~,/ h e 1 d at Marmlon Military ] -- I gton -- new lobs for new peo-] lAurora, J~a~ama, ~eneva,anfllreeelve a prlze A queen ana . .~. . ,--- -, -.:-,--hqe I rorone scnoo] ear, De- academy, LaKe ~[ree~ campus, r~t ,~ I . " J~db.~CLU~Ul, ~111~ UL WlflL~/'IY " I Y Feb 4 and Feb 18 All boys[~ ~.bnarms t kmg wfll be chosen from among sports requires team effort forl -- I ginning July, i961 ' . ~egls~ratlon at tvlarrnion, ~,Vlll. ' . . who plan to enter Marmmn] l~he couples, and the prefect, successful executmn; zt cannot] Sunday evemn~ all assembled] a oe nero tvlarcn zu-za r~o Day Ka Kucz ski h n n I - rot further aetoi,e, should report at 9 a m Brmolwi.1 ' . t Y yn and her fat er be a o e-ma game. t takeslfor another fine movie "It] "~ w - - 1 De permlttecl to register . ' . ' nre to" % ' 1 t o sharpened pencils and camel Iwz 1 crown them. hours and hours of painstaking]Grows on Trees" and" thorough- I " . uniess ne has z~rst ta~=en mc to Room 314 Monitors will bel [ ~ o. . ~ ;o ;^ practice for five boys to get tohy enjoyed every minute of it l . entrance examlnauons on %he *-'-~*-,'~- **,-~,~--,-u-," on hand to assist the boys m/data l't - a-o ] know each other s style andl ] IMTI:DMATInMAI ~, i s is eft o ve. I ttegis~rauon In r incoming r "i-- -bill'-- S" Vin--n"-I I ll~/Ihllll~/IVllPIL II1]CAll3~ ~ne correc~ toca~lon lOt e~pec~ v~ a ~ t. ce ~'s . . . t " e t J MARIAN Ifreshmen will be Feb 25 Since "s a I Benedictine Fathers Franclsl ,A, ** nc xamma lOB. - " " 1 nard - working Learn Gut in- . Ill I Michael Meyer Imany organizations are offer- ^x"eri"n"" h-s ham'-ere"~ ;t-land Sebastian were here to sayl ~1'~ ~LtlUUL Fe~: 4. ~fll b c the, e.xamma-/ WOODSTOCK--Monday ant mg scholarsh,ps to.eighth grade develonment. We have one lonelMass the past two Sundays. ~,h,'u~ nn^~naaa aon fla~e zor art c~gnm ~ra~e Tuesday Jan 23 and 24 were graduate~ a test will be admm "- was a new experience for many l/uI/r, Pi/rKUUIW ill ~ ~- 1 i ~' -returnee ~rom last year's var-I " I |important days in the lives of]istered Feb. 18 at 9:30 a.m. to itV Most of the s~uad n~verlm our nays and glms [o see meI m~z tt/e *.~.- -.~. ~.' leach and every ~waman smaen~ ifle~ermxne me rempmms ~xa handled ~ basketball until thisn I " " " ~ l net g[leeKS anu a smau s[aiue ol me ~aaomm cm erie e r~ ~, w ~. #,zt~,~,#r ~~ Be i b i " "rl irin cn0 a " -- t {I tO n r . . la ~;dwese~enge;h~]rst days oflgn~v~t4eto gr~ic~ at~ rshIp are year. As a result, hustle, speed,] n . o I lips, Charlayne Hunter waits to leave her dormitory at the y we e days p p R ~u~ ~ossacnusens ~venua, 11177 i[/ / I and determination must corn-I J~aSKeiDall Dcore. I University of Georgia The 18-year-old Negro girl who made P'~ It~ II (lltltl tit lot ,retreat. The ReG. ThomasI The incoming freshmen can pensate for shooting ability and[ Newman 50, VeWitt 65. I Georgia history when she and Hamilton Holmes were admitted N.W. ]r~ ~, 1 ,c~ . . I~a~er, a wen ~no~n re~rea~-ilook forward to four eventful playing - time experience. LastI Newman 37, Fulton 69. I to the all-white school, was spirited away to Atlanta after Washington 5, D. C, I ~~B~l~dll~ -- get a chance to do anything else.]US develop our personality. I signments show you understand|l ~ I'~.:~Y ~J III Ha~lniba/t f r - "- ecret of the Purale Reef Wild and the Innocent ~ 0 LeaTher ~er cant ,~ ~ g RuTmage Woman Eater I ~~~J~'~f' Its getting so that I hate the Iwhen we are kind and consider-I the work and you won't have toil x~ ~-- Ill HigheP~sw~ HReirf/e Seven Ways from Sundown Woman Obsessed Son Wflhout En I ~ "~- -~ thought of studyin~ and school/ate of others we learn gracious-ltalk to the teacher /I '~[t[,t I~1 -- III g " d World, Flesh and the ~ o i I " /l ~J/~,I'bq I III House or :>even HawKs S.O.S, Pacific Devil I -- ~- - -~ subjects. /ness and poise, lnl$ ma~:es ! * * ~" I| tA.~y.~ rm~]j~ |l| House of usher sfalag 17,World Of *pu I Nameless. levery girl more attractive. I .e.e,e Pe*e = s II III A-,I1---MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS I PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Organize time and wnrU ~;~,IF SHE doesn'~ stop take aJlettcrs through her columw, not I AI n A N ht's Wor Grass s Greener Pi ow Tak ;~~,i.~i; :,~i~~,;~i~ o~ o.o,o, iiiii:i~~:~:~::~?il l"S' U n " ' " " Bl~tc~eetot he Ikiru (Jap ''t Jack cent' gnifi- ] " yo eea sucn as paper, Ira him and how Should I gol li i~,~=mo Itl p us I'm All R'igh I ~nomas M ue=eaonty n~noi| h~-= ,=*o mh; *~/oh,* ;*~ I ,tl nememoer /111S IIICaptain's Table nherit the Wind . ~ev.e~ in/eves ~.- -~.~v ~ ~, . Lareer I Passed For Whl,e .~w,u u ,~ rucy . down on fiddling and makes for Kate I Cash McCall It Started In Naples Spartacus I Fr,endlv -- s.r ,c. / II LPrescriotions III Number I,I Chance Meeting Jayhowkers Story on Page One I ~ more emcien use oz ume. / Either ,~h-n, him f,~r =n =,~ /I . .= III I I College Confidential Key Witness ~uot, erraneans . ~" =" . / v t e M an~ t.ommanoos ' ' " "1 Accurately Filled nap, IiCo er Girl Kifler Let No Man Wrt Y +bird Voice J 401 River Lade Loves Park WHEN TIME is used wisely/pointment or the next time [I v'"'I mu III IJIt'lll /.~X~ll I lCrenes are Flying -" Epitaph T h " * " -- IF ~ a= VVV~ Crimson Kimono Mag c an =a, t e~e will be some left over for ou re at Mass sto in at the w Tiger Bay I To, ,o, [y P /I I11 ItJcro ded Sky M~ke Mine Mink =" . '" " " Dark at th ~oucn ot Larceny I - ---'- recreation, But plan for this/rectory. If the priest can't see/I . Revlon I)1 I I Top Of ~a,a:a ~un,s of G,or, I lllll -- JJ I ''~ ~a~rs r~uroer, inc. Unfaithtuls The I too. Some relaxation, if only a|you then he will be happy to at.|1 N. Rublnsfeln III ~ r~r~ v ~o ~,| End of Innocence t~us c Box Kid . J Oxygen Equipped--Prompt, Efficient Service24 Hr Am ul n e ervi. b ac S ce ROCKFORD--- ' ' (I ~:mHFe r~;:! Max FaO r JJl 'rvnm' I'l- x us" ' "PLUMBING & j]j ii. {x PaCtSBor Lite Isood' A Oi~ii~gE~naeit aNude N rth t Alaska - up's~ajrs" a-n~ u wnsreWSn a WhitenTomorrowC r W~in~d ~Cf uaE:0ie~R'Ce/eeeadV'rg'nV Spring (Swed,sh) all Johnson's Ill ronchM,s,re,s Once More Wlth Feeling wW ffL~r~e n -- -- I )~}~ IJl . IIII il~l%/Ir~g ~ua I|lGoliath and the Bar One Foot in Hell o r!u. LoumrY I . IB~ae~,;.I; I~k Ill "- I|lSarIens z xz zacOperation Pefticoot ~oung~avel~oHme ~ I ~'~4~ ~ Itl rl~,llpliml r,o,l,iO,/ Vl barlans Our Man in Havana .oung ~ne i I Ill wo $-18~/ " I]J111 S. Court St. I[I *--MO,ALW m PART FOR 2517 Auburn Rockford let w on Hell fo EtermW R0se and Fall of Legs ~lllt~L~m# And Qu" FIn s the D " " iilr = * ' I I ltl ""A-'" R.ok,o, IJl I/I w Diamond = +o+ +r + +- oo+ ~" ~.~llll~ ,I.evi Beloved ['off el Bride Is. /~uch TOO R t ~ ~1,I II .d Bea0TI,UI} r*r Rosemary I ,- o o, Hercules Uncha,~ed September Storm /4(4, ulm,ru l LIPPI:K anu JALhI:I Etermty Herod The rea Sex Kfftens Go tO I/I CH,N . . II ,u+.rd's Ten Hirosh'ima, M~Amour College I I I S|I . Insioe,ne Pana Shakedown II iB~llll ~=i,=i~B~" " II ~=.~= IKu~,nrultu, ~. IIJ Established I89& Jll ~ I|1 Honeymoons It Takes a Thief Solomon and Sheba w~oolalno q 4an/ L:~o~u o ~,u~ ~u~ Bramble Bush Iii ~]lll ~1 " II ,uoo.=,o ~-*aw III .:,o.~ o,~ .u~, I/I Ill . Jack the Ripper Sons and Lovers III ~111 ~1 . I m~=~I I~.ll~lP.U. It| we Move A t.omplete lIIC~rn;~C~nof Scende= L:~h"~.toman ~?/~"2,c~r Of som~ay lll ll ,oaK; +1 il- electiono,Jo ketsondMe:pOl.tS WW:? il]!i?; ~r~~!iss r |||Butterfield S ~aa~::;:i: ::Le~i ns fthe Nile !~;S::~sStrangers When we Meet ~0 / "" : III Ill--Ill ; IIII Illll So Uo,d, m. Ill I ITT |[|E,ec,ron,c Monster; Nights of Lucretia V,ce Raid III I[~111 - : : IIII B~ .11 IIIIJ B,I I w-=--v ~ I]lEntertainer, The ' Borgia Vrgn Sacrfice / r- !. Ill|i~ J " '," I I Q,~ -~ e. t*,~ a *~ ** IllEsfher and the King Platinum High School Where the Boys f~re Ill LI~IIII,- ~ - ,' IIII ~L.#~ roll gld ~ I=' """"' -~.- I]iFemale and the Flesh Portrait of. Sinner Where the Hot W,nd J / |n~ I I Rockford I~1 Five Branded Women Prefly BOy F oyd B OWS Jll[lI~'~@']]ll /111 B='3rxo. ear, now b.y Maria', "1 I" I|lFrom tl~e Terrace Prime Tlme Who~asThetLady? III II~'~!~::kCJ'JIII /111 ~ JBr - IIIII~IL~'-~ ~BIIOLqI~I~I~J III Open Monday & Friday |venln| |liF ugitiye Ki.nd PrivafeLives of Adam Wicked GO to Hell i111[ i REAL ESTATE BUSINESS ill]tl~F mousFrozenP~zzu IIIIL'~-----~~- l/ :( angsTer :>tory ann ~-ve Wife for a Night .s~ OFFERS EXCELLENT '~!es~Kl~?~aL:::ry ii;~!!T'me W;~ma~il:;rke Satan-(w !11 OP POR UNIT tEo TO MENo&W?MEaN [[I PF Ii[IBYRON i] opy Ann,versary Rat Race World of Suz Wen at your nelghborhoodgrocer Heap of n ~yrent Rebel Breed Young Jesse ~emelg III |It- /~111in this profitable and fast notilg profession. "This III & -" -- m, " C CONDEMNED / ~ Love Geme (French) Blandish (British) Qualif for State Examinations by studying: ' DIAL WO 8 6781 J- ' " III1~111 .oo ~,o,o +o+o, ooo .+o. IIII 11111 RYRDN THI~ATRI~ ~)~-,1~ It/ (French) Loves y P Ofess,on " Y " r ~ ~-" And God Created Woman I M r " Oscar Wilde II IIE~r'"'~lll Real Estate Law IIII i,4 Alibi A II~ I~11~ A I 14kl ~ AI1 Illil /111111 /1111 1/111 /~ ~1~1~=~*. ,~ZI3"~ I// Lovers, The (Fi') Passionafe Summer II Iir/~ ~ llll Roll Estate Finance Ill MAKI 3 I/A~LI~IkI[~I L~I"IP III/I -~, ~" H~'ZLE~ I/i"a y ~o,! Lover's Return "F -. (Fr.-Itel,) II iii i/ --IIII Es,Q e Approiso, III '" " " ".-. ".'." = ---.'.".- III/I BYRON. ILLINOIS I11 :,' Mademo,s, le G:be;r:cn' Please! Mr. 6alza (Ft.) (Re(][ CSTQte Lourses opproveo Dy rne ueparTml~n~ f/~ I " ' " unn n nom or"~.OrDIn~t KO Ktorcl III / Come Dan (French) Port of Desire of Rag stratlon and Educohon} ~ ~ ce With Me IIIII,R ,IIII + I ' ]ll/I o d.W o k.o ' ~F./~ IJi ,Fr,=h, M;demo,se,e Striptease Pot .Bouil,e !Lovers of II IIIC~n,~.llll N GHT CLASSES NOW BEING ORGANIZED I Jl Televi=ion Persoooll~, =,t~.-so,=-.R il/uesperate women, The (French ~'ar~s) (Fr./ M c ud nQf "~ I Ex~oresso Bon o Ma da en II IIIJlI~B--~ lib of~,~o apen from 8 AM to 5 P in on~ s ," ~ /I nlJ~T /ncAI~T . I//FruPTs or" :>ummer" g ~Pr ) /v~ala~l(" in' aparis Pr Private Property II III ! M ~ %1111 Phone WO 4-9459 Rockford, or return coup o IlL f~/I I//Gam ; .~ .] -. A Question of Adultery II [ll'[ JillinformQhon. ~ / ~ fill n/iGar ~ ur LOve tl-r~ncn; P~arle au Parr IFrencn) Rosanna ~ti I YOU Don t Know den of Eden Mating Urge Savage Eye We wish to inform "'ou that the B"ron Miller'~s Beautfu Wite Sins of the Bar, los IIII1--1]. feresfed in your Reol [stof Course. lit ~. ~Jl .~ . y y ill Trla' n "on (was (Ital (Fr.nch) ! " I PI I III IS of Oscar Wilde) Miss Juha (Swedish) Smil s of Bulletin C " " Wall you send me e a Summer , ul Hn U I /A Nl U IN U ;3 fill /heatre is playing only .lass/ Legnon Ill Heroes and Sinners Mitsou (Fr.) Night (Swedish) J~ll III Husoand for Anna, A Morn and Dad Snow Was Black Nome Phone '"" " "" of Decenc ictures Sunda o n I "" '"' a Camera " " M0on s BuG, Tbe Stella (GreeR) II III - -ill Know your ],weler. Y P y y. |,| illicit Interh~:le (Swedish} N.ked Night. The *hlrd Sex IItll : J+l Sfreef Reol Es,o---te ,ou:o I+ ~ ILl Your IIl--oL:tl~df~tlS:~arfr.ot)rle~v~; :!R:T :id:F: lF(SWedish)::)'r! ahdns: t OT d(l:::)Triels 0f Oscar Wi|de h ~, I