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January 27, 1961     The Observer
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January 27, 1961

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PAGE 6 OU "'Be present everywhere/or the faith,/or Christ, in every way and to the utmost possible limit whenever vital interests are at stake Be there on guard and in action." Plus Xll. Libraries and Literature .L II THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1961 Tampico Women These Are Form New Club For Discussion The encouragement hy DCCW for women to partici- pate in study and discussion clubs has led to the formation of a new club in Sterling dean- cry. The St. Mary Religious Dis- cussion club. composed of wo- men from St. Marl parish at Tampico, held its first meet- ing in December in the home of Mrs. Charles Henriken of Deer Grove. The women plan to meet every two weeks in the home of a member. With very little effort, every- one can find a good book which k worth reading, books-which will enrich his life immeasur- ably The following list is part of a suggested group of books which would make ideal giftS. Therefore, these books also make good reading for anyone who is interested, Some a r children's stories, while other* JACKSON'S BROWN'S RED & WHITE PN!LGAS'" Phon. a43, BARBER SHOP SuPSp MARKET ~PKohe 3261 332 WoshiAgtor Street, R.J. Tikalsky, Owner Prophetstevn, IlL P|GPJ.I|TsTOWN, It.LINOtS PROPHETSTOWN Praphetstown, Hlinei| 11 L Main Ph, 4-4617 Mt. M,i, 1 12 W. State St. Re kford -- I The greatest force in the l National Liorary Week is ob- Secondly s h e reminds us The purpose of the club is to are adu}t m, aterial, , "' discuss the teachin n r o~ ~cmelmans. world today next to the teach-}served from April 3 to 9 Chair- that the scone of Catholic r'~ri gs a d p ac- ' ~ "'~ " i ~vla(ieline ana me DaO Ila~, mg church itself zs Cathohclmen are advised to submit a odicals is so great t h at all t~ce.of the Cathohc church, to ~,~,1 literature, and Catholic read-~list of books to the Public Li-phases of livin aretouched N T "r "c cmrl~y ann corre~.ate rengmus . g RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIO~ S-- he des~ e to dis uss and stud3 thew religmn has brought together The Butterfhcs Come- Polm in ] . . ~ mmrmatmn; to devem t h e rag. wm ne!p to, ~tesrore Au Drary for purchase and to dis- upon. Try to read at least one ten women of St. Mary parish at Tamp~co pmtured above at their first meeting in December. ~ 1-" P ",The Forty Ninth Star Savage ~mngs in unrlsL ' }pray and review such books to each mqnth~ You might be sur-I The new club is called St. Mary Religious Discussion club, This:is the type of club which libraries [an~ZtY~,n~ .~,e:Plvar:h, accu(;:e~y Saints for Scouts, Flahive. xnese woras were gieanealmake sure they are read Also, prised at the deeper apprecia-} and literature committtees throughout the diocese should be trying to promote. Those pictured [th= f:~ih"."an~':~,~= -~" :~.~ -~" The Catholic Youth's Guide to ~.rom arecen: report mane oy]cnairmen ,w!n wan! to find out tion you receive' from reading[ are: Mrs. Robert Adams; Mrs. Fred Heeren, leader; Mrs John Oberle; Mrs. Frederick Dob- tined =:~;:;~.;~: ~-,~,:~-'~" ,~- Life and Love, Kelly ~lrs. ~awara. ~mbert o~ ~L[wmcn t.athoLic,~ooKs ,are avail: about the great and w0nderfult beke; Mrs. Kate O'Neill; 5~rs. Th0mas Henriken; Miss Mary Adams; Mrs.: Fred W. lteeren; Ili:~n~" ~ Love Does Such Things, Fath~ ~ta parzsn m ,~urora ~ney ame in me rumic ~.ibrary and truths of theCatholic faith " " " ~ ' [,"] Mrs. Frances Hceren, secretary; Mrs. Kamlel Drlessens, a guest; and blrs. Charles Henr]ken. "Altar and Sanctuar-~' b, er Raymond ,p serve m iuustram me impor-/to post these wnere parishion-Also you can ~ain understand ~ ' " ~ "~" - "~--~~ An el A ' ~ uamolie Treasury m wlcanfl tant task set before libraries[ors will see them and make in~ of the social e~onomic an~t ' g a . Clendenm L the text and literature committee}note of them. . po'litical problems of the world!l/ 1 tLlk. D-./:.~ D P--I 1~-~'1 ~ Ibeing studied this year It is an tiu mor~, ~ussara: chairmen Encouragement of] Publicize Projects which ar~ necessary if we are!t~'J[O/[[~/['~'~ J[I.(~[]b[~O J[l(]~,~'{El~g UUIUI 1' lllll~ lexposition of the externals of (or urn .uoo,~y tmree ~rea~ ,/ L,'the Mass nOOKS comolneo). good reading in every way pos-] In parishes where no Public to act wisely: not only as Cath- . . --.- ~- ~-~-- " i i al 11 l" ' Catholics in Conversation, Me- ~ible is their foremost aim ]Library is convenient chair- olics but as good "citizens "" J~[~l~o I-)*,i~l=,r~],~,~ I |~'~' |it/ ~l'~O~ ~l~Ol] =lhlti ] ~ ~. February is Catholic Press/men can write to the State An'additional step is to sharefJ[J[~[~D J [{,{fl~{~&X~1.~L~ ~ F~" 2]~J.~.~ 11~AI, XI(~L.IL~I~L~ ~V/ I! ~ 1 uonam. . (, . l . " " women In wonoeriann, uonen, month and it IS well for L & L]Llbrary In Sprmjleld and se. these periodicals with others [ The need to publicize the activities of DCCW is very important T,c~ ~ Will en(1 Mary Was Her Life, Sister M chairmen to ask permission to,cure groups of books on extend-Many good books may be bor 1 . " r "1 q JLI I 'lr/I II I I I.~q .-- ' / . . "? ~ - yet a great many peopm to not reanze tnat Iac~ ansi are prone "1 "-'~- v'--r-'~ -,r -~.-,-.r-- = Fierre supply me program mr ~eD-ea man. rowed ~rom parish, public and " ; . . . - . a " . u v m*,e g t 1,~= t nr~ ~ Mr~ C h 1.i~ nf A ,=~, t;~.~ ~o ~/~.: T to think such achv]t.cs are not ~mpoztant enou~,h or that such Color films enhanced by I / ~ Rd'~g-~ix ~;~ Go m Heaven, Bishop Sheen. r ar tin - ~ . . . . .~ . ,~' / ~ ." . -. ~, c n-,pubhc~ty IS' boastful However pubhmty serves to help and sound and featurin~ the famous ~.2e L)a .IL~L~L~IILC~ Christ m Russia, Iswolsky sent a por~lon of It. t~amonc/olocesan ;- ~ ~, c n a i r man tinues Duc some good DOOK~' -- " -. ' ~ -,"~ t * ' . ~ -ienco~rage Diner orgamzauons to an me same goo~ wor~ orshrines of Quebec are available ~ ~ ~ ' , a~O~theWr:e:reZ~os~SOs ::~e~oe~]u~ge:mtnatoZ Spunblianaze ~e~ne:: ~OnU? a~rCi ecO~ne~,e::=m~YnS~lthink of ~iew ways to accomplish similar objectives free of charge to all church and I ~ ~f:~,~(: f'/ ' . / I This vital need for publicityl~ social grour~s from the Ouebec JL~Ut I llLl'q, Jql, ql, I[~1~,~,~,/'!~,~:~, ::: ~.~,r~ wmcn can ne se /~e:ts wl~el~ O:r:nYutc~rI:~ulPrO; Oa eryOOKaSndeV [YcemOm chan /has been recogmzed re. the Ster:lon' spoke of the work of St. tourist bureau and provide a PITTSBURGH--(NC)--One of ~ /-~ . Rcadin~o for Lent /order .in ~ro,~s~ ~ more intere~ ~ ~ ^ ~ ~ung Deanery an(} nan msuga~ed Anne's Guild and Study club. number of informative and in- America's greatest resources-- (j~l~ -- *:" ". ~ ~'~ the broadcasting of a 15 minute I teresting programs its crowed booksholves--s o o o ecure Now zs the tnne to display|among other L & L chairmen, hsts of recommended books i In December Mrs. John Lee~, " - . " ramo program puonczzlng me ' In aooi i n ' i, ' new books and t a 1 k about[ She urges everyone to re- Finally. Cathobc, book clubsl. ' and Mrs. Donald IvIcN]sh, St. I . t o "to me.nlms wheh may be a~mng the educatmn- ]rJr * 1 them, Plan a book review by a]member that reading is not are wonderful Mrs. Lies adds / rgamzau ns- a n cL ac~v~es Mary parish at Morrison taped I-~epmt tim shrines, the catalogue hungry people of Africa's new Ld~J[.J z~J.~(~ ' "'comprising me ~ternng ~9~uw,' . lists other films available on n tions quahfied revmwer or have a|somethmg you do m your spare However, she asks that suchI the Chrzstmas story and the or~- . a,I B^ t: n ~ ~ ;~,~ ~.~, m iues and subjects on the sade and is bein romoted b With Lent begmmr/g, m m~d-|you can spare, but plan ~t. says discussed with others who have[Wednesdav of each month. Co- was scheduled for broadcast l g P - Y]h ~'~n +~ TM ~-o February. chairmen have addi-[Mrs Lies read the same books Ichairmen'in char~,~ ,~ the se later Imms ot snrmes, wnicn nave seminary students and the/.-~~ ~,~,- ~ss ~ ,---~. tional reason to stress the im-[ She adds, "More and more: " ' " : ]ri,~ ~r- Mrs To~'~'~r~h~*l'~,~n~=x~ .~ . [been reported by Freeport Pittsburgh Diocesan Council of]~" ~.' ~aes, a]o c.e s a nh ~ , . - ~ ruture t'rograms Deaner r ' chairman portance of reading and think-|we are convinced that the only: XT 1 ~.~. D - ] a Xqr~ " ~or--r~ W~r~i [ Y g oups as qmte won- Catholic Women. [ :" . . . ing about one's spiritual wel-|way to get people to read isi ~:~lUlltlll~ J[ ~:ll'Ly I-~W~h,~*"~;ri,~*~:~n ,";,~h-~-~,~ ~ne oanuary oroaocas~ was.]derful films include "A Day in Pittsburg seminarians s~udy-] ~,w nooks s,t]ggeste~ ~or Iare and the state of one's soul |for us to read more' then talkl T,-,r r,-~-, : ,-. [ ~ff. ~ ":~ ~"~ ['*~ o~" ~ :'~'- tO ~ea~ w~m home ann ~cnool ISt. Anne," "St. Anne De Beau- ing at St. Meinrad minor semi-[~eDruary are raroon an(a M~r -h ~nd Ar~ri| =|~n rwnxH t~|~l'~uf wh~t va** h~v,~' r~=rl " l ~u~r~urt~--memoers Ot ~t,[pa~t nl~tOry ot the o~er~lng activities of St.* Catherine par-]prc" and "The Shrine of Beau- nard St Meinrad Ind =nr~=t-|reace' by Alfred Wilson C.P. t" ' ' V v ) ~-t~r-,- ~-* %" . . . t Patrmk Altar and Rosary so-ld e a n e r y, narrated b Mrs. ish Prm~hetstown I /and "Annroach to Penance" by a DaSlS on WhiCh '[0 peg drlves! lVlUlUgu(le ot ~oou Material I--::.-- :T, ~. . ~ [~.~,r = ~ ~ p pzc, an on mat particular ea to me wql'nen's ~ouncll TO|~, . r~ ,- " t:zcLy w~lt n a v c a pre-Lencen k lldil~5 I.~IlUlII~LII ~tIilA iVIUS, ~ O [] " F r ' ",Dora hubert yon Z,eller for good reading. March is] The first step, she points out,V 1 . J. ~ ~.: ~ utu e broadcasts whmh have i famous hallowed spot; The collect books to be sent to] . ". a enune p a r t 3 weanesoay clon lvlci-xe~ ootn oi IXOCK rails 1 Pare hlets whmh will h l clean-up month, a good time to|is to read The Observer, be-iFeb i f~lowin"'their r "land ~r's ' Tim Sullivan and been panned are as follows: [Crown of a Metropolis," which Catholic dioceses in Africa. I P; e p egmav ~v~ Feb 22 St Ambrose ansh de rots t ~ wltn listings oI goD(1 E~)OKS ann P a yp ca} pilgmm s da Re rts from man arts of inform the public of' recom-]cause each week it has some-lmeetin:~ t8 m " "" " -IMrs Rober" Hondle bo'h" ~ " ' " ' ] p Y po Y P / a p m me cnurcn ~ y, t ozat Erm will present a dzscus at the Orat r unnt bOOKS can ne securea ~y mended reading and also of}thing to offer of interest tOlhall ' ' Steriin~ " " " " ' ' -[ o y of St. Joseph; that continent indicate a des-I objectionable literature leveryone ,~ ~ . sion on "How and Why We Ob-["Our Lady of the Cape " a day perate need for efforts to coun-[writing the NationaL O~fice of he annum ~womer ann ~on ~ne monmzv programs zea- serveL e n t " March 22 St at the """tim shrine of Notre t -" = /Decent Literature 36 ~. t.on- "' ' [ r * ' ' ' ~'~ * t:I-~CLCUII 1yIIUIll~t ~)IIU~/IUit. " ,breakfast will be heId S~mday ture t~o speakers from a par ress Parkwa China o 5 Ill ~d~~~ [FL" 5 "oll "n :-" "" " 't.- "r ." Mary F~-'ish at Tampico plans[Dame du Cap:de-la-Madeleine; Translations of Lenin are said}g ' Y, g "; ~L11d~lll~ I |J~L.L-J~ . reD z o.owmg, me ,:~o a.m:[~sn ~n ~ternng ae,anery WhO to gi, ~taits on the "Annual "Pilgrims in Quebec" and to be plentiful, but copies of[Dr CRzzens for Decent L~tera- .[~ as s. ~ne teeD. Anmony. 0.1re,ate me acuwues o t the par- Retr~ ' April 26. St, Patrick/"Shrines of Quebec," both of the Bible rare tour,3901 Car ew Towner, t:~.n. I i]Becker stiperintendent of Bis- isfi DCCW affiliate. In Novem- parish at Maytown will give a rwhich feature several shrines of To meet the ~d "f the P;*+o Icinnati unio ~nese are an aia h B 1 " * ' " " ' " [ [[ op oy an h~gh school, wfi] ber, Mrs. Wayne Hershberger program On "The Church and interest bur'~h women Iaunched a driveIt the clean-up campaign which ],I'IAgM,~ & TROOP $ ]tbe the gues.t speaker, land Mrs. Charles Cramer, D~x- Rural Life," May 24, St. Flan-j The borrower must apply di- for ~ooks, An appeal was made}groups .can plan for the month ] ~ hA D ~1~ ~mr D~ ~ ~' Im~r ][ ,~. " 1"~ . = : . - nen parish at Harmony will pre- rectly to the bureau's distrihu- through parishes for t e x t-I f March. - s e n t the topics "Vacations tion office which for the U ~t b o k d~ h n r~ National Library Week Or I ~tn,~ll; m u~.~[~.=m II oul. earch Ctuesttonnatre . . !:,n~ ed o s, "c "o a "es, encylope-[~ . " "~ Shrines to v~s~t and Traffic States ~s La Prown z rk r .amzauon tiandbooK can De on [ i] " "," : " ce de Que- d'as, wo s on eligion, social/ " i "Raehelle's Only Home.Owned - ]] C~/-~ ]~rl ~;~v. I-ln~;to Safety." bec Tourist Bureau. 48 Rock- science, literature, histdry, sci-[tamed by wmtlng National Lz- ,~-~ s~.ut~uvrm~ ~(]~o brary Week 24 W 40Oh St, New I ,~ ~. ~ - II ~ -- feller Plaza New York N Y ence health medicine agricul [ I uper. arKet " [ n] ~ I ~ [ ' -- " ' " " I ]iDo I scan The Observer carefully each week and read at least a .'r~,~,~a~,~e~ W~ien sending a request, one lure and economics. The wom-]Y rk 18, N. Y. This will help. I FANCY MEATS -- FROZEN FOODS II few of the articles which have special interes,t to me? ~, ~ ~e~ '~l~.~ must state the date of the show- en are also seeking books suit-lgr u, PS to ~bs,~rve the special I PARTY SNACKS llDo I try to read at lea'st one Catholic pexiodical a month to keep ~ g]~ ] I ! ~ ing and the number of days he able for seminaries. [reeK zrom pr ~ to . " " " ' " 4 !, s/t. r n, .~ wisnes to Keep the-films The ] . . I ." II in-touch.with the.-Catholie~view on .current issues. ~$ ~,/[-'/l~l/'l"~ ~ ' ncil tias been anxious ~or e~c I ~ ,d I Do. I spend my reading time on really good books which are ~ ~] a ~teUr~oC:::ge~ bnu~Stt~:tPa~(at~Y Deanery J'etts ]deanery and affiliate to ap~o~;~ | I recommended for Catholics, or simply read what sounds ap- ~{~t~$~t~1~ onb, ehar-e }a chairman for this committee. m m, peal ng or what comes rote my hands r r Keel f r n --~ UI Le tslatton M s. Edwa d e o St li g r" ~~ - a I DoI talk about what I read and encourage friends to read these Ro~Ur~ ~A~o~i~s nJ~o% ~n~,;li~i~hur~c"~ "I~k* ~ ~ lis diocesan chairman. [~~ Pesuths Home interiors II - ~ssJoan~ ~,rd and R. mood~ P Appouttment [ u i tqlR l !l 418 L nceln Hwy -- Pheno 800 ,-- Rnch/ile " [[ Do I thinl~ about what I read and try to assimilate the inforina- clemen in St. 'Joseph church, YJan 2]" "~ 7" e 1"3 ~' 1 " :~ -- ' : l a I~11~ / 'lll~lli~l~lll annn,nm~ ' li MisS Donna Jean Zikmund and James VOI('~A['~, ~'l| ~ll[~l Freeport Deanery recently a -/i Ii11. / tl ~lli Point Woll-oul,--Dre--ritl.---R-dl II uon ano make use oi it: Edward Devine in St. Rlta church, Jan. -- .'; P / / -- - - - II . " ' ' 21. pointed Mrs. Leo /kelly O[ ~%llza-[, /li [] ~,p in,--*, W d d II~P][m~! I ~ ' "" RaE~B~.2~is~n ~ari~. ~;~ ffa~ ,LOS. ANGELES .-7- (NC) .-- beth to serve as chairman of the}[ . -. ]~ tne ~ocesan paper Is the rome 1 ~sl ~ n h n / tR 7=%lP s Mo,hi I/XV~~LEEI~ " ' FRE~PO.; ~'']SS Ca--' Iz" I eg" at'o committee. T e dean-|l grna Hnrdtunrn L ~tmnlBIl~ I! a.d ~o,ald U,'"V~ei,er'~g"S(.' J~;e~ ot.~ne ~atno~)c ~mm ~ux~mrY[ery is urging each affiliate or-II --.s~, neN.u ~.~ i = ~ " ~ " " "Yon'to n m S- ~ = chu c~:~22~ 7 I-~snop ~momy ~v~anmng 0t l.os ganization to appoint a legisla- I I~ht,llrl I P sq~PI II ! I/ill~l~qJ I ~ WESTINGHOUSE From . - ' Robert M.ontayan in Our Lady of Per. [ ~ ~ ~.~o o~ ~.:~, luon cnmrman as soon as pos-II zour vatue aria ~ervtce ~1 II PlI~I/P ~/I~I~IMII I~||IMI I1~ I" I / ' pe.tu.o.I He lo . cnu.rch, Dec 3L. . I The ~isnop aooresseo an insti- I sible and to notify Mrs Kelly II , " WILM~1TE= ~}SS ~.arm ~ ~mlm sod ,~tore ItVA ,I Ihkll tllubrll I I I1%111 I~i~/ I ' " u A " " " " " I II,vl IIIINGFR g gAIl:g I cgPVlCg Char,e, F: Thor pson, .Jr of Auror. in It te of the rchdiocesan Coun-Iof the appointment. II 'It P o Le" "- fi- "" .~- w/i 1~--I. O.~ s'' ~ E,~' --I~111111 II~ ~nli~l~ ~l~~kll/l~lk St. AugusT ne cnurcn uec. 31, Icil of Pa holic xx~.~ ; I I ' - - -- -- ~0 " ~ ~ MO'~ " " I O~VnU~e ,r e ~,u ,t oes, . ~ . . - -~ I ~ ,v,~, ,~, u,- I ~lnce me new committee w~.s ii ii a r FREE PriCK.UP AND DtLIV[R SERVICE i ~ Paul E. Chndw,ck ~A~,mn, m [nection with a circulation cru-}created by the Bishop a few [[ V at ~) Garden C Carlson, Owner ] . Phone 127--$13 Fourth Avenue, Rochelle II[HI, II I, sade of the Tidings, newspaper months a~o the diocesan "oun- ] Ph ne 390--306 Fnuah Av :--Rnehell I " " ' tv~eem=b--m= n n [of the Los Angeles archdiocese. ['~ ": [| WALLPAPER.PAINT I. n|,-IP~ m . ~~Th, ~rh: :~The A~CW ,~ f rm n, ~1,- irrl|rt ~O~miti~eiOtO.l.ald tt~ ij~,| j~ n . I']* I "T ~ ;~ ' 0 L E U M i norr S Kesrauranr,WEL BOX h ' IPho.e 730 MAII ~d~U'~/~ B--'rmOO| ',1S op ~vianmng salo news m PAUL CARLSON AGENCY I ~ w ~ ~,ooa rtaee ~o 15at Since 1912 ~ .~ the daily papers 'is mostly ~SUI~A~CE REALTY ~AVii~ I~lUl~rml ,~ x~ nourishment for a pagan mind, r~. 10s ~. ~ . -. :." u~ ~ t~ h~au~ nmlimjf~d 1 U wnt wn --" Ko nelle Columbia Diomonds but the diocesan paper gives e~ ~ ( Of our spi itual life,' the Bishop "t'"~/"'~.J Real Estate Pencils stated, "The very voice of that ~,-.-~.~ -] rv J D . : parish and diocese is underscor- ~ ~[~),~ ~ Y,Y As t FARMS--HOMES-- -LOANS Eugene McCashn ed. in the diocesan paper: the Invites You . Low Per Phs. 896 & $6-W-1---417 4th Ave -Rochelle Phone 710 Rochelle vmce through whmh the Bishop "~,7~%"~ ~ To Attend Thetr " " ' "" speaks to us ~ Annum Januar- ) AI /~alll'n Y "rous z~ ~ ~, t'o.~ t,PRE-INVENTORY SALE